Famous Five Depart & The Butter Magnet

Sunday 19th April 2015

Lights off before 1.00 am this morning and I think I was quick to sleep. All the more astounding then that when I  woke and saw it was just 2.26 am, I could not get back to sleep despite trying. When I gave up, I got up. With Mike here fast asleep in bed there was no way I could practice for my role in Sound of Music, though I still think I make a terrible Maria. Instead I had to allow that all I could do was creep to the loo and back and log on. I thought that things were going well for me, I had almost finished the rest of last nights and it wasn’t quite 4.30 am. I glanced again and I’d almost finished last night’s but now it was 6.05 am. Wha? I’d completely zonked. Why it hadn’t let me do that at half past two I don’t know. I could have saved myself a stiff neck and a puzzled look.

I had considered not feeding the Famous Five this morning and leaving their light off too but I thought that might make catching them much worse than it could do as we all know how good they are at hiding,especially Harold. So, I went through for the last time and flicked the light switch. Harold was out of sight  just then but Pepper was lurking near the food flap. First in the queue again. I opened the flap and like a miracle Little Al and Bonzo emerged before any food went in. Big Al brought up the rear throwing the odd dirty look my way. The food went in and they started grazing. Harold appeared from nowhere at the back of the tank. I turned away to take a pre food tab. I needed breakfast as I had no idea how long this operation would take today or what time I’d get lunch. I put bread in the toaster, took my other meds and made myself a drink. Then I lit a cigarette and turned back to the tank to tell the guys I was going to miss them. They must be nice for the new owner as he’d look after them and I needed to explain why I was doing this, because I wouldn’t restock the tank for fear of losing more fish which might include some of them, but the tank needed to be brought back to life with some more companions. I think even Big Al looked kindly on me for a mo. I had my breakfast and left them.

I started back where I’d left off and carried on until 9.00 am when I got dressed then at half past I made a coffee and took it through to Mike. I just had to remind him ( with a megaphone) that the new owner would be here at 10.30 am and he got up all on his own. I joined him in the lounge. Last night Mike had helped me put a new keyboard on ( he did the bending for me to the base unit) as my fingernails had removed all the letters again despite the nail varnish I’d painted on. The keyboard that was on was a usb fitting whereas the one we put on was the old type. I started having problems soon after where if my computer went into rest mode I couldn’t wake it and a message appeared on screen to say no info coming through. I had to reboot the whole thing to get it going. I asked Mike to help me get a new keyboard  with a usb fitting today . He said he would. He was dressed before 10.30 am and on time I had a text to say Dai was here, what number was I. Mike went out to get him and his sin who the tank was actually for. Mike emptied the tank of all the wood and the ornaments and we bagged them for Dai and his son to run to the car then Mike caught the fish who weren’t being very helpful and I bagged and tied them. The bags went intoi a large bucket for support and Dai had brought a very large brewers bucket to take some of the original tank water back. That was good. After we’;d filled that we emptied a lot of the tank leaving a safe level ( we hoped) in the bottom of the tank covering the sand and grit. Everything went to the car and all of a sudden they were gone.

I took a little time cleaning the area where the tank had sat then moved some things around in the new found space. Mike’s watch said it had taken us an hour from start to finish. He had a coffee  and at about 12.45 pm we decided to go for lunch. The Ivy wasn’t too crowded so we got to speak to Angie and Rob before Tariq appeared and came for a hug. Even Shella made an effort to come out and see Mike. We passed over the chocolates and ordered our drinks. Sitting down we could see the specials board and both made up our minds quite quickly so that we could order as soon as the drinks came. I took my pre-food and we went out in the sunshine for a cigarette. Almost perfect timing as the meals arrived not long after we’d gone back in. After lunch we got into a conversation with Rob about fish tanks and fish as he had a few of both, but we didn’t stay much after that. A goodbye hug from Tariq and we left. Mike ran me up to Holywell and the local supermarket where I got the last keyboard, expensive but a good make. We went home and attached this one hoping the problems would go away. It seemed to have done at first so Mike felt OK about going home. I waved him off and came through to work. The computer had gone to sleep while I was outside and again I had to reboot to get it going. Still, at least I can see what I’m typing now when it is working.

At 6.00 pm I went through to turn the tank off. Oops, but I stayed there to watch Ice Age 3 , some of it behind closed eyelids. When I went back through at 8.00 pm I had to reboot again but I’ve been here ever since so it hasn’t happened again. At 10.30 I broke off to do the blog and even though I know there’s a lot of mail left it can wait till morning. It’s now 11.49 pm.


I just made it to bed before midnight. There was time for a read and the light went out about 12.55 am. I was up again at 2.12 am but didn’t feel ready for work so lay back down and tried again. The second time was a much more acceptable 4.31 am. It was also much more necessary as I think my bladder was close to pressing against every major organ including the brain. Going to the loo brought a big smile to my face. I came back and logged on, which took so,me time while it made up it’s mind if it was going to, but eventually I was able to open my mail. It was just as well I was sitting down or I might have had to. It was 6.49 am before I did the last of Sunday’s messages. No point in starting today’s straight away I thought, as I might as well see to the fish first and maybe have breakfast. I reached the kitchen before I remembered.  I just took my meds, made a coffee and came away.

I got dressed when I came back through in case the postman knocked with a delivery outstanding from the end of last week. Also the warden is due to call. After that I faced the mail and there was a lot to face, it looks like you’re all making up for a lazy week last week. Over 100 emails between midnight and 7.00 am and I’d just got through 60+ from last night alone. I worked until 9.30 am then went to put my washing in the machine. It’s an hour and a half cycle then three hours in the drier. Once I’d loaded up I turned it on and came back. The postman brought a letter but no parcel so I’d have to query that with ebay later. Somehow I was finished at 10.38 and opened my other mail box to find a friend worried because she found her book as a download on a site she doesn’t know. It offers a choice of downloads but each one I tried just took me to a different advert for gambling or coaching you on earning your first million, and you were expected to sign up which I wouldn’t do. I’ve advised her to see if she can find out who the host is and have it taken down. That was from a simple search of her book title. I hope all yours are safe.

