Watching Katie Hepburn, I wish!

Sunday 4th October.
I made it to bed by midnight though it meant typing with one hand while undressing (and redressing) with the other. I did have a short read and my light went out about 12.30 am. I think sleep came quickly but so did dreams. They were unpleasant and woke me in a sweat at 1.20 am. I had a cigarette and went to my chair in the lounge to try and nod off again there. Next thing I know it’s 7.44 am and I’ve just had my longest sleep for months. Maybe I should dream more often.
As I was already by the kitchen I went to take my morning meds and make a coffee to bring back to my room where I could start work. Power up, log on and into battle. Plenty of mail being a Sunday morning and as I worked I realised just how many of my friends are still missing comments as I’m not getting their posts. I don’t know how to fix it.

I was working when I heard movement . It was 9.30 am and Mike had just got up. I nipped through to make him a coffee and ask for an extra ten minutes indulgence while I just completed a few more messages. I went through when I was clear and he suggested I have very stretchy time periods in Wales as it was now 10.20 am. I bullied tempted Joey out of his cage so I could see to new millet and change his seed and water. I wish I’d got him back in the cage so I could clean the mirror. I went through to get dressed. Mike did the same and kindly stripped his bed for me and put the bedding by the washing machine. I thought it was a bit much that he didn’t carry on and actually do the washing but it seems I expect too much.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We left the house at 11.15 am and headed off for Prestatyn. We were there about 11.40 am and as we parked up saw Karen not too far away. Mike beeped the car horn and she turned round. Out of all the tens of people in that area, how did she know it was her we meant? Anyway, she explained Jo wasn’t coming as she has fleas………..or more to the point her cats currently do. She’s in the middle of a big clean up operation. Karen walked off ahead of us so we had chance to get out of the car and bring in the prezzies for the youngest kids.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    When we were catching up with Karen we could see she was talking to someone over a low fence by the playground of the carvery. I was delighted to see Dil and his wife Lynne were there as were two of their children. Matt and Jess plus Jess’s partner Paul and her son Rylan whom I’m sure I last saw on the maternity ward. He’s 3 now.              Just a few minutes later Yvonne, Ugo and Reuben arrived. Yvonne looks quite large now, it must be uncomfortable in today’s heat. It was hugs all round.

We went inside and I saw my brother had been crafty and already got drinks and ordered meals for them all. That meant he avoided an argument with me when I wanted to pay. Luckily I was able to bully everyone else to list the meal and drink they wanted including Dil’s oldest son Lee, his wife Jen and their  baby Nathan. OK ,Nathan didn’t exactly list anything but the offer was there. I went up with Mike to place the order and we felt redundant when the staff offered to bring the drinks over and deliver the non carvery meals when they were ready. Mike and I thought if we got our carvery’s now, we could taunt those who had to wait. It was a very long and very pleasant mealtime and I was able to persuade 4 people ton have a pudding afterwards, granted in the case of the 3 year old and ice cream not a lot of persuasion was needed.                  Finally at about 2.45 am we all had to bid each other farewell though Yvonne came to the £ shop to pick up a drink and a trolley full of other stuff. She had a bottle of Lipton’s lemon tea, I had a cold Pepsi Max.

Mike brought me home and I expected him to leave straight away to visit his Dad but before he left he insisted on helping me make his bed ready for my visitors. Soon enough he was on his way leaving Joey and myself alone for the evening. I worked hard until 6.10 pm when I was pretty clear and decided to go and have some tea.I watched nearly two hours of Come Dine With Me and suffered badly especially because the contestants were Welsh and two let the side down badly.                                               I was then fascinated until 9.00 pm by a programme about the tomb of Cleopatra. A South American lawyer and amateur archeologist has a theory about where the tomb might be. And despite excavations having taken place in the same area in the past for different reasons the area has been written off as unimportant. This girl is a genius as the longer she’s there, the more possible her theory becomes though when first given permission to dig the archeological community and the Egyptian authorities are skeptical to say the least. I believe 2015 was about her tenth year, dring that time she found a stone very like the Rosetta stone but which predated it by at least two years and she’d recently found a new and very deep passage.The problem was, the programme came to an end with the end of this digging season and I have to hope that her progress continues to be filmed next year, and that there’s still something to be found. After all her hard work I wouldn’t like someone else to take over from her for the sake of a major discovery.

