Drumming the Shin Retreat & Being given the bird, by the bird.

Sunday 12th July 2015

I had thought to bemoan my broken night until I realised it wasn’t as ungenerous as I thought. Bed was about 12.15 am which wasn’t bad, I read until 12.50 am and knew I needed to sleep. Out went the light and I went out like a light. When I woke my tooth was hurting and a quick glance at the clock told me it was just 1.27 am. I got up and applied some clove oil gel which really took my breath away, and what felt like most of the skin in my mouth too. No wonder they say you won’t notice the toothache after using it. I took a walk to the kitchen for two painkillers then sat in my chair in the lounge. The last time I looked at my watch it was 2.20 am.I slept. The next time I looked at my watch I was wide awake and it was 5.05 am. So all in all I did manage over 3 hours.Not to shabby after recent performances and there I was ready to face the day. I paid my usual visit and then carried on through to my room where I powered up my computer. The post in my main mailbox wasn’t too bad but would still take a couple of hours so I mad a start. Not a long one though as I skived off at 6.00 am to get my tablets and make a coffee. When I came back I was in quite a good frame of mind. The sun seemed to be breaking through and I saw Joey as I came through, head on one side watching me. I had a short one sided conversation with him.

I’d dealt with the first mailbox by 8.00 am and for a break had taken my empty mug back through to the kitchen. It had gone dull again and was raining. Nothing unexpected there then. Joey had gone back to sleep and I wished I had. Instead I started on the second batch of mail which again wasn’t bad and finished that at 9.20 am. I was thinking that with Mike having to go pick his Dad up today, maybe we should go out for breakfast instead of lunch, so at 9.30 am I took a coffee through and woke him. He’d been in bed since midnight and had slept early so I knew he should have had enough sleep. It was just the one call and he got up. Amazing. I gave him a few minutes to come round before I joined him.

It wasn’t long before he got his first phone call and it was to say the hospital may keep him another night so the social work team can visit him  and do an assessment. Good idea. He’d still go over and visit his Dad then come back to mine before going off again tomorrow to pick him up. That at least meant we could go out for lunch. We left home at 11.30 am to go and buy some slipper for his Dad before lunch which we did quite successfully. Mike was able to ask about a few disability aids too from the same shop. We went for lunch. As we were going to pick up a BFG from a supermarket Mike’s phone went again. This time it was a doctor to say he was releasing Dad this afternoon. I got Mike to say he’d be there by 5.00 pm which took some of the pressure off and allowed him to go to Dad’s place for clean clothes before going in for him. Now he’ll be able to go straight back to Rugby without having to come back here afterwards.

Mike dropped me at home and we loaded up the car with his luggage and he headed off to Manchester again. I had a brief conversation with Joey before coming through to try and clear the post. That was about 3.00 pm. It was 6.15 pm before I emerged again, there was just so much of it. I took a tablet then prepared myself a sandwich and a bowl of strawberries. I put the goggle box on and chilled. Every time Joey decided to sing for me I went over and sat by the cage talking to him. Tomorrow he’s going to find my hand in there a lot. I don’t think it will take him long to get used to it. As soon as he does, I can start leaving the cage door open for him to come out and hopefully he’ll choose to sit on my shoulder.

A very Joey like budgie.

A very Joey like budgie.

While doing the mail later I was messaging with Yvonne about what to do this week on Ju’s birthday. She reminded me that during the last blog I’d mentioned her having an appointment with her baby team. Since it seems I’d forgotten to mention she’s pregnant  it seemed likely that the appointment might not make sense to most people. I’m sorry about that. For a while I was under a promise to say nothing and then when I could, I thought I had. So here is my official announcement. Yvonne is due to have a baby at Christmas, she says Reuben will be having a brother, I think it’s a sister and as I’m a Capricorn I think it should be my decision. They both say they’re going to leave it as a surprise this time.  Well, it’s 11.30 pm and I’m off to bed now and fingers crossed will have a good night. Mail up to date as at 10.30 pm


Well I got my wish. Though I stopped reading at 1.00 am this morning and it did take a little time to get to sleep, I didn’t wake until 5.12 am. That’s good going. The Piddle Palace beckoned and then I logged into the computer and into my first mail address. I almost turned round and went back to hide under the covers when I saw the amount but conscience got the better of me. At 6.30 am I broke off and went to get my meds and a coffee. On my way back I stopped to chat to Joey. He’s obviously not a morning bird so I’m thinking of renaming him Mikey. No reason  of course, I just like the name. I talked to him but he didn’t move on his perch, even when I put my hand through one of the doors. If I’d gone closer he might have shifted his little butt. Maybe later.

Back on the computer I finished the mail including a refresh at 7.35 am and opened the next set. That took me until 8.45 am when I took a break and went to see if Joey was feeling any more chatty. Answer, NO. It is a dull day so perhaps he doesn’t think it’s daylight yet. I sat on the edge of the table and told him repeatedly what a good/clever boy he is. I thought flattery might get me somewhere. He didn’t even blink at me. The minute I sat in my own chair and started reading a magazine he started singing then a little bout of arguing until I thought it was a Josephine or Michelle. Luckily that didn’t go on too long so for now I’ve restored his masculinity. I cleaned the cage, the bird bath and the four water/food trays and gave him fresh including a couple of grapes to nibble on. I want to see how he does with those as so fat he seems to regard the apple with suspicion and hasn’t gone near the millet. His seed tray though he still seems to regard as a place to bed down or a toilet.

At 9.05 am I returned to the computer to check on a parcel and found it was to be delivered today. A few minutes later I took my cup to the kitchen and saw the postman coming. I opened the door to him and was given just rubbish but he did say he’s be back with a parcel in a few minutes. He was. The book part of Reuben’s birthday present has now arrived. Yvonne and I will look for the other part tomorrow when we meet. While I was back at the computer I had a message from her to say she’s been on to the DWP and left a message for the woman who ‘corrected’ my claim to find out why it’s gone into recovery mode. Someone on the phone assures us it’s been dealt with but I’ve still not had a letter from her to confirm her actions so you’ll excuse me my cynicism. Terrible customer service in play there. She’s supposed to ring back tomorrow when we’re together. I won’t be holding my breath. I did a little more work then the warden came at 11.30 am and stayed until 12.15 am. It was pleasant talking with her. After she’d gone I took a pre-foodie tablet and set a beef stew and dumplings going in the microwave. I watched the start of Bargain Hunt while the stew was cooking./ As it was in it’s rest for a minute phase I did two rounds of bread and butter to make sure I wasted no gravy. To prove I stayed awake, 5 of the sic item made a profit, and one of the two bonus items. Luckily the team that suffered Charles Hanson didn’t go with his bonus buy which made a resounding loss of £50.00. Charlie Ross’s on the other hand made a £20.00 profit and the team had gone with him.

