Hypnotised by Joey & Given The Bird, by The Bird.

Sunday 20th
Well I got the blog out on time last night and even caught up with my mail before bed at 12.15 am. Lights out at 12.35 am after just a chapter of my book. I even got a lie-in compared to the rest of the week as I didn’t get up until 3.52 am. I paid a visit to the Piddle Palace then came back to make a start on the overnight mail. I was surprised that it wasn’t as heavy a traffic as I’d expected. I was up to date by 5.40 am then promptly fell asleep over the desk, waking at 5.51 am with a crick in my back and my neck. If I’d had warning I could have sat in my chair. I took the new antibiotic then went through to take my morning meds and make a coffee.

I brought the coffee back and found a few more messages had come through. I cleared them then opened my talktalk box and started again. By 7.35 am I was temporarily clear yet again and decided to go sit with Joey and open his cage door. It should be light enough for him to come out now. I opened his door while he stuck his head behind his mirror so I couldn’t see him. I sat down but he didn’t make a move, despite me talking to him…..or maybe because I talked to him. However it did work like a charm on Mike who came through about 8.30 am. My eyes were on their way out, (I think the batteries meed changing) so he had to make his own coffee. When he sat down with it I was fully awake but only for ten seconds then the eyes went again. When he had to nip to the loo, my eyes closed and stayed there until Mike returned. At 9.30 am I forced myself to be alert and went to get dressed.Mike did the flowers and then went to his room to get dressed. At 10.00 am we were on out way to a filling breakfast. I daren’t say how much I had but let’s just guess that it involved half a pig and a loaf of fried bread and toast. Breakfast in The Bells is a treat. Bacon, sausage,fried bread,those horrible potato things in a triangle, fried bread, beans, tomatoes, fried eggs and scrambled eggs. For those who can’t do without there’s even chips. Then as much toast as you want with either jam or marmalade and butter or margerine. Excellent.

Once out of there at 11.10 pm Mike ran me to Holywell to look at Lidl. I got some strawberries and cream for my tea. He brought me home again and at 12.00 pm left to meet with his dad’s doctor. I attacked my mail until 2.00 pm then went through to sit with Joey. I watched garbage on the TV even though Joey wanted wildlife programmes. I had to assert myself before he’s brave enough to land on me and thinks I'[m a pushover. Then late in the afternoon I watched Lewis, an episode I hadn’t seen. While I was there I had some strawberries and cream for tea. I was disappointed there was so much wastage in the strawberries that hadn’t looked bad in the punnet. Joey didn’t accept an invitation to join me which was a shame as I could have eaten less. At 7.00 pm I came back to my mail for a couple of hours and then had a last two hours with Joey who spoke all the way through a film,  before starting on the blog which is mercifully short today.

Monday 21st.

It was a night of two halves. Lights off about 12.45 am after a read but awake again at 1.58 am and uncomfortable. I knew I wanted more sleep and had to try in my chair in the lounge. It turned out I tried Mike’s chair so I could put my feet on the table. I slept. It was 4.09 am before I got up. My feet weren’t on the table anymore and I’d sent nothing crashing to the floor so I was already on a plus, but I must have managed 3 hours sleep so that was a definite plus. So, a trip to the loo then powering the computer up. I started in gmail where I caught some more nice comments on the blog.Once that was cleared I took my meds, had breakfast, put the washing machine on then brought my coffee back so I could take an antibiotic and then start on my talktalk mail. By 7.20 am I was clear again and went to do an inner eyelid inspection until just about 8.00 am. I had to try and coax Joey out of his cage to do a mass clean up and do fresh food/water before Val the warden appears later.

Joey didn’t make any effort to help me until 9.05 am when he shot out of his cage and did a lap of honour squawking all the way. Once he’d settled on the mirror for his usual argument with the other ‘occupant’ I was able to start cleaning the cage and replacing his floor of sandpaper. He doesn’t help by flying off in panic the minute my arms approach the cage even though I talk softly to him. In case there are ladies present I shan’t reveal what I say though. Once that was done and his food and water seen to I could back off. He’s totally unconcerned about that of course and just continues leaving horrible marks on the mirror from where he tries to do a Glasgow Kiss on the other bird. I’m sure he has brain damage now. I should have covered that mirror the day he arrived. At 10.00 am I started watching Homes Under The Hammer but was soon distracted with the arrival of the postman. One I haven’t seen before. He brought a book I won in a competition by my friend (and author) Pamela S Wight, the book is called The Right Wrong Man.  http://goo.gl/XwW3oB  I’m quite looking forward to reading it. I also had another book which I’d ordered from ebay for Yvonne and a Christmas gift for one of my great nieces. Things are going quite well in that direction. There was also a letter about claiming my pension which made me realise how close I am to that age.

