Tuesday’s Desperate Dash & Hiding from the fruit aisle.

I went to sleep sometime after 2.00 am this morning, and not for want of trying. Perhaps I should have tried the lounge but I was nicely supported where I was in a corner of the bed against the wall. I was also far enough away that Mike’s snores, snuffles and occasional batches of conversation didn’t bother me whereas in the lounge I was closer. I got up at 4.47 am, I know not why but it was a good time to start on my mail until it was time for my meds. There were some nice comments on the blog which took a good while to answer and I was also trying to comment on other blogs myself as well as send tweets. At 6.00 am I broke off to take the meds and to have some breakfast to take the steroids with. It was back to cornflakes again today. Once I’d done, I made my coffee, took my after food tablets and went back to my bedroom.  Between 6.30 am and about 8.00 am I managed to empty one mail account and make a good start on the other, but I was falling asleep on the keyboard again so I had to break off and decided to nod in the chair in the lounge till Mike got up.

It was bloody typical to be woken up by Mike as he came through to make himself a coffee. It was 8.40 am, what the heck was he doing up before 11.00 am? He didn’t know either. I had to rouse myself long enough to hold a conversation about what to do for the day. The forecast was a bit disgusting but as always, at least the gardens would benefit from the rain. In the end I suggested a visit to a Chester Aquarium/Garden Centre that turned out to be on the Wirral and not at all far away. By 9.50 am we were on our way. The place was quite a size and all the garden statuary, the various fountains and the paving flags were all displayed well outside and there was a beautiful big koi pond that also held moorhens. We went straight inside for a coffee ( I had tea) before starting to explore the interior. It was very well stocked and I found some of the tank lighting Mike has been looking for  for such a long time. But he blanched when he saw the price.

We wandered round looking at tank set ups and at the fish ( and some rats and birds too) and found plenty of things we liked but Mike would have to leave early if he bought anything today. He’d much rather stay and make me suffer as long as possible. At lunch time we went back to the cafe.  The meals were very basic but nicely cooked and tasty. This time I had a cold drink to take my tabs with and which I could reseal to sip anytime I was thirsty- like all the time in the outside heat. Once lunch was over, we had another quick flick round and then headed for the car. We drove back to Flint and Mike dropped off at Aldi to see if there were any specials, we did actually pick up a couple of things. Then he decided to divert to Holywell to try the Lidl Supermarket too. I bought some milk ice lollies in there mainly because Ju loved them so much. We started to head for home but were turned back at the top of my hill by the police. I’m guessing there was some kind of Catholic ceremony at the Holy Well. I had to blindfold Mike and guide him the secret way down to the coast road, he did well. When we got home he took charge of doing Ju’s flowers and creating a nice display for her.

It must have been about 4.30 pm when he left and my first opportunity to get back to my mail. Over 240 in just one account took a lot of thinning. At about 6.15 am I was starting to struggle with my eyes and had to give up. I went through and turned the TV on as that’s guaranteed to make me doze. The Hobbit was just starting but I couldn’t stay awake. I missed half an hour or so then woke up and saw the rest. That brought me back in here about 9.00 pm and I worked until 11.000 pm before taking my tablets and then starting the blog. I think we’re back to normal.


Sic transit gloria Monday. At least the sleep part of it. My light went out at 1.00 pm after a short read. I’ve no idea how long it took me to drop off but the coughing and the constant need for cool liquid had me trotting back and forth to the loo. It occurs to me that maybe I should move my chair there so I don’t have far to travel. I woke ready for anything( that didn’t involve exercise) like a bullet at 3.03 am. Straight on to booting up the computer and starting the mail. To be fair, that didn’t take as long this morning as I’d only finished the mail from last night what felt like 10 minutes ago. I managed to empty both boxes by 5.31 am and went straight on to writing a letter to the DWP to ask if they’d like to have another go at correcting things for me, but maybe getting it right this time. I see no reason why I should pay for their mistake. I’m also a little grouchy that someone could phone last week to say all was done and OK without bothering to check that all was done and OK. She’s wasted my time and hers really and it doesn’t make her look overly efficient. How typical also that the letter she promised had been sent on Monday should not arrive until a Saturday when I can’t do anything. Build my hopes up just to dash them back down again.

At 6.00 am it was time to stop whinging and put a smile on my face. Well, I actually waited until 6.10 am after I’d had breakfast and all the associated meds. Once that was done and I had my coffee in hand I could come back to my bedroom and the post I haven’t been able to deal with recently. I’ve missed my friends. Somewhere before 8.00 am I wrote another letter to the DWP pointing out the catalogue of errors now following me. Once done, I got washed and dressed and plucked up the courage to ring them before sending the letter off as recorded delivery. The first lady I got was very pleasant and even better, very patient while I stuttered out the problem, A phone call says all is fixed, a letter says all isn’t, which is right? Everything fixed I’m told. Great so no overpayment any more. Oh yes, that’s still there and they’ll start recovery this week. It hasn’t been fixed then I told her. Well, she said, I think you should put the phone down and then ring the same number asking to speak to change of circumstances team. It seemed a bit pointless to keep pointing out there hasn’t been a change in circumstances and it’s that which has caused the problem. Anyway, I do as she suggests and I get an even nicer lady who listens to my tale of woe and agrees the early period of April to May 25th is what is causing the problem. But, she says, I only deal with state pensions not with pension credits. I was on the point of imploding but she added, however I’ve done an email to a friend who works on the pension credit team and asked her to look at these specific details for you. I managed to stutter thanks and put the hated phone down. I decide to take the letter to the post office so I have a record of having asked for the re-determination again.

