Microsoft Annoys Me Again.

Sunday 6th September 2015.

I read slightly later this morning with my light going out about 1.20 am. I wasn’t expecting to sleep very well as my legs had been itchy enough for me to draw blood scratching. But, I’d put on some of the moisturising cream I have hopefully to cool the legs down. I did sleep solidly however until 4.16 am when I knew it was time to rise and shine. No-one would ever need to worry about being near me in the mornings, I’m not a bear with a sore head type. I wake up quite even tempered. If asked whether I’m a morning or evening person I’d probably say morning but I’m pretty good at the other end of the day too. I wouldn’t have the stamina for all night dancing but could probably give the Scrabble board a run for it’s money. After I’d paid a visit to the loo I came back and powered up the computer.

It was a slow start on comments to the blog but that doesn’t worry me,people have lives to lead after all. There were plenty of likes anyway so there had been visitors.There was still plenty of mail to deal with so I just got on with it. I only worked until 6.00 am before taking a break to take my morning meds, the things that keep me placid for you. I didn’t want breakfast but was ready for my cup of coffee. I took it back to work with me. I was plodding away at things when I heard a sound. Glancing at my watch I found it was 9.15 am and Michael had risen under his own power.I quickly tidied up here and went through to make him a coffee. We sat chatting for quite a while before he started checking his tablet to see if he could find the right stone for the new ring. It was 11.30 am before a decision was made about going out for dinner. Up to that point I thought he might drive to Manchester and have lunch with his sister who flies back tomorrow. When we got in the car I had no idea where we were going, it was only when we passed a certain point I could see we were going to Prestatyn.

We parked up in front of the shops and walked to the pub, The Cookhouse. You’ll be getting the impression we’re impressed with the meals and you’d be right.I lost the argument about who was paying this week and had to give in gracefully. We chose a table and Mike marked it with his hat. He ordered the drinks and brought mine over, his coffee was delivered then we lined up for the carvery. That was good, just one person in front of me. An easy choice when asked, just beef please and yes to Yorkshire, Yes to stuffing and yes to little sausage which I give to Mike. By the time I’d added veg and potatoes to my plate it took 3 of us to carry it back to the table. Mike had 3 meats on his plate , pork, gammon and beef. The meat just melted in my mouth. It was fantastic. After lunch we visited a couple of shops before heading back for the car and home. I needed to get back to work. Mike is staying again tonight as he’s taking his Dad to the doctor’s tomorrow so  I left him in front of the TV doing my job of dozing while I hit the emails. It took from almost 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm to more or less catch up and go through for my own sleep. I had another period of work from 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm then I stayed watching a ‘spook’ programme with Mike till 11.30 pm. I came back to deal with a short blog on an uneventful day, before bed. The mail can wait until tomorrow.

I have a query though which someone will be able to solve for me. In one of the blog comments a friend noted that she blushed when she found out how Nanny Ogg was so named in the Terry Pratchett books. I understood most of his humour and loved his work but that one slipped by me and no amount of thought is bringing me light. What am I missing?

Monday 7th.

I read till 1.00 am last night before turning my light out. Having squeezed the last of the steroid cream out of the tube, at least my legs weren’t driving me mad and I managed to drop off. ( an improvement on being kicked out I suppose). I woke this morning at 4.03 am . I was sort of mid-conversation with my bladder and once we reached the point where it said “I’m leaving and you can’t stop me” I  thought I’d better make a move to the Piddle Palace to let it go. Fully relieved not to be carrying any contentious passengers I returned to my bedroom and powered up the computer. I logged onto gmail and set to working my way through it. Thanks to my laziness of last night there was a fair bit there but not all required a response. I was clear by 6.10 am and went to take my morning meds and make a coffee before continuing. When I returned with my drink  there were 4 more messages waiting. One of them mentioned an upcoming ‘readathon’ and how books to be read are chosen. Some people get their books in an order and read them in the order received while others (like me)decide what to read based on how I feel at that moment. For instance , I may not feel like a steamy romance when I have just finished a book but prefer something light and humorous so that’s what I’ll go for. It may mean that certain books may remain unread in my pile for a long time. It led me to wonder if my books are in someone’s pile waiting to be read also. It also made me wonder, since I know some author friends will also read and comment on books, whether I could request someone read one of mine and perhaps review it on their blog. People have obviously read and reviewed my books but I don’t think I’ve had a book featured on a blog.I realised I’m not good at putting myself forward and might not like to be put in that position myself so quickly dropped the notion. What if someone has read them and out of kindness not blogged them?

I opened my talktalk mailbox and started sifting those. By 7.50 am I was clear there also and decided to see if Joey was ready to come out of his cage. To avoid upsetting him with my hand in his cage yesterday I hung his millet somewhere different. Since I noticed him only eating one part of it now, the part within reach, I’m not sure whether to restore it to the original place or to persevere in the hopes he’ll have the nous to change perch and attack it in the new place. I can’t move it until he comes out. When he did come out it was to enjoy a mad half hour. Flying round the room at different levels, almost coming to a halt in mid-air to change direction and almost dive bombing my hair until I almost had a parting. I haven’t but only because Mike cut my hair last evening and there’s not much left.

I wasn’t sure what time Mike would be leaving today so I took a coffee through and woke him at 9.00 am. As I passed back that way from work at 9.15 am I called to him not to let it go cold. As always, that threat moved him and he trotted through to the lounge. We sat together watching Frasier and then Homes Under the Hammer. Normally I would have returned to work at that point but he showed no inclination to leave. He did get dressed though when I said the warden would be visiting. When Val did come about 11.30 am I said I had visitors, passed over her chocolates and said I’d see her next week. At least I had Mike dressed now. At midday I asked Mike if he wanted some lunch. As he’d had a late breakfast I didn’t know if he would. Anyway he said yes so I set to peeling my sweet potatoes. When done I chopped them up and made ready to put them in the microwave. I laid sausages on some tinfoil on the grill pan of the stove and opened a tin of petit pois. I took my pre-foodie tablet and set the sausages going. After 5 minutes I set the sweet potatoes going too. When time was almost up Mike came to see if I needed a hand so he mashed the spuds and then made some onion gravy. I set the peas going and started to dish up the sausages. Mike dished out the spuds then I did the peas added the gravy and we were ready. It was very nice.

