Full English in Chester & The Half Day Holiday.

Sunday 13th Sept 2015.

I know I woke at about 3.00 am but I screwed up my eyes convinced there was more to come. There was. The second awakening came at an amazing 5.54 am. That’s a night of almost 5 hours. Before even touching the computer I went to take my drugs and make myself a coffee to bring back. Only then did I power up and log on. I worked continuously until 8.10 am when I heard Mike’s phone go, and him answer it, I couldn’t hear his conversation of course but knew the news wouldn’t be good. I went through and made him a coffee. As I was stirring it he came through himself and carried it to his chair. The news was his Dad had fallen and hurt his back and an ambulance had been called.
When he’d woken a bit he rang the carers back and found the ambulance had just arrived and were taking his Dad away. From there it’s generally a waiting game for the hospital to get in touch and say what they’re doing. Sometimes he has to dash to pick his Dad up to take him home and sometimes it’s a slightly more leisurely route of going to visit him today then staying another night here so he can pick him up tomorrow. Generally there’s no major injuries as luck would have it. Both Mike and I fell asleep in our chairs before 9.00 am. I was back up and working before 10.00 am and Mike followed me into wakefulness at 10.40 am.
I struggled to finish the gmail post to get at the talktalk but was up to date by 11.00 am on both. I knew it wouldn’t last long but it felt nice for the moment. At 11.00 am we found out Mike’s Dad was being kept in at least overnight so Mike is staying here another night and was gleeful in pointing out he could now help me with my lemon meringue. I told you it was a bad day.

Chunnering at my bad luck I went back to work for a while and Mike went to get washed and dressed. My mail is coming in thick and fast this morning. Some extremely funny stuff has graced my screen. At noon we were on our way. I was going to need some shopping afterwards so we went to the CookHouse in Prestatyn again. We fed our faces and relished every morsel then headed for one of the local shops to pick up a bottle bag. Somehow or other the basket was filled while we were there so it was just as well the car was close by. I wanted a peep in one more shop at the other end of town before we left so we drove up there and looked around, more importantly picked up a brochure showing what else was due in. Then in an unusual turn of events we drove home. I left Mike watching the TV (dozing) while I came and started work. Such a lot again, it started as 54 then added 45 then added 62. It was gone 6.00 pm before I could get back to the lounge. I shared out the lemon meringue (grudgingly) then watched TV until 8.00 pm except for changing Joey’s millet and seed bell and earning a telling off. At 8.00 pm I came back to face the next batch which kept me occupied until almost 9.30 pm- tablet time.

I needed another little break before coming back to do the blog so started watching one of those pathology type mysteries that are prevalent now. It’s quite good but I keep forgetting it’s not an hour’s episode as with others but 2 hours. I was devastated when I had to leave half way through and then rely on Mike to let me know what happened. Still, it meant I had time for the blog and to catch up. It’s a Chester day tomorrow as Yvonne is seeing the midwife on Tuesday. I need to get the numbers down as much as possible before I go out so it may be an early morning. It’ll have to be an early night tonight.

Bright as a button.

Bright as a button.

And twice a s sweet.

And twice as sweet.

Monday 14th.

I was reminded today that a good friend had reviewed two of my books during July and Oct of 2013. Not my best year so maybe I can be forgiven for letting it slip my memory. I’d like to share  one of them with you now though as it’s the kind of review authors dream about. I hope it’s not too late to say Thank you again Ella. Hugs.

I couldn’t resist Memoirs of a Superior, the latest book by Lord David Prosser.

“I like cats. I like cat stories. After reading Memoirs of a Superior I now like books written by cats. Oh yes, I know it was written by a human, a very talented human… but indulge me, if you suspend boring real world limits about such things Memoirs of a Superior could have been written by Oscar tapping away the keyboard with furry paws… That’s what I choose to believe.”                                                                                                                                                                                                         https://elladeewords.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/nifty-thrifty/#more-2686

I turned the light off last night before 1.00 am but sleep didn’t come easy despite me thinking I was tired. I ended up sleeping on my left side which I never do. I wonder if it’s related to my Sunday morning lie-in? This morning was 3.50 am so not too bad but it certainly doesn’t compare to 5.54 am. I made a trip to the loo and them powered up the computer on my return and signed in. I worked on my mail until 5.30 am then took a break to get my meds and a coffee. I needed the meds today as I’m nervous. Mike had decided to come to Chester with me before travelling on to Manchester to see his Dad. That meant I didn’t have to take the bus but it also meant I have to get him up and then motivated and ready to leave the house at 8.00 am.  I was guessing it was a repeat of Saturday mornings but starting half an hour later at 7.00 am. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I called him at 7.00 pm and said it was time to rise and shine. A few minutes later I woke him again to say I’d put his coffee on the table. He moved. All you need is the right motivation. We were actually out of the house at 7.50 am and despite the heavy traffic were in Chester at 8.30 am. I couldn’t tell Yvonne as she thought I was still taking the bus and coming alone. There was a parking space outside the pub I’d arranged to meet at so we parked up and took a walk until Yvonne and Reuben arrived.

They arrived smirking from the wrong direction so Mike was no longer a surprise. We entered the pub and ordered our breakfasts and drinks by which I mean teas and coffees, though at 9.00 am there were men drinking pints already. I had bacon, sausage, egg, beans, tomato, hashbrowns (I give them  away) and toast. This week the eggs were fried. It filled me nicely. Having left there we couldn’t just walk past out favourite shop so we trundled in and checked to see if they had any green jeans in the right size for Mike. I managed to evade Yvonne long enough to get her another big cardigan. Going upstairs Reuben wanted to go via the escalators rather than the lift so Mike had to push the empty pushchair. Coming back down Reuben insisted on coming to push the buttons so Yvonne got the chair back again. We had a wander to the precinct in the Centre of Chester looking for a coat for Reuben, then  a wander round another shop before I had to make my way to the bus stop. Mike made his goodbyes and disappeared to go to Manchester, I got on my bus. Yvonne waved to me but Reuben waved at the bus in general as he couldn’t spot me. I slept most of the way home but luckily woke up in time. I dropped my prescription request off at the chemist then waddled home as quick as I could needing a wee. No stopping at Pauline’s.

