Somnos Relents

Sunday 24th May 2015

My light was out at about 12.30 am and I did fall asleep only to wake around 1.30 am. I expected a difficult night but after a smoke I tried again and went off no problem. I was incredulous when I saw the time I got up today, 7.12 am !!! That’s worthy of an encore 7.12 am. That’s a normal night for you sleepers-in people isn’t it? Heck that’s almost a coma. Of course there were drawbacks like my bladder for a start. I felt like a camel who’d stocked up. Also, I wasn’t able to get straight to work as I had to deal with my meds first so after the loo I carried on to the kitchen, a whole lot lighter though. I took my coffee back with me and signed in. First job of the day was to check the Lotto and the Thunderball then get all the swearwords out of my system before answering any mail. I can’t afford to lose any friends at this time of my life. I could get back to the pretense of being a gentle man after that.

Secondly I logged onto ebay to see if I had anything due to finish that I wanted to bid on today. There was but not until 5.20 pm. Plenty of time said he whose words come back to haunt him. Thirdly, I logged onto the first on my email addresses. OK, at that point there were just over 100 in that one but I had time. I was flicking between my blog comments to answer them and other blogs to make comments of my own or just to ‘Like’ if that what was required. There were personal messages too which took some time but they’re always nice to have. I didn’t pay much attention to the time and just kept going to bring the numbers down. Suddenly a sound startled me. In comparison to my own gentle stop-start flow, this was the Amazon rushing over a waterfall. 9.57 am and Mike was up. No alarm, no call, just a bladder. I left the computer and went to make him a drink. He walked into the lounge and plonked himself in his chair, not a sound from him.Once he heard me pour the water in his mug he moved though, just like a scalded cat, obviously afraid my shaking hands might spill some of his precious fluid. He says he moves that fast to help me if I fall but only after he’s enjoyed the sight for a minute and hidden the grin.

We had one of those long meaningless discussions about what to do, where to go of which the latter half is usually “You decide”, “No, you decide” until I suddenly mentioned that I wanted a pair of jeans. specifically light blue, slim fitting ( stop laughing at the back) or even skinny ( well, my legs are) and we had to figure out where best to go. So it was that it was almost 11.00 am before either of us got dressed and it was 11.30 am before we left the house. That was mainly due to me not being happy with the standard fit pair of jeans I was wearing nor with the colour which didn’t go as well with my tan jacket as a pair of light blue ones would. OK, I admit I might not be dressing my age exactly but I’m OK if you accept mental age. We got into Rhyl just after midday and found a parking spot on a side street. We were actually very lucky as it being a holiday weekend there were plenty of grockles (holidaymakers) about. Our first target was food. We decided to go to the Red Cafe as usual but when we approached the street saw a small cafe we’d been in once before and it was OK so we trotted in there. The menu was mainly breakfast dishes but I rarely turn down a bit of bacon so…..      We had a large breakfast each. Mike had my horrible potato thing and I had his fried bread. Once I’d taken my after food tabs we left, lit a cigarette each and walked into the High Street. The clothes shop there didn’t have what I wanted or anything like it. The next shop had the size but neither the slim fit not the light colour. That meant a walk to the Matalan store and I was very shocked not to find what I wanted there either. I said we’d have to wait until next weekend and try the ASDA where we shop.

It was approaching time for Mike’s team to play so we headed for home, arriving here something like 3.15 pm We both separately had a look at ebay to see if there was anything there. There was and I may have to use it as a fall back. I also checked on the item I wanted to bid on and the price hadn’t changed from this morning. I’d be ready. I opened my email address again and found 204 messages since we’d been out added to the ones I hadn’t finished this morning and I hadn’t even open my second address yet. I stifled a scream so he didn’t call me a big girl’s blouse. I never know whether that means I’m the blouse belonging to a big girl or just a big sized girl’s blouse. I got stuck in. Mike came through at 5.15 pm to say he was going so I walked him out to the car in case he tried to sneak back. I stood and waved him off to be sure he was really going, then I came back in. A few more messages and you’d have heard the thump as I kicked myself. Not one of you remembered I was due to bid just before 5.20 pm and so thanks to you I lost the item and it went for the price I’d seen earlier , sob. I don’t think my nephew is ever going to get this jacket. I carried on until 6.00 pm then made a sandwich which I brought back to eat as soon as the 15 minutes for my tablet was up. I took the plate away and carried on, and on, and on. The nearer I got to the end the more work you monsters sent in. It was 7.42 before I actually finished the first address. I clicked out before I could see anything more.

I had to call a halt to the second set of mail at 10.30 am to start the blog. I had made good progress though, all things considered. Later on or tomorrow may not be so bad now.

Singin' In the Bathtime Blues

Singin’ In the Bathtime Blues


The light went off at 1.00 am last night. I’d been so busy I doubted I’d have a problem sleeping but still I found myself waking at 2.05 am. Like the night before I sat with a cigarette and then tried again. If it worked this time I’d have to consider changing my allegiance. I got up at 6.51 am, that’s two nights on the trot now. I’m having to wonder if Somnos is now playing fair with me and honouring his side of the bargain. I paid a visit to the loo then walked on to the kitchen and got drugged up for the day.I didn’t want breakfast so I took a coffee back to my room and signed on. The amount of mail was ridiculous, doesn’t anyone remember it’s a holiday? However, one piece of post stood out for me and I opened it straight away.

Somnos advert


I guess I don’t have to wonder any longer who is affecting the sleep this last few days. Fair play, if he helps me I’ll help him. If your sleeping habit’s a dead loss, just say a quick prayer to Somnos. If the mood takes him he might help.Just don’t tell anyone I told you, as a small god he’s manageable.

I didn’t move from my chair until 9.15 to get dressed and then until 11.05 am when I’d had enough but was close to being up to date. I went through to the lounge and turned on the TV and sat watching DIY SOS over lunchtime. They only do a three day stint or I’d ask them to come and tidy my bedroom. For lunch I had a chicken dinner with roast potatoes and two veg. No sprouts I’m happy to say. It’s the first time I’ve seen what amounts to a Sunday lunch for the microwave. If I see one with beef and a Yorkshire pudding I’ll try that too. At 1.00 pm I returned to the bedroom. I didn’t even need a power nap at that stage. Lots more mail in so I worked through until 4.00 pm then took a break until 5.00 pm then had one little blast until 5.45 pm. Things seemed to be easing off a bit so taking a few breaks seemed OK. At 7.00 pm , after my quiz I came back for almost an hour then left again to watch a film from Marvel Comics with Thor, Loki, Iron Man and others in. I haven’t seen them since they were in the comics I got as a young boy when I was pretty sure I should have been a Super Hero but refused to wear my underpants on the outside.

I can’t decide if I enjoyed the film or not though I did actually snigger a couple of times like when Loki suggests The Hulk should kneel to him as the ruler of Earth and The Hulk just wipes the floor with Loki and says “Puny God”. And credit where credit is due, the special effects were quite good though they sometimes moved a little fast for these old eyes. On reflection, I perhaps wouldn’t go out of my way to see it again but I’m glad I’ve seen what they’ve done with some of the old comic book characters. Now I need to see The Green Lantern to see how he fared. So, I returned to my room at 10.15 pm and did messages for 30 minutes before starting the blog. I may have time to go back to the messages tonight.



Look Hans, no Mum

Look Hans, no Mum






















Not one of my best nights. Light off about 1.00 am after a little read. I dropped off but was awake again before 2.00 am . I slept again until 2.26 am then sat on the edge of the bed staring into space until 3.11 am when I finally got up and decided to work, not before a trip to the loo though to teach my bladder to let go. I think it has issues and might require therapy.I know I felt major disappointment when I saw my wife’s bed was empty. I was fully convinced she was there today.  On my return I logged in and signed onto my main mail box and was so surprised to see it only had about 20 pieces of post, remarkable. I worked my way through some and found my machine was very slow to load everything so I logged out and after a minute signed in again. Much improved. I finished that post and opened my second one and did the same. I was clear by 5.56 am and went through to take my meds and have some breakfast.