After Bargain Hunt I fell asleep and Mike disappeared quietly. I was only out until 1.45 pm so it wasn’t long but I woke feeling someone should be there even though I knew Mike had gone. It’s strange, but more and more I get the feeling I’m not alone before it hits me that I am. I returned to work as the mail had built up during my skive. I was at it until 4.10 without a break so when I took one, I stayed away a couple of hours again.  I was so annoyed at myself for forgetting some things that were ending on ebay at just gone 5.00 pm. I would have got them and made a start on my Christmas shopping. I ended up staying in the lounge till 8.00 pm after MASH. Joey had gone back in his cage and the aerobatics were over for the day though I was excited with one breakthrough, that Joey had come out and sat on a picture frame on the drawers next to his cage. The first time he’s ever varied his perches.  I turned everything off and returned to work. Apart from a trip to the kitchen at 9.30 pm to get my meds I stayed with the work. At 10.00 pm I seemed to have a lull in proceedings so went straight onto the blog. As soon as I finish I’ll check the mail again, have a look at ebay and maybe get an early night ready for seeing Yvonne and Reuben tomorrow.

It's Frothy Man.

It’s Frothy Man.

Tuesday 8th.

I did get a slightly earlier night but read until 1.00 am before putting the light out and turning over, and over and over. I finally ended up in the position I normally sleep in but on top of the covers last night.The itching stopped, the heat cooled and I finally got to sleep.It was a bit of a surprise then to wake up at 3.14 am. A visit to the loo was on the cards before I came back and turned the computer on. ( I think it was the sexy voice that did it in the end).I clicked to go to the internet and got my first disappointment of the day ‘Google Chrome is not responding’ just what I needed. After a couple of minutes it behaved normally and I was able to sign in to my gmail. There was quite a bit there but one in particular stood out today. Someone has decided not to be ashamed of her mental illness anymore. How others perceive it is their problem not hers. A young lady called Rachel on was also making some excellent points about a recent poster campaign in the U.S.  I doubt there was any intent to annoy the mentally ill as I’m sure the poster was meant to convey something else but the message seems to have been causing some distress to some of those with a mental illness while trying to bring about gun control.

At 5.24 am I’d finished with gmail and opened my talktalk mail which is still coming through. I’d finished there by 6.00 am and was on my way to the kitchen. Time to take my meds and make myself a coffee. I decided on breakfast today then changed my mind and thought I’d have something out with Yvonne. I brought my coffee through and started to get dressed. I thought about tight trousers so Yvonne couldn’t see the legs but wasn’t sure I could stand the itching where the cloth rubbed. I’d have to take my chances ,my natural charm and degree in obfuscation seem to be letting me down recently.In the end I went with skinny leg but purely by accident as I happened to find some cream coloured jeans at the bottom of the pile. Once dressed I returned to work on the new messages that had come in. I was so glad to see the return of my friend Olga from her self imposed exile otherwise known as a holiday. Posts from friends Sue at Daily Echo and Sarah at  First Night Design were of particular interest today though that’s not unusual for them. Sue mentioned her son Nick who has just completed a London to Brighton by bike race on a bike specially adapted for his particular disability. He’s frankly amazing. Sarah on the other hand presented a tale which I was inclined to think of as true until near the end but which was very entertaining nonetheless.

As 7.30 am approached I prepared myself to walk to the bus stop for my ride to Chester. I could almost guarantee falling asleep today. At 7.45 I was safely ensconced on the bus, in my nice safe little seat, chin resting on my crutches and eyes closed ready to drop off. It didn’t take long to happen and I was in and out of a doze all the way there. There was no sign of them at the bus stop so I walked in the direction they arrive from. I was almost at the point where we were in the shop Reuben practised his projectile vomiting in before they arrived. I though Heck,what harm could it do and suggested we went in again. This time we were lucky and Reuben was feeling fine. I bought MuJo a fun colour changing, mood enhancing, remote control light bulb to play with. I just hope their lights have bayonet fittings now. We went from there to have our coffee but for a change went to a Wetherspoon’s ( Big Pub Chain) and had a cooked breakfast there. I must be losing my touch as I lost the argument on paying there too. It was quite nice but I do wish they’d lay off the smoked meats (my bacon) and if they advertise fried eggs,not produce scrambled eggs instead. Luckily I like those too.

We went to our normal shop to find a white shirt for Reuben and I was able to get Yvonne a long cardigan too. I don’t care how much she screamed. No wonder Reuben has tantrums. I wanted to get some green jeans for Mike but they didn’t have his size. It seems the population has 34″ legs this year. I paid for what I needed to and then we stepped outside and I lit a cigarette. Wonderful. We took a slow walk to another shop where we could get a book for Reuben and from  there over to a Supermarket so Yvonne could pick up some posh champagne and a few other goodies as well as a Wedding Congratulations card.Time spent queueing up meant my time was rapidly running out and Yvonne needed to get Reuben home for a sleep before she had to go to work. So we took a walk to my bus stop, waited a couple of minutes for it to arrive and then hugged and kissed goodbye. I got a continuous wave from Reuben. I was able to nod off for big chunks of the journey home which made it go quite quickly. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t feel the urge to dash to the loo and was able to drop in at Pauline’s.

I picked up bread, cigarettes and a frozen chips with curry sauce. When I got in I took my crutches off and hung my coat up then went straight to the lounge to talk to Joey as I unpacked the bag. I wanted him to hear my voice and see I was home with him. I took a pre-foodie then put the chips in the microwave, buttered two pieces of bread and prepared my tray making sure I had the after food tablets ready. I was watching the news as I ate and Joey started responding to  the sounds. I carried on talking to him though I did go quiet for a moment when the weather forecast came on. Nice till Friday it said. How typical to have good weather now the kids are back in school and then more rain when they’re off at the weekend. Very bad planning somewhere. After lunch I had to apologise to Joey as I left him so I could come to work. There was enough there to keep me from 1.50 pm to 4.10 pm. That meant I was able to see my Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. I stayed in the lounge till 6.30 pm and then came back  again till 8.00 pm when there was a DIY SOS to watch.Then came a film and I didn’t return until 10.50 pm to deal with the blog. I’ve a feeling I may be doing post late tonight.

Yoga. I thought she said yoghurt!

Yoga. I thought she said yoghurt!

Hmm, I wonder if I dare.

Hmm, I wonder if I dare.

Wednesday 9th.

I did the post until 12.20 am then got into bed and turned the light out. I recall waking and going to the loo but can’t remember the time. When I next woke it was 2.22 am. I lay there a while hoping to get off again but it wasn’t working so I sat on the edge of the bed and had a cigarette. By now I was fully alert ( be nice to lerts, you don’t know the day they’ve had) and got up to turn the computer on. I started on my gmails and they kept coming and coming. It’s not even my birthday. It was 4.49 am before I  managed to clear the box. By 5.18 am I’d cleared the duplicates and dealt with the mail from talktalk. I thought that maybe now if I sat in a darkened room I might nod off again so I wandered through to the lounge and my chair. From the light outside I could just make Joey out perched on his millet grip at the side of the cage. I hoped he was enjoying good dreams. I couldn’t nod off though and at 6.00 am gave up trying and went to take my morning meds. Since it’s games night tonight and I may not get chance of tea, I decided to have breakfast. Cold toast isn’t the best idea you can have when you have an abscess but who said age brought common sense. Just as well I’d taken pain killers just minutes before. I took my coffee back to my desk wishing the pain would go away. Oops,he left Monday didn’t he. It’s OK he knows I love him.