A little later I started doing my lunch, beef, potatoes in sun dried tomato and veg. I received a text from Yvonne asking how I am. I said just  a bit stressed from having to use the phone and explained why I’m not the biggest fan in the world of the DWP at the moment. Seconds later my mobile rang and I could see it was Yvonne but I couldn’t hear anything. A text came said the DWP are ringing you now and my house phone went off. Bear in mind I’ve made 2 calls recently that have stressed me out and they’re the first in years. Well, it’s been about 8 years since I answered a phone and here I am having no choice, Yvonne would normally do this. Anyway it was Lynne, the lady who spoke to Yvonne last week. She apologised about the discrepancy and said she’s written off the £142 debt ( though why she’s done that instead of correcting the claim I don’t know). She added the problem occurred because I provided details of the gross pension in April and details of the nett in May. I suggested she lookin the file again because when I provided the gross figure and details that it was a 1.2% increase, I also provided a bank statement showing the nett payment going in. There was a lot of rustling but she found it. So now they accept I don’t know about increases until I physically receive them. That I am paid at the end not the beginning of the month and that I do provide proof of any changes when I get them. Hopefully this will be put to bed now and I’ll get a letter showing I owe nothing. On Thursday a figure should go in the bank reflecting the right rate . I’m going to ignore the £25 they still owe me rather than go through this again.

My lunch was cooling fast when I got to it but I enjoyed it along with the taste of success. Remarkably I even stayed awake for Bargain Hunt and saw both teams make a profit at auction. It was time to come back to my room and look  at the mail again. Two things caught my interest in the mail, One, a message from a friend I’d sent a box of chip shop curry sauce to had received it and intended having chips to celebrate, that’s despite the 30C temperature. Funny the things you crave abroad isn’t it. Two was in fact two items both purporting to be from my ISP Talk Talk. One message says they couldn’t collect on my phone bill of £92.00 this month, they’d be lucky if I spent 92p on a phone bill in this house. Very clever way to worry people into opening their bank details to make a payment. Whilst the second was even more clever, a message saying I needed to open my email account properly as the box is at capacity at the moment. This is a devious way of getting at your email  accounts so they can order things and can if needs be use your account to spam the world.

I nipped back through for an episode of Who Do You Think You Are with the actress Alex Kingston. I felt quite embarrassed for her when she discovered a great, great grandmother in court charged with running a Victorian Bawdy House. To my surprise she was soon chuckling away having taken it in her stride. It was funny to see at every census how she’d moved and gone to a better address. She owned two other properties which she could not have done had she remarried after being widowed. As a mother with quite a few children I think she did rather well. The rest of the afternoon drifted along nicely except I had to find an alternate quiz thanks to Wimbledon but since I accidentally fell over a chunk of BFG in the fridge for tea I thought it fair recompense. For part of the teatime ritual I watched an episode of Wheeler Dealers, if the BBC hadn’t taken over both channels I might have got another quiz. The heat is fairly unbearable today too and the evening hasn’t cooled it at all. I may have to take a fan into the lounge tonight. I’ve tried to keep apace with the mail and mainly done OK. but there may be times when I struggle a bit still as the heat affects my breathing too. That should just about cover me for every excuse going now if I need to skive.

With luck in the morning I’m going to try and see Yvonne and Reuben. I need her advice on a birthday gift if she can help too. But I’d like to buy her a gift for all the help she is to me.

Little Nathan.

Little Nathan.


4.32 am And All’s Well! I don’t think I shall be knocking on too many windows to announce it though. Some of my neighbours have a very good aim and a strong throwing arm. I’m sure I must have got the full 3 hours last night but with the recent problems on the sleep front thought I might have been excused the early shift.  Once I’d been to the Piddle Palace the idea began to grow on me. Any work I could do this morning would be so much less than would greet me on my return from Chester. Anyhow, what the heck else was I going to do between then and 7.30 am?  I gingerly opened my first post box and started. It was good, things were going down well and the time was passing nicely.

At 6.00 am I broke off for my meds and to have some breakfast. That way I was able to have my steroids. I’m on the downwards dose of them now with just two days to go, whereas I finish the antibiotics today. Going back to the bedroom I concentrated on getting dressed. I could already tell it was going to be a warm day- possibly the promised heatwave- so stuck to jeans and a tee-shirt under a smart jacket. I need the jacket for the pockets of course, not to look smart. By the time 7.20 am had arrived I’d cleared the mail from my main box and was ready to go. As soon as 7.30 am arrived I stepped outside the front door and immediately knew what I’d meant by ‘Stuck to jeans’. It was really warm. I was sweating and gasping for breath well before the bus stop but was able to pause and stick a glacier fruit in my mouth so I didn’t feel as though I was trekking the Kalahari. Eventually I got there and tookmy glasses off to clean the steam off the lenses just as a bus went sailing past. Dammit, I thought, that’s mine and stuck my glasses back on just as my bus pulled up.

The heat on the bus was enough to send me back to sleep on and off for most of th journey but I was ready by the time the bus arrived at 8.45 am to find Yvonne and Reuben waiting patiently at the stop. I heard “Pops, Pops, Pops” in Roobs’ raspy voice when he says my name and had to fly over for a kiss. Yvonne said he’d been hugely excited all morning. Our usual Costa coffee wasn’t quite open yet and having recently had the McD special of strawberry lemonade I didn’t want to repeat it. So,we had a short walk round the £ shop for a couple of things and then headed for Primark where the Costa is sited. I gave Yvonne money to order which she brought back to the table part way through saying the till was broken and she had to use her card. I bided my time and when it came time to pay I sneaked up behind her and took her card from the machine, passing my money to the staff member direct. Even he thought I was part ninja. I had to get back to the table smartish though as I’d left Reuben on his own and heaven knows what he’d buy. I had an iced lemonade and an all day breakfast sandwich, Yvonne had an iced decaff Mocha so as not to make the baby hyperactive and some toast. Reuben helped himself to anything he wanted to go with his honey nut loops.