At 9.00 pm Joey had already gone to bed. I tried an Adam Sandler film against my better judgement, That’s My Boy. I didn’t even last ten minutes this time. Ben Stiller is another one that leaves me cold but there’s no accounting for taste. I could happily watch Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy films all day long though. I turned to work for solace and then to the blog.

Cousinly Love. Reuben and Nathan.

Cousinly Love. Reuben and Nathan.

Monday 5th.

I was in bed before midnight again and despite my long sleep of last night I was still tired. It must be because there was no power nap. I read till 12.30 am and turned the light out. I was up at 3.46 am and felt great. Rested with no disturbances. I beetled to the bathroom and then came back to power up and log on. By 5.50 am I was up to date with my mail in both accounts and with the comments on my blog. Keeping pace from this point should be easy so I went to take my meds and have an early breakfast.  After breakfast I put the washing on then brought my coffee back to the bedroom. Talktalk had logged me out (naturally) and when I signed in said it couldn’t connect to the right server and to check my account settings. Ridiculous since I’ve already been in there once this morning and if I don’t have an account how can I sign in? I just took a deep breath and carried on with my gmail instead. It wasn’t long before an email had me scuttling to ebay though. Yvonne had found a sheepskin muff that attaches to the handle of a pushchair or pram to make sure hands don’t get cold.

I took a break to see to Joey then worked until 9.45 am, took a birthday card to my neighbour Dorothy then settled to watch Homes Under the Hammer.Darren came and brought my latest parcel and thinks he’ll be bored over Christmas with no deliveries here.  It was just before the end that the knock on the door came and there was the lovely Val, my warden. She came in to say hello to Joey and find out how things are with me. It’s only while chatting to her I realised I was actually shaking. I was obviously not in a people kind of mood this morning. Once she’d gone I went back tot he computer to deal with the mail, looked on ebay for stocking gifts then finally went to empty the drier and put the stuff on the airer. Time for lunch before Bargain Hunt starts. Beef in ale with mashed potatoes. I’d be surprised if the alcohol didn’t send me to sleep. Well it did, but during the programme and not afterwards, though I was awake for the final auction so it can’t have been for more than about 5 minutes.                                           I did quite fancy another little sleep but I fought the urge and came back through to check the mail. There was quite a bit including one from my daughter three times. I’m not sure whether she thinks I have a memory retention problem. My response was the same each time anyway, I am buying you a bl**dy coat for Christmas !! Her Christmas suggestions are about £5 a go as though I’d let her get away with that.

After working I couldn’t help but do another trawl on ebay where I ordered the pram muff Yvonne had pointed out. I ordered a couple of other things at the same time.As far as I can gauge I need Yvonne’s coat and one more major prezzie before having just stocking presents to get. I shall have to keep an eye on finances now but at least I’m not under pressure. I suppose the worst part of this is that I still have 11 weeks left to buy more things as I see them and poor Santa will get backache delivering them. Maybe I should start a Santa franchise and deliver them myself. I refuse to buy a sleigh though just in case it doesn’t snow. Maybe I can persuade Mike to get an all-terrain vehicle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I went through to the lounge at 4.30 pm to watch The Antiques Road Trip and to have some tea. Since I’d already had my pre-foodie tabs for the day I had two crumpets with jam (jelly for my friends in America) on. I might have followed up with a few jaffa cakes.                                                                                                                                                                 I returned to the messages at 6.30 pm  after Eggheads which had a surprise ending today when just two people beat 4 Eggheads to win £12,000. It was unexpected because they’d lost three of their team and I think they were all over 70.

