Boggled & Pinocchio is found.

Sunday 17th May 2015.
I was woken by such a cacophony of sound I thought my friend Lottie had sent the village choir of peacock, donkey and assorted wildfowl over so she got her well earned rest, but no, the sound emanated from a bedroom close by where Michael must have been conducting composition for old wheezy bellows and badly tuned violin. We both must give serious consideration to giving up smoking. It’s no good, I can’t keep a straight face this long. That’s a pipe dream since I don’t have the willpower to go cold turkey and none of the other remedies seem to have had the least effect including hypnotherapy which I feel just wasted my money.
So here I was at 3.23 am with an early start at my mail. I must admit that since I didn’t turn my light off until 12.30 am I don’t feel too bad but maybe it’ll catch up on me later.
I cleared the first mail box by 5.45 am and went for a break in the lounge, pleased with myself ( smug little ****) I restarted at 6.30 am and had a break at 7.00 am to take my meds and make a coffee. Still by 8.20 am I was clear again. All was peaceful since the background ‘music’ had ceased so while the boxes started filling up again I headed for ebay to do a few searches just for fun. One thing I do need are some new Stubbi pouches so I have somewhere to deposit the end of my cigarettes when I’m outside. The ones I’m currently using have been going continuously for over 5 years and their lifespan is supposed to be much less. The price on ebay varies so much it’s ridiculous from about 60p each to a whopping £2.25. Maybe I should buy 10 and pass a few out to the idiots who litter the streets with ‘dogends’ and risk the fines if they’re caught. Currently running at £60 I think. I bought some. I was just in the process of paying for them when I heard a cough at my bedroom door. By jingo, 8.29 am and he’s up. No alarms , no callings and he’s up. The shock nearly finished me but I rallied. He disappeared to make his own coffee while I finished off then I joined him.

The silence in the lounge was deafening though he didn’t fall asleep again. I put Frasier on the TV until he came round.At 9.30 am he was close so I went and got dressed. He wasn’t far behind me and came through to find me working again. He asked what I wanted to do. I had nothing in mind but offered options like going to Chester so he could get some jumpers like mine he liked, or perhaps heading in the other direction to The Bells of St Mary’s and having breakfast rather than lunch. I let him strain his brain while I put my shoes on. At about 10.00 am we were on our way, but I had no idea where until we’d made our way up to town and turned left. I knew then we were on out way towards Chester.It was then I wished we’d brought out the jacket for Yvonne and maybe we’d have caught hem before they left to go out, or Lee’s birthday present and perhaps seen the baby for a minute again. We parked down by the river in Chester because it’s the only place I knew where I could park for a while using my blue badge (disabled parking permission).From there it was a long, hard, breath dragging slog into the shopping area of town. We still managed to be in the shop we needed before 11.00 am but they were allowing people in to view before the official opening time.

It took a lot longer than expected for Mike to choose his jumpers so the shop was open a long time before he came to pay. We stopped for  quick coffee then left the shop for a cigarette. It was only as we were walking back down the street when I realised it was midday. We walked through the precinct in search of the public loo, for once it wasn’t my bladder had given way on more than a thimbleful of fluid. We headed back downhill (yay) to the car to deposit the shopping and find somewhere for lunch. As it happens there was a place at the far end of the embankment we’ve been to in the past. The Blue Room, which has a fifties theme and pictures and toys everywhere from that era. We started walking. As we approached the end there was no sign until Mike called out they’d given the outside a lick of paint. That’s not all they’d done. It had been remodelled throughout and was now a very upmarket establishment. Would they even let two old farts in? They would and did. As it happened as far as meals went, only the prices appeared to have changed. Anyway I had a nice pot of tea and an enjoyable meal and Mike had his coffee and a big breakfast. We left there and headed home. We got back about 2.30 pm and we sat in the lounge together for a while and then I left Mike to the TV while I came in to work. I knew his football was on his table at 4.00 pm and it would only bore me. I was actually up to date before I expected though and went back through at just gone 5.00 pm. I was tired and started to nod in my chair so Mike actually turned the sound down a bit and was a bit less enthusiastic with his bellowing. I came too as the match was ending on a one all draw which didn’t please him. I was able to block out the blow by blow commentary of who was an idiot luckily.

Somehow we got into a discussion of routes home for him and that led to other things on the map including the whereabouts of a giant car boot sale that Ju and I along with MuJo could never finish. Mike left at 6.30 pm along one of his routes and that left me the chance to work- only I didn’t want to as there was a film on at 7.00 pm I wanted to try so I made myself some tea so I could wash the pots before it started. Thanks to my weak bladder I almost missed the beginning. It turned out to be a kids movie really but I was too idle to move or find something else. I persevered. It was passable and I suppose left me with a smile on my face until the last two minutes or so when suddenly there were so many religious references . So, I was less pleased when I came back to work at 9.00 am but the smile was soon back after reading some of the messages there. They kept me late.


I managed to get to bed a little earlier last night but was I sensible and go to sleep sooner? Did I heck, I read a bit extra instead and the light still went out at 10.00 am. I got an undisturbed sleep with no early morning lo calls. When I woke up at 5.09 am though that wasn’t the case. I had to march quite smartly in that direction. I’m quite sure it wasn’t the reason I woke just then though as I wasn’t unpeeling sleep from my eyes. I may not have been ready for the Times crossword but I was quite awake. I went straight onto he main mail box and worked there until 7.00 am when I went to take the morning meds and make a drink. I also put the washing machine on knowing the wash cycle would end before 9.00 am so I could have them dry by midday. I took my drink back to the bedroom and got dressed before going back to work. I think that was more to combat the cold that anything. It’s dull, dreary and wet this morning. I’m glad I don’t need to go out. I forgot to mention I didn’t win the jacket I was after on ebay yesterday,I’m not surprised that it went from £15.01 to £32.00 in the last 10 seconds. I’m trying for a different one today that doesn’t finish until 7.00 pm but I must remember to be back in here in time for that. I’m determined to get my nephew one but I can’t afford £120 to go new. Anyway, when I logged in ebay this morning I had a notice that they’ve issued some money to paypal for the first of the two jackets I ordered from China which never came. I suspect there will be a second notice tomorrow morning for the second one. They’ve really been quick over this one since it was only today that the chance for the seller came to comment and of course he hasn’t done so. Once I’d dealt with that I went back to my mail and worked steadily all morning from one email account to the other.

The warden came about 10.15 am and was here almost an hour today. We were talking about pets. She has a toy poodle and was telling me how she acquired him and how the family adore him. She remembered Oscar but wasn’t warden here when we had the rats and the degus. She didn’t seem to keen on the idea of rats so I brought her through to show her my screensaver which is of Ju with Bernie on her shoulder as she was walking round the room talking on the phone. Bernie loved being with Ju of course and would happily run up and down sleeves and in and out of clothing all day. The most gentle and beautiful of creatures. After the warden (Bev) had gone, I congratulated myself on having a woman in my bedroom for the first time in years.( remind me to brag about it) sat down and did a few more of the accumulated messages then went to do my lunch. I had beef steak and boiled new potatoes, veg and a chinese chip shop style curry sauce that I made instead of gravy in the last minute. I emptied the washer and hung my stuff on the airer while the food was cooking. Once I’d eaten and washed up I watched the end of my antiques show then promptly fell asleep watching a programme about Cleopatra the murderess ( of her sister). I was asleep until 2.10 pm and then with no sign of a conscience at all walked slowly back to work.