After lunch I sat on the edge of the table again and chatted with Joey. It was a very one sided conversation. Just occasionally he cocked his head and looked interested but on the whole I think he found the whole thing boring. I went through to check the mail. There was enough to keep me going for a while but it’s just a swell I didn’t do too much bragging about staying awake as I woke up leaning over the keyboard like a demented typist. I had no idea how long I’d been out though I’ve deduced it must only have been moments since as yet no-one has complained at having been sent the script for War and Peace in gobbledegook. It was almost 4.00 pm and I felt tired so I went  and sat in my chair but with the TV off so as not to distract me and then I’d end up falling asleep in something I wanted to watch, and now Wimbledon is over my quizzes are back on. For all I was tired I didn’t drop off easily but eventually I did doze for a few minutes. Then Joey decided to serenade me and believe me that can be piercing. I had no choice but to tell him what a clever boy he was while hoping he didn’t notice the gritted teeth.

When I came round fully and talked to Joey he naturally lost interest so I put the TV on and was in time for my first quiz. I know I watched up to 7.00 pm and that I fully intended to watch something from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Instead I woke up at 7.45 pm having missed most of it. I turned off in disgust and came through to work. The post was at mammoth proportions again so apart from a break at 9.30 pm to take my evening meds I was hard at it till gone 10. 30 pm. I prepared my jacket for tomorrow by making sure my diabetic meds were in the right jacket this time ( on Sunday I put them in the jacket pocket under the jacket I was going to wear). I started the blog at 10.45 pm knowing I’d be ready for the morning now.


It was lucky I turned my light out to go to sleep at 12.45 am last night as this morning started again at 3.21 am.  Not entirely a bad thing as I had to leave the house at 7.30 am for my bus and needed to have had some breakfast before then and to be as up to date as possible with my mail. When I get home I have some washing to do and poor Joey will have been talking to himself for quite a while. Sad as it is, he needs to hear much more of my voice if he’s to talk and if he’s to get used to me. I worked on the mail until 5.00 am and then went to the kitchen to take my meds (including a pre-foodie) make myself some toast and eat it after using a cigarette to time myself. Then I made a coffee and took the two postfood tabs, and back to work again. I was clear at just gone 7.00 am and had time to mess about on ebay before going out.

At 7.30 am I walked up to the bus stop and only had to wait a couple of minutes before it appeared. I was the only one on apart from the driver until we got to Holywell. As usual I traveled with my eyes shut most of the time and the journey seemed to go quicker. As I got off at the stop in Chester I had a cigarette while waiting for Yvonne and Reuben to arrive. I managed t see them in the distance and hid behind a pillar making Reuben jump a bit as I appeared. We wasted a few minutes in the £ shop until our shop and cafe were open. As soon as the shop opened we were there with Roobs ready to push the button on the lift then gallop ahead of us to the cafe and claim our table which he sat at until we arrived. Yvonne made him some Weetabix and ordered our drinks plus a toastie for me and toast and jam for them. As soon as the toast appeared Roobs stopped eating Weetabix and demanded some. He was also drinking our drinks in turn as they were both cold. I had an iced lemonade and Yvonne an iced ( decaff) coffee.

After breakfast we had a look at the sale and I got another pair of skinny jeans in a different colour. A brown but I’m not sure what you’d call it. I also got a couple of tee-shirts before we went down on the lift with Reuben pushing the buttons and left the store. We walked towards the market as I was hoping to find a table and chairs for Reuben’s birthday. We did find one but it would have been awkward to get home so I left the money with Yvonne so she could get Ugo to pick it up after work. We went to have a look at the budgies and I picked up a few things for Joey including a swing. It was quite warm but also raining as we left there so we decided to head towards the precinct to have a look at the new shops and get me a drink. One of my favourite shops The Gift Company had a rocking horse outside and a rocking donkey. Yvonne loved the donkey and Roobs did too, so much that he didn’t want to get off. It was at a special price and after much arguing I got him that instead of the table and chairs for his birthday. Lucky for me it came flat packed ( except for the donkey) and was lighter than the table. Poor Yvonne got to carry that home. We ordered a drink but the queue was so bad that time ran away and it had to be taken out. The intention was for me to drink it on the bus. I managed to get it on there without spilling any. After I’d waved them off and the bus had left I had the drink but wasn’t able to finish it because of the ice in it. I propped it up in my bag and closed my eyes. I must have nodded off because I woke up and my shins were beating a tattoo on the base of the seat in front of me. Ouch, it bloody hurt.

At the other end I pulled the drink container out of the bag and found the lid had come off. Poor Joey’s gifts were a bit damp. I threw it all away in the bin , what a shame, the lemonade was lovely. I got home as quickly as possible as I’d not had time/forgotten to empty my bladder before I left. No way was I going to manage to get to Pauline’s again. Damn! When I mentioned this to Yvonne whilst letting her know I was back safely, she laughed and said she thought it would be a close call. Such sympathy. I didn’t feel hungry when I first got in and yet again I forgot about my washing. I tried to talk to Joey but he wasn’t having any so I started straight back to work. I managed to catch up at 4.05 pm and decided that was a good time to eat. Joey decided that was a good time to sing to me. I had my pre-foodie, rammed a cottage pie in the micro and sat on the corner of the table to talk to him. I chatted away and at the same time slid my hand under one of the doors and rested it on a food dish. He really wasn’t interested and moved as far away as possible without seeming a coward. I had to give up when the micro binged and sat with my lunch on a tray just throwing the odd, Joey, Joey, Joey, Best Boy in his direction. He didn’t once tell me how good I was.

Since my quiz was on at 5.00 pm I just stayed there after washing the pots. I had programmes all the way to to 8.00 pm though my eyes were drooping a bit towards the end. Joey appeared to have put himself to bed so I turned the power off the box and went through to work. Just as well I did as it was mounting up. Sitting in my chair I leaned down to scratch an itch on my leg and it stung, my nail came up with skin and blood. Damn, I thought I’d better change out of my Skinny jeans ( yes, 64 yrs old and skinny jeans, Yvonne says I look amazing and I haven’t paid her a penny). When I released my legs to the sunlight I saw bruising to both shins as a result of kicking the seat in front on the bus but also I’d scratched the skin off the lower shin on my bad leg. The skin must be very thin there. I went through to get a piece of plaster and some disinfectant- which I spilt over everything, including the plaster- but which did stick. I’d wear shinpads but I’d have to wear my slim jeans and not my skinny ones.!! If the bad leg swells up any further I won’t get it through the leghole of those jeans much longer. I put my minions lounge pants on and my Bazinga tee-shirt. Nice and cool while I worked. I took 5 minutes off at 9.30 pm to take my meds and then finally caught up at 10.20 pm. Straight onto the blog then to be followed by a early night. I think Yvonne, Ugo and Roobs are coming to take me to lunch tomorrow.