At 11.00 am I returned to work and was doing well with my messages when the doorbell went. It was Val who went to the lounge to say good morning to Joey and to chat to me. She was there about twenty minutes and once happy all was well she went on her way with some thank-you chocolates. I had time to return to the messages before lunch. I watched Bargain Hunt and yes,I managed to stay awake for the end, though I did then allow myself a short nap for forty minutes before coming back here to make an effort to keep pace with mail. That wasn’t too difficult today. I stayed here until almost 4.30 pm when I went to start my evening viewing. I had to be prompt tonight as there was an important item coming up on ebay. At 6.30 pm I was back in my bedroom with half an hour to spare. I prepared my top bid, ready to pounce at the ten second mark. Then I got distracted and missed the damned thing but it went for almost double it’s real value and I wasn’t bidding that much. I’d put about 8 items in my basket to think about and suddenly decided to pay for them. Ouch, and then there was another item due at 8.30 pm and I sat for twenty minutes not taking my eyes off the screen just in case. I was not successful but I haven’t given up hope and I do have time.

At 9.00 pm I went through to watch DIY SOS. It was an old one and we weren’t very far in before my eyes blurred (Lousy TV). It was in Wales and way up in the hills in the worst snow in and temperature in years. Locals were struggling to get out of their villages to go and give a hand but one father and two sons drove from Leicester to give their time. As always it was amazing  and a true picture of what people are willing to do  to help those in need. There is still hope for humanity. At 10.00 pm I turned off and said goodnight to Joey, promising to see him in the morning. Here’s hoping I do. It’s my Chester day tomorrow and I’m really not looking forward to the travelling.  I’ve been shaky for a couple of days. I had a look to see if there was anything more on ebay tonight but there wasn’t. I think it might be an idea if I held back now until all the stuff I’ve ordered is here, allocate it and see who is missing before I carry on. That meant I could concentrate on the blog and if time permits on the rest of the mail too.

Tuesday 22nd.

I turned the light off early at midnight because I was so tired. Next thing I know I’m awake and it’s 1.05 am. I didn’t want to get up so paid a visit to the loo then had a cigarette before trying again at 1.16 am. It worked, off I went again until I woke again at 3.07 am and the same tricks weren’t going to work.  I still tried though. The visit to the Piddle Palace yielded little and so I just enjoyed a cigarette before turning the computer on. Once logged on I started on my mail which took until 4.22 am then the talktalk box which took me to 5.11 am. Since this was a little early for my antibiotic and I didn’t want breakfast yet,I was forced to search on ebay again. I had some luck there this morning with some smaller gifts, at this rate I’ll soon be left with just Yvonne and Ugo to puzzle over. After breakfast I returned to my room coffee in hand to check on incoming mail. By 7.20 am I was clear ready to go and catch my bus.

I reached the bus stop without breaking the picture frames I was carrying but it was more luck than judgement. When I got on the bus I tucked the bag in at the side of my leg, placed my chin on the arm grip of my crutches and let myself drift off. The journey was short and no-one tried to talk to me except Howard the driver. Yvonne and Reuben were waiting on the bench when the bus arrived. Once the hellos were out of the way and I was enjoying a post journey cigarette there was a short discussion about where to go. Since Yvonne needed a few things from a Supermarket we decided to have breakfast either in the Supermarket or a little cafe next door. We ended up at the one in store which is a Costa. After we finished I asked if it was possible to get to a shop I like going a different way. Yvonne was sure we could and so we tried. Sure enough we could. It’s a great gift shop full of Chinese/Japanese furniture , plates etc plus some very pretty and unusual gifts. I made a mistake in buying  2 giant candles as gifts and invited both a hernia and a heart attack. Lucky for me Reuben was walking at that time so his buggy bore the weight. We spent our time mooching until finally it was time for my bus.They walked me to the bus stop and since there had been intermittent rain I told them not to wait.

Getting off the bus at home was fun as it’s quite a way to my house. I hadn’t been to the loo in Chester and was getting close to desperate. Dragging half a ton of candle with me meant I couldn’t move at speed and there was no chance I was calling at Pauline’s. I made it home, dropped my bags, threw my crutches away like a Lazarus and shot into the loo. Only after I came out could I store my sticks, get my coat and gloves off, put the candles away and then say hello to Joey. I opened his cage but he didn’t seem to want to come out just then. I had to leave him to it and head for the computer. I worked almost continuously until 4.30 pm when I could put the TV on for my Antiques Road Trip. Joey came out then and made as much noise as he could and believe me that’s a lot. I’d won a few more things on ebay during the afternoon and apart from nipping back at 5.30 pm and 6.15 pm I stayed away until 7.00 pm. I came back and worked until 9.00 pm and then went to watch a film, one of the Superhero ones from the comics of my childhood. Only it wasn’t. I remember Green Lantern and Green Arrow but not Green Hornet. I’m glad too as it might have put me off reading. I gave the film a fair go at an hour and a half but by then I had no nerves left for it to grate on. Truly abominable. Ah well, it gave me chance to come through at 10.30 pm to do the blog. I’m grateful for that.

Reuben with his daytime TV friends.

Reuben with his daytime TV friends.

Who's chasing whom?

Who’s chasing whom?

Wednesday 23rd.

