When the Postman knocks twice….

Sunday 21 st June.

Another night sleeping in my chair in the lounge ensured I got some sleep and kept breathing.It was a long night though and I didn’t want to turn the TV on even quietly in case it disturbed Mike. As it happens, he tells me he had a poor night listening out to make sure I was still breathing.  I got up at 6.00 am and started taking meds and making myself some toast to take the steroids with. I didn’t know they needed feeding first.

I was in my bedroom on the computer when Mike stuck his head in about 9.30 am. He’s getting very good at getting himself up. He’ll be getting himself dressed soon as well. We had plenty of time this morning as we weren’t meeting anyone for lunch until 12.30 pm so needn’t think of leaving before 11.30 am. By the time we’d faffed about shaving and getting dressed it was 11.45 am. We took a slow drive down the coast road to Prestatyn and parked up in the car park of the new place. It looked much nicer than it had when it was the worst pub in the town. A new extension made all the difference. Mike and I were a bit worried that no-one was inside when we got there, especially Karen and Jo who’d made the booking. I was beginning to think I’d directed Mike to the wrong place. Then Lee , Jen and the new baby arrived so I thought we were OK. The booking was for 12.30 pm and at 12.40 pm we’re on the steps being told there’s no booking and heck No Karen and Jo, no Yvonne, Ugo and Reuben either.

Karen and Jo were last to arrive. I expect it of Yvonne/Ugo but not usually them. Anyway, the booking was sorted. The Manageress had taken it and not written it down. The staff couldn’t argue with her. They found us two tables to push together, Reuben was brought paper and crayons and things were looking up. We still had the argument about who’s paying to go through and someone rugby tackled my legs when I tried to do a runner. Of the 8 adults 7 chose a carvery and Ugo chose a lamb burger meal. The fathers amongst us were given vouchers for a free drink ( but only alcoholic?) so I passed my voucher to Ugo and had a lime and lemonade. He was having a pint of beer anyway but could maybe take a bottle home. He ended up with two of those.

The carvery was fantastic and I was worried when the manageress came round to help me fill my plate because of the crutches. When that’s happened in the past  the ‘helpful’ ones have restricted my intake. She was amazing offering more and more which had I accepted would have looked like The Great Pyramid of Giza and she’d have broken a wrist carrying it. I tell you this so you can see how restrained I am. I take a lot of strength from being with my family like that, they’re special people but before too long I’d had enough. I asked for another lime and lemonade then we all went our merry way. At home Mike was going to watch the grand prix but my eyes were tired and heavy and I fell into a deep sleep that lasted over two hours he told me. At least I woke up in time for him to go this time. After waving him off about 6.30 pm I sat back in front of the TV  and coughed, coughed and coughed some more till it was bedtime.

Warpaint on.

Warpaint on.

Ready for wandering

Ready for wandering


On this Date, at this Place, at this Time, nothing extraordinary happened. I should have a plaque put above my front door. I had managed to get some sleep in the chair but was still up and about before 5.00 am.  I had a pre-foodie to have breakfast to take the steroids and then took all my other meds. I took a coffee to the bedroom and had a half hour on the computer before getting dressed. At 8.50 am I started walking towards the Chemist/Post Office. I needed to hand in my request for repeat prescriptions and then also to post a parcel. I hope early next week a friend may get a nice surprise and have a giggle. On the way back I called in at Pauline’s to buy a few things. After I’d paid for them I handed over my lottery ticket from Saturday to collect £25 I’d won. Nice to leave the shop with a profit.

Back at home I was knackered. I sat in my chair to watch a programme on buying houses at auctions. I fell asleep. A good thing maybe as sleep is the great cure-all, but I didn’t hear the warden at the door and so missed her visit. Yvonne texted me to say she’d had a message on her phone from the DWP ( Dept of Works and Pensions) which must mean they have more questions. But, they hadn’t phoned my house phone and left a message, and nor told Yvonne anything on the phone. Annoyingly when she tried to phone back during a work break she just got a recorded message to say if they required anything else they’d phone again. That leads me to think they’ll actually waste more time now and write to me.  I’ve nothing left to give them, they already have all the proof I had to give them. I just want to hear they’ve sorted the mess that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

After lunch I managed a read , a sleep and a bit of TV. Then I had the worst coughing fit yet which completely blacked me out, but I don’t know how long for. Probably a matter of seconds I suppose. For my tea I took my Oz Doc’s advice and indulged in a little BFG. I’d forgotten how good it tasted. Later in the evening ,well after my quizzes and a really upsetting Who Do You Think You Are with Stephen Fry I came back to the computer for what should have been a half hour but which turned out to be an hour and a half. At least I managed to get some work done and my conscience pricks less.


At 2.00 am I gave up trying to sleep in the bedroom. I kept sliding down the bed and trying to roll onto my right side which is how I sleep usually. Pure Bert next door must be fed up of the constant coughing now, and mine’s no better. I went through to the lounge and slept there till 5.00 am. I had an early breakfast with my steroids and left the rest till later. I’m still not up to spending all my time on the computer keeping up with emails so am still limiting my time. But, from 5.30 am to 7.00 am didn’t seem to bad. Then I took the rest of the meds and nodded off in the chair for another hour. I’ve no intention of leaving the house today so got dressed leaving my socks off, I’m such a Bohemian. I saw one of my neighbours going out and a few minutes later saw the warden going to his door. I opened the front door to apologise for missing her yesterday while I slept. She came in today and we had a good old chinwag which also involved her persuading me to wear my alarm pendant while I’m still below par. Any repeat hiccups like yesterday and I may need help. Once she’d gone the postie came and he brought the leather jacket I’d ordered just yesterday morning. Talk about speed. Now I must try and see Karen and Jo before they go away next week.