I worked until 10.00 am then went to watch my house auction programme and chatter to Joey. We’d just got started when the postman came and brought my second item from Hong Kong. It’s very minimal but pretty nonetheless. I hope it will make a great Christmas gift. I managed most of the programme before nodding off in my chair but it was the ending music that woke me again so I missed the final valuations. Drat, the sleeping is really mistimed. I’m surprised Joey didn’t wake me as he’d been happy chatting up till then. No aerial acrobatics so far today but it’s early days yet. I came through again at 11.00 am to catch up which I did quite easily. I left feedback for Hong Kong and then at 11.50 am went through to sort out my lunch. A nice easy cottage pie today. I watched Bargain Hunt while I ate though I did nod off before the auction again. I must have been out for almost an hour.

When I came to, I had to turn the TV off and was going to go straight back to work but first Joey  sounded rather chatty. I spent some time enticing him out and saying what a clever boy he was. Fair enough he doesn’t speak English and has no idea what I’m chunnering about but hopefully the tone of my voice will show some kind of approval. I mentioned the other day how excited I was at seeing Joey try another perch for a change. Today it was better still. He came out, flew around to the left of the cage and tried to land in Ju’s flowers. Obviously their movement put him off, but instead of flying away he just adjusted his sights and landed on a picture of Ju in front of them. I wasn’t so pleased when he tried to eat the flowers but I knew I couldn’t have everything. I’m really hopeful that he’s getting very close to trusting me enough to land on me. Playtime over I returned to work. There was lots of it and it kept me occupied until 4.15 pm. At that point I gave up as it was close to the time Dil has been arriving. I got through to the lounge, turned the box on ready for the Antique show and I saw Dil through the window, I moved to the kitchen to make his drink. We watched the antiques and then our usual quiz before the box when off and the business of the evening started.

I won the Yahtzee 4-2 so there was no need to play another 6 tonight. In trivia we both got all our segments but Dil reached the centre first. The card I drew had six questions I was sure he’s answer but I had to choose one. He answered it straight away. I ran through the other 5 questions on the card to see how he’d have done and he answered 4 of them. The one he didn’t get was the one I would never have asked because it’s his subject of choice and I was sure he’d know it. That game was his. Because we’d only had the one Yahtzee we’d saved some time and could turn to cards. We had four games of Cribbage and each won two. It was totally honours even for the night. Dil left and I washed the pots and tidied up then had a few minutes to say goodnight to Joey. He let me get quite close to the cage without moving away but the moment I moved my hand to close the door he flew to the back of the cage in panic. The other Joey’s will be spinning in their graves at the timidity of this bearer of their proud name. I put the lights out and came away, then went straight back to get my evening meds.

Work took me a long time to catch up so I wasn’t able t start the blog until 11.10 pm. I’m almost ready for bed now though so I’m going to write faster.I’m sorry if you can only read slowly.

parklife 3

parklife 4

Thursday 10th

In bed by 12.15 am and I read until 1.10 am. I don’t think it was too hard to get off to sleep as I only counted about 6 sheep. I woke this morning at 2.39 am with a stiff neck and the wish I didn’t need to go to the loo. I stood up and the stiff neck disappeared. ( You notice I didn’t say pain in the neck so you didn’t think I was referring to anyone). After the loo I powered up the computer and started work. All was fine until 4.00 am when suddenly mid-comment the bloody thing closed down. Yes,it’s my old pal Microsoft with more updates. Yet again no warning, yet again no chance to delay the event for a few hours. I waited ‘patiently’ for the screen to restart and made an effort to stop grinding my teeth as the neighbours were appearing at their windows  looking for an army on route march. The screen reopened, I stopped grinding and the neighbours went back to bed. Annoyingly when I tried to reopen the internet it wouldn’t do so and put up one of those silly Oops messages.It took a while before my efforts succeeded.  Then I had to find the post I was working on to complete my comment. By 4.15 am I was clear on gmail and opened my talktalk to start there. After deleting the duplicates there were just 22 left to do which took me to 4.55 am. With nothing else before me I started my Christmas list and opened ebay.

At 6.00 am I had breakfast and took my morning meds. All I need is a roll now since I already shake and now rattle. At 7.00 am I went through and sat with Joey to coax him out so I could do his food and water and also put a new millet in as the last one is as bare as it gets. I nodded off in front of the TV until 8.50 am when I decided to get dressed and pay a visit to Pauline’s. I left home taking the weight of my right leg with the crutches and came back trying to take the weight of my left leg. It’s quite difficult to change the flow. Those lottery tickets must have been heavy. It took me longer to get back than usual. When I did get in I checked for more messages and quite a few had arrived. I did as many as I could before going to watch Homes Under the Hammer at 10.00 am. An hour later I was back here catching up again until lunchtime approached. 11.45 am was my knock off point but I’ll have to work harder when I get back to keep up.  Lunch was great. I opened a tin of beef slices in gravy and had it with microchips and tinned veg. It was very tasty, especially with the bread and butter I had for the leftover gravy at the end. I watched and enjoyed Bargain Hunt and I saw it to the bitter end. Joey flew close above my head a couple of times so I sensed he wanted to help himself to my food but he still can’t pluck up the nerve. I suppose in the future I’ll relish this time and wonder why I ever encouraged him.

At 1.00 pm I washed the pots and then returned to work. It doesn’t take long for the poor mailman to start getting a bad back from all the mail sent. At 2.12 pm I had the overwhelming urge to sleep. With no-one due I took the risk and fell onto the bed. I was away with the fairies in no time at all. I didn’t come round until 3.16 pm at which time I finished the mail I’d been halfway through and carry on with the rest. I was done in both mail boxes at 4.05 pm so retired to the lounge and my leisure time. I did nothing but ake encouraging sounds to Joey until half past and then shut up when my PYMWYMI came on. He must have thought he’d gone deaf. I stayed with him until 7.00 pm. At least I occupied the same room but to be honest he might have done a tap dance on my head at one point and I wouldn’t have known. I did get one episode of DIY SOS though and he didn’t seem inclined to visit. I had a text from Mike to say he was on his way. Earlier than I thought. I expect him about the 9.00 pm mark. I got to work to clear as much as I could before he arrived. I’m not having a late night tonight whatever happens. At 8.30 I went through to get his mug ready and fill the kettle. He waltzed in about 9.15 am to find me in the kitchen making the coffee. His only thought, a worry that I’m cross with him. Something it would be hard to be since I haven’t seen him since Monday. Of course I could get quite cross with him if he didn’t take his hot coffee out of my shaky hands before I spill it over my feet. We sat and chatted until 10.00 pm when I came through to work though even then he followed me to ask questions about my purchases or to show me a ring on ebay. Eventually I was able to start the blog and still have time to catch up on the mail afterwards.

