Where’s a Trick Cyclist when you need one? The Hatman Cometh.

Sunday 5th July 2015

What was it the Beatles sang about Monday Morning at 5.00 am as the day began? Well forget it, on a Sunday here it begins at 4.32 am, and I wasn’t about to leave home. There was certainly no chance of Mike leaving home at that time either since he only recognises one 5.00 o’clock in a day, and it’s not this one. So, as I padded along to the Piddle Palace I was all alone and not leaving a note to say I’d run away with a woman from the motor trade. I was up because my bed was wringing wet and I wanted to be sure I still needed the loo. I didn’t use my quilt during the night because it was so close and still I reacted like I’d been interrogated in a sauna. Coming back from the loo I booted up the computer and started on the mail. Things were steady and I was getting a few laughs at comments on the blog. There was no pressure on me so I had plenty of time to tweet for others too.

I didn’t want breakfast today as I knew there’d be plenty of time for some tea after Mike leaves so I ceased work at 6.00 am and went to take my meds and get a coffee. By half past I was back at work again. Coffee is not the most refreshing drink at the best of times but even less so since I’ve been ill so there’s always another soft drink on my desk too. Today I was having lime juice and anyone looking in when I took a sip would think I was trying to swallow a bitter pill. It was a little tart but I loved it. The ice cubes are coming in very handy too. Sometime this week I’m going to attempt a slush puppy.

I was just working on my last message ( of the moment) at 8.40 am when I got the shock of my life. Mike stuck his head in my room. I don’t know how he did it. The why is a little easier since he knew figuring it out would drive me crazy. It gave me hope for the day as now we could do something early. Ha Ha. He made himself a drink and I joined him in the lounge. He started singing(???) a song from the 1930’s that he’d woken up with in his head. It was bizarre, and he followed it up with other songs from the dim and distant.Mike suffers with OCD  ( he says CDO is more accurate as it’s alphabetical) which means if he mentions it he has to play it. Grovel all you like, and tell him you know it word perfect and it matters not a jot, he plays it. So much time gets wasted like that. It was almost 10.30 am before we got out. We drove towards Chester in the hopes I’d get a text from Jen to say she was at home so I could drop her birthday prezzie off. It didn’t happen so we went to park on the banks of The Dee and headed to look for some jeans for Mike and a couple of tee-shirt for me in the sale.From here Mike wanted a posh  electrical shop to buy a Humax doodad that controls something via the internet on your TV. We found what he wanted.

It was time to think about food so Mike directed us back into Chester to Broughton Park and the pub we sometimes use for lunch. A big chain but not bad. I had a lemon and lime for my tablets and then a bangers and mash with some onion rings. This time there was no problem at all with my gravy. While we were in there the heavens opened and the rain came down in sheets. We settled on going straight home once I’d paid the bill. He knew damn well I had the lemon meringue pie there and wasn’t leaving with it still intact. At home I forced myself to do the honorable thing and share the pie but he said he wasn’t hungry and I should save his half for teatime. I had a much needed sleep while he watched the Grand Prix and when I woke up about 4.00 pm he left to go home. The rain had stopped but it looked like it might return. I waved him off the premises checking the silver as I went then returned to work once he’d gone. I’d only done a few messages when he returned having forgotten his phone and cigarettes. I think he was checking to see what I was eating really. He tried again- I locked him out. I worked until 6.00 pm then watched a film based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs story. A little unusual to say the least. Once that was over at 8.00 pm I came back through to try and totally catch up on mail  and if late enough the blog too.

Downtown train

Downtown train

Meerkat in da hood

Meerkat in da hood


OK, the big fillo’soffical question of the week is, Do Pigs Sweat? I know they can get sunburned and it’s the farmers job to catch them and rub SF30 into their backs but do they sweat? I only ask this important question so as not to misrepresent things when I say I was sweating like a pig last night. I mean, for all I know it might be more accurate to say I was sweating like a lemur last night. At least I wouldn’t have to get things wrong for very long. After reading an ebook on my computer and emailing the author my thanks and congratulations, I turned off and went to bed to read my physical book. I turned the light off about 12.30 am for a change. I t was like walking through the rain forest on a particularly hot day. OK, I wasn’t swatting mosquitos or stepping over reticulated pythons, but it was hot and steamy. I don’t know how long sleep was in coming but I woke up in Equatorial Guinea at 3.16 am.

A trip to the loo was on the cards but so was a drink as the sun beating down had parched me and turned me white. Yes friends, before today I had rhythm. I made the Piddle Palace first stop and then came back to my room and as the computer was booting up, I had a Pepsi Max. I’d probably have had one of my Calippos if I hadn’t known how you’d all react at me eating ice-lollies at that time. When the steam was gently rising from the top of my computer I knew it was ready and opened my first mail box. Joy of joys there were only 52 messages at that time. I set the background to a picture of some skiers so the computer wouldn’t over heat and set to work. At 6.00 am I could see the sun start to rise nicely as I went to the kitchen. I took all my meds then made a coffee. Before I returned to my room I put the washer on fast wash and walked away. At 7.00 am I went back and turned the drier on for 3 hours. By the time 8.00 am arrived I’d done the post in both boxes and was unsure whether I should try and grab an hours sleep or get dressed. I settled for the latter. Once dressed I went through to the lounge for a while so I could keep an eye on time for the drier to get my stuff out and shake the creases out before sticking them on an airer. There’s no way I want to leave anything I have to i**n.

The postman came and brought absolutely nothing other than advertising pamphlets. I got my shoes on and walked up to the chemist with my prescription request. The minute I set foot outside the front door, down came the rain again. Lucky for me I’m shrink proof. I doubt I was out ten  minutes in all. I was back in time to turn on Homes Under the Hammer but my warden Bev arrived before it was over so I missed the bit where they show the renovations and tell us the new value of the property. Instead Bev told me all about her holiday last week, though I can certainly see the effect the sun has had on her. We chatter a little bit about this and a little bit about that but I promise we never said a word about the other. After she’d left to continue her rounds I made my lunch which today was braised steak with mashed potato and carrots. It was Bargain Hunt on the TV during that but after I’d washed my plate I came back to watch the auction and fell asleep. It only lasted about quarter of an hour but was long enough to ensure I missed the auction in full. A little disgusted with myself I came back to work until 2.00 pm when Who Do You Think You Are was on.