My light went off about 1.00 am last night and it didn’t take long to drop off. This morning I got up at…………5.02 am…… Ta da! A wonderful, beautiful unbroken sleep. I didn’t even get up to go to the loo. There are signs I should have (Joke honestly).  I did nip along there a bit sharply once I was up though. It’s been a while since I hovered around the four hour mark and I like it. I opened my talktalk and was in the clear at 5.51 am which was almost perfect timing to go get my meds and some breakfast. I note on the calendar that today is the first day of Autumn. The nights are really drawing in now and according to the shops the Christmas countdown seems to have begun.         After breakfast I took my coffee back to start on my gmail. There were more in both boxes so I worked till they were clear.At 8.00 am I went and opened Joey’s cage and sit with him for a while. I don’t know how it happened unless the little burger hypnotised me but my eyes went. When I woke and looked at the time it was almost 9.20 am. I got sorted and dressed and left to go to Pauline’s. I wasn’t out too long but it was close to 10.00 am when I was back.

After putting the shopping away I went to watch my Homes Under the Hammer. Of course this was the time Joey decided to do a vocal test going from squawk to screech over about the first 20 minutes of the programme. He didn’t even shut up when I spoke to him. Part way through I notice he had no millet so I tried offering that. I noticed there was still plenty on the spray on the cage floor after Mike put some in on Saturday. I carefully put my arm in the cage and picked the millet up, as Joey was flying round the cage like a demented pilot I put the millet back on it’s stand and removed my arm. Joey came out. I’d just settled in my chair hen the doorbell went. It was the postie with four parcels for me. Brilliant. The programme wasn’t getting the attention it deserved but I was having my Christmas early opening parcels. Everything was fine so the minute the programme was over at 11.00 am I came through to leave feedback. One parcel contained 3 items and all were delightful. I carried on there with incoming messages until midday then went for lunch. Corned beef hash today. Very tasty. Of course Bargain Hunt was on while I ate and I managed to stay awake today. After washing up I went back to work. I’d just sat down when the doorbell went again. To be honest I thought it was the window cleaner collecting his money but no, it was delivery of another two parcels. It’s getting to be a very exciting day.

After placing the parcel with the growing Christmas pile I returned to work, needing to have clear mailboxes before Dil comes for games tonight. Wen we finish it’s always hard to cope with the mail and the blog and expect to get to bed too. I was clear before 4.00 pm when I knocked off. I’d have been out sooner if the siren song of ebay hadn’t been heard. Not that I had much luck, I ended up crashing on the rocks today. Dilwyn arrived at 4.30 pm just in time for the Road Trip, he was glad it wasn’t the same dealer as last week so he didn’t have to hear the hissing every time he came on screen again. I bet each one of us must have known someone who makes our skin crawl at some time or other. Tonight both experts were really nice, as they always are, and a pleasure to watch. They both did very well.                                                                             Next up was our quiz where we did very well answering questions tonight though when sports come up all you get from me is a blank face. When 6.00 pm came it was time to get the table out and start playing. The Yahtzee went well and I ended up 4-2 ahead. Sometimes when it’s a draw we carry on for another game but Dil suggested it tonight as my luck should run out. We carried on and it didn’t. The second game was 3-3 giving me the win overall at 7-5. Out came the Trivial Pursuits and we started on that. We each managed to get the six segments which meant I had to answer a sports question, then we both tried to make our way to the middle.                                                       We both managed to get to the middle twice and had a category and question chosen by the other. Dil unfortunately missed out on his which I chose I managed to get the second one he chose for me. Again he left to go home in high dudgeon. I said he’d be better in a car.

After a quick tidy up and a wash of the pots I took my meds and came through to start on the accumulated mail. I’d done by 10.30 pm and was able to deal with the blog. I must have been quick tonight as it’s almost 11.30 pm and I’m almost ready to go to bed. No more mail tonight.

Start of the masterpiece.

Start of the masterpiece.



p.s. Reuben is aboard the rocking donkey I got for his birthday. If you squeeze the ear, it makes donkey noises, hence the smile.

Thursday 24th.

I was in bed before midnight and with light off at just a minute to the witching hour. I’m sure sleep came fairly quickly.. I woke this morning at 2.58 am so had another good night in comparison to some. After lolloping to the loo and back I powered up the computer and signed in. My first job was to check my bank account to see if the DWP have repaid me the £55.50 they acknowledge owing me and which they said they’d pay me as soon as possible. It’s been 7 weeks since they wrote to confirm that. It strikes me that ‘as soon as possible’ is a very flexible phrase. It’s not as though they have to save up to pay me is it? Next job was to check my pension had gone in OK (it had) then I could concentrate on mail. My talktalk account came first and I was clear by 4.10 am and able to head to my gmail which I cleared by 5.00 am. Obviously the mail was still coming in but I was trying to catch it as it did  and not let it accumulate. Also I was trying to use ebay to generate ideas for gifts but it’s very hard as you have to have an idea in the first place to stick in the search box. I recommend you look in Wholesale and Job lots and also everything else, you might have a laugh, especially with the latter.