I had corned beef hash at lunch time and watched my Bargain Hunt then back on the computer for a while but at 2.30 am I’d had enough and went through to the lounge. My timing was actually perfect. The phone rang and when it stopped I checked and it was the DWP (pensions) who next rang Yvonne and told her yes, there had been an error and they hadn’t allowed for my tax, hence a large deduction and an overpayment. It seems the fault was actually mine though for having provided them with too much information. i.e. I told them the percentage increase and I told them the gross amount. At that point I had already given them the nett amount showing my new rate but the gross figure just threw them. I shouldn’t supply that next year. I can just imagine myself doing that and being accused of not providing enough information. Still, hopefully that’s one problem that might have gone away by Thursday, before the non-existent debt recovery starts. I hoped my drugs might have arrived today but for some reason not. I shall have to walk to the chemist tomorrow to make sure they haven’t been held because they’re waiting for one item again. I am in need of one item. It looks as though we may ( ha, why do I say we when I mean Yvonne) have to phone for more anti-biotics and possibly steroids again in the morning as the chest is still not right though my breathing is much improved.


I read quite late last night, took off the alarm pendant and tried to sleep. It was impossible to get into a position where I didn’t cough so it was back to my chair again. That worked out quite well as I slept until almost 6.00 am. The sun was up and it looked glorious outside. I took my meds and made a coffee to bring with me into the gloom of my bedroom where the curtains never get opened. I hate the glare of sunlight on my screen. The post wasn’t too bad especially when done in bite size chunks and by 8.00 am I’d actually completed on of the mailboxes. I celebrated with some smothered toast for breakfast.

At 9.00 m I took a slow walk to Pauline’s for some bread and my TV mag. I went in just a tee shirt ( yes, I was wearing jeans too) and there seemed to be some warmth from the sun. It was really pleasant. Aldo pleasant was the ability to breathe again. Though the walk left me breathless, it wasn’t the same as the oppressiveness of the bronchitis. The cough and it’s content are still there though so Yvonne had spoken to the surgery and asked for another home visit to see if more steroids & antibiotics are needed. We’ll have to see who I get this time.

The postman came when I got back but still nothing from the DWP who have supposedly put a letter in the post for me. A text from Dil putting tonight off was disappointing but then he rescheduled for tomorrow and that was great. I watched TV during the morning and occasionally nodded off. During Bargain Hunt the doctor chose to appear so I missed the auctions at the end, Bummer. She was nicer today and almost pleasant after the lecture about you know what. Anyway, she left me a prescription for more steroids on a declining dose after 5 days and some more antibiotics. I also have to give a sputum sample but it didn’t occur to me to ask what she wanted me to do with it after I’d given it. Anyway, once she’d gone I got my shoes on and trudged up as far as the chemist then stood gasping for breath while he filled the prescription. At the same time, my drugs from the Monday morning request had been dealt with and I was able to bring those home too. I had some beef stew and dumplings for lunch which was quite pleasant then even though I wanted a nap I decided to come through and heck the post so I can get back to normal, if you can use that word and me in the same sentence.

I stayed answering mail for almost 2 hours and it left me weary. ( my excuse and I’m sticking to it). Back to my chair in the lounge and I flaked out for over an hour and missed the start of my quiz. After Quizzes 1 & 2 I moved on to a show called Wheeler Dealers for half an hour and then came back for another attempt at the mail. By 8.00 pm I’d succeeded in clearing one account out but didn’t have time for the other just then. I needed a cold drink and the chance to watch some more TV , in particular at 9.00 pm is the show Auction Hunters I mentioned last week. It’s excellent. And it was, excellent I mean, lots of enthusiasm from the two buyers but lots of humour too. And no nastiness towards the others trying to buy the ‘rooms’ which many of the other shows seem to feature. I have a particular dislike for Lori and Brandon off a different show and I’m ashamed to be British when I see the competitors on the UK version. Nasty, Nasty, Brashty. At 10.00 pm I came back through to check my mail boxes and unbelievably they were clear so I took the opportunity to get an early reading night.

sliding 1

sliding 3


I did a fair bit of reading in bed last night. It was getting on for 3.00 am when I turned the light off and since I seemed to be well propped decided to sleep where I was. It was lovely to wake this morning to quite bright sunshine, even if I was seeing it at a slightly odd angle- sideways on and through a ferocious coughing fit. Obviously the two were related since I’d toppled over at a right angle and my lungs weren’t able to get any air. I struggled upright and swung my legs out of bed. The coughing subsided on the way to the loo which was just as well as I wasn’t wearing the alarm pendant. I came back and cleared my office chair to let me sit down and log on. It was then I noticed it was only 5.20 am. I felt cheated. Anyway, at least there was chance to sign into my bank and see what’s happened with my pension payments following the DWP conversation with Yvonne a couple of days ago. Firstly let me clear up that my maths wasn’t very accurate. They’ve been taking £25 pw from me not £30 pw. And they’ve done it for 4 weeks so far so they should owe me £100 plus this week’s money at the rate before their mistake. But,though they have in fact paid me arrears, it’s very confusing because the figures make no sense. I shall have to try and decipher the letter when it comes.

