Sunday August 9th. The Return

Sunday August 9th 2015.

I woke at 4.43 am this morning knowing there wouldn’t be the usual post but that it’s the day of my return anyway. The first day in the new blog. I worked on what post there was until 6.30 am then emerged from my pit surprised to see sunshine. It looked like the weather was smiling on me and it was to be at least two nice days in a row. I took my meds and made a coffee before spending a few minutes talking to Joey. Not that he was talking back, he could chunner for Britain, but never if I’m too close for comfort. Fair play, he’s trying very hard to talk and his name is recognisable but the only way I’m going to get him perched on my hand is with the liberal use of superglue. It’s probably time to stick with patience is a virtue while showing I’m not very virtuous. I always hope for same day results so  by now he and I should have been discussing philosophy or at least whether green feathers are in this season. It was about 7.00 am when I returned to work with my cold coffee but I was very relaxed about it.

The relaxation ended at 8.00 am when Mike got up. Yes, unbelievable I know but it was totally unaided. One minute he was in bed asleep and the next here bothering me. I waited till he was in the lounge then checked his bed to make sure it was dry. It was ! I finished off a couple of messages and went through to the lounge to sit with him. Closing the lounge door I opened Joey’s cage to give him the freedom he needed then sat down. The last thing I remember was Mike trying to get Joey to come out. I was asleep in seconds. Just as well I’d sat down. It was nearly 9.00 am before I woke up and Mike was still trying to get him out. I have no idea where the time went this morning and I’d love to say it wasn’t wasted but I can’t. It was gone 11.00 am before either of us went to get dressed. I managed to do a few emails while I was in my room and also take a look at ebay where I had a few bids to see how things were doing. I’d been outbid on everything and had to decide whether I wanted to up my bids or just leave the items to someone else. I settled for letting them go. As I returned to the lounge that’s exactly what Mike was doing too.

We left the house at 12.30 pm to go for lunch with Lee and the family plus his Dad Di and Lynn his wife. As we pulled out into the traffic who should be in front of us but Lee with Jen waving from the back window of their car. When we drew into the car park of the Bells who should pull up next to Lee but his Dad so we were all able to go in together. It was great to be all together again. I love the family days. Dil went off to buy the meal tickets and Mike listed the drinks wanted and went to queue up for those. I got to hold Nathan for a while, at least until has Pops appeared and claimed him. Dil and Lynn had been to a car boot before coming to lunch so we were talking about what they’d got. When Mike appeared with the drinks I said it was a shame we hadn’t been there this morning too since he’d been up so early.”A good idea for next week” he said “when I don’t have to go back on the Sunday night”. The fear gripped me……….

We left the Bells at about 2.40 pm and went our separate ways with Lee promising to pop in for Wednesday night games soon and Jen agreeing to let him out. Mike and I drove home where it didn’t take me many minutes to nod off in the chair again. I think I was bitten on the bum by a tsetse fly while I was out. Between then and 5.00 pm I was conscious for short periods only. Usually long enough to say “Pretty Joey, best, best boy ” before nodding again but at 5.00 am Mike announced he was going. I waved him off then jumped into the mail and all that had accrued during the day. That kept me going until 7.15 pm when I went through to get some tea. I watched a few old episodes of MASH then at 9.00 pm came through to carry on working. The TV went off and Joey’s cage was closed to stop him flying in the dark. At 10.30 pm I was up to date and able t0 spend some time with the blog again. 

I thought this was water.

I thought this was water.

Anyone seen a spare leg lying around?

Anyone seen a spare leg lying around?

Monday 10th.

I was up to the Piddle Palace at 12.40 am,not long after falling asleep. I was also up at 2.11 am and finally got up at 3.14 am. Though I didn’t feel tired I was still yawning as I sat at my desk replying to mail. The time gave me a good head start to leaving empty mail boxes at 7.30 when I had to leave the house. Chester today instead of tomorrow as Yvonne has midwife appointments for tomorrow. I even managed to get into Facebook to pick up messages from there which isn’t really any hassle wearing my invisibility cloak as I do. I stopped enjoying Facebook visits a long time go. At 6.00 am I broke off to take my meds and have breakfast.That done I took my usual coffee back to my desk to ensure I could clear as much post as possible. I was clear well before I had to go out. When 7.30 came I shouted goodbye to Joey and went for the bus with Ugo’s birthday gifts bouncing off my stick as i walked.

