Bank Holiday Brush Off & Kicked Out Of Bed.

Sunday 30th Aug 2015.

I turned my light off early last night, foregoing any reading in favour of sleep. That’s despite the couple of house I got during the evening. So, light out at 12.15 am and I decided to pay a trip to the loo in the hopes of a peaceful night. But, as I came out of the loo Mike called me to sit on his bed while he showed me ring after ring on the net. The current idea is to buy a heavy Victorian/Edwardian ring with something like garnet in which can be removed and replaced by a topaz. The big drawback I can see to this idea is that an old fashioned heavy ring may cost about £150. Then the jeweller charges £10-£20 per claw to put the new stone in plus no doubt a fee for doing the work. You may end up spending more than the value of he ring if it has say 10 claws. Eventually I crawled away to bed and tried to sleep.

I woke this morning at 3.42 am and though I knew I was still tired, I was awake and needing some painkillers. By 4.00 am I’d had some and by 5.00 am had topped up with the chewable Disprin Direct I’d got. I was making progress with my mail too except I kept nodding off and having to remember what I was doing before I did. We’re only talking 5 minute power naps here but it doesn’t take much to throw me off my stride. However the mail was still going down and was still coming in too. I went through at 6.30 am to  take my daily meds and Joey was bouncing about his cage having short arguments with all his bells. I thought maybe he was becoming institutionalised and decided to grant him early parole. I opened the large door in the cage and out he came like a speeding bullet straight for my chest. Luckily for me he swerved at the last minute and flew to the mirror where he had a major disagreement with himself.

I woke Mike at 9.15 am with a coffee because he’s off to Manchester for lunch today (I was invited). I came through to the computer and lost myself in mail and then another power nap. Mike got up at 10.00 am to a cold coffee. By 11.00 am he was on his way saying he’d see me next Thursday. It’s a big family lunch with father, sister and his sister and brother in law from Canada. It’ll  probably be  hoot but I bet it’s also loud. I worked until 11.50 am and then made myself some new potatoes, some mixed veg and a lamb hock. Very tender meat it was very nice but took longer than usual as I tried to eat on one side of the mouth. I made sure to have my before and after tablets too. I took a short look at a programme where people buy left luggage and one based in the UK where they sell those self storage units when the holder is in arrears. I thought the U.S. one was bad but I hate the image the UK one sends out. Despite Joey’s best efforts I managed to sleep for nearly two hours after which conscience dictated I get off my fat bum and do some work. There was a lot of post waiting.

At 6.15 pm I decided to have tea. I took my pre-foodie without planning what to eat so that was responsible for the rushed decision to eat two strawberry trifles and two chocolate eclairs. If Mike had eaten them I wouldn’t have had to. I watched an episode of a Canadian Crime Thriller called Murdoch which Mike introduced me too then seeing that the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was on later I decided to watch that so came back to work for now. The film was excellent second time round. I look forward to seeing the next one sometime.

Reuben and his cousin Jude.

Reuben and his cousin Jude.



Monday 31 st .

Light’s out 12.30 am. No late night visits to the loo and a waking up time of 6.13 am. Could the day get any better? Fair enough, it was a pretty drug fueled night but then every night is that to some degree. Now if only I could do it and stay awake just think how I could  part-ay. I can just imagine the videos of that going viral on youtube. I concentrated on trying to get my gmail down to a workable degree, last night appears to have been a very busy one for many of you. By 6.30 am I’d had my morning meds and brought a coffee through to work, the next time I looked it was almost 7.00 am and I needed the pain killer top-up.I wandered through to the lounge where my disprin direct are and was reminded by Joey that he’s there and currently trapped in his cage. I had to promise I’d be back. I finishedthe gmail and went to talktalk and deleted all duplicate mail then  dealt with what was left. By 8.40 am I was able to go and see to Joey. I stayed with him a while before returning to work then came back when Homes Under The Hammer was on only to find I’d missed quarter of an hour due to time changes with the programmes. Still, we got three quarters of an hour of me repeating the same phrases and him chunnering at me. At least one of us is talking.

At 10.45 I came back to the bedroom and found a little flurry of mail waiting for me. It was fun dealing with it and sometimes making comments which I hoped were funny. I was greatly  cheered when one prolific author I count as friend tells me he’s coming to North Wales soon to test the beach and walk the dogs. With luck I’ll be able to find out when and waylay him somewhere near a cafe unless he elects to visit here for a drink.I seem to know  plenty of authors who live in mid to South Wales but the ones in the North are careful to keep themselves hidden away. Perhaps they heard I was looking for a collaboration to finish my half done book and get me back writing. Cowards! I worked until 12.00 pm then went to find lunch. During the morning I’d sent a text to Yvonne to see if they were free for lunch  But I suspect they thought they’d have to pay for a 4 course meal so claimed other commitments. Typical. Actually I was going to treat them.

After lunch I came back through to work, telling myself no break until the mail is at zero. It took longer than I thought and was almost 4.30 pm before I went back to the lounge. For some reason I didn’t watch my normal quiz but was glued to the screen to 6.00 pm watching DIY SOS Big Builds. Fascinating. It’s great to see people from an area rallying round to help one of their own in need and seeing the job that’s done to help them. Some of these are seriously big builds and managed in just 9 days. At 6.00 pm I watched Eggheads and then tempted though I was to stay, came back through to work. Judging by the waiting mail it’s just as well I did. It was 8.35 am before I got another break and went to turn a light on for Joey.I noticed they were showing Jason Bourne at 9.00 pm and as it’s some years since I saw that, I watched it. It ended at 11.15 pm so my flight back here was jet propelled to do the blog. The mail will have to wait.

Posing in the Park.

Posing in the Park.

Slip Slidin' Away.

Slip Slidin’ Away.