Things were going so well this morning I felt I could afford a break so after breakfast I rebelled and didn’t return straight away. Instead it was Countdown and two episodes of Will and Grace. Even then I wasn’t sure about coming back but conscience got the better of me. Anyway, I thought, if there isn’t much work maybe I can get on ebay for a while. By not looking at the mailboxes I estimated I was still ahead of the game  and was om ebay to my heart’s delight. Approaching I got dressed and readied myself for going out, not to see my lovely daughter as usual, but to get to the chemist with my prescription request a day later than usual because of the holiday. On the way there  a post van passed me and seemed to hesitate, I wondered if it was Darren pausing to give me a wave as he turned the corner. On the way back I called in at Pauline’s to pick up a few pieces like the wonderful chips in curry sauce. When I’d got it I remembered I have the curry sauce mix and could do my own if I bought just micro chips, so I did. I’d just had time to unpack the bag when I got home and taken out the Twix that must have accidentally fallen in there        ( I did pay for it, honestly), when there was a knock at the door. There was Darren with a big parcel  for me. I was amazed it was here since it had only been posted on Saturday and second class at that. It wasn’t due until Thursday. That’s great though as Mujo can come anytime now even though it appears it will be Thursday anyway. Once I’d had a look at the jacket, and it looked fine, I found myself back on ebay as I left feedback. I’ve a few days before anything comes up in Matt’s size and now I’m going to be looking for one of my nieces too.

If you hadn’t been distracting me so much I’d have looked at the mail boxes so much sooner and seen a build up on both sides. Not a problem, it was still early and I had plenty of time. Still, it did take me until 11.50 am to catch up so that I wasn’t worried about going to lunch. I wish I hadn’t eaten the Twix earlier though. Having said that, I still managed some Jersey Royal potatoes, a lamb shank and peas with carrots. No pudding today though. Bargain Hunt was very good in warning me at the start there were some unfortunate surprises at the auction. It meant I didn’t feel too bad about missing the end as the Zzz’s floated past me. I slept through the next hour as well and woke at 2.10 pm to see Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen on screen tracing his family tree. I didn’t even remember turning over. I gave it an extra few minutes and decide I wasn’t all that interested, so came back through. I’d only been here moments when there was a knock at the door. A very polite Sikh gentleman had come to read the gas meter. Odd, they usually read both at the same time but I showed him where it was, and because I had no notice of him coming I hadn’t cleared it- even though I’m not supposed to. He just entered inaccessible on his hand held gizmo and left.

I started back on the post and was a bit startled when a message popped up on my screen. “David you old bandido, where are you? Off getting yourself a Filipino bride?” That last told me who it was. In fact could only be, John. Absolutely no concept of how to be P.C. He told me MuJo are coming tomorrow instead of Thursday and then, even though I’d see them, we had to have a conversation about our respective weekends. I sometimes wonder if he doesn’t feel starved of male conversation.  Oh well, at least you know in advance when I’ve been ‘Wednesday-ed’ as my backlogs are always awful due to games night following. No-one should speak to me on Thursday if they want to retain their head. The conversation continued until 4.40 pm when I pointed out he was missing his antique show. That meant I only had 35 minutes of work until my first quiz. Never have my little fingers worked so fast on the keyboard. There were less mistakes when I fall asleep there but needs must when you’re trying to get to a quiz. I made it, but the mail boxes weren’t empty. 2 quizzes and an episode of Big Bang later I returned here. Taking my life in my hands I refreshed the screen(s) and got to work. Amazingly I was almost done by 8.15 pm and thought why not treat yourself ( meaning me) to some Would I Lie To You, so I  did but only until 9.30 pm then I turned the TV off completely, took my evening meds and came back through to face the music. At first glance things didn’t look too bad, about 45 in total which I could cope with. I was so cocky I bet myself I could finish them all by 10.30 pm. I lost but wasn’t worried as I welched on the bet. It was actually 10.45 pm when I finished those and came to start the blog.

Tired out !

Tired out !


When I got up at 4.17  am I didn’t feel as refreshed as usual. Putting my glasses on explained that, it was 1.47 am and I’d been to sleep for no more than 45 minutes. I went through to the lounge and settled in my chair and was soon well away again. I’m not sure what time I woke again but as it was still dark I went back to bed. My clock read 2.56 am. When I finally emerged refreshed and aware I’d slept it was 4.03 am. Everything felt right this time as it started with a visit to the loo for the spectacular (not) Niagara Drops. When gravity alone had done it’s job I returned to the bedroom and powered up ( the computer). Signing on I was reading the news and the piece that caught my eye most was about our Prime Minister David Cameron talking about making sure our lowest paid workers are removed from tax. I thought “That’s great” I’ve always felt the Tories have tried to keep money in the worker’s pockets. But as I read on, not for the first time recently my faith in the Conservative Party was shaken. In the Queen’s Speech where this announcement will be made Cameron talks of workers who work 30 hours a week on the minimum wage being kept from tax which to me means those normal people who work a 40 hour week will not be exempt and yet on the minimum wage they won’t be earning much. Then what caught my eye was a comment about the people of the UK giving the Conservatives a clear mandate to govern. Even I as a Tory voter know that isn’t true. They got in with a majority because people didn’t want to vote in a Labour Party in coalition with the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party). The consensus of opinion was clearly that no-one wanted the SNP to be having a say in England’s legislation as well as Scotland’s. In truth, if there was any chance of a Tory Government in coalition with the Liberal Democrats everyone would  have voted UKIP, so disliked are the LibDems after their recent coalition. I don’t know whose idea it was during the last Government to attack the disabled but I noted that not only is it to continue but that a new raft of plans to cut benefits is going ahead. Cameron is going to bring his Party down and it could be a long time before they get in to govern again. As far as money saving goes, it’s been shown that more would be saved by ensuring that tax is paid by foreign businesses operating here, and even more by chasing tax dodgers. I imagine some of this new legislation will stick in Her Majesty’s throat as she reads it out.

So, I opened my mail and found it not too bad again. I was able to rattle through it without too much pressure. I was up to date on the first box at 5.55 am and went through to have breakfast and to take my meds. I put two pieces of bread in the toaster even before I started on my sprays. With breakfast done and the washing up out of the way I took my coffee back to the bedroom my office and opened my other email address. Again there were less than 40 and some of those were duplicates so that too was empty by 7.30 am. There were probably plenty of things I could have done had I put my mind to it but after a short play on ebay I settled on going to watch some US comedies on the box for a while. At 8.45 am I went through to get dressed then had a general tidy up before I was descended upon. Once that was done I lit an oil burner in the lounge and came back to work until they arrived. That happened at about 10.30 am so I finished the message I was working on and went to see to drinks. I passed John a bottle of lime and lemon and a glass to help himself and opened a bottle of J2O for Muriel. Because it gets a little cramped where John sits in the lounge I suggested he came through to the big bedroom to have a look in a bag to see his missing birthday gift, the jacket that finally arrived. There’s more room in there. He tried it and liked it and in his rush to take a look in the bathroom mirror knocked over a candle stand they bought me for Christmas. There was no way I could have caught it and the big glass inner that protects the flame was shattered. Poor Muriel and I had to get down to clean it all up and hoover the hallway after the glass was collected and removed. By 11.00 am it was done and we were ready to head out.