When I got through the door I ran for the loo throwing my crutches down in an ‘Isn’t it a miracle, I’m cured’ kind of way. Nothing focuses the mind more than needing the loo but wanting the zip open first.Once I’d come out sighing with mucho relief I came through to see how bad the morning mail was. It was 1.30 pm and I wasn’t able to move from here until 4.30 pm and even then I wasn’t up to date but my programme was on. I quickly put some ebay bids on then went through to the lounge to talk to poor Joey who was so cruelly deserted today. He told me so too. I stayed there until 6.30 pm and Joey was rollocking me the whole time, either that or he was trying to answer quiz questions. At 6.30 pm I found not one single bid had been successful. I need to either rethink my strategy or start offering money instead of sexual favours. I temained sulking but hard at work until 8.00 pm. I went to watch an old NCIS and then a DIY SOS which was excellent. I’m still crying. Back in here at 10.00 pm for the last blast at the mail and to do the blog. I shall get an early night.

Tuesday 15th.

I managed to get to bed a little earlier last night but still read until just gone 1.00 am. It was a bit of a surprise therefore to be awake at 2.38 am. Though I  made my usual pilgrimage and made my offering to St. Loo, it wasn’t my bladder that had woken me. Perhaps the almost an hour I’d managed on the bus coming home from Chester had made the difference to my needs. I’m not trying to offend my bladder and negate it’s influence in my life at this age but in this instance it was not a deciding factor. After  my visit to the porcelain collection bowl I returned to my room to bring the computer to life and make a start on my emails. Given how little time had actually passed since I’d turned the computer off and gone to bed, it was a surprise how many emails there actually were. Not that I was unhappy since my friends are welcome to drop in at any time.One particular friend, Olga Nunez Miret of  https://olganm.wordpress.com has just been to Spain to perform a sad task and was reporting she was back. She’s an excellent writer, a prolific blogger who does many reviews and is one of the nicest people I know.

In case you think I’m a neglectful parent I did go and stick my head in on Joey to make sure he was alright. There was enough ambient light from outside to satisfy myself he hadn’t fallen off his perch so to speak. He didn’t actually move at all so despite the lack of snoring I had to assume he was asleep. After catching up on gmail I headed for talktalk to see what awaited me there. That didn’t take too long so by 4.30 am I was back on ebay. I’d won nothing overnight but I now placed bids on a few items coming up today. I’m really making an effort for Christmas now. At 5.00 am I suddenly decided I was hungry. I went through to put some bread in the toaster then proceeded to take my meds including a pre-foodie tablet. I smoked a cigarette for timing then buttered ( Ju would have said plastered) the toast and enjoyed it. I made a coffee, took my after food tablets and then brought the rest of the drink through. The mail had picked up again so I spent some time clearing that. I was clear by 6.15 am. I walked back to the kitchen with my mug and put the washing machine on. I did a quick wash cycle knowing it would only take 15 minutes. I remembered in 25 minutes and put it on a 3 hour drying cycle. It was the front door curtain that I wanted to get dry and put away since the new one is up and doing a good job.

At 9.50 my postman came bearing gifts, one a belated Grandparents day card from Reuben which carried a picture of us both on the front. The shops seem not to cater for nor advertise Grandparents day in the UK, or at least not in this area. I don’t know how well it’s taken off abroad. The other gift was some earrings I’d ordered last week which had arrived on Saturday while I was out. They were amazingly fast. I like them very much so that’s another Christmas present dealt with.   I made a quick run to Pauline’s to get some bread, put the washing on the airer then sat with Joey  to watch Homes Under the Hammer, I’m not sure how he really feels about it as he squawks during most of it. He could just be expressing an opinion at the state of some of them though. Once that was over I had to dash back here to see how much mail and of course it was back in the fifties again. Nothing was going to stop me having lunch though so I only worked until 11.55 am then promised to finish off after Bargain Hunt was over. I was of course careful not to say how much after Bargain Hunt was over. I had a shepherd’s pie for lunch then a rhubarb yoghurt afterwards. Just so I don’t overdo the fruit I’ll have a chocolate pud at teatime.

As Bargain Hunt finished the neighbours heard the buzz saw again that’s so puzzled them recently. Not too sure where it’s coming from myself but then I didn’t notice as I’d nodded off for my power nap. It lasted for three quarters of an hour and recharged me nicely. It did mean there were plenty of messages waiting for me when I came through though. It took until 4.10 pm to catch up. I wanted to do some in advance but I didn’t know what was coming next. I had a look at ebay and cursed myself for missing so much today, I vowed to do better this evening. Just then I departed the computer and went through ready for my programme and meaning to give Joey an invitation to join me for tea. He refused so I had to eat his too. Shame, it was chocolate again. I stayed in the lounge until 6.30 pm and came back to my desk to see what had transpired. That was easy enough to see, it’s a conspiracy.Someone is watching to see when I leave the room then sending a message out to half the world that now would be a good time to write. I had an hour and a half solidly catching up and managed about half of it. I gave Joey some more company, took my night meds and at 9.30 pm came through for the last time. I did manage to finish up by 10.20 pm and start the blog. Once that’s done I’m off to bed. I forgot ebay again.