I was halfway to the bus stop when the bus drew up beside me to let me get on. Fantastic, I settled into my favourite seat and nodded off. The journey was over in no time despite the number of times I had to wake as we went over a bump or more accurately sank in a pothole in the road. When we arrived I lit a cigarette as Yvonne hadn’t appeared to meet me. A moment later I could see her in the distance pushing the buggy so I hid behind a pillar and waited to jump out on Reuben. It wasn’t much of a jump and all he did was smile and point.”Pops” he said as though Yvonne wasn’t aware. We greeted with the usual hugs and kisses and Yvonne asked if we could visit Boots the Chemist for something. We did that then returned to our usual pattern and went for a drink and some breakfast even though I’d eaten at 6.00 am. Reuben had a bit of a run about but wasn’t on his best behaviour this morning and ended up back in his buggy much to his disappointment. That gave me chance to look around the gents department while Yvonne picked up a shirt for Ugo’s birthday later this week. My gifts were safely on the handles of the buggy to save me carrying them. While we were in the shop Reuben decided to evacuate his bowels, heck he nearly evacuated the shop. Yvonne didn’t have a spare nappy with her so it was to be back to the chemist for some and to change him there. I almost went down the stair in the shop rather than share a lift but holding my breath I found the colour green quite suits me. As we got outside I noticed the gas companies arrive in a convoy of vans to look for the leak, they’d have had more luck with the Civil Defence Team looking for chemical warfare.

With time in hand we decided to walk round another shop which I rarely think of and even more rarely visit. Marks and Spencer has in the past been a very expensive shop while lacking in style. These days they are fairly stylish though no cheaper. They did have a nice cafe and we were able to get another drink there. Yvonne was very impressed with an elderflower which she said was the nicest she’s ever had, I settled for an iced coffee and cursed that I forgot to sugar it. A great temperature though on such a warm day. They walked me to the bus stop and I had time for a cigarette before I boarded. As I waved them off Reuben was proving to be stoic this week whereas last week he howled that the bus was taking me away. Eyes closed to prevent anyone fro talking the journey was again quite nice. In Holywell my next door  neighbour got on. It’s rare to see her out on her own. As we got off we walked home together and chatted. I was glad to get inside the door though. I had mail which included a stupid letter from the DWP to tell me from 7th Aug they have decided to deduct money from my pension at the rate of £0.00 per week. Three pages it took to say that. Another tree wasted. I should mention that while the Internet was down last week I had a letter from them admitting their error and confirming the current deductions are wrong, I owe nothing. Vindicated at last. Yvonne is so pleased her efforts have done so much for me.

I let Joey out of his cage and set to clearing my email boxes. I also arranged to have a parcel redelivered on Wednesday that they’d tried to deliver this morning . I put my washing machine on with a colour catcher as I’d included a new red rugby top. There was a knock at the door and my friend from the chemist arrived with something I forgot last week. I dropped it on the console table in the hall till I’d finished. At 3.00 pm when I was mainly clear I took the drugs through and found the repeat prescription was missing so I had to go out again to see if they’d left it in the shop. Fortunately they had. Coming back I sat with Joey for half an hour then went to clear any other messages until 4.30 pm when I went to watch my Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. I had another half hour on the computer after that ended and then went back for my quizzes until 7.00 pm. Another hour dedicated to the mail and then a two hour Agatha Christie Miss Marple before shutting Joey’s cage door and calling it a night. I cleared mail until 11.00 pm and then attacked the blog before a read and sleep.

The Raffia.

A member of The Raffia.

Ahoy Mateys.

Ahoy Mateys.

Tuesday 11th.

4.15 am was an ideal time to get up this morning. For one, I was awake but also I woke with the need to reach the Piddle Palace or float in bed. Making my way down the passage way in the half light with my legs crossed wasn’t easy but I was up to the challenge. Coming back I turned the computer on and started on the mail on my main account. I was actually done by 6.40 am and prepared to sit here twiddling my thumbs. Instead, inspiration struck. I went through to the lounge and took down the net curtain which should really be white but tended more towards the brown end of the spectrum  because of these terrible smokers. I put the net in the machine with some liquid detergent and some whitener and set the wash cycle to quickwash. While it was doing and while Joey was safe in his cage I washed the window. It’s quite large and a stretch to do it. I took my meds and made a coffee. When the net was done I rehung it. I turned the lounge light on and urged Joey to leave his cage so I could clean it and replace his food and water. I added a tonic to the water. Had there been any chance of him taking a bath I’d have put a block of soap out too. Once I’d put fresh millet in I hoped he’d go back but he stayed sitting in his usual place on the mirror. I had to go really close to force him to fly off and find another perch. That earned me a right telling off but I’ve got broad shoulders and anyway I can’t understand a word he says. Once out of the way I cleaned the mirror to get rid of all the kiss marks from Joey admiring himself. I took my coffee back to the bedroom to check the mail.

I was done by 8.00 am and following a quick yawn decided to have a nap in the lounge. I took my empty mug through to the kitchen first and then sat down in my chair. The moment I sat, Joey started with a continuous high pitched bollocking which I guess was aimed at me. Luckily I had the TV remote to hand and while it didn’t actually control his volume, the sounds of Frasier was enough to shut him up. I got half an hours sleep, wonderful. I thought it would be  good idea to get dressed then.  I chose to wear slim leg rather than skinny so I’d be able to get them off tonight. Once skinny are on my bad leg they’re tight enough to look like they grew there. At 9.05 am I went to Pauline’s for  fresh bread and some micro chips as well as my TV mag for next week. I’d gone early in the hopes of being back before the postman came. I was, but I needn’t have rushed as the parcel wasn’t for me it was for Mike. I know what it is because I actually found it for him but since I like it too I may have to tell him it was lost in a burglary, the only item to go missing in fact. “How lucky I was able to find one for myself ” I’ll say.