We found a parking spot but John insisted there was another further up in a better place though Mu and I disagreed. She had to drive up to look and as we said there wasn’t one and someone else took the one we’d found first. We ended up having to go back the way we’d come and then carry on to eat at The Bells of St. Mary’s. That was fine as we all enjoyed it. Coming back we knew Muriel still needed town but said it would be better to do it coming back from Flint as the journey is easier. John convinced her she needed to do it first in case the shops shut so we went back into town, went to the necessary shops then back down the hill again and off to Flint. Muriel needed a couple of supermarkets so I was able to get some gerberas in case Ju’s vase needed brightening as well as some chocs for Temptations. After this we went for coffee where I saw Helen and a young girl I don’t know. They were quite busy so there wasn’t much chance to talk. When we’d finished we had a wander round a few shops looking for strimmer wire for Muriel to no avail and eventually went home. They left me at 4.30 pm which didn’t give me long to work before Dil and Matt arrived at 5.15 pm.

As usual we enjoyed the quiz but with Dil still maintaining he can’t read the questions on my TV . With me asking “What’d he say?” Dil didn’t get to hear too many either. At 6.00 pm the night started in earnest ( not strictly true, we were still in Greenfield). Out came the Yahtzee.  Far be it from me to brag but I won 4 of the 6 games and was therefore declared The Victor. We opted to go straight on to cards and had a game of Chase the Lady. I’d like to say To The Victor Go The Spoils but it wouldn’t be true as I got hammered and Dil won hands down. Nomination Whist was no better as I trailed in third and last behind Dil. They refused to stay on after 9.30 pm to give me chance to regain a little honour and as they went they left behind a heartbroken and dejected shadow of a man. I waved them off though to be fair I may not have used all my fingers to do so. I tidied up , washed the pots and then made myself a sandwich so I could take the tablets I’d forgotten to take out at lunchtime. At 10.00 pm I went through to work but was only able to do so for half an hour before having to break to do the blog. I was sorry to hear Yvonne and Ugo were at the hospital with Reuben whose hand had swollen up badly and was very painful. They waited three and a half hours to see a nurse by which time the hand seemed less painful so they took him home and will take him to their doctor in the morning. The rest of the mail will have to wait till morning.

Some 'alone' time

Catch-up time

Full of purpose

Full of purpose






















I read until 12.50 am last night and finished my current book. Off went the light. I must have caught the ‘I’m not stupid syndrome’ because the couple of times I woke I put my glasses on, saw the time and just said “Forget it!”  3.26 am was the wide awake , time to get up time. I might have complained had it not given me a chance to start last night’s mail remnants. I say remnants but when I got into the first mail box it was the whole cotton mill, so bad in fact that it took me till almost 5.00 am just to do up to midnight. From 5.00 am onward it seemed easy going. A break at 6.00 am for breakfast and to take my meds then from 6.25 am right up until I found I was writing gobbledegook because my eyelids had closed. I’m only guessing that was around 7.15 am as that’s the last time I remember seeing on the clock. I wasn’t away too long as a fir of coughing woke me, it was mine and having my head banging up and down on the keyboard wasn’t helping. As I sat up I saw it was 7.52 am. I don’t want to start my antibiotics too soon and the spray I carry to help me breathe had finally given up the ghost last night.( No doubt the shock of losing so many games). I took a couple of puffs of one Mike left here. It’s one they’ve tried me on in the past but which wasn’t very effective but I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase Any post in a storm. I went and lay down on my bed for a while. Not to sleep but to try and relax the chest muscles.

Just after 10.00 am there was a knock at the door and it was my delivery from the chemist. I was so grateful. Not least because he agreed to take a letter into the Post Office for me which was ready to go out. I handed over a box of chocolates as usual for the staff . They’re very kind there. I doubt I’d even shut the door properly before I was tearing into the bag like a junkie after his next fix which is exactly what I was of course. I opened the spray on the move and took a dose. I’m sure it’s psychsomatic but I was sure I could feel the effect straight away. Only in improving the breathing of course, not clearing the bronchial tubes of their gunk. I need a sink plunger for that. Now I was off the bed I supposed I’d better get back to work. My timing was perfect. On my way back from dropping the meds off in the kitchen Darren delivered the post. One letter from the gas board with a prediction of how much gas I’d use in the next 12 months. I was thinking if Mike lived here I could just pipe him up and cut out the gas board altogether. I went back into my first address and finished off there and then opened the next one and started again. I hope you people have a conscience about how much ebay time I have to lose for you !!

At 11.45 am I broke off for lunch, a corned beef hash which I didn’t much feel like eating ( though it was very nice) but I have to take a second dose of the diabetes meds in a day. I watched Bargain Hunt while I ate and at least I stayed awake long enough to finish eating and washing the pots. I was away again sometime before the auction took place but was fully awake as the programme ended and was able to turn the TV off and come through. I spent some time on ebay and ignored the mail until I could do so no longer. I was preparing to knock off at 4.30 pm when I got a text from Mike to say he was on his way. About 7.15 pm I reckon. As he’s been looking after his grandchildren all week I didn’t expect him to get away so early today. So, I stayed an extra 20 minutes and brought the post up to date before I went through to relax. It was nearer 5.00 pm when I did knock off and fed up of coughing I ate a Rolo chocolate pudding as a treat then watched quiz 1, quiz 2, and Big Bang Theory. It was just 7.00 pm hen I saw Mike approach so I went to put the kettle on for him. When he came in we started talking about our week and how he’s hurt his ankle but doesn’t know how. He says he can touch it without it hurting but when he puts it down it’s an Ouch. I reckon he shouldn’t put it down then. He’s tired as it’s been a long week with his grandchildren. He loves them dearly but entertaining children isn’t fun at our age.

I stayed with Mike rather than come back through for a while. It’s nice to have someone around even when we don’t talk but on this occasion he was sewing a hole in his pocket and I wanted to see if he attached it to his finger. The spoilsport didn’t. I got to see a new Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn Nine Nine, magic but finally I had to come back through at 9.30 pm after I’d taken my meds. As usual I only worked on the mail until 10.30 pm so I had chance to do the blog, after that no matter how quickly I finished I was heading for bed. If I’m no better in the morning I’m starting the antibiotics again.

play away 3


Mike asked me last night to make sure he leaves no later than 10.00 am today and to take no stick when I go through to get him up. That should be fun since I went to the loo last night just before 1.00 am when I turned my light out and he was still playing games on his tablet. I might even have to revert to the glass of water he suggested as  a way to make him move. Oh, this could be an excellent day.

I got up at 5.03 am and started as I finished with another trip to the loo before coming back and logging on. I have to tell you that this morning because I wasn’t really paying much attention, I almost fell foul of something I warn you about all the time. Below is one of the messages I got this morning. It looks completely genuine and made me panic at the amount it appeared my paypal account and ultimately my bank had been debited. Maybe that’s the intention. As it’s in German, also intentional I assume, and I don’t speak German my first instinct would be to click the link to go to paypal. I’m guessing that the sign in would have been recorded. Luckily I’ve trained myself always to open a new page and sign in to paypal away from whatever link I get. Once there I was able to see that my account was fine and I could delete this post as yet another con.

PayPal-Logo 29.05.2015 04:49:48 MEZ
Transaktionscode: 1R4250548RF259195G
Guten Tag,

Sie haben eine Zahlung über 129,50 EUR an Carparts-Online GmbH ( gesendet.
Alle Details zu dieser Zahlung finden Sie in dieser E-Mail.

Carparts-Online GmbH
Mitteilung für Verkäufer
Sie haben keine Mitteilung eingegeben.
Rainer Winkler
Altschauerberg 8
91444 Emskirchen
Der Verkäufer hat noch keine Versanddetails angegeben.
Über Geld redet man nicht. Geld sendet man mit der PayPal-App.
Beschreibung Stückpreis Anzahl Betrag
Artikelnr. 360860432301
129,50 EUR 1 129,50 EUR
Versandkosten 0,00 EUR
Versicherung – nicht angeboten —-
Summe 129,50 EUR
Zahlung 129,50 EUR
Zahlung gesendet an  This was the address the email came from and had I looked there first I would have known this wasn’t a genuine paypal message. Please, please, if you get a message like the above, always check the address it came from. NEVER sign into paypal from a link in a message like this. Sign in separately to make sure your account is in order and then delete the message so it can’t spread anything to your computer- if it hasn’t already.