Wednesday 16th.

My light was out by 12.15 am but I struggled to get to sleep again.The last time I glanced at the clock it was 12.50 am  Getting up seems to be a lot easier than settling down at the moment. It was 3.12 am and I felt fine. Once the loo visit was done I came back to start the mail. Not too bad overnight at 52 but more came in as I worked.  I finished the first batch at 4.40 am and went to the kitchen for my morning drugs and to have some breakfast. This cafe only seems to serve cold toast but at least they’re not mean with the butter unlike the pub on Monday. Half an hour later I returned to work on the new mail and then my second email account. By 6.20 am I was clear again and back on ebay looking to see if there was something I wanted that might come up before I was due to play games. I wish I could get a better idea in my head of what to buy for the males in the family. And before I reach Christmas I’ve a few birthdays too, including Mike, Muriel and Yvonne. My brain is at stretching point and I think my head might explode before Christmas comes. All that I wanted was due to end after 5.00 pm so I had to decide whether to put early  bids on and hope for the best. I prefer to wait until the last moments if possible and bid in real time. I had all day to make up my mind what to do.

At 7.00 am I went through to see to Joey’s cage and to let him free if he wanted. I kept my distance so he wouldn’t worry but he refused to come out. I turned the TV on to 3rd Rock From The Sun but he waited for Everybody Loves Ray before he came out flying like a lunatic trying to part my hair as he passed by. Once he settled on the mirror I moved in and lifted a water dish and food dish from the cage doors. I washed them out and disposed of the old seed in the bin ( I heard of marijuana growing from seeds thrown in the garden) and refilled them, adding a tonic to the water. No,he doesn’t get the gin to go with it. I  reattached the dishes to the top doors of the cage, job done and he didn’t go into panic mode when I got close. I was able to turn the TV off and return to the bedroom to work till 10.00 am when Homes Under the Hammer started. I half watched that and half watched the window for Darren my postman. I was disappointed when I saw him go past with nothing for me. I was then able to spare an eye for Joey who was sitting on the big mirror talking to himself and leaving a trail of ‘whatever’ across the bottom of the mirror as he moves along tapping his beak and talking to his reflection. The programme which my other eye was watching was really good with fantastic change wrought to the properties bought. Personally I had a headache from the crossed eyes as I’d transferred my left eye from the window to Joey who was on my right. My right eye continued to watch the TV which was on my left. At 11.00 am I was happy to leave my chair and make my way back to the computer.

At midday I broke for lunch a sort of minced beef with dumplings affair. It wasn’t bad and Joey kept looking over and telling me off. I invited him to join me but he still declined. I watched Bargain Hunt to the auction and then you’re not going to believe this, but I nodded off. I was out almost an hour and had to slink back to my desk full of guilt. I worked there until 4.20 pm when I’d typed my fingers down to the last knuckle. I’d just gone through to the lounge when Dil arrived so I made him a cuppa. We sat and watched the Antique Road Trip together and our usual quiz. When 6.00 pm arrived out came the games. As usual we started with Yahtzee which went my way at 5-1 tonight. I didn’t smirk, honestly. Next came trivia and in what seemed like a short game I won. When I reached the middle after winning all my segments, Dil chose to ask me a sports question. Even worse it was a football question. It was a big guess, but the right one. He screamed  “Noooooooo” and scared Joey as well as me. We moved on to cribbage and even there things started well at  2-0 so Dil suggested best of 5. He won the next one and I took the  next giving me a 3-1 victory. Finally we had a game of Crazy 8’s and the card gods were still smiling on me as I only lost one hand. He went home dejected. I washed the pots and tidied up. Joey was out trying to dismantle a picture frame so I turned a small lamp on and turned the main light off as I left the room. I worked on emails until 10.55 pm then checked on Joey, He was back in his cage so I was able to close him up for the night. I had my meds and went back to deal with the blog. It’s close to midnight and I’m ready for bed. Nearly there now.

Thursday 17th.

It was an odd start to the day. I got up at 2.16 am , I knew there was no chance of getting back to sleep just then but was pretty sure some more sleep was on the cards before too long. The best thing to do therefore was to get as much mail done as possible. I finished the gmail ones and turned to ebay which I’d forgotten about last night. Blimey, I’d won three items which meant I was right with that set of gifts now and had a spare too. I turned to my talktalk account and managed to get up to date on those. The next thing I knew was waking up on the keyboard at 5.17 am halfway through a message on gmail again with a small queue building up. So I’ve no idea when I fell asleep or for how long, only that as usual I’d have to hope that half alphabet impressed backwards across my forehead would fade before any visitor came. I hate giving Darren his morning laugh like that. I carried on working until almost 6.00 am then went to take my meds. I decided to have breakfast while I was there so it was 6.30 am before I left the kitchen coffee in hand.  I also  decided this morning to work until 8.00 am only and then take the rest of the morning off. I needed to go to Pauline’s for the lottery, was expecting a parcel and also a drug delivery at  some stage. Plus I needed to do a little housework. Sorry, I should have given you advance warning to sit down then, didn’t hurt yourself did you?