Just after that was over I returned to the Grimpen Mire again to continue work, there is much in my studies that John Watson needs to know, Ooh sorry, don’t know what came over me then. I went all of a doo da. It must be working on my own too often. Though I choose to do it so that Moriarty does not get to pick on my family and friends. I’m sure Mycroft has similar arrangements in place. Heavens above, I do believe I’m being taken over, invaded if you will. Wow, with luck maybe I’ll experience some of that automatic spirit writing and come up with a best seller.

At 5.00 pm it was time for my quiz and I found I stayed in the lounge until 8.00 pm. I had some tea though it wasn’t until I started it that I remembered I was supposed to be having something else. I must try and remember to check the date for tomorrow night  Yvonne has a date with her baby team tomorrow so I’m not going to see them. It’s going to be another long day. At 8.00 pm I came through and started the evening catch up. The only interruption was when I went to take my meds at 9.30 pm. I worked until 10.30 pm then started the blog. I’m looking for an early night.

Sunshine on Chester City Walls

Sunshine on Chester City Walls

Rock On.

Rock On.


Yay, I got my early night. I was in bed by 11.30 pm and finished with reading at 12.30 am. Naturally the gods like to keep things even so Somnos made sure my early start on sleep was balanced by an early start to the day. 2.49 am to be precise. I bit my tongue rather than risk saying what I thought of him and his brothers as I know he can be a vindictive little beggar. He’s not winning any popularity competitions with me. It being too early to consider getting breakfast I visited the Piddle Palace and then powered up the computer. I was wondering If I could install a little water wheel just outside the property so that between us Mike and I could generate some electricity. First job I checked the bank to be sure my mobility allowance had gone in OK. All seemed fine but to be fair I’ve seldom had any problems from them. Then it was on with the post. There was obviously less from this morning it being so early, but there were more from last night due to my early skive. By 5.00 am though I was clear and decided I might as well go for breakfast  so that there’s plenty of time to digest before it’s time for lunch. I put two pieces of bread in the toaster and took all my meds while it was toasted. Once I’d eaten the toast I was able to have my two post-food tablets and make myself a coffee.

I washed the few pots then rather than wait as I hadn’t washed up from my tea last night. Then I took the coffee through and opened my second in-box. By 7.00 am I didn’t have much left but found my chin was being assaulted by gravity and was being dragged in the direction of my keyboard. For some reason my eyes wouldn’t focus and my brain couldn’t put two words together, none that made sense anyway. I backed away before writing something I might regret and headed for my chair in the lounge. I stuck Will and Grace on the TV and promptly fell asleep. I dreamed I was at a ceremony to award The Queen’s Envoy a prize as one of the fifty best books to read. I reached out for the glass award and promptly dropped it. What I had done was reach out and swipe my glass ash tray off the table straight onto my knee and then the floor. I woke up sharpish and was dismayed to find what I’d done. Not just because of the sore kneecap but because I now had to get the dustpan and brush to all the dog ends on the floor. They always said smoking was dangerous.

I returned to work until 10.00 am when I went to watch a shortened Homes Under The Hammer which was followed by a memorial service to those killed on July 7th 2005 by the cowardly terrorists who came to attack civilians on the streets of London. 52 people died as a result of their cowardice. I’m not going to excuse the fact that when our Countries involve ourselves in another countries affairs for the sake of oil that innocent civilians seem to be killed as  much as those we claim are terrorists . It’s no wonder sometimes that we have so many enemies. At 11.35 am I broke off to start my lunch. I was ready to go at midday when they’d moved the start time of Bargain Hunt. That might have been the deciding factor in keeping me awake for the auction at the end. I know that minutes after it was over I was snoring for Britain. When I came round I had to hang my skiving head very low as I returned to work. I’d just restarted the post when there was a knock at the door. I could see the shape of my chemist’s bag through the glass so I unlocked and opened up. It was my friend again and as she handed over my fix, I handed over hers, the chocolates. It’s a very fair swap and little to pay for such a good service. She had a youngster with her who I assume was learning the job but I didn’t catch his name.

There was so much post in I couldn’t get away again until 5.45 pm so I only caught the last few minutes of the quiz The Chaser and judging by some of the questions it’s just as well. As it ended I turned over the Wheeler Dealers and watched them bring an iconic mkII Jaguar back to life. The car was 40 years old and still beautiful and it brought almost £20,000 when they came to sell it. I’m over 40 years old and I never get offers like that. At 8.00 pm I came back through for the evening. There was plenty to do. I know that MuJo are coming tomorrow so I must clear as much as I can. At 10.30 pm I changed to the blog though I may go back to mail afterwards.

Howdee Ma, Look, no Howdah.

Howdee Ma, Look, no Howdah.

Did he come from the white elephant stall?

Did he come from the white elephant stall?


I was convinced 1.14 am was not an appropriate night’s sleep so I restricted that waking to a loo trip and then went back to bed. 3.44 am felt much more like the real thing meaning I knew there was no chance of more sleep just then. So, I made the loo trip again but this time logged onto the computer on my return. The mail was a lot more than expected so you can tell I didn’t go back to the mail after the blog last night. Instead I read until 12.30 am. I started in on the mail but only worked until 5.30 am as I felt like breakfast so I went through and took my meds then had a bowl of cornflakes. I remembered that my phone might need a charge so brought it through to the kitchen ( I don’t know why, as I have a charger in the bedroom) but when I plugged it in I found a message I’d missed last night as I must have been out of the bedroom. Poor Mike is up in Manchester again as his father was burgled last night as he watched TV. The scum who can’t find a useful way to earn money are yet again targeting the elderly. They didn’t hurt him at all but I think that may be pure luck as he didn’t hear them. Who knows what could have happened had he heard them and gone to see what the noise was and seen them. The whole thing is a shock though as I can attest so Mike was in the A&E section of the hospital getting him checked for shock etc at just gone midnight when he texted me.He was hoping to sleep here and then go back again this morning but I’m guessing his dad didn’t want to spend the night alone. You have to feel for Mike being split in so many directions as he’d be due to take his grandchildren to school this morning and to collect them this evening, as well as having to drive to Milton Keynes to collect his newly repaired car which should now stay dry inside when it rains. I really didn’t know what he’d do.