Friday 11th.

I was in bed early and didn’t read quite as much as usual. My light was off by 12.30 am. It was a struggle to find sleep though. I couldn’t toss and turn as this bed’s only big enough to do one of them, but my pillow was spinning. I know 1.00 am came and went since there’s no stopping time but I don’t know how late it was before I eventually dropped off. I was up at 3.59 am and raring to go. It’s not fair really as there’s no-one to see the razor like wit in action and if I wake Joey he doesn’t understand.                         I followed my usual  path, a trip to the loo then straight back to power up the computer.  Straight into gmail with no hesitation  and then to talktalk at 5.26 am before going to take my morning meds, do my trays for the next week and have breakfast. by 6.15 am I was back at my desk. I worked until I was clear at about 8.00 am then went to feed Joey and open the cage door. I sat with him for a while and was surprised when Mike walked in about 8.30 am. Mind you, I’m pretty sure he was surprised as well. it must have been nearly an hour before he could say Good Morning. At 9.30 am I headed to my room as I intended watching Homes Under the Hammer at 10.00 am and I needed to catch up what I could. At 9.55 am Mike came through fully dressed and coat on ready to go to his Dad’s early today. I watched my programme while Joey did his aerial aerobatics without ever once touching me. I got a couple of real tellings off from the cage as well but I guess that was for putting my hands in and sorting out his fallen millet again.

At 11.00 am I left the miserable one on his own and skulking in his cage while I came to check the damage. I set to work to do as many as possible and actually managed to bet clear by 11.53 am. Perfect time for lunch. I had a corned beef hash and invited Joey to join me. He didn’t even r.s.v.p. He missed out on a really nice Rolo chocolate pudding, his own fault. I saw the whole of Bargain Hunt with one team taking home over £400 and the other team nearly half that. All sales made a profit as did the experts choice. Quite a event. I washed the pots and came back through before I fell asleep. Naturally the first thing here is that I start nodding over my keyboard. Since my forehead is so heavily scarred from doing that at 2.15 am I gave up and went to kip in my chair. Because it often helps me, I turned the TV on low. Unfortunately there was a quiz on I’ve never seen before so the sleep lasted about 5 minutes before I got hooked. That meant when I came back here at 3.00 pm I was still tired and that the emails had amassed again. I had to sit and behave until 4.30 pm. I watched my antiques programme or at least that bit of it I wasn’t asleep for. I woke up halfway through the quiz. Rats!! Just before 6.00 pm I got a text from Mike to say he was on his way back so I watched Eggheads till 6.30 pm then spent half an hour on the emails. I did quite well but at 7.00 pm I needed to go for my shower. I was just getting ready when the door opened. Mike did my hair for me and asked If I wanted a shave. I refused graciously as it pays never to insult an armed man. Anyway as soon as the shower was done, A Question of Sport was on to be followed by Mastermind, Would I Lie To You and then an episode of Ripper Street.

Everything was going to plan until 9.00 pm when Mike said he was going to make a coffee , could he get me anything? I jokingly suggested bacon sandwiches. He agreed so we missed the first couple of minutes of Ripper Street doing that . But what a treat they were. Someone in the programme used a fountain pen and we both questioned that until afterwards when Mike googled it to find the first ones were used in the 1700’s though the better ones were in the late 1800’s. I left him reading up on them and went to take my meds then come back to work.I was nicely up to date by 10.45 pm and able to do the blog.

It fascinated me how anyone could reach these notes and still be healthy. Ah well, perhaps it was just an 80’s thing. Enjoy.

Saturday 12th.

My light went out at 1.05 am and I know it didn’t take long for sleep to arrive. No itchy legs after the shower and no discomfort in bed. I must have gone out like a light as I didn’t wake until 3.14 am. I paid a trip to Piddle Town and when I returned fired up the computer. I was working away at the messages and updates when at 3.50 am I hada massive sneezing fit, a very unusual 5 on the trot very loud ones. I usually do three max. I was pretty amazed not to have disturbed Mike but perhaps it didn’t sound like WW III. I stuffed a menthol tissue up my nose and pressed on. By 4.30 am I’d done my gmail and by 5.10 am my talktalk. It was time to head for ebay to see if I have any goodies coming in today.  Well, there’s a rather nice ring at 3.00 pm but do I need another ring even if it’s a good price? Shouldn’t I be starting my Christmas shopping now?Well worry not, I have done. I can’t say who or what though but I have made a start. I do need to kick start my imagination this year  or ask people for some idea of what they want.At 5.30 am I went through to get my meds and a cup of coffee . I’m not due to move Heaven and Earth to get Mike up till 6.30 am. I must make sure my crowbar’s handy. At 6.30 am Mike’s alarm went off, and a few minutes later as I took his coffee through I went off too. I disappeared back to work then to listen for the second alarm which duly came at 6.45 am. I thought I’d give it a moment or two before repeating my visit but I heard the patter of tiny feet as he beat me to it and took his coffee through to the lounge. Today’s score A-2, C-1.

I joined him in the lounge for a while but felt I was wasting time I could use to keep the mail down, especially as I had no idea how long I’d be out today. So Ilet Mike dozing and came through again. Bloody typical he’s let me get halfway through a message then come to my door to ask why I’m not ready. It was only 7.20 am. I had to get my bum into gear. Luckily my shoes were on from taking the bins out so it was just my jacket , gloves and my sticks. Then I had to go through the checklist like a schoolboy on a day out to make sure I had everything. Sprays, check, wallet, check, parking card, check, cashcards, check. OK, I can go out now. We were at the Supermarket for 7.45 am and I was at the cash machine looking for the jackpot. Mike got the trolley. First , sweet potatoes and then to the flowers. I said we didn’t need much but still ended up getting three bunches for variety. The basket seemed to be filling nicely yet there wasn’t much food I thought. The woman on the till tried to bankrupt me while Mike stood and asked her to charge more so he could watch my heart give out. He said it’s the only proof he’ll accept that I have one. We went for a coffee and spent some time trying to decide what to do today. In the end we decided we’d still go to Flint as usual but then on to Conway where we haven’t been for ages.