At 11.00 am there was a knock at the door. Logic tells me it’s the warden since the postman has already been. I opened the door to be greeted by bright sunshine and the warden in a short sleeved blouse enjoying the warmth. I hadn’t given a thought as to what kind of day it was. I had just been going to start gift wrapping so when she came in it was a welcome escape. We had a little natter about nothing of real interest but she was assured I am OK and in need of nothing. As she started to leave I passed her the usual chocolates as a thank you for her time and patience. Though I haven’t actually needed the wardens, it’s nice to know they’re there and ready to help if the need arises. In other words, probably able to tittle tattle to then doctor if she doesn’t think I’m well or ready to rat on me to Yvonne. After she’d left I only had time to wrap a couple of gifts before lunch time, shame. ( Oh pass a tissue, the sarcasm is dripping from my chin). Lunch was a fairly easy affair of cottage pie while I sat watching Murder She Wrote. Typically the sound of my snoring drowned out the exposure of whodunit. When I came to it was 1.45 pm and I still had to return to the wrapping as I hadn’t been overrun by prezzie fairies as I slept.

In the end it was getting on for 3.00 pm when I returned to work. It’s possible some of the things I said on seeing my mail boxes, had their roots in Anglo Saxon. There may have been a blue tinge to the air that wasn’t from cigarette smoke though ultimately that’s what I’d blame. It’s like everyone has something to prove today and is in direct competition with all comers. It was hard going. By the time my quiz came round at 5.15 pm I debated whether to carry on working or to take the chance on catching up later. I took the chance. I watched the first quiz then made some tea and watched the end of a second quiz. Instead of  returning to work I gifted myself with an episode of the Big Bang Theory only I nodded off before the end. Sacrilege ! And slept right past the end until  7.35 pm. I knew there would be a price to pay and refreshed the mail. No America, that wasn’t the wind you heard howling past your doors, that was me.I’m sure even Australia would have felt the vibrations of that scream. So, I’ve been trapped in this chair since that time and haven’t yet taken my meds. I made good headway but started this blog at 10.40 pm and it’s just approaching 11.30 pm. I shall have to return to the post for a while afterwards but will be sending out a plea for mercy tomorrow. Don’t make me grovel. I shall be leaving the house at 7.30 am to go see my daughter and grandson. I shall return about 2.00 pm. If you work this hard tomorrow you’ll make it impossible for me to leave the house ever again in case I hit a big backlog. Take a break, relax, sleep or enjoy some sunshine but try not to blog too much please.

I’m not always very keen on cover versions of people’s records but sometimes the versions really do complement and compliment the originals  Few people could equal Paul Young’s version of Wherever I lay my hat which was a Marvin Gaye song. Here is a song by the group Black done by Zucchero. I think it excellent. I hope you agree.


I swung my legs out of bed at 4.10 am but something didn’t feel right. I’d turned my light out at 12.47 am but didn’t feel I’d slept that long. On went my glasses for a second look at the clock, 1.16 am. Beggar that for a game of soldiers, back went my legs and I slept some more. So much more in fact that I next woke at 6.16 am. I can’t remember the last time I slept this late nor the last time it was so bloody inconvenient to do so. Somnos is sniggering somewhere. I have to be out of the house at 7.30 am, preferably fully dressed and need to clear my backlog from last night and this morning by then. Not a cat in Hells chance. It pained me to do so but I concentrated on dressing first then going through to the kitchen to take my meds and get a drink. It was almost 6.50 am before I returned to my room and turned the computer on. Another quick laugh for the gods as the system wouldn’t boot up, just a message on the screen to say no info coming through. Three times I had to turn off and try again before it deigned to work. I went straight to mail and started work. In no time at all it was 7.25 am and time to get my coat on, making sure I had my bus pass this time and out the door. Then in the door because my cigarettes were lying by the computer. Then out again and up the road. One thing the gods could not control was the bus driver who stopped to pick me up well before the stop.

I scanned my pass, thanked him and took a seat to get my breath back. As soon as I knew I wasn’t about to expire I rested my chin on the arm part of my crutch, closed my eyes and avoided the world for an hour.Yvonne and Reuben weren’t at the bus stop so I lit a cigarette and waited. Moments later they appeared out of the shop behind me where they’d gone to wait for the bus ( no, they couldn’t catch one in there ). The took me back in to see something Yvonne wanted an opinion on for Reuben. I liked it. We came back out and as it was 9.00 am by then we walked over the road to the big clothes store which has a Costa coffee shop inside.I had a latte and a toasted sausage and red onion sandwich which was nice. Once we’d all finished I wanted to buy something for my next great nephew and something for my niece who’s birthday is tomorrow, the same one who will be hugging in Llandudno on Saturday.I picked up something for Reuben, Yvonne and Ugo at the same time. Yvonne says Ugo will be cross as though I care- I won’t be there. It’s her ears will suffer not mine. That took a while and once we’d paid for our purchases we headed for a supermarket to get some shopping. Yvonne wanted a birthday cake for her uncle John who’s birthday is on Friday. I needed bread a swell. Then to a £ shop where I know I spent some money but I’ve no idea what on and a card shop so I could get a card and gift wrap and Yvonne could get a card to send back with me.

Coming out of the card shop Yvonne say my bus approach so we walked a bit quicker and she asked how long we had before he left as she wanted to write the card. He waited for her. She tucked the card in my bag with the birthday cake and other bits of shopping and I boarded the bus. Magic, my seat was vacant.I waved to them both and saw Reuben waving in the vague direction off where I might be but without exactly knowing. At least there weren’t tears today. They left and started walking towards home. A minute later the bus set off and as we turned a corner I got another wave at Yvonne and Roobs, standing at the curb waiting to cross. It was time to shut the world out. When I rested my chin on the crutches I fell asleep. It didn’t help that I woke whenever we stopped and started but the journey was still over a lot sooner than usual. Coming home I was pleased to see a badge I’d,ordered late Sunday night had arrived but disappointed that my parcel from last week is still missing. My next job is to send them a message to ask about proof of postage. I unpacked and put away the shopping and came through. There were 184 messages. I started work.

It was a hard, uphill slog, no hang on, that’s the treadmill. It was a hard job. At 5.00 pm I was distracted when my brother in law, the Jo half of MuJo, skyped me to see if they could come tomorrow. It took 45 mins to ask. I knew it would throw me out tomorrow with having my games but I said OK. since they said the forecast was for a change in the weather on Thursday and it’s nicer to walk round in the sunshine. So, another day with a big backlog. I thought I’d better eat so I walked into the kitchen, fully intending to turn the tank light off. I glanced at the calendar and saw I’ve a diabetic review at 10.40 am. Bollards! I sent a text to Mu to say came a little later or I’ll meet you in town at 11.00 am. While waiting for a response I sat and ate liver and onions ( yes, and bacon too) with mashed potatoes, watching a quiz. When I got up to wash the pots I saw a response though I hadn’t heard a thing. Pardon? They’ve changed it back to Thursday again now so that should be OK.