After breakfast I returned to work and at 7.45 am had emptied one mail box. Time to start the second. That would go much quicker and by 9.00 am I was able to concentrate on getting dressed. I was tempted to go to Pauline’s but decided I could probably last until tomorrow. I pottered a little bit creating the best gap possible for the budgie which would be appearing tomorrow. In some ways I’m quite excited and in others I wonder what I’m doing tying myself down so much again. MuJo appeared about 10.45 am so I saw to the drinks and we sat chatting for a while until it was time for me to get my shoes on. We were heading for Holywell to the Post Office and John’s favourite charity shops before having dinner at the chippy. I had my old standby of mince and mushrooms which is nice but when I was coming out afterwards my feet were cramping a lot so I realised I must have over done the salt. They actually stayed that way pretty much the rest of the day. After lunch, we headed for Flint where Muriel wanted Aldi, Asda, a tool merchant and then we went for coffee. Though actually all three of us were so warm we all had a cold drink instead. We had a look round a few more shops before buying some ice lollies so we could have one each. This morning’s rain had disappeared and the day was hotting up. The lollies brought our temperature and thirst down nicely.

We got home about 4.00 pm and John had another drink filled with ice as he took some tablets. They left about 4.40 pm and I dashed to get my shoes and socks off to see if I could walk the cramp away. There was no time to do any work before Dil arrived at 5.05 pm. I made him a cuppa and we sat watching the quiz together trying to do better than the contestants. We didn’t fare too badly. At 6.00 pm off went the TV and out came the games. He hammered me 4 games to 2 at the Yahtzee but then I beat him at Trivial Pursuit so I didn’t feel too bad. At Cribbage we won one each. We had a few laughs during play. He went home at 9.30 pm and because I’d forgotten to take my tablets out at lunchtime, I had to eat something and take them tonight,. Then I had to take my normal meds as well so I rattled on my way to the bedroom after washing the pots. The post was horrendous as it always is when I spend so long away, but that’s the price of having company. I had to work on it until 11.15 pm before I dared starting the blog.


I’m going to say I woke at 3.03 am this morning though I’m not sure it’s strictly true. That at least was the time I became aware I was sitting on the edge of the bed speaking out loud a sentence I was supposed to be making sense of.(I think) How long I’d been sitting there speaking I have no idea but I have the feeling it was a while. Had I been asleep I think I would have rocked forward as in the past and fallen off the side of the bed. Also, the fact I’d put my bedside light on indicates I must have been awake and recognised the dark of the hour. My clock usually illuminates the room enough if I’m just going to the loo or something. Heck, where’s the trick cyclist when you need one, I’m going loopy ( a short journey).

As I gradually became compost mental I signed onto the computer and as is my want on a Thursday went straight to the bank. There I found another indication of my fragile mental state. Not only had I been tricked into answering the phone last week for the first (and last) time in years but I found myself believing the woman from the DWP that all had been dealt with and was fine. I was a little bemused at her saying my overpayment had been written off as I’d expect the claim to have been corrected which was the best way to deal with it. Here today I find that I was lied to as the overpayment has now gone into recovery mode until October. The non-existent debt exists again somehow. I give up. I shall be paying back money I don’t owe because someone cannot do their job properly.

From there I went into my mail and worked until 6.00 am trying to become a calm person before taking the meds to make me a calm person. I  decided to have breakfast.I took the pre-foodies first then followed up with both sprays then the morning meds. Then it was a timing cigarette followed by a bowl of cornflakes and ending up with my two post foodies. Dropping my bowl in the sink I was able to make a coffee to take away with me. Back on the computer attacking the morning messages and enjoying my drink I realise I have a toothache coming. A quick check with the tongue confirms the tooth isn’t loose enough to come out easily yet so there’s some suffering to come. I don’t have a dentist, and even if I did the chances of me going to him are about nil. And even if I would, it would have to be as a private patient as none round here take anything other than private patients so you need a mortgage to see one.That would cost a mortgage and the soul of your firstborn.

At 9.30 am I took a walk to the Post Office / Chemist to send a registered letter to the DWP and to collect some drugs missing from my prescription of yesterday. Then on to Pauline’s for bread,  my TV mag, cigarettes and my very important lottery. When I asked Pauline which of my tickets was due to win this time she answered “All of them” which I thought was generous. I came home and watched an episode of Homes Under the Hammer. Some every interesting properties including a large pub in one of the South Wales Valleys with a guide price of just £10,000. It sold for £40.000 but was big enough to be converted into 5 self contained flats that generated a good profit for the purchaser. House prices there are very low. After the programme I returned to the mail for three quarters of an hour until at 11.45 am I went to start my lunch. I had new potatoes, sausages and beans today and enjoyed them while watching my Bargain Hunt. I stayed awake during the important bits today and at 1.00 pm I washed the pots and returned to work instead of settling down for a kip. mike sent a text to say he was on the way so I expect him about 4.00 pm. At 3.45 pm I left work and walked to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Just as well I did as he chose to  walk in just then complete with cage.