I was gobsmacked that I was able to get away with getting Roobs some shoes, trousers and a shirt without complaint and that I was able to get a top and some soft pants for Yvonne without the usual fighting and screaming, and that’s just me. By the time we got out of Primark we were thirsty again and went to the BHS ( British Home Stores) just over the road where Yvonne had an iced tea and got me a pepsi floater. Ugh, disgusting. OK, I don’t like ice-cream much but I do like my Pepsi and this tasted far too strong to be that. I went to get a teaspoon to give Roobs the ice cream but clever lad wasn’t interested. He’s one of the few children I know that doesn’t care for ice-cream. We finally moved from there to a Supermarket for Yvonne to get some shopping. Surprisingly we didn’t sit down for a third drink. I was able to find the birthday gift I needed during the course of the morning so that when I went home I had a couple of small bags and didn’t feel a failure.

They waved me off on the bus at 11.45 am and then waved again as they passed us parked a little further up. Then again as we passed them as we started to move off finally. The pattern of the inward journey replicated the outward one, snooze in the heat much of the way. Now, certain of my Australian contingent may wish to sit down. The plan was that I fancied something cool like a salad and so was going to call in at Pauline’s. The problem was I’d had two drinks out this morning then an hour on the bus. No way could I stop so it was straight home, throw the crutches on the floor and run! Eventually when the flow stopped I was able to rescue my sticks and go back out for tomatoes and coleslaw. I would have liked some new potatoes too but she didn’t have any. I replaced them with pickled beetroot so it was OK and I just added some cold meat and a slice of bread.

During lunch I watched another Who Do You Think You Are with the great actress Celia Imrie and her fascinating forbears from Britain’s leading families, during the time of James I and beheaded as a traitor, though pardoned some years later by William of Orange. Her 8 times Great Grandmother was also involved in an earlier incident as she sought to have her marriage annulled to another leading family of the time. She won but they took exception to it and tried to destroy her and her second husband. They found themselves in the Tower of London sentenced to be hung. Luckily the sentence was commuted and they were released though slandered continually she died not many years after she was released. After lunch I came back to work until 5.00 pm as the mail had built up during the day. At 5.00 pm I quizzed until 7.00 pm then I came back through and the slavedriver has kept me at it ever since. Whatever you do don’t give your conscience too much power.

Above is a song sent by my friend Author S J Sprague. I’ve never heard it or of the film it came from. Anyone else in the same position?


I tried for ages to get to sleep last night and when I woke found it was only half an hour since I’d started trying. The heat was oppressive, no doubt due to the size of the room and the fact the windows were closed. I moved through to the lounge and managed t fall asleep in my chair. It was 4.21 am when I got up. Too erly for drugs and/or breakfast so after my nip to the karsie (Cockney rhyming slang- Karsie Moilet-Toilet)(Don’t ask) I came back and booted up the monster. I was soon in full swing emptying my mail box No 1. I did stop at 6.00 am for some toast and the associated drugs as well as my sprays. That kept me away until 6.30 am when I returned to continue my work. I was actually at it until 8.40 am with all the pieces that kept nipping in when I thought I was clear. 9.15 am saw me clear box No 2 which felt great. I need to do some house work this morning as well as checking to see if Pauline has any new potatoes yet.

I don’t know what directed my tootsies this morning but they took me over the road to Pauline’s competition-The One Stop. I managed to get some potatoes there and some hard boiled eggs, yes I could have boiled my own but that would have meant buying half a dozen and maybe wasting them. I picked up a bottle of pop a half cucumber and some nicer tomatoes than yesterday’s and finally some salad cream. So I didn’t feel too guilty about spending over there I took £3 off them for a lottery win. Then I crossed the road and trying to hide my purchases from Pauline picked up fresh bread, my TV mag and a couple of ice lollies that promised to be orange flavoured, they weren’t, it was just coloured water on a stick. I kept my bag on the floor below the counter hoping no-one would see the earlier purchases but I kept knocking the bag over until someone offered to come round and help. I squealed and said No thanks, I’d manage. What I really meant was, don’t worry, I can manage to mangle the bread and tear the magazine without help. I went home.

I had one of the ice lollies while I unpacked since my mouth now had the distinct feeling that camels had crossed it in the search for water without luck. The ice did at least relieve that. I went through to check the mail levels and didn’t notice the lolly was dripping precious water and my tee shirt and jeans were turning radioactive orange. A bit more washing later maybe. I tootled round with the hoover with some Shake n’ Vac and ran the mop over the laminate. I was sweating so much there wasn’t much chance of it drying. Last year we had a splendid Summer, the first in a long time but I don’t remember heat like this. I suppose at some stage I could turn the fire off and just have the radiators on stand by? Having used my valuable time for titivating it was soon lunch time, and I enjoyed my lunch much better than I had yesterday. And that’s with even just remembering at this very minute that I forgot my pickled beetroot. Still, I did have plenty and finished off with an Aero mousse. Somehow my lunchtime viewing ended up as rebuilding a tank from WWII by Suggs from Madness. I don’t even know why except that it would be the only one left working in the world if they could succeed. They did.