Tuesday 1st September.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I don’t know if my brain was overactive or I just couldn’t get comfy. I did eventually drop off only to be awakened at something stupid o’clock by a pair of knees in my back pushing me out of bed. Since it’s a single bed, the journey was very short. I’m not sure who was there with me but by the time I returned from the loo they were gone. I resumed sleep until 4.24 am. I woke up then to the feeling I wasn’t alone in the place ( discounting Joey III) and had to go check the double bed just to make sure. I hope the push wasn’t someone’s way of saying I kneed you! It’s funny the tricks our minds play on us sometimes.

I powered up the computer and signed into my gmail. Before starting though, I went to take my morning meds because I needed the painkillers and then made a coffee to bring back with me. An interesting batch of mail today which took me until 6.58 am to clear so I could start on the talktalk batch. That didn’t take long so by 7.15 am I was raring to go. No need to leave the house until 7.30 am for the bus though so I went and opened Joey’s cage so he had the same freedom I’m having. He fluttered in panic as I approached the cage so I assumed it still wasn’t quite light enough for him to make things out properly. It’s either that or I just make him panic in general. That might explain why he doesn’t use me as a perch, a resting place or a launch pad when he’s out and about. I always found budgies to be inquisitive rather than scaredy -cat. At 7.30 am I stepped outside into what was shaping up to be a nice morning. The rain had stopped, the sun was shining and all seemed peaceful. I caught thre bus with no bother and settled in my seat. I was the only one aboard at that point. Away we went and picked up a few passengers in Holywell. Time to close my eyes and doze. In Chester I had a text from Yvonne to say they were on their way but a little delayed as Reuben studied a pigeon taking a bath in a puddle. I forgave the delay as it was in pursuit of such a noble science project.

I walked towards them and received another text about changing our cafe this morning to one we’d promised to try many times. We met up at the door. I was allowed to kiss Reuben’s head and gently kissed Yvonne’s cheek as she almost screamed at the size of my face. I assured her it was under control and wouldn’t stop me eating. We both had breakfast and a drink while Reuben had his own drink and some toast. At least he would have had toast had he not been so busy eating his mother’s and my bacon. I eventually revenged myself on him with a slice of toast. He didn’t even notice. We left there and went to our usual store where I got Roobs some new clothes, some new bedding for Yvonne and even managed to get Karen some of those soft fleece settee covers she wanted. I know there will be arguments on the horizon over that. After a good look round there we left to go find some soft grip socks for me and get another drink as we were both thirsty. We were successful in both things. We tried a new cafe with a big collection of drinks including some very different milkshakes.  I had an iced coffee. The place was expensive but fun.

It was time to walk back towards the bus stop now and we all dragged our feet a bit. Partly because the bags on the pram were threatening to tip it over. Everyone says it’s always worse when they’re with me. I’m not sure what that means except maybe they take the opportunity to shop when someone else can look after Reuben? The bus was a little late in coming and was quite full. I wasn’t too impressed by the young teens who occupied the disabled seats  so they could face each other and talk but rudeness and lack of thought doesn’t surprise me anymore. I found another seat and sat back with my eyes closed. When we reached home I was able to visit Pauline’s because I’d been to the loo in the new cafe before we left. I came home, unpacked and said hello to Joey who didn’t budge an inch from his cage. Then I came through to suffer whatever punishment awaited me for going out. I came in the room at 1.15 pm and didn’t leave again until 4.40 pm. It was at that time I took a break and decided to have a late lunch/early tea. A quite tasty beef hot-pot hit the spot. I ate alone again as despite an invitation  Joey chickened out. I went through the usual quizzes and then returned to work at 6.30 am. I had a mad session catching up and decided to take my leisure at 8.00 pm but no late films like last night this time. I found instead the first episode of a police serial called The Last Detective starring Peter Davison as Dangerous Davies. I’d heard about it before but not seen it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to walk away and let Joey go to bed in peace at 10.00 pm. It also meant I was able to get to the blog a little earlier. I need some sleep and I have MuJo tomorrow.

Pops and Grandson

Pops and Grandson

Pops is funny Mummy.At least he smells it.

Pops is funny Mummy.At least he smells it.

Wednesday 2nd.

I did manage to get my light off by 12.30 am but it took a while to settle.I’d been in that state before sleep when things take on a dream quality. There was a quiz in my head and I just answered a question when there was a hand on the back of my neck. It was like an electric shock and galvanised me into wakefulness again. My hair was on end and I could still feel where the hand had been.  Eventually I managed to relax and sleep. Surprisingly it was 2.52 am when I woke and knew sleep was over, at least for then. Moaning to myself ( as no-one else would listen) I headed for the loo just for the pleasure of seeing it flush bloo. I came back and fired up the computer. Straight to my emails and I put my best foot forward and finished all the gmail account at 4.52 am. I heard Joey tweet so before doing anything else went through to see him. I couldn’t. It was just too dark so I guessed he was just having a bad dream. My chair looked inviting though so I hunkered down without turning the light on and lost myself to reverie and just possibly a few snores.I was back in the saddle again by 6.10 am but instead of going straight back to work I went to the kitchen and took my morning drugs. I also took a pre foodie ready to have some breakfast in case the opportunity for tea didn’t appear. If it’s anything like last week it’ll be  supper anyway. Once breakfast was done and dusted I returned to my mail straight away.At 8.30 am I interrupted myself for long enough to refill Joey’s food and water and to see to getting dressed myself. I was unsure at that point whether MuJo would still visit due to the weather. Since I got up the rain has been pouring down, bouncing off the ground. In truth I wasn’t sure how Muriel would cope with driving in such foul weather though I couldn’t imagine a way for her to have avoided it in the past. By 9.30 am there had been no message so I assumed they were still coming. Maybe things are due to improve, I know they watch the forecasts carefully.