The cage is really nice and even has an extension in case Josephus III needs room to spread. He’s a beautiful little bird and because of my insistence on colouring is actually about 5-6 weeks old from an earlier clutch. I gave Mike his coffee and made sure I don’t owe anybody anything then sat with Joey talking to him for a few minutes, hopefully getting him used to my voice. Mike said he’s been reacting to music on the way up, chirping loudly whenever any hard rock came on. I’m afraid he won’t get much of that here. Mike hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I made him a meal. We started watching the early evening quizzes and pitting ourselves against the contestants. We do OK. During one show Mike noticed Jory struggling to reach a honey stick and decided to move it. He opened the front of the cage to move it and Joey flew out.He led me a merry dance trying to be slow and gentle ( the bird, not Mike) but Mike said he’s been used to being caught by hand, so much as I hate to do it since it puts them off human hands when I want to encourage him onto them, I did actually catch him and put him back in the cage.I want him to spend most of his time out of the cage except to eat so will need to try and encourage him to leave on my hand in future. I shall lock him in at night rather than have him free to fly about in the dark.

I’m afraid much of the post since 3.30 pm has had to go by the board and Mike persuaded me to watch a programme that started at 10.00 pm which I mistakenly thought was on for an hour. I wasn’t able to get away until 11.50 pm to start the blog. If it doesn’t make sense, blame the late hour.I think I’ll have a very busy morning tomorrow.


Given the lateness at which I got to bed I decided against reading. A little drink and I propped myself up hoping for sleep. It didn’t take long to arrive. Trouble was it didn’t seem to stay very long either leaving me sitting there wide awake again at 3.19 am. I stayed sitting there a while just in case sleep had nipped to the loo and was coming back but it seemed I’d been deserted. I got up and wondering if I’d bump into sleep on the way went to the piddle parlour. It was just me. Though with the seat down I could tell that Mike had paid an early morning visit. He always sits so he can continue sleeping. As I came back I turned the computer on, dragged my dressing gown over and girded my loins for battle. ( for a long time I wondered why people girded their lions, but that’s another story). And what a battle it proved to  be. One mail box I couldn’t get into until 6.00 am because the system was being worked on to create improvements for me. ( I’m live now and can’t see them). So, I concentrated on my gmails. It appeared even a bored sheepherder from Outer Mongolia had written to me today along with his counterparts from every remote corner of the world. One (bless him) even wrote to say he’d enjoyed the Queen’s Envoy and was I doing another. He obviously doesn’t follow the blog then.

I actually managed to clear the first batch by 5.45 am and rather than refresh and start again I decided to head for the kitchen, saying good morning to Joey as I passed by. Being Friday it was important to get my drugs out of the way. I decided against breakfast and went straight for the meds leaving me an empty tray. I went through to get the replacent drawer and knelt down talking to Joey for a couple of minutes. He needs to get used to my voice so I don’t scare him. I replaced all the drugs for the week ahead and took the drawer back. As I replaced it, talking to Joey all the time and repeating his name, he started to sing to me. Wonderful. I made myself a coffee and took it back through. It was now 6.20 am so I did a refresh and dealt with the new incoming then signed into the other mail box and started again. I was done by 7.55 am. I took my cup back to the kitchen and turned the kettle on and prepared Mike’s mug while it was boiling. As soon as it was done I took it through and gave him a shout. The response wasn’t great but I went back and put the TV on as that sometimes works. I kept up my chatter to the bird the whole time. At 8.15 am I went back to say his coffee was going cold.There was a flailing of legs and arms as he let the information digest, then he swung his legs out and I knew we were OK. He followed me back to the lounge with drink in hand.

Mike left to go to his Dad’s about 9.45 am I know I should have chosen that time to return to work but I wanted to watch Homes Under the Hammer at 10.00 am so I cleared a space next to the cage and spent quarter of an hour chatting to Joey to get him used to the tone of my voice. It’s going to be a long slow job. After my programme I did return to work and all the accumulated post. I had t break away at midday for lunch though as I hadn’t had my tablets today since I’d done without breakfast. I’d hoped to get away with watching the antiques programme to the bitter end but no, I nodded off again and it was almost 2.00 pm before I woke. That meant no mid afternoon breaks and I needed to pull my finger out. I did, and managed to call a halt at 4.55 am. Mike let me know he was on the way back. He arrived just before 6.30 pm and as I made his coffee he told me about his day, not one of his best. We hadn’t got very far into the stories when his phone started going and it was his Dad’s carers to say he’d pressed the alarm at the flat for an emergency and an ambulance was on it’s way. The problem was, he refused to go to hospital and refused to have a doctor and poor Mike was expected to sort it on the phone or go back. As it happened he ended up going back as he persuaded his Dad to go to hospital to be checked. He’d need to be there in case his dad had to come out again.

By 8.00 pm I was able to come through and work without being shouted at. And here I’ve been ever since. Now 11.30 pm and no further word from Mike.

hatman 1

hatman 5


Mike eventually arrived back at 1.45 am after the hospital had given his Dad a bed. His blood pressure was very low. It’s lucky I was up and ready to make Mike a coffee and listen to the rest of the story. Mike thinks this is delayed shock from the burglary. I got to bed about 2.00 am  after taking two painkillers for the toothache. I was up again at 4.14 am. I won’t pretend I was pleased but no-one listens if I complain so get on with it! It was quiet and the perfect opportunity to diminish as much of the post as I could before going out. So, as soon as I’d skipped to the loo I cam back and powered up- then I put the computer on. At 6.00 am I took a break to get my meds and have some breakfast.Turned out I was glad I had later. Before leaving the kitchen I made myself a coffee and also put the kettle on ready to make Mike a drink if he’d actually put his alarm on. It turned out he had so at 6.30 am when it went off I had to assume he was serious about shopping as normal. I made him a coffee and took it through. I had to bellow  a bit to get him to respond to me but he got the message. I decided if he didn’t getup I’d just leave him till he was ready as he did need the sleep. The beggar came through after just one alarm and one call. I told him if he’d got up just to show the readers how good he is, I’d soon invent something else. He said he didn’t doubt it. He was actually far too awake and with it for me. I’m used to a much more morose person at this time of the day with no smart Alec answers.