I was busy but not pushed for the rest of the afternoon until I broke off at 5.00 pm. I intended to have a light tea while watching my quizzes and see if I can manage a break later to watch a film perhaps. A sandwich for teas and a small trifle went well.I saw the first two quizzes and then darted in and out to see the ebay bid. I didn’t feel too bad about losing the other one because the price shot so high in the last ten seconds but tonight didn’t look like it was going to do that.In the last minute it doubled in price but that was OK it was still good value. I poised with an increase of £6.01 over the last bidder within the last minute and at ten seconds pressed. Damn, whoever it was had bid higher and all I’d managed to do was make them pay more. No doubt the seller was pleased but I wasn’t. I think I’m down to two chances his week now. If I don’t get one of those I’ll have to either give up or revert back to China in the hopes of finding a more honest firm than he one that let me down.

Once the auction was over I went back through to the lounge and instead of waiting for a film later I watched The Antiques Road Trip until 8.00 pm then settled back to work. As you can imagine I was to pay for being away since 5.00 pm. At 10.30 pm I threw my hands up in defeat which is nothing like throwing de’feet up in de hands which can be very painful unless they’re someone else’s. I started doing the blog instead and hoped I might have time to nip back to the post for a few minutes after. I was intending to write very quickly but was defeated by the fact I’m a slow reader, especially of my own mistakes.                                                                                                                               Since a certain someone was pleased with the Spandau Ballet record on the last blog I thought I’d go for the same era tonight. This could be a mistake as this groups fans and Spandau Ballet’s fans often did not get on. I’m not sure how the groups felt. But let’s try.

You’ll understand why there are no new pictures of Reuben at the moment when I say it hasn’t stopped raining yet for him to go out.


I’m not sure it was worth going to bed last night. The light went off at 12.30 am and went back on at 2.44 am even though I could see fairly well from the clock light and was wide awake. I just thought as there was no-one else to disturb, why not. Since I felt no desperate need for the loo I decided to log onto the computer instead and start on the mail. That poor internet postman could hardly have taken his shoes and socks off before I was there asking him to start his deliveries again. Actually there was just enough in my primary email address to keep me going until 5.00 am when I decided to go take my meds and have breakfast prior to going out. I got to the kitchen, took my pre-food tablet, put two slices of bread in the toaster then spun on my heel and headed for the loo where my bladder showed me who was boss. Not that I was in any doubt about that. The answer is practically anything and anybody except me.

I had my meds and smoked a cigarette while I timed the wait until I could eat. As I buttered the toast I set the Tassimo to start making my coffee, a Kenco medium roast this morning. Once the toast was eaten I was able to take my two post food tablets and head back to work. I cleared the few that had come in from my primary box then opened the secondary box and started there. By 6.35 am that was done and I entertained myself on ebay for a few minutes before getting dressed. I was sorry to note that it won’t be until tomorrow that ebay asks me to close the case of the second missing coat and refer it to them. If it’s like yesterday they’ll refund my payment before the hour is out. I’ve noticed a different firm in China ( I know it’s a different firm I just hope it’s different owners)  that does quite smart leather jackets also at a fraction of the price they are here. I’m tempted again. I know that the Customs Service are quite likely to open the parcel and impose an import duty if one came but it could still be much less than buying one from here new. That’s not always the case. Ju was once sent a gift from the U.S which was about $100 to buy and was declared. They opened it here and I had to pay an import tax of £40 ($60) on it. If I’d bought the thing myself, with our tax it just wouldn’t have been worth it.

Once dressed I was ready and raring to go, it would have been nice if the rain had stopped though. At 7.30 am I went out for the bus and started walking up the road towards the stop. The rain stopped. What a difference it made for the few minutes it took me to reach shelter. Once I was there down it came again. The bus pulled up and I got on. The driver commented on what a pig of a day it was and I sort of half agreed.  I actually nodded off on the journey despite my chin keep bouncing out of the armpiece of my crutch every time we hit a bump. I knew there were people around me so I was hoping the sleep was too light for snoring. When we pulled into my stop at Chester the rain had stopped again and I was able to start smoking a cigarette until Yvonne arrived a few minutes later. Roobs did not look a happy chappie and I wondered if it was because of the rain but Yvonne said he hadn’t slept much and was a bit sneezy. We were about 50 paces down the road before he suddenly pointed and said Pops with a big smile on his face. Poor Yvonne had forgotten her handbag and wanted to run home for it. That could have been a half hour round journey and I wasn’t having that. I thought it would give me the opportunity to pay for the drinks and breakfast.

We had a few minutes in a £ shop while waiting for our usual haunt with the cafe to open. When we got in there I gave her the money to order what she wanted and my reward card to pick up double points for ordering between 9 am – 10 am. I’ve got enough for quite a few coffees at the moment. Roobs decorated the windowsill and floor with his jam on toast and preferred to drink the foam from our coffees than the frothy little chocolate drink that was his own. Yvonne opened the bag I’d brought with her leather jacket and a couple of tops for Reuben. She liked it so I was very relieved.  After breakfast we wandered down to the gents section when I got two more jumpers, one at half price because it was on the wrong stand YAY, and two shirts which were a real bargain. From there we went to get some cakes Yvonne needed as well as some giftwrap and cards. It’s quite a big supermarket so we had a little wander too. Then over to a sports shop that’s closing down, All Stock Must Go, but not at those prices. Yvonne liked some sandals fro Reuben but wouldn’t let me get them. We were going to wander to the precinct but I suggested a cafe in a local church hall so Reuben could play on the floor with toys they have there and I could take a look at the fair trade shop.He had a great time and was really well behaved and careful round the other children there. Yvonne sorted the bags so our shopping was separate. I had a cup of tea. We left when I had 15 minutes to catch my bus.

Back on the bus I waved at them both and hoped it didn’t rain again on their way home. The bus set off and I settled my chin back into the crutch and closed my eyes. Once we crossed the border I relaxed and at the end of the journey I walked down to Pauline’s before going home. Maybe I won’t need to go out tomorrow now. I made lunch the first priority and settled down to eat in front of another Mummy programme but since this was just a possible gunfighter from the ‘Old West’ I wasn’t really interested, especially when it turned out he wasn’t a gunfighter but just someone who’d been embalmed and then stuck in a sideshow with a fanciful story to make someone a lot of money. Once I’d eaten I washed the pots and went through to work. By then of course I had to hold my fist in my mouth to stop from screaming at the result of six and a half hours away. I worked from 2.00 pm to 5.15 pm then had my quizzes and an Antique Road Trip before coming back and working from 8.00 pm to 10.30 pm at which time I stopped to do the blog. Anything left over I’ll do in the morning.


An improvement today at 3.22 am and I actually put the light off at midnight too. You feel so much better for a proper sleep, or so I’m told! I shouldn’t complain really as I was awake at that time and felt fine.I set the computer to come on while I went to the loo with a  hop, step and jump. I can’t hear the rain today, and the forecast on my phone is sunshine. Wake me again when it comes through will you. I worked on mail until 5.00 am when I went and had some cereal and toast for breakfast and a second helping with all my meds. I brought a coffee back to my room. By 7.15 am I’d dealt with both mailboxes and was up to date. Time to play on ebay. Yep, there’s the message I was expecting asking me if the seller has responded to me. Well that’s a big fat NO then. I filled out the online form which was very small and submitted it. I carried on then to look at the jackets I was following, one due this morning and the price is as yet OK, one due tomorrow where the price is already too high so time to do a new search for that size. I managed to find a few more to follow.