After lunch there was no excuse to dodge work any more and I came back to catch up on my post. There was a lot of it and it took some clearing but by 3.15 pm I’d managed. Knowing that it would still keep coming in, and not wanting to sit at my desk any longer I decided to go through and try for a snooze before games night. For some reason the snooze didn’t happen and I just sat there watching the rain come down though the heat was as intense as ever. We’ve been promised thunder storms in some areas, I hope they bring the heat down if they happen. it was almost 5.30 pm when Dil arrived tonight. The traffic has no changed pretty much to Summertime so he’ll be held up a lot unless he manages to get away earlier. We did what we could on the quiz before turning off and setting up the table at 6.00 pm. We played Yahtzee first  and the score was 4 – 2, I’m quite sure you don’t need to know who won, after all it’s the taking part that counts I’m told. Trivia was next and despite the fact my head stores so much rubbish trivia it didn’t help me win. Finally we played three games of Cribbage . I won the last game, the hardest one of course. Hrumph.

Dil left at 9.30 pm and I tidied up and washed the pots before taking my meds and coming through to work. Lots of mail again but I also need to allow time for the blog so I set a 10.30 pm limit on messages. By that time there was a huge downpour outside and it just started to get a bit cooler. It was wonderful.


After the storms last night it did seem to cool a little, enough for me to stay and sleep in my room anyway, though to be fair I think I was tired. Light off at 1.00 am I propped myself up in the corner and nodded. I woke at 4.01 am this morning and it was still grey and fortunately still cool. It wasn’t destined to stay that way for long. The lighter it got outside , the sunnier, the sunnier it got, the warmer. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the last dose of the steroids with bacon sandwiches for breakfast. It seemed a good idea at the time. At 5.30 am I went through to the kitchen to take my meds and to put the bacon under the grill. Yes, that’s right. A heatwave outside the house and this bright spark thinks of putting the grill on. Even the butter on my bread was melting before I could spread it. After I’d eaten and washed up I headed back to the bedroom and my waiting mail boxes. There was something trickling down my leg and I was left hoping it was sweat since I’d already passed the loo twice.

I worked on the mail until 8.30 am then decided to get washed and dressed. I wish I’d bought a pair of shorts this week even if my legs might cause offence. A shame I can’t get away with treating my lounge pants as outside wear. At 9.30 am, once the Mother’s Mafia had gone I went to Pauline’s for some extra milk, my lottery and ended up with a jam roly poly as well. That should make Mike happy if we have it for supper. It had gone a little dull outside and the air was oppressive. I’m expecting to see another thunder storm at this rate. I alternated between the mail and little dozes in the lounge all morning. I really want to shake off this cough and thought sleep might help, Ha, I’d have gone to sleep anyway. By the time lunchtime came around I had a corned beef hash and sat back to watch a car renovation programme. Why, I don’t drive and have no interest in cars? I think it’s that the presenters are quite entertaining and obviously enjoy what they do. After lunch I washed up and returned to the office.

I worked on mail all afternoon and at 4.00 pm got a message from Mike to say he was on the way. That would be a 7.00 pm arrival then if the traffic was OK. I finished work at 5.00 pm to watch a quiz and just stayed there. OK, I didn’t necessarily have both eyes open at the same time for the whole time, so sue me. Mike arrived at 7.00 pm so I made his coffee and we nattered to see how his week had been. It seemed to have been OK. He didn’t want a meal so I left it an hour and checked again. Still no, right I cut him a slab of my Cadbury’s chocolate roll to nibble. Obviously I couldn’t let him eat alone. We watched a little TV and then about 9.30 pm I took my meds and came through to work. Before breaking off at 10.30 pm to do the blog I’d been getting crosser and crosser following an argument between a friend and the leader of a cult church in the US. I say the leader now because at first it wasn’t clear. It seemed to to be a church supporter who didn’t want to be named. But leader it was, who then posted numerous ,messages of support to the Church all of which oddly came from the ISP. This group is demonising the LGBT world and with the supposed level of support is getting more donations and recruits than ever. There are the usual fears of children going to same sex homes as well as same sex marriage being wrong. Whether this is a hard held belief or just a suitable vehicle for collecting donations I’m not 100% sure but it’s clear the message will continue as long as the money rolls in. Another cult like this where the sick morally and mentally carry the message is quite likely to end with more killings. You know straight away they won’t hold up their hand as responsible don’t you. The world is sick.


Mike actually said goodnight last night just before midnight and settled to sleep. That”s very early for him and I was quite pleased  as it might make getting him up this morning easier. I decided to nip to the loo at 12.30 am before putting my book down and trying for some sleep. I crept quietly along the passage until I reached the loo door then opened it and almost had a coronary as a little object muttering to himself walked out. There was that sweat rolling down my leg again. “I was asleep and woke up” he told me, “You don’t say” was my response “go back to bed while I clean this puddle up”. An hour later I was still struggling to drop off in the heat and packed up my treasures and headed for the lounge. At some point I succeeded and enjoyed a nice doze. I woke at 5.11 am.

Back in my room I turned the computer on  and made a start on the post. I could only work until 6.00 am before going to prepare some breakfast as I didn’t want to eat too late. So at 6.00 am I put two slices of bread in the toaster, took my pre-foodie, took my sprays and other tablets, set my post-foodies to one side and went to get my medications drawer. I tried to smoke a cigarette while I worked to give me a good idea of how long I had but practice tells me that this particular job always takes longer than 15 minutes. Eventually my trays were restocked, old packaging consigned to the bin and prescription request for Monday prepared. I ate my now cold toast and it was delicious then downed the two post-foodies I had waiting. It was 6.45 am , there was still time to concentrate on the post before having to worry about my ghost. It was approaching 8.00 am when I started to feel very tired. I was almost at the end of my first box so I tried to hang on but it wasn’t working. I was starting to nod over the keyboard. Mike is always worried about International Relations in case I write something inappropriate while I’m asleep. It would be a bloody miracle if I actually wrote anything legible. For the sake of Hands across the Seas I decided to give up and take a rest.