Despite Mike getting up so easily at 6.30 am we didn’t actually leave the house until 7.45 am. Almost lunchtime in my eyes. We were at the supermarket by 8.00 am though. We whizzed round and were finished by 9.00 am and ready to go for coffee. Despite the toothache I chanced a cold milkshake and survived. What I almost didn’t survive though was the fact the drinks machine was broken so Mike didn’t get his coffee. Talk about Oscar the Grouch. He went outside for a cigarette and paraded up and down past the window of the cafe pulling faces at me. At least I think they were at me, he was so cross eyed from coffee deprivation it could have been at anyone. We packed the bags in the boot and drove off to Flint. It was there he found out his Dad may be discharged today but didn’t know for sure just then. We went to get some Bonjella for my tooth but ended up with oil of cloves gel. Then we went to the pet shop and spent a small fortune on things for Joey’s cage. Finally to stop grumbleguts moaning we went for a coffee. He perked up no end.

Rather than chase round other shops we came home so Mike could have a rest before possibly driving back to Manchester again. We unpacked the stuff and put it away and I left him in his chair and came through to check the mail. I asked what he wanted to do about lunch but he didn’t know. I let him go back to sleep. If his Dad is coming out I think it will be after 2.00 pm. He woke for a few minutes around 12.15 pm so I asked what he wanted to do about lunch. He left it in abeyance a bit longer and went back to sleep. That was handy for me with mail to catch up on. He woke again at 2.20 pm and I made him a coffee. I said if Dad was coming out we should know soon. But, as we still hadn’t heard at 2.45 pm he phoned the hospital and found they’re going to keep him for obs or another night as he says he doesn’t feel well enough to move round. They can’t send him home like that. After sending messages to his Dad and promising to call tomorrow Mike put the phone down and said we could consider eating now so we piled in the car and trundled off to The Bells of St Mary’s. We both had a delicious meal and a nice coffee there and then headed home again, getting in about 4.30 pm. I came through to work for a while and Mike sat with the tennis on.

From 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm I kept Mike company. I suffered through a programme he liked and wanted to watch called the Murdoch Mysteries but I was glad to escape when he wanted to watch the film Ted. I’d rather have had the Harry Potter film any day. I stayed and caught up with my post in the bedroom before getting to make a start on the blog. No photographs today I’m afraid. I leave you with the last piece of music for this week.

I wish you all a wonderful week full of Hugs.


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63 responses to “Where’s a Trick Cyclist when you need one? The Hatman Cometh.

  1. Reuben looks like he’s full of joy this week!!! What a cutie! 🙂
    You sound like you’re feeling somewhat better and that’s good to hear. 🙂
    Sorry to hear about Mike’s Dad, hope they’re both doing better. 🙂
    I’m drooling thinking of fish and chips and humming your suggested songs as a distraction. 😉
    Thank you for sharing your week, David, hope the next one treats you kindly. 🙂
    Massive, massive hugs, dear friend. 🙂

    • Roobs is as full of mischief as ever. Yes thanks Donna, I’m feeling miles better now.
      Thank you, I know Mike will appreciate that when he reads it.
      Sorry sweetie, keep humming the songs, I won’t mention F & C again.
      Thanks for sharing my week with me. Each week treats me more than kindly as it constantly reminds me of how special my friends are.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Donna xxx

  2. An eventful week for Mike – it is hard when an elderly parent is unwell, and awful when they have been traumatised by cruel people! I hope Mike handles it all successfully and life returns to normal. I think you are feeling better David – I hope I’m right – keep it up! xoxo

    • It has been an eventful week for Mike Pauline but he just seems to take things in his stride. I think his feelings are more under the surface. It is awful when an elderly parent isn’t well, especially after suffering as he has since surviving the camps when many of his close family didn’t. The cruelty of these thieves who don’t care whose lives they devastate leaves me speechless ( I know, impossible right). Mike will handle it all well and life will eventually get back to normal I hope.
      I’m feeling pretty chipper thanks. I’ll try to stay that way.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  3. If you’re takng the photos of Reuben then you’re doing a terrific job. Theses pictures are adorable. Another great choice of songs this week. Glad you’re feeling better.

    • I wish I could take the credit George but the photographer is my daughter who seems to have her phone glued to her hand. I’m so glad you enjoyed the music choices, I try to spread the styles so everyone gets something. Some weeks it seems I do quite well.
      Thank you, almost back on form now.

  4. Hello David, that Reuben is such a handsome little one, love the hat, quite dapper really. Enjoyed this as always I hope you have a wonderful week a great big hug from me!

    • Hi Suzanne, I can’t tell Reuben that, he’s already a little poser. I’m not so keen on the hats as I think it makes him look like a little gangsta. He loves them though, taking after his Uncle Mike.
      I’m so glad you traveled with me and that you enjoyed it. I love having you along.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs from me to you xxx

  5. I live in a world where pigs don’t sweat much, David – they roll in mud and dirt instead, to give them better relief from heat that is. Hence, they get to stink like pigs while sweating a bit and rolling in stink a lot 😀 People around me say they can fly too, but I haven’t seen one fly, not even around a ragingly spinning electric fan. As to the liquid stuff one needs on hot days and nights Pepsi Max and Calippo sound much better to me than plain old water – ate least one gets to tingle with joy especially with a Calippo against the tongue. Have a superb week XXXX

    • I think our pigs do pretty much the same Ina. At least with all the rain we have here they’re never far from mud to cool them and protect their skin. I’m pretty sure they can fly too as I’ve often seen bacon go up.
      Anything is better than plain old water, sometimes I have lime juice or a drink called Vimto which I don’t think you have in Oz, but it’s very fruity. But you’re right, nothing beats a Calippo really, except maybe another one.
      I wish you a Fantastic week.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  6. I love the parallels, David. Mike leaves you figuring things out, yet Reuben seems to have it ALL figured out. A smile, a hat, and he is “On The Road Again.” We should all follow his example.
    Have a splendid week! Many hugs.