Things almost worked as they were supposed to in that I got to Pauline’s and I managed my housework. But, by 10.30 am I was so wound up about how much work would be coming through I had to come and check. While I was here I might as well catch up, and that took me until 11.35 am when I had to depart to peel my sweet potatoes. I enjoyed my lunch watching Bargain Hunt  and I didn’t nod off at the end. I came through and spent an hour catching up then twiddling my thumbs because there was no more to do. I bought some boxes on ebay  and a book then decided to lay on the bed for a couple of minutes. The moment I lay down the doorbell rang and my missing drugs delivery from this morning arrived so that was that until 4.30 pm when I sat watching the Antiques Road Trip struggling to keep my eyes open.I didn’t succeed. I also slept through the next quiz and the first five minutes of Eggheads. Instead of watching the rest of it, I slunk through here and looked at the waiting mail instead. I stayed put until 8.00 pm then went through to see if Joey was OK because I hadn’t put him in his cage before it got dark. He’d gone in himself so I obviously didn’t credit him with enough brains. Mind you, maybe that’s fair since I saw him fly into his open cage door today and I expected to see him come through the other side like sliced egg. As it happened his speed was so great he actually pushed the door more open and tried to carry on the journey like nothing had happened but I could see the ruffled feathers and faint blush.

When I went through I checked my phone which was on charge (again) and found a text from Mike to say he was on his way. It had come in at 7.00 pm so I knew I could expect him about 9.00 pm. I didn’t think there was much point in going back to work yet so I waited and watched TV. He arrived at 9.05 pm so my guess hadn’t been far out. We sat and chatted about his week and how his Dad is. We sat and chatted a bit more and eventually I  got up and made a sandwich so we could watch and relax. I stayed there until 11.00 pm and came through in a panic to do the blog. Forget the emails this time.

Friday 18th.

Almost 1.00 am light off, 2.09 am wake up. You’d almost think it was Friday 13th. I knew I’d need to sleep again later but for now I was awake. It was too soon to start needing trips to the loo so I signed onto the computer straight away. I dealt with the backlog in my gmail before moving to the talktalk side and starting there. I even put ebay up though I have no bids in at the moment.That took me to 4.40 am so I checked a few things on ebay I was watching ( for Christmas of course ) then at 5.30 am went to take my drugs and do the trays for another week. Time just flies by as it seems only a couple of days ago since I did this task last. It was 6.30 am before I returned to my room with a fresh coffee to find a load more post waiting, shock, horror but it was retweets that didn’t require much bar thanks. I thought I’d better write to Yvonne to remind her I don’t need the doctor before she carries out her threat. I also had to write to a close friend who’d just asked whether Yvonne had managed to see my legs and carried out her threat. Trouble is, I think she was willing Yvonne on and not me though she didn’t say so in so many words. Another close friend accused me of being stoic this week but made it sound like a dirty word as in, STOP being stoic. But I’m not being stoic. I can manage the level of pain and find it’s only the itching that drives me a little batty (short trip) and I can often control that with the substance I have to slather my legs in. I was up to date by 7.30 am again but it didn’t seem light enough to open Joey’s cage doors and it was far too early to wake Mike so I just ran a few searches on ebay till 8.00 am ish.

I opened Joey’s cage but he seemed disinclined to vacate and I wanted to replace the millet and clean his cage out. I’d probably have the same problem with Mike. At 8.30 am I found out when I took a coffee through. But, because I spoke loud ( and often) enough to wake him  he came through to the lounge in about ten minutes. What a result, I bet I won’t equal it tomorrow. I had an answer from Yvonne who sneakily replied that Oops she hadn’t seen my message until after she’d phoned the surgery. That meant I’d be visited by a total stranger which would make me want to hide. The dread hung over me most of the morning and then he went out. I watched my homes under the hammer then came through to catch up. I’d no idea what time this doctor would come and couldn’t risk making my lunch in case he turned up. I watched my Bargain Hunt as usual though. The news came on at 1.00 pm and the doctor arrived about 10 minutes later. What a big chap, like a rugby player. I think he may be Indian and he was charming and gave explanations which helped. Joey came out and swooped. He’d have regretted hitting the brick wall that was the doctor and went back to his cage once he realised. After he’d gone I made my lunch of chips with curry sauce. I thought afterwards, I could have gone to the chippy and bought that with a pie or something. When lunch was over I did a little work then decided to walk up to the chemist and see if they could fill my prescription. They could so I waited while it was done.

I came back and immediately started on my built up post. There were lots to be answered from both accounts. That took me till gone 4.00 pm so I  gave up and moved myself to my chair ready to watch my Road Trip. I must have got no further than the credits before I was fast asleep. I didn’t waken until 70 minutes later at 5.40 pm towards the end of my first quiz. I had to give up the second one once I checked my phone and saw a message from Mike that he was on his way back. I ploughed into work so I’d be free to make him a coffee around 6.30 pm when he arrived. I was just about to go for a shower at 7.00 pm when he turned up and I’d just locked the door. Out of the kindness in my heart I let him in. Well, that and the fact I knew he’d wash my hair. Once I’d had my shower we watched TV for a while and I got an update on his day. I stayed there until after the last episode of Ripper Street then came through to attack the mail again. Mike’s day had obviously been trying when he said he was going to bed at 10.30 pm but he kindly offered to apply the new steroid cream for me knowing there were some difficult places I couldn’t see on my lower back and those I couldn’t reach like my lower legs.. I left the post at 11.00 pm to start the blog and I doubt I’ll get back to it later. It will have to be the morning.

Saturday 19th.

Light off last night at 12.35 am as I didn’t much feel like reading. Yes I know that’s almost criminal but in fairness it had been a long day. I expect today to be just as long since I got up at 2.41 am which even had I fallen asleep very quickly last night gives me 2 hours at best. Still, looking on the bright side at least I had extra time with the post and also with being able to coat my skin in the steroid gunk. I started on the mail as soon as I returned from my first visit to the loo and powered up the computer. One of the first pieces of mail I had was about a distribution firm for Apple trying to encourage more users back to the label by offering the latest i6 phone in the UK for £1 which ends at midnight tonight. I was actually tempted for a few minutes but decided to stay with Virgin and my old phone. There was an ipod shuffle free with each phone and I wouldn’t have minded that.