The warden whom I’d missed yesterday called to see if I knew that rent payments were to change but since I pay by direct debit it doesn’t bother me. She was glad that my not being here yesterday didn’t mean I was ill which was nice. She deserved her chocolates after that. I kept up to date with the mail all morning and only stepped away at lunch time. I had a cottage pie today while watching Bargain Hunt. The first time I’ve ever seen the programme with the same contestants as before. I fell asleep before the end and didn’t wake for almost an hour. A guilty conscience brought me back to work and your over generosity kept me here. Loads of mail. I only worked until 4.30 though and then left until 7.00 pm to enjoy my tea and my evening programmes. Another hour in here then back to watch a programme on the Georgian Kings which tonight was George II of Hanover and his popular wife Queen Caroline. I finished at 10.00 pm and called it a day. With a goodnight to Joey I came through to catch up again and to work on the blog.

3rd class railway, no roof.

3rd class railway, no roof.

Who's lurking under the stairs?

Who’s lurking under the stairs?

Wednesday 12th.

There were a couple of false starts during the night which I ignored but the 4.15 am wake-up left me no choice. The slightest movement on my part jer, jer, jiggled my bladder and cause me agony. I had to wake up, clear my head and go. Once that job was done I was awake and that was that. I powered up the computer and signed into my mail boxes and also to ebay. Things were going well until I looked on ebay for something I wanted and the computer froze. I was on the point of issuing a mild expletive when suddenly it started to close down and the message about updates hit my screen. The expletive I issued was anything but mild. Sometimes I’m warned of it happening and I have 3 minutes to delay it till I know I’ll be free. I hate not getting the warning and having the system close when I’m in the middle of something. Today I was lucky in that I wasn’t working on something important at that time. I was also lucky that when I finally got back in the system recognised that I hadn’t closed it down properly and allowed me to reinstate where I’d been so I could not only check the ebay item, but carry on with my mail.

At 5.30 am I went through to start taking my meds and have breakfast as I’ll be unlikely to have time for tea tonight, it being Wednesday and my games night. I’ve marked all the cards ready. I chose to have cold toast so put the bread in before I did anything else, then took my sprays and started popping pills. I used the rest of the milk in my mug for the morning coffee from the sooper-dooper Tassimo machine, Morning cafe was the poison of choice today. Once the pills were done I had a cigarette before cutting and buttering my toast. It was fantastic except for the greasy moustache afterwards. I took my two after food tablets then went for a wash. Coming back to the lounge I closed the door behind me and opened Joey’s cage. He didn’t seem too bothered about coming out at that moment but that may be because it wasn’t fully light then. I sat in my chair and watched him giving one of his toys hell. First a telling off, then grasping the neck of the bell he tried to prise it off. I’ve noticed in the past that budgies are very deconstructive. I’m surprised Australians don’t harness this power for demolition or something.

Joey's Palace of the Four Bells.

Joey’s Palace of the Four Bells.

I half nodded in my chair but kept repeating phrases for Joey to learn. He hasn’t mastered “Come on Mike it’s nearly afternoon” yet or “Good Morning Mike, wet the bed have you?. Truth to tell he hasn’t even got Good Morning yet, he seems to like “Joey, best best boy” most of all. And of course he loves his mirrors. The one in the cage gets a regular talking to but it’s the large one outside that entertains me most. Not only does he almost splatter when he lands after flying round the room a few times in a manic way, but he also loves cuddling up to his reflection.  At 8.00 am I tried the TV but kept getting a ‘No Signal’ message which was very annoying as it meant I should go back to work. I spent an hour and a half or so sorting the mail  and then got dressed and went through to try the TV again. This time it worked so I prepared to watch the house auction programme. I’d just settled down when someone knocked on the door. It was Darren with the post. Two parcels for me today, both rings. I opened the parcels in front of the TV. I liked both.

At 11.00 am I went to check on some ebay pieces I was looking at. Most things that piqued my interest were this evening so if I want them I’d have to put my max bid on before starting my games night. I also brought my mail back up to date before lunch. Today I had a beef filled giant Yorkshire pudding with roast potatoes. It wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it again. My Bargain Hunt was on as I ate but I didn’t think the teams would do well today. I don’t know whether I was right as I nodded off before the auction stage and didn’t wake until 1.30 pm. It was back to my desk then. I worked through until 3.45 pm then went to watch the end of an afternoon quiz. The sun was blazing down through my window and it was drowsy, drowsy, gone. When I woke at 4.25 pm Dil was there smiling and said he’d arrived at 4.05 pm but couldn’t wake me. I don’t believe he tried but it’s possible he’d been there that long. I made him a cuppa and we watched Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and our usual Quiz Pointless. Once that was over out came the games table and the Yahtzee. The first set was three games each again so we decided to carry on with another set. My mistake, Dil won that four -two. Out came the Trivial Pursuits and battle  recommenced. That resulted in a win for me and as it was 9.35 pm Dil had to leave. I did a quick tidy, made myself a chip buttie, washed the pots and came through to catch up. 102 messages waiting and no wins on ebay. By the time I got to start the blog it was 11.15 pm. Don’t make a noise in the morning, I might need to sleep in.