The rest of my mail was straight forward though plentiful. I had a break at 6.30 am while I went and took my meds and then refilled the container for a week. Then I brought a coffee back and carried on working.  I was clear and able to sign into my second box at 8.20 am Unsure of how it would be this morning attempting to get Mike out of bed I put the kettle on at 8.45 am and made a drink to take through.I thought I could appeal to his good nature first and if that didn’t work just lie and tell him it was much later than it is. Anyway, I didn’t have to lie. I took the drink through and woke him saying it was there, then reminded him he had to leave early and as he’s about to nod again, followed  that up with the fact I needed to ask him a favour. I departed for the lounge to see if it would work. Would he  be so intrigued as to what my favour would be he couldn’t go back to sleep. It took about 5 minutes and I thought I’d failed but in he walked. One call and no alarms is something of a record. He walked over, stood in front of me and asked what the favour was. I told him I’d like him to go to Pauline’s for me as I needed my lottery tickets and some milk. ” No problem. So you’re not getting dressed again today?” he asked. I told him no, I didn’t feel well enough. He has a very big heart. Thereafter followed a conversation about me starting my emergency antibiotics, I already have. Have I told Yvonne I’ve done so so she can let the surgery know. Yes, I emailed her this morning, she’s going to do it later.                     ” Good, as I was going to phone Yvonne and let her know you’re ill,if you hadn’t.” He has a very big mouth too. Of course I already have Yvonne on my case but that’s ok from a distance, it’s less comfortable closer to home. He’s shocking at keeping secrets as he’s more scared of her than he is of me. I don’t know how that’s happened.

Mike went to Pauline’s and picked up what I needed and a lot quicker than I would have been. I felt mean as it was pouring with rain and he was a bit of a drowned rat when he got back. I asked if he’d like another coffee before he left but he thought the sooner he got there the better. It was about 9.45 am when he left. As he did I came back to work so I could perhaps keep pace with the mail. I worked until 11.45 am except when the postman brought physical mail to deal with. I stopped for lunch. I had to have a curry and chips as Michael said so and because he ate my lunch last night when he got here. Though to be fair he didn’t know that until he was halfway through. Conscience didn’t stop him from finishing it though. He did tell me it was nice. A nice beef goulash with dumplings. I could have enjoyed that with bread and butter at lunchtime. Sigh. It was Bargain Hunt again today and I managed to stay awake for the auctions too. I did fall asleep after that though but woke up at 1.07 pm so not exactly a lengthy kip. Having been away from here for an hour though I thought I’d better return. I just kept pace with the mail all afternoon, not wanting it to get too far ahead as it will do when Mike gets back and I offer him my company and find out how things have gone with his dad today. Mike always has a lot on his plate and unfortunately I added to it this morning. Thoughtless.

I stopped work at 4.30 pm today. Not because Mike was due back yet but because there was an antiques show ‘Flog It’ on before my quiz and I quite fancied it. Then it was the first quiz up till 6.00 pm when Mike texted to say he was on his way, and the second until 6.30 pm. Then I had BBT till 7.00 pm followed by an episode of Who Do You Think You  Are with Robert Lindsay for an hour. Mike arrived home at the halfway point so I made him a coffee to go with the mean he’s picked up at the chippie. Luckily this week he’d texted to see if I wanted anything and I’d missed the text. At 8.00 pm I went to get changed and take a shower, Mike came through to see to my hair so there were no hands above the head just to add to my woes. When I came out there was an interesting programme on an Egyptian Pharaoh I’d never heard of who appeared to have died from battle wounds. The confusing thisng was it seemed one blow from a spear would have paralysed him from the neck down but that would was healed. So two massive axe blows were inflicted ( one by an Egyptian axe) sometime later on a man unable to fight back. The question was, was he a prisoner of his enemies at that time or back in his own palace? I  hung round a further half hour at 9.00 pm to watch a satirical news quiz Have I Got News For You where I couldn’t help but grin at the sarcasm  and innuendo awash on the studio floor.

Finally I had to come through at 9.30 as I’d been missing so long. I had to work on mail until 11.10 pm before being able to touch the blog as the last two weeks I haven’t had chance to catch up on a Saturday morning and I’m really hoping to be allowed out tomorrow to do my shopping. and poorly or not I have to go early to avoid the crowds.


I managed to get to bed for midnight and enjoyed a read until 1.00 am. Once the light was out there were a few wriggles to get comfy but I think sleep came fairly easily. I don’t remember any false starts in the night and no calls to go to the loo. This morning I woke at 5.32 am so not bad by any standards. I grabbed the antibiotics from the kitchen and was able to take one at 6.00 am as I worked, i knew in advance I wouldn’t get far this morning. At 6.20 am I had to go back to the kitchen to get the kettle on for Mike and to take my normal meds. Just after his first alarm had finished I took a drink through for the second awakening. I made about half a dozen unnecessary statements to focus his mind on being awake and received a grunt to each. I left him then to make my own coffee. I happened to be in the hallway outside my room when the alarm rang again,I’ve never seen him move so fast. Straight out of the bed without disturbing the covers, and through to the lounge. I finished two more pieces of mail and joined him. He was just showing signs of life though to be fair, if that’s an indication of life then the rest of us are hyper when we’re asleep.

Things moved well and as we left the house and got in the car he took great delight in pointing out it was only 7.28 am. Yes, almost a new record I didn’t think it worth pointing out that meant it had taken him 58 minutes to reach this point. It took quarter of an hour to reach the supermarket where i got some cash and we went into battle. I got some potatoes while Mike looked at flowers. When I joined him we chose some stocks and some alstroemeria to replenish Ju’s vase. Next stop man’s fashion but I couldn’t find the jeans I want. I can get the jeans but not the colour or the colour but not the jeans (slim-fit), it looks like I may have to rely on ebay after all. I must remember too that the jacket I want for my nephew finishes today. So, it was on to doing the shopping instead. That didn’t take too long and we were soon having a coffee at MacDonalds. When that was done we both picked up cigarettes and made our way out to the car. On the way to the car I asked Mike for a minor detour on the way to Temptations. He agreed and soon pulled up in from of ALDI for me. I went to find some socks I’d seen the other day with Muriel, I shoul have bought them at the time really as I was only able to find one set in shades of brown and none of the patterned ones I’d seen on Wednesday. Still, I’d got some and at a huge discount. Then , before leaving I walked over to the fruit aisle  Special Bulletin for Australia– I bought, bananas, grapes and strawberries. Real fruit. Mike even said “Now I know you’re ill”. He was shocked. I smirked and paid for the stuff I’d bought while he was still getting up off the floor. We went to Temptations where Kyle started pouring as soon as he saw us enter, and in went the teasted toecake for Mike.

Mike teased Ceri when he saw her as usual especially as another customer was sharing the information that she over indulged last weekend at a birthday party. She said recovery was a two day job. From Temptations we visited a couple of my favourite shops and the freezer shop before heading for home. Once there we unpacked and put stuff away and both settled down to look at ebay for a few minutes. My item wasn’t until 16.40 pm so after a quick look I started on mail again. It very soon came time to think about lunch. Mike needed a car deodoriser which we hadn’t found earlier and I thought I might check out a couple more shops for the jeans so we settled on Prestatyn. We couldn’t decide where to eat though and ended up deciding on the way. The Bells of St Mary’s was the final choice and we had a nice meal though Mike wasn’t very happy hat he was refused a sausage as they were being saved for the super sized meals. He should have got one as that’s what his plate looked like anyway. So just ignore him if he starts saying the same thing about me now, I didn’t have a sausage by choice. Afterwards Pestatyn was a bust for me but we did find the car smelly. Back at home again at 3.30 pm football was due on the TV at 4.00 pm so I left him to it and came through to my mail. When I nipped in at 5.00 pm it had only just started so back I went until 7.00 pm, when I took a break. Almost up to date. YAY.