I was up to date on both mail accounts by 4.50 am and I decided to sit in my chair in the lounge and try for an hours sleep. Well that was a waste of time. At 5.30 am I went through to the kitchen and took my meds, had some breakfast and returned to my desk with a coffee. Not much mail so I had chance to search ebay for the ring Mike is still chasing. At 6.30 am  after his first alarm I took his coffee through and called him. Just to try and penetrate the fog of sleep I asked him to put his glasses on and come see me when his eyes were open. His second alarm was what finally got him up ten minutes later though my message must have got through because he arrived to see what I’d found. When he’d looked he went through to the lounge to exercise his lungs with a cigarette and to have his drink. I carried on working.

We left the house at 7.30 am and headed for the Supermarket. Mike talked of a change and I was happy to fall in with that but when he asked what I’d been going to buy today I said toys and we ended up in the usual supermarket after all. I didn’t actually buy any toys in there but got good ideas.We took a minor detour on the way home and I ended up getting all my Christmas toys in one go. That’s a good chunk of the ladies and now the children taken care of.  It leaves a few ladies and the most difficult of all-The Men. Thinking cap time. Once the food shopping was finished we had a coffee before we set off on our detour. We were a little later than usual in Flint and somebody was unhappy that his usual parking space had gone. But he was soon brightened up with a cup of coffee and a sigh of his favourite girls in Temptations (Sorry Kyle). He had his teasted toecake and a couple of biskwits and he was a happy bunny for five minutes.   I’d remembered to bring an antibiotic out to take at midday and I had a drink in the car so took it while we decided what to do. In the end it was to have lunch in Prestatyn and visit the jeweler we’d gone to 3 weeks ago. We had a lovely lunch and walked up the road to find she was on holiday until later in the month. Ah well, the sun was shining, I picked up a couple of small gifts and then on the way home it was so nice Mike put the top of the car down.

Once we got home and put the shopping away. I ran from Joey’s bollocking and came to work . I asked Mike to change the millet if Joey finally came out of the cage. He said he would, and when I nipped in there a little later he’d managed it. What’s more Joey had shut up. Result! I worked from 3.10 pm to 7.00 pm without a break almost clearing the backlog. To save complaints I stayed with Mike then to watch some TV for company. Trouble was, I got caught up in an old episode of Jonathan Creek  and it reached 10.15 pm almost before I’d noticed it. I eschewed some roast beef sarnies in favour of getting through here to do the blog so I’d be ready for my midnight deadline. I’m going to make it. Where I might have a problem is catching up on the rest of the mail again. Still. Mike won’t be here for lunch tomorrow as he has to go back to Manchester. That means he won’t be nagging  gently reminding me that I shouldn’t work all the time.


Have a Wonderful Week everyone, health, wealth and Hugs Galore.


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80 responses to “Full English in Chester & The Half Day Holiday.

  1. Dear David, thanks for taking us along for another week in Wales. I do prefer to do my traveling virtually! You describe things so well, I begin to feel I know your usual hang-outs as if I were there.
    I’m sorry that happened to Mike’s dad. I hope he is improving, and that Mike doesn’t run himself ragged. Joey sounds like he’ll soon be able to boss both of you. Thanks for the Tears for Fears song — haven’t heard that in ages.
    Okay… back to the books. I have that nasty ITIL certification exam tomorrow. Mega hugs my friend. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Teagan. A shame, it would be so nice if you travelled in reality and saw the hang-outs.
      I don’t have full news on Mike’s dad yet but I’ll pass anything on with his permission, or perhaps he will in comments.. He will run himself ragged though as usual.
      You’re right, Joey bosses us already.
      Tears for Fears were a great group with some fantastic songs.
      Don’t overdo things, very best of luck with that exam.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  2. Hoping Mike’s Father is ok, you had a busy week David, I can’t believe you are already shopping for the Holidays. Wish I were as organized as you. Have a wonderful week my friend, get some rest too!! Hugs and more hugs and btw I am reading and not disappointed at all!!!

    • Mike will be seeing his Dad this afternoon and meeting with the doctors. I hope to get more news then Suzanne.
      The shopping isn’t organisation,it’s sheer panic. I struggle for ideas but this time an opportunity came up I thought I’d take. It’ll slow down to perhaps one a week now after deep thought and contemplation.
      I wish you a fantastic week full of recipes to delight you. Thank you for not being disappointed.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. David, what a busy week you had! Hope Mike’s Dad is doing better. Backs can be a pain! Joey is a cute little guy! Looks a bit mischievous! Have a good week and stay healthy! Chryssa

    • My weeks always seem so boring Chryssa, never busy.I’m sure Mike’s dad’s back is OK but there are other health issues so he’s still in hospital.
      Joey has gone straight from cute to monster.He rules the roost here or we get a real telling off.
      Thanks so much. I hope you have a fantastic week too. I shall do my best to stay healthy.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. Another busy week and most of the Christmas shopping in the bag – SCORE!! I chuckled at the ‘teasted toecake’ bit especially – it is the kind of thing that is likely to come out of my mouth when I’m tired or being absent minded these days – in your case it is you being very clever! All the best to Mike’s dad and hugs to you xoxo

    • I wish that it was most of the Christmas shopping in the bag Pauline.I still have a couple of women and all the men to go and the men are the hardest to choose for every time.
      I think teasted toecake is expected off us these days, I’m surprised they don’t have it on the menu. I’m glad it gave you a chuckle though.
      I’ll pass on your best to Harry (Mike’s dad).Which reminds me, did I mention how much I like your artwork? You’re very talented..
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  5. It’s a “bird” thing talking to ones mirror reflection, they say – but Joey is male. Oh dear! But he is a clever dude – going into his cage before it gets dark. Nice! Good thought for Mike’s dad – hope he picks up well. Have a grand week with lots of hugs 😀