I didn’t want to wake Mike too early to go to his father’s but I had a choice. Wake him too early and suffer the swearing or wake him too late and suffer the swearing. I thought I’d found the ideal middle ground. I’d wake him now with a coffee and go to sleep straight away so I didn’t hear anything. That’s what I did. I took the coffee through, repeated his name till he actually moved, introduced him to the coffee , light the blue touch paper and retire. By the time he came through to the lounge with his coffee I had the TV on and was spark out. It must have been 9.30 am before I came round and first thing I noticed-no swearing. That’s because Big Bang Theory had made him smile. I’m buying DVD’s of that for the future. He left just after 10.00 am to go to his Dad’s and he seemed in good humour. Let’s hope it lasts.

At lunch time I made myself sweet potato mash with sausages and baked beans, wonderful. There are sausages left if Mike needs a sandwich later on. After lunch I worked on and got both mail accounts clear but that never last for more than a few minutes. I watched an old Who Do You Think You Are for an hour and then came back to the mail and to have a look at ebay which I seem to have neglected recently. I continued to monitor the mail until 5.00pm when I left to go watch a quiz.  mike sent a text at 5.40 am to say he was on his way back so I knew to put the kettle on after an hour. At 6.00 pm I cheered myself with a couple of old episodes of Big Bang. I put the kettle on at 6.40 pm and it boiled just as Mike walked in. It was good timing as the adverts were on. I brought his drink out of the kitchen and we watched the last of the programme together. I went through for a shower and Mike came to wash my hair for me before we returned to the lounge for ‘Would I Lie To You’ which as usual was very funny. After that I made sandwiches and got Mike to see to the jam roly poly. I haven’t the foggiest idea what we watched while we ate, nor what came after. It must have been enthralling. At 9.30 pm I made a runner for the kitchen to get my tablets then came through to do my last catch up on mail and the blog. I was best out of the way as Mike isn’t too pleased with me comparing his bald patch to the size of a tea plate.


There was more rain during the night. The closeness had sent me scuttling for the lounge to sleep, and sleep I had. I woke up at 5.11 am  and it was both bright and light outside. There obviously was less time than usual so I ploughed straight into one of my mail boxes until 6.00 am when I put one piece of bread in the toaster and took all my meds. By 6.30 I needed to be ready with Mike’s drink. I was ready in time and the moment I heard him turn his alarm off I was in like a shot with his coffee. I made sure I was loud enough telling him the drink was there and also letting him know that I was going to be taking the rubbish out. There was a grunt so I left him a few minutes. Having done the main rubbish bin and the food waste, I can back in and called out “Time to rise and shine Mike, coffee’s going cold” even before his alarm went off th second time. I took out the recycling bags and as I came back in he was up and on his way to the lounge. “Remember ” he said “it’s a A 1 C 2 day so no getting inventive on your blog as though I never get up.” He’s a real spoilsport sometimes.

Having got him up with his drink but not yet ready to move out, I started the mail again and by 7.10 am managed to empty the first mail box. Mike started to get things together  so I got dressed so it wouldn’t be me who delayed us and give him the chance to rib me unmercifully. We were out a little late but still managed to get to the Supermarket before 8.00 am. I held up the cash machine while Mike tried begging for a £ coin to put in the trolley. And we were off! Some nice Welsh new potatoes first which has to be nicer than the pre-peeled ones in herb butter. Trying my very best to ignore the fruit and veg aisle I edged my way round to the flowers where we chose a nice bunch for Julia. As Mike has arranged for us to meet his daughter and two grandsons later we decided not to change the place we bought the flowers in case it costs us time. We swung round the outer edge of the shop until we reached the gents clothing but were disappointed this week that no-one had saved us any bargains. In a major sulk we moved on towards the food section. I felt obligated to buying food as I don’t think the diet story will hold water any longer. So I got some meat, butter, bread, yoghurts (health food), sweets and enough pop to float a battleship then remembered to add some milk and some cereal. We crept our way steadily towards the tills  looking to make a last minute dash if we found a gap. We did.

A few minutes later in the cafe we celebrated with a drink. Mike had his usual Americano while I had a strawberry milk shake that I could stand on my head sans cup. Every time I tried sucking it through a straw it laughed at me. But it was really cold and that’s what I needed. After loading the car we rode over to Flint where I picked up a couple of items from my Homies before we went for a drink at Temptations. Ceri thanked us for her birthday gift while Mike teased her unmercifully about how sober she was- or wasn’t. Someone hadn’t arrived at work and she was very busy. We left and went to the frozen food shop where I got a lifetime supply of ice lollies and some bags of ice cubes just in case I wanted to try a slush puppy (sno-cone). We shot off home to unpack before the ice cubes left a trail behind us. Once everything was unpacked and away we were able to have a short breather then head off again to meet my niece (Mike’s daughter) Lisa. That was back in Colwyn Bay where Mike and I first met(before Lisa was born) and where we both lived though we’ve been like Romanies since then. And even Lisa lives in Poland now. Mike treated us all to lunch then we had a wander in the sunshine and I bought ice  creams. We even bumped into someone we knew from 40 years ago and managed to do some catching up. Soon enough it was time to depart and after saying goodbye to Lisa and the children and a very swift hello -goodbye to Mike’s ex wife we set off home again.