At 8.00 pm I watched a programme where they were trying to find the site of an ancient battle in Gotland near Sweden and prove or disprove it had taken place. It seemed the battle had taken place where the Danish army attacked and slaughtered the villagers in order to win a wealth castle for trading purposes.                                                                 At 9.00 am I watched a fascinating programme about the Celts. It seems that maybe we didn’t come from Central Europe to Scotland , Ireland, England and Wales after all. The new scenario is that we may have come from the Phoenecians trading and perhaps adapted culture from their goods. Then it looks like Middle Europe may have become Celtic from Britain as it seems early grave goods there were based on a leaf blade design from here. It also seems that the Roman’s portrayal of the Celts as savages was just propaganda and that we had an ordered society with sophisticated tastes. The Celts sacked and burned Rome when a chief was killed by a Roman ‘Diplomat’ and the Romans wouldn’t hand him over for punishment. I loved a side story that the Romans paid a vast weight of gold to rid themselves of the Celts in some kind of peace but that the Celtic leader used fake wights to up the ante.

Tonight’s music is a request from my friend Suzanne at apuginthekitchen.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Tuesday 6th.

Light’s out 12.50 am. Suddenly awake 1.35 am. In chair at 1.45 ac (after ciggie) and slept till 6.44 am. That settles it, I sleep better when I’m upright. I really must give up drinking!(joke). Joey is amazingly well behaved. He doesn’t utter a peep during the time it’s dark and I never have to cover him up. No unwanted alarm calls from him. So much better than the four legged pet that used to own the place. Not that I’m getting the idea I’m in charge here, just that there’s someone like Mike who could sleep for Britain should it ever become an Olympic event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             As I was already close to the kitchen I went to take my meds and make a coffee . I happened to glance at the calendar while I was waiting for the machine to finish and realised I’d taken Dorothy’s card a week early. I must hold back on one for another neighbour I was going to post on Thursday as she’s three days after Dorothy.                      It seems I’ve woken up in a bit of a low mood this morning. I’m going to Pauline’s to restock my cigarettes this morning ( and other things but I thought I’d mention that one) I have no idea what to say if she asks how Kelly is working out as my cleaner. She’s known both of them and is going to find it a bit strange that both have just walked with no explanation. Will she believe I’ve done or said nothing to cause it?

Taking my coffee through to the bedroom I logged on and started on my mail. I worked until 8.45 am when I got dressed and went to Pauline’s. She asked me about Kelly and all I could say is that I liked her but I haven’t seen/heard from her since she left on Thursday. She thinks it strange that Kelly should leave without a word too. I’d love to be there when she sees Kelly and asks why, maybe it would answer my query as to what I’m doing wrong.                                                                                                                                     Back at home again I put my shopping away then scrubbed the bars in Joey’s cage and changed the sandpaper at the bottom. Then I had to sweep the carpet and floor below his cage to make the place look respectable. As soon as he moved back to the cage I cleaned the mirror above, where he likes to park his bum. After   that he went and sat on the mirror again and seemed hell bent on making it s dirty as before. I reckon it’s all to do with the budgie on the other side teasing him. Once  I’d finished there I left him in peace for a minute and went to answer the door to Darren. Two more parcels today, I had to open them to see what they were so I could leave feedback later. I’d tell you what came but it’s a secret.

At lunchtime I couldn’t be bothered and just stuck chips and curry sauce in. I didn’t really want it but had to eat to take the diabetic controls. I watched Bargain Hunt but since the one ‘expert’ I really can’t stand was on didn’t pay close attention. Joey was quite entertainment enough fitting himself through the hoop of one of his toys, then battering his little mirror as though announcing the end of his race. Talking of mirrors, the main one above the cage upon which he rests his posterior is as bad as before I cleaned it thanks to is beak battles with his mirror image.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           At 1.00 pm I struggled back to the bedroom instead of taking my nap. I started to catch up on all the messages I’ve neglected today. I need to shake this current mood off and do some work. I stayed until 3.00 pm  then escaped to Escape to the Country where someone was looking for a property £900-950,000 in West Sussex.Some beautiful places there and it seems the best weather in the UK which title I always thought belonged to Cornwall. The show didn’t manage a success today.                                 Back to work from 3.45 pm to 4.30 pm at which time I decamped for my Antiques Road Trip, and quiz, and quiz then work and film and search for the Holy Grail all of which brought me to 10.00 pm and my final goodnights to the faithful (choke) budgie.                                                                                                                                                                               I started the blog first and will move to the mail afterwards time permitting which it will of course.