When I returned to the lounge Mike knew the team he was hoping would win didn’t stand a chance. He agreed to turn the TV over and for an hour we enjoyed the Sounds of the Sixties which was great then an hour of the Seventies which was less so for me with the birth of Punk, no, not Mike he was the Forties. Most age groups bring about new styles and changes of music, I don’t think either word was appropriate for Punk. When I say it was truly revolting, I mean it. They wanted a revolution but had no alternative to the way of life we had. The disco era came and at least it was more about the music then. In the UK there was also a resurgence of Teddy Boys and a rather Fifties style of music but though the drape suits in their varied colours were enjoyed, it was never going to last. It was very brave of me but I didn’t even come back to work at 9.00 pm since there was a comedy film due to start with some big names, Dame Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly.Michael Gambon amongst others as fading opera stars in a retirement home. I turned coward within three quarters of an hour and left Mike to it. I took my meds and came back through. I should have come sooner. I worked until 11.00 pm on th mail boxes and then started my weekly farewell to you.

I hope you all have a wonderful new week, filled with joy, success, good fortune and HUGS.




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95 responses to “Somnos Relents

  1. Hello David, very enjoyable as always I do hope you have a fantastic week and big hugs to you from me!!!

  2. I hope you’re feeling better very, very soon, David. 🙂
    Sounds like you had an interesting week, lots of great music, good books, antics, great advice about internet scams (how many of these can there possibly be, I feel like they’re relentless) and cute pictures. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, stories, and week with us, now go take care of yourself and get well soon. All the best, Massive hugs! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Donna, you’re very sweet. I’m always glad to hear someone enjoys the music and maybe some of the antics. I agree with you, the scams are relentless, surely there has to be a finite number of them.
      Glad you liked the pictures too. I’m here now taking the antibiotics like a good boy to get well.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  3. David, it’s as if you gave me my own personal play list — so many of my favorites here! (Especially the Mamas & Papas, and James Taylor.) Reuben, so many adorable pictures of him this time… But i confess, my favorite was the card from Somnos! Absolutely terrific. Maybe i need to start leaving little offerings to him… This was such a lovely diary post. Thanks for letting us share your week. Be well my friend. Be well and happy. Mega-hugs! 😀

    • Ah Teagan, I’d be delighted if I had done your personal play list. The two you mention are particular favourites of mine too.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures of Roobs but thrilled you liked the card from Somnos, he did his own advertising copy too. Not everyone gets a card from a small god, mind you I’m sure not everyone wants one. The little offerings he likes are part of your dreams especially if they’re about him as it makes him bigger each time someone does.
      The thanks for sharing my week are due from me. I love having you here.
      Be Happy xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • I really do think the card is a great fun and creative idea. You could have your own line of greeting cards.
        > The time of my life when I was most “into” music was my “tweens” and early teens (after that i was working & school, and not so much time to enjoy it) with ’70s rock and roll (and some hold overs from the late 60s). At that age many of the groups were like my imaginary family… Three Dog Night, CCR, Neil Diamond, Blood Sweat & Tears, Carole King, Carly Simon… Then late in life i discovered Delta Blues.
        >And you – just keep feeling better. Mega hugs again.

      • Thanks Teagan, I just hoped it would cause a smile or two.
        I’ve probably always been into my music. Though I loved my sixties I skipped a fair bit of the seventies to move right into the eighties and some of the fantastic groups then. I never managed to progress any further except for odd people like Adele, Duffy and a few others. I’ve always like the blues from listening to Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters. Never been a rock n’ roll fan but I did like some Country Music (not much) and Motown has always been my favourite go to when I’m sad.
        Of course, some people halp with that.
        xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  4. David! If you get any more of those super official looking scam emails could you take a screenshot for me before you delete them?!? [And send me the screenshot].
    I’m putting together an internet security scam workbook for a class I want to teach, and those official looking scams are exactly the kind that trip people up.
    Thanks and hugs. 🙂

  5. I’m glad Somnos is the god os small sleep–or even the small god of sleep–because Reuben is certainly your small god of unending energy!
    You go to interesting eating places, David, and I always get a kick out of your choices in music, but your pictures of darling Reuben make me feel like I’m watching him grow up and take charge! Such fun.
    Hugs and wishes for a wonderful week.

    • Hi Marylin, I think you’re right with both, he’s certainly a small god of my small sleep while Roobs is like the small god of my wakeful hours though I’m answerable to so many bosses these days.
      I’m so glad you’re still enjoying the music choices despite me spanning a few periods and styles.
      Again you’re right. The pictures of Roobs do allow us to watch him grow up and he certainly takes charge. He’s a dynamo.
      Have a Fantastic Week xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  6. Photo comparison between Reuben and Human League is priceless. If he gets any cuter he will be declared illegal for public consumption. Have a great week. xxx

  7. I reckon, David, therapy is not required for wishing someone you love/loved was there still – like you late wife – the trick is how to fit the memory and the “yearning” into the rest of your life. The power of memories can be so strong that we actually get to feel the presence of person we think dearly of. Filipino wife won’t fix or remove that…Oh dear, here I go all therapist-like 🙂 Have a great week, with less spam emails and more feel-good moments of whatever nature they may be 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Ina. I don’t actually want a Filipino wife anyway, I want a flippin cleaner.. You’re right about the power of memory though. I often wake in the morning with the feeling Ju is here and even expect to see her in bed as I pass the room.
      I’m sure I’ll have a good week and wish you the same.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Yep and so I hear: Filipino wives are not all the solution they’re cracked up to be 😀 Cheers

      • No solution at all if I had to start a romance with someone who may not speak my language well and would be far too young for me anyway. Any flibbertigibbet less than 60 would wear me out.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • And, forgot to say – klnow exactly what you mean with the feeling that Ju is there/was there – it has been 48 years since I lost a dear friend to car accident and I still get those days or nights when I feel he is here/was here…it’s the memory of being that is so powerful and I trust makes for a great day

      • Ah no, anything but a great day. There’s huge disappointment when I find the bed is empty and I was wrong. I know the day picks up again afterwards but it’s a lousy way to start. It’s never so bad in the day if I find myself looking up about to say something to her.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • I meant great day because of happy memories and energy of friendship that was – we know we cannot change reality Sound like we are on similar paths when it comes to the ones we’ve lost David 🙂

      • The happy memories follow during the day but the initial shock is unpleasant. I can’t get my brain to adjust some days.
        I’m so sorry Ina. I didn’t realise you’d also lost someone. You seem too young for that to have happened though death is no respecter of age I know.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Know what you mean re initial shock, David. All good with me though – I am young but was much younger once 🙂 Big hugs!

  8. carolewyer

    Thank you for the advice about the scammy Paypal…I too might have fallen for that and I lik eto think I am very careful. Sometimes one is too tired to think and naturally clicks before checking. Lovely photos of the handsome lad and enjoyed the musical choice again. XX A large squidgy weekend hug for you XX

    • It looked real enough to me and I almost……..
      I’m glad the photos and the music pleased you. I can’t tell you the fun I have reminding myself of these tunes as I put them on.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs for the Weekend and Week xxx

  9. Hi David.

    Wow what a busy week you have had. You know I often have the same problem in not being able to buy the jeans in the colour, style and fit I want. I think sometimes that we must both just be buying the more popular style, but I’m happy that they are all the rage. Consider ourselves Fashion Kings.