    • Hello Ina, Joey lays down the law to his reflection whenevr he sees it. It’s so funny to see his head bobbing up and down in frustration as he tries to get a point across. All too often I’m on the other end of that tongue lashing though….little bully. He’s very good about going to bed when it gets dark which is great so I’m not chasing him.
      Thank you for the good thoughts for Harry, I’ll pass them on.
      I hope you have a fantastic week,
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  6. I love your words like “chunnering,” David, and I’m still humming along with “Over My Shoulder” even as I write this. But as always, it’s Reuben who steals the show. And as grandparents we both know that when our grand-children steal the show, it’s a lovely bit of theft.
    I wish you a wonderful week, David. Hugs!

    • Hi Marylin.it’s funny how words from another part of the world can be entertaining but it’s so easy to forget that someone may not have heard or understand a word you use. Luckily I think chunnering is sort of self explanatory. Idiom from the North West of the UK can be quite funny.
      Over my shoulder is very catchy isn’t it. The night I put it on I had it running round my head non-stop,
      Reuben may steal the show but ‘ Nobody puts baby in a corner’ and I’m baby! I shall make a comeback one day.
      Have a wonderful week,
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs to you xxx

  7. I can never get enough of Reuben and Joey !!!!
    Gorgeous pictures of Reuben this time

    • Oh Dear, gazumped by my grandson and a little feathered fiend, it’s too much.
      Don’t let on I told you Valerie, but all Reuben’s pictures are hand finished to remove all the wrinkles and smooth away the signs of drink (milk). It’s been a hard life. For me that is, forced into a corner by a young gun like that.
      I hope you have a Wonderful week,
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  8. laurie27wsmith

    Five hours sleep? Bloody marvelous Mate. I’d be a bit narky about having to share lemon meringue too. That’s a great review David, good stuff. There’s nothing like a good pub meal, I’m a bit of a chow hound at times. Oh, the recalcitrant bladder. Everything else goes by the by when it needs emptying. Happiness is a budgie who likes the telly. 🙂 Just reading about your games reminded me, have you played Rummikub? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rummikub It’s a great game and really makes one think. Joey might be getting more marijuana seeds in his seed ball than you thought after ramming into his cage. It’s good to see that your xmas shopping is nearly up to date. Well another look into your life for the week David. Keep well and don’t fall over because I replied early. As always, great music and pic of Roobs. Hugs, Laurie.

    • Yeah, I shouldn’t have bragged about 5 hours should I Laurie.
      I should point out Mike has a cold streak, it didn’t bother him at all depriving me of lemon meringue. I didn’t buy one this week and now he’s gone home early. But, because of that we went for breakfast instead of lunch and I’m stuffed. It’s a help yourself one and I take them up on the offer starting with 3 pieces if fried bread. It was glorious.
      Last night Joey stayed in his cage chunnering through every programme on TV Ruined I tell you ruined.
      I’ll have to read up on rummikub as I’ve never heard of it. Balderdash is still my favourite.
      I’ll have to stop Joey having the marijuana seeds if this is how he behaves. I wish the Xmas shopping was nearly up to date, I could it and relax then but I’ve saved all the worst till last.Now I have to use my brain.
      I won’t fall over at you being early Laurie, maybe you’ve been kicked out of bed too or just aren’t sleeping. Glad you enjoyed the music and pics.

      • laurie27wsmith

        Those help yourself eateries are a trap David, walk in waddle out.😋 Rummikub is worth a look. Good to see Joey is still active. Actually I’ve been quite busy around the place so it’s up early and at it. I never get kicked out of bed. 😜 Have a good week Mate. Hugs Laurie.

  9. So glad you cleared up any confusion over what you mean by ‘drinks’….I’ve always been partial to a pint with my full English, but since they don’t serve that kind of breakfast in France, I usually go with tea or coffee too. Sounds like a hectic week between 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours (even for you, David, a record surely?) and the worries over Mike’s dad. Hope he’s better by now and that you are able to catch a few more zzz’s this week! Bonne semaine! xo

    • Heck, no wonder I don’t live in France. Bacon and egg is a breakfast treat. 3 hours is about average for me Mel and I don’t mind.. Mike’s dad is improved but they found other problems they’re looking at. I think mind you, he’s enjoiying the attention.
      I don’t need too many more Zzzz’s Mel or I won’t keep up with the mail.
      I hope your weather isn’t too grim. Have a Great Week,
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  10. The music clips scare me – so familiar, so “me” and yet now so far away and out of step. Mind you, the dancing in the Cat Stevens clip makes my own “inebriated Swan Lake performed in one bovver boot and one welliebob” efforts look good. So many jackets and ties abounding! Maybe we are making progress (in some areas) as a species after all? 😉

    • I don’t think I’ve grown as much as I should (mentally) as the dancing fromthe video is probably what I still do which makes your Swan Lake accompanied by odd shoes look so good.
      I wish we were making progress as a species as I’m sure we’d have long grown out of eating other people’s lemon meringues.
      Have a Good Week

  11. carolewyer

    Good morning, David and thank you for yet another entertaining post that has left me keen to unearth my CD collection and hunt out my ELO discs. Very sorry to hear about Mike’s dad and hope the news is good later today.
    Christmas shopping? Ugh! Grumpy loathes it. So much so he’s declared he’s ignoring Christmas this year. We’ll se about that once the first batch of minc epies appear.
    Have a good weekend. Sending you an extremeley large hug this week as I have not commented here for a while. XX HUG XX

    • Hi Carol. sorry about that. I hope your ELO discs weren’t too far down the pile. Christmas shopping would be ace if all I had to do was pay and someone else do the thinking. It’s getting hard now. I’m with grumpy until i see the first shallow mince pies in the shops.I eat Christmas puds till Easter.
      Thanks for the wishes and the lovely large economy size Hug. I enjoyed hat.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore to you xxx

  12. He’s got that wise look again.

  13. Ali Isaac

    Finally! You saw the doctor, I’m so glad. I really hope the new steroid cream works, but now you need to see someone about your absess… or has that cleared up now?Some great music choices from the 80s this week!I am mightily impressed that you are so oganised in such advance of Christmas, I dont know how you manage it. Every year I promise myself Im going to be better prepared, and every year I fail. Oh well, maybe I should start now…
    Huge hugs to you David!