At 6.30 pm I came back through and had another attempt at whittling things down. I’m in trouble if they ever catch me with this knife. The more I answered , the more came through. I wonder if I unanswer some, others will disappear? I think not. By 9.00 pm there were signs of daylight which were in direct contradiction to the growing dark outside. With the amount of mail I had it was a major surprise not to have any proposals  but there were 4 messages of a type today. All 4 had similar messages in the subject line to draw you in. You have won £250 of Tesco Vouchers or You’re today’s winner. They may even include your email name in that field. But when you open the message it’s blank apart from a link. Be warned this is for a variety of gaming or Bingo sites and any prize which you will only be entered for is reliant on you signing up. Unless you specifically know you’ve entered a certain competition treat these as a virus which will bring in plenty more.

At 10.00 pm I finished early to do the blog as I have no idea how much more mail will arrive. So rather than take chances, I’ll do the blog and when I finish about 11.00 pm I’ll go back and try to clear up what’s left. So, It’s on to the musical interlude. Tonight I’m going to give you the same song twice as a treat ( I hope).


I stopped work around 11.30 am and for some reason went to Ancestry.com where I dealt with a couple of hints but it didn’t take me anywhere I wanted to be with a particular part of the family. I have two problems, the lack of records of a birth in Ireland, thus the lack of information on parents of that child. The second one is his wife who was born on ‘The Rock’ of Gibraltar ( I think) and was probably an army brat but I can’t access any records on her. I’m stumped. By midnight I’d had enough and gone to bed to read. My light went out about 1.00 am. It was a pretty short sleep whatever it was because I woke at 1.54 am. There seemed to be no reason as the bladder wasn’t pushing but I went anyway before trying again. It worked. I slept until 3.59 am and I knew then it was time to get up. I had to go to the loo again to pee into my little bottle for the diabetic review.Thinking about it later while down on my hands and knees, perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to do it from 6 feet away after all.

I came back and started work. The computer booted up properly this morning so no steam coming out of my ears today. Five minutes later they got a steam clean when I opened an email from Felicia    hey hey.. i kept ur email from google member a while back are you still available? lets meet up 848-two two eight-eight 3 zero 6 text me!          Where are they all finding me? Don’t tell me I have to break off the latest engagement because of another better offer. People will think I’m flighty. I worked through ll last nights remains which took until 6.20 am then decided to go and have breakfast. I can’t get used to this big fish tank shaped hole in my life which is currently filled by a wine rack which in itself is pretty weird since I don’t drink. I got through all the tablet taking etc and had a couple of rounds of toast. I didn’t even wait for it to go cold this morning. Then I went back to work. I remember seeing 7.12 am on the clock then the next thing I knew I was awake and it was 7.55 am. It was so black though, not like being asleep. Nothing I could do but shake my head and work on. By 8.50 I’d cleared quite a bit and stopped to get dressed. I needed Pauline’s for some milk and my TV mag as well as a new cigarette supply. But I had to move fast as I’d need to leave the house at 9.30 am to catch the bus to town. I did Pauline’s with time to spare.

I’m not used to going out and travelling when there ate so many people about so I had to force myself a bit but I made it. I caught the bus and was in town by 9.45 am. I took a couple of minutes to walk round the supermarket that had defeated me last week to see what specials they had and to pick up brochures ready for the next batch tomorrow. I was able to have a cigarette and take a slow walk towards the surgery then though my appointment wasn’t until 10.40 am. I made every effort to bend my body towards the ciggie today so it didn’t look like I was waving my stick at anyone. I popped a cough sweet in my mouth and went to log in. That bloody machine hates me, yet again it said there was a problem with my appointment, please report to reception. That meant either 15 minutes stuttering or, if you;re a genius like wot I am, I stuck my appointment letter over the counter and said I’m here. I was logged in. I was called at 10.30 am so it was good I was there, no change in medication which I know isn’t good. My blood test last week showed I’m still 59 (points not years) and my range is 49 to 59 so I’m still on the top despite my fantastic diet. This Sister S ( sorry, a different one) checked my feet and was even kind enough to trim my toe nails despite the risks to her health. I was just about out of there when I was due in. Time enough for a cigarette as I walked into town to the bus stop.

I was home for 11.15 am so there was chance to do a little more work before lunch. The first one I opened started “My Dear Beloved in Christ” nothing is more likely to turn my stomach than something like this where someone would take for granted her beliefs matter and so I must follow them. Her message was tucked up as a  link and since I didn’t want to open a virus it went straight in the bin. Even if this was a genuine message I’d say a religious opening like that is most inappropriate unless you know the recipient is a Christian. What happens if it’s a Jew, Muslim or even a Buddhist that opens it? A couple more messages brought me close enough to lunch time that I could happily break off and eat. I really fancied my chips in curry sauce but Pauline hadn’t got any in this morning so I settled for a lamb hot pot. I think I’d have settled for anything as long as it involved bread and butter. As usual I watched an episode of Murder She Wrote or truth to tell, that was my intent. I saw the murder, I saw the Indian take the blame and that was it until 1.35 pm. That hour seemed to make me worse rather than better so I went back through to my room before I nodded off again. I really worked hard all afternoon and even stayed awake.I contacted the seller of my last ebay item to let him know it hadn’t arrived and he promised to sort it with the delivery people. He uses a private courier firm. I intended to knock off at 5.00 pm in time for my fellow gamers arriving. I actually finished at 4.55 pm as in I caught up with myself. I had a wander through to get the mugs ready.