At 6.00 am I took my morning meds and had breakfast, remind me I need more butter this weekend please. It was too early to open the cage for Joey annd since I’d left the power to the TV on last night I decided to watch Third Rock From The Sun. Eventually it was light enough to let Joey fly about so I opened the cage door and stood chatting to him for a few minutes. He kept his back to me and didn’t respond until with a shrug I shut up. He turned towards me, stood perched on one leg and I swear with the other he flipped me the bird. He’s so uncouth, in fact I bet he never even had any couth. As I backed off he flew out of the cage at speed, did a circuit of the room going very carefully round all obstacles and then did a stop in midair turned 90 degrees and went straight back into his cage. I took my empty coffee cup back to the kitchen and came back to my room to work. I stayed there until 10.00 am, mostly in shock at being flipped and then went back to see Homes Under the Hammer. This time he was glad to see me and wanted some attention. But, as there are no adverts I just gave him the occasional Best Boy, Joey, Joey Joey and concentrated on the programme. He took to nattering loudly with the occasional whistle, or flying circuits of the room and waiting to be told what a clever boy he is. He’s an aeronautical miracle but I wasn’t going to tell him so. Maybe I will the day he lands on me. The postman came and delivered parcels galore , even he was surprised when one more kept coming out of his bag. I had a great time opening them and listing them to leave feedback, I was missing my programme though. One parcel I’ve been expecting still hasn’t come though and I wonder if it’s at the bottom of a postman’s sack somewhere or maybe the custom’s office have stopped it for checking. I want no more bills off them.

At 11.00 am I returned to my battle with the mail and remained there until 12.00 pm. For lunch I had steak in red wine sauce with chips which I enjoyed very much. I stayed awake until after Bargain Hunt, I must have washed my pots at some stage then sat down again. From there it’s all a blank until 1.55 pm. I must have woken up but not even been aware I’d been to sleep.It was like I’d just lost almost an hour. I think Joey is related to Mesmer. Maybe a reincarnation. The post kept me busy until 15.50 pm then I went onto ebay until 4.30 pm when I went to watch the Road Trip. I just stayed there until 6.00 pm. Work called for a while but here wasn’t too much so I was able to disappear again to watch an underground exploration at 7.00 pm for an hour and then at 9.00 pm a fascinating Who Do You Think You Are. A BBC correspondent, injured by a shooting in Saudi Arabia wanted to try and verify some family tales about having come over with the Normans Invasion. He picked up some information on amazing individuals until he reached the point where he was given proof that his family didn’t come over with the Normans Invasion, they were the Norman Invasion.His direct ancestor was William I and the next 7 of his ancestors were Kings too.

At this point I was waiting for Michael to arrive and was starting to get worried. At 10.30 pm I’d remembered to take my meds and as I didn’t want more TV I had the equivalent which was another session on Ebay then at 10.45 pm I started the blog. I was doing quite well too. Mike arrived at 10.55 pm and I had to break away to do the coffee. We had to chat of course about how his week has been which seems to have been very frustrating with messages about his Dad in hospital. I came back to the bedroom at 11.40 pm and Mike followed me to put some cream on my legs, it was either that option or the one where he breaks my wrists so I can’t scratch. Hard decision but I opted for the cream.  I chose to point out some gurgle jugs on ebay then which lasted until 12.20 pm when he left to go to bed and I was able to continue with the blog. Just don’t blame me if I was too tired to make any sense.

Friday 25th.

So I was a little late getting to bed this morning. By the time I’d read one substantial chapter I was ready to go to sleep. I turned the light off at 1.20 am. This morning I didn’t get up until 5.39 am, another 4 hour night. Things are looking up. By the time I’d done the loo Olympics and come back it was getting on for 6.00 am. All I did was power up the computer and then go straight to the kitchen to take my meds and an antibiotic (last day) because of course I have to do my drugs for the week on a Friday morning. I didn’t have breakfast so returned to my room at 6.30 am ready to do battle. Battle was short lived and at 7.45 am I emerged the victor and headed to the lounge to release Joey. I sat and talked to him but he didn’t seem interested in coming out. I get the impression he’s not a morning person budgie. Eventually I gave up and went to get dressed and at 9.00 am I took a walk to Pauline’s for my lottery tickets. She made a mistake today and put an extra one on so I kept it in the hope it’s a lucky one. I’d been back in the hose a few minutes and just settled at the computer hoping to pick off the stragglers from my last battle when I heard Mike’s phone go off. Since I can’t be blamed for waking him at 9.15 am I went to make him a coffee. It sounds like his Dad is ready to go home.

At 10.00 am I went to watch Homes Under the Hammer and Mike got ready to disappear. As he was going the postman arrived with four more parcels. This is proving to be easier than I thought. More expensive but much easier. I still have the fun of choosing too. By the time I’d done all I needed to do it was time to knock off for lunch. I peeled some sweet potatoes then put the sausages under the grill. I remembered to take my pre-foodie tablet but had to dash back to my room for an antibiotic as well. Next the potatoes went in the micro for 7 minutes. When I mashed the potatoes the sausages were almost done. I bunged some baked beans in the micro, dished up the potatoes and sausages then added the beans and a piece of bread and butter. I was ready and so was my meal. Beautifully timed, Bargain Hunt was just starting. Just to prove I managed to stay awake till the bitter end, one team took home £170 and the other team £270. I washed my pots and to save me allowing my fluttering eyelids to come to a rest I returned to the computer. My treat, messages from Australia ! A constant battle in one upmanship on the sarcastic front (which I rarely win) is a real joy.