I stopped reading early last night and turned the light out at 12.40 am. I felt really cheated when I woke at 2.03 am and couldn’t drop off again, even after a trip to the Piddle Palace. Since I’d been not long before sleep there was no urgency to the visit. I had no choice but to start work and hope it tired me out enough to need another sleep. Because it wasn’t that long since I’d been hitting the mail I wasn’t expecting too much at that time. I was to be disappointed but having said that. I was clear again by 4.15 am and chose to go sit in my chair in the lounge. I’d fully intended to nod off for a while but Joey was still on his overnight perch which was right next to his mirror and he was fascinating to watch. Moving around he’d knock the mirror and make it spin which obviously annoyed him. He’d have a quick conversation with his reflection then as the reflection didn’t answer he’d get cross and rap his rival over the head with his beak, or in other words clout the mirror. What a very ignorant mirror it must be, not answering when spoken to. Again because he moves around on the perch his posterior sometimes nudges the honey seed stick hanging from the roof. Because it swings back to catch him on the rump it also gets a telling off followed by a little nibble when he realises it’s food. The odd thing is he knows that’s food and eats it but if you stick s piece of apple through the bars he avoids it like the plague. The grapes I put in yesterday are still there though I know he’s visited them. He just hasn’t managed to break the skin and sample the contents yet.

At 5.15 am I gave up trying to sleep and went to the kitchen. I set the washer to quick wash and set it going. I had my meds and then some Ricicles for breakfast. I set the drier going, made myself a coffee and came back through to the bedroom to catch up on mail again. My dear friend Paula has blogged today about creating her new website but how she’s been conned by them for adverts on the social sites. All I could do was sympathise and say I find twitter to be the best way of carrying a message to the public rather than paid ads on Facebook etc.At 6.00 am I stopped work to start work. I filled my mop bucket with hot water and some Flash and did the kitchen floor and then the laminate floor in the lounge. It was about time as even I’m beginning to write my name in the dust and I can see the tracks of where all the spiders walk. It looks much better.  That done, I returned here to carry on with the mail. At 8.40 am I went and checked the washing machine and was in time to see it finish the drying cycle. I folded everything and put it on the airer. I wonder if I’d bought one before if I’d have saved a load of I***ing? Maybe I should rewash everything in the baskets. As soon as that was done I changed Joey’s seed and water then got the hoover out and did the hallway and the edge of the carpet around the coffee table in the lounge. I didn’t do the bedrooms today as I’m not expecting an inspection and I need to get out to Pauline’s for supplies.

It was 9.5 am when I got to Pauline’s but I was OK the Mother’s Mafia had gone.No pushchairs gathered around the entrance and non-school age kids running around with dripping noses which they wipe on the variety of dogs under the pretence of a hug. It’s easy to trip over any or all of the hazards and a trouser leg does just as well for the children. I got my bread, TV mag and cigarettes so I should be OK until Saturday shopping now. Back at home I put the stuff away then sat talking to Joey for a while, though I should say talking at Joey since he turned his back on me. How rude ! The moment I left to come through to the bedroom he started chirping. At 10.30 am I got a text from Yvonne to say they were on their way. It would have been Ju’s birthday today so we’ve decided to spend some of the day together and go for a meal. I kept working on the mail until the last minute or so before I expected them. I wasn’t too far off and when the car pulled up they got out and came to say hello to Joey. I’m not sure Reuben has seen one quite so close before. I think he was glad Joey was in a cage. We set off and called in at Abakhan on the way for a cuppa and a chance for Reuben to use the playground. It was quite pleasant this morning so it was OK. When we’d played/had a drink we went on our way to The Bells of St Mary’s. We had a nice carvery then Ugo and Yvonne had puddings with Reuben giving his father a lot of unwanted help to finish.

Ride my see saw.

Ride my see saw.

Racing away on my horse.

Racing away on my horse.

After leaving the Bells Ugo drove into Holywell so I could visit the bank, he even came with me for protection. Then they dropped me off at home and left me to my mail. It was about 3.00 pm and Dil was due at 5.00 pm. I managed t get the levels down before he arrived but he was a bit early . I made him a cup of tea as usual and we settled to watch the quiz, me trying to read him the questions off the screen he says he can’t make out. At 6.00 pm the TV went off and the games table came out. Yahtzee ended up being 4-2 in my favour tonight , a nice change. The cheating must be working. I also managed a win at Trivial Pursuit but not by much and it was only because for once I was able to answer a sports question that I never usually get. Three games of cribbage  next and I won the first before things no longer went my way and Dil slaughtered me in the other two. He went home with his honour intact, Damn ! He left at 9.30 am and as usual I tidied up a bit and washed the pots before coming through to work. Only till 10.00 pm though when I remembered I hadn’t taken my meds. I did that and made myself a sandwich too. Then I had to plough in until I was clear at 10.40 pm and able to start the blog.


I turned my light off at 1.00 am as usual. I think sleep came fairly quickly. During the night I remember getting up once. I’m not sure if I piddled in the loo then went to visit Joey, or piddled on Joey then went to visit the loo. I just remember some squawks but that could be because I approached him in the dark an spoke to him. However, I came back to bed and stayed there until 5.09 am, a really good sleep. When I got up I made another journey to the loo then returned to power up the computer. I thought I’d wait until 6.00 am when it was very light before going through for my tablets. I made a start on my mail first. Things were a bit slow as my ISP said the mail boxes were being worked on until 7.00 am. Anyway, at 6.00 am I went through to the kitchen, passing through the lounge and Joey in his cage. He wasn’t sitting on his usual top perch, but on the main perch about half way down. Either I was in trouble or he was actually awake. I approached the cage gingerly, but all seemed fine except for the fact that he didn’t feel like talking to me again. Nothing new there then. I went to the kitchen and took my meds then made a coffee to take back to the bedroom. I spoke to Joey as I passed through again but still no response.