Back here I was able to do a bit of catch up on my mail but as usual at 6.00 pm I went back through to keep Mike company. We ended up watching programmes about the final 3 days of Gettysburg. Such butchery. At 9.00 pm I was glad to be able to come back through and start again.

In da hood.

In da hood.

Da attitude

Da attitude


Have a wonderful week everyone, full of love, beautiful weather and Hugs galore.



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71 responses to “Tuesday’s Desperate Dash & Hiding from the fruit aisle.

  1. Well David it appears you are felling much better, so glad for that the situation with the funds was resolved. It’s maddening isn’t it! I think Reuben looks adorable in the red shirt and shorts (the hat too). What a cutie. A big hug to you David have a great week.

    • Much, much better thanks Suzanne.And much relieved that finally the money situation was resolved. I feel sorry for anyone going in to battle against these people without some knowledge.
      Reuben’s outfit suits him but I wouldn’t dare try the same thing with knees like mine.
      xxx I send you Humongous Hugs and big thanks Suzanne xxx

  2. What a lovely week you’ve shared with us, David. Thank you. 🙂 The picture of Reuben with his arms folded made me smile. Steve Winwood AND the Mamas and Papas — music to feed my soul. And best of all, you seem to be feeling better. Hugs to the cast of “characters” from your week. Mega hugs to you. ❤ 🙂

    • You really are adorable Teagan. No matter how badly things go, you’re there to bolster flagging spirits.Reuben in his ‘attitude’ pose made me laugh too.
      I’m so glad you found music to feed your soul again, our tasted must coincide a lot. Thank you so much, yes, I’m well on the way to wellness again. At least the spirit isn’t down for long.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  3. Love the attitude and pic of Nathan when he was a baby. Same Time Next Year is one of my favorite movies so I love that song. Have a great week!!

    • Thanks so much George, I liked those particular photographs too. I can’t understand why I’ve never heard of either the film or the song before now but I’m so glad you liked them.

  4. Lovely to hear you are feeling better.

  5. Beautiful post, and I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Loved every single song this time. The one was new to me, too.
    Great to see Reuben, as always. As I’m having my godson visiting this weekend I’m reminded how much fun kids are.
    Happy Sunday, Sunday!

    • Diolch Christoph. You’re a lovely breeze with your comments. I’m so glad I managed to strike a chord with the songs this week.I always hope there’s something for everyone.
      Enjoy the visit with your godson.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs

  6. Phew-eee! I’m so happy that you are feeling better and that your battle with the money peeps is now resolved. Maybe the Orange ice lolly had something to do with it? those powerful colourants are a cure-all for everything! I love Who Do You Think You Are – have you seen the one with Billy Connelly ? It’s probably on YouTube and definitely worth watching if you fancy a laugh 🙂 it’s also good news that the UK is enjoying some well deserved sunshine – doesn’t it make a difference to ones spirits? Have a great week David and guess what I’m having for lunch? 😉 thank you thank you thank you ! Ginormous hugs to you from your Iberian Correspondentxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thanks so much Lottie. Yes, maybe the orange lolly had a lot to do with the result, it certainly had an effect on my attitude anyway.
      Not seen the Billy Connolly one yet but will look out for it now.
      The sunshine has brought out the smiles every where- even with me.
      I’m so sorry it was such a small pack but I hope you enjoy every mouthful. If you need anything just let your Welsh correspondent know.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • You are utterly wonderful! I hope you have joy finding the Billy Connolly one, I’m sure that you will enjoy it. Have a sunshine-y, bright smiling day xxxxxxx

  7. I reckon I know where Reuben gets his “da Attitude” from 😀 what a great way to be! Spirits ‘r up – that’s the way! Have a great week you too, David – lots of hugs

    • Actually he’s giving, da attitude lessons so I’ve signed up for some. Any queries with the DWP from now on he can deal with. My spirits are high thanks Ina thanks to good friends.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. A lovely read, David ~ so happy you are recovering now, I hope the improvement continues. Reuben’s becoming a proper little lad now, full of fun and mischief, bless him! Take care, love and (((Huge Hugs))) x 🙂

    • Thanks so much Jacqueline, the recovery is going well. Yes, he’ll be 2 in August and a proper handful I reckon, fun and mischief, especially mischief all over the show.
      Have a Glorious Week.
      Love and Massive Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Thank you kindly for sharing your week with us, David. I found it in my mailbox this morning (Sunday around 9am here in my part of Canada) and it was a delightful start to the day. 🙂
    It sounds like you’re feeling a bit better and certainly had a busy week. 🙂
    Great musical selections. 🙂
    Nathan is a cutie pie and Reuben had me giggling with his ‘attitude’, reminds me of my son when he was a little guy. 🙂
    Hope you keep feeling better and better, David. 🙂
    Massive hugs.

    • Phew, such a relief Donna, I wasn’t sure the fake passport I was using for the blog would fool anyone so I could get into Canada. I expected to be turned back at the US border.
      Feeling so much better thanks Sweetie thanks to all my friends wishing me better.
      I’m glad you approved the musical selections, I tried not to do them all my age so you’ll have heard of some.
      Nathan is cute and I remember when Reuben was like that rather than a bruiser.
      Have a beautiful week Donna, I’m wishing you well.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  10. Reblogged this on Michaelphelps1's Blog and commented:
    I love readin about such an Interesting Life!

    Thank you, Lord David.