Things seemed a little slow today so at 3.00 pm I went to sit back in the lounge with Escape To The Country and a natter with Joey. I turned the TV on and that was the last thing I remember until 5.00 pm. So not a happy bunny. I had to dash back to my room and start on the mail, missing my usual quiz but I managed to catch the 6.30 pm Eggheads before going for a shower. Coming squeeky clean out of the bathroom I was in time for a sandwich and Question of Sport followed by Mastermind. I had a message to say Mike was on his way back so I went and caught up on the mail, growled when I realised I’d missed another ebay moment, then went to get Mike’s mug ready for his return. I started watching a comedy called Not Going Out  which makes me smile only because you tend to know what line is coming next all the time. Mike came back while it was still on. I made his drink and w talked about his Dad. He’s still in hospital and they’re arranging for him to go to a home for two weeks convalescence with a view to staying in a home permanently. Mike and I have often said this is what he needs but Mike is fighting with the promise he made to his Dad never to make him go in a home. He wants his independence. There’s a lot of guilt attached to the breaking of the promise even though it’s for the best possible outcome. Other times we’ve maintained he’s OK on his own because of the care workers 4 times a day and the new flat being sheltered accommodation. It’s a very hard decision.

At 10.00 pm I took my meds and came through to do the blog and to get to gripes with the mail that’s come in since I was last here. A body blow that I started winning something with a 10 second nip only to find I lost it by £1 to some terrible person who did a 5 second nip. You just can’t trust anyone can you? It’s going to be an early night.

Saturday 26th.

Well I got my early night and was in bed for 11.30 pm. I put my light out at 12.15 am and settled to sleep, it was soon coming. So was getting up time since at 2.01 am I was awake again. I paid a visit to the loo and came back to power up the computer. After signing in I checked and dealt with the talktalk mail then the gmail. That took me until 3.45 am when I decided to have a quick look at ebay. The quick look turned into a slow look as more ideas came. It was almost 5.00 am before I could tear myself away. I had to clear a few more emails before I could go and have some breakfast and take my meds. It reminded me if I’m going to keep having toast for breakfast I’d better get a huge family size butter. I prepared Mike’s mug then took my coffee back to the computer. When I heard his alarm go off at 6.30 am I made his drink and took it through. I got the usual grunt when I said it was there but no movement. It was only when the alarm went off the second time his twinkle toes beat a path to the lounge where he promptly fell asleep in his chair. I reminded him not to forget his coffee. Grunt. It stands at 2 A and 2 C by my reckoning despite the fact he left his actual bed before the second C. I went to get dressed.

We still managed to leave the house by 7.25 am only it was a very confusing journey. After a conversation yesterday I thought we were going to Morrison’s. Mike went past the exit road so I just said “Changed your mind”? At the next exit he sot off and started backtracking and I suggested he remembered the plans. All I’d been going to get differently from ASDA was my butter on a special. The car was turned again and off we shot towards ASDA. A bloody Mystical Magery Tour. I did the bulk of the shopping in ASDA then we diverted to get loo rolls from another Supermarket, mini jams/marmalade from a further shop and then on to Morrison’s for the one item I actually wanted from there but could have done without. Finally we made it to Flint and Temptations. We were partly served by Kyle who knows what we have and partly by a new face who turned out to be a new Manageress. Ceri wasn’t in. We handed over the chocolates to Kyle and had our drinks and Mike’s teasted toecake then left. Next we went to Prestatyn to the jewellers which was closed last week. Very handy as there was another shop I wanted too. Then to lunch at the CookHouse where we both struggled to finish today after being given pieces of meat as thick as door stops. Lovely, but soooo filling. I managed a trip round the £ Shop and then we came home.

After unpacking the shopping and putting it away I opened two parcels left with Bert while we were out. My missing item is here YAY!  I came through to start on the post while Mike stayed to watch his precious football team play. So far I’ve heard I think three shouts of ‘YES‘ which seemed to indicate they were winning. I later found my guess was correct. Most of the street found out my guess was correct when they finally worked out where the racket was coming from. I went through to join Mike at 5.25 pm when the football was over and stayed there for the evening, enjoying the cakes that are our Saturday treat and me trying to convince Mike that the rhubarb crumble is unfortunately not available for eating tonight as it’s for Monday, meaning  5 minutes after he’s gone on Sunday afternoon. I had to give up on all the fun at 9.00 pm and come to deal with the mail that’s piling up and also the blog. It needs to be ready for the midnight despatch.

I wish you all a Wonderful New Week with Hugs and Dreams come true.

Alien Reuben.

Alien Reuben.



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52 responses to “Hypnotised by Joey & Given The Bird, by The Bird.

  1. That Reuben is such a beautiful child any way you dress him up! Have I said that before? He looks to be so happy and confident which is always a sign of a well loved and cared for child – so lovely to see! Another busy week in Wales, successfully maneuvered despite getting the bird from the bird – I think there are just some TV shows he doesn’t like. You may have to change your programme choices 🙂 Have a great week. xoxo

    • Like any child he’s happy when he’s getting his own way.I don’t get close when he isn’t. He’s certainly well loved and cared for though I’m not sure he’ll forgive certain pictures when he’s older.
      I think Joey should adapt to my taste and not the other way round but I get the idea that’s not going to happen.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

  2. So there I was, writing away like a good little author, trying to get my daily quota of words in and having kind of a slog, when the email comes in with your blog post of the week. YOU are the reason I didn’t finish Chapter 29 today! (Yeah, not really. But I did drop everything to read it.)