I’d just put sugar inn the mugs when I heard an Hello and in walked Dil sans son. It seems Matt had forgotten and had booked himself a driving lesson. We knew Lee wouldn’t be coming because of the impending birth though he still sent me a text. So it was to be just Dil and I. I put the TV on so we could watch the quiz that’s usually on when they arrive only this week he’d see it from the start. He made me laugh that he has problems seeing the questions on my 32″ screen in a small room because he has a 55″ one in his that’s all singing all dancing. Once it was over Dil got then table out and I got the games. We played Yahtzee first and I was lucky if I threw a pair never mind anything else. It was almost a whitewash with Dil winning 5-1. We played Nomination Whist next which has always been my game- until tonight, nuff said. Battered and bruised I opted for Chase the Lady next ( Hearts of a computer) and played with a dead hand. That at least went my way and I had the joy of ‘Lotting’ twice thus dumping 300 points on his score which ended up with me on about 120 to Dil’s 560. I started to feel a bit better, especially when I won two games of Cribbage and then I beat him in the last game of Crazy 8’s as well. I have to say that winning aside I had a fantastic evening. Though we play to win it’s never taken seriously and there’s banter throughout. He’s quite a funny fella my brother and he does make me laugh which is good because I’m probably far too serious most of the time when I’m here alone.

Dil left at 9.35 pm I had he usual tidy up and washed the pots then took my evening meds and came through. Like last night I didn’t want to spend to long on mail and miss the blog so I worked till 10.30 pm, did the blog and am about to return to the post a little after 11.30 pm.

pops and him 5 USE


Roobs in Costa


I probably gave up a bit before I should have done last night but I was in bed by 12.05 am. I wanted to read but not for too long so the light went out (years ago) at about 12.45 am. That was it until 4.34 am when I woke ready to go. Naturally I visited Piddletown before booting up and for the second day in succession it came on no problem at all. I hope it’s cured itself of the hiccups it’s been having. Working through last night’s stuff I came across a message like the ones from yesterday but with a notice from TalkTalk to say a virus had been removed. I still can’t get my head round why someone would want to deliberately infect someone’s system. Naturally I didn’t even read it, just binned it. As I started today’s mail one of the first ones was yet another of those with a file attached you have to open to read the message. ‘Hi’ is all you get otherwise. I think my bin must be pretty full by now.

At 6.10 am I went for breakfast and consciously tried not to look at the space in the corner. It was no good, my eyes are drawn to it after so long. Dai, the new owner has actually posted a thank you to Mike and myself on Freecycle and said the fish are doing well. I’m pleased. I put bread in the toaster but what a struggle to get in in. I should have cut the top off it first. Then it was sprays and tabs before going through to the lounge with a cigarette. As soon as I finished smoking I went back to butter the very creased toast and eat it. I have to have a tissue handy as my moustache seems to be a butter magnet. If I try to kiss anyone I just slip off now so the tissue is needed to get rid of the excess. I brought my coffee and the after meal tabs back through to take. I was liking a photograph of my eldest grandson on Facebook and decided to print it off but my fingers were crossed the yellow ink would last out- it did. By 8.50 am I was actually up to date and decided to get dressed if I could first decide what to get dressed in. I settled for  brown slacks ( with a natural shine ) and a brown/white striped shirt. I can wear my brown bomber jacket on top when I go out. I’m looking forward to the arrival of MuJo today as I want to see his face as he opens his birthday gifts. John is like a child, full of excitement and really effusive in his gratitude. It makes all the work worthwhile.

Once I was dressed I sat back at the computer to check the lottery- really, why bother? To see if anything important is coming up on ebay I want to bid on and generally to make sure you sneaky beggars don’t pile up the post unnoticed. I stayed there until 10.30 am  then knowing they’d be there before long I set some drinks out so I didn’t have to faff when they arrived. About ten minutes later they arrived. I pulled the kitchen door too so they wouldn’t see the fish had gone. Once settled I brought the cake Yvonne had bought through for him. His face lit up. Mmmm , cake. Then I brought the basic gifts and let him open them, a badge, some of his favourite sweets and two teeshirts. When I thought he was bored enough I got the main gifts. He opened the walking stick and really liked it. I had to explain how it had arrived broken and I repaired it as no replacement was possible, as neither of them could see the break in the carving he didn’t mind and at least wouldn’t feel guilty if it happened again. Next I gave him a small parcel to open and he found the hand painted Napoleon I’d sent to France for. That was another hit, I was so pleased. Lastly the bigger parcel opened to reveal the tall, antique Nelson toby jug. I’d been so pleased to win that on ebay and was even more so when I saw his face. Finding the right thing for someone for a birthday is important to me. I’m not always this lucky.

By the time I’d got rid of all the scrap paper it was time to go out. We settled on going to The Bells of St Mary’s and the run wasn’t too bad. Windows open because of the heat of the day. Ha, I can never get used to  saying that in April. We were a few minutes early arriving which meant no queues. I paid for the drinks and the carvery tickets and we put the drinks on out table and went to collect the food. Needless to say I had roast beef. John wouldn’t have a pudding as he was the only one wanting a bottomless ice-cream. But he said he’s have a cake when we went for coffee and then some of his birthday cake when we got back. Once we finished there Muriel drove to Flint managing to find every pot hole in the road so my attempts at nodding off weren’t successful. We went to ALDI for some shopping and I managed to get some chocolates for Temptations and a strawberry and rhubarb tart for myself for later. Temptations was next where Muriel got me a latte and I handed over the chocolates and blew Ceri a kiss. It was nice and cool in there but the need for a cigarette sent me out into the sunshine soon enough.

When MuJo joined me outside we took a walk round the usual shops to pick up a few items. Mu bought us an iced lolly each which we ate before leaving. Then back home again, John demolished a big wedge of his cake with his afternoon tablets, he said it was lovely, before they decided it was time to go. If not, I risked John falling asleep on the sofa . Once they’d gone I flew through here to work, it was already 4.05 pm. I worked till almost 5.30 pm then went through to prepare Mike’s mug and to have a piece of my now defrosted strawberry and rhubarb tart. I turned the TV onto a quiz and sat back to wait for Mike who arrived not too much later. We watched the show together, talked for a while then I came back through admonishing him not to let me miss my 8.30 pm Big Bang Theory. He forgot but luckily I didn’t. I stayed in the lounge until 9.30 pm before heading back here for the last time with just a minor detour to the kitchen to take my meds. I was getting fairly close to catching up when I broke off at 10.40 pm to do the blog. An hour and I’m ready to call it a night and maybe leave the rest till tomorrow morning.I ‘ll just see how bad it’s got first.

Serenade on a Bus.

Serenade on a Bus.