Nathan my great nephew Lee, my lovely nephew and Jen his lovely wife.

Nathan my great nephew
Lee, my lovely nephew and Jen his lovely wife.

Last night’s request reminded me just how much I loved the fantastic Simon and Garfulnkel.  This is for you Suzanne for the reminder. Thank you.

Wednesday 7th.

Lights out 12.25 am lights on 2.42 am. The loo, the kitchen for a cold refill and then a cigarette before trying my chair again. I woke at 5.42 am. I’m no accountant but I reckon that’s getting on towards the five hour mark. Result!  Maybe I should use the bedroom as just the office and stick to my chair at night. Mind you, if I woke up in my chair middle of the night, I wonder if I’d have to try my bed next? Joey as usual didn’t utter a sound which was very considerate unless he’s such a heavy sleeper he didn’t notice.

So, at 5.42 am when I got up I wandered trough to the kitchen and took a pre-foodie followed by the rest of my morning meds. I put some bread in the toaster, had a cigarette timer then enjoyed creating a series of mini-Alps in butter on each slice before eating it. I took a coffee through to my room and then went to wash off the excess butter from my moustache for when I kissed Muriel today. Yes, today was a MuJo visit as well as games day so I’m sure you all felt my panic as the post increased and I wasn’t able to touch it. Telling myself not to worry, there’s always tomorrow doesn’t seem to work. Tomorrow brings it’s own post.                                                                                     I kept things up to date as much as possible until MuJo arrived but had to break to let Joey out and replenish his food and water supplies. I also had to clean the floor area around the cage again and did so by crawling around on my hands and knees with a dustpan and brush rather than use the hoover and upset Joey. I did a little dusting too. I found the time at some point to get dressed as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Darren knocked on the door about 10.15 am with two more parcels for me. One in particular I was very pleased to get. I’d just turned Homes Under the Hammer on so was trying to watch, listen to Joey and open the parcels at the same time.One house was massive and had last been used as a day nursery. It hadn’t been left very tidy but at least no heavy structural work needed. I think it was a couple of friends bought it but I couldn’t hear too well over Joey’s argument with his reflection again. Anyway, they turned it into a superb 5 bedroom house very much in an Edwardian style but with modern fixtures. As we were getting to the point where they get valuations from two estate agents to see if there is a profit to be made, MuJo knocked at the door and came in. I had to go and see to drinks.

I dragged my feet a bit when Muriel asked if I was ready to go and eat. It was too early for me at 11.00 am So I managed to make us leave at 11.20 am instead. We were still entering the chippy at 11.45 am even after having gone round a couple of charity shops. We had a nice meal though I’m concerned that Mu isn’t eating enough at the moment. After lunch we took a walk round another shop then walked up to the new Homies. It’s quite a hill and obviously had an adverse effect on John as he had to leave to sit in the car. We went with him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By the time we reached Flint John was feeling better. Muriel and I went round the ALDI supermarket where I bought some bread and found some chocolates for the girls in Temptations. That’s where we went next and Muriel passed them over to Sian as she ordered drinks. We did a couple more shops afterwards before John felt the need to sit down again. I bought Christmas gift wrap??                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We arrived home at 3.45 pm and Muriel asked if it was Dil’s car parked outside. “Never” I said, “far too early” . But of course it was. He’d been working locally and it wasn’t worth him travelling all the way back to work only to come back here again. MuJo said their goodbyes and left with my thanks ringing in their ears. Dil and I were able to sit and chat about how nice Sunday had been and how his grandson, my great nephew Nathan is growing. We watched part of a programme about swapping homes for a break then the Antiques Road Tip and finally our Quiz.