    Loved your music choices this week. I only heard Sad Cafe and Everyday hurts the other day on the radio, and now here it is on your blog. Wonderful song.
    Have a great week David.

    • Hi Hugh,
      I may be about to make the biggest fashion faux pas in the Country. I completely forgot my age when looking for jeans today so desperate was I for the colour that I finally went for the palest blue I could find in a skinny stretch instead of my slimfit. If they don’t S-T-R-E-T-C-H you may be looking at the new Max Wall. Or maybe I’ll just never dare leave the house in them.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the music choices,sorry about the ones outside your era. Yes, Sad Cafe did a great song. It’s funny but it’s only this week I found out the lead singer is now in another of my favourite groups Mike and the Mechanics.
      Hope you have a wonderful week my friend,

      • Haha, I love the thought of you doing a Max Wall walk for us all David. I hope we get to see some pictures of your modelling the jeans and doing the walk.

        Oh, I loved all the music on your post. I can’t get on with any of the new music I hear these days, so a trip down memory lane is always vey welcome. I remember seeing the Human League video for the very first time on Top of the Pops and knowing straight away that it would be a record that would be played for many, many, years to come…and I was proved right 🙂

      • The way certain people I know are with their cameras I wouldn’t rule out seeing me in the jeans, but doing the Max Wall…never, I don’t want to encourage comparisons.
        I remember the first time I saw Phil Oakey with his hair covering half his face and thinking it was a great gimmick but I wasn’t keen on the words of the song. It’s grown on me over the years. I remember being a big fan of ABC at the time. The New Romantics were a real musical force after Punk and I don’t think it’s been bettered since.
        Huge Hugs

  10. laurie27wsmith

    Waking at 7.12am, Mike waking up without the alarm have I come to the right blog. What have you done with the real David??? yep, I love my skinny jeans too, hmm pass me the shoe horn love. I always like to dress in my leather jacket, jeans and chequered shirt in winter and will no matter how old I get. I couldn’t see myself in a cardy and loose pants. Lovely pic of Roobs in the tub, he has your hairline. 🙂 I can’t be a superhero David, because I refuse to wear any underpants. I must say though that I’m a fan of the old comic book heroes, especially The Phantom. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to see Ju’s empty bed, especially when you believe she’d be there. Heartbreaking.
    I was in the chemist yesterday to pick up some over the counter painkillers for Lorelle. Of course they have to take your details in case you’re a drug dealer and put a warning label on the packet. I also had some jelly beans and called out to the lady in the back room, ‘Hey, you forgot to put a warning label on the jellybeans, they’re more addictive than the nurofen.’
    The pic of Roobs running on the path is a beauty.
    I never log into my paypal or credit union from a link, I always type in the address. Oh I received an email from the Tax office the other day, it was funny, I haven’t done a return since 2001 and it was the UK taxation dept.
    Well, it was another interesting week David, I do hope you get better and rid yourself of the blocked tubes.

    • I think the real me and probably the real him were kidnapped by aliens as everything appears to have reverted to normal with a 3.20 am start to my day and a 10.00 am start to Mike’s.
      Funny you should say that but today I bought my first pair of skinny (stretch)jeans because they were the only light shade of blue I could find. Normally I have slimfit so I may need to borrow a shoehorn.
      Ha, Mike said that about his hairline too, only his will grow……. I don’t remember the Phantom but if it wasn’t a DC comic I may not have seen it.
      It can beggar up my day if I wake up expecting her to be in bed. The thought seems to have sunk quite deep so it’s not a hope it’s an expectation.
      Streuth, we have £ shops here where you can go in and buy 3 or 4 packets of over the counter painkillers. No-one cares what your name is. I agree about the jellybeans.
      Luckily my instincts to sign in separately kicked in before I was stupid as I know I’d have given him my paypal account to play with. I take it the tax office was the con I talked about recently? They’re good, if you follow the links at the bottom it actually takes you to the genuine article. The cheek of them.
      I hope you and Lorelle are both well. I’ll keep on with th antibiotics and be fine thanks.

      • laurie27wsmith

        Glad to see the real pair of you are back. 🙂 I’d actually pay to see you wriggle your way into a slimfit pair of jeans, shoehorn or not. No the Phantom wasn’t a DC comic, still love it though. they only ask for your details because they have codeine in them. Drug dealers buy them in bilk and extract the codeine. One has to watch these bloody hackers and such, they’re mongrels who prey on the misinformed. You have a good week to David.

      • I normally wear slimfit with no problem but this pair are skinny. Believe it or not I tried them and even managed to get them up without having to open the front button. I liked the fit too though I have no idea if I look like Max Wall in them. We’ll find out tomorrow.
        I think I like the word mongrel applied to the hackers and their ilk. No conscience at all, any of them.
        Have a good week yourself

      • laurie27wsmith

        We now need photos of you in the jeans David. 🙂 Yep, mongrels they are. My week’s looking good. take care, hugs,

  11. Catherine Johnson

    I’m going to start praying to Somnos too, though my munchkin is finally sleeping better not waking me up. I hope you get proper sleep soon. Loved your quip about the Queen’s throat. Too funny! There’s never a perfect government in the U.K.

    • Just don’t agree to do any work for Somnos and you should be fine. I’m glad you’re not being woken up now though.
      It’s sad, there never is a perfect Government but I always think there could be. There must be enough politicians who really do care about the job they do to form a new Party and win an election.
      xxx Huge Hugs Catherine xxx

  12. Thanks for the entertaining post and another set of great music choices. You cannot argue with The Human League. My partner is so into them that I hid a few of their song lines in my latest work, as a private joke.
    I hope you’ll find more sleep soon. My insomnia is much better since I moved to Wales, so maybe there is a miracle cure for you in the pipeline, too 🙂
    Have a great week. Big hugs from the South to the North of wonderful Wales!

    • Thanks so much Christoph. Kind comments as usual. I’m ever glad to hear someone enjoyed the musical choices. The Human League went on for one of my other friends who is related to one of them. I’m sure I shall find the sleep I want soon enough. I’m glad Wales has had a restorative effect on your sleep patterns. I hope it stays that way but some of us are just meant to sleep less.
      Have a Wonderful Week, Cwtch mawr from North to South of this Glorious Country.

  13. Lucky Muriel – I love J2O (orange and passionfruit), but haven’t had one for years! I think I’d probably forgotten about them, but you reminded me. I’ll have to have one when I head back to the UK for a week in June.

    Hope you are soon feeling much better. You should stop smoking, David – but you already know that! LOL

    • Muriel’s fave is the Raspberry and Apple though I did pick her up a Christmas special called Glitterberry which are on the cheap now Christmas is over. It’s June tomorrow so it won’t be long before you’re over. Which part of the UK will be lucky enough to have you stay?

      I’m sure I’ll be OK soon and yes, I know you’re right about smoking. A hard habit to break.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  14. I hope you feels better soon, David and Reuben is well too (not sure what happened to his hand). Busy week but indeed, mornings and waking up has been quite different to usual. I stated using this: that’s supposed to block ads in sites (you can make adjustments, for instance I don’t mind the like buttons although you can blok those too) and it save time, but in the case of your blog it must thing that some of the things, like the card Teagan mentions, is an add so I don’t see it… Otherwise I must say I quite like the thing (if one uses Chrome )
    Look after yourself.

    • Hello Dear Olga, I’m sure I’ll be fine in a day or tewo thanks. I don’t know what happened to Reuben’s hand as Yvonne assured me he had no falls but maybe he twisted it. They’ve been away for the weekend so I don’t know what happened with their own doctor. I’d have heard if he wasn’t OK though.
      Thank you, I’ll have a look at that site. What a shame it stopped you seeing Somnos’ card. You could have told me if he was becoming egotistical (even for a god).
      Taken great care of yourself,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  15. Hi from California. Sitting on the patio with my husband and the puppies strewn about, enjoying the cool morning before it becomes blazing hot – supposed to be 97 today (UGH!!). My husband wanted to let you know he absolutely loved the musical choices for this week, especially Elton John and James Taylor. Hope you are feeling better. How is Reuben’s hand? After listening to all your adventures on Ebay – I am going to go take a look. Never actually been on Ebay. Take care of yourself and will talk at you (that’s kind of southern redneck) next week!!!!!!!