The Bus Ride

The Bus Ride

For my friend and author Mary J McCoy-Dressel


Well, I might have had a look last night t how bad the mail was after doing the blog but it made no difference. I decided to leave it anyway. So I was in bed by 11.45 pm and only read until 12.15 am. I was tired and sleep came easily but not rest as my brain decided to start showing dream on a loop like my thoughts sometimes go. At 2.04 am I was up again but still tired so I sat with a cigarette in my chair in the lounge. Once the ciggie was done I nestled in and tried for sleep. I was there till an amazing 6.43 am. As far as I know no dreams just a wonderful sleep. Of course by then my bladder was suggesting if could hold yacht races so I paid a visit. There was no point in going to the computer afterwards to read all your work as on Fridays I have to do my weekly drugs and prepare a new prescription request for next week. Taking my morning meds and then replacing everything in the trays for the week takes some time so it was almost 7.30 am before I could grab a coffee and bring it through to my room.

I booted up and signed in. By 8.40 am I’d stopped crying and started work. I’d finished with last night’s work and started on today’s. I paused long enough to get dressed. At 9.00 am I went through to make Mike a coffee which I took through and woke him for long enough to acknowledge the drink was there. I did a couple more messages and then ignored one with a business opportunity ‘Just for me’ that needed an attachment opening for further details. Nope, just not that daft, in the bin it went. It was now 9.15 am and I thought I’d left it long enough for the Mother’s Mafia to have departed Pauline’s. I woke Mike again to tell him I was leaving the house and not to worry if I wasn’t there when he got up. He told me he understood and I left. MuJo had made mention of a murder locally which I hadn’t heard about ( how would I?) so I decided to buy a paper for once. Pauline wasn’t there but her husband Jim did my lottery tickets, sorted some cigarettes for me as well as selling me the paper and some Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles ( bet you can’t just suck them either ). I came home, dropped one of my crutches on the floor saw Mike shoot out of bed, took my coat off and joined him in the lounge. The paper said nothing about a murder at all.

I came through tot he bedroom to run a search as I was puzzled and actually found a piece about a bod being found but there was no mention of a murder. It did say that a second person was taken to hospital to be checked out. Since an ambulance was called at 2.30 am in connection with this I’m guessing it will be drug related. I shall have to keep my ear to the ground for more news. I let Mike know as he was checking the paper to see if I’d missed anything then went back to work. Mike came through at 10.20 am to say goodbye as he was leaving to see his father. From then on I worked and worked a bit more but only until 11.50 am when I stopped for lunch. That was a fine affair with my cottage pie and bread and butter. Naturally while I ate Jessica Fletcher was solving a crime in the background but after I’d washed my fork in the adverts I came back and missed the ending as I slept. I was asleep until 1.15 pm which wasn’t long.It’s surprising how tired I’ve been today given the sleep I had last night. But I shifted my bum back to work before I nodded again.. As always a fair bit had accrued while I was away, when I added it to the outstanding ones from the morning I started looking round for a suitcase to pack. Conscience got the better of me and I started trying to whittle it down instead.

It was a very long afternoon but the promise of quitting about 6.00 pm when Mike returned kept me going. The more the afternoon wore on,   the less well I felt so that when Mike walked in at 5.20 pm I was really glad. Maybe the change of position would improve things. As I joined him in the lounge I noticed my stomach appeared to have grown and was definitely uncomfortable, painful even. I always took precautions so pregnancy shouldn’t be an option. I began feeling sick but was pretty sure  almost 7.00 pm didn’t count as morning sickness. I thought maybe a shower would help but Mike thought I was a bit wobbly and helped me towards the bathroom where I promptly started throwing up.

I suppose that hour was in reality a couple of minutes. When it seemed to have settled I prepared for the shower but this time Mike made me sit on the shower stool while he washed my hair  and then proceeded to wash everything except the family jewels. ( probably because they’re in hock). He helped me into clean tee shirt and lounge pants, Minions this time, and I went back through to the lounge. At some point I fell asleep in my chair waking at what I thought was about 3.00 am but which Mike explained away by saying he wouldn’t be watching Persons of Interest at that time of the morning. Things began to clear a bit and I noticed it was 11.15 pm on my watch so I said I needed to do the blog before bed. “Just the blog” he said. It was only when I got in here and noticed the clock said 10.15 pm that I realised what a lemon I am, unable to tell the time at my age. My watch was in agreement with the clock. There might be time to do a few messages when I finish here. I needed a puff of my inhalor and saw it was on the red line so went to get a new one from the kitchen only to find I don’t have one and can only order it on Monday for Tuesday unless the chemist is in a good mood and lets me have it on Monday. Mike reminded me to take my meds while I was in there which I did before coming through again.

At the request of my friend Suzanne Joshi, something from the late 50’s early 60’s when she had such a great time.

        From 1960

       From 1960


I got to bed at about 11.45 pm last night which as pretty good. I knew I was tired but I couldn’t sleep straight away as I had the sneezes and Mike kept shouting Bless You. The light went off about 12.30 am though I think before that it was a case of the lights are on but no-one’s home. I got up to go for a pee at 6.51 am and can’t understand what’s happening. That’s two days on the trot now where I’ve slept like a normal human being. It’s also the one day I didn’t want to as I have to start getting Mike up at 7.00 am heaven help me. I went through to the kitchen and put the kettle on. While it was boiling I took my meds and prepared to make my own drink. The kettle boiled just as Mike’s alarm went off. Naturally he ignored it but maybe, just maybe it had brought him to the surface enough to make it easy for me. I called “Coo-ee, coffee’s up. Yes, it’s here, finally arrived on a table near you. Can you hear me Mike”? There were enough jungle sounds to make me believe he had. I went back tot he kitchen and set the Tassimo to make my drink. While that was happening I took the waste food bag to the bin and ran both bins down the path to then front. The Minions lounge pants hiding this sylph like figure from the world. The pert bottom and nice pins kept away from a possible legion of female fans. ( If I find out who shouted Dream On then you’re in trouble Michael).