At 6.00 am I went through and started lobbing pills down my throat in order to have breakfast. I couldn’t be sure of eating at the other end of the day with Dil coming for games night so breakfast and lunch seem the most appropriate meals today. Coming back after my Cornflakes I started an assault on the mail. Things were going so well I was able to get dressed at 8.30 am ( in actual fact I did have the ability to get dressed before this but chose not too) and at 9.00 am I was ready to brave the Mother’s Mafia to get my lottery tickets. It was really odd that as I approached the road I needed to cross a large estate car turned partly out of the traffic coming down the hill as though to turn into my road but then started trying to u-turn back into the flow it had just left. Then the brakes went on where she was, across the junction. When I came out of Pauline’s minutes later ( I got to the front of the queue) the car was now on my side of the road, facing the traffic going downhill but backing into a position on the other side of the road as though trying to park up. She then shot forward and edged into the downhill flow where she’d started from and all without a single signal.

The postie came not long after I arrived home and yes, it was a big brown envelope. Here I was hoping for an explanation of what’s happened with the pension and all I got was a letter regarding the start of recovery on the £142.00 I don’t owe them. The letter says they’ll start next week but hopefully by then the whole thing will have been ironed out. Still no sign of the letter supposedly sent to me on Monday. I had a little time back with my mail and then retired to the lounge for a look at a property programme and one re-uniting missing family members both were followed by my Bargain Hunt. The property one I really enjoy and slept through most of it. The family one I was awake for but missed chunks while I did my lunch of sausage, boiled new potatoes and beans and then I was able to watch Bargain Hunt in full- Yes, you heard me, even to the auction phase though I don’t remember the results so my attention may have been elsewhere. I turned off after that and came back through to see how much damage the morning had wrought on my post. Answer, A lot. I could only allow an hour as I’d promised myself Who Do You Think You Are with the great Annie Lennox as the subject. Fascinating.

I had a text about 2.30 pm to say Mike was on his way so hopefully he’ll be here by 5.30 pm. I also had a text from Dil to see if other visitors were here today. He’s now coming about 4.30 pm which is brilliant. My brother is one of the nicest people I know.Very laid back and even tempered which is not to say he can’t get angry when the occasion warrants it. We have been apart for many years living in different places. Never kept in touch except for the odd Christmas card but I’ve never disliked my brother or not been glad to see him. Our closeness over the last four years or so since they moved back into the area has been great, especially with the institution of this games evening after Ju died that he seems to enjoy as much as I do. Anyhoo, Dil and Matt arrived about 4.20 am, I’d forgotten he was off this week. Mike strolled in at just gone 5.00 pm so I got his drink and we all sat to watch the quiz. At 6.00 pm when the quiz was over off went the TV and out came the table. I can tell you we played Yahtzee, Chase the Lady and Crazy 8’s. I can tell you also that if I have to mention the scores I may well have to jump off a high bridge. Even my constant coughing didn’t distract them, merciless as they are. Are you beginning to get the gist of this conversation and an idea about the type of people I play games with?

At 9.30 pm Dil and Matt left a lot smugger than they arrived. I tidied up quickly and then made Mike something to eat though actually I just told him how much time to put on the microwave. I had a sandwich and then we settled to watch Person of Interest. It’s a shame I’ve missed so many of them and can’t follow the story anymore. At 11.00 pm I said goodnight and came through to have a last go at the mail. It’s 3 mins to midnight now and I’m heading off for a read.


A slightly surreal start to the day.I went through to the lounge and my chair when I finished reading at 1.00 am. I slept until 3.40 am then came through to the bedroom. Immediately there was a coughing fit which was followed by a huge sneeze and my glasses shot off my nose. I have shocking eyesight without the glasses and having a rough idea of direction I got down on my knees to search. I was praying for no accidents as my spares are a dark lens and inside the house not ideal. Even sunny days look grim. The area to search wasn’t very big since it’s a small room and I sit in the middle of it, but, no sign of the glasses. I moved a pair of shoes to see if they’d gone behind but instead found they’d landed, properly folded ( and intact) inside the left shoe. I turned the computer on and headed for the bank. No more from the DWP but at least my normal pension has gone in and I can eat again. Once I’d done that I signed into the first of my mail boxes and started clearing what I could.

At 6.10 am I went through to the kitchen. Had my normal sprays and my usual tablets then added the antibiotic to the mix. I took a pre-foodie,put two pieces of bread in the toaster and put the steroids and post foodies to one side. Being Friday it’s renewal day for my drug container. Yesterday when pushing an antibiotic out of the foil I’d split a nail well below the part where skin joins nail and had to apply a plaster immediately. This morning I found I couldn’t use my right thumb for the job without bending the nail in a way I really didn’t want. I had to resort to useless left hand and the job ended up taking until 6.55 am,way outside the 15 mins between pre-foodie and eating. I think I inhaled the toast it was gone so quickly. I made my coffee to take the other tablets with and left the kitchen.