    • A high of 97? And you’re telling someone who will probably get a high of 9.7 this Summer, that’s cruel. Actually it stopped raining and the sun came out this afternoon, now if only the warmth came with it. I’m delighted your husband approves the music choices and even more so that he made such good choices himself. Very different styles and temperament but both brilliant.
      If you’ve never been on ebay you really must try. Think of something you’d really like that you haven’t seen in the shops and just set a search, you’ll be surprised ( I hope) A favourite toy or game from childhood, a top hat for your husband, or even for yourself in red or white maybe.A collectible coin they no longer make. It’s all there in the world’s greatest Emporium.
      Have fun but don’t get addicted.
      xxx Cwtch xxx till next week.

      • Thank-you – I will give ebay a try and let you know how it goes. I think I will look for an antique Chinese snuff bottle – you know the ones that are painted on the inside. Or maybe a paperweight. I love paperweights. Just got back from out weekly shopping, it’s high noon and the temperature is 95 already. UGH!!!!! Have a good week. Get healthy. Talk to you then!!!!

  16. Hi David,
    Brilliant song choices, I love the Elton John track, thank you.
    I hope Reubens hand is ok, I always hate how long they make children wait at hospital. I understand if they are busy but its the worse place to be and just sitting and waiting with a poorly child is horrible.
    Thank you for sharing the Paypal bit as well. I’ve been getting a huge amount of spam at the moment and its such a pain. They do find different ways of getting to you, you really have to keep on top of it.
    I did laugh at you buying real fruit! I always think it cancels out the bad stuff if I have a piece of fruit!
    Hope you can rest and get a decent amount of sleep, makes me tired just thinking about the times you wake sometimes,
    Lovely catching up,
    Take care,

    • Hi Kim, thanks so much. It’s actually one of my favourite tracks by him these days I loved the video to it as well. I used to have a music vid of one of his double greatest hit albums and that was the last track.
      As far as I know his hand must be OK again now. I agree with you, they shouldn’t leave a child waiting. They don’t understand pain and their crying tends to put other patients on edge. It’s awful for the parents, especially if they have more than one child to care for.
      Sorry to hear you’re getting a lot of spam, it’s piggin’ annoying isn’t it. I hope the warning about the paypal one helps then. They are always coming up with new cons.
      Yes, I hoped the fruit might balance anything naughty I ate this week as I forgot to mention buying sweets this weekend.
      I’m sure one day I’ll get all the sleep I need.In the meantime I’ll take what I can get. I’m sorry it’s making you tired. I’ll start fibbing and adding 4 hours.
      Lovely to have you drop in
      xxx Massive Hugs to you all xxx

  17. I feel just a teensy bit bad about enjoying the laughable visual of Mike pausing for that minor moment of glee before leaping up to help you in your time of need, David. Ah, siblings.
    Love how Reuben and The Human League are in sync with one another.That’s just a perfect snapshot. And, of course, all the other photos of him are quite edible as well. He is a dashing lad.
    I’m so sorry to hear you’re still fighting with the gods of ill health as well as those nasty so n sos of poor sleep. I’m sending you hugs filled with extra strength hugs meant to help heal.
    Maybe a spa day away from the computer? Get some rest, friend.

    • Please don’t feel bad about enjoying the visual of his pleasure at seeing me in need. I am after all just a clown, here for your amusement with my prat falls and custard pie covered fizzog.
      No, no, don’t stand up to help just because I fell off my chair again, I’m sure I’ll manage to get up eventually though probably with an embarrassing rip in my trousers, but don’t move, I’ll cope.
      You do know that there’s absolutely no nutritional value to eating photographs of my grandson don’t you? And if you must do it, there’s a possibility it’s you who’ll be dashing…….
      The gods of ill health I can cope with. They always start, middle and end the same way more or less but I’m sure no hospital this time. The antibiotics will do their job. Somnos however is something else, I’m sure your extra strength hugs will help, even if it’s just to keep me warm during the early hours.
      I think a spa day would have to be away from the computer as I don’t think it likes the damp. It doesn’t like to get too far away though so I’ll give it some thought.
      Hoping you have a Fantastic week.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  18. Can one spank a god? A small one, surely . . . This Somnos sounds like a brat to me. Perhaps a little discipline is in order?
    Great musical selections this week, David 🙂
    All the best for the week ahead. And HUGE HUGS!

    • I’m sure one of the old gods can spank a small one even if we can’t, I think you might have hit the nail on the head, he’s a brat.Perhaps he’ll improve with age. Maybe he had too much power too soon and has been showing off to his younger brothers.
      I’m so glad you liked the music choices Melanie, they mostly give me pleasure.Sunday night this week hasn’t though, it’s not my cuppa tea.
      Have a Wonderful week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  19. Neither Meeks or Ardys congratulated you on your excellent fruit shopping… bananas, grapes and strawberries. Real fruit… I’m impressed. You’ll be posting recipes soon…. kiiidddding !

    • Meeks is usually there to tell me I don’t eat enough good things (depends on your definition of good) and the little aside was aimed at her. She didn’t even notice I’d turned over a new lettuce leaf this week.
      The best recipe I could manage would be a mixed fruit salad, how’s that?
      Hope you’re well.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  20. Thanks for the amusing read (as usual) and the Reuben pics. I played the Mamas and the papas clip because I thought the car was a Citroen DS. It wasn’t so I lost interest. I love those cars. You don’t have a musical clip with a DS in it, do you? Hugs to you 🙂

    • Many thanks for popping in Jane. I’m glad you enjoyed the pics but I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you attracted musically. I don’t specifically know of a music clip that has the car but how about a clip of the car that might have a little music? I found this for you. and there are actually a few pieces on youtube dedicated to the car.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Thanks! They are iconic cars, but you need the Eiffel Tower in the background for it to be really atmospheric. Have you seen The Day of the Jackal? The DS was the presidential car in those days so there are dozens of them. All black. Tremendous.

      • Heck, its years since I saw that film. Maybe one of the other youtube clips has them near the tower for you.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  21. Silver Threading

    Loved your music choices this week David. Human League is still one of my favorites. I first heard the song when I lived in Lakenheath, UK… er, many years ago! LOL. Your sweet grandson looks so happy! Have a fabulous week! ❤

    • Thanks so much Colleen. It’s seems Human League has been the most popular choice to date I think. Lakenheath eh. Isn’t that the U.S. AirForce base?
      Roobs is a happy bunny most of the time. I must bore him as he only seems to see me when it’s shopping. Roll on the better weather.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx 🙂

      • Silver Threading

        Yes, David. I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath in the very late 70’s and early 80’s. That is why I know all the great 80’s music because I lived in the U.K. then. I have great memories and loved it! Have a great week. ❤

      • No wonder you know the music so well. I hope you liked the Country too and even got as far as Wales.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Silver Threading

        I loved England, but hardly saw anything. I was pregnant most of the time, and then had a 3 yr old And a newborn. Plus, I was in the Air Force. I would love to go back some day. 💗

  22. You picked the perfect Human League song as I know my cousin is responsible for at least half of that one (usually the musical half). I have just sat and enjoyed reading your post while listening to the wind and rain which is currently trying to wash my garden away, that will teach me to actually go out there this morning and make a start on the gardening. Being half term here has meant chaos but in a good way, it was also Magic Weekend for Super league which meant me having to watch lots of rugby on Sky and me having a sore throat from screaming at the TV yesterday when my team was playing, pretty sure I could easily drown out Mike’s shouts at the footie. I did however get some lovely footage of the park on Saturday while having a day off work and out with the monster so you are in for a treat on Friday. Monster loves the Marvel characters and his favourite is the Hulk, not so good for me when he wants to play with his action figures, I get handed Iron Man or Thor then Hulk smashes and mummy gets a sore hand.