  11. I’m pleased to see you’re better and congratulations on managing to deal with the DWP and survive to tell the tale. I didn’t know the song or the movie either… Love Reuben’s pic. He looks “cool”… Great music. Keep well.:) Big hugs!

    • Thank you Olga. Improving greatly all the time. Anmnoyance alone made me get the DWP sorted. It’s ridiculous an outsider has to remind them how to do the job.
      Reuben looks cool but I’m not arguing with him. Glad you liked some of the music and that I’m not alone in not knowing that one.
      Please look after yourself,
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  12. What?? Reuben doesn’t like ice cream? Oh, good heavens I don’t think I’ve ever come across that rarity in a child. I’ll be curious to know if this is a lifetime denial of the frozen food.
    And what a relief to hear you’re feeling better and finally getting your monetary dues. Frustrating on both fronts, but successful in the end. I’m so glad to know of it.
    Here’s to a peaceful week full of fun and not phones.
    Cheers, David!

  13. Hello my friend. I sense that you are feeling much better. What a relief!!! Love the fact that you are a stealth Ninja – that is totally cool. Love the music this week. Reuben is looking very chipper and hip!! I am sorry you having trouble with the heat. We were at 108 degrees yesterday and it sucked!!! Today it is only supposed to be 100 – thank goodness for that. Of course, we just hide in our air-conditioned houses during the heat of the day and slink back out to the pool when the sun begins to sink.
    Speaking of fishy lights, my husband bought me one for Christmas, it has all these different modes, including a moonlight mode which I love.
    I am sending you a present. I don’t know if you have seen this, but it makes me happy to watch, as I hope it does you too. Caught on dashcam – Dover police – hopefully this link works. Will talk with you next week. Stay cool, man (California speak). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XFBUM8dMqw

    • Much, much better thanks you It’s a relief to breathe again. Yes, I’m definitely a stealth ninja and I think it’s years of dancing sixties style while no-one is looking does it.
      I’m glad Roobs didn’t have his ‘hipness’ around in the 60’s or I’d have never made stealth ninja.
      I bet the fishy lights look tremendous and must do a lot for their love lives.
      The present is fantastic,he’s a vocal ninja, the style sort of creeps up on you. I bet the poor soul loved seeing that on youtube. I love it thanks.
      I’ll try to keep cool and stay hip all at the same time though I’m a man and not sure I can do two things at once.
      Have a Fantastic Week,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  14. I may be dating myself but the mystery song is certainly familiar to me. Seems it’s Johnny Mathis who won the Oscar in 1975 for best film sound track: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same_Time,_Next_Year_%28film%29 Glad to hear you’re back in the saddle and all’s well with the world! xo

    • Now I quite like Johnny Mathis’ voice but had never heard that one before. Maybe the film didn’t have as much success over here?
      Almost back in the saddle but all is def alright with the world thanks to my wonderful friends so thank you.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  15. Glad to see you’re feeling better! As to American fundamentalist churches–so many of them seem to be awful people. One wonders if they have ever actually read the New Testament, because their beliefs don’t seem to mesh up with what I remember. Reuben looks adorable, as always! Here’s to an even better week next week!

  16. More laughs–piddle Palace. 😉 I’m reading this on my iPad and for some reason, I couldn’t view the videos. I do hope you start feeling better, soon, David. My friend, you need more rest. Have a great week. Hugs.

  17. Salad /and/ phone calls [plural]! Downunder has tipped sideways in shock. 😀 So glad you got the DWP sorted out. – massive hugs-

  18. Glad you are feeling better, David. Stay cool and have a lovely week. Here’s some hugs. 😊💖

  19. Aaah, you got your sweet potato mash and sausages. The beans were a nice addition. I’ll will keep that combo up my sleeve to impress the G.O.
    I’m not sure the manufacturers make iceblocks like they did waaay back in my childhood. I make my own lemonade iceypoles now, as they are far superior. I’m pleased you are having summery weather 🙂

    • The beans were fantastic with sweet potato mash though I reckon onion gravy and peas would have worked just as well. I’m sure the G.O. will enjoy it. No ice blocks these days that you need to chip but the bags of ice cubes are proving handy. I can’t do enough in my fridge with ice cube trays. Mmm home made lemonade icypoles sound really tasty, especially if the lemonade has a bit of bite.
      In between storms the sunshine is still around and being enjoyed.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  20. It’s lovely to see you getting your mojo back David – hopefully this week will just get better and better. It’s all those veggies and fruit you’ve been munching. 😉 HUGS and MWAH! XXXXXXX

    • Shhh Jo, don’t mention the mojo, I told everyone I’ve managed to give it up. My weeks start great with friends like you visiting and just get better from there if possible. You’re a dream. The fruit and veg? Well so far they’ve been good for gas Oops , sorry.
      xxx Love and Massive Hugs xxx

  21. I am HAPPY to report I have nominated you for the “Dragon’s Loyalty Award”! Congrats. If you choose to accept you can read more about the award here https://rebirthoflisa.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/dragons-loyalty-award/.

    • I’m so grateful Lisa. Thank you very much. I haven’t taken up an award in a long time but I do appreciate the gesture, especially in this case where the award is a Dragon and I’m a Welshman.
      It’s always a pleasure to read your posts.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • I am happy you like it. Thank goodness for the dragon! I know you are relatively new to my blog, but you are one of the most active on here and I wanted to say thanks.

  22. “Monday, Monday” is one of my favorites, probably because so many phrases describe many of my Mondays. You sound like you’re gaining momentum, and I love the pictures of Reuben and Nathan, and such sweet kiddos always make things feel better. Many hugs to you, David.