It was still too early to wake Mike no matter how much the temptation rattled round my cruel head, and I didn’t want to start watching TV so it was back to work. At least no-one can moan when I’m alone. By 8.30 am I’d actually got more or less up to date and I knew my life was returning to normal as within a very short space of time I was notified of a $25.5 m payment due to me, told I’d need to clarify certain information with The Bank of Ireland  despite not dealing with them and also reminded that I didn’t have long left to pick up my £25 voucher from a clothing store even though I could patently see they hadn’t sent it. I think the silly season is starting again. I got dressed. There had been rain outside ( huh, how unusual- sarcasm) but it was still warm enough for a tee-shirt. At 8.45 am I put the kettle on and made Mike a coffee which I took through. He doesn’t use an alarm on a Friday so I knew he’d not catch me being early unless he got up immediately. Ha, I should stop this, I don’t specialise in fairy stories. I woke him , told him the drink was there then left him for a few minutes. At 9.00 am I called to him that his drink was going cold and that I was going to Pauline’s for milk.

No mother’s mafia today but there were a couple of customers in. Pauline greeted me and served me with milk, a small bottle of pop and two ice lollies since I was so thirsty and warm. Mike was up and in the lounge when I got back. Judging by his state of dress he was warm too. I remember he told me his lady friends said he has the body of a god. I can see that for myself now, it’s Buddah. Not that I’m any better, just longer so the fat is a little better stretched. I’m the Michelin man with a few extra spare tyres. I sat down with him for a while but this morning he got himself ready to go early as he was dropping a sputum sample off at the surgery for me. I suppose I should put it in a jar? He left at 9.45 am and I’m afraid I turned the TV on to watch a property auction programme and promptly fell asleep. I woke for the last 15 minutes then nodded straight off again missing all the next programme and woke up just at the start of the reuniting family programme. I managed most of that before dropping off yet again and missing most of the antiques show. When I finally woke there seemed no reason to watch the end of it so I turned off and went to make lunch which today just happened to be cottage pie.

After lunch I went back to the computer for a while but I was still tired and now had indigestion which stayed with me the rest of the day. I had my lollies to try and ease the situation but no joy and a drink of pop just made me hiccup and burp. At 3.30 pm I gave up and went back to my chair and the sleep it seemed I needed. Any Zzzz’s floating round must have been mistaken for the insect population so there were no complaints from outside. At 5.00 pm I readied myself for the quiz and got a message from Mike that he was on his way back. Should be here about 6.30 pm then. Idle beggar took an extra ten minutes. I did his coffee and when my episode of Big Bang Theory was over went to get a shower. Mike did my hair for me to save me stretching and then bollocked me for flooding the bathroom floor- don’t ask ! We watched some TV together until 10.00 pm when I decided to come through and attack the mail again for the last time.  I wanted my bed but the mail kept me till 11.00 pm. The bully said I could have an extra half hour for this and left. Just as well he can’t hear me from his room but I’m tapping very lightly just in case.

Statue of ballerina

Statue of ballerina


Statue. Your Country Needs You !

Statue. Your Country Needs You !


Again I read till one. I turned the light out but couldn’t get to sleep. About 2.00 am I went through to the lounge and about 2.30 I heard Mike go to the loo. After that I nodded off until 3.40 am when I though I might just give bed one more try. I propped myself up and zonked. The next thing I know is Mike’s alarm is going off. He’s ignoring it two rooms away and it’s waking me up here. I must have stung someone nice as a wasp in my previous life is all I can say. I galloped to the kitchen and put the kettle on and the stuff in his cup. Then I started taking my tabs. I had a pre-foodie so I could take my prednisilone afterwards. The kettle boiled and I took his drink through more or less as his alarm went off the second time.Back to the kitchen where I finished taking sprays and had a round of toast to take the last of my tablets with. I made myself a cup of coffee and went through to give Mike his second call for me and remind him the coffee was going cold. I got a perfectly viable answer from him which let me think job done but no, his bloody alarm went for the third time and he still went back to sleep. I was trying to get my rubbish bags together and the recycling stuff. I dropped it at the end of the path and when I came back in his fourth alarm coincided with me asking if he was going for a new record this week. He moved, it was 7.00 pm. Mike 4 A 3 C  a new low I think.

By the time we were both dressed and ready to go it was 7.40 am but we were there by just past 8.00 am thanks to Mike having permission to travel at the speed of light and the luck to get there in one piece. I got money from the machine and we started.  Typically my shopping list was still sitting on the table at home, but I had last weeks I could play around with. I got every single item on there spot on.Mainly because the only foodstuff was milk, but hey you can’t have everything. Mike had needed some slacks as he’d forgotten to pack a spare pair and he was lucky to find some. We needed some nice chocolates for Ceri’s 40th tomorrow and we found those too. We’d have to leave them for her today as she’s on a weekend off and I don’t usually get there on a Sunday anyway. I should tell you also I got a round of applause on the bread aisle for not being in a wheelchair this week. I didn’t tell them it was because I don’t trust someone’s driving. Keep backing up and locking the wheels etc. Or ditching me mid -aisle while he runs to the loo. I’m not naming names though. After the checkout it was time for a drink and I had a nice- but very thick- chocolate milkshake while Mike had his usual coffee.