I took a break to do some washing and a little light dusting. Then I washed the kitchen and bathroom floors. I like the new rug for the loo I got at the weekend. It’s a great match. It was now 10.10 am so I went back through to get dressed and clear the post boxes again. I’d just got dressed when there was a knock at the door. Darren my postie had two parcels for me and I was so pleased as I hadn’t expected them before Friday at least. They’re both excellent. and I’ve left Mike’s jacket in his room. With that extra time wasted I had to get a move on with the e-post,,just as well Darren hadn’t brought me any mail as well. At 11.45 I called a halt though no-one heard me ( so did I really say it?) and decided to prepare for lunch. I started that by finding something to watch and that choice ended up being ….Bargain Hunt, so there’s a surprise. A bigger surprise is that I couldn’t eat all my lunch today, except the veg. I never believed I could over face myself. Pity no-one was here to witness it. I washed the pots and settled to watch the rest of the programme but it was a losing battle Zzzzzzzz. I was like that until 2.05 pm and very slow to realise not only where I was but that the post wasn’t doing itself.

I lumbered back through bringing a bottle of Fanta Zero as I’d finished my Pepsi Max earlier. A quick drink then I started.It was bad, very bad in fact almost as bad as bad gets, both boxes were bulging.I worked until 4.45 pm and they weren’t bulging anything like they had been but neither was empty because as soon as I reached the point of one being empty and started another, some bright spark wrote something for the first one again. When I finished I estimated about twenty in one and perhaps half that in the second. Heaven knew what they’d be like when I got back here about 9.30 pm.  Dil and Matt turned up about 5.10 pm, I was already in the kitchen when I heard them and already had their mugs ready so I started the drinks straight away. They must have thought me efficient for once. Not being out of breath trying to rush to the kitchen before they reached the door. They were in time for the start of the quiz so we sat down to watch it together.  Dil and I are OK on music unless it’s very modern when we’ll bow to Matt, Dil deals with football and I stand a good chance with art and literature. General knowledge we all have a go at. Once it was over and we all understood we knew absolutely nothing about anything Dil got the card table out and pulled out the Yahtzee to play first.  Let it be known throughout The Shires that the Age of Miracles is not yet past. I won 4 of the 6 games to give me first blood. It was Matt’s call as to what we played next and out came the Boggle. I knew this one was going to be a struggle, not because I don’t know any words but because I lack the speed to follow the convoluted paths some of the letters take to make a word. That was game to Dil. Game 3 was cards and because it’s Matt’s favourite he chose Crazy 8’s and then had the cheek to win it in short order. That left time to play a fourth game though I’m sure Matt hadn’t expected that. We settled on Nomination Whist but only played from 8 down and back up again.  It was nip and tuck with us all taking turns at the lead until we passed the halfway mark. It was then I started to make a break for the front and despite the evil intent of my brother and nephew I managed to get enough of a lead that no matter how many times they messed up my call, I would win. So for once it went my way.

They left at 9.30 as usual so I was able to tidy up and wash the pots before coming through for the night.  I had to work on the post until 11.00 pm so I could see the wood for the trees then I daren’t leave the blog any longer. The rest of the post will have to wait until morning.


I read for the shortest time last night and my light was out by 12.15 am. I think I was asleep as my head hit the pillow, or concussed anyway. I slept until 4.17 am and think that was pretty good. As I left the bedroom to myrinate ( I don’t see why it should be Ur inate )I turned the computer on and stuck it near a radiator to warm up. When I came back all I had to do was sign in. I opened the first mail box and was quite pleased to see I might just finish the messages today, at least last night’s stuff. Actually it might be a slight exaggeration since it took me to 6.55 am to get up to date including today’s. I went to the kitchen and took my meds and made a coffee which I brought back with me. I opened the second mail box and went on the attack. Joy of joys there were a lot of duplicates and so at 8.00 am I was able to sit back and open ebay. I kept myself to doing nothing but look this morning doing searches through all my favourite products to check things out.  The pleasure of that time didn’t last long.

The postie arrived with what looked like a letter from the Pensions Service no doubt re-assessing my benefit based on the 1.2% increase in my private pension this year. That works out at less than £2 per week so shouldn’t make a big difference. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. The letter was from the Pensions Service but was not a reassessment of benefit as such, it was a bill for an overpayment of benefit from 03.04.15 to 05.05.15 for over £142.00. How a figure that doesn’t reach £142 can create a bill for that amount is beyond me. The bill takes in a period I wasn’t aware of an increase and in fact had not received it since it’s only payable on 28th of as month and I got it before I was told I was getting it. Needless to say I notified the Pensions Service straight away in a recorded delivery letter. What I believe has happened is that someone has put the gross amount of pension in but not the nett amount after taxation. They were also notified of the taxation level as soon as I had confirmation of it. This letter confirm the overpayment and what deductions will be made from my money to recover it. I went into the bank to check what they’d paid me this week and it was £30 down. So that amount down plus the amount they intend to start recovering at means until this is sorted I will receive about a third of what it should be. One very long letter later and another trip to the Post Office and I had sent in an appeal for a re-determination also by recorded delivery. Lets hope they can manage to correct this in record time and not claim the letter has never been received.

Between one thing and another I was busy all morning and only stopped for lunch at 11.55 am. As I went through to take my pre-foodie I turned TV on ready for Bargain Hunt. I was ready in time for the start and before the auction started I’d washed my plate up. I saw the auction and one team making a nice profit on everything just before someone turned the lights out. It was nearly 2.10 pm before they were turned on again. I turned the TV off and let my conscience walk me through here to start work again. It was just as well since the sides of both the mail sacks were bulging. It took me some time to get them down again, almost 4.30 pm. In the meantime I had a text from Mike to say he was on his way and I reckoned he’d get here about 6.30 pm. I wandered off to watch my first quiz then the second and followed that up with the start of a Big Bang Theory when at 6.30 pm in he walked so I made a coffee while he put his case in his bedroom and tried out his new jacket. Since Mike was here I couldn’t possibly just walk away and leave him yet so I stayed and forced myself to watch two episodes of the Antiques Road Trip with him. Then I was able to disappear because my new Big Bang Theory was on at 8.30 pm so I’d only be away half an hour. As it happens he thought I looked a bit down and came through to speak to me for 20 mins which left me just 10 minutes to work!

Once the Big Bang Theory was over I came back fully intending to stay and catch up.Which apart from a minor diversion to take my meds I did. At 10.30 pm I quit the mail ( not much left anyway) in order to do the blog. I should apologise for the lack of photographs this week but the weather hasn’t been appropriate. Maybe if things pick up a bit this weekend………


That was an awful night. Asleep around 12.30 am and up again at 1.15 am. Eventually I had to go to my chair in the lounge. Thanks to the light that comes on to scare off burglars  I was able to see the time was 2.03 am and I’m sure that was perhaps about when I nodded off again. Time to get up at 3.50 am and starting to get light outside. I’m only used to drawing the curtains in Winter to make it cosy so I can’t sleep with the light. I came through and logged on then went back in that direction to the loo. I was so long with the stop-start that the computer had gone back to sleep when I returned. That’s just not on, the computer is not going to get more sleep than me. I opened my first mail box and immediately regretted it. There was a lot from last night to deal with before I could get near today’s. I tripped over my own feet trying to get away and since that was a failure, stayed.I was finished and up to date with the first box by 6.55 am at which time I went through to take my meds. After having done that and because the box was now empty I got the meds drawer out and started to refill it for the week.After I’d finished I put the drugs away and made myself a coffee.