Back in my room I was horrified to see a Microsoft update had been started and my system was due to close in 3 minutes. I asked it to postpone the update for 4 hours and carried on. Withing a couple of minutes it closed down. So much for asking politely for a postponement. When the system rebooted I signed in again and hoped it would take me to where I was previously. No such luck, I had to sign in to my mail again. This time however it would only sign in to an older incarnation which did not display a way of deleting emails. I had to deal with them and leave them there to be canceled at the end. At 7.00 am I signed out and then back in again to the newer system. Yay, it was back to normal and I could delete everything I’d dealt with. By 7.20 am I was clear on the first mail box and able to open the second and start again. There were quite a few duplicates and so it didn’t take too long to clear that one also. By 7.55 am I was twiddling my thumbs. I went to get dressed. My leg is so bad this morning I’ve left my socks off and am wondering whether to stay in today rather than go to get my lottery tickets which I can do tomorrow. I stuck by that decision.  As usual I spent a bit of time by Joey’s cage talking to him and resting my hand just inside the cage door to see if I could encourage him to sit on it. The word ‘sit’ is almost the right word for what he did do on my hand. Maybe that’ll bring luck when I check the lottery this Friday night.

I checked the bank and found the DWP are still recovering the non-existent debt they said I owed. So much for it being sorted as one of their Supervisors promised. Speaking of whom, she left a message on the phone today to say she’d got my letter ( I wonder which one of the many) and she’ll try later to speak to me. Again that shows how much they listen when I make a point of saying I don’t use the phone and want them to speak to Yvonne. At the moment I feel justified in having lost my faith in them altogether. I watched Homes under the Hammer and saw just how small house prices are in some places. here and just what a profit can be made from bringing them up to scratch. Buying for the rental market seems to be the way to go for many buyers as it can bring in a good pension income later on. After that I started to think about lunch . my stomach thinks my throat has been cut since I didn’t bother with breakfast this morning. Ahhh, that’s better. I had Bargain Hunt on while I ate and settled down to watch the rest of it after I’d washed up. Ha, I must have seen about five minutes before the aliens came and took me away. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for this sudden loss of memory that lasted until 2.05 pm. Fancy them making me miss the end of my programme.

I retreated to my bedroom to work and barricade myself in just in case the aliens tried again. I could even hear Joey singing but I was strong and stayed in front of the computer working until 4.00 pm. I had to cut and run then to try getting Joey to respond to me rather than talking to the hand while it was still light outside. I stayed sitting by the cage while I watched the first half of my quiz, My arm was starting to ache a bit then so I withdrew it and sat in my chair. The moment I moved Joey moved down to the spot he’d been studiously ignoring a few seconds before. At the end of the quiz I turned over for the next one and was gobsmacked to find it’s been replaced by golf now. I think I only had three night between tennis and this. I watched Wheeler Dealers instead until 7.00 pm then cam back through to the bedroom. The post is almost back to it’s previous levels. I know it’s my own fault but have no idea what to do about it. At just gone 8.00 pm I had a text from Mike to say he’s on his way so it will be anywhere around 11.00 pm when he arrives unless the traffic is bad. I’m only going to work until 10.00 pm tonight then do the blog so I’m free to make his drink when he gets here.

You didn't want your pud did you daddy?

You didn’t want your pud did you daddy?

I caught a bug at nursery.

I caught a bug at nursery.


Michael arrived at 10.30 pm last night  so I made him a drink and sat with him to talk about his week (and mine). He’d forgotten it was Ju’s birthday on Wednesday so was surprised I’d had a second outing with Yvonne. But, as a result of hearing about the table and chairs on Tuesday now knows what to get Reuben for his birthday.(Unless Reuben reads this of course). It was midnight before I got to bed and my usual 1.00 am before my reading stopped and the light went out. I knew sleep wasn’t going to be easy as I wasn’t breathing right in any position I tried, and the coughing was irritating, like something was there but wouldn’t come out, a gold watch perhaps as we used to say when I was a kid. ( Who am I kidding, we still say it- cough it up, it might be a gold watch?????). Anyway , lying on my side, trying hard not to use up the last of my spray as I won’t get more until Tuesday or Wednesday, I eventually dropped off. At 3.11 am I was up again and immediately the cough started. Damn, I got up.

I nipped to the the loo and then rather than come back and sign on, I ventured through to the lounge. Joey was on his top perch but it wasn’t bright enough yet for me to disturb him so I sat in my chair and closed my eyes. Wham, I was out like a light until 4.18 am. I felt much better. I wished Joey good morning and heard rather than saw him move on the perch but it still wasn’t light enough for him to venture forth. A quick stretching of the wings was all I got. Back to the bedroom and power up the computer. It was great as I signed into my first mail box, just one email from last night. While that might be a cause for celebration less so were the 57 emails from this morning which were eventually updated by another 29 then another 13 before 7.00 am when I stopped work to take my meds and make a coffee. I went back to work leaving my empty drugs tray till later. I was finished for a while by 8.20 am and as I intended getting Mike up at 8.30 am I went to put the kettle on.

I took a coffee through at 8.30 am and wondered why Mike wasn’t up already considering Joey’s been singing for the last ten minutes. In a slightly louder voice than usual I announced the coffee was there and that I’d put it on the bedside table nearest the door. I actually got a thank you. I went back to see if Joey could be persuaded my hand is approachable. That got me nowhere. After ten minutes I heard Mike’s alarm go off and he got up. Pretty good going really for him. As he brought his drink through I gave up my tries with Joey and sat down  for a few minutes. I said to Mike I hadn’t seen anyone going to school so far and wondered if my lot finished yesterday. It looked as though they had so I chose to go to Pauline’s for my lottery then. I wasn’t very long and came back to do my drug trays. Mike came to make himself another coffee and turned the spout away from me so I wasn’t scalded. I wonder if he’s quite well? I watched an episode of Frazier then turned over for Homes Under the Hammer which Mike said he’d seen so he went to get dressed. At 10.30 am he was ready to go see his Dad and left. It’s back to just me and Joey again and though I feel guilty about leaving him, I did come back through to catch up on work at 11.00 am. At 11.45 am I decided to sort out my lunch so took a pre-foodie tablet and waited a few minutes before putting a chips with curry sauce in the microwave.