    • Hi Marylin, I think you’re right. Roobs is the only one to have it all figured. He looks like he’s ready to be On the road again with that hat. Maybe I should follow him but I rarely wear a hat even though I have lots of different ones.
      Have a glorious New Week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  7. I’m sorry Mike’s dad is doing so poorly. Sending a big virtual hug to them both.
    A new bird! Congrats on Joey! What color is he?
    Loved Reuben in the hat. 🙂
    I’m so happy you’re feeling chipper. Mega hugs my friend.

    • Mike will appreciate that Teagan Dear.Thank you.
      Josephus III is mainly green ( which I prefer) but he has a blue tail feather and a little blue on him.I’ll take a pic when he seems more settled.
      It’s funny how many people like Roobs in his hats yet I’m not a fan at all.
      That I’m feeling chipper has a lot to do with how my friends have been with me recently. I’ve been given a great boost.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Teagan xxx

      • I guess the hat seems (to me at least) like Reuben is playing a part. Since you know the real thing, naturally that’s the Reuben you love best. But then again – i just have a thing about hats. 😀 Hugs again!

  8. Reuben in the hat also did it for me! And I’m so pleased to know you also consider i**n a four-letter word. Wishing you cooler nights in the summer heat. Bises xo

    • Reuben’s hats have a bigger fan club than me!! I certainly consider that word swearing, I try to be so careful laying my clothes so it’s not needed.
      Thank you, we’ve had a couple of cooler nights this week during the storms and rainfall. We’ll see what’s to come and if it’s bad just move over butter on the top shelf of the fridge/.
      xxx Massive Hugs Mel xxx

  9. How odd. I saw another blog on my reader a couple of spaces away with America’s HWNN video on it too. I much prefer Canned Heat though, love On The Road. I’ve featured that one too on my Land Rover blog.

    Someone (from HK or Singapore, S I think) told me that more salt is good for cramps. Sadly, I’ve found less walking avoids them.

    I told you about vodka for toothache before didn’t I? Oil of cloves is meant to be good but I’ve never tried it. Also poisonous isn’t it? so care needed. At least vodka rinsed not swallowed is safe enough. I’ve got a loose wisdom tooth, but it’s hanging on in there. The other two went ages ago. (Only three ever came through)

    Joey sounds a delight. So looking forward to pix. One of our neighbours used to let his out during the day all the time, I thought that was really nice instead of keeping them caged up. Welcome Joey 🙂

    • It is strange that you encountered HWNN twice so close together. The Canned Heat record is a real classic though.
      I don’t think I’d risk more salt with my BP. I find I get them in bed and they’re agony if I’ve had a bag of crisps or something.
      I do use the Vodka but if I’m out I can be surreptitious with the Bonjella whereas.the vodka just gets me a bad name. I do use oil of cloves too but it’s very strong, and you have to end up swallowing some which isn’t nice. I hope you get the tooth out without too much problem. Mine is only half a tooth and I’m not sure if I can wobble it loose enough to get rid altogether.

      Joey really suits this house, he’s a s thick as two short planks. When he’s used to me and my hand, the cage will be open all the time so he can go in for food and water but be out with me the rest of the time. I like them to have space to fly.Previous Joey’s have found my diet to suit them better even if it didn’t suit me.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Kate xxx

  10. Hello my friend. You do sound like you are feeling better. That stinks about Mike’s Dad and the onslaught of hooligans who marauded through his house. Do you want me to come over and kick them in the butts? Because I will, I will hunt them down and make them sorry for making Mike’s Dad go to the hospital. Ruben sure is a snazzy dresser. No doubt. Did I understand correctly that you have welcomed a bird into your home? How cool is that? Perhaps I missed it, but what kind of bird is he?
    I sense a common thread through your music selection this week – must be toasty over there? Take care. I hope Mile’s Dad starts feeling better!!!!!!

    • I’m so much better thanks. I can’t understand the mindset that makes it so easy to target the elderly and the vulnerable.Just as well we don’t ll take up thievery so they can suffer too. Oh Yeah, come kick some butts,I’ll be right behind you in the queue (unless I find them first).
      Reuben is in snazzy mode I think with all his hats.
      Yes, I have a budgerigar now. A sweet little green one, though if he’s anything like previous pets he’ll rule the roost soon enough.
      We had a short heatwave followed by lots of storms and rain though it stayed warm. Hoping the sun will be back soon.
      Thanks so much, I’m sure Mike will read this later and will apprecite it.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  11. How awful for Mike and his dad. Having been through several years of dashing backwards and forwards to hospitals for both my mum and dad I do feel for him. At least the hospital decided to keep Mike’s dad in… at one point I had to threaten the hospital mum was in because they announced that they were going to send her home to an empty house despite the fact that she was too weak to even walk to the loo and I couldn’t get there to take care of her! When I used the term ‘unsafe release’ they soon changed their tune because that is the legal term used when hospitals are sued (a nice lady in social services told me what to say and it worked like a dream!). A week later she was diagnosed with Guillain Barre syndrome, which would probably have killed her had she been at home. Anyhow, at one point I was dashing between two different locations… because heaven forbid my parents could be cared for in the same place. Life is easier now – mum has recovered and sadly we lost dad about 18 months ago.
    Anyway, I’m wittering, and my point is really to send love and good wishes to Mike and his dad and curses to the rotten sods who burgled him.

    • I’m sorry for Harry as he didn’t deserve this, no-one does. I’m sorrier for Mike though because of all the extra pressure this puts on him. It wouldn’t be so bad if he lived close but he’s in Rugby and his dad in Manchester. He left here early this afternoon as they’re releasing his Dad at 5.00 pm. and Mike has to get him. Not too bad as at least his care services are in place to restart at 7.00 pm, also it’s likely he’ll move soon to somewhere with a warden to call on him which will make him feel safer I’m sure.
      I’m sorry you had such problems with your Mum and the hospital, if it’s a Betsi Cadwaladr run group then I can understand it given the problem I had with them over Ju. I’m glad your Mum recovered and it goes without saying I’m sorry you lost your dad.
      It would have been Ju’s 59th birthday on Wednesday so Yvonne and I may do something together for that.I don’t know yet.
      Love and good wishes received gratefully Jan, I second the curses.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  12. Sorry to hear about Mike’s Dad. I hope he recovers as it will be difficult for both of them. Nice to hear about Joey. We had budgies when I was younger and some of them were quite adventurous. One of my Mum’s aunts had one that talked, exactly like her.
    Toothache…. I hope it gets better. I’m pleased to say mine was sorted by the dentist but it was terrible while it lasted.
    Quinine can be good for cramps (tonic water?) but with diabetes it’s alway worth making sure it’s not something related to that. I’m sure they keep an eye on it.
    Reuben always looks good…
    Have a lovely week.