Reuben and Friend.

Reuben and Friend.

Reuben and more friends.

Reuben and more friends.

Thursday 13th.

It was about 1.15am before I turned the light off this morning. I struggled to sleep, no doubt as a result of the noddy sessions of yesterday. I was rather surprised to wake at 4.56 am and find myself stretched out on the couch in the lounge. I don’t remember going there and it wasn’t a planned trip as my slippers were neatly laid on the floor in front of my chair on the other side of the room and I hadn’t brought my spray out. Despite it being Summer I was surprisingly cold too. I paid a trip to the loo and then headed straight for my bedroom and the warmth of my dressing gown. I fired up the computer and signed into both email accounts to find you lot had been very busy during the night.

At 6.00 am I went through to the kitchen for breakfast and to take my meds. I sat in the lounge and ate in front of Joey’s cage. He didn’t seem very happy so I opened the cage door and told him to come and share. That got me a bollocking. He then flew out at such a pace that all the husks from the seed he’d eaten came out in a cloud and descended on my last piece of toast. Joey flew around a couple of times and landed on the mirror. It was his turn to get a bollocking when I found out how much cleaning up I’d have to do later. For now I left him to it and returned to work. By 8.15 am I’d cleared the immediate threat from the mail boxes and broke to get dressed, except for my socks.  I rejoined Joey in the lounge and turned on the TV to watch Frazier. The postman (Darren) came at 9.40 am an delivered my last parcel and a Christmas catalogue…….. in August???? The last parcel was a new doorbell which I intend to put up tomorrow.  Now Darren had been I put my socks on and my shoes. The left one was difficult to get on today as the foot is swollen whereas the right leg is the one that has the swelling from ankle to above the knee and is suffering from the cellulitis. I definitely have what they call ‘Old ladies ankles’. Putting padded gloves on I grabbed my coat and sticks and walked to Pauline’s shop to grab fresh bread, bacon, chips with curry sauce and had my lottery tickets renewed. I came back post haste to watch Homes Under the Hammer with Joey.

At 11.00 I got a brush and dustpan and cleaned he floor around the cage. Joey flew squawking around my head that I was too close instead of just moving elsewhere. Anyway, as i was down on the floor kneeling I can’t see I was invading his space. I stood up and changed his seed and water without any fuss from him, that will come when he sees I haven’t given him new millet. At that point I’m shutting my ears. I went through to work for half an hour or so and then came back at 11.50 to take my pre -foodie. I had the chips with curry sauce for lunch and watched as much of Bargain Hunt as I could before drinking of the waters of Lethe. Wham, I was there one minute and gone the next. I woke after half an hour and like last night had no memory of what happened. I came back to work at 1.15 pm and stayed until 3.00 pm when I watched Move to the Country. I’m becoming addicted to programmes like these recently. No wonder I never do any writing. About 3.30 pm Mike sent a text to say he was on his way so if the traffic is kind I may see him about 5.30 pm, though he is travelling at the busiest time. I’ve not seen any more of him than usual this week even though he’s been on holiday. I had another hour on the computer 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm and then it was most of the evening off. Mike arrived at almost 6.00 pm in time fr two of the quizzes then I excused myself for an hour before coming back to watch Endeavor (The Young Morse) and Person of Interest. I had to cry off the second one of the latter as it would have meant starting work again at midnight. Starting at 11.00 pm was bad enough. It’s gone midnight now, a new day and yet I’m still doing yesterday’s blog. Go figure.

Friday 14th.

I finished at about 12.30 am this morning. Mike had come in to show me a ring he liked and was still there when the blog was finished so I also brought ebay back up and showed him a few I’m looking at. He must have left about 12.50 am and I got into bed to read. The light went pout at 1.45 am and I don’t think it was long before sleep claimed me. Just as well really as I must have had the top layer of skin from my itching legs under my skin at that point. I woke at 5.03 am and switched the computer on as I passed by heading for the loo. Once back I signed into my mail. I was working well when I heard a noise at 5.30 am. I went out and found Mike had gone to the loo and was fast asleep and snoring well  sitting there with his head almost on his knee. I expressed my shock at finding him up but there was no response. I tried again with the same result but when I told him not to go to sleep there, he grunted at me and shuffled past to go back to bed.I just returned to work until 6.10 am when it was time to  take my meds and replenish the boxes for the next week. That took until 6.50 am when I returned the meds drawer and  made a coffee to bring back with me. At 7.10 am I was up to date and decided to go through to the lounge and watch TV for a while. I wasn’t sure what to do about Mike after knowing he had a late night so I waited until 9.00 am before taking a coffee through and letting him know it was time to shake a leg. He didn’t. I passed his room ten minutes later and just shouted through to say the coffee was cold. That shifted him. I carried on my way to get dressed.