As I came back from having my morning fix I found more post had come so I cleared that before opening the second  mail  box and getting stuck in. At 9.00 am I still hadn’t finished there but I had to break off to make Mike a coffee which I took through and gently woke him with a bellow in minor key. I left him to it and returned to my room to get dressed ready to go out. 15 minutes later there was no movement to I went back and called to him in major key. He moved and apologised. I could return to getting my shoes and coat on and popping to Pauline’s for my lottery tickets. Tonight might be the night. When I got back Mike had been in the lounge as I could see his mug but he was in the loo. I got my coat and shoes off and waited for him in the lounge. Unthinking, I put Undercover Boss on while I waited and when Mike came back he started watching too. My Postie delivered while that was on and really confused me. I got the letter with the new calculation of benefit which clearly showed heir mistake but also another letter which told me since they’d asked for proof of my income in early May but not received anything they were asking again. So if they haven’t received the proofs they requested, what information have they used to recalculate the benefit? It’s idiotic, and that’s what Mike and I agreed on. That meant it was 10.25 am before he went to get dressed and then left to go to Manchester. Once he’d gone I emptied the kitchen bin, washed up the mugs and then turned back to my mail.

More post had arrived in both boxes of course so I worked steadily until 11.50 to clear it. Then time for lunch which I enjoyed while watching a Bargain Hunt filmed in the snow in Yorkshire. Naturally I saw it right up to the point where I decided my eye lids needed examining from the inside and I  missed the final auction. I’m not sure it was worth the bother since I only slept examined a little over 10 minutes. I returned to work to find lunchtime had been kind to me and there was enough to keep me going without actually pushing me. I worked through until 4.45 am then went to have a spot of tea before my quiz starts. It’s doubtful Mike will be back before about 7.00 pm so I sneaked a rhubarb crumble and custard for my tea.After the first two programmes (both quizzes) I went and had a shower so I’d be back to watch the Antiques Road Show as it was in North Wales this time and I know most of the shops they were due to visit. Mike arrived back at 7.58 pm just after it had finished. I would normally have come back through at that time but there was a programme advertised I really wanted to see. I started Mike’s coffee off and left it up to him to finish it. As it happened he was happy to watch the programme with me. It was about one woman’s belief that Mary Magdalene was the wife of J.C. and her search for proof . She started in France where Mary was supposed to have escaped to after his death on the cross. Much like the story that Dan Browne told about Mary having brought the sang raal or  Blood Royal with her rather than the San graal or Holy Grail. There is a place in France that has celebrated Mary arriving there centuries ago at the end of her journey for a long time and claims to have the skull of Mary behind a mask on a figure they transport through the streets every year. There were certainly signs of belief in the story there. It became more interesting to me when the seeker travelled to an area where the Cathars once lived and found that the Cathar faith is actually still alive though still virtually in hiding. Strangely they celebrate their services from a bible which includes one ( or more ) of the gnostic gospels which also carries the belief that Mary and J.C. were married. There were remnants of a 1st C carpet that you could say depicted a Holy woman and possibly a Holy child travelling by boat which would also support the story and also the mosaic floor of the oldest church ever found which oddly enough is inside a Israeli maximum security prison. It was a beautiful floor and complete which bore an inscription which unfortunately I can’t remember  but was translated by a Professor out there and also helped to bear out the theory.

Like many others I’ve maintained for years that some of the gnostic gospels weren’t used because they were written by women and the early church wanted to downplay any importance that women had in the movement. It seems very unlikely that Mary Magdalene was unimportant after being with the other disciples for so long and indeed one of the gospels mentions how Mary was the best loved of them ( by Jesus). Yet her part was ignored and it was only ( I think) in the late 60’s that the Catholic Church apologised for having labelled her a prostitute or sinner. I often wonder how different both The Catholic Church and the world in general would have been had women been high in the councils of the church or even Popes ( and I don’t mean Pope Joan). Maybe we wouldn’t have had the Crusades and been on good terms with Moslems.

Anyway, at 9.00 pm I finally returned to work and had to bite my knuckle to stop from screaming when I saw the post you delightful people had sent. That means the rest of the night in here. But at 10.30 pm I stopped and made a start on the blog instead and I’ll just have to hope I’m up in time to catch up in the morning unlike last week.


I didn’t really read last night and my light was out at just gone midnight. I know it took a while to get my leg into  a comfortable position before sleep so I resembled a gyroscope in bed. Had it been anything but a single quilt I’d have been shouting for Mike to come and free me. I daresay he would have done eventually, after his laughter had subsided a bit and he’d taken a picture on his phone or tablet.I woke at 2.26 am and wasn’t best pleased about it but in fairness I did say I’d want to wake up early to catch up with the mail so I suppose I can’t complain. It seems Somnos takes early very literally. I was almost up to date on both mail boxes at 4.00 am when I heard mumbles from Mike and it seemed, some movement. I had to go check he was OK. The bathroom door was wide open but it was pitch black in there. I could see past the door into his bedroom and the bed was empty. He wasn’t in the lounge or the kitchen which just left the bathroom. I had to strain to see anything but there he was sitting on the loo. Having heard the mumbles I thought he was awake so asked “Are you OK?” He almost jumped from the seat in shock and told me he was asleep then. Oops, but perhaps not the best place to sleep in the dark, especially if I’d needed to go as we’d both have got a shock. I went back to my room and the post and moments later the loo flushed and Mike came into my room to make sure I was OK too. He asked if it was still the middle of the night and I confirmed that as it wasn’t yet lunchtime, for him it was. He went back to bed.

By 4.25 am I was clear and decided to go to the lounge and see if I could maybe steal another hours sleep. It took a while but I did drop off again. When I woke up it was quite light and I glanced at the clock and panicked. 6.30 am. I dashed (ha ha) to the kitchen and turned the kettle on. Mike’s alarm would be due to go off and I’d no chance of getting him up without his coffee. I started on my sprays and wondered if there was time for breakfast today before going out. I glanced at my watch 5.35 am. I could have kicked myself, should have kicked myself. I’ve been telling the time long enough now to get it right. I turned the kettle off though continued to take my meds. Back to work I went as there’s be time to get up to date again. I did manage it though I saved one of the messages until the end. At 6.15 am I put two pieces of bread in the toaster and came back to read the message properly which said records of BMD for County Monaghan in Ireland were now available.  I know some other Counties have also been added recently and wondered whether it was time to go do another search for the missing parents of my ancestor who fought in the Peninsular War and was wounded at Badajoz. The one who became a Chelsea Pensioner. Looking at the details of the records showed that mainly they went from 1812 onwards rather than before which I needed. Since it costs £18 a month to view the records I decided to wait a bit longer to get as many records as possible on the Irish database before spending the money. Money I might not have if the Pensions Service don’t correct their piggin’ error over my private pension. Such a big difference between a rise of less than £2 per week and the £35 per week they’re calculating on.

