Chris Medina – What are Words

Here’s a man not afraid to voice emotions. This is what LOVE is about.

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You may say I’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, but I really had not heard of Chris Medina until today. Now I can’t seem to stop playing his song ‘What are words’. He has a glorious voice, but it’s the lyrics…

We all dream of that one person who will love us through thick and thin, sickness and health, till death do us part. That is why those words still form the core of every marriage vow. Because they mean something. They’re not just words. I guess that dream is also why the romance genre is so huge. We all want to be loved that much.

Cynical, divorced lady with pink eyes signing off.


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24 responses to “Chris Medina – What are Words

  1. Ali Isaac

    He has a beautiful voice!

    • It certainly seems to suit this song Ali. I’m very much a words person when it comes to songs- hence the Motown, and this one has everything. I completely believe in true love even if it doesn’t happen every time.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. I like Very Much – thanks for sharing this one, David 😀

  3. Well… as another “cynical divorced lady” i can understand that. Here, in any kind of relationship (not just romantic ones) people think they’ve achieved something in saying the right thing, when all they are really doing is “saying what sounds good” even though the words have no meaning to them… and are essentially a big fat lie.
    > However this was a charming post. Nice share, David. Hugs all ’round.

    • Blimey, do I only know cynical ladies? While I know the course of true love ne’er runs smooth you won’t convince me that true love doesn’t exist nor that some men who enter marriage aren’t committed to it.
      It’s not just a case of knowing the words and using them, it’s a case of meaning them and putting them into practice.
      I have to note that Mike is also cynical about marriage but I think he may be a lover of the idea rather than the institution itself. I’d hate to think that’s the general jaded view.
      xxx Sending Love and Hugs to count on xxx

  4. I’ve heard this song before, and remember the voice, but hadn’t paid attention to the words. Yes, he has a fabulous voice. Thank you for sharing.<3 ❤

  5. Thanks so much for this, David. Perfect timing to hear this today.

    • I do hope that doesn’t mean you have something upsetting in your life today Marylin. If so, I hope the words offer some comfort and remember the love of everyone all around you, Such a special lady.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  6. As a single Lady this song warms my heart. Not only does he have a voice but he sings his heart. We all want to be loved unconditionally but this rarely happens within marriage. This is the true meaning of Love. For better or for worse. In sickness and in health. As for me I’ve given my heart to God for he only will bring me the Love I need in this life.

    • Oh Deborah, I really hope you’re wrong and being loved unconditionally in marriage isn’t rare.I would hope it was the norm and that any other kind of marriage was the rare type.I know there are abusive marriages but surely they must be a small percentage of the whole and in many cases there are signs of it before marriage so that weddings need not go ahead.
      Surely the commitment to marriage is honoured more often than not? It’s a beautiful institution, but if it isn’t working with love on both sides, why bother.
      If you feel the commitment you’re making is enough for you and right for you then no-one can argue it. But the physical hugs, the shoulder to cry on and the warmth of human companionship, and for some people the chance to have children must be missing. Such a shame.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Thanks, David. That was truly beautiful. I’ve known people who have marriages and love like that. My husband is ill and confused, but has said he loves us, and I think he does in his own way. My children and I share great love of each other. My parents and I were close. I was close to two of my grandparents. People don’t all love in the same way. I hadn’t heard of that young man before today either. Hugmungus Hugs

    • You’re so right Suzanne. People don’t all love the same way. I bore a different love for my mother’s parents than for my favourite aunt and from my parents themselves. I bear great love for my brother, for some nephews and nieces, for my daughter, my grandson and my friends. It’s all love but all different. The love I bore my wife was different to all those other loves, strong and deep and still there.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. Kev

    OMG, I must have been living under the same rock David. It’s first time I’ve heard it. Not only had he got an incredible voice, but that video brought the tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing and making me aware of the greatly talented Chris Medina.

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