Off to Flint next where we parked up and walked over to Homies for a card and gift bag. Mike sat on a bench and wrote them out before we went to Temptations for our usual. I say our usual but I don’t usually have a piece of lemon meringue but I did today. We went to the frozen food shop where I stocked up on ice lollies because of the fantastic temperatures they’ve promised sometime during next week. Most of which will probably be gone this afternoon during the moderate heat of today. When we’d unpaacked at home I opened my mail. The promised brown envelope. Would you believe the letter says my money has been adjusted from 23 May but will go down again on 03.Jul to start recovering the non-existent debt until October. I didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or weep with frustration. How can they balls up something so simple a second time?

Mike wanted a specific thingamabob to fix his whajacallit so we decided to head towards the Greyhound Park in Chester and we were wondering where to eat today. Passing through Flint we spotted a little cafe and tried there. Not too bad. We carried on to Chester  and I showed him one shop to price them up. Then we could go to another hop to price theirs and pick the best. It was the second shop for him and while there I bought a fan as he complains he gets too warm to sleep at night. Funny. I always thought it was too warm to wake he got. We went into a large  new shop there where I also found a pedestal fan at a good price which I picked up so I have a reserve should I need one. We sat in the car with an ice cream and then headed home.  I needed to get a look at my mail if nothing else. He allowed me from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm on the computer which seemed a real treat until I tried sitting down for that long to do  it. I managed to do it. We watched Avatar which he hadn’t seen before then a topical subject programme/quiz. Eventually I managed to sneak away again to look at the mail and to do the blog. I think he must have fallen asleep again.

Struttin' his stuff.

Struttin’ his stuff.

And modelling this season's latest...

And modelling this season’s latest…

Have a wonderful new week full of Hugs.




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81 responses to “When the Postman knocks twice….

  1. Hope your week is also filled with hugs–lots of hugs and few coughs!
    As usual the Reuben photos are adorable. I love him strutting in his dress clothes.

    • Thanks so much Merril. I’d much rather the hugs than the coughs. Reuben worries me, he’s not two yet and he’s already trying to be John Travolta. I do kinda like the suit though but I refuse to exchange the tie for a medallion.
      xxx Mega Hugs to you xxx

  2. The photos of that little one all duded up are precious. Take of yourself and that cough. Feel better.

    • Thanks a lot George.I’ll bet he’s going to hate having those pictures around when he’s 18. I’ll do my best to feel better which I’m sure is well on the way now.

  3. Are you feeling better David? Seems you still have a nasty cough and breathing problems. Take care of yourself. Totally smitten with Reuben in that very stylish vest, tie, trouser ensemble. Very very handsome. The music, the photo’s and the journey were all wonderful, hugs to you!

    • I honestly am Suzanne, but it’s just taking longer than I thought. Yes, he’s totally enjoying that suit and all the attention it brings. I gather his grandma bought it for him.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the music, I hop around hoping to find something everyone will like.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  4. Well good morning, Starshine — that’d be you David. (And I’ve always loved that song.). I’m so happy that you’re feeling some better. But I can imagine that coughing. It must have you horribly sore inside, clear down to your toes… 😦 Very sorry for that.
    Keep taking care of you. Mega hugs! 🙂

    • Oh, I wish Teagan. I’d love to bring that kind of happiness and pleasure. It is a nice song.The coughing is annoying and tiring but I can put up with it as long as the breathing part still improves.
      I’m always looking after myself, just like a sybarite .
      xxx Fantastic Hugs to you xxx

  5. Hopefully you’ll keep inching towards a recovery this next week.

  6. Your tussle with officialdom is the sort of nightmare I dread… hope common sense prevails soon… have you tried Stone’s ginger wine with hot water,, honey and a squeezed orange… it always stops my coughs in their tracks.. anyway,do hope yours improves..

    • I don’t blame you youir dread Valerie, it can be less painful just cracking your head against a wall. And nothing is urgent to them no matter the problems they cause. Still, in time all will be well….or else.
      Haven’t tried that one but something similar and the phlegm is moving now. Thank you, it’ll be fine soon.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  7. I liked some of Supertramps music. I’m sorry to hear you have been in the wars though, both physically, financially and bureaucratically. An evil combination and guaranteed to defeat even the most resilient of us.

    • Bureaucratically is the worst as they can’t be seen to allow a logical argument to enter their brains.And woe betide anyone asking them to move faster to get it right as they’re about to start taking money that is mine not theirs to recover a debt that doesn’t exist in reality.
      Hope this bit of Supertramp was the bit you enjoyed.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. How do they manage to get simple things so wrong? It is a bit like the council tax if you owe them its pay immediately or court action but if they owe you it’s more of an we will sort it out in the next year if your lucky!
    I am glad you are feeling a bit better but take it easy. Karen xxxx