At 6.30 Mike’s alarm went off so I made his coffee and took it through before eating my toast. Naturally the response was as minimal as usual. Once I’d eaten my breakfast I needed to get dressed to take the bins out so I shouted to Mike as I passed his room to remind him the coffee was going cold. As I was entering my room I heard him move. It was a 1 A 2 C day and I didn’t feel bad at not letting his second alarm go off. After the bins were sorted and outside I washed my hands and went in to sit with Mike while we decided a plan of action for the day. Before anything though he has to be dressed, a point I reminded him of. He went. We were out of the house at 7.28 am and he made sure I knew it by pointing to his wristwatch and the clock on the car dashboard. Always been Mr Subtle our Mike has. When we reached the Supermarket I raided the cash point while Mike got the trolley. Battle hardened we started our quest and actually did quite well this morning and I kept within the budget I’d mentally set. I say mentally because I’m mental to have set it so low. Mice eat better . We still went for coffee though. Coming out we had the pleasure of seeing someone either very, very drunk or high on drugs screaming down the phone at someone by the car. He moved off as we approached. I don’t blame him, one scratch on Mike’s car and he’s have gone medieval all over the fella. They’d have been scraping up body parts for weeks.

From one Supermarket to another so that Mike didn’t miss a teasted toecake on the way to our destination. We had a look round first so Mike could find a couple of birthday cards and I could pick up a small pad and pen. While he had his teacake I enjoyed another coffee, now my third of the morning. Then it was back to the car to head off to Broughton Park Shopping Centre. It’s grown since I was last there and now has a multiplex cinema and 5 new eateries. We visited 2 more Supermarkets and were  lucky in finding some more jumpers for Mike that he needed.  Then a very swift look round a shop that sells beautiful items, from gifts to houseware and they’re very unusual. We didn’t have long there as it was approaching 12.30 pm when we were due to meet the girls. We were leaving the shop when there was a call to Mike to say Yvonne would be a bit late, luckily we still made it and found Karen and Jo waiting for us by the pub we were eating in. A friend of theirs was with them too as she was going out with them for the evening after they left us. We went in and found a table big enough for us all and waited for Yvonne and Reuben to arrive. It was only about 15 minutes.

Once the chaos of hellos was done we ordered drinks and set too looking at the menus. I found my choice easy, 3 Cumberland sausages with mashed potatoes and peas. A little word in  the ear of the young lady who came to take the orders ensured the bill would come to me. I took my pre-foodie and waited. Almost dead on the quarter hour the meal arrived. Good service. We had a fine time and enjoyed our meals though Reuben is still of the opinion that food is a decorating option and he doesn’t mind if the plates follow too though that didn’t happen today.Karen accused me of being Pinocchio when I said I preferred savoury things to puddings. I’m hurt.  Once the time came to say goodbye we all went our separate ways. Karen, Jo  and Amy to the Wirral to see a comedy show which was Karen’s birthday gift from Jo. Yvonne and Reuben headed home as she needed a shop in Chester. Mike and I set off to try and deliver Lee’s birthday prezzie to him. I texted to see if they were in but got no answer before we arrived. I’d intended to drop the gift off and leave but was easily persuaded to go in and even have a drink. I got to hold the baby again, still Nathan at the moment, while Mike enjoyed saying hello to Wilson the dog. We were there quite a while and to watch Lee with his son was wonderful.

Finally we got home. It was 3.30 pm and I had to wait an agonising time unpacking bags and putting stuff away before I could come through to work. Both boxes were horrendous. I could only work until 6.30 pm though as I’d promised to spend less time here and more time there. When I went through the beggar was dead to the world. I turned over from the Grand Prix to a film. When he woke up he didn’t even know it had been on but he thought he’s dreamed about it. I stayed until 9.00 pm then had to come back.Things were bad again. I hammered away until 10.30 pm then had to break to do the blog. Maybe I’ll get back rhewre afterwards, if not there’s always tomorrow while Mike has a lie in.

Have a Wonderful Week all.


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85 responses to “Boggled & Pinocchio is found.

  1. The Blue Room and its vintage toys sounds like a fun restaurant. And you gave me another Spandu Ballet song – they really are good. (I’m sure they were popular here too – I just missed out.)
    > I’m sorry all the rain put such a damper on your (and Reuben’s) week – no pun intended. Congrats on a victorious game night. 😀
    > You absolutely cracked me up with a particular Saturday scene… but I won’t say which, since I don’t want to embarrass the sleeper. LOL… still laughing. Wishing you a wonder-filled new week. Mega-hugs my friend. ❤

    • The Blue Room was nice and I personally preferred it as it was instead of in the new bland style, but, they tell me, you have to move with the times. Yes, I thought you deserved another Spandau Ballet, they have a big catalogue so we’ve plenty more to go at.
      The rain doesn’t really bother me at all, I’m shrink proof but Reuben likes the park and his animalpals so it was a shame for him.
      I just want to assure you, No sleepers were harmed in the making of this Blog. Glad part of it made you laugh.
      Have a wonderful new week, xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  2. Thank you for all the music, but especially the 80s ones, they always make me smile. 🙂
    I loved your term, myrinate instead or urinate, I think I’ll use that, absolutely delightful.
    I love board games, just got a Star Wars chess at a street sale today, talked the lady down to a great price, can’t wait to play.
    Sounds like you had ups and downs this week, but all in all, interesting. Good luck with your bidding.
    Take care, David and hope this week is even better than the last. 🙂
    Massive hugs, Donna xo

    • When I can’t get my 60’s then I love the 80’s stuff, especially the New Romantics. Yes, they make me smile too and usually create a wide empty zone around me when I sing along.
      I think that one should go in the dictionary. I won’t charge for using it.
      Star Wars Chess sounds a great collectible. Balderdash is my fave board game ever but I’ll give most a go-except Monopoly.
      I’m sorry, I shouldn’t complain about my downs,I should get things in proportion to the rest of the world. They’re petty really.
      Thanks Sweetie, I hope you have a great week too.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx..

      • You never complain, just explain. 🙂
        I have stacks of board games, several Monopoly games – my son’s favourite is his Pokemon Monopoloy. I also love Othello, Canasta and other card games, too many to name. 🙂
        Thanks, I’ll give you credit when I use myrinate. 😉
        I know music from all eras, it sticks in my head, if only they could teach everything through music! 🙂
        Hope you have a great week, can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂
        Massive hugs! 🙂

  3. Ugh. I’m sorry to hear about your pension. I guess bureaucracies are the same the world over. Hope you get it sorted easily, and quickly.