I managed to finish lunch just in time for Bargain Hunt and even managed to stay awake for the auctions though it was hard today One team made a profit on all three items but turned down the experts bonus buy which made a £40 profit. Ouch. But they did win a Golden Gavel for their profits. At 1.00 am I knew I wanted to go to sleep but made myself come and catch up on both sets of mail before even considering it.That took until 3.10 pm and then I went through to try it. I put the TV on to aid me but the programme proved to interesting and sleep  didn’t come. I went back at 4.00 pm but there wasn’t much post so it took very little time  and I returned to the TV. I stayed there until just before 7.00 pm. As I went through to the bedroom I saw I’d missed a lot of calls from Yvonne and texted her. She called me with the news that the DWP had been in touch. It appears the overpayment they’re currently recovering does not date from this year and that the non-existent one has been written off. It appears they’re now recovering an overpayment from 2013. WHAT??? Get rid of one in 2015 and create one from 2013 and just start recovery now. 2013 was the year Ju died and my head was not where it belonged in those days. I shall have to write and ask for a letter of explanation which will no doubt take another freakin’ month to be actioned.

Once I’d spoken to Yvonne I went for my shower I’d had no word from Mike about when he was coming back. I was out in time for A Question of Sport and it had only been on for a minute when Mike walked in. For once he was going to have to wait for his coffee. Once it was over I made Mike’s drink and then we watched a programme on Anglo-Saxon treasures together. We both enjoy history and the Sutton Hoo treasure which was included were amazing,as were the Lindisfarne Gospels. After that I departed for the bedroom and left him with a comedy show he likes. By 10.10 pm I had cleared the mail and was able to start the blog. Yay, an early night.

On my Flying Saucer

On my Flying Saucer- going back to my galaxy.

Wrestling with Daddy but I still can't get his wallet.

Wrestling with Daddy but I still can’t get his wallet for Mummy.


Another long night, short sleep. My light went off just before  1.00 am, I know I was tired and the reading had relaxed me but I had major problems getting comfortable. I was tempted to head for my chair but thought I should try harder in bed. I fell asleep. Next thing I know it’s 3.23 am and I’m wide awake. I didn’t want to be but to be honest who cares what I want. Certainly not Somnos et al. By 5.00 am I’d done both sets of post and didn’t think  doing the rubbish at that time would be appreciated. At least the bags are ready to go. At 5.30 am I got dressed and went through to the kitchen to take my meds and have some cornflakes. Maybe it would be a good idea to deal with my shopping list while I was there? Nah, I decided to go unencumbered by ideas this week and just shop as the mood took me.. I took my coffee back to the bedroom to catch up on any new mail. I was delighted to  get a message from a special friend to say some medical test results had come back fine. As I know it’s been a worry since the tests were called for, I couldn’t be happier. One of my biggest regrets at a time like this is that my Hugs are all virtual. I’d love to be doing them in person. At 6.00 am I started taking the rubbish out. First the food waste, then the recycling bags. Finally I took the wheelie bin to the bottom of the path. All ready to go now.

At 6.30 am Mike’s alarm went off as I took his coffee in but that didn’t stop me speaking to him of course as I told him it was there. His eyes opened, his eyes closed. Ten minutes later I wasn’t quick enough, his alarm went off but he got up before I could speak so it was a 2A an IC day today. Very disappointing, he’s spoiling all my fun since I can’t insult him as much. For all his hanging around we got out at 7.20 am and wee’re at the Supermarket for 7.45 am. I hit the machines for cash while Mike got us a freebie trolley, We were confronted by a clothes sale again so I got Reuben a couple of tops. OK stop asking questions, yes,I got two tee-shirts for me as well. Without a list the food shopping seemed negligible and we motored round there. Through the tills in no tome flat and to the cafe where I had an iced mocha. Mike sat staring as I drank it and when asked why replied he was waiting for me to get brain freeze so he could laugh at my pain. Such charm, oh yes, he was in the wrong queue that day.

On the way to Flint we stopped at Pets At Home to pick up a couple of new perches for Joey. It’s a very big cage so some extra places to perch gives him more options to ignore me from. When we finished there we headed for Flint. We looked in a couple of shops before getting the chocolates out of the car to take into Temptations. No Ceri again this morning but Mike was delighted to see it was Sian. He can tease her just as easily. We enjoyed our coffee. After we left it was a quick trip to the frozen food store for lollies then home. That cruel person made me deal with the frozen food. We had a bit of a break after unpacking as Mike was feeling under the weather( I knew those voodoo dolls worked).At 1.00 pm we went off for lunch. Getting in the car we had no idea where we were going. Mike suggested Tariq’s but I hadn’t brought chocolates out for them so we carried on and went to he Cook House where I had Father’s Day. What a fantastic meal it was again. We were both stuffed. We still had a bit of parking time left so had a wander round all the charity shops in Prestatyn looking for one of those great buys that always turns out to be worth a fortune on The Antiques Roadshow. No such luck nut I did but a small wooden box to collect change in and a birthday book. Then before we could be pinched for parking too long we headed for home.

It was almost 4.00 pm before we got back so I had no choice but to attack my post. Mike could entertain Joey while I worked. Of course I couldn’t stay away all evening so I had to go back tot he lounge at 6.00 pm where we had cake for tea then watched some TV . I stayed until 9.40 pm and left Mike to finish a programme. I whittled some more emails down until I’d almost done at 10.30 pm. then started the blog.I may go back to the post later so there’s less waiting in the morning.

I wish you all a Wonderful New Week with Many Hugs.




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70 responses to “Drumming the Shin Retreat & Being given the bird, by the bird.

  1. Did you get the pension thing resolved?

    • I believed I had until Friday when they phoned my daughter. They nw say the phantom ovepayment fro this year has been resolved but the recovery is from an overpayment in 2013 which they’ve done nothing about until now. I had 13 months to appeal against it which has now passed.
      2013 being the year my wife died I have no idea what went on then at all.It’s ridiculous that they should decide to action it 2 years later if correct.

  2. I’m sure Joey will eventually be won over by your persistence if not your charm – and be happy to give you many variations of the bird version of a hug for real! The over payment issue is ridiculous – but then that’s state bureaucracy for you. I’m fairly certain it’s a global thing and that many years of special training are undertaken to ensure maximum inefficiency, double dealing and customer dissatisfaction is achieved. Perhaps you could take to hugging trees around your village? At the very least you’ll have some interesting conversations ……..

    • Persistence maybe……. The budgie version of a hug is to sit on your shoulder cracking hairs from your ear with it’s beak. I’m sure I’ll get there.
      The overpayment has gone from bad to worse. In my benefit days I would have been roasted over hot coals had I treated a member of the public like this.
      Hugging trees round the village sound like fun,I can talk to them.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. I’m sorry to hear your leg is misbehaving [still], as is your cough. Have you been back to the doctor????

    Thank you for the the Cher clip – that was fun, as was hearing about Joey. I think he’s going to become a firm favourite. 😀

    • Doctor, what’s one of those?
      I’m glad you enjoyed the Cher clip and also hearing about Joey. I’m sure he’ll prove to be a real character once he gets used to me. You can tell it’s my bird, it’s mental.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • -giggles- Our animals are the same. Makes me wonder if we choose animals with issues or they choose us for reasons I don’t want to think about!