I was forced into unusual household activity like dusting  the surfaces and hoovering up Joey’s husks from the floor. I don’t mind being a slob but don’t want people to witness it firsthand. Quiet Mike please. There was time for a few more messages before I went to prepare to do drinks as they arrived. They turned up just after 11.00 am by which time Joey had been forced to talk (or listen) to me for a while. Of course when they got here, he couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Actually John hushed Muriel to let her hear Joey speaking his name, declaring it hasn’t taken him long to learn while I’m thinking he should be holding conversations by now. We left at about 11.40 a to go for lunch. It was the chippy in Holywell again but the rain was coming sown so hard I was thinking you’d need an ark to get around up there. I didn’t realise they’d moved the end of the world up so much. After lunch we took a slowboat down the hill and along the coast road to Flint. A quick(ish) nip into Aldi saw me with a couple of things like a strawberry and rhubarb tart and a loaf of bread. From there we went to Temptations. I asked MuJo to go in while I went to get chocolates for the girls, when I got back my coffee was on the table waiting. We looked round a couple of shops after Tempies then came home again. They stayed long enough for John to take his afternoon tabs then said they’d head for home  themselves. I was carrying something out to the car, ready to wave them off at 4.40 pm when we met Dil just getting out of his car.

When they’d gone I came in to make Dil a cuppa. We sat and watched an antiques show then our usual quiz before the games started. It was a fierce competition on the Yahtzee. Dil won three games and when I complained he suggested I had a chance of winning the next three. He regretted that straight afterwards as that’s just what I did. As we were even, we set too playing another 6 games, Dil won 2 I won one, then I won 2 and Dil won 1. So even stevens again. We left it as a draw at that point and got the trivia out. Despite Dil getting more segments than me at first I did catch up then took over. Soon we had 6 apiece and both wanted to get back to the centre. Dil came off better at the end when I asked him a question he was able to answer. So, he won the laurels for the evening and I must seethe until I can revenge myself next week. Once Dil left at 9.30 pm I had a quick tidy then washed up. I had a piece of my tart which was delish thanks and then came through to face the music. Over 200 emails on gmail but wouldn’t you know it, talktalk is down for maintenance so I have no idea how many there are there and couldn’t touch them anyway. If I had hair I’d be tearing it out. I worked until 11.00 pm then did the blog and am going back to mail straight afterwards. Wish me luck.

A post earlier in the week I really enjoyed ( maybe because I love Balderdash) has some wonderful words. You might like them.


Thursday 3rd.

It was 3.41 am this morning. There had been an earlier call but that was for a loo trip and getting back to sleep afterwards no problem. I’d managed to finish my gmail post last night by 12.20 am and had only read till 1.00 am before turning out the light and trying to sleep, it seemed to come OK. So, this morning I opened and dealt with the gmail first before even checking to see if TalkTalk was back up. It was 5.43 am when gmailwas up to scratch and before doing anything further I took time to go take my morning meds and make myself a coffee.I couldn’t be bothered with breakfast so wasn’t away from my desk for too long. At 6.00 am I checked and found TalkTalk to be back up so nervously opened it up. There were loads of messages. At one time (BC-Before Cock-up) the mail list was one long continuous scrolling list. I much preferred that to the new existing list that shows of about 4 that can be increased to 10 . I used t be able to scroll through and clear the obvious chaff from what may be the wheat. Not any more. Now it’s clear some and then open a new page, increase it and start again. It took a long time. Then it was a case of checking which were duplicates of those I’d dealt with on gmail and deleting those before finally getting down to the nitty gritty of answering what was left. It was almost 8.30 am before I was done. I got dressed and went through to release Joey so I could clean his cage.

The cage didn’t get cleaned because Joey decided not to vacate. I didn’t want to stick my hand inside to scare him out and then find he’s  never going to come to a hand. Though it’s possible that ship already sailed. Instead I put my socks and shoes on and walked up to Pauline’s to renew my lottery tickets. Once I came home I decided to move some things off the coffee table and make it look a bit tidier. I really do need to do something drastic in that room though to be fair, I did start yesterday by giving John the two metal flamingos/storks for his garden. That freed up a little floor space. Once I’d done that and had a dust I fed my leather jacket which was showing signs of salt after being out in the rain yesterday. When 10.00 am arrived so did the postman. I was delighted to see something I’d ordered from Hong Kong last week  had arrived and I liked it. I started watching Homes Under the Hammer but nodded off after the first property and only woke up when the next programme started. I thought I’d better get back to the mail which was mounting up. Correction- had mounted up. I worked to just midday then left the rest until I’d eaten. I had a quick bing meal of chips with curry sauce while Bargain Hunt was on. Sorry, no curried face, I stayed awake.

After the programme I returned to work and started on the stuff I’d left earlier. That took me until 3.02 pm because of new mail being added all the time. I decided to take a break and see if Mike had texted me to say when he was coming. Nope, nothing. But while I was in the lounge Joey shot out of his cage like a scalded cat and did a circuit of the room with a dive bomb approach as he reached my head. There was no attempt at landing though he was maybe trying to clear a path for a landing  field across my scalp. He ended up perched on the mirror as his favourite place. I couldn’t miss the opportunity so grabbed my sponge and started cleaning the ladders, perches and the base of the cage down. Then I put new sandpaper down , changed the millet and gave him clean seed and water. Obviously unhappy, the minute I moved away from the cage he went back in and sat muttering on one of his perches. I don’t know whether he thinks I’ve taken something away or not but he doesn’t approve of me touching his cage at all. As it was almost 5.00 pm I decided to stay and watch my quiz but first I’d have some tea. I had my pre-foodie then made some toast. I added a slice of my strawberry and rhubarb tart to my plate ( before Mike got here) and sat down to see how many answers I  knew. It sometimes surprises me just how few people do know sometimes. I don’t mean sport and things like that, but the history of our country for instance.