    • Thanks so much Karen.They really don’t like admitting they’ve made a mistake and now they’ve admitted it, they’ve made a bigger one putting it right.
      Promise I’ll take it easy.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  9. I sympathise over the chest infection. I had one a few years ago and the lack of sleep was debilitating. I ended up propped up on the sofa every night. I finally gained relief when I was prescribed codeine which, I was informed, is a cough suppressant. It was bliss – I was able to manage about 5 hours of sleep after a dose. I’m sure it was that which finally led to my recovery… although the antibiotics probably helped!
    Let’s hope that your find relief from both your cough and the DWP soon. I’m not even going to comment on the latter except to say you are not alone 😉

    • Thanks Jan, That must have been an awful experience for you. I’m used to it and still hate it.
      The cough relief working well but the DWP not so much, the current mess is almosty as bad as the first mess. They just refuse to listen sometimes. I’m sure I’m not alone with it.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Sending you xxx healing hugs xxx and much sympathy. Sadly, it seems to be impossible to have a conversation with any government department that results in a simple and satisfactory outcome… even when they have made a mistake. I know how stressful it can be and I just hope that someone sees sense soon
        much love xxx

      • Thank you for understanding Jan.They’re supposed to speak to Yvonne but often won’t saying they can’t find the permission. But Yvonne doesn’t know benefits anyway and sometimes struggles a bit with my explanations so I picked up the phone 2 weeks ago and tried. They would have to put up with the stuttering, even then though , the people who answered said they are front line staff who have access to some parts of the system but not others, can’t change things and can’t put you through to someone from the processing teams.And all the time you’re paying for the privilege of the phone call. I’ve sent post by recorded delivery which has only been logged onto their system after two weeks and then they can wait until up to 28 working days.
        The current balls up is ridiculously easy to solve, change the start date of 23 May back to 04 Apr as it should be and everything is suddenly back to normal. Sometimes I think they look on this as their money and hate parting with it. The whole point is to help people into the benefit they should have, not keep it from them.
        Sorry….xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. You sound slightly better. I hope you keep improving. Reuben does look very smart… Eventually (?) the DWP will get it right one hopes, but surely… Anyway… Must check (if I ever have time) some of the auction programmes. I used to watch them with my mother in Spain, and the names are familiar….

    • Much better spirits Olga which is half the battle. Reuben looks far too smart to let out I think. The DWP would have got this right if they’d just double checked the dates they’ve made changes from and they certainly had all the dates from me by letter. Now it’s not even a freephone number to get things sorted.
      If you get the chance, you may enjoy some of the auction programmes though stay clear of the UK versions.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  11. My son has Asthma so I understand when you talk about the coughing, David, I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Massive hugs and hope you feel better very, very, very soon.
    Your week seemed busy enough, all things considered and sounds like you had a lovely Father’s Day out. 🙂
    Reuben looks like he’s having a jolly time and he’s certainly looks smart in his Travolta-like dance moves. 🙂
    Take care, dear one, hope the coughing subsides soon.
    Major cough-getting-rid-of-hugs!!! 🙂

    • So sorry Donna, I must have been a right moaning Minnie.this last couple of weeks.I’m feeling much better now, your hugs have helped a lot.
      My father’s day was wonderful, it’s always great having a good get together with the family.
      Yes, Reuben looks better at 2 yrs old than I did in my heyday.
      Thank you, I’ll choke the cough into submission.and force feed them you hugs. They’ll stand no chance.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  12. Oh lawks, what a nightmare the pension and tax, grrrrr I really feel for you. It’s such a pain when these things happen and it sounds like you could well do without the extra stress and hassle right now. Poor David, you’re not sounding any better than last time, I hope the meds knock it on the head soon. Reuben gets even more delicious – That Suit! So adorable. Take care my lovely, please take great care of yourself. Masses of hugs from sweltering Andalucia – 39c today! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Well, at least they’ve kept me busy being annoyed instead of feeling too sorry for myself. Anyway, I’m getting so much better now. I’ll see Reuben on Tuesday. It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I saw him on father’s day.
      I’ll look after myself. Please try not to melt over there.We’re supposed to have a day this week with a temp like that. Yeah, it’ll never happen.
      Hugs and Love to you both xxxxxxxx

  13. The title of this post is perfect! And I’m so glad I inspired you to include Oliver’s Good Morning Starshine. I’m hoping that your coughing desists and you feel well enough soon to sing out LOUD, Good Morning STARSHINE!

    • Thanks so much Pamela. I’m grateful to you for reminding me of Oliver, the song put a smile on my face straight away and I’m sure others must feel like that too.I’m not sure I hate the world enough to sing out loud but perhaps they’ll hear me humming it.
      xxx Massive Hugs from Cymru xxx

  14. Dreamer and Love Hurts were superb choices. I never heard of Oliver but I love the song.
    I hope your health continues to improve. Thanks for sharing your week and the pictures!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed some of the choices Christoph. I never heard of Oliver again after that one but the song seemed to suit it’s time and did make smiling easier.
      Health on the up thank you, the new week will be much better. and if not, hey ho, it’s been a good life.and maybe the hugs will carry on.They seem to be spreading.
      Huge Hugs

  15. Oh, I hate when I leave my shopping list at home. From this: Buddha and the Michelin Man…I am still rolling on the floor.