    • I’ve donned my hair shirt at the thought of distracting you from writing but at the same time I’m somewhat proud of the fact I can still distract someone to read the blog.
      I hope I find you well. xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. These are some of the best and funnies pictures you’ve postd so far and that foot race would leave any of us dizzy..:) Have a great week!

    • Thanks so much for your kindness George. I wonder if some of these photos might be forgiven as he gets older. He never did catch me as he was distracted by something else halfway through the race. Sometimes the prey does get away.
      Have a fantastic week. Hugs

  4. Reuben is looking gorgeous as usual. I hope the arrangement of the nursing home works for Mike’s Dad. Sometimes once people are there, they feel so comfortable they aren’t thinking about going back home (although it’s not always the case). I have lost count of your parcels. I’m sure you’re keeping royal mail in work all by yourself…:)

    • I worry a little about the nursing home scenario as he’s not a very gregarious person. Over the last day or two he’s reacted quite badly to the hospital staff but you’re right, maybe he’ll change once he’s there.
      I think the Post Office are happy with my solo efforts at keeping them going but I’m delighted that the shopping has really gone so well his year….of course the income has gone with it but imagine how smug I’ll be the week before Christmas while everyone else struggles to find what they want. All hail Ebay.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  5. laurie27wsmith

    Now that’s a breakfast David, you’re a man after my own heart when it comes to breaking the fast. 🙂 Sadly they put the few good strawberries on the top of the punnets. perhaps you should sleep in Mike’s chair more often. Budgies are a heap of fun and games at times until it comes to cage cleaning. 😦 That’s a great pic of you and Roobs, playing chasey. With all those parcels turning up you can bypass xmas. I can see an artist in the making there David. Not you, Roobs. Love it, the bird giving you the bird. Rhubarb crumble eh? So Mike doesn’t read your blog and know what you’re doing? What a cute alien Roobs, that’s precious. All in all another busy week for you Mate. keeps well, Hugs, Laurie.

    • If I could have a breakfast like that every day I’d die a happy man Laurie. Probably in a fortnight from clogged arteries though. Worth it though.
      I get the impression these strawbs have come frozen from abroad and go off as they defrost.
      I don’t mind the cage cleaning as long as he stays out of my way but if he’s in the cage he panics if my arm goes in.
      I’m happy to say there was a point I reversed my run and crossed paths with him without getting caught. Must have confused him.
      I’m keeping the Post Office going single handedly here but I can finish soon. Everyone will have a great Christmas if I can just remember what I did with the stuff.
      Yes,rhubarb crumble. I couldn’t find a pie which naturally I’d have shared.
      Yes, Mike reads the blog and tells me off but luckily he so much older than me he forgets instantly.
      I think the alien could be a little girl too.
      Thanks so much Laurie. I hope you have a fantastic week and please keep well.

      • laurie27wsmith

        You’re a funny bugger David Prosser. One day Joey will settle down and and let the arm in without panicking. SO all your xmas presents are surprises then? The surprise is whether or not you can find them 🙂 Pie and share does not belong in the same sentence Mate, Never!!!! That’s good about Mike, forgets it all before he can make a stir, HA! It’s been a good week so far, bit of gardening getting our water tanks cleaned out, thankfully and finally getting online. Hugs to you David.

      • The day Joey doesn’t panic when my arm goes in will probably be the day he develops very pointed teeth. Yes, a stupid suggestion that I save space by keeping the gifts in the loft probably means I’ll have to start buying again before Christmas. I ALWAYS share my pies Laurie on the days I’m not able to get them. Of course it’s a different matter if they’re in stock. It’s handy Mike having a memory as short as his attention span sometimes.
        I hope you’re not overdoing it on the gardening and my fingers are crossed hat someone else is cleaning he water tanks. Look after yourself mate.

      • laurie27wsmith

        Good onya, I now have an image of wee Joey with crocodile teeth. That’s like I always want a sandwich when we have no bread. 🙂 I take it easy on the gardening, I have a tractor. I collect horse manure with it, forest mulch, tree bark for shredding. The sad thing is I’m the one who has to load it up. yes got a professional in to do the water tanks, one tank wasn’t pretty inside at all. I’m keeping on the straight and narrow Mate but there’s always a little job to do now and then.