After I’d finished eating I offered Joey a little of the crust from the tart. He didn’t flutter away in panic as I got close but I could see he wanted to. We’re really not building a relationship yet. I washed up and watched the end of the quiz before coming through to see how things were going. There was some mail to catch up on but I was on top of it., or so I thought. It was about 7.15 am I got a text from Mike to say he was on the way. At 8.00 pm I thought I’d take a break but just before I could a whole stack of messages suddenly appeared. I think they must be ones that transferred over from TalkTalk which I haven’t been to for a while because it signed me out again. Maybe it wasn’t working again but now is. I signed into Talk Talk to see what there was and gasped….but hopefully many of them will have been dealt with on transfer. Such proved to be the case and I finished there quickly. Catching up on gmail again took some time and it was only 9.15 pm I was able to go through. Mike arrived at 9.30 pm and I was able to hand him a coffee from a pre-boiled kettle. We watched Who Do You Think You Are of Jerry Hall while he told me about his week and asked if I was in trouble with Yvonne for avoiding the doctor’s. I told him it’s not avoidance, it’s an early cure I’ve had. After Law and Order, Special Victim’s Unit I called it a night and came through to do the blog. My jacket is looking much better but I think I’ll feed it again before going out in the rain.

Friday 4th.

I was so close to the end of my book that I found I couldn’t put it down at 1.00 am as I usually would. Instead I hung on to the bitter end at 1.25 am. It had gone half past by the time I’d finished my last cigarette and been to the loo. Maybe it did some good as it was 5.37 am before I woke this morning. I still had to visit the loo. Remarkable, I empty the bladder last thing and yet it refills itself overnight.It doesn’t happen with my Pepsi bottles worse luck. I came back and booted up the computer but it was close enough to 6.00 am not to bother. Instead I went to the kitchen and took my morning meds. Once done I readied my cup for coffee and went to get my drug drawer. I was able to do next weeks boxes with one exception and that I’d ordered on the prescription I put in on Tuesday after the Bank Holiday.I expected a delivery yesterday but it didn’t materialise. I’ll have to be more vigilant today since they’ll be closed until Monday otherwise and I need the missing one starting tonight. I have my chocolates at the ready. As it was quite dark the kitchen light was on but when I went to the lounge the light didn’t hit Joey. As I approached my drug drawer I talked to him all the time so he wouldn’t be scared when I pulled the drawer out. Not a flicker from him. I came and went without acknowledgement.

I brought my coffee through and opened Gmail. There were 49 messages, enough to fit on one page they took quite a while to do as for some people Friday is a day for main posts. I like to read and comment where possible. It was 8.12 am before I’d done and was able to open TalkTalk mail. I was sent my new gas and electric bills. I wish they were clearer. On the electric it showed a credit balance of £164.00 yet when I went in to it, it now showed a credit balance of £24.00 and a transaction  of a miscellaneous adjustment of £140.00. That tells me nothing ass it’snot showing a credit to me of that amount nor telling me where it’s from. I’ll leave it until next time as they’re supposed to refund any credits of £100 or over. It would be handy for Christmas. Anyway, by 8.40 am I was clear there too and so went through to Joey to set him free and also to get Mike’s coffee ready for 9.00 am. As 9.00 am came I set the coffee down on the bedside table, made sure he could hear me and then left him to it. It was time to dress and get my shoes on. Before I left I went back through to Mike and he was just coming round so I said I’d left the TV on for him. By the time I got back from Pauline’s, he was up and sitting in the lounge.

By some miracle Mike left the house at just gone 10.00 am to go to Manchester. Hurrah, I wouldn’t get the blame for him being late and I was able to watch my Homes Under the Hammer in peace. After that it was back to work to catch up on mail. I had to stop at 11.45 am to go peal a couple of sweet potatoes. I put thisck Irish Pork Sausages under the grill, turned the micro on my potatoes, remembered I should have taken a pre-foodie which I then did and went to natter to or at Joey for s few minutes. Onced the sausages started to spit I soaked up the fat with some kitchen roll and found out surprise, surprise that it becomes very hot to hold. Ouch! Once the potatoes were ready I mashed them and put some baked beans in the micro to do. It was a lovely meal which I enjoyed with Bargain Hunt on in the background. I say the background because in the foreground were my eyelids and I was checking the inside of them again. It only lasted for 30 mins or so though before I was back in motion. After doing the pots it was back to the emails again.  I worked till 3.00 pm then took a break when I heard the doorbell. It was the chemist with my latest supplies. I was able to add the missing tablets to my  boxes for tonight and for the next week. While up an about I had half an hour in front of the box, oddly enough not watching what I intended as I was gripped by what came on.

At just after 3.30 pm I returned to work  with the express intention of not returning to the lounge until my mail boxes were clear. Brcause of that I only caught the last ten minutes of my quiz. I watched Eggheads at 6.00 pm then at 6.30 pm went for a shower. I managed not to fall or have an angina attack and got out in one piece, then I promptly tripped over the floor mat and fell. I dressed and returned to the lounge to watch an episode of Mash ( and got a text from Mike to say he was on the way back) then I watched a special on the plight of the refugees and was delighted to see the Germans are showing some humanity by taking 800,000 this year. An example to all European countries. Then it was Mastermind and we were less than halfway in when Mike came home so I made him a coffee. His day had gone quite well which I was pleased about after last week. We watched Would I Lie To You together then an episode of Ripper Street. Joey who is normally dormant on a perch at this time kept coming out and flying around as though he was going to land somewhere different. He didn’t end up being brave enough. At 10.00 pm I closed his cage door, took my meds and headed for the bedroom to do the blog and the rest of my mail. I’m wondering if Mike and Yvonne are in cahoots as she won’t accept my legs are OK and is asking me to wear loose legged trousers on Tuesday so she can see for herself. I shall be in bed for midnight. YAY.