Mike nipped into Temptations to use the loo while I went over to get some chocolates for the girls. All the Christmas stocks are appearing on the shelves now. Mike joined me there to carry the shopping bag and to go to another shop then we went for out drink. Ceri was there so we both got hugged. We’re hoping we might have her back on Saturdays on a regular basis. Once we’d finished there we drove to Conwy and parked up close to the castle then started our circuit of the town without going on th castle walls for a change. This was for the shops. But first we stopped for lunch. We kept it pretty light since I wouldn’t be allowed to fall asleep on the cafe table. From there we continued down the small High Street with one of the oldest Elizabethan houses in Wales and it’s resident ghost.   We hit a few shops on the way down and turned right at the bottom. We could have continued 20  yards further onto the Quay from which I’ve posted pictures of the Smallest House in Wales previously but I wanted to go into the National Trust shop which is also an original Elizabethan building and has a superb fireplace with grotesque masks either side. You have to be very careful to duck when in there so don’t get carried away looking at all the stuff on sale. We had a look round a new antique shop which was very good and then made our way to th Knight’s Shop which sells swords, armour,Welsh mead and a whole host of other chivalrous things. To complete the circle we stopped and had a cuppa before getting in the car to head home.

We got home at about 4.00 pm. After unpacking and putting away the shopping I came through to start work while Mike waited for football (Manchester United) to begin. I worked until 7.20 pm which coincided with the end of the match then went to sit with Mike for a while. The while lasted until 10.15 pm at which time I had to leave a programme mid-way and come back to work. It was 11.00 pm before I could start the blog.

You hide, I'll count to One and come find you.

You hide, I’ll count to One and come find you.

Come out, come out wherever you are.

Come out, come out wherever you are.

I wish you all a Wonderful Week full of Hugs and Dreams come true.





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83 responses to “Microsoft Annoys Me Again.

  1. Hi David – -I think I might have missed last week as I was off gamboling with friends and family celebrating yet another birthday.

    I see you are still having issues with that Joey – he is beginning to sound a little like my cat who has conniptions every time a strange person arrives at the door – you’d think they had come specifically to hunt him down and skin him alive! The rest of the time he is a calm and lovely fellow……….

    I completely understand your problem with asking for reviews of your book – I have the same issues – only not a book, my art and craft work of course 🙂 It’s hard when you have put your heart and soul into something to risk it not being appreciated. And of course not everybody likes the same things, but still it is a challenge! We obviously need to grow thicker skins! I haven’t read your book, but do have it on a wish list. 🙂 Good things take time they say!

    Have a good week xoxo

    • If you were off gamboling last week I’d say you made a wise choice.. Here lies Boredom the warning should read.
      I can’t believe Joey still hasn’t picked up courage to come to me.But, maybe it’s my own fault.I had to stop putting my hand in the cage as it panicked him every time,even from a distance.. It will come.
      You’re quite right. Maybe we should have more faith in what we’ve produced, but knowing how different people are makes me as cowardly as Joey.Still, I’m quite relaxed about the whole thing now since I know writing isn’t as important to me as the blog is.Thicker skins would be a big help though.
      I don’t know which of my books you have on your wish list, but best of luck if you ever get to it.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

  2. David I really enjoyed this, the music (love 80’s songs) and those photo’s of Reuben are so adorable. You hardly sleep, how do you do it? Have a fantastic week my friend big big hugs to you!!

    • I’m so grateful to you Suzanne for dropping in.I’m glad you enjoyed it, especially the music. I love most of the 80’s stuff like I love my 60’s.
      How do I do it? I don’t know. I seem to get what I need at the time.
      I hope you have Great New Week.
      xxx Sending you Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. I agree with you on the billboard issue, David. I think it is all in one’s perspective to interpret, but anything that gets the conversation happening is a good thing. If we wait to say something, for fear it will be misinterpreted by someone, we will have to stay quiet for a long time. Few things are that simple or that clear. And I have to say I love ‘frothy man’–a new superhero, perhaps?? Have a great week. xx

    • Thanks so much Ardys.The billboard is a very emotive subject but I honestly thing no offence was intended, and even if it was, the main issue was at least being brought into the open again.
      Frothy Man might look like he was interrupted shaving every time he went out. I wonder what his super power could be, Creating foam on coffees maybe?
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  4. Hello David,
    thanks for sharing your week with us, and the froth man and Rick Astley. Set me up for my Sunday. Sorry I can’t help you with the Terry Pratchet question – I still haven’t managed to read one of his books till the end. Hope you’re having a fantastic Sunday. Hugs, and hopefully see you soon in North Wales 🙂

    • Hi Christoph, how nice to see you again. I’m glad you enjoyed the Rick Astley blast from the past. It was a good song and he had a good voice A shame he stopped working.
      I know someone will understand the (naughty) joke. I’m surprised you’ve never reached the end of one of his books.He was a comic genius with perfect timing..
      My day started well with a bit of a lie-in. I hope yours has been as good.
      x Sending Huge Hugs x

  5. Reuben is ravishing and steals the show …. not even Joey could compete…. have I missed a picture of Joey ????

  6. I really want a Joey success, here. I think Betfred have stopped taking money on the long odds and several Tarot Card businesses are under threat because of the uncertainty. Perhaps if you smothered yourself in vanilla ice cream? Have a truly excellent week, oh magnificently whiskered one!

    • I hate to decimate an industry like that but I’m sure they’ll predict themselves out of trouble.and the betting industry can take bets and just lay them off to avoid losses. Joey will eventually succumb to my charms and the millet sprays.
      I thank you for the wish but regret I am no longer magnificently bewhiskered. I’ts now a small even beard being whip and chair trained for Christmas.
      Hugs Geoff.

  7. Ain’t it grand how seemingly similar days or weeks or parts of then can actually feel all new and different and new reasons to smile or frown… As to ceasing to be ashamed of her mental illness “Rachel” seems to have made that step towards a calmer, better life. It is up to individuals to tear stigma away as the community on the whole is still failing at peeling the stigma of mental illness away. Have a fabulously great week – David XXXXXXXXX

    • I decided a while ago that I never needed a reason to smile but I’ve found that some days can do it to me anyway.
      Rachel (nor anyone else) has anything to be ashamed of with mental illness, me either. It can’t be helped any more than tonsilitis or a heart condition. It’s other people have to adjust not her. Her job is to take the meds to either get better or at least to steady the condition and find her place in life where she can.
      Have a Fantastic Week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. Frothy man once again steals the show, though your collection of music this week was fun..:) try to get a little more sleep, not sure how you do it with do little zzz’s. Stay well and have a great week.