  4. Wishing you good luck with the letter to DWP re its digging for 2013 “loot” they say they left somewhere then. I did have a good laugh at “did two rounds of bread and butter to make sure I wasted no gravy”. Found myself in that phrase so perfectly 😀 Lots of big hugs and a fab week, David

    • Seems there’s never a letter of explanation when you want one but so convenient that the 13 month limit for appealing is well,past.
      I’m so glad you understood my not wanting to waste gravy, it’s great when there’s enough left for two slices of B & B.
      I hope you have a Great Week Ina.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. I think Joey is beautiful, I love birds. He will warm up! Here’s hoping the DWP straightens things out, can’t really understand why it’s so hard for them to do it. Glad you are better now and hope your tooth doesn’t hurt anymore. Hugs to you David.

    • I agree, birds are beautiful. I hope Joey is going to prove to be friendly in the end and turn out to be lots of fun.
      I think the DWP have lost the plot now. Clever though to pull an overpayment out of the hat from so long ago when I have no right of appeal.
      Tooth much better thanks, I hope I’ve killed the nerve.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to you Suzanne xxx

  6. Ali Isaac

    Joey sounds like right character! He’s very wilful, isn’t he?, I hope he settles and you both get on together really well. I’m still concerned about your lack of sleep, how do you do it? How do you think Reuban will cope with the arrival from the stork?

    • Joey is sort of wilful but he’s very young. I hope we can become best buddies too.
      I don’t know how I deal with the lack of sleep except I obviously don’t need as much as some. Perhaps being chilled is restful.
      Reuben loves other children so I hope he’ll be fine with the new baby. We’ll just have to make sure he still has lot of attention.
      xxx Huge Hugs Ali xxx

  7. I’m so pleased that all seems to be well in your corner of the world my friend. Since I’ve been away, I missed what has happened to your fish but Joey sounds like a fine (if somewhat ignorant) replacement. Many blessings and hugs across the miles to you.

    • Hi Suz, the fish tank was proving to be difficult me more to keep up. The tank and fish went to someone with experience who wanted to start up again in a new place but couldn’t afford to.
      Joey will become my best pal I hope and give me plenty to write about.
      I hope things are good with you and the job is still being enjoyed.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  8. I’ve always liked birds…..but I have 2 cats and I don’t think that scenario would end well. I’m sure Joey will give you many good stories to post in the future.

    • Yes, not the best scenario in the world despite what certain adverts would have us believe. I’m hoping Joy will provide plenty of blog fodder in the future. xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  9. Joey does sound like lots of fun.

  10. I’ve been away a couple weeks and look what happens– Birds and babies. Congratulations to your daughter, and you, Grandpa. Maybe if you take Joey into your computer room and read a few emails out loud, he will start talking to you. That way you kill two birds with one stone. Oh, that was a bad analogy! I hope your leg heals and causes no problems. It also sounds like DWP has to prove they’re right one way or another. Good luck with that, David. Have a fabulous week.

    • Don’t things always happen that way Mary J.Thank you for the congratulations, I’ll tell Yvonne.
      I daren’t take Joey through and read emails to him in case he decided to take over and no-one notices any difference,
      The trouble is the DWP don’t really have to prove anything as I’m out of the appeal period now ( conveniently). They have me by the short and curlies.
      I wish you a wonderful week full of Massive Hugs xxxxxx

  11. Your pictures of Reuben always make me smile, as do your song choices, for different reasons. Sorry you weren’t feeling as well this week. I hope that changes soon. Stay well.

    • It’s a boost knowing I succeeded in making someone smile for whatever reason George.
      The feeling has changed already, feeling on top of the world thanks.
      Keep well yourself,

  12. LOL last week I went searching previous posts to see if you’d said Yvonne was pregnant – or if I had had a huge misunderstanding (I seem to spend a lot of time in my own private Idaho lately, so I assumed it was me). Thanks for clearing it up and congratulations! 😀
    Thanks for “All Right Now” – I should play that to myself repeatedly as an “affirmation.” And I love Cher’s version of Walking in Memphis.
    Loved the picture of Joey’s doppelgänger. He makes a fine co-star for the blog (and Reuben is charming as ever too!). You know a lot about training birds. You’ve become quite the professor for me. I’ve always wanted to get some kind of bird. Maybe now that Crystal is an only cat… And if I can ever get to move where I want to be… So if it turns out that bird poo is good for winning lotto tickets, do let me know!
    I’m happy to know they released Mike’s dad from the hospital. Wishing him well. And you sir, be careful with that leg, please. Health and happiness my friend — and mega hugs! ❤ 🙂

    • I’m so sorry for the mix up Teagan. I’m happy to take the blame for that.
      I wish I could offer you affirmation but if playing Free works, go for it. I like the Cher song but it always puzzles me that she calls it Memphus in the song and I wondered if that’s a local thing.
      Joey will soon be the star of the blog by far outshining me(if I even shine). My training methods are only those suggested by others which have always worked for me in the end. I hope that one day you’ll get your bird too. I must try leaving a lottery ticket in the cage so I can let you know.
      Mike will see your best wishes tonight when he reads the blog at home. I know he’ll appreciate them.
      I wish you love and Massive Hugs xxxxxxxx

  13. Yes, congratulations to Yvonne, and of course the whole family. I think seeing Reuben’s reaction to his new sibling will be an experience.
    I’m sure Joey will come around. Just taking things at his own pace, I’m sure.
    Do look after your leg. I seem to remember you were supposed to check again with the doctor if it didn’t improve…
    Maybe you need to start a Change petition for the DWP to explain what they are up to…
    Have a lovely week. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Olga. I’m sure Reuben’s reaction will be an experience but by including him in the pregnancy I hope it will be positive one.
      Joey will come round when he’s ready even if it does take a year, but that one experience of being caught by my hand may have tipped the balance against that and I’ll have to find another way of getting him to accept me.
      Sorry, but I think my hearing just went faulty along with my memory.
      Maybe a Change petition would work with the DWP though they haven’t before. They are a law unto themselves.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. Congratulations on the news that you will be a grandfather again! Before long we will being seeing even more adorable photos. I liked seeing Reuben with his dad. Hope your leg is healing, and the pension nonsense gets worked out. My husband should start receiving his pension soon. Recently he’s had to resend various forms and such that he’s already sent to the state–even though they sent confirmations that they received it.
    Is your tooth better?
    Oh–great news about your medical tests!
    Hope the rest of your week goes well. Hugs!