Saturday 5th.

I turned my light off early last night at 12.30 am. It was no use, I could not get to sleep. Then my legs started to itch and I’d already treated them ( granted it was only a pie and a pint but hey, beggars can’t be choosers).At 1.22 am I got up and went through to the lounge. At least when I went past Mike’s room he was asleep instead of gaming. I did fall asleep in my chair and woke up this morning at 4.27 am. With just a slight detour via the room of perpetual fountains I headed for my bedroom and fired up  the computer.( It’s lucky I keep the  furnace going). I logged into gmail and started my daily battle with words, other people’s. At 6.00 am I paused to go take my meds, have some breakfast and make a coffee. I also got Mike’s mug ready for 6.30 am and his first shout of the day. While waiting I went and got dressed. I pre-empted the alarm and called Mike as I took his drink through and woke him. I knew he’s go straight back to sleep but his alarm would wake him again, which it did a minute later. That round made no impression but I only had to wait ten minutes, during which time I dealt with the rubbish,before the alarm went off again. I confess I was as pleased as punch when he ignored it yet again as it gave me the chance to do my Sgt Major act from the doorway and remind him the coffee was there. This time he got up but today’s score was    C-2, A-2. ( Calls and alarms).

We were on our way out at 7.30 am which I think surprised both of us. He got very confused while driving and though the miles per hour showing were actually kilometres per hour. So when he saw 80 miles  per hour on the clock he thought they were kilometres which translated to 50 mph…..or that’s his excuse and he’s sticking to it. It didn’t take us long to go round the supermarket this morning despite me having food on the menu again. We just have the whole experience to a fine art. He was unhappy I got away with a smaller bill than usual and threatened to boycott the place if they don’t make more of an effort to upset me. I paid and we went for a drink. Mike had a coffee while I opted for a cold drink which was a strawberry lemonade.To Mike’s delight it made me scrunch my face up, Mike loved it thinking it was brain freeze and was not happy when I just said it was sour. We left and headed for Flint. I had to get a few things first before we could go to Temptations as I had no chocolates yet. I picked some up at Homies but Mike reckoned I should pay for them, so I did. We went for coffee and flippin’eck there was no-one we knew.

As we came out of Temptations we were both asking the other what we wanted to do with the rest of the day. I said I’d be happy to go home and was told that wasn’t happening. The point was to keep me away from my desk as long as possible. I made a few suggestions and it was decided that Ellesmere Port and then Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village were the ones. Because of Mike’s continued search for this particular ring he wants I had to recall every jeweller I knew in both places. When we arrived at and parked up in Ellesmere Port I told Mike we’d go to the market first as I remembered a jeweller there. Blow me if he didn’t find a ring he wanted. Wrong stone but the existing one could (we hope) be replaced by what he wants if we can find the right shape and size stone to buy. He’s making progress at last and the OCD can take a day off now. It was gone midday and I needed food. There’s a large ASDA store there with a good cafe inside so we headed there and had steak and ale pie with chips and peas. It was very good. I was able to take my tablets and then we left.

We headed for Cheshire Oaks next and I really wished I’d got a disability scooter when we arrived. I hated it, the place was heaving. We didn’t even go in any of the shops which were very expensive. We did walk round though and then totally knackered, Mike drove me home. I had problems staying awake in the car. We got back about 3.15 pm and once we’d unpacked the shopping I was free to start work as Mike had football on the TV. I hadn’t finished when I took a break at 6.00 pm but I thought our usual quiz was on. It turned out there was still half an hour yet. I promptly fell asleep in my chair. When I woke up we were in the dying minutes of the quiz so I’d been asleep an hour.I stayed with Mike till 10.00 pm when I knew he wouldn’t complain about me coming back  through. He caught me forgetting my evening meds though and enjoyed sending me back to take them. I managed to get the mail numbers right down before I had to stop and concentrate on the blog.

I wish you all a Wonderful new week full of Hugs and dreams come true.



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  1. Interesting words, David, would like to include in my vocabulary just to see my friends puzzled looks when they have no idea what I just said. You are always amusing and brighten my day. Have a great week and I am giving you a big virtual hug.

    • I so agree with you Suzanne. I’d love to be able to drop those words in a conversation and just watch the blank faces. With my memory, mine would probably be blank too.
      Thank you very much, you are very kind. I love to think of brightening your day. You just make me fat!
      The virtual hug is most welcome. Maybe I’ll collect a real one sometime. I send you Hugs Galore xxxxxxxx

  2. David, what do you make of your ghost-like visitor? Reuben looks wonderful and I love the photos of the two of you. Take care this week. No tripping. Is Autumn making an appearance yet? All my best to you. Tons of hugs! 💗😊

    • Hello Colleen. Concensus of opinion is that my ghost is Julia letting me know she’s still around. I know there was no malice there and that Ju would do so if she could. Especially kicking me out of bed as she’d try that while laughing hard sometimes. The hand on the neck was gentle enough to be her too. I just wonder at the timing. Why now? It would be great if she’d come to gather me in.
      Reuben is doing well and is always off at top speed. I’ll try to be careful, no tripping. I don’t think Autumn is far away now and the nights are certainly drawing in.
      I hope you have a Great New Week. xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

      • David, Julia could be letting you know she is around because of the new grand baby coming. Either way, it is reassuring to know she is still part of your life. Have a good week, my friend. 💗 Hugh hugs back to you!