    • Thanks so much Olga. Mike will appreciate that.
      I think my Joeys have been part of a long line of lunatic pets. Joey I used to steal money and stick it through the top of his cage. Joey Ii used to pinch sips of my father’s whiskey and had to stand next to my plate eating with me.Occasionally he’s take a paddle through gravy and walk across the tablecloth.They both talked but not like anyone I knew.
      I’m glad you got your toothache sorted.
      The cramps only happens when I’ve overdone the salt but a bottle of tonic water handy is a good idea thanks.
      I hope you have a wonderful week,
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  13. It was hot here last too week, David ~ but it’s much more like summer today: cold, windy and pouring with rain! Sounds like Joey is a confident little chap, I’m sure he will be answering you back soon! Reuben looks more gorgeous and cute every week ~ if that’s at all possible! Poor Mike, it must be exhausting travelling to Manchester so often, whilst worrying about his Father ~ I do hope the break in doesn’t set his Dad back for too long. I’d hug you but I’m afraid you might boil over!! 😉 xxxx

    • Yes, we had Summer this morning but this afternoon turned quite warm and sunny again.
      I think Joey has a way to go yet in the confidence stakes though I doubt it will take him long.
      Reuben will be getting very big headed if he ever reads any of these comments.
      I think it must be tiring even if he enjoys driving as much as he says. And every week to here then to Manchester, a weekend driving me about and back to the Midlands must take a toll. I’m sure the idea of a move will set Harry up again, somewhere he needn’t worry about things like this again.
      I’ll risk it if you will ! Have a fantastic week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  14. Hello, David! It appears that you are feeling better. I am grateful to hear that. Poor Mike’s Dad. Hope he is doing better. I love budgies and glad that you have one to talk to now. Joey is a sweet name. It is hot as blue blazes here in Florida. Reuben is such a doll! Stay cool my friend. Many hugs coming your way! ❤

    • So much better thanks Colleen. I’m sure Mike’s Dad is OK and they released him this afternoon. I hope he’ll be moving out soon to a safer place.
      I’ve always loved budgies too but never thought I’d have another one. He’s the third of that name.
      I’m awfully glad it’s not as hot here as you have it, I don’t think I’d survive that. We’re not used to that kind of heat though it was in the 30’s last week for a few days.
      xxx Sending you Hugs Galore xxx

  15. Hope the sun shines for you this week, David, and for Mike’s dad. You have your own little ray of sunshine anyway—big hugs to Reuben xxx

  16. Wow, David, that was an eventful week and then some. I hope Mike’s Dad is back to his normal self soon, and I hope that whoever burgled his house suffers a long and painful disease – like terminal hemorrhoids or something.

    On the bright side, welcome Joey! And thank you for the wonderful photos of Reuben, and the welcome nostalgia of America and Canned Heat. I love both those songs and haven’t heard them in decades, literally.
    -hugs for the new week!-

    • Mike’s Dad was released home yesterday afternoon. I think he’s adjusted to the fact he may be there a few more weeks then moving somewhere safer where we hope he’ll be much happier.
      I like the idea of the burglars suffering something like that. I wouldn’t mind my lot joining them too.
      Thank you for Joey’s welcome.I’ll try to be good to him. I’m glad you liked the pics of Roobs and some of the music from this week. I love shaking your memory up like that.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  17. A budgie? How nice for you to have another animal friend (in addition to Mike, I mean). Sorry about Mike’s dad, and I hope he recovers from his shock. Reuben’s fedora is just…!

    • It’s becoming a regular zoo here.( I found an earwig last night).I think, I hope Mike’s Dad will be fine. Mike does everything he can for him.
      Reuben’s fedora is just…. sheer imitation of his Uncle Mike.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  18. Welcome Joey. I’m looking forward to hearing about his exploits and also when he meets Reuben. I had a blue budgie when I was a kid 🙂
    You appear to be on the improve, except for the wobbly tooth… good news there though I think the tooth fairy’s rates have much improved since I last had dealings…
    It nice that you take care of Mike when he visits. It can get busy juggling kids, grandkids and parents for those of the older tweenie generation. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think it takes a village community to look after old and young alike. Kids love the interaction with the elders and vice versa. Everyone gets the benefit of the wisdom of the other. Reuben is a joy 🙂

    • I live in hope that Joey keeps up the family tradition of bring loopy. It’s never been a loop free household where pets ( or some people) are concerned.I wonder what Reuben’s reaction is going to be too.
      I have only ever had green budgies though my brother did have a blue one years ago.
      I wish the tooth was wobbly so I could help it on it’s merry way but not a single wobble so far.
      I try to look after Mike though he thinks he has to look after me when he’s here.
      It’s funny you saying that. When I was much younger I said I’d like t run a home which had a kids side and an elderly side with a lounge in the middle because I thought they’d both benefit from the interaction with each other.
      xxx Sending you Ginormous Hugs xxx

  19. Sorry to hear about Mike’s dad. Sending you hugs and licks from all three dogs.
    Like everyone else, I’m so glad you seem to be feeling better, loved the hat pictures and Reuben in general. Such a photogenic little boy.
    My music vote goes (predictably camp) to Belinda Carlisle with a special mention to Mari Wilson for the haerdo.
    Have a super week!

    • Thanks so much Christoph ( and the dogs of course).
      I’m doing fine now and will be seeing Hatboy tomorrow along with Davida Bailey and her camera.
      Glad you enjoyed Belinda Carlisle though maybe I should put Dusty Springfield up. Mari Wilson brought back the sight and sound of decades earlier, yes, I liked the hairstyle too.
      I hope you have a Wonderful Week
      Ginormous Hugs.