  6. I’ve been thinking, David. Either you’re dulcet tones are not as dulcet as you think or Joey is trying to tell you something. Like… maybe she’s a Joeleen?
    I’m no expert on budgies, but I’m pretty sure I’d be ticked off if someone kept telling me I was a clever boy all the time. Just a thought. 🙂

    • It’s not my fault. If it’s a Joleen she shouldn’t be sitting there with the blue bit above her beak. I know it’s the age of equality and everything but that’s tantamount to a declaration.It’s me who should be ticked off for false representation. Either way I still feed her/him so a bit of gratitude wouldn’t go amiss.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Hypnosis carries a long, rich and quite exciting history, beginning with the earliest shamans and traditional healers, the healing sleep temples of ancient Egypt, right up to animal magnetism, mesmerism, hypnosis and hypnotherapy…and with Joye around it reaches new highs :))) Perhaps the reason why you seem to handle the crutches so well, David. Have a superb week

    • Are you suggesting that The Hulk ( well he is big and green) actually has a higher calling. It’s like saying a man who farts openly and scratches his bum is cultured. If he hypnotises me it’s all for his own benefit which is why sometimes I find I’ve put two seed bells in.
      Hope you’re well Ina
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

      • Hahahaha, well regarding the not to attractive habits of some the attractiveness does depend on the culture one scratches ones bum amid :)))) but if two instead of one seed bells take away the uneasy suspicions they are indeed of hypnotic possibility :))) Some do become mesmerised by The Hulk just as by Shrek but hey, all’s good in the land of diversity. Am well thank you, David, over my flu although one wouldn’t know I’ve endured one in past weeks. Many hugs XX

  8. I’ve enjoyed your hypnotic tale this morning, although I’m more entranced by more descriptions of English breakfast! I must go make some brunch now! Bestest, Emma 🙂

  9. Dear David, thanks for letting us join you for another week. Oh and the David Bowie song — I didn’t know that one and really enjoyed it. That Reuben… such a little heart-breaker. And Joey, charmingly sassy.
    If you get a chance, drop by my place and see the good things your friends (and some new friends you’ve made) are saying about your books.
    Have a wonder-filled new week. Mega hugs.

    • It’s always wonderful to host a visit from you Teagan.I’m glad you enjoyed the Bowie song, I didn’t expect to surprise anyone with it. Reuben, more a toe breaker given how many times he steps on my feet.Joey, certainly sassy with a certain sarcastic lilt to his squawks.
      I’ve been to your place for my weekly visit with Copper et al and you’ve surprised me yet again. Not just the continuation of your brilliant tale but also the degree of kindness you showed me. Thank you so much. People really shouldn’t wonder why I like spending so much time online with my friends. xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • My pleasure. You were one of the first people to support my blog, and you’ve been wonderful the entire time. And your book titles provided 3 great things for the serial. 😀 More hugs and hugs.

  10. Reuben is a beautiful child. and I love his little rocking donkey!
    Joey is naughty though screeching through your programmes, but I don’t know how you are going to keep him quiet. He obviously has no taste in what he watches on TV!!

    • Roobs is usually a good natured little lump but he bites worse than his donkey. Joey reckons antiques and house programmes are boring. He won’t listen when I tell him there are no shows starring little green budgies about little green budgies no matter how he squawks. Id better buy a video camera. xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx

      • Little Reuben doesn’t look like a biter, more like butter wouldn’t melt! Poor Joey, perhaps he needs another little budgie friend so he doesn’t moan about the TV.. Hugs xxxx

  11. David- excellent 80s tracks as usual.
    Will be in touch about the visit later when we have all the information. A game of trivial pursuit seems likely 😉
    Have a great week, Hugs!

    • Hi Christoph, you’re right the 80’a does seem prevalent at the moment and yet there was so much to love in the 60’s too.
      Oh, you know how to tempt me, I like my trivia but maybe since we’re writers we could go for Balderdash even? See who can tell the best lies.
      Have a great week,

  12. Live the idea of getting to gripes with the mail. I often feel like that about it too 🙂

    • Ouch. Not a very good job of editing then though gripe seems a fairly good word in the circumstances. You were probably right the first time that I live the mail rather than love it but I like that your editing went West too.
      xxx Massive Hugs Jane xxx

  13. And of course that was meant to be Love not Live…

  14. It sounds like you had a busy week. I always wait to read your posts when I can sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and really enjoy them. 🙂

    All the photos of Reuben are great, as usual, but I like the one of you and him.
    Hope Mike is able to work things out so that his Dad is happy and he doesn’t feel too guilty. Are there different places he and his Dad can visit?
    I’m wondering if the cloud cover here will part enough to let us see the full moon/eclipse tonight.
    Wishing you a very happy week! Hugs!

    • I think I’d need to sit down to read my posts too Merril but maybe with a stiff brandy.
      It’s funny, I thought the last picture of Roobs like an alien would have been most popular but it’s the chase scene that’s being mentioned most.
      I’m hoping Mike can work the situation with hid Dad out for the best and that it doesn’t leave him guilty.I think the only available place is the one he’ll go too for two weeks respite. Fingers crossed he feels settled there.
      The moon looks wonderful. it’s 3.23 am here and I’ve just been out. The moon looks wonderful and so much closer too. I hope you get to see it.
      Have a Wonderful Week, xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Too much cloud cover here when I went out to look at about 9:15. Perhaps it was clearer by the full eclipse time, but I was asleep by then. 🙂 Good luck to Mike and his Dad.
        Massive hugs!