    • Thanks a lot Merril, luckily this birth can’t make me feel any older than the first one did. Roobs is very close to his Dad and loves playing with him.
      I won’t hold my breath on m pension but I do hope your husband manages to get his sorted out without these kind of hiccups. Duplicates of everything is pretty normal I think.
      Tooth better than i was thank you.
      I’m sure my week will be fine. I hope yours is wonderful.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  15. I’m late (for a change), so replying to your previous news too. I hope Mike and his father are feeling better after that horrible experience. Hugs and love to them both. A couple of months ago I had a toothache and a massive chipmunk cheek to go with the infection. Not keen to go to the dentist I put a teaspoon of the powder sugar substitute Xylitol in my mouth and swished it around a couple of times that day, and lo and behold – all cured the next day, and not been back since. (give it a go with the next toothache, but don’t swallow if you don’t normally use it because it can cause your digestion to become really interesting). I can’t wait to see a photie of Joey – he’s a lucky little guy to have you to love him and spoil him. You should try a bit of sausage on your finger when you put your hand near him. I’m not a carnivore, but my feathered horde will give you as many kisses as you want for any sort of meat. Seafood and fish especially – apparently insects taste like fish. Here’s to a fabulous week ahead. HUGS and MWAH and LOVE! ❤ XXXXXX

    • Mike is as perky as ever thanks Jo and he says his Dad is OK. Especially with news of moving. Last time I had a mouth problem someone suggested swilling with a superior vodka which I did. It was better in no time but if it wasn’t, who cared? I’ve not heard of your cure before but thanks. I could do without the interesting digestion.
      At the moment I can’t even get Joey to accept apple from my fingers but I’ll certainly try sausage.
      I hope your week is wonderful.
      Sending Massive Hugs xxxxx

  16. Congrats to all on the baby due sometime near Christmas, as a Capricorn as well I understand this is a lovely time of year to be born. 😉 Reuben will make a lovely older brother! 🙂
    Hope you keep feeling better, but do take care. Hope you go the loot sorted out. 🙂
    Joey is just playing shy, I know he’s actually absorbing everything you say and storing it away. 😉
    Good news about Mike’s Dad. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your week with us, David, it made my day and now I have Cher singing in my head and The Ramones (it’s the name Joey as in Joey Ramone).
    Hope this week treats you kindly and massive hugs, Donna xo 🙂

    • Thanks so much Donna. I’m glad there will at last be another crappycorn in the family. Yvonne is a saggyhairyarse but I want the baby born on my side, January would be better.I’m sure Reuben will be good with her.
      Feeling beter all the time but may have to admit defeat with the money .
      Joey is sure to be retaining things so he’s the boss. It always ends up that way.
      Great news about Mike’s dad and Mike is really chuffed.
      I never thought of Joey Ramone, maybe I should play a song in his honour .The week will be great, I hope it will be sensational for you.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  17. We have a bird feed and I have become somewhat of a bird lover. Your new bird is stunning. I hope you’ll have fantastic times with him.
    Best of luck with the DWP and thanks for Cher and Sweet Home Alabama.
    Huge Hugs from the Beautiful South of Wales 🙂

    • Watching the wild birds come is great fun isn’t it Christoph. They can be really stunning. I’m sure I’ll have great fun with Joey.
      I think I’m all out of luck with the DWP. They have me with I’m ‘outside the appeal period’ and it’s too long ago to remember what happened.
      Glad some of the songs pleased you.
      Massive Hugs from the North.

  18. You have a budgie that sings? Reuben is right to be wary. I remember being terrified of my great-grandmother’s budgie. What a great music selection this week: Free, Bad Company, Marvin Gaye AND The Foundations! Brilliant!

    • Nothing to be wary of with Joey Jane, he’s far too small to engender fear. Maybe when I’ve trained him though……….
      So glad you enjoyed some of the music. Some of my favourites in there this week.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  19. Congratulations! Yes! You are going to have another grand-baby! That is fabulous! Our young man Rueben is enjoying life to the fullest. Joey is such a lovely color. When I read your post I think I can hear his singing his little heart out. Great songs again this week. Hope that tooth gets better for you. Hugs are coming your way! ❤ Have a great week, David. 😀

    • Thanks so much Colleen.More white hair on the way. Roobs does enjoy his life to the utmost.
      Green is the only colour for a budgie for me and he is particularly nice. I’m not so sure about the timing of his birdsong though.
      So glad you enjoyed my musical choices this week. Tooth much better thanks, bless the vodka.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  20. Joey is purely gorgeous, David! And what a lovely companion. A true twitter friend.
    And congratulations on the soon to be new arrival! That’s fantastic news. What a beautiful Christmas present for the family.
    I can only imagine the joyful pictures in the new year, but in the meantime, I will happily be content with Reuben’s shining smile.

    • Ha, I hadn’t thought off Joey as a twitter friend though does tweet a lot. He is a pretty bird.
      I was thinking after Christmas would be a better time, early January perhaps, well into Capricorn for me. Will keep you going with pictures of Roobs in the meantime.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. How wonderful! Another baby on the way! This is exciting news 🙂 and Joey! I was a bit tied up last week with visitors so missed your post and Joeys arrival – a treat to see him on here today. I had a mad great-aunt in Holland who kept budgies. They were free to roam all over her house and pooped everywhere but they were such fun. I bet you love him to bits. I spend hours with my canaries, chatting to them, cooking them carrots! Cleaning them out – I tell you, it’s a full time job! Imagine how excited I was when they built a nest and she hatched out 4 babies. Maybe Joey should get a wife? Huge sunny hugs from Spain xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I’m almost as mad as your great aunt but Joey will have to have his freedom curtailed a bit indoors because the front door is never too far away here. I found these bags in Asda that they give to kids to take to school as part of their 5 a day. Some have apple and pear some apple and grape, some melon and grape, some carrots. I bought some of those and vary what I give him though he seems to trust nothing but his seed and his millet at the moment. Cleaning him will at least be easier than it will your canaries. It must have been exciting when they had 4 eggs hatch.
      Since Joey is only supposed to be about 8 weeks old it’s too young to be thinking about a wife, and anyway, If I’m not getting any why should he? I don’t want him sniggering at me.
      xxx Massive Hugs from Wales xxx

  22. Congratulations to you all! Great news!
    David, are you sure Joey is only 8 weeks old? We got a four weeks old budgie and he was almost white. It took him a good couple of months to grow those green feathers.
    It is terrible that your chest infection has not completely gone yet. Smoking doesn’t help, you know.
    Have a pleasant week! Hugs!!!