  3. What an interesting list of emotions. I had Elipsism once but didn’t know it had a name, and in fact have experienced several others on that list as well. I share your sleeplessness many nights, but thankfully not usually from pain, and thankfully not too badly at the moment. I hope you can get through it and get some rest, it would go a way toward helping you heal. I loved Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and also look forward to the second one. Have a sleep-filled week David. xx

    • They were fantastic words weren’t they Ardys. I bet most of us have felt one or more and not known there was a specific word for it.
      I’m sorry you share my sleeplessness. I’m so used to it now. Mine is not usually pain related, just that I don’t sleep much at one time.The little cat naps are very important if you can get them. I’m sure the occasional full night works wonders for me.
      Here’s to both of us having a sleep filled week
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  4. Pingback: John Farnham and The Voice | Meeka's Mind

  5. Oops! I got so carried away with The Voice I completely forgot to leave a thank you. So…THANK YOU! Your post made my day. 🙂

  6. I hope you get to visit with your author friend. My visit from blogger Kate was a highlight. Plus I’ve managed to catch up with another local blogger. We have a lovely community of people.
    Those sore wonderful new words… but I think it might be easier for me to explain them than spell them.
    Have a lovely week 🙂

  7. Another week full of interest…. I’m a fan of John Farnham, too. I remember when he was a teenager 🙂 (Oops, I’m giving my age away.)
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. Very impressed by the unusual words – and the emotions they describe. Have felt most of them and some – Mauerbauertrauerigit? – seem to drive the plot lines on my favorite TV shows. Wonder where they came from? Thanks for sharing and a wonderful week to you! Bises xo

    • I’m sure a few of them will have found their way from psychiatric and psychology manuals Mel but maybe someone has a really old dictionary and lot of patience.The one you mention seems to have it’s basis in German and they did have some fantastic words. Still love to use it in a sentence but only if I could learn to say it first.
      Have a Great Week
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  9. Dear David, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – wonderful, funny, witty, delicious !!!
    Sequel – obvious, flat, over the top, a bit boring and very obvious !
    Love to Joey !!!

    • Oh no ! I had very high hopes for it especially with Judy Dench in it.
      Given your love to Joey who is on his top perch refusing to be sociable today. The bird in the mirror is obviously i trouble though. I’ll have to pre-empt his mood to send love back.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  10. Joey keeping you fit with them husks, then David 😀
    I did enjoy those words – new to me but not the emotions they represent. So, useful to keep – thank you. Nice to see the “boys of summer” in more ways than musically ☺ Have a superb week!

    • Joey has me on the hop all the time.
      The words are wonderful but I’ll never remember any or be able to use them…..shame.
      How about ‘The Old Boys of Summer’ is it nice t see us in more ways than musically or do you have problems keeping your dinner down now?
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Dear David, thanks for bringing us along for another week. I’m sorry you’ve needed the pain killers, but glad you were able to get them. Love hearing about Joey’s antics. Your descriptions make me feel I’m there. And “Black Velvet” one of my forever favorites! I used to love to belt that out along with the radio. “Boys of Summer” and “Drive” were also welcome cruises down memory lane — thanks for being the chauffeur! Wishing you a wonder-filled week. Mega hugs! 🙂

  12. Ugh, there is nothing worse in my mind than not finding solid sleep. The repeated waking from bathroom trips, painful teeth and beloved ghosts with a slightly wicked sense of humor has got to be taking its toll, David. Wish I could make it better.
    And yet there is so much weekly joy. How can one not want to leap out of bed with all the lovely members of your family bringing you humor and company? Loved seeing you and Reuben together this week. That was a treat.
    And wow on the word list. This one is getting printed and posted next to my computer this week. They’re wholly fascinating.
    Here’s to a healthy week ahead, David. Thinking of you! xox

    • I could pit up with the ‘ghost’ if it’s Ju. Who cares about sleep then.
      I can manage without the solid sleep as I’ve years of practise, I can manage with waking from trips to the loo. What really catches me out is waking in the morning convinced someone else is here and finding it’s not true.That really deflates me.
      The word list is amazing isn’t it.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  13. Pretty interesting words, David and I love the photos of you and your grandson. They made me smile. Have a great week!

  14. Oh David, I’m ever so glad we found each other in this giant virtual haystack, this wide deep ocean of blogging…your week made my day. 🙂
    Rueben certainly shows a lot of curiosity and joy and you two look perfect in each others hearts and arms. 🙂
    I love Murdoch Mysteries and though I have yet to see the next Best Exotic Marigold Hotel my Mum says it was lovely (she saw in at the theater with my Aunt, although they may have been distracted by the inclusion of Richard Gere). 😉
    Joey needs to learn to get along with his bells and mirrors, but he seems like a delightful little one despite that. 🙂
    Hope Mike had a wonderful visit with his relatives from Canada (well over 65% of us are an amazing bunch so the odds are good).
    I certainly have, what was it, Nodus Tollens, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing and this week I certainly have Liberosis, I wish I could feel less, but then I realize, no, I don’t want to…it’s complicated.
    Now Talking Heads, The Stones and Alannah Myles (all of which I’ve been lucky enough to have seen live) are sing-dueling in my head, so far, The Stones Paint It Black is winning.
    Thank you David and massive, massive hugs!!! 🙂

    • You made my year with that one comment alone Donna.
      Reuben is in my arms long enough to find a path of escape so he can either be about his next mischief or to have a ride in one of those machines they set up outside a shop. Anything with Peppa Pig currently.
      You must try and see the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, I’m sure it will make you smile. Richard Gere must be in the second one which I haven’t seen yet. The Murdoch Mysteries are very entertaining and probably do reflect Police training from the early days.
      If you ever want to try and explain those complications, I’m listening.Otherwise I’ll just accept what you say.
      Oh Dear, your poor noggin must be getting quite noisy about now with all three lots competing.Perhaps if the Stones win the others will close down for the night.
      xxx Sending you Humongous Hugs xxx

  15. What a brilliant list Dave. I’m afflicted by recurring Jouskas which occasionally I embarrass myself by vocalising. Hope the week is calm, Reuben an imp, sleep is connected, pain relieved and the world at least 1% happier.