While in my room I just did a little more catching up before joining Mike in the lounge. His face was bleeding slightly and he wasn’t sure how he’d done it. Personally I think he’d been slapping his face to wake up when one of his knuckleduster rings had slipped round. He’s got so many rings on hid fingers I’m checking to see if he’s got bells on his toes. Never mind that talk about pots and kettles Michael, these are intelligent people and not interested in your cookware preferences. It was gone 10.00 pm when he left and the mood wasn’t great as he’d received a phone call regarding the new flat for his dad. The decorator is ready to start but can’t until  the electricians have finished. Trouble is they’ve been twice on the warden’s day off to collect keys despite being told what days to come and they’ve just left when she hasn’t been there. Mike has to try and get them back today and finished so the painter can go in tomorrow. That meant he  was late seeing his dad and may be late back tonight.

I made myself sweet potato mash with sausages for lunch and topped it off with baked beans. Glorious. Especially today when I don’t think it’s stopped raining yet. They forecast rain and possible floods for the end of the week so I’m thinking I might need the ark to stop by and collect me. Actually I’m halfway up a hill so I should be OK. After Bargain Hunt was over, and you’ll be shocked to learn I stayed awake for the auction, I returned to work for the afternoon. At 4.30 pm I came away from the computer to start the evening programmes. Antique show, quiz, quiz, then Mike sent a text to say he was on his way back so I expected him around 7.30 pm. Then it was another quiz followed by two episodes of MASH. Mike arrived home in between the two. I made him a coffee and sat with him to see how his day had been. He’d almost had to pull over on the way home with a migraine. I went for a shower at 8.00 pm and left him trying for another ring on ebay. It’s quite worrying as he’s already got more rings than fingers……….if he’s only got ten fingers that is. He was still on there when I finished the shower but he’d lost that particular ring as the price had gone up alarmingly at the end. We watched ‘Would I Lie To You’ then Ripper Street before I took my meds at 10.00 pm and came through to work before bed. I really shouldn’t  have been away so long, the post was heavy. I must say though I was getting plenty of laughs from responses to the extra post I did today. I started the blog at 11.00 pm.

Claiming New Territory.

Claiming New Territory.

Some days you're up........

Some days you’re up……..

Saturday 15th.

4.27 am this morning and the world looked grim. Gone are the bright mornings and the nights are starting to draw in too. Any earlier and I would have had to resort to turning lights on. The one good thing is that the rain appears to have stopped. Once I’d visited the loo I came back and turned the computer on. It wasn’t too long before I was in amongst all the messages and posts from last night. I’m sure you lot are nocturnal. At 6.15 am I broke off to take my meds and make myself a coffee but more importantly to boil the kettle ready for Mike’s 6.30 am alarm. Actually I timed it so that I got the coffee in first and brought his consciousness top the surface in time for the first alarm to go off. In both instances the result was the same , an acknowledging grunt followed by turning over and going back to sleep. I had things to do just then like empty the bins and take the food waste outside. All the recycling bags had to go out too. When I got back in Mike showed the true spoilsport spirit by getting out of bed on his second alarm. A-2 C-1. I can’t really invent something to crank the scores up as that’s what he predicted I’d do. I got dressed and went through to irritate Mike for spoiling my fun but I ended up feeling guilty because his stomach was a bit off colour.

We left the house just before 7.30 am and were in the Supermarket by 7.45 am. I picked up cash while Mike got a trolley then we made a start. First thing kids clothes as there was a sale on. Then flowers for Julia. We’ve sort of gone for a mauve , purple theme for her this week. Calamine lotion was next to see if I can end this interminable itching on my legs both of which are painful to the touch now. I’m pretty sure I have cellulitis in them both now. Not just old lady ankles any more. Mike’s stomach being off he had to depart at the run leaving me in the shop talking to myself. I did manage to get through the tills on my own except for some reason they expected me to stop half way and pay. Such spoilsports today. Mike came back just as I had finished there and we went for coffee. From there out to the car to pack the bags away and to have a smoke while discussing the next leg of the journey. We went straight to Flint and got the odds and sods I still needed then went to visit out friends in Temptations. As we left there we decided just to bring the shopping home and unpack.

On the shopping was stored away I expected we’d go for lunch but instead Mike started fixing my new doorbell which I’d bought from ebay this week. It sounded great as long as it wasn’t too close. There was a discussion as to what to do with the day and it was thought best we went to Rhyl and let Mike trawl round the second hand jewellers for the ring he wants. Something with a blue topaz, his birthstone. He particularly wants London blue. We had no luck for him but in one place I fell in love and acted very impulsively and treated myself. He wasn’t too  chuffed with that. I suggested he find the stone he wants and apply it to a ring he has where the stone has been lost. That would be much less expensive. After a very long slog it was time to come home. We’d been out from 7.30 am and wouldn’t be in until 4.15 pm. I was already wondering how bad the post would be. It was less than I thought, bad rather than disastrous. I ploughed straight in and left Mike in the lounge. When I stuck my head in there he was snoring for Britain and didn’t hear me giving Joey some millet or nattering to him.