  9. Nice to finally catch up with you. I see Joey is doing well. With regards to reviews, there are sites that offer reviews (although most have long waiting lists) but in my case, other than adding a call to action in the books themselves or sometimes offering early copies, I don’t tend to actively seek reviews. I try and read books by other authors and review for blogs other than mine but don’t always share all the reviews in my blog (sometimes they accumulate and now I have quite a few). If you regularly share reviews in your blog it’s likely that people will contact asking for reviews (even when you don’t have a page requesting books). I’ve never wanted to set myself up as a reviewer on my blog to leave myself the freedom to do what you say, pick up books as I fancy, but in recent times I’ve agreed to review so many books that’s becoming difficult to keep up. I believe that lots of people think you have to have specific knowledge or be a professional before you write a review and unless you’re in contact with authors you might not realise how important all reviews are.
    I hope you’re well and Reuben has grown so much since I last saw him! Love to all.

    • Hi Olga. Yes, Joey is bloomimg. Usually he’s a blooming nuisance throwing husks everywhere, and sometimes a blooming pain chunnering away during an interesting programme.
      I’m happy to review books I read but I much prefer to choose the books I read than actively seek them out.
      As far as my books are concerned I think I made a mistake in not sending out early copies but I mustn’t complain, I’m happy enough with the way things have gone since I never expected to be the new Terry Pratchett or Stephen King.. I know many people won’t see the importance of reviews but I’m well aware of their import in drawing others towards a book. I can’t grumble because you only get out what you’re willing to put in and I don’t bother much. Perhaps if I was still writing……….
      I’m well thanks. I hope you had a nice break and that you’re well too.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  10. Dear David — You’ve only to ask. But first… It sounds like you’ve found a great place to eat with the Cookhouse. That’s always a plus. Next, thank you for the Monkees video. Pleasant Valley Sunday is one of my favorites from them. As a child i was fascinated by the lyrics, understanding on an intuitive level, but not fully grasping it. As I got older I liked it even more.

    Now… down to business. 🙂 You’ve only to ask, my friend. All of your books are enchanting. I don’t do actual reviews, but I’m always delighted to feature you on my blog. Sooooo… I’m taking the next set of “three things” for my serial, randomly from 3 of your books: Queen, Superior, Toddlers.
    All you need to do is send me an email, or leave a comment at my blog and tell me which of your lovely books you want me to feature, to be released on the weekend of September 19th.
    Mega hugs my friend. 🙂 ❤ ⭐ 😀

    • Dearest Teagan, I feel so guilty now. What was essentially an unwarranted whinge should be ignored and not pandered to.
      The CookHouse is great and I’ve not long returned from there again today.I think someone else should dish up my portions though.
      I was happy to put the Monkees on. Ju was very keen on them too and that track is a particular favourite of mine.
      Please don’t worry about having to do a review or a feature for me. I real y don’t deserve it. Thank you for taking the next 3 ‘Things’ from my books. The Queen’s Envoy was always my favourite as it was such fun for me to write, casting myself as the hero in a James Bond Role in laces I’ve never been.
      xxx I send you Humongous Hugs Dear Teagan xxx

  11. Haven’t heard a Monkeys song for ages, great music from a great era, love the style of clothes and music from those times, the world was a happier place, sadly those days are now history.
    Best wishes for a great week ahead David.

    • You’re right Mate, it was good music from a good time.The Sixties was my er though I love the music from the 80’s but some bands from other times just stand out, the Monkees is one. I wish we could recreate the hope from that time.
      Have a Great Week Ian.

  12. In that second photo Reuben looks like a little boy rather than a baby. he’s growing up. Thanks for the musical selection. At this moment I’ve got a Spaniard with a guitar belting out Spanish dirges under the window. Drowning him out with Joy Division.

  13. Catherine Johnson

    I’m glad I’ve just had breakfast otherwise your post would make me starving hungry, David. Your grandson is cuteness. I don’t know how you survive on such little sleep and itchy legs. I would be so cranky 😉

    • Sorry Catherine, and I’ve just returned from a Sunday Roast dinner too. My only complaint is that I had beef but no-one serves onion sauce with it and I’d die for that. I’m not a horseradish fan.
      Roobs is quite cute but I think he knows it and plays on it.
      I think I get the sleep I need at the time. It’s not as though I tire myself out. The itchy legs are another thing but being cranky with someone else won’t change things so why bother.
      xxx Have a Lovely Week. Gigantic Hugs xxx

  14. I write here with fear and trepidation and hope you’ve cancelled the court date. 🙂 I’m exceedingly hungry after reading about your meals. I sympathise muchly with the itching. Mine is from the mozzies which are a nightmare this year. Nothing works and the bites are unmanageable. Bless you for the shout out – that was a lovely surprise. Reuben is getting more and more delightful. Wishing you a beautiful and itch-soothing week. Hugs xx

    • Court is cancelled, I’m pretty sure with my representation no-one could win. So sorry about making you hungry. Not long returned from a Sunday roast again and the meat just fell apart. Mmmmm.
      I’m so sorry to hear about the itching. The mozzies are being very cruel to you.
      Thank you for not minding bout the shout-out. I think lots of others should share your blog.
      Hope you have a Wonderful and itch free week
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  15. UGH! The Nanny Ogg question is driving me crazy, David. I can’t for the life of me find the answer, and now I won’t rest until I “disc”-over the truth. The only thing I recall reading is that her last name came from a phone book. Not much help there I’m afraid, and definitely not blushworthy. She is a fabulous character tho. Her and that one tooth.
    I’m besotted by Frothy Man this week. Could he grow any more adorable?
    Here’s to a restful week, David, and maybe a warming of Joey’s heart.

    • Gytha Ogg, it’s very puzzling. I’m missing something important here.I adore the hidden humour but just can’t see this one.
      Frothy Man has to go, the last of my limelight was stolen with this picture.
      I’m sure Joey is starting to branch out and will fly into my arms soon.
      Have a great week,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  16. Hi, David. Concerning Microsoft, can you go into your settings and choose the option “ask before updating or Manually Update” instead of automatically doing it? I get Google Chrome Not Responding a lot on my phone. I don’t use it on my laptop.

    I’m like you in the evening–I can go some rounds of Scrabble but don’t ask me to go dancing, although dancing would be fun. Give me my coffee in the morning and I’m sociable. 🙂

    I love the photo of Reuben with the caption. “…Wonder if I dare…”

    Have a fabulous week, my friend. I hope your legs feel better.