    • I agree the list is amazing and I know I suffer a few things I just couldn’t tell anyone without contorting my mouth.
      I’m sure this week will be calm and surer still Reuben will be an imp. My sleep and my pain will be less bothersome and that in itself will make the world 2% happier.I must aim for more.

  16. I am very prone to jouska and exulansis, so I am delighted to be able to put names to these emotions! Do not despair of Joey. Birds are odd animals. He will come around. I once adopted a feral kitten, and it was like living with a fairy for weeks–I would see her out of the corner of my eye, and I knew she was eating her food. Otherwise, she might just as well not been there. Our dog finally calmed her down and introduced her to the delights of tummy rubs. Given the strange sensations of knees in your back and a hand on your neck–have you considered a ghost? Nonetheless, sounds like you are getting better sleep now. Maybe it’s a guardian ghost.

    • I found it funny being able to put names to things I knew were associated with me. Mention them and you sound severely ill and on your last legs.
      I’ve not given up on Joey. One day I think he’ll find his courage and come to me.Maybe I can get him to take a bath then.
      I’ve certainly considered a ghost, thinking Julia is here to remind me not to forget her and have a little fun in the process. I’m more inclined towards the fun since Mike told me yesterday that he’s had the same experience in his bed last week too.Up till then I’d half hoped she’d come to ready me to join her
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Oh, David. Don’t make me cry.

      • I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t intend that. It’s just that I am ready to go with her if that’s her intention though it seems not. I wake up and know someone should be there but they’re not and I have to swallow the words bubbling up again. Ah well, maybe I should concentrate on my Christmas prezzie list to occupy myself.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  17. My eight-months pregnant niece-in-law went to an outlet store on Monday too… was saying what a stupid thing to do on a wet BH – she couldnt get into any of the stores!
    Keep well xxx

  18. I’m still rereading the list of words about emotions, David, and I can actually identify with several of them…just don’t know for sure how to pronounce the words. I always enjoy the pictures of Reuben, but the two of Reuben with you are touching and precious. I hope you have these framed and copied in sizes you can show to friends over cover or even to strangers. They are delightful! Have a wonderful week.

    • Hi Marylin, I haven’t found anyone yet who can’t identify with one or more of the emotions. Like you I wouldn’t have any idea how to pronounce them but I would love to sneak some into a sentence when someone asks how I am. “Oh yes. the doc said I’m suffering from…..and……” They would top anyone else’s complaints hands down.
      I have one in front of my computer with Reuben leaning in to give me kiss, lips pursed. It’s my favourite picture of all. I’ve run out of wall for any new ones unless I move.
      Have a Fantastic week.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  19. laurie27wsmith

    I’m late again this week David, although better late than never. My, you are in the wars, aren’t you, lack of decent sleep is a bugger old mate. Sounds like Joey is settling in, I’d love to be able to send you one of our parrots. A few of them let me come right up to the feeder now before departing. They soon let me know when there’s no seed. Great pics of you and Roobs. By the facial hair it looks like you’re getting ready for xmas. Interesting about your night time visitor, loved ones come back at the strangest times. It’s when you wake up and they’re face is inches from yours that it gets a tad jumpy. Take care David, talk next week.

    • It’s nice to see you whenever you arrive Laurie. I’m not doing so bad,and the lackof sleep isn’t much of a problem. I must get what I need.
      I think you’re right about Joey, he finally found another perch outside the cage yesterday.. The parrot would be very nice but it would make for a very lumpy envelope and it would probably eat it’s way out before reaching me.
      The facial hair disappeared on Sunday during a haircut but I may grow the whole beard now for Christmas.
      So you think it may have been Ju too.Do you think there would be a reason for it? It’s obviously not what I thought anyway.
      Look after yourself my friend

      • laurie27wsmith

        Obviously your body has adjusted to your sleep or lack thereof pattern David. 🙂 I guess it would be a messy parrot parcel, t could go air mail. You would have been 5 lbs lighter after that shave Mate. I would go along with Ju turning up. Look, people turn up at the darndest moments for the oddest reasons. You could have been having trouble breathing and not known it at the time. Bump, kicked out of bed. I think they look over us more than we think.

      • Thanks Laurie,you made me feel better. Hugs mate.

      • laurie27wsmith

        You’re welcome David. Bigger hugs back at you. 🙂

  20. David, you have such busy weeks. Makes me feel like I don’t really accomplish anything at all compared to your list of activities. I am fascinated by this paranormal activity in your house – I am assuming it is paranormal based on the other comments. I also find it fascinating it seems completely acceptable to have paranormal activity in one’s house in Europe but here in America it seems completely unacceptable. Just seems to be part of life over in your neck of the woods. A relative of mine in England had a poltergeist in their attic. And they just accepted him. They had a name for him, and when they would hear things being tossed around in the attic, they would say – Oh, there’s Harold, flinging stuff about again.
    I loved the words and miss the feeling of vellichor, no used bookstores around here.
    The photos of you and Reuben are great. He sure seems to be growing up quickly. Such a beautiful boy!!!!
    I would hate to go house shopping with Mike. If it is taking this long to find a ring to his liking, I can’t imagine what it must be like with him and huge purchases.
    I hope you have a lovely week. I must go away and listen to jouskas in my head now.