Mike woke at 6.00 pm and I was back in the lounge then. We had a cake and watched a bit of TV till 9.00 pm when I left to come back to work. I do expect to get to bed sometime tonight.

Trekker's Rest.

Trekker’s Rest.

Have a wonderful New Week full of Hugs everyone.


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60 responses to “Sunday August 9th. The Return

  1. Great to see you back in form! Couple of things this week:
    1. Cellulitis is serious. Go get some antibiotics before you get into REAL trouble.
    2. Somnambulism! I hope you never wake up on the bus to Bristol or somewhere…
    3. I have an idea for making Joey your best friend. Get a giant budgie costume. If he likes snuggling up to his mirror, imagine how thrilled he’ll be with an actual giant bird!

    There are my brilliant contributions to your life for this week. Ignore all but #1.

    • Thank you. The last time the doc saw the cellulitis she didn’t seem all that bothered and I’d had three lots of antibiotics at that time.I’m becoming resistant to them and would rather save them for my chest problems.
      Hmm, Bristol might not be bad as I haven’t wandered round there. But, unlikely as my bus pass only takes me within my own Country so I may settle for the Rhymney Valley.
      Genius, pure genius, except that I’m not that kind of budgie. I’d need a Duenna to sit with us and Mike doesn’t fit the bill.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  2. Welcome back David!!! What did you say? I can’t hear you for all the cheering and the trumpets in the fanfare… And that was just me — not even counting any of the others cheering at the top of their lungs.
    I’m happy to hear that the pension issue is finally resolved. How nice to see a picture of Joey too. Mega hugs my friend! 🙂 ❤ ⭐

    • Thanks so much Teagan. I must do something about these hearing trumpets as I don’t hear anything bar you.
      I’m pleased as punch about the pension as I feel vindicated now.£11 a week (about $15) isn’t much but there was a principle at stake. Glad you liked the picture of my little pal.
      Lovely to be back with you again and can’t wait till next week when you’re back with us.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. So happy to see you back David, PLEASE take care of your legs, cellulitis is serious I hope it’s not that, you need those legs to chase after Reuben. Joey’s castle is wonderful, he is a very lucky bird, I am sure he appreciaes your care and attention even if he is standoffish at times. Enjoyed reading and listening as always a sending you a HUGE hug from across the pond.

    • You’re so very kind, thank you. The cellulitis is a pain but I hate going near the doctor so we’ll see how it goes.
      I’m glad you like Joey’s pied a terre he’s got room to move about on the occasions he has to be inside. I’m sure he’s going to get brave someday and sit with me.
      It’s wonderful to be able to write again fir my friends and I live for those hugs.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  4. Reuben’s such a darling, but he has that glint in his eye that says he can be a handful 😉 Joey’s a lucky bird. Interesting music selection this week. Nostalgic, even. Take care of yourself, my friend.

  5. I think Joey must be related to my Siddy – he also shakes his toys vigorously and does his best to disembowel them with constant pecks – and he’s not even a bird!! 🙂 I hope your health improves soon xoxo

    • Joey sends greetings to his cousin Siddy also in the deconstruction business.He said, it’s a fun life.
      Don’t worry too much about my health, it’s always been an up and down issue and I’m used to it. Fatalistic now.
      xxx Huge Hugs to you xxx

  6. Happy to see you back! Hope the swelling in your leg gets better.
    A wonderful batch of Reuben photos this week!

  7. Oh cellulitis that is very painful pleased you are somewhat better but take care and make sure you get and take meds. 🙂

  8. Reuben should be a model.😊 Glad you’re feeling better and a very interesting choice of music this week.

  9. Oh so great to read you back – see you here David but I do hope you do not have cellulitis and if so get to the professionals quick smart! Hope pain and itching have stopped or subsided substantially at least. I hear those colour catchers are a piece of white something with soda ash solution dried onto it. Sounds like the modern version of what my mum used to use in her washing tubs then washing machine only in powder form 🙂 You can make your own with soda ash, usually sold in swimming pool supply areas of hardware stores. (Mum called it washing soda.) Just put a tablespoon of the dry soda into a cup of hot water until it dissolves. Put in a yard or a meter of white junk fabric (like torn up shirt you wear no more), or ratty toweling, and let it become saturated. Let it dry. Cut off a piece and wash it with your bleedable fabric. The soda ash grabs and holds the dye. You can make a lifetime supply of color catchers with a buck or two of soda ash. Save a penny for ice-creams 😀

    • Lovely to be back with all my friends again. It was a very bleak period without you all. I can cope with the pain from the cellulitis now the itching is more under control from the calamine.
      Thanks for the instructions on making the colour catchers. I find them miraculous little things.First time ever I didn’t end up with pink whites.The rugby top has a white collar and it stayed white. Amazing.
      xxx Sending Mega Hugs xxx

  10. What a great combination, David: learning the pension issue was all cleared up, listening to “Groovin'” again and again, and smiling at all the sweet pictures of Reuben (I thought it was water at first, too, little guy!), especially with his “friends”–hugging the little one and the four-pawed one.
    You sound so good, dear David, and that make me very happy. Many hugs!