The moment I clicked the TV off Dil put the card table up and I got the Yahtzee out. It was a very tense, give and take session for the first 6 games and ended 3 all so Dil said there was no need to destroy the papers. He got fresh papers out as we can’t play that  game and end up even. More nip and tuck, Dil won one then I did, then I did then Dil did then it was me again The last one should have been Dil’s and he started well but it’s all about finishing and I’m sure they heard his howl of dismay in Flint as I pulled the bird from the hat to win 7-5 overall.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I was feeling guilty then. Out came the Trivial Pursuit and I started well getting 3 segments in quick succession including the hated sports category. But he soon caught up. I did manage to be the first to get all six segments but he was giving nothing away.As Dil finally got his last segment we were both heading for the middle and the deciding question. Time was getting on and I’d failed to answer his choice about 3 times so had to go out and come back in again. He finally made it to the middle and I just asked the first question on the card. No hesitation he gave me the right answer and could go home a winner. After he left I tidied up and washed the posts before wishing Joey a good night, taking my meds and coming through to start work.124 messages, and still nothing like I’m used to getting when WordPress notify me of posts by my friends. It still took me until 11.24 pm to get clear and be able to start the blog. It’s a late night tonight so I’m hoping for some unbroken sleep.

Thursday 8th.

It was a late night work wise but because I didn’t read my light still went off around the usual time at  12.50 am. I also got my wish of some unbroken sleep as I was up at 4.16 am. Still in my bed too. Once I’d done my trip to the loo I knew I was fully awake and not ready to go back to sleep. Before dealing with mail I powered up the computer and headed for my bank account  just in case the DWP (Dept of Works and Pensions) had performed a miracle. They hadn’t.                                                                           I logged on to talktalk first to deal with the mail, and then at 5.30 am onto my gmail account for a catch up there. At 6.15 am I was able to go and have breakfast and take all my meds having temporarily got up to date.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    After eating I filled up some small pop bottles from larger ones as I keep the small ones beside my chair, beside my bed and beside the computer. Plus decanting it into smaller bottles releases some of the fizz so it’s more or less flat when I come to drink it and I don’t sound like the bullfrog chorus. At 7.15 am I went to sit in the lounge waiting for it to be light enough to open Joey’s cage door. The earlier I do it the less of a roasting I get. Naturally having just eaten I nodded off before I opened the cage. I woke at 8.05 am mid-bollocking. He was not a happy bunnie budgie. I did his food and water but he wouldn’t exit the cage so I could replace the millet spray. I’ll have to catch him later.

I dressed and did a catch up on the mail till 9.00 am when I went to Pauline’s to renew the lottery. I was a little worried as she said she hasn’t seen Kelly (cleaner) which for her is unusual as she’s usually in 3-4 times a week.(Oddly enough Kelly does work in a very similar shop directly opposite Pauline’s called the One Stop that I occasionally drift in to. I also bought the local rag this morning to see if they have any adverts for cleaners. There were none I could see. I was trying to watch Homes Under the Hammer and double check the paper when my postie came with two more parcels. One was actually a free razor from Wilkinson to try. I think it may have to wait till Spring now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The other parcel was more of a puzzle in that it contained what I’d ordered (baby related) but also contained a free gift because I’d ordered two of the original item. But, no-one told me what the free gift was. It’s certainly not the fingerless gloves their packing note seems to indicate. I think it could either be seat padding for a car seat or perhaps for a high chair. At least that’s what I’m going to tell Yvonne and just hope she doesn’t come back and call me an idiot because it is fingerless gloves after all. The main gifts are quite clever. An attachment to a pram or pushchair handle that allow the pusher to tuck their hands into a sheepskin lined interior for warm fingers. Of no benefit to the pushee though.