    • You know, I never think of my weeks as busy. As I’m home most of the time I just think of it as pretty boring and humdrum.
      I was almost prepared to accept I was dreaming had Mike not told me he experienced the self same thing in his room last week too. Whether or not it’s Julia come to say ‘Don’t forget me’ I don’t know, but it’s not scary. I suppose there is more acceptance of the idea of paranormal activity here because we’re brought up on stories of beheaded queens walking their castles and murder victims popping up on their anniversaries. Of course acceptance doesn’t make it real though so I’d still like answers.
      The words are great. I hope you enjoy listening to the jouskas in your head. It saves electricity.
      Heck you wouldn’t want to shop for anything with Mike believe me.he’s the very definition of OCD.
      I hope your week is going well.
      xxx I send you Hugs Galore xxx

  21. It appears that Joey AND Rueben are both keeping you on your toes.. Along with Mike who’s keeping you out of bed… lol

    Lovely selection of Tunes as well – Listening to Drive right now, and John Farnham is one of my favorites of all time!

    Sorry to hear you’ve had to be taking so many pain meds 😦 Must be very frustrating. I know whenever I take them (which is not often) I always end up constipated! *Cringes*


    • Joey hasn’t quite reached the same standard as Reuben. I can still defeat him with the cage door. Mike I have to barter with, I’ll come and talk to you later if you let me work now.

      So glad you enjoyed the music. Sometimes they’re quite catchy and will stick with you for days. Sorry!!

      Not all my meds are for pain but you’re quite right about the regularity problem. Mike says I’m mean because I often go just once a week or so. He can go every day which is far too generous in my opinion. I’m glad to hear you don’t need painkillers too often as constipation can be very uncomfortable I’m told.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. I’m just now catching up with your post–busy week here. I love the Reuben photos, as usual, especially the top one with you and him.
    The ghostly hand gave me chills. Has that ever happened before?
    Massive hugs! Hope you have a great week!

    • I hope everything is alright Merril. It was quite a good picture of us together, though not my favourite.
      I’m sorry the hand gave you the chills, I’m sure it was meant to be comforting.Nothing like that happened before except the knees, same week. I still don’t know what to think.
      My week is going well, I hope yours is too.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Everything is fine here. I’m still finishing my very large summer test writing assignment. It’s taken a bit longer to complete than I expected, and I need to get moving on the two books projects I’m starting. I’m glad the hand was meant to be comforting. Hugs Galore to you, too!

  23. Ali Isaac

    Hooray! You found ‘the ring’… that was a long old quest, wasnt it? Lovely pictures of you and Roobs, btw. Hope you get some good sleep this week, and please go and see a doctor! How long is it going to take Joey to remember his manners and stop being so rude to you, I wonder.

    • I hope the quest is over but he still has to find the right blue topaz stone to replace the onyx, and a jeweler to do the work.
      Thank you, I agree it was a good picture of us.
      Sleep about the same but I can cope on it as long as I get my power naps. No docs thank you though Yvonne threatened to ring them. I’m doing fine thanks
      I’m sure Joey is just a little slow like some humans. He’ll get there one day hopefully.
      xxx Sending you Mega Hugs xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        Thanks for the hugs! Sending some back! Joey is such a fun little character… I think you must have picked the tiniest creature with the biggest, most obstinate personality to be your pet. My mum used to have a rolling canary which she loved, but it never came out of its cage. Used to sing so sweetly. I feel so sad for it, looking back. Im glad you let Joey out for a flap about every day.

  24. Love Bank holidays!
    Beautiful pictures, Reuben and you are such buddies. Joey could do better… 😉
    The word and emotion list is fun and curious, but I don’t mind if some of my emotions have no word to describe 🙂
    Great week, and it is great you need less painkillers. Hope the weather stays dry another week.
    Multiple hugs and best wishes!

    • Oh Dear, nothing until Christmas now then.It’s a long gap.
      Roobs and I are buddies as long as he’s not screaming down my ear or booting my sore legs….at a distance of about 20 feet is great.
      You’re right the word list was very curious. I’llgo the rest of my life without ever hearing anyone use one in a sentence.
      All my weeks are great thans. The forecast said the change is due on Friday though I don’t suppose it will be to us all at once. Maybe Ireland will e lucky.
      Have a wonderful weekend,
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  25. Nice to have a day out of the routine. I love the photos of Reuben. He looks like a happy, well-loved kid. 🙂

  26. I hope the tooth is better now seeing as I’m so late and another painful four days would be awful. I loved both Marigold Hotels, especially the fabulous Bollywoody ending in the second. I also enjoy things like Sharknado, so maybe movie suggestions aren’t my strong point. 🙂 I really hope Joey gets over his shyness soon – it’s so lovely to have bird family. I have to wait for my lot to help themselves to whatever I’m eating before I get a look in. Looking forward to hearing more about your night time visitor – I’m sure that those who love us visit us when we need them, even if we don’t realise it. HUGE HUGS and MWAHS! XXXXXXX

    • The abscess is well under control now but I no longer make sense when I talk.( Not that I ever did). I shall watch the second Marigold if I see it around just because there are conflicting opinions about it. Sharknado doesn’t sound like one for me though.
      Joey is making real progress. He’s now attempting landings in new places, last night he almost despatched a piece of Royal Dux for me, I had to rush to move it. Maybe I’ll be his next perch.
      No new visits in the night unfortunately unless she didn’t announce herself. I’d love to see her.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs to you xxx.

  27. Ghosts should be invited guests. I hope yours reappears. She/he is showing that we humans CAN get past onism, if we only open up to possibilities. I’m glad you haven’t given in to exulanis – keep on telling us about all that goes on in your life – you can tell that so MANY relate to you!! xoxoxohugehugsandsmilesoxoxoxo (after you read my post tomorrow – Friday – contact me at pam dot wight at colettawight dot net. (I’m told if we write it out like this, we’re not spammed….)

    • My ghost (if it is) is certainly not unwelcome.It may not be Ju but it’s not someone with any malice, perhaps just a sense of fun. I am always open to possibilities as I live in hope.
      I’m so grateful for those that relate to me. I’m not sure why but the feeling is wonderful.
      I shall be looking for your post tomorrow.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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