    Take care of yourself and get well soon. Huge hugs xxxx

    • Give me a clue. Female and dark haired? I like that record so I’m glad you approve the choice.
      The weather is foul isn’t it, but honestly it’s not my blog’s fault no matter who tells you otherwise.We’re you off with the monster for all half-term? Did he join you for Super League? I’m not sure you could possibly drown Mike out at footie though as he can usually make the ref hear him.
      I’ll look forward to the park footage on Friday.
      Tell him Iron Man has developed a new weapon that stops anything getting closer than 6 inches so when the Hulk tries to get you he has to stop 6 inches from your hand outside the force field. Maybe your fingers will heal then.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Actually brown hair and male, Jo Callis, he was also part of a band called The Rezillos prior to the league and is now in a band called Finger Halo his full name John William is after my great great grandad I believe though the name William runs through half a dozen lines of that side of my family lol. The monster refuses to watch sports except for swimming and diving and occasionally tennis, need to work on him there lol xxxxx

      • Shows you how much I pay attention. I thought there was only Phil Oakey who was male, completely forgetting the band members.Yes, I remember the Rezillos too but I don’t know his newest group. I think the monster has good taste, swimming is good, maybe he’ll make an allowance for the triathlon with that. But you must get him to watch snooker too.( and Support Wales at Rugby).
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. You’ve had a busy week. I loved all the Reuben photos. Every time I think he can’t look any cuter, you post another adorable photo of him. Hope his hand is OK. Hope you’re feeling better, too. Good luck with the jeans. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you liked the photos.They keep people visiting me. His hand is fine thanks, the swelling disappeared quite quickly and he was using it next day. I’m fine thanks.
      I not only got my jeans but I’m wearing them today. Not slimfit as usual but Skinny !! and they still fit. I did check with Yvonne they looked OK before buying another pair this morning.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • I’m glad his hand is OK, and I’m glad you’re loving your new skinny jeans. I love mine, but I can’t imagine my husband ever wearing skinny jeans. 🙂

      • I think ladies skinny jeans are often skintight, these aren’t or they’d be super skinny. I was still worried though when I wore them today to see what Yvonne thought. I’m lucky, she said I can carry it because of my height and they just look trendy. Wow, a trendy granddad, who knew? They’re surprisingly comfortable and fir much better than my straights or even slimfit. Maybe next time your husband goes for jeans you can get him to try a pair and see what you both think. The result could surprise you both.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  24. Ali Isaac

    Glad you were able to get some good sleep last week… it makes such a difference, doesnt it? Hope you’re feeling better, too. Did you manage to find the jeans yet? I’m telling you, I want to see a picture of you with them on when you finally manage to find some… you wouldnt think it would be so difficult, would you???

    • I quite enjoyed the lie-ins last week. I can’t remember the last time I got 5 hours straight. I’m OK thanks sweetie, bronchitis is just a little irritant these days that you live with.
      Yes, the jeans were found on Sunday, completely by accident and in a Tesco sale. They were the size below mine but I took a chance anyway. I also took a chance on the fact they were not my slimfit jeans but skinny and I was afraid of looking like Max Wall but everything has gone right and I had a pic taken in them this morning to prove it. Let’s hope it didn’t break Yvonne’s phone. I wonder if the colour just isn’t popular anymore but it’s the only blue I know that you can wear with a brown leather jacket.
      xxx Massive Hugs Ali xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        Sounds cool to me! Glad you’re feeling a bit better, looking forward to this weeks instalment and the grand new jeans reveal! 😊

  25. Hello David: Just a quick note of censure from the sphincter police: Smoking, fried bread, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, Twix, lamb shank? It’s no good making atonement with real fruit, my friend, the deed is done! Anyway, a happy week to you, and a shared wish – that I still fitted into jeans…



    • Atonement? There’s no atonement, the real fruit is for after I’ve finished those other choices.
      I wouldn’t give up on the idea of jeans Fred if you like them. If they can make a 38 waist for me and still have them looking OK, I’m sure you’ll be alright.

  26. Sorry you were feeling poorly last week, David. Hopefully the fresh fruit and antibiotics will help restore you to fighting form. However, I think your bladder should ask for a refund from the loo, given the number of visits it’s been paying. Get well and keep the comedy coming! Bises xx

    • It does drag on a bit Mel. The antibiotics ended yesterday and the fruit hasn’t become a cure-all yet. Quite right about my bladder. I sometimes feel I’m being made to pay a fee for starting the day.and a similar one at night before I’m allowed to sleep.Today was different though, it expected payment in blood.proving you can get it from a stone.
      I’m working on the well bit.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

  27. Loved the pictures, particularly ‘Catching Up’ and ‘Full of Purpose’. Also, good music with the big boys – Elton John, Rolling Stones, and Greyhound. Hugs…

    • That’s great to hear Billy Ray. I know people will enjoy the pictures but it’s not always easy to please them on the music side as there are so many different tastes out there. This next one starts outside my comfort zone.
      Have a Great Week

  28. Ahh, Sommos. If only he’d listen. PayPal says they will include your name when they send anything, but even some of those look “iffy” to me. I’ve had to contact them more than once, to be sure they sent something. I log in by going direct to the site, always. Thanks for the music choices and cute photos. By now you’re getting ready to write your weekly blog for next week. So sorry for being one of the last to the party. I’m glad there were leftovers! I hope you feel better. Hi, to Mike!

    • Oops, spelling error. (Mine) I wonder if you’ll catch it. 🙂

    • Being last to the party doesn’t matter at all. It’s coming at all that counts.
      So far I’ve never had a problem with Paypal at all, they’ve been great which is another reason I suppose I almost trusted the baddie. Normally I go directly to the site to do that.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the music and the pictures.
      No leftovers, I saved you something.
      I’ll pass on your greetings to Mike. He arrived an hour ago.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx
      ps. Been through twice and found no error. The eye sees what it expects to see doesn’t it. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. I’ve never met Somnos before, but I’m going to invite him into my bedroom at night. Maybe he can help with my insomnia too. Now, here’s a bit of ‘trivia nothings’ from me. First, do you drink cranberry juice? My dad went to the ‘loo’ too often and found a daily dose (ie, 8 oz) of cranberry juice a big help. Second, we have such similar music tastes – all good. Third, I think we’re meant to have ‘visits’ from our loved ones who have passed to the other side, whatever side that is. Not to trivialize things further, but Henry my golden has even knocked on my front door for me to let him in. He’s been gone over a year, but of course I get out of bed to open the door anyway. Sometimes when I go to sleep, I ask my dad (gone for over 7 years, but always still here) to come visit me in my dreams. When he does, his message is soothing and loving, and I wake up being so assured of his continuing love. I recommend the dream-request. xoxoxonewenglandhugto youxoxoxox

    • Since inviting Somnos in I think I’ve only had two nights where I’ve slept longer. I’m not sure he fulfills his side of the bargain. He always exacts a price.
      I’m not keen on cranberry juice though I suppose I suppose I could manage with my nose pinched closed.
      I’m glad we share some musical taste. I’d beware the start of next week then. I think you must be right, we’re meant for some reason to continue with visits.I haven’t tried a request so maybe that should be my goal for tonight.
      xxx Cwtch from Cymru Pamela xxx

  30. Sounds like you had good advice for Mike – don’t put your foot down if it hurts. 🙂 Makes sense to me. Reuben is as cute as ever. Many hugs.

  31. Watching Reuben grow is wonderful! You must be proud 🙂
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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