I came in and saw Mike still in his pit so called him ever so gently to remind him his coffee was going cold.( Shift yo ass unless you want iced coffee). The alarm went again. As I took the recycling bags out he was moving. A=2 C=2. I washed my hands, picked up my drink and went to join him. Eventually it was time to get dressed. Mike suggested I put my dressing gown in the wash which meant I had to find the new one I bought a few weeks ago. By the time I’d done that some sneaky article was already dressed and came to my room to ask why he was still waiting. Some deep breathing exercises stopped me from hitting him, well that and the fact he moved out of reach. I dressed quickly and we left.It was 7.55 am. At the supermarket Mike got a trolley while I got some cash from the machine then off we set. I was lucky enough to find a coat for Reuben in the sale and a really nice tee shirt. While we were going round I also got some newborn nappies for my soon to be great nephew. Eventually we worked our was round to getting some food too so I’m OK for next week and 30 cans of Pepsi Max because they were a real bargain, only about £1 more than 16 can’s in 8 packs. We went through the tills and stopped for a coffee. I nipped to get my cigs and made the woman on the till’s day when I noticed a change of hairstyle. Mike said I probably stunned her.

We left there with the intent of going straight to Flint but ended up with a detour to another Surpermarket to try and get some Ferrero Rocher at a bargain price. That special was over but I did get other sweets. We headed for Flint. When we arrived and parked up I wanted to go to my favourite shop first then have a coffee, a bit of a foot stamping tantrum and a quivering bottom lip got me my own way. Mind you, I was told I’d have to have an early night and miss telly for that. I got what I needed, looked in another shop for something but didn’t find it and then agreed a coffee would be nice. I put in our order than moved away so Mike could trade insults with Ceri and then get a welcome home kiss. I think I saw his tongue in her mouth checking she didn’t have appendicitis as well. We left and had a look round the new £ shop which opened this morning. Mean beggar wouldn’t let the lady give me a balloon. I found I didn’t have my food tablets with me so we had to go home to collect them. Didn’t stay long enough to unpack the car. As soon as I had the tablets we headed for lunch. Unusually we headed for the Bells today for a proper Sunday dinner and yes, we did know it’s only Saturday. It was lovely but very filling.

We needed to be home as Yvonne had said they may visit this afternoon to return my laminator and pick up some gifts for tomorrow. Something My sister in law and brother in law have bought for Reuben and also my birthday present for niece Jo as well as Jo’s and Karen’s Easter eggs as they’ll see them tomorrow and I won’t. We got home and unpacked the car. Almost before we’d had chance to put anything away Yvonne sent a text asking if we could meet them in Temptations at about 2.30 pm. It was 2.00 pm then. We flew round the kitchen putting food away and I packed Reuben’s coat etc and some new books in a bag, grabbed the gifts and set off again. Just as we arrived there another text from Yvonne, delayed because of Reuben’s need for the loo. We went inside and ordered and just waited. Two visits in one day but not two sets of chocolates for the girls I’m afraid. We were forgiven. Yvonne arrived and hugs all round then a few minutes later Ugo and Reuben joined us. I was hugged and kissed again. I passed Reuben one of his books to read while we sorted a drink (and cake) for Ugo and a drink for Reuben. Yvonne didn’t want one at that point. She was pleased with the bag of goodies I think. Eventually we had to go our separate ways as they were expecting guests tonight.Hugs all round and Mike and I came home.

Back at home it was about 4.00 pm and Mike let me come on the computer to answer certain emails with a promise I wouldn’t stay too long. I knocked off at 6.00 pm and stayed there to make something to eat and watch a bit of TV including a film which finished 11.00 am. Quite bloodthirsty too about a young Columbian girl who loses her parents to the mob and becomes an assassin to avenge them. Not my usual cup of tea, though anything longer than about 15 minutes fits into that category, but not the worst film I’ve ever seen.So I had to come through to do the blog hen with the promise that’s all I’ll do. The way I feel at the moment that promise will be easy to keep.

I hope you’ll all forgive me but next week I think I shan’t be around to deal with messages, retweets  or any queries. I’m also not sure about a Blog next week either as I may be on holiday or something. I hope to see you all soon.

How to look suspicious. Lesson 1

How to look suspicious Lesson 1

Solving the mysteries of life.

Solving the mysteries of life.




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58 responses to “Famous Five Depart & The Butter Magnet

  1. I know that feeling of looking for your pet when they have gone away. I used to hear my old cat mewing to be let in for weeks after she had died. I was constantly opening the door to check……… You have a physical space to deal with as well. I hope you have a good week David! xoxo

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  3. It’s strange isn’t, how so many people and pets, all loved ones come in and out of our lives, but always leave a bit of themselves with us. 🙂
    You certainly are wonderful at giving us a window into your world, David, please, continue. 🙂
    Massive hugs, hope this week treats you kindly and can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂

    • Yes Donna, I can remember pets that have come and gone and family and friends who have passed through my life who have left their mark on me. What hurt then, hurts less now, but the memories don’t dim.
      Thank you for the wonderful compliment sweet lady.
      Have a Wonderful week,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  4. Sorry about the fish, but loved your music selection today- esp. the Natalie Imbruglia/David Armand song. 😀 In fact I liked it so much I shared it on my blog too. High on my list of also-favourites was Roy Orbison [saw him live in Melbourne once and am still a fan] and the little yellow polka-dot bikini. Haven’t heard that one in decades! -hugs-

  5. Silver Threading

    Have a great holiday David. Enjoy and hope you feel better. 💖

  6. David, it’s always a pleasure to visit with you and hear about yoour week. What an interesting & entertaining collection of music today! And Reuben looks more dashing each week. I hope your computer learns to behave itself. Mega hugs

    • You are so sweet Teagan, thank you. I’ve always enjoyed trying to share the fun in my life with you all.Reuben should take over the blog really with his fan club being so big now.
      The computer behaved again this morning.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • David, i’m glad (for your sake) that you plan to take a break… but I hope you’re not still unwell from Friday. Please do take good care of you. Mega-hugs. ❤ 🙂

  7. Holiday is a good idea David – have a lovely rest. HUGS XXX ❤

  8. Sorry about the fish, but a holiday should be a good break.

  9. A progress made since last week, David: learned to draw a puff without lifting the crutch “threateningly” – it’s a good omen for a good break 🙂 Enjoy and see you on the “other side of it”, I’m left wondering what if anything will replace the “famous five” 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve been very good this week Ina and not made a threatening move against anyone.Nor hopefully have I left anyone thinking I’m completely mental no matter how near the truth that is.
      If anything replaces the Famous Five, the favourite seems to be a budgie as no doubt it will talk about as much sense as me.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Just as long as it learns to talk from you only, David – it’ll be OK, as it happens it’s good to like hearing one self even if it is from a budgie 🙂 Giant Hugs 🙂

  10. Loved the post – as always. I’m sorry about the fish. I remember having to give a saltwater tank away when we moved form Georgia, and I was quite heart broken about having to do so. But it went to a rural Pediatric clinic so that made me feel better, and they were having a professional come in and care for it, so I didn’t worry. I am sorry you had a poorly tummy, but maybe a bit of rest will do you a world of good. Until next time, take care!!!!!