    • I’m sorry, it’s more of a minor inconvenience than the major drama I portrayed it when I compare it to some people’s problems. It’s just that I can almost predict they’ll get something wrong somewhere and yet it’s so straight forward.
      I hope the new letter I posted yesterday will clear things and the appeal letter from I think Thursday will get someone to look at it properly again.
      Thanks so much for caring.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  4. Oh dear, David, if Mike starts joining you on your nocturnal wakings, I hate to think of how that might end. Hopefully you’ll find a way to chain him to the bed, or bring him a chamber pot. Sorry to hear about your tax woes, why is it always that one hand giveth while the other taketh away? Bonne semaine! xxx

    • You’re right Mel, he’d need to be chained down. He’d never get up in the morning if allowed to wander at night.
      Thank you, I’m sure they’ll get round to correcting their mistake eventually. I think giving with one hand while taking away with the other is called Government.
      Have a Great Sunday and a Fantastic Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. Thanks David and that brought back some wonderful memories.. and I hope that the pension issue is resolved soon £142 represents a lot of outings with Reuben. hugsXX

    • I’m glad it evoked some memories Sally and that they were good. I’d pay the £142 if I owed it but I know I don’t. The issue for me is more the £30 a week drop in income plus in two weeks the recovery of the ‘debt’ at a further £29 per week.I need to get them to correct their mistake before that happens or poor Reuben is stuffed.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  6. I hate to tell you this but the early morning alarm call of donkeys braying, screeching peacocks and domestic squabbling swallows is still going on. Perhaps the sounds you heard were their Welsh cousins? Mr Nightingale (related to Florence via an uncle on her father’s side) is still up all night serenading. Despite his fabulous voice and extensive repertoire of cheesy love songs, it would appear that he’s still not bagged the lady of his dreams.

    On a different note….I’m mad about that Chip shop style curry sauce too. I adore it, especially with a portion of chips and some white sliced bread (cheap date me!)

    As for calling yourself an old fart – from what I gather, it’s Mike that’s the old fart (re story about charcoal tablets) frankly, I’d leave that title exclusively to him – let us forever think of you as radiant and fresh 🙂

    And on the subject of wind…we’ve had quite a blustery night here. The week before last we saw temperatures rocket to almost 40C, now alas, wind and rain have set in so it’s a cold, damp Domingo here in Spayn, no Placido in sight.

    Have a great week and Massive Hugs to you, dear David. Carlotta xxxxxxxxxx

    • I’m sorry to hear you’re still being serenaded by such a variety of off key delights in the morning Lottie.Their cousins certainly left me alone this morning.Can’t you hit an online dating agency for Mr Nightingale before someone gives him the bird?
      That’s exactly the way I love that curry sauce too. A squishy chip sarnie with curry sauce dripping off. I’ve found sachets of ready made sauce in the freezer at the local shop bu the one I used this week was a granule one by Bisto. It was excellent.

      Thank you, I think I shall remain radiant and fresh then. A much nicer description.
      I’m sorry your weather pattern has gone so awry again. I slept so well last night I’ve not idea what happened and this morning I haven’t looked out of the window so I don’t know if it’s setting up to be a good Bank Holiday Weekend.I hope things improve during the day for you in Espana.

      Have a fantastic week Lottie xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

  7. I think pensions departments the world over are all inter-related. I certainly hope you sort out yours soon. I think it is disgraceful just how little our pensioners are paid compared to …. let’s say… a retired politician. 😉
    Have a good week young David. Be good. 🙂

    • I think you’re probably right Suz and they all seem to consider the money their own and are reluctant to part with it. I’m sure mine will get sorted eventually thanks.
      It annoys the heck out of me that a politician doesn’t need to work for 30 years to get the pension. They may be a politician for a year and still get it. As for PM’s, well theirs is a lot more and they can claim that rate even if they were PM for just a week. Grrr.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx Have a Glorious Week.

  8. One spends many a moments in frustration earning the right to a pension and then when pension comes other frustrating moments come with it too. Aw, sorry to hear of your “frustrations” with the pension – trust it’ll all be fixed and calm come smooth sailing onwards, David. Public servants – our servants – don’t think anything about making mistakes and making us pay or suffer for them. Infuriating stuff indeed. But, hey – look at one bright side: you noticed that a woman hadn’t been in your bedroom for years until this week 😀 So your vision is acutely relevant – to whatever 🙂

    • Hello Ina. Yes the years earning the pension can be filled with frustrating moments but they’re not as bad as th moments when someone screws your pension up. Any fool could see from previous years that I pay tax but no, he’s blind to that fact this year despite proof having been sent. Almost as frustrating is them losing documents even though sent to them recorded delivery. I’m sure they’ll sort it eventually.
      My vision as to the lack of ladies in unfortunately clear.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  9. They are very quick to stop our money or make alterations but extremely slow to give anything back! Nasty people but too scared to tell them in case they take more. Lol
    I have a Tasssimo machine and love the coffee, I keep trying to buy some cheaper pods on eBay but they shoot up in price at the last minute. So annoying when you think you have it in the bag.
    I am still recovering from the Chelsea Flower Show, I need a new body.
    Have a great week David xx

    • I’m going to have to choose that you mean the Government Departments and not the Council ones since I always tried to help the public and I know most of my team did. But I’ve got my fingers crossed that my message goes to a helpful Government Officer who knows a good case when he sees one.
      I have the same problem on ebay. I used to have a machine that took what looked like a round tea bag and both Alsi and Lidl did their own version which was good and a great price. I wish some enterprising company would do the same with Tassimo, though I don’t see them allowing it.
      I hope by recovering you mean you had a great time but walked your legs off.
      Have a Fantastic week. Sorry I don’t have a new body, but I’ve a spare body if you need it….Mine.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. I always find new (to me) terms in your posts. I had to look up Stubbi pouches. 🙂 It was funny to see Bob Dylan in your post. While driving this morning, I heard a live version of him doing “Tambourine Man,” and then on the way home, there was another Dylan song. Good luck with your pension problems. My husband is retiring next month, and we’re going to be dealing with his pension.
    We have a long weekend here (Memorial Day) and beautiful weather. Enjoy your week!

    • Sorry Marril, I forget only smokers would know about the pouch ashtrays.
      It’s funny that yesterday I heard 2 Bob Dylan songs playing in 2 different shops. Very rare occasions for that to happen.
      I hope everything goes smoothly with your husband’s pension, but I’m sure it will.
      We’re enjoying a lomng weekend too though the weather isn’t too good. That’s typical for a Bank Holiday in the UK though.
      Have a Great Week
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Thanks for the music (yes, I’m also a Spandau Ballet fan and you’re right, you either liked Spandau Ballet or Duran Duran, although if I remember correctly it was mostly down to the look of the band… A few years back I saw Chicago in London with Tony Hadley playing the part Richard Gere plays in the movie version. He definitely still has the voice). Bureaucracy is a nightmare and when it is mixed with money, even worse. Isn’t it possible to deal with them via e-mail? You normally get confirmations of reception, etc, so they have little excuse to say they haven’t received it. Hopefully they’ll eventually get their act together and it will work out for you. Is your leg OK now? As you mentioned it…
    Do take care this week. Let’s hope weather settles. But being a bank holiday weekend…

    • I admit that Tony Hadleigh wearing the frock coat would have got my vote for dress but I liked both musically. Probably because the 60’s were the days when I made my choice for other reasons.
      I saw Tony Hadleigh on a kind of come back programme and I thought his voice was still pretty good too.
      No, you can’t deal with things by email or I’d be fine. At least with local councils they often photocopy original documents and return then, with the DWP that only seems to happen once they reach whoever deals with the claim.I’m sure it will get sorted like my tax rebate will eventually.
      Leg still not full healed though the skin is better than it was. Thanks for asking Olga.
      Yes, unless a miracle happens it will be a typical Bank Holiday. Damp with bust roads.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  12. carolewyer