    • Thanks so much. No, I’m not 100% sure and I even have my doubts about it but it was what I was told by Mike who had it from the breeder.In this instance it wasn’t the colour that worried me as I’ve seen young ones with colour, it was the size.He seemed a little big.
      As I told the doctor, if she had something that would stop me smoking just like that- I’d take it. What makes it hard is that I might need to give up but I don’t actually want to so nothing works, even hypnotherapy. Still,I am smoking less than I was.
      Have a Fantastic New Week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  23. Kourtney Heintz

    I’ve never used clove oil gel before. What did it taste like? Glad you were able to get back to sleep. Even intermittently. Tooth aches are the worst.

    • Hi Kourtney, that’s difficult to answer unless you’ve tasted cloves. It’s exactly like oil of cloves which can take your breath away. Like anything you put in your mouth, some is going to run down the back of your throat, and when it does it’s fierce, almost burning.but in fairness it’s always worked in the past. I didn’t find the gel as good as the oil and nowhere near as good as Bonjella.
      You’re right, toothaches are the worst.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  24. Excellent news. Congratulations… I did wonder about last week’s mention of “appointment with her baby team” but figured you’d share any news all in good time.
    While Reuben gets used to Joey as a new feathered buddy at your house, it will be practise for getting used to a new family member as well 🙂

    • Thanks so much Ella.I knew someone would pick up on it.
      Reuben rarely gets to visit here these days with the hours his parents work so he’ll rarely see Joey. It’s easier for me to travel there early on a Tuesday morning and see him before Yvonne goes to work in the afternoon and he goes to his nursery. He’s so good with other children though I think he’ll be great with the baby. Lets hop his parents are as good when it comes to losing sleep again.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  25. David, your post titles just crack me up, but when you mentioned the clove oil gel I almost gagged. Years ago when I had a wisdom tooth removed and it formed a painful dry socket, a friend told me to treat it with clove oil. I was desperate, and when the burning in my mouth subsided, it did help the original pain. But then I put in my contact lenses while there was just enough still on my fingers. I thought I would go blind! Ah, the things we learn the hard way.
    But Reuben’s pictures are always an upper!
    Have a great week, David.

    • OMG I can’t imagine the agony from getting oil of cloves in your eye. The mouth is bad enough. I’m so glad I don’t wear contacts.
      I’m glad The Roobs pictures give you a boost.
      Have a wonderful week Marylin
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  26. I’m sure Joey will eventually come around and end up sitting on your shoulder while you’re on the lounge chair. Speaking of which, I’m always falling asleep on the lounge and then it’s so hard to get up and go to bed (so sometimes I just stay there) 😉

    • If I walk round with pieces of fruit taped to my shoulders maybe I can bribe him.
      I don’t blame you for staying in the lounge chair sometimes. I certainly breathe (and sleep) better there.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  27. Hi David,
    Congratulations on soon becoming a Grandfather again. How exciting to have a baby around Christmas.
    Loved your video picks this week. Hearing Cream’s ‘Sunshine of Your Love” brought back memories of me sitting in my brother’s room listening to this music – especially happy since I was only 11 and he was 22y.u, so that was a big deal for me 🙂
    Congrats on the new bird, Joey. My next door neighbor has a bird named Joey also! I’ve heard that you must spend several hours daily talking to a bird before he starts speaking. I know you’ll keep all of us posted.
    Happy to hear Mike’s Dad is getting better.
    Please take care of your leg.
    And regarding the Government – Sounds like our government, just a complete mess.

    Have a great day!
    MaryJane xxoo

    • Thanks so much MaryJane. We’ll have to make sure the birthday isn’t combined with Christmas but celebrated as it’sown occasion. I often feel sorry for Christmas babies who just get the one combined gift.
      I’m pleased you enjoyed the music, especially Cream, I must have been mid-teens then.
      Yes, it takes a lot of patience talking before the birds start talking back, and then you immediately regret it when they won’t shut up.
      Mike’s dad is looking forward to his move and is doing fine at the moment,
      Governments- the same everywhere, a mess and uncaring.
      My day will be great, I hope you have a wonderful one.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  28. Dear David, I fear that JOey is lonely…. on his own in the cage he probably feels as though he’s in solitary confinement, and we all get depressed in solitary confinement… what about a feathered friend for Joey, he’d be a lot happier – even though unlike people in solitary confinement, he doesn’t get let out for exercise or for a change of scene.
    It’s a hard life being a bird in a cage, and never able to fly, or socialise with his own kind…
    There should be some sort of birds rights society !!!

    • Well, he’s had his first taste of freedom Valerie. He shouldn’t feel like a prisoner any more. Silly bird just found a high perch and stayed here though, no flying about except for early shock at finding his own reflection in the mirror.With my company he shouldn’t feel too lonely.
      I’m reluctant to get him a companion for selfish reasons,He’s unlikely to learn to talk if he has another budgie to chat to,
      The intent is to allow him total freedom outside his cage once he’s used to me. I’m hoping he’ll sit on my shoulder a la Long john Silver and natter down my ear though I’m not expecting to hear “Pieces of Eight” all the time.
      xxx Huge Hugs on their way xxx

  29. So glad I’ve finally caught up with Joey! He’s a sweetie 🙂 A bit like my Albert…
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  30. I guess you’ve had Albert a long time. How long did training to go on your hand take and how long before he talked? It’s so long since Joey I and Joey II I can’t remember.I’ve never seen anyone go through millet like he does.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  31. Such a great snippet of life in all its British glory. From haggling over a pension to gorgeous pictures of your grandchild playing with his daddy. Great music too It’s a one-stop shop. Nice to know you David.

  32. Birds each have their own personality, and Joey sounds like a sweet funny bird. You two are perfect for each other! Enjoy. Feel good, take in a deep breath and give thankfulness for your family and a new baby (girl?) on the way. xoxoxhugenehugxoxoxo

    • Any animal that enters this house is bound to end up barmy. We’re definitely a good match Pamela.
      I’m enjoying, feeling good,breathing ( because it’s a good habit) and very thankful for the baby to come……provided it’s a girl of course.
      xxx Sending you Hugs Galore xxx

  33. Catching up on my reading. As you know, I never totally catch up. I hope your leg improved and you have better luck with the bird next week. He’ll probably start doing those things when you least expect it. Happy Birthday to Reuben. 🙂

    • I’m sure things will improve with Joey bit by bit.He’ll do things to suit him and not to suit me which is as it should be.Thank you, Reuben’s birthday isn’t until 21 st Aug so I’m OK yet.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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