  20. Oh, the horrors that old people go through in these circumstances. I was appalled by some of the treatment my mother received. Good to hear you sounding better, David. All power to your elbow. I send you a loving sprinkling of enormous hugs. 😀

    • It can be bad but I think over all it’s pretty good. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. Thank you Sarah, it’s good to be feeling pretty normal again- especially my elbow.
      xxx Sending you Ginormous Hugs xxx

  21. Well, it’s Monday morning here, and unfortunately my day DID begin at 5 a.m., as every week day morning does. Early to bed, early to rise, as a famous American once said.. Did we ever figure out why the horse had no name? I used to sing that song over and over again, but I never did make any sense of it. Keep feeling better, hope Mike’s dad does too. Here’s to summery buttery sunshine and ginormous hugs. xoxopamxoxox

    • Now I need to know, Are you Heal;thy, Wealthy and Wise? If not, I’d give up on the early to rise part of that saying.
      I feel as though I’m spoiling the fun now but I decided to look up the meaning to HWNN, and expected a great revelation, but, it seems it has no meaning at all. http://www.neatorama.com/2013/10/03/A-Horse-With-No-Name-What-Does-That-Mean/ I actually feel a bit deflated.But at least it isn’t drugs as so many thought.
      I’m doing fine thanks Pamela and I’m sure Mike’s Dad is doing OK now.
      Here’s to any kind of sunshine at all on these shores, and all the sunshine and warmth you can stand.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

      • Ah Ha! It’s a message from the universe – the song (and ‘life’) has no meaning at all. Say it’s not so! 🙂 🙂 🙂 xoxouniversalhugxoxox

  22. Lovely post ..David and great pics

  23. Mike suffers with OCD (he says CDO is more accurate as it’s alphabetical) LOL I love this, David! My hubby is always saying he’s OCD. Next time I’ll correct him.
    I really hope Mike’s dad is okay. Absolute ratbags for robbing elderly people. I hope they see jail time. I also hope your tooth is feeling better soon. That pain is awful and dentists really do charge the earth.
    Huge hugs to you 😀 xxx

    • Yes, he’s be obsessive about that I think. You should get a laugh anyway.
      Mike’s Dad is home again. Probably still a bit anxious but he’s been through far worse. If things go well he’ll be moving soon to a safer flat with a warden. I agree the thieves are ratbags but I don’t suppose they’ll be caught. One friend hopes they get something painful like terminal piles.
      The tooth isn’t flaring so far this morning thanks I hate what dentists charge.
      Hope you’re having a Wonderful Week,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  24. So sorry to hear about Mike’s dad. An awful experience for him, and awful for Mike, too. I’m also sorry to hear about your toothache. I hope it’s nothing too serious, but it seems like your cough is better?
    I think you outdid yourself with the cute Reuben photos this week! I’m a fan of the hats, as well, but your caption about the meerkat made me chuckle. 🙂
    Hope the weather has cooled down a bit. Trying to function or sleep in extreme heat is definitely wearying.
    Massive hugs to you! (And one to Mike, too.)

    • Thanks so much Merril. Yes it was an awful experience for him and not good for Mike either living so far away and worrying. He’s torn so many ways between the family.
      My tooth is OK so far this morning (3.45 am ) and the cough is almost gone bu still stuff on my lungs yet.
      My daughter takes so many pics of the little poser with his hats I’m almost expecting him to burst into song like Sinatra or Crosby. I’m glad the ‘Meerkat’ one gave you a chuckle. I confess, I like doing the captions.
      The weather is much cooler at the moment though they say there will be more hot weather to come, maybe at the end of this week.We don’t seem to get a constant summer like my rose tinted glasses recall from when I was a boy. I agree the heat can be wearying and yet make it hard to sleep.
      I’ll pass your hug on to Mike when I see him at the weekend. He’s not having one of mine though.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  25. Another eventful week, lovely pictures, music, and I’m suddenly hungry for fish and chips. 🙂 Hugs. ☻

    • Yet I live such a quiet life. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and the music but really sorry about giving you an appetite for fish and chips. I’ve only to walk past a chippie and the smell of vinegar makes me hungry. I can’t actually have fish but a jumbo sausage and a tub of chip shop curry sauce will do the job.I’m lucky as I have a chippie just round the corner.

  26. Hi Mike! I love the pictures of Reuben but I would love to see pictures of Joey too. I’m sorry about Mike’s dad. I know what it’s like when your dad is sick and in and out of the hospital. I’m sorry about your tooth too, David. I hope the situation with the heat gets better too. Sending you, Mike , and Reuben lots of hugs and kisses. All the best! 😀 ❤

    • A budgie picture will be on the next blog I promise. I’m still trying to get him to trust me at the moment. I think we’e all had a taste of patents in and out of hospital but luckily with Mike’s dad, it doesn’t happen too often. The burglary was a major shock though. The tooth has eased off a bit thanks Vashti, and the heat isn’t too bad.in between the rain storms.
      xxx Humongous Hugs back at you. xxx

  27. Kev

    It’s nice when you’re up early and getting a bit of a laugh out of some of your comments. It doesn’t happen anywhere near as often for me as for your because, I’m not normally up that early everyday, David. lol It usually happens for me when I’m doing an up all-nighter.

    The OCD – CDO part had me chuckling.

    Love the pics! 🙂

  28. I read that you now have a little bird. We used to have a love bird. He was supposed to be my daughter’s but ended up riding around on my husband’s shoulder as he’d retired and was at home most of the time. The bird would fall asleep on my husband’s chest when he also fell asleelp. They were real buddies. When we came to India, we gave him to the daughter of my husband’s Indian friend. She and her husband and kids lived in the U.S. Her kids really loved that bird. They had him until he died of old age. He lived a long, long time for a love bird. They planted a tree in his honor. 🙂

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