    Your commenters have left me with little to say other than to agree with them about bureaucracy, your superb choice of music today and send you huge weekend hugs. XX

  13. Silver Threading

    Great music this week David. I LOVE Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran. Takes me back to when I lived in the U.K. Hope everything gets sorted with your pension. Missed pictures of Reuben this week. Hope the weather improves. Have a great week. ❤

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the music. Unusual o find many people liking both groups but I’m glad you do.Maybe it’s because you came from outside the UK and didn’t have the bias. I’m hoping the pictures of Reuben will resume with the improved weather so it had better improve quickly.
      Thank you, I hope your week is fantastic
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. Peeling the plaster off the walls was he? Poor Mike. Sleeping becomes a major investment in the energy of getting enough oxygen then.
    The hypnosis bit sounds like it would have been pretty exciting to try. Sorry it didn’t work out. Smoking is such a devil to wrestle with.
    Ah, government. Same ol same ol wherever you are. I think there’s a quote I heard once which says something like ‘If you lie to the government it’s a felony, but if the government lies to you–it’s politics.’ Headaches no matter what mess you’re trying to untangle.
    Here’s to happier weather this week.
    Cheers! xoxoxo

    • You mean I’m supposed to turn his oxygen back on just to stop him snoring? Damn !
      Ju and I both went. I fell asleep listening to him talk and to the background music and woke up feeling refreshed. Left the building and lit a cigarette. Ju lasted 3 days.
      Yes, the quote is right and left us with the conclusion that Politics = lies and the inescapable truth that Politicians = Liars. It pays you to double check out the window when one tells you it’s raining. I’ll keep on till they get this right.Whatever they may think I’m not their personal charity.
      Hoping you have a Wonderful Week with Great Weather
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. You are such a busy person. Just reading your post, makes me want to lie down, because I am exhausted by all you do in one week. I loved the music, especially Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Hope the weather starts behaving. I had my Veterans disability taken away for 5 years (just out of the blue) no warning, because of some separation pay they thought I didn’t deserve. They just stopped it. Good thing I didn’t really depend on it, but I wonder about all these disabled Vets over here who survive on their disability pay and the VA just snatches it out from under them in a whim. Makes me so mad, especially when I see Veterans homeless and on the streets. What a horrible way to thank someone for protecting this country.
    I hope you have a lovely week – talk to you next Sunday!!!!!!!

    • The latest target of the Government here is people on benefits but specifically the disabled. They’re going to reassess everyone to see what their needs are and adjust benefits accordingly. Currently there’s a set of figures to use if you need help with mobility costs and a set if you need care or help at home. They say some people will get more and some less but you know in advance how that’s meant to work out. The current system works but in an effort to save/recoup money they’ve chosen this path with interviews by a firm with a terrible reputation.
      If they chose to make sure that all foreign firms earning money here payed taxes on that money they’d make far more than they will do fro the disabled. If they chose top close tax loopholes for corporate tax dodgers they’d make more. If they had kept their interest in the banks they helped out during the banking crises instead of selling them off and helping he failed bankers to award themselves huge bonuses…and the list goes on.
      But Government help business and they help the wealthy,which they usually are so they have to find an easier target.
      These things will be remembered.
      Sorry I have you running to lie down.It’s only on here I ever feel busy.
      Have a Great Week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Don’t fret, I am always looking for a reason to lie down. The government sucks here, but I don’t think we will find much better anywhere else at this point, because the rich get richer and the poor get poorer seems to be rampant internationally. Have a good week, try and rest!!!!!

  16. Always entertaining… Love Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” and Cat Stevens’ “Wild World.” Hope you work out the pension business… Hugs

  17. I’m running late this week David – it is almost as much fun reading/eavesdropping on all the ensuing conversations as it is reading the actual post 🙂 Hope the pension thing resolves itself – it is such a waste of energy and heavens knows we OAP’s need all the energy we have! xoxo

  18. I am pretty sure I have seen the programme on Cleopatra you mentioned as I was rather surprised they were so shocked by how she acted but then I remembered that it was on an American channel I saw it and they don’t have the same amount of history we have and that their history is rather placid by World comparison. I once described the actual meaning of the term hung, drawn and quartered to an American friend once and it rather upset them and they could not get their head round that this was a public form of execution.

    Your inclusion of a Duran Duran song had me squealing in delight, I waited thirty years to see that band and they made me feel like a teenager all over again (the next morning was a completely different matter). The other band you missed were The Human League and though I was not a huge fan I am related to a band member so must name drop them lol

    Huge hugs xxxxx

    • Odd when they had Ma Parker in the 20’s The silly thing is that for most American’s their history is our history so hanging, drawing and quartering only stopped in our history as it did in theirs. It was an uncommon event as most criminals just hung. I wonder how anyone would cope hearing about Madame Guillotine at work, especially with Mme Lefarge (?) sitting knitting in the front row.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed Duran Duran. I’ve missed a lot of the 80’s really but I should put at least one Human League on so I’ll do that. Woo Hoo, so now I can brag I’m friends with someone who’s related to someone from Human League. How’s that for a tenuous link.
      xxx Massive Hugs Sweetie xxx

      • Ahh but you have to remember though we have a shared history they are not taught it like we are, from what I understand they are taught very little of world history unless they choose to learn it at an older age, not like us where we learnt about Romans and Vikings as little kids. xx

      • Whaddya mean learnt it? I was a Viking and a Roman as a little kid. Just ‘cos I’m older than you doesn’t mean you can taunt me.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  19. Ali Isaac

    Its crap that they’re messing around with your pension like that, but I’m sure you wont let them get away with it! All that stuff about Mary sounds fascinating and quite convincing. I hadnt considered that the banished gospels could have been written by women, very interesting. Ooooh Cumberland sausage! You cant get it here, I havent had any in years, I’m drooling just thinking about it! Hey, maybe you shouldnt drink pepsi and the like so close to bed time, it might be interrupting your sleep patterns, same with coffee too. I dont know how you cope with so little sleep! Missed the Roobs pics this week!

    • One of the Gnostic gospels is purported to be a Mary Magdalene one but none of the gospels was written contemporaneously anyway. I do believe that women were taken our on purpose to remove their influence from the bible as the Romans (Constantine)wouldn’t give women positions of power in the church. It seems along with their belief in the duality of gods the Cathars did (do) have the gospel of Mary Magdalene in their bible. Maybe even more women but I don’t know. I do know that women could be Parfait as the men were.
      Don’t drool, it makes your knees damp.If I ever get to Ireland again I’ll bring you some sausages.
      I rarely drink coffee after my breakfast one unless I’m going out. The pepsi is drunk ;less as the evening does on but I’m continually thirsty with the diabetes.
      I’ve had two good night’s sleep now, maybe my agreement with Somnos is in effect. I promise there is a picture of Roobs on Sunday this week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        Ah! I didnt realise about tbe diabetes. It does make you very thirsty, and nothing cuts through thirst like an ice cold coke! Except for an ice cold beer maybe… haha! Maybe stick to the pepsi lol! Huge hugs David!!! 😀

  20. You sure are a busy man, David. I have to ask… What are the “jumpers” you are talking about? Don’t laugh! This is something I should know now that you and Mike both have them. 🙂 It seems the Duran Duran video is blocked in my country. Hmm. The others came through. Have a fantastic week. Hugs.