After my programme, paper checking and parcel probing I returned to work and the little pile-up of messages accumulated in my absence. Now there’s a thing, why is there always a pile waiting when I go away, but very little when I actually sit here? I think there’s a little gremlin inside my desk top that holds back armfuls of mail until I leave the computer. The moment I do, it’s all released to wait for my return. At 11.50 am I dropped it all in favour of lunch. I put some Irish sausages under the grill while I quickly peeled some sweet potatoes and an onion which I then put in the microwave for 7 minutes. I kept the sausages turning and once the 7 minutes were up I put some beans in the micro, removed the onion and put it on my plate then drained and mashed the sweet potatoes with some butter.They joined the onion and I added four of the sausages. While the beans finished I mixed a small amount of onion gravy. I added the beans and purse the gravy over the sausages and the mash. It was a feast and if you’re hungry now I’m sorry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I watched bargain hunt and managed to wash up before the teams went to auction. What an unmitigated disaster. None of the items chosen made a profit and the only reason one team took some money home (£27) was because one expert made a huge profit of £120. That gives you the scale of the losses. Once Bargain Hunt was over I made a move. I wriggled my bum into a softer spot and nodded off for almost an hour. At 1.50 pm though I suppose conscience got the better of me (chortle) and I returned to work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Fair play, there was work waiting to be done and I needed to get down to it. I spent until 4.30 pm and the start of The Antiques Road Trip catching up and trying to remember what the heck I wanted to do an ebay search for, that I’d thought of either last night or early this morning. I should carry a pad and pen with me all the time as I’m getting very forgetful. Maybe I was going to look up a pad and pen?                                                                                                                                                                                                             I enjoyed the Road Trip and the quiz that followed. I also enjoyed Eggheads before nipping through to see if I could catch up before 7.00 pm when I noticed a film I fancied. I couldn’t catch up fully but I did make a huge dent in it for later on.With Mike due (I think) there was no telling when I would get back to it of course.                          The message from Mike came at just after 8.00 pm and said he was on his way. That meant an arrival somwhere about 10.00 pm. I watched the film ttill 9.50 pm, ran into my room to do a couple of random messages then went back to catch WDYTYA (Who Do You Think You Are) until 10.00 pm which also gave me time for some supper and to tame my meds. Mike arrived almost on time and wasn’t very happy as he’s had a week rushing back and forth to Manchester to his father. He didn’t know my visitors hadn’t come or he’d have stayed here.

His dad is back in hospital again for various reasons and Mike, never the most patient of people finds himself getting annoyed at having to fill out questionnaires for admission to hospital when he was there so recently. He’s fed up of answering questions that he feels should be a computer click away. He was even more vexed to be asked to sign for an MRI scan when his father has had two so recently. They shouldn’t be asking if he has dementia in the hospital where the dementia was diagnosed just a couple of weeks ago. When he saw him late yesterday he’d just been transferred from A & E to a ward. Mike had gone up with him and waited in a side room as asked and been forgotten about so that when he came out to see if his Dad was ready, no-one knew he was there. We’re very lucky a large mushroom cloud didn’t appear over Manchester last night. From what he says,his Dad may be returning to the nursing home tomorrow. Watch this space.

sunshine park 8 use

Sunshine in the Park.

Sunshine in the Park.

Friday 9th.

My skiving last night made it a late one. After doing the blog I didn’t get to bed until 12.35 am and after a short read my light went out at 1.15 am. It was fantastic to have a disturbance free night and not to wake up until 5.17 am. After skipping to the loo, hey ho, I came back and logged into my talktalk mail. There was no way I could finish it because at 5.45 am I went to go and deal with taking my morning meds and doing my supplies for the next week. It also mean preparing a prescription request ready to take in on Monday for another 4 week supply on the half of the drugs I run out of before next Friday. So far I’ve never been able to get all the dates to coincide on the one prescription but at least I’ve got it that I apply for a different half every two weeks . I also decided to have breakfast so part way through filling my drug tray I took a pre-foodie and stuck a piece of bread in the toaster.