    • Hi Mary J, that’s why I get cross, that option is ticked and sometimes I’m given warning and can delay things for 3 hours.
      I don’t have the energy for dancing and I’m not so sure about the rhythm either though I survived the 60’s OK..
      As long as my first drink is a coffee I’m fine.
      I’m sure that’s exactly what he was thinking just then. No doubt I’d get the blame for egging him on.

      Have a Wonderful Week Mary J.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  17. Oh dear David, you do know how to cheer us up. Your weeks sounds about as up and down as mine, but in the end we’re both smiling, so massive hugs to you. 🙂
    I thought I was going to have Joy Division stuck in my head, but then you added Tears For Fears and Bronski Beat, so now I’m having a little dance party in my brain. The back beat is Pleasant Valley Sunday. 😉
    Reuben gets cuter all the time (if that’s possible) and Joey seems to be busy keeping you hopping.
    Nanny Ogg, hmmm, I know she sang naughty songs, was said to have well, shall we say some infamous romantic exploits, her grin should have had her locked up for the sake of public decency, and no need to get into how she uses her knickers, but as for the name, I wish I could help.
    I mentioned Microsoft in a recent post as well, David, I had the misfortune to try to online chat with them, it didn’t take me long to get that I knew more than they did. Sigh. 😉
    I’m sad to say I haven’t been lucky enough to read your books yet, but as I was mentioning to the amazing Teagan, I’m starting a campaign to get our library (and other Canadian libraries) to purchase more books and ebooks of indie authors. I’m tired of seeing 100 copies of some books and none of others. Your name is on my list. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your week with us, David, take care. 🙂
    All the best to you and yours and as always, massive hugs!!! 🙂

    • Sorry Donna, I never mean to depress anyone.I always try to leave ’em smiling.
      I hope you’re still enjoying your little dance party. There were some good tracks this week I thought.
      Yes Roobs is cute but I’m stopping that so people start looking towards me again ( not ass cute, just as human) and Joey is keeping me on the hop but I’ll win in the end- his end !!
      Gytha Ogg is really puzzling me. I know her foibles ( I promised not to tell anyone I’d seen ’em though) but the naughtiness behind the name escapes me and she’s saying nothing.
      Microsoft must be staffed by schoolkids sometimes as they seem to know nothing that isn’t brand new.
      You should be cheering but you’ll pay for those regrets you mention.I think it’s a great idea to have libraries take more Indie books. We may not sell millions but it doesn’t make us bad writers. Thank you for having my name on your list.
      Have a Great Week
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • You never depress me David, your ups and downs intrigue more than depress. 🙂
        The dance party never ends in my head…
        Yes, they say never try to compete with children or animals – we just can’t match their cuteness.
        I am cheering and no regrets, thank you. 😉
        Hope I can make some headway on the indie authors front. 🙂
        Thank you, David, hope your week is lovely and filled with delight. 🙂
        Massive hugs. 🙂

  18. I’m so sorry I was unclear, Lord D! My blush was entirely due to embarrassment at my missing the pun in Nanny Ogg’s name–not due to any salaciousness associated with the name. (Though Nanny had her days, she did.) In case you missed my response on my blog, she was named for Tir Nan Og, the Land of Eternal Youth in Celtic tradition. In “The Shepherd’s Crown,” Pratchett says her cottage is named Tir Nani Ogg. He had to practically shove it in my face before I got the pun. THAT’s why I was blushing!

    • It’s I who must apologise for being so thick and for looking for a rude explanation of something so innocent. Thank you for putting me out of my misery. I think I’m happier with this explanation than I would have been with a salacious one.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  19. Ali Isaac

    Well I’m glad you got those itchy legs sorted out by the end of the week… it must drive you mad! You never mentioned your tooth ache, does that mean its all better, or that you just got used to the pain? Hope its the first one.I’m going to put your book on my reading list, but I was wondering if you would be interested in featuring an extract on my Friday Fiction feature (not to be confused with Friday Fantatic Flash, of course!). Cheers and big happy hugs, Ali. Xxx

    • Hi Ali, Shhh, the toothache (or jaw ache)is still there but well controlled with painkillers now.
      Don’t need to put my book on your reading list love, why suffer? But I’d be happy to place an extract on your Friday Fiction Feature at some stage when you have a gap. Just tell me what to do ( women have been doing that for years, and pets too).
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs and thanks xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        Ok David I’ll email you about the FF. Re the book, sorry, too late now lol! Glad the painkillers are working for you. (You still need to see a doctor though! 😊)

  20. Frothy Man! Brilliant! Have a good week my friend. 💗 Gigantic hugs to you! 💗😊

  21. I had a bouncy “Pleasant Valley Sunday” listening to the music and enjoying Reuben’s antics and adorable pictures. Take care, dear friend; I’m wishing you a comfortable week. Hugs!

    • I’m so glad I found a record you enjoyed. It’s great causing ‘The Bounce’ when someone catches one they really like.
      I hope you have a Wonderful Week Dear Marylin.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. How quickly time flies… your mention of book reviews triggered my curiosity… although I usually put my brief reviews up on Amazon & Goodreads sometimes I also mention them on a blog. I thought I had with yours.. and I did… in July and October 2013!
    I’m always fascinated by what people are reading and love it when they blog a book review -even brief, as I do- or have Goodreads in their blog sidebar featuring books they have read (and reviewed).
    But I too -although not with your books- am guilty of buying books electronically or hardcopy and adding them to the TBR pile where they exist in limbo 🙂

    • I’m so sorry not to have remembered your kindness in mentioning your reviews in a blog.What I was really talking about was a feature of the book or books on a blog with a review which is more my fault for never actually asking for that though I have been interviewed a few times. I think I was just never very conscious of promotion or rather embarrassed to go looking for it. I certainly have no complaints about the really nice reviews you did and which helped me a great deal.
      My limbo pile is currently running out of control since I can’t sit reading on the computer at the end of a long day.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  23. I could look at these baby pics all day long. 🙂 What a cutie pie!

  24. This made me chuckle: “I’m almost ready for bed now though so I’m going to write faster.I’m sorry if you can only read slowly.” I’ve been so busy, and now I’m way behind on reading blogs. Fortunately, I do read quickly. 🙂

    Reuben is as adorable as ever. I can’t decide which photo I like the most. He’s getting big, even in the short time I’ve been following your blog.

    Wishing you a very happy week!

    • Hi Merril, nice to see you. I’m glad I made you chuckle even if it’s an old joke now.
      Yes Roobs is getting quite big.It’s like 2 is a real turning point. Such a short time since he was born but so many changes.

      Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful week too.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  25. -grin- only took me half an hour to get to the end of your comments today! Let me just add that I enjoyed the ZZTop video. I don’t own a single one of their CDs but the are [were?] a fun band. 🙂

    • I’m glad there was one you enjoyed. ZZ Top were Ju’s favourite band and I think we’ve got all their stuff so I put one in for her now and then and listen to one for her now and then. She’d say you have great taste. Yes they were a fun band as I saw when I bought her the music dvd, but they’re not really my cuppa char otherwise. Still, better than AC/DC and Ozzy Osborne.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  26. That boy is growing up far too quickly 😀

    Huge hugs xxx

  27. You are an amazing blogger, my hugging friend, and the comments from your readers show how much they appreciate you, and your blog. I salute you! I think you just need more of the P word for Joey – PATIENCE. Even though these birds have a shorter life span than us, they seem to believe that if they want to wait for a century before they do our bidding, that’s just fine with them. Now, did you e-mail me your address so I can send you the book you won in my contest? pam dot wight at colettawight dot net. xoxoxhugsonatuesdayxoxoxox

    • Thanks so much Pamela, what a wonderful compliment.
      I am practicing all the ‘P’word I can and he in his turn is getting much closer to creating a landing zone on my head which will happen if he flies much closer. If he takes his own sweet time I think it’s my life span will be in question and he’ll sit on someone else’s shoulder. I’m going to haunt him then.
      Address is winging it’s way to you as we speak.
      Have a Wonderful Week
      xxx Hugs for all week xxx

  28. laurie27wsmith

    Dang it David, I’m never going to get the image of you at the computer with a menthol tissue hanging out of your hooter. Don’t worry about Joey, he’ll end up sitting on your head and pooping on your shoulder before long. 🙂 Roobs is really shooting up, was that squirrel chasing him? Hope your legs stop itching, bloody annoying I’d reckon. Well it’s good to check in on another week and are you serious, xmas chokkies out already?

    • I’m so sorry Laurie, it can’t be a great image to have left someone with. I was rather hoping Joey would SIT on my shoulder and not the alternative. He’s flying close enough to almost skim my head at the moment, I’m just waiting for that first brave moment and then I know I’ll never eat in peace again.
      Yes, Roobs is shooting up ( in the nicest way- no syringe), I have a feeling I shall be looking up at him when he hits his teens. The squirrel was just stalking him in the hopes of food. He’s a regular there with peanuts and must be recognised.
      The legs are driving me batty even when I have cream on.but sometimes you can ignore it.
      Sorry, yes the cards and choccies are out even though the shelves are also full of Halloween stuff. Some shops are putting their Christmas Gift catalogues out about now. The minute Halloween is over Christmas will be out in full force with carols in the shops every day.
      I’m looking forward to seeing you blog again and catching up with how you are.I’m worried. Any roos visiting you again?
      Take great care of yourself.
      Hugs mate.

      • laurie27wsmith

        I’m tough David, I think that I may recover. The pleasure of owning birds, a little poop goes a long way. You’re right, once he gets close and cuddly he’ll be all over your roast beef rolls. Young Roobs will be a tall boy, a handsome one to boot. Those squirrels are funny blighters, especially when they know you have food, same as the ducks. Our lives just seem to run from one festival to the next David and all built on faith in something that may be out there. Although I still like my xmas pudding. Doesn’t bother me one way or the other for the rest of it. Yeah, I missed a blog last week. A case of to hell with it.. There’ll be one this week though. Just went out to show a friend what I’ve been doing in the yard and the wallaby mums and joeys are out and about. I’m taking care, just working hard catching up on stuff I haven’t been doing. Hugs back at Ya Mate.

  29. What a very wonderful and different blog! Apuginthekitchen introduced me to this cool blog!

  30. Please share your secret on how you are able to go to sleep around 1:00 or so, then awaken at 3 or 4ish. If I could function on this amount of sleep there’s no telling what I could do. Your grandson is absolutely adorable!!

    • If there was a secret to share Stephanae I’d probably be a very rich man.I think I just don’t need as much sleep as some people. I do have power naps though after lunch so that may be why.
      My grandson is a holy terror who runs rings round his poor pops. I hope the new baby (due late December) will be a Capricorn like me and have more pity.
      Nice to see you here.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  31. You have my sympathies over your itchy skin. Last night I had hives – something I get maybe every five years or so – and they drove me crazy…
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  32. Sweet Reuben, he melts my heart, and I miss my two and four year old buddies…
    Glad to hear that Joey is responding to the sounds. It is very promising.
    Microsoft annoys me too. Very much. It helps when I remember my black-and-white computer, and how long it took me to open things 🙂
    Have an enjoyable weekend! Hugs!

    • I’m quite sure your buddies miss you too.
      Joey responds to sounds but only by repeating them them all. I’m still waiting for the day when he’ll sit with me and have a conversation!
      At my age I can’t remember my last computer let alone an old one so I can’t forgive Microsoft yet, anyway it’s good to have a moan sometimes.
      Have a Great Weekend
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  33. You know, every time I read your blog, David, I notice the similarity in our life styles. I lack a Joey but I have a Honey, who is enough dog for any man, with some left over. I, too, watch Bargain Hunt, to the extent I even recognise the episodes you describe. Are there so many more of us out there? Does the BBC recognise the goose that lays Faberge’s raw material? Is there life after Eggheads? We shall probably never know; and the true origins of Nanny Ogg’s name, too, will be lost in the mists of history. The legend lives on.
    Oi vey! At least if the wolf ever visits you’ll be able to fall back on Reuben’s cosmic income potential as a child model.



    • I’m delighted to know I’m not the only one who watches these programmes Fred, not that I thought they were made just for me.
      Honey sounds just the perfect dog but I’m not allowed a dog here, hence he winged one.
      It seems there is nothing rude about Nanny Ogg’s name so I’ve missed nothing. It was clearly a misunderstanding.

      I’m getting Reuben to sign a contract this weekend in exchange for a Milky Way. It will say I’m his manager at 20%. I want to get in quick before his parents do.
      Have a Great Weekend

  34. I got caught up with your older weekly blogs. I was so far behind. I got the latest week’s today. I’m glad to hear your legs are healing. Itching, as you know, is a good sign of healing even though it’s difficult to put up with. I guess Joey is going to be a late bloomer. Sounds like he’s gradually getting braver. Some day he’ll probably surprise you. I suppose birds are different from each other just like other animals. Take care and Huge Hugs, 🙂

  35. While I wasn’t off gamboling last week, I did have a sleepless night and so enjoyed reading your blog with morning coffee. I used to be put in charge of taming my granddad’s budgies when he had a breeding aviary. Some birds are slower to take to the hand than others. I hope Joey settles down soon 🙂

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