    • One of my favourites too Marylin. I think you’re right, I am gathering momentum and maybe it’s the pictures have done it. They do bring a smile to my face and that’s always a good start. to things getting better.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  23. Glad you’re feeling better, David. Reuben is certainly doing well 🙂
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  24. Good morning, David. Seems you’ve had a lovely week and must be feeling better. It’s a very rainy Tuesday here, but I still loved hearing The Mamas and Papas singing Monday Monday. Loved all the photos, oh and Wilson Phillips-great! Glad to see you are back to your perky, adorable self. Love and hugs from me to you. xoxo

    • Hello Elizabeth, yes thank you the week has been nice and I get better every day. I’m sure at some point I’ll go POP with it. I’m sorry you’re having such a rainy Tuesday. This morning was certainly that way bu the sun has peeped out again this afternoon. Maybe it will get better for you- fingers crossed.I think Monday Monday is an anyday song, the Mamas and the Papas were supreme,The Beach Boys hugely talented, so good they morphed into Wilson Phillips like that.
      I may be more perky but I’d say a long way off adorable, though I love your vision of it.
      xxx Sending Love and the Biggest Hugs on the planet xxx

  25. Your ‘feeling better’ shows in the blog… Glad you resolved some issues, but concerned about how little sleep you get… Reuben is cute in the hood. Music good… You’re much more active than I, good David… Hugs. ♥

    • I’m glad my getting better shows Billy Ray as it must mean some of the humour is back. I’m not too concerned about how little sleep I get as I reckon there will be a time where I’ll get more than I want.
      So glad you enjoyed the music, I hope it’s the same this week too.
      I probably sound more active than I really am because I spend most of my time sitting down one way or another.
      Look after yourself my friend

  26. Great to hear from you again, and to discover it all seems to be working out (except the heat—I’m with you on how disgusting melted butter on bread is). Did we really think that dressing like that was cool in the 1970s?

    • Everything is so much better Jane…..except the heat, just when I thought we were back to normal they announce the next heatwave is on the way.
      Ugh, even the thought of melted butter is offputting.
      Did we? Of course we did and every time a youngster asks I tell them just how cool we were, and still managed to cover our bums. Bring back flares!
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  27. We’re having quite a thunderstorm, and I’m drinking a cup of tea and finally catching up with your week. It’s been hot and humid here, but thankfully the weather was fine for our daughter’s wedding day.
    It seems like you’re feeling better? The cough, I mean. That’s great!
    I love the “da attitude” photo. 🙂
    Hope the heat doesn’t wear you down too much. It is difficult to sleep or do much of anything when it’s so hot. We have air conditioning, or I’d be in bad shape.
    Hope the rest of your week goes well. It’s stopped storming, and I’m off to bed. Giant hugs to you!

    • There seem to have been thunderstorms just about everywhere this week. I’m glad you’ve settled down with a nice cuppa.
      Hot and humid isn’t too pleasant but I’m so glad the weather was good for the wedding. I look forward to seeing pictures, especially of you with wedding hat.
      I’m feeling much better thank you and the cough is going bit by flippin’ bit.
      I have a lot of fun naming his photographs sometimes. He does lend himself to some good titles.
      I stay out of the heat as much as possible so it doesn’t really get to me and it can’t possibly make me sleep less anyway.
      I hope you get plenty of sleep now your storm is over.Have a fantastic weekend Merril.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  28. So glad you are feeling much better, David. Lovely music selection – that’s the spirit! Little Reuben is a cutie – I have a granddaughter of the same age, they are just too cute 🙂 It is very unusual that he doesn’t like ice cream. So far I knew only one child who didn’t like it – my daughter. She ate yogurt instead 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!!!

    • Thanks so much, yes much better. I’m so glad you liked the music selection, at least I can claim my taste isn’t all bad now.If I remember rightly your granddaughter is just a tiny bit older. Roobs is 2 in August.. Maybe we should go for an arranged marriage .He’ll have an older woman to keep him in hand then. It is unusual that he doesn’t like ice-cream though maybe he got it from me.I much prefer an ice lolly. Yoghurt sounds a good substitute though.I’m not sure if ice cream vans sell those if you’re out and about though on a Sunny day- they should.
      I hope you have a fantastic weekend
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • I am not sure about the older woman ( she is 4 now) but I have a perfect match who is 2 in august 🙂
        Ice Cream Van is the best thing ever invented after the ice cream itself 🙂

  29. I hadn’t heard that Belinda Carlisle song for a long time David. It has been quite humid at night here in London too. With the blog comments pouring in at this rate, you will never get much sleep.

    • It’s one of those songs you find a pleasure to hear again and then forget it.The humidity in the city isn’t nice but maybe it’s cooled a bit in the last few days. I gather there are some more sunshine days to come this week though.
      I never get much sleep anyway, averaging between 3 -4 hours but it’s not too bad as I have an excuse for an afternoon nap which is nice.
      Keep well Guy.

  30. Reuben is mouth-wateringly adorable, lucky you… Same time= same place is a rather sweet romantic film with Alan Alda, and Ellen Burstyn…they meet once a year, as the years go by for an illicit re-union…..
    loved San Francisco – my period !!!

  31. I’m having to read the rest of this and your newer diary blog both at the same time as the city has decided to do loadshedding for about 45 extra minutes on other days than the one. I never completely catch up any more. Great pictures of Reuben and the baby.:)

    • You never seem to get a break do you Suzanne. More time lost.And the next blog is out tonight too.
      Thank you, he’s a little poser for the camera these days.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  32. So deep and honest. Quite a read . . . Thank you.

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