    • You’re very kind , Thank you. My tank has also gone to someone who will really enjoy it and take care of it so I’m not worried. I’m glad yours found a good home with professional care.
      I’m sure the rest is needed though the tummy is fine now, It’s how long I can stand staying away from the computer because that’s not doing well so far.
      Have a Great Week,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. As a commercial once said ‘You deserve a break today!” Even though I despise fast-food, that line seems to apply. Take some well-deserved time off, David, recharge the batteries and we’ll all be waiting with baited breath to hear your latest adventures. Bonne route et grosses bises! xxx

    • I’m not sure I’ll last above 24 hours Mel.It’s driving me batty now ( a very short journey believe me).
      Thank you for the lovely comment.
      Have a Wonderful Week,
      Huge Hugs and Kisses.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Sorry you miss the fishes although it sounds as if they’ve found a good home. I agree with Mike you need a rest (and I’m pleased to hear that at least your stomach is better) and don’t worry. Take more time to do other things you enjoy without having to be running around all the time (if you can).
    Great music and I understand what you say about finding the right present. In my case it doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes you see something and you know a certain person will love it…
    Be well.

    • Yes, the Famous Five have found a great new home. I’m not worried about them. I think my problem is that I enjoy doing what I do and can’t think of anything else. I rarely run around anyway, I’m a stop at home most of the time. I’m glad you found the music OK but you certainly know the level of my humour after seeing ‘Torn’.
      I’m fairly lucky with finding the right gift as I have more time than most but some people just stump me.
      I’m afraid be well is beyond me but I can be happy.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  13. Those bittersweet goodbyes are tough ones to shake off. I’m sure the fish are asking one another where the fellow with the butter magnet went to. It sounds as if their new residence is a warm and welcoming one.
    I vote for a parrot with a wry sense of humor. Maybe one that knows a slew of blue jokes. I hope something will fill that spot soon. It is a source of life and comfort to have pets.
    And boy, do I feel your computer pain, David. Awful things these contraptions end up being–sucking us in from our perfectly contented lives into a state of being wholly dependent upon them. Almost has one considering becoming a Luddite.
    I wish you a peaceful, restful, Reuben-filled week.
    Cheers! xoxo

    • Yes, I’ll never have my moustache sucked clean again.
      If I can find a budgie with a wry sense of humour I’ll go for it but a parrot can bite much harder if I don’t laugh at the jokes.
      It has been getting silly with 4 hours sleep and about 16 hours on the computer 5 days a week. I don’t think I want to be a Luddite though I’ve heard it rains a lot in Ludd and my wellies have got a hole in the top.
      Reuben you say, I thought I was supposed to be resting. and getting better?
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  14. Though I shall of course miss your comments on my dream world tour I hope you have a wonderful break and enjoy yourself you deserve it.

    Huge hugs xxxxx

    • I’m not sure I can stay away long enough not to comment. I want to be ready to fly some wellies out if you make a mistake. Sorry, I didn’t win either the Euro or the normal Lotto or you could book your tickets.
      Look after yourself Sweetie,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  15. I love your BLOG! I am up at 0400 and usually retire at or around Midnight, seven days a week. I sleep quite soundly for the four hours alloted. That said, I am quite concerned about your irratic sleep schedule! Have you mentioned this to your doctor? We all have our internal clocks, but still, we all need SLEEP! Do you find yourself taking a mid-day Siesta? We ALL want you around for our own selfish reasons, so PLEASE talk to your doctor!


    • Hi Mike, it sounds as though you sleep pretty much as I do. To be honest It might have slipped my mind to mention it but then I try not to see the doctor unless there’s no choice. This last one should keep me going for 12 months.I have mentioned it before so it’s known. I do grab a half hour to an hour about lunchtime quite often but it depends how much work is waiting on the computer.
      Thanks so much that’s, quite a compliment. Not too sure I’m happy with my life at the moment though.
      Take great care of yourself

  16. I’ve played “I’ll Be There” over and over–hadn’t heard it in a long time, so I made the most of it–and the pictures of Reuben, and especially the picture of you and Reuben together, were delightful! I have only one question: why are you so certain you wouldn’t make a good Maria? 🙂
    Have a great week, David.

    • It’s funny how we forget about certain songs until we hear them again. I’ve also had the habit of playing them more than once and I did so with ‘Reach out I’ll be there’ when I came across it. It’s not my favourite 4 Tops record but I really do like it.(I’m in a different world, Walk away Renee and If I were a Carpenter are my top 3).
      I’m glad you liked the picture of Reuben and me, you can see he appreciates a good joke ( or having above his knee pinched). He’d be quick to tell you my voice would stop me making a good Maria and the beard wouldn’t help either. The legs might make it through the audition though.
      Wishing you a Fantastic Week,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  17. Great post as always. I agree totally with you about the letter you received. I get angry when people assume and throw their belief at you. I cannot listen to the clips at this time but Something Inside So Strong is a old favourite of mine – although th ebest version of it I heard in Gavin and Stacey.
    Wishing you well and hugs and greetings from Welsh soil as a very happy new immigrant / resident 🙂

    • Thank you Christoph for the compliment and for your understanding.
      I realise you’d be far too busy at the moment to listen to the clips but I shall now have to go over Gavin and Stacey to see if I can find that song. I wonder who does it this time.
      Croeso y Cymru Christoph. May you always be happy and at home here.

  18. Hi, David. Thanks for the songs. I never owned a bikini though. My dad, born in 1897, wouldn’t have been too receptive about seeing me in one of those. Those were good years for me though. I graduated high school and took a trip to California on the train by myself to visit my brother and his wife. I ended up going to stay with my cousin , only a couple of years younger. Her dad let me drive a big car of his and I dented it. He just laughted as he was good natured and owned a garage. I was their godchild so he had a soft spot in his heart for me. My cousin was overjoyed I could drive us around. We had fun. Clean fun mind you. She had her dad’s credit card and she insisted I buy a California-style dress. As long as she didn’t overdo it. he left her buy her own clothes.