    • I think finally the doctor saw me since I wasn’t given a choice in the matter.The antibiotics should help clear the abcess but it’s improved since I burst it. The cream will help the left leg I hope.
      I’m very fond of a lot of 80’s music, that’s when I thought music and words made a comeback.
      My organisation is just luck really Ali, right place at right time. I saw something suitable on ebay and went for it, luckily they had more than one design. Too good to miss. Maybe you’d better start scouring ebay for bargains too. Leave China out but Hong Kong is fine.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        Lol! Thanks for the tips on ebay, David. Actually I did bid on a piece of equipment for Carys once and I won it. It normally cost about £50 and I got it for a fiver, and delivery was prompt and cheap too. Its just not something I think of doing very often. Ibwas delighted though!

  14. Thank you for sharing your week with us. I’d also like to compliment you again on your wonderful taste in music 🙂 Shared!

    • I’m very grateful you shared my week with me Yelle, and also the music. I like to try and get the music right. The 60’s were great for me but the 70’s a bit of a black hole then the 80’s brought me back to life.
      Thanks so much for sharing the blog and linking with me.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  16. David, a busy week. Now I see what you meant about Joey. I hope Mike’s Dad is better and your legs improve (they’ve been bothering you for a long while now). Thanks so much for the mention. I’ve missed the bloggers company for sure. Reuben is looking handsomer every day!

    • Hi Olga, not really very busy, just a dragged out blog. Joey is a danger to life and limb but I forgot to warn the doctor , my fault. I’m sure Mike’s dad is improving physically thanks. I’m sure the legs will improve but it will recur sometimes I know.If I could keep it in the right leg where the skin is never going to improve it won’t be so bad.
      Always happy to mention you and always happy to have you back. You’ve always been kind to me.
      Yes, Reuben could probably model but I hope they don’t choose that and keep him a bit grounded.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  17. Planning a trip to Chester in early October so this was particularly welcome – as were the music choices
    Hugs and waves from the beautiful south to the wonderful north – have a great week 🙂

  18. Silver Threading

    Have a good week, David. That Joey is such a stinker. 💗💗💗 Many hugs sent your way. Oh, I have to tell you. A new show started called The Bastard Executioner. Quite good. I’ m learning some Welsh history. 😉

    • Hi Colleen, thanks so much. I’m sure my week will be fine. Yes, Joey is a terror, he’s the real boss here. I’ve not heard of that show so I hope it’s imparting real Welsh history and not propoganda.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

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  20. So the doctor did come. And prescribed a new cream. Interesting. Oh, and bye the way, thank you for the Icehouse video clip. You kickstarted another trip down the memory lane of aussie rock. 😀

    • Yes, he came.. He prescribed antibiotics, fucibet steroid cream and then this new one that I’m to use after the fucibet does it’s job. The new one sound more like something I should eat with ‘active’ colloidal oatmeal. It may not stop the itching but it should be healthy.
      I’m surprised I didn’t think of Icehouse before as that’s a great track.Do you have any more gems from Oz I should know? I remember the lead singer from ‘Land down under’ Colin Something did some solo work I liked and appeared on Scrubs singing one.I bought the CD, now where is it?
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Oh! That first came out as a Men at Work song – slightly more upbeat with some nice harmonies. Colin Hay must have written it.
        They were a great band and part of a ‘golden era’ in music generally. 🙂

  21. Oh, David, I hope Mike’s Dad is ok, please keep us updated.
    Thank you for sharing your week with us and the pictures of Reuben (I see you changed your position on his cuteness overshadowing you).
    Joey seems in high spirits. And likes his cage apparently.
    I understand completely shopping ahead, the shops and stores get crazier closer to the holidays…and birthdays come at all different times. 🙂
    Your game night sounded fun. Ours was too, my son had a ‘man-cold’ (which he’s now kindly shared with me – my fault, I taught him sharing was good; but it‘s knocked me for six) so I ended up playing Spongebob Monopoly, chess, Risk, Othello, and even Minecraft.
    I enjoyed the visit, David, as always, but my soft, fluffy bed is calling to me so I’ll have to say goodnight, but thank you again for the ebook, I’m loving it. 🙂
    Take care, all the best to all and massive mammoth across The Pond hugs!!!

    • Hi Donna, I’ll keep you as updated as I can. I’m pretty sure he’s doing well.
      I’m prepared to give Roobs a chance to undershadow me so I look good but he better take advantage of my kindness.
      Joey is in lunatic mode much of the time, maybe I should stop putting that stuff in his water?
      Funny you should mention birthdays, November and December are quite bad for birthdays so I’d better give those some thought as well as Christmas. Online buying saves a lot of hassle in the shops.
      I’m glad your games night was fun though I’m not sure I’d enjoy playing for a cold.I used to enjoy playing Othello but can’t even remember how now.
      I hope your soft, fluffy bed wrought a cure and you feel better. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the book.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs back across the pond to you xxx

  22. After reading my own review I think Memoirs of a Superior could do with a re-read especially in view of the absence of cat fur in my life. I also entertained thoughts of a film version, considering how popular internet cat clips are, and now cat clip TV shows… it’s a guaranteed market. Mind you it could be Joey is inspiration for a book character where not everything goes to plan!