    • I was so pleased to be vindicated over the pension Marylin. It’s not often the behemoth that is our Government Pension Service backs down.
      ‘Groovin’ is a fantastic track and I so enjoyed hearing it again. That was a pretty good period for me.
      Reuben is really good with his friends, he really seems to love other children and he was gentle with the dogs too.
      All I can say is thanks so much for being there Marylin. It was an awful time without my friends when the computer was down.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  11. Welcome back David to a wonderful new dawn on your blog. I love Joey’s oasis – the beautiful floral wall and bright statuettes surrounding his house – he looks like a very satisfied budgie! Now that we’ve all enjoyed reading about your week, don’t deprive the doctors of your company either, please do get well soon. We’re just back from holidays and sometimes a break is all that’s needed to restores health, I hope you feel better soon. I always fall asleep on the bus too, it’s so easy though in London there’s not much danger of anyone talking to you on the bus! Looking forward to the next installment with big hugs! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Emma.Joey seems to like his little house provided I keep the millet handy.
      I hope you had a great holiday and perhaps enjoyed some good weather. It looks like our good spell may be over for now.As long as you came back restored though it’s good. I think I’d get all the sleep I needed if I rode the buses all day but it would have to be one where there was free wi-fi for my waking moments.
      See you next week.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  12. All hail the return of the prodigal blogger! Happy to see you back in business, David. My two cats especially enjoyed the picture of Joey in his cage. Bises! xx

    • I’m just looking for the fatted calf though if Mike was here he’s no doubt say that’s me. Lovely to be back.Please let the cats know that if Joey wakes me up again I’ll send him over.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. Absolutely top shots of Reuben, David. Enjoyed seeing the palace of four bells too! Welcome back. Feel better and have a great week yourself! xx

    • Thanks Ardys. I’m glad you enjoyed the shots of Reuben. He’s growing up fast, he’ll be two this next week. I’m pleased to say Joey seems to like the palace of Four Bells, he only has to ring for millet now.
      I’m fine thanks and hope you are.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  14. Welcome back, David! Lovely photos of Reuben! He’s growing fast 🙂
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  15. Welcome back David! Sorry I missed this last week.

  16. Welcome back, David. Glad everything is still going on as usual. One day Joey will surprise you both, and ask Mike if he “wet the bed” and you’ll both be rolling on the floor in laughter. Have your camera ready. Reuben’s hat is adorable. Take care of yourself. Have a fantastic week. Hugs.

    • Hi Mary J. I’m glad to be back to normality. I hope you’re right,I need to teach Joey before Mike does. I’ll use my camera to catch the look of surprise on his face.
      I’ve seen nicer hats on Reuben. I hope all is well with you, have a wonderful week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  17. Welcome back David!!! So go to see you here, always. I’ve been on and off myself (computer and life issues), but I was so pleased to see this, cheered me right up. 🙂
    Lovely pictures (all the Thomas stuff reminds me of my son when he was a little guy, he was wild for Thomas and friends).
    I hope you’re taking care of yourself. 🙂
    Massive hugs…and I hope this week treats you kindly.
    Now the only problem, all the songs are now vying for attention in my head. 😉

  18. So happy to see your words are back in form, David. Working technology is like clean air to most of us.
    And what a super treat to see Joey and his estate!
    I’m going to send you as many good health vibes as possible. Take care of yourself, David. So that you can stick around and continue to squish the unbelievably squishable Reuben.

  19. Welcome back! Lovely to get news of Reuben and Joey again. And you too, of course. 😀

    • Thanks so much.You know I missed you don’t you. It’s been like a punishment for something I didn’t do. Fingers itching to type but only a pen and paper to hand. I never want a week like that again.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • I get goosebumps just thinking about being without the internet for a week. 😦 How quickly we’ve all come to rely on the connectedness it provides. Hopefully it will all be smooth sailing from now on.

  20. Hi my friend!!!! You were cracking me up today – especially about Reuben evacuating the store with his masterpiece, and then the convoy of Gas Company trucks coming. Hilarious!!!! Have you thought maybe about getting Joey a friend, so he has someone else to admire besides himself? Just a thought!!!! You really need to get your legs checked out, that is very concerning. Have you had labs drawn, maybe liver function tests? Please take care of yourself!!!! Talk to you next week!!!!! :)) (Double smiley – my own creation – I think!!!)