    I’ve been away a couple weeks due to not feeling so great myself, and didn’t know you were sick. I hope you’re feeling and sleeping better real soon, David. Wow, Reuben rocks that sharp looking suit. Have a great upcoming week.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t been well Mary J. I hope things have improved a lot for you too. Mine’s nothing I haven’t put up with dozens of times before so I’m well used to it.
      Since I often have bread and milk on my list it doesn’t matter if I forget it every week and as Michelin Man I have reserves to live off yet.
      Roobs was in a very sharp suit, he looked at least 30.
      I hope you’re better, and if not that you get as well as you’ve wished me.
      xxx Hundreds of Hugs to help you xxx

  16. I truly enjoy your Sunday tomes. It is like reading a personal diary and one shared with friends, family and strangers. I hope you get back to 100% and enjoy your days and make more time for sleep.


  17. Reblogged this on Michaelphelps1's Blog and commented:
    A nice day with friends and family!

  18. Ruben is styling! 💗 I so want you to feel better. Take care,David. 💗

  19. David, I am so sorry about your sleepless nights and the breathing struggles, and I’m always amazed at your humor, like feeding the steroids. But I’m also grateful you had a good Father’s Day and have a wonderful, adorable and attitude-filled Reuben to remind you of energy and joy and sunshine. Bless you, David. Take care.

    • Hi Marylin, please don’t worry about me. I’m well used to issues like these, the only difference at the moment is the pleasant heat that really doesn’t make things better but is glorious. I don’t want to lose my SOH so always try to keep that going. Fathers Day was fantastic for me even if Reuben wore me out with his excess energy.
      I hope you have a wonderful new week.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  20. Struggling there, still – with that cough, David! Good to know you are on the mend though. When it comes to gov departments and their letters one does need to keep track for they seem to forget what they say from day to day and you’re “on the ball” there 😀

    • I think I’d rather struggle with the cough than with a Gov’t dept. All the carefully worded letters and finally you get a phone call to say you’re right. Then you get a letter that shows whoever did the redetermination just hasn’t listened and your money is corrected but from totally the wrong date, leaving you still with a debt you don’t owe. Such hard work to do your job right. I have a benefits background and can’t figure out why the calculations aren’t double checked before you make fools of the dept by sending letters out.
      It’s wearying.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs Ina xxx

      • Hopeless most are in those services – glad you take it so well and save your “nerves” for better things in life 😀 Many hugs and cheers, David XXXX

  21. I love the photos of Reuben all dressed up. It made me smile today as I’m waiting for my grandson to be born. His name is David Christopher by the way 🙂 Sorry to be a stranger, David. I’m only reading on Sundays now.

  22. I hate it when bureaucracies go bad! (Most of the time, actually.) How frustrating for you. I laughed out loud when I came to the comment about Mike vis a vis Buddha. Seriously, what a great friend he is. Ruben looks adorable as always. But you! You are still worrying me with that cough–although it was too funny about your glasses winding up in your shoe. I hope this week sees a reduction in coughing and an increase in common sense from the pension factory.

    • Yes, my little Buddah is a great friend but lets not boost the ego too much by telling him.
      If disco ever comes back Reuben’s got it made.
      I’m glad you got a laugh from the flying specs, it’s kind of you to worry, but please don’t. I’m surely on the uphill trail now. As for the pension factory, there’s no way they’ll see sense this week. It will take up to 28 working days and then the next person in line will miss the obvious clues and balls it up again.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. I’m pleased you’ve had pleasant weather (any day without shoes is a good day!) family, friends and days out to offset the lingering cough and DWP issues. My Dad is often at war with the Oz equivalent and has at times been banned from their offices… sometimes it seems like just a job to them… and they say it’s the fault of the bosses and the govt for cutting services, but they don’t understand how much it impacts individual recipients. I wonder how patient they’d be if their pay was stuffed about. End of rant.
    Hope you’ve had some more sunny days 🙂

    • We’ve been promised some record breaking temperatures this week though to be fair, anything above freezing is record breaking here. I feel really sorry for your dad. There isn’t even an office we could go into here to talk about it. Annoyingly, they say it’s sorted when it’s obvious someone hasn’t really looked at it at all to correct their mistake.It might be a soulless job to do but you can at least try to do it right. But, individuals don’t matter. They wouldn’t tolerate pay problems for themselves though.
      I hope all is well there and Winter is taking it’s time to get to you.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  24. I’m so relieved you’re starting to feel a bit better! I’m also thoroughly enjoy the ELP track which literally just finished. I’d forgotten how good they were. Thank you 🙂

  25. Okay, the best cure I know of for a chest infection is a hot toddy. Tea, honey, whisky. And extra whisky for good measure.
    It works wonders for me, as I’m pretty sure my daily suspicions of believing I may be feeling one coming on have completely annihilated its chance of actually materializing. So I’m guessing it’s preventative as well. 😀
    Boy, what a dashing young lad that is.
    Feel better, David!

    • No fair, I’m on so many different meds I can’t drink alcohol. If I can’t drink alcohol then I can’t practise prevention and if I can’t practise prevention I shall have to console myself with lot’s of BFG’s. Still, I suppose I can struggle on and make an effort.
      I’m on the road to recovery now thank you.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  26. Hello David! Had to track you down via twitter. The new computer doesn’t appear to recognise WordPress and won’t send me any notifications at all! Couldn’t find you in my reader either.
    Sorry to hear about your woes. What a bellyful you’ve had! I do hope the bureaucratic machinery stops grinding its way in the wrong direction, and your health problems get some kind of sort out. Reuben I won’t even mention-it all goes without saying. That image of Mr Supertramp is truly gruesome. I’ve always disliked them and if he looks like a well-dead corpse now it serves him right.