    • Hi Suzanne, I’m glad you liked the songs even if you didn’t get to wear the fateful garment.
      That must have been quite an adventure for you, especially driving your Uncle’s big car. Your cousin was lucky to be entrusted with a credit card to buy her own clothes at that time. Sounds very Holywoodesque.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  19. Michael

    ” but after I’d washed my fork in the adverts “..Obviously the sink was full …

  20. You charmer! I bet the woman at the till was tickled pink that you noticed her new hair-do! as for Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles….they are THE BEST! and yes, you have to chew, sucking them is impossible. I sincerely hope that you are planning on taking a holiday, you absolutely deserve one and i’m sure that time away from ‘every day life’ will do you a power of good. Reuben gets handsomer and handsomer, what a gorgeous, smiley boy. Utterly delicious. Massivo Huggos and thinking of you xxxxxxxxx

    • I think she was pleased someone had noticed.
      I bought a packet last week and tried to suck them, not a cat in hells chance.They were made to be chewed to bring out all the flavour.
      I’m on my holiday but not doing well at staying away. I’m thinking since I don’t write anymore and rarely promote that maybe I don’t need to blog anymore and can stay on holiday. Sounds nice at the moment.
      Roobs does get more handsome the more he grows but still thinks that all cameras should be aimed at him and his poses.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs and hopes all is going well on either or both properties and that Pedro’s painting is going well too xxx

      • You are a sweetheart, honestly, you should be relaxing on your holiday, not responding to my comments! That said, I’m thrilled to hear that you have managed to get away and hopefully get some much needed R&R. All good here but very busy and hope that we haven’t bitten off more than we can chew (oh that life was one huge Rowntree’s Fruit Pastille!!!) BIG LOVE to you and I’m mightily relieved that you are feeling better xxxxxxxxxxx

      • Hey, I’m not missing my friends out.
        When you say get away, the furthest I’ve gone is from the bedroom to the lounge and I can’t say I haven’t sneaked back either. I don’t know what to do.
        I’m thinking of you both as I know it must be hard, I’m sure it’s well within your capabilities though, it just won’t be easy. I wish I could help in a concrete way
        but I am at least cheering you on.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Those cheers mean the world. Thank You 🙂 xxxxxxx

  21. laurie27wsmith

    I sense a feeling of disquiet here David. There’s something different about your blog this week and it’s not the abscence of fish. Can’t put my finger on it, just a feeling. Throwing up is never good and I’m glad you’ve taken precautions against pregnancy. That’s the last thing you need. After reading about your sleeping habits I’ve deduced that you need to watch Murder she wrote while in bed, that way you’re guaranteed to get more sleep. A break sounds like a great idea mate, hopefully if you can relax it will do you the world of good. We’ll all be here when you come back.
    ps, I’m a bit late this week, been doing a bit around the place. The neighbourhood has heard every piece of power equipment I have. 🙂

    • I think maybe I struggled a bit to put it together this week without the fish to write about Laurie. I think I’m a one trick pony.
      If I watched murder she wrote in bed I’d probably fall asleep during my dinner. That wouldn’t be great except maybe for my waistline.
      The break isn’t working out quite as I expected as I can’t keep away as I intended but it’s been a full day today with visitors so some mail will be deleted.
      Don’t worry about being late as it’s always nice to see you.
      Well done on keeping the neighbourhoos awake with the power tools. I think the garden must be looking quite something now.
      Look after yourself please

      • laurie27wsmith

        You’re probably missing the little blighters Mate. No way you’re a one trick pony, you’re very entertaining. Falling asleep at dinner is fraught with difficulties, hmm what’s that banger doing sticking to your forehead? Well I had the tractor and slasher going for a couple of hours, then the brushcutter, then the chainsaw. It’s getting cool and I needed firewood. it’s all go here David. The garden is great when the rain stops I’ll take some pics for next week. Enjoy your break.

  22. Ali Isaac

    Sorry to hear you weren’t well last week, hope you’re feeling much better now. Strangely, we had a body fished out of Lough Ramor last week, a suslicious death, also drug related it seems… must be a story in that. So a holiday? Somewhere nice I hope! Enjoy! And I have to say, your little grandson is adorable! 😄

    • I was just a little below par thank Ali. I’m fine again now. The story of the body here gets stranger by the minute but no doubt it will all come clear in the end.
      The holiday is in my lounge instead of working on the computer only it’s not quite working as expected. I keep sneaking back in. But I’ve been out with family mush of the day and playing games with my brother much of the evening so it’s been a huge break today.
      Thank you, he’s a little gem but I’m still keeping him at arms length.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        Thats good news! Take it easy! Get plenty of hugs… I mean rest… oh and hugs of course, they are the best medicine of all!

  23. I’m late but pleased I caught up… I’d been away for a week, myself (and the G.O. of course…) and I can recommend a little blogging-computer holiday. I miss the interaction, and there’s some catch-up that takes time but it’s a great balance to have some time away. Your weeks, sans fish or no, are entertaining, peopled with friends, family, your good self and light-hearted take on life 🙂

    • Maybe I should have left the house as the holiday doesn’t seem to be working as well as I’d hoped.
      I’m so glad the G.O. and you have had a good week away and that if it was T.A. it was as you left it.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  24. Hi David,
    Well its been a while but your email to me was such a wonderful surprise and does prove how much fellow bloggers are there for each other. It really cheered me up and made me smile, I cant thank you enough for you taking the time out to check in.
    I’m back in the blogging world and was sad to hear about your fish. I will miss your great writing about them and hope you ok without them. I always have a little look and quick chat with my daughters fish when I’m in her room. Pets are well loved and missed when not around.
    I agree with you about cover versions, I generally dont like them and find they should be very different to the original and should add something different to make it unique.
    Glad to see that your still getting ‘those’ emails from the ladies! Doesn’t seem like their giving up on you anytime soon.
    I can’t believe how grown up and big Reuben looks in his photographs, he’s getting so big and is such a cutie.
    When you love blogging it can be hard to have some time away, but I hope you look after yourself and feel rested. Sometimes a little time out can do wonders.
    Lovely to be back and catching up with you, and again thank you for your lovely email.
    Take care,

  25. Wonderful writing, wonderful blog. Relate to the pet stories completely~

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