    • Sorry Mary J. Jumpers are probably what you call sweaters. Crew neck or V neck. We sometimes use the word sweaters too.
      I’m sure there must be a version of the Duran Duran video on Youtube released for use there but I’m surprised as others seem to have found it OK. They have some weird rules.
      Hope your week is fantastic and the sun is shining.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • No need to be sorry, David. I’ve learned something new. 🙂 I’ve come across other songs on You Tube that wouldn’t allow me to view, but it doesn’t happen very often. Hugs.

  21. Drat it, David. Now I’m humming “Blowin’ In The Wind”–I can’t get it out of my mind! The Duran Duran video didn’t come through, so Mary and I must both have it blocked.

    • Ah well Marylin, if you must hum something it’s a good choice. I wonder why some of you can get certain songs and others not. I’m fairly certain if you do a Duran Duran search on youtube though you’ll find a version released for U.S. use.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  22. Thank you for entertaining me once again, David, all of it read with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth! Nothing has worked for me either. Massive hugs for a lovely and entertaining week ahead. xx

  23. What a week’s it’s been for you. I hope things will improve, particularly the pain. Sending you hugs and lots of great vibes from the South of your beautiful country!

    • It was a week Christoph but this is a new one, let’s see how it goes.Not long now before the new book is out. Best of Luck with it.
      xxx Have a Great Week xxx
      Hugs from the North of OUR beautiful country.

  24. The pension affairs are so annoying- I know because I used to handle those things for Mike’s mother. My suggestion is call them. I found that on the phone, when they had to speak to a real person, most of them actually tried to be helpful. When we sent letters we were mostly ignored. Well, ideally do both, just to make sure you have records… but do try calling.

    • When we spoke to the DWP they said that they only have access to limited information on their systems as they are front line staff and are able to see the information currently held but unable to make changes. They suggested writing letter of appeal which I did and sent it recorded delivery. I’m hoping even if they delay their response at least they can’t deny when the appeal was lodged nor the other letters sent supplying information.
      Thanks so much for your advice.I’m glad you had good dealings with them since they generally have a bad press.

  25. What a week, I hope the bureaucrats have eased up mucking around with your income… I think there’s little more frustrating than dealing with departments.
    This “we went to get some cakes Yvonne needed” caught my eye… I sometimes find when I’m shopping cakes I need or cakes who need me, and jump into my bag 🙂

    • I’ll have to wait to see how long it takes them to admit my letter of appeal has arrived and how long before they action it. With getting a letter from them saying I’ve never supplied the original information they asked for I’m not holding my breath.
      On this occasion, Yvonne needed cakes as a gift for someone but I know exactly what you mean. Things I didn’t know I needed but which needed me, like a block of chocolate, often hide in my basket and only appear when it comes time to pay. It’s good of us to give them a home.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  26. laurie27wsmith

    ‘Come into my bedroom and have a look at my rat,’ doesn’t have a real romantic ring to it David. You know, I reckon you’re one of the biggest shoppers I know, you seem to have ebay down to a fine art though. Don’t you hate bureaucrats with their penny pinching and speed with which they rip the money back off of you. I must have another go at looking at my Irish ancestors, there’s not much in the way of good information on BMD’s. A pity it was raining, there are no pics of Roobs. I thought meeting Mick in the toilet in the dark would’ve solved any urination problems.

    • Fair play Laurie, no-one else would have ever used that line on her.
      I do OK with ebay but sometimes get beaten to the punch by someone with a stronger nerve than me at 10 seconds.
      I really don’t mind mistakes, everyone makes them, but a phone call should be enough to get them to look at possible errors before a letter of appeal gets there. They’re forever saying they haven’t received mail yet it costs me to send it recorded delivery every time. And, the way they work they could be recovering the debt from me as well as having reduced the weekly income all before looking at it and as it’s 2 thirds of my income it will be missed.
      Many of the Irish records are on now and you can check to see whether it is if you know the area you want. What I’m not keen on is at one time you could buy a few looks at the records and more as you wanted them but now they ask for £18 a month.
      Roobs is back on this week before I lose everyone.
      I think Mike nearly had more than a urination problem when I woke him.
      Thanks for popping in mate. Please keep well

      • laurie27wsmith

        You may just have made her day by suggesting it David. 🙂 there are programs that you can get to help you win the auction on ebay. Bureaucrats don’t have to think, they just follow the guidelines,. Can’t have free thinking workers now can we? I’m on Ancestry so I’ll have another big look at Ireland, considering they’re quite evident in both sides of the family. Yay, bring Roobs back. 🙂 I can still visualise Mike.

        Hugs to you David.

      • I wonder if on the couple of occasions I’ve been caught whether someone isn’t employing the bidding tool themselves. I wonder what happen sof 2 or 3 of you all use it on the same item. Only one can win? What’s a free thinking worker? I’m on Ancestry too and they seem to take a while to get any newly released information. Try not to visualise Mike too much unless it’s as a diet.

      • laurie27wsmith

        More than likely David, 2 or 3 at once? I guess it works in nano seconds. Free thinking worker? Good point. Visualise Mike, that’s funny.

  27. Sorry for the headaches with your pension. Such a headache to deal with. I hope it gets cleared up soon. Really it should come out of the government’s pocket – they’re mistake. I wish you luck on your lottery, then you could forget this headache. As for the quitting smoking… 🙂 Many hugs.

    • Thanks Maggie, I’ve done all I can for now, I just hope they don’t take too long to sort it.. When that happens the overpayment will disappear in the mist. The lottery isn’t going to plan, obviously I haven’t found the right bribe yet. Maybe I should up it from £10 per million.
      Smoking,,,,well I’m not hurting anyone else and it’s my only vice. Without that I’d be completely boring.
      xxx Mega Hugs to you xxx

  28. A total aside here, I tweeted your page but it didn’t have @davidprosser but @wordpress Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

  29. You have a wonderful gift for descriptive and highly amusing prose. I laughed and was moved all at the same time. Impressive!

  30. Hi David, Sometimes I wonder how you get so many emails done, then I remember that my computer is often fighting me every inch of the way. I have that form to fill out for my visa and the program it’s recorded on, the Download, wasn’t working today. It’s so frustrating. I missed all the pictures of Reuben this week, but it sounds like your weather hasn’t been favorable for picture taking. Sorry about the comfusion in your pension payments. I hope they get that straightened out soon. Huge Hugs, Suzanne

    • I think the easy answer is ‘By not sleeping’ Suzanne. I do have the benefit though of a computer that’s on my side most of the time.
      I’m glad you’ve got the visa form but sorry your computer is still being erratic.
      The weather hasn’t been great this week but there are some pictures of Reuben on. I’m sure the pension will be sorted eventually and they’ll then find I owe them nothing but they owe me because of the deductions they’ve been making.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  31. I’ve recently cut my coffee down to one cup a day. I envy your three in the morning…
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Oh no Margaret. Like you I have one coffee a day at home. The only time I have extra is if I’m out somewhere. Maybe Tuesday with Yvonne or perhaps Saturday with Mike. Mike can drink them one after another but I need a little space between. Sometimes I’ll change to tea when we’re out as it’s more refreshing and thirst quenching but If I had three coffees it’s a rare occasion.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  32. Great reading, David!! Happy Saturday to you 🙂

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