    • Hello Dear Jane, odd that WordPress seems to have so many problems with other sites. When I follow now on there, I also have to go in and make a change to the notifications and set them to immediate or I also get nothing.
      I’ve stopped whinging now as I finally think the DWP have half got their act together, and I’ll settle for that rather than go through more. Instead of correcting the claim, they’ve now written off the overpayment. This means I don’t have to pay anything back but, I don’t get back the last £25 they took from me as the system will show the early part of the claim was right when in fact it was wrong. At lest I got them to admit it. I’ll know on Thursday whether I’ll be smiling or screaming again. As for the health,, well it’s getting there and despite my moans I know it’s my own fault.
      Sorry Supertramp didn’t please you. I liked a couple of theirs but my taste ran in a different direction usually.Still, it’s worth a try.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Glad to hear you’re getting disentangled from the coils of the system. When that worry is over, your health will have room to improve. I probably hate Supertramp more now than I did back then. My husband plays it to tease me. He likes watching breaking crockery 🙂

      • Oh dear, does that make him a fan or just an annoyance? Any Greek blood? Make sure you’re not holding the best China won’t you.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • I don’t think he really likes Supertramp, just pretends to because he knows it pushes my rage button. Some people are funny like that 🙂

  27. I don’t like Lori and Brandon either but I do think they are probably told to play up for the camera’s, I prefer the version with Jarod & Brandi, if I won the lottery and money was no issue it would be fun to buy lockers to nosey for hidden treasures but would not want to try to make a living from it.

    The programme you mentioned reuniting family members was really interesting because one of my work colleagues was on it, so only told us after it had aired because they were sworn to secrecy. She was reunited with her long lost brother and just to reassure you that it is not all put on for the show he is actually due to come up here to meet more of the family in a couple of weeks.

    Reuben looks so cute in his little suit he is going to be such a heart breaker when he grows up.

    Huge hugs as always xxxx

    • I’m sure you’re right and they’re asked to play up a bit, but they’re far too convincing. I haven’t seen anything with a Jarod and Brandi in yet. My Fave is still the Auction Hunters with the two men who do the job. They’re not in the least nasty.
      I think it could be fun to try too though like you I wouldn’t want to try making a living from it and even if I sound a snob, I’d want to distance myself from the British version which shows us at our worst.
      How fascinating to know someone who found a long-lost relative on the reuniting show. I’m naive enough not to have thought they might be a little staged.

      Reuben’s pretty much a heartbreaker now, he breaks mine every time I find out he likes something I’m eating or drinking and it vanishes in his direction.

      Massive Hugs to you and the Monster Sweetie. xxxx

      • She said it was actually all really carefully done and they were supported through the whole process, some elements of the story were altered slightly but that was avoid upsetting other members of the family and speaking ill of people who passed away.

      • I’d say that’s a good judgement call from someone. I’m glad most of the reactions are genuine though as some of the cases are heartbreaking.
        xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  28. Precious Photos! Wish you were not going through this breathing difficulty! Lots of Hugs on the wings of my prayer! 🙂

  29. Who is the cute little guy?

  30. Hello David, I’m so sorry you still have that horrible cold. I hope your coughing and breathing get much better soon. You had me cracking up with the word ‘Manageress’! I enjoyed all of Reuben’s photos, especially the ones where he’s wearing the suit. He looks like a little James Bond in the making. I liked the music videos as well. 😀 ❤ Hugs & Kisses ❤

    • Hello Vashti, the bronchitis is leaving now so nearly everything is back in working order thanks.. I’m glad you liked little Odd Job’s pictures, never mind James Bond and I’m thrilled if you enjoyed any of the music.
      xxx Massive Hugs 🙂 xxx

  31. I’m glad to hear you’re getting better. I’ve been through that type of coughing and know how tiring it is. I hate it when my chest starts to hurt. Oddly enough, even with the filthy air here, I have fewer episodes of bad sinus trouble than I had in the U.S. I can breathe through my nose here. Maybe moving to a different country confused my sinuses.Reuben looks smart in his suit. He seems to like being suited up. Perhaps you have a future model on your hands. Continue to take care of yourself. That was hilarious about finding your glasses in your shoe. I hope they get your pension straightened out soon. 🙂 Massive Hugs to you also. 🙂

    • Things are getting better all the time thanks Suzanne, I’m glad you’re having fewer episodes of bad sinus and breathing there.
      Reuben did look smart but somehow overdressed too, I think it’s maybe the hats I don’t care for much as they make him look like a wide boy. I’m glad you enjoyed the story of my self folding glasses I was glad to have them safe.
      The pension is finally sorted again.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  32. I love your choice of music, and glad you are getting better, but st

  33. but still your tiredness means you have to be good keeping low profile and resting more. Chest infection is not fun.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  34. I would be tempted to think you were better served by providing the doctor with your tax figures and sending the sputum sample to the DWP?

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