    • I’m so sorry I had to subject you to that though I’m sorrier still that I was subjected to the real thing.
      If I get Joey a friend it will make it almost impossible to get him to talk, other than in fluent Budgie of course.I’m thinking of covering all the mirrors so he has to talk to me instead.
      Not had labs done though I do have quarterly liver function tests which are probably due. Maybe I’ll try to get the doctor out later in the week but I’m trying to avoid yet more antibiotics so soon in case they stop working when I need them for my chest.
      Have a wonderful week. Like the double smiley.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Perhaps you are right. One Joey is enough. I do hope you go get your legs checked, and have labs done. You have a wonderful week as well!!!!!

  21. Michael

    ” joey, joey, joey,best boy, pretty joey, ugly daddy”…”wet the bed” indeed!!!!…i’ll teach him that that instead …oh how i love “brotherly love” !!!! huge hugs xxxx

  22. We only got one of our budgies to talk, and yes, he was on his own. ‘Pretty boy’ was the extent of it, although pretty, pretty would get repeated ad nauseam!
    Glad you’re back. :hugs:

    • Thanks so much Jemima. Some budgies learn more than others but of course it depends on how much time you have to spare with them. Pretty Boy seems to be about the limit for both though the champion learned over a 1000 words.
      Lovely to be back, I missed you all.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  23. Good to see you and your weekly happenings back in my emails. You don’t seem to have missed a beat. I was hoping you’d enjoyed your blog holiday and maybe took the opportunity to indulge in some warm Welsh summer as per example of your Grandson.
    Joey’s Palace is impressive. Cages have come a long way since the days I had a little blue budgie.

    • It’s so good to be back. I missed everyone and don’t want to go away again. I couldn’t indulge in too much as I was worried all the time about hat was waiting when I got back…when I got back. I did spend one day with Reuben but it was more damp than sunny once I crossed the border into England.
      I like the palace too. I could add layers to it if I added more budgies but that only offers depth not width. The newer cages are so different than the standard ones we used to have.In fact these big ones aren’t much different in price.
      I hope you’re well.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  24. Welcome back! Glad your pension is intact. Ridiculous waste of paper wasn’t necessary, indeed.

    Love the sculptures next to Joey’s cage 🙂

    Reuben is adorable, regardless of all the hazards he creates 🙂

    Take a good care of yourself, please!

    • Thanks so much Inese. Getting the DWP to admit an error was a great relief, it could have gone on unchecked otherwise.
      I bought those pieces as being Art Deco but have had no luck tracing the where or who made so far.I really like them.
      Reuben’s adorability will probably get him out of trouble more than once in the future, he’s an imp.

      Thank you, I do try. I hope the holiday was exceptional and that you’re OK.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  25. Ali Isaac

    Sorry to hear your legs are giving you so much trouble. I don’t know about cellulitis but have you ever tried Itch Eze Cooling Gel for the itching? It’s very effective.

    I know how you feel about being back on line. I cancelled my last broadband package, it was lousy. I’m waiting for my new one to start. In the meantime I am using my phone as a WiFi hot spot which is fine, but a bit slow at times. Our phone lines are not compatible with broadband and there is no plan to upgrade them in the forseeable future. Basically, if you live in rural Ireland, you don’t get any services townspeople get. Third world countries have better Internet connection than we do lol!

    Glad to see you’re in great form… must be all those sneaky little extra daytime naps!

    • I haven’t tried that one Ali but someone told me about E45 anti-itch yesterday too. I’m still using calamine lotion at the moment.
      I’ve a bit longer to go on this contract or I’d change. In fairnedss to them though I haven’t really had major problems before and the internet is free with the phone package, it’s just not fantastic.British Telecom would probably be best but they’re quite expensive. I’m sorry you’ve been having such a bad time with yours. I hope the new one is an improvement.

      That’s it, you’ve rumbled me and my naps. They make the world of difference. I’m always on form after a nap. In truth I get so depressed I have to try and appear upbeat all the time.

      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  26. Hey David, looks like we’ve both been away! You seemed a bit cheesed off when I was last on wordpress in May, glad you’re back to your normal cheerful self.

  27. I’m so happy I’ve gotten back, and you’ve gotten back, and you have some sunshine, a working computer, a better pension check (and a principle won), a sweet though silent Joey, and your looks. All good!!
    Remember the song “I love the flower girl”? I’ve been singing that to your better lyrics from this post: “I love the family days.” Profoundly and simply said. I agree – I love them too. xoxotakecareofyourselfhugxoxox

  28. It’s great your pension business is cleared up. I read an article about the circulation problems even young people are having wearing skinny jeans. Be sure not to bend down in them as that causes worse circulation problems. Wear jeans that are loose enough not to cause more problems. Sounds like your bird will take his own good time progressing. Take care of yourself. Lots of Hugs. 🙂

    • I wonder why I haven’t seen anything about that.It never occurred to me that skinny jeans would cause circulation problems.
      I’m sure Joey will take his time and do what suits him best.As long as he’s happy I’m OK.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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