  15. First of all, kudos on the musical choices, love love love ‘Men At Work’ and ‘Crowded House’…and ‘Against All Odds’ was my high school grad theme song (I’d like to say I was kidding, but no, seriously, my suggestion).
    My week couldn’t hold a candle to yours (yes, really, I went there), but mine did let me read your amazing book, ‘The Queen’s Envoy’ (review to come soon) and I’ve been reading Teagan’s astonishing ‘Atonement, Tennessee’ and her blog https://teagansbooks.wordpress.com/2015/09/26/copper-the-alchemist-the-woman-in-trousers-episode-33/ (still hanging on that cliff, Teagan, don’t want us to topple down). You 2 have been keeping me distracted – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Hope things work out for Mike and his Dad. Reuben seems to be working on cute awards (he’d totally win) and Joy, well, Joey is a wild child bird!
    Hoping to see the supermoon/lunar eclipse tonight, if I can drag myself away from the horror movie that is doubling as my email box – my head cold and I have broken up, he was dragging me down and invading my space, he had to go and he kept me from staying caught up. Time to say goodbye. 😉
    Thank you for sharing your week, David and hope everyone has a superior week! 🙂
    Massive mega monster mammoth million hugs, Donna 🙂

    • Wow,looks like I really did score musically with you this week.I’m so pleased as they’re all songs I really like.
      You’re very kind about my book but I’m really happy if it raised a smile for you. Obviously I’m not James Bond so this was out and out BS but with me thrown in. The other Barsetshire books are more like the blog, day to day humour..
      I agree about Teagan’s blog, it keeps me distracted too.She keeps me sitting on the edge of my seat.
      I’m sure things will work out for the best with Mike and his Dad. It’s just getting to that point that’s proving hard.
      Roobs could win cuteness awards but I’m not standing close when he throws them. Joey is just a bird with a mind that’s my own.
      I hope you saw /can see the moon. I was out to look about 3.10 am and it looked great. I’m glad you’ve divorced the head cold and want to see you well now.
      Have a Truly Fantastic Week Donna,
      xxx Hugs without count xxxx

  16. I can’t help but smile at the narrative of your weeks, subtle and funny… I’d love to see you do a stand up routine on stage 🙂 Once Joey comes around he could perch on your shoulder! In the meantime we enjoy.

    • If you see me on stage I guarantee I’ll be sweeping it only. If Joey doesn’t make a move soon I’m thinking of getting him stuffed and sewing him to my shoulder.Of course I’ll have to buy a tape recorder to play ‘Pieces of Eight’ on a loop.
      Thanks so much for enjoying the blog, it gives me a real lift to hear that.
      Have a Fantastic Week, xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  17. Such a breakfast, David! And Reuben never takes a picture that isn’t just the sweetest ever! Against All Odds, I’d say, and Sooo wonderful.

    • Bacon should be a religion all it’s own Marylin but fried bread comes a close second for me. Roobs does take good pictures but it’s getting that he poses these days expecting the click of Yvonne’s phone.Against all Odds was a fantastic record but many Phil Collins ones are unbeatable.
      I hope you have a brilliant week xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  18. It always makes me smile when I read how you dislike hash browns 🙂

    What if you do cover that mirror? Just to see what happens. In the dark of the night, when he is asleep, and then in the morning – ta da, I am your only friend, Joey! 🙂

    Reuben is so cute, I am certain he gets everything he wants 🙂

    Great choice of music, as usual.

    Have a very productive and happy week! Hugs!!!

    • I’m sure if I did cover it he’d be so confused he’d keep flying round looking for his landing place. I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle of him disrupting every picture in the room landing there to rest. Plus, he’ll know it was me and what happens when I’m asleep in the chair then? Revenge that’s what.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  19. Somehow I skipped your blog for a week and I felt bereft. I’m now back in your world with Joey and chasing cute little Reuben (loved, loved that photo of you two) and losing/winning on e-bay. You have such a true voice in your blog. It’s an honor to be invited into your life every week. I send you Fall greetings from NE, where the tips of the trees have suddenly blushed red (with embarrassment that winter is coming? or with joy of the gorgeous summer they just enjoyed?) xoxoxobigredhugxoxoxo

    • You should really have been overjoyed to have got away with it. It’d nice you’re back though. It was a good picture of Roobs and I.I haven’t been this week so none this week.
      It sounds wonderful where you are with the changing colours of the season. The trees and bushes here are getting beautiful colours too though the trees are losing their leaves.
      I started my book on Monday night and am enjoying it though I can only manage a couple of chapters a night at the moment. I’m so far behind with work tonight I may not get chance to read but that’s the price I pay for visitors during the day.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx Keep well.

  20. ‘In case there are ladies present I shan’t reveal what I say though’. Just what do you say to that poor bird? Does he understand about aviaphilia? Nice to capture one of those rites of passage on camera as you took Reuben for his first mobile phone – sounds like a good week, if only our servers were not so averse to a perfectly civil gesture like a handshake…

    • There are plenty of ladies present Frederick and I have very delicate ears too. The bird understands Nada, zilch, nothing at all. I’m only ever polite to him though….more or less.
      Fortunately we spent so long chasing each other outside the shop, they closed and saved me a fortune.
      It seems civil gestures are so easily misread.
      Take care Frederick, Hugs

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