    • I’m surprised to read you’re such a sucker for punishment. Oscar’s book was made from individual daily/weekly blogs I used to do. I had no thought of writing a book about him but someone suggested just using the pieces I’d already written. I knew Oscar for almost 18 years but Joey for about 8 weeks so in his case not well enough to understand him yet. Obey him maybe.It’s been so long since I’ve written anything other than a few silly poems for Reuben.
      I hope you’re both well.
      xxx Sending you Ginormous Hugs xxx

  23. Thanks for sharing another week with us. I hope Mike’s dad is OK.
    The Reuben photos are always great–what a cutie!
    I can’t believe you have so much Christmas shopping done already.
    Wishing you a very wonderful week. Hugs!

    • Thanks so much for being here Merril. Mike’s dad is well on the mend I think, thank you.
      No Reuben pics this week so far, any addicts will have to look t old ones.
      Actually I was motivated today to look and ended up doing loads more.I’ll try and clear the Nov/Dec birthdays too so I can relax.
      xxx Have a Wonderful week full of Hugs xxx

  24. David, your shopping for gifts is the sweetest thing I have been reading about lately.

    Hope that antibiotics will finally work. What the docs say – shouldn’t you move around to improve your circulation?

    Joey is a tough guy.

    Love your choice of music. Epic!

    Have a peaceful week!

    • I have to admit I like shopping but I love buying prezzies for people.
      I’m sure the antibiotics will help but I doubt whether a week will do it. I’ve got fluid on the legs so I’m meant to have them elevated but I can’t do that and work.
      You’re right, Joey is a toughie.
      I’m so glad you enjoy the music, I work hard at trying to find things people will like even knowing I won’t get everyone’s taste.
      Thank you, I’m sure I shall. I hope you have a Fantastic Week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  25. Hi David, Yahtzee, and Crazy 8s oh how I miss these games. Haven’t played since I was, hmmm, well I can’t remember but they were fun. Couple of things:
    1) Pain (depending on the type, like a toothache would give me serious pause) is preferable to itch just about any day of the week.
    2) I must consider a bird as a housemate. Joey’s got some personality.

    • H Stephanae, I’m very lucky that I grew up with games like cribbage as my parents played it and I just moved on from there. Yahtzee is a great game but Crazy 8’s is real fun trying to make someone pick up as you go out.We call it Friendly Enemies while Chase the Lady is Deadly Enemies.
      Oh, I’d prefer the pain to the constant itch any day.
      Joey thinks of himself more as the householder and I’m the tenant always under threat of eviction. It’s just as well I pay the rent.
      Hope you find someone willing to revive your love of the games, if you can see to play now.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

      • *Hugs*right back at ya David!!

        Back in the day I used to play Backgammon and many more card and board games but then something happened and life got in the way. Now with my diminished vision the only games I can comfortably play on on the computer but really writing and getting into the groove of my business suck up the majority of my time.

      • Well, if we ever meet be prepared for a challenge at Yahtzee which hopefully shouldn’t be a problem.
        xxx Huge Galore xxx

      • I’ll keep that in mind David, especially with the winning streak you’ve been on.;)

  26. Hi, David. Good to hear your legs are healing. You’re really an early Christmas shopper. That’s much less stress. I used to send out a big list of cards, but not now. Neither of us is able to shop for them. Cute pictures of Reuben. I hope Mike’s dad is doing better. Take care and Huge Hugs, 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Hi Suzanne, the less said about the legs the better I think, annoying things. I’m not usually this early with my shopping but I’m not usually a slouch either.It just all seemed to fall into place this year one after the other. Still a few pieces to get of course than I can start on stocking presents. I still have quite a few cards to send but I have a shop fairly local that does good one and named ones for me.Can’t you buy your cards off ebay? Mike’s Dad much improved health wise now thanks but still not settled about him going in a home by any means.
      Look after yourself. xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  27. edbka

    Hi David, another packed-full week of escapades for you! I’m sorry to hear about Mike’s dad and hope things are better better now. Lots of things to look forward to this time of year and with Christmas on the way. All best, Emma 🙂

    • Hi Emma, it’s funny, my weeks always feel so boring.Mike’s just left to go back to see his Dad again.I know they really both want to avoid him going in a home yet if they can.We’ll have to see what transpires after he’s spoken to the social workers at the hospital. Yes, lots of things to look forward too but you can throw Christmas at me now, I’m ready for it! The buying this time of year has been so easy. I hope the bees are giving you an easy time of it. xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  28. Hi David, that’s my comment above from Ealing Bees website – my WP log ins are getting confused! All Best, Emma 🙂

  29. I used to like Crowded House David, they were very popular for a while. Homes Under the Hammer can be quite entertaining. Chester must be a scenic city. Christmas already, time flies. Hope you get off the crutches soon.

    • Yes, I quite enjoyed the group too. At least they left some nice songs.
      I agree, it’s an entertaining programme. It relies on people being nosy and I am.
      Chester is a very pretty city but quite small. It sprawls outside the city walls as it does in most places but it’s only inside the walls that holds your interest and you can walk the walls in an hour or so.
      Yes, it was only Christmas a couple of weeks ago and here it is again. It keeps sneaking up on me but this year I’m ready for it.
      The crutches are a forever thing Guy but I’m used to them now so they don’t bother me.
      Have a Great Week,

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