It was almost 6.30 am when I left the kitchen.Still too dark and too early to open Joey’s cage. Even replacing my drug draw in the cabinet near him didn’t seem to disturb him and my presence didn’t bother him either. In the light he’d have been trying to hide behind his mirror if I got that close. Strange, you’d have thought he’d have been more alert to possible danger in the dark.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       So, I took my coffee back to my room after taking my two post-foodie tabs. I carried on with my talktalk mail and at 7.20 am when that was clear, changed to my gmail account. That was temporarily empty at 8.05 am. I took my empty coffee cup back to the kitchen and then opened Joey’s cage door. If I was expecting a grand entrance from him I was to be disappointed. He sat on his perch un-moving and ignoring the open door.                                                                                                                                                              I turned the TV on as it was too early to wake Mike and my interaction with Joey was zilch. I couldn’t turn up the volume while Mike was asleep but oddly enough Joey’s volume control worked on the up and seemed to stick. It’s just as well I wasn’t really watching what was on. Eventually he came out, flew one circuit of the room and landed on the mirror. What a row he had with his opponent. It gets so bad I’m sure he doesn’t like him. I’ve no idea why he keeps going back.

I’d no idea what Mike’s plans are today regards timing so I took a coffee through at 9.00 am and woke him. Then I went back to work on my mail. A knock at the door 9.20 am and there was Darren with another package. This time a remote control light bulb that changes colours to suit moods. I know the one I bought MuJo brings a lot of pleasure.I’m afraid quite a few of us males are gadget mad. Mike got up while I was opening my package in the bedroom. I put that away and left feedback then went to warn Mike to ignore any strange noises in the next few minutes s I cam through and jumped on the bag containing all my plastic bottle waste. I needed more room having not put it out last weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I finished off the last couple of pieces om mail then went through to the lounge. Frasier was on and Joey was still trying to talk over it. I tolerated the noise until Homes Under the Hammer came on then I started tapping my knee. It distracted him and the movement kept him quiet without it creating any noise of it ‘s own. The times I forgot to do it he started again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             As the programme finished I said I was coming through to get dressed (at10.00 am !!) and left the room. Mike decided to do the same and called after me to see whether I wanted the TV off. I answered “Yes please”. Perhaps that shut Joey up having no competition. Once dressed I concentrated hard on work. Mike came through to say goodbye as he trotted off to see his Dad. I worked until 11.55 am then gave thought to going to the chippie for lunch. Instead I had one of the chips and curry sauce packs I get from Pauline’s followed by the last of the rhubarb and strawberry tart from ALDI. I just hope Mike doesn’t want it tonight.

I washed up during a lull in Bargain Hunt which was quite handy as had I left it there’s a chance the tray would have slid off my knee the minute I fell asleep which was the moment Bargain Hunt ended. The noise would no doubt of woken me and I’d have been even more grumpy old man than usual. The sleep lasted until 1.35 pm and was invigorating. I was ready then to come back to work until 3.00 pm when I had a small break and until 4.30 pm when I knocked off for my usual programmes. Once the Antiques Road Trip was over I kind of lost interest and took to inspecting the inside of my eyelids intermittently. At 6.15 pm I came through to catch up on emails.  I showered at 7.00 pm so I’d be in time for Would I Lie To You.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I made it in time for the programme and just a few minutes into it Mike sent a message to say he was on his way. I also saw Mastermind and considered going back to work but just after I’d put the kettle on and done Mike’s mug in he walked. I listened to the latest part of his saga with some disbelief. His Dad is still in hospital because the home he was in has had an almost total change of staff- from the top down- in the few days he’s been away. They insist on reassessing his needs before allowing him back. The new assessment is on Monday.If all is well he can move back to the home and complete his respite/convalescence/holiday whichever it’s necessary to tell him at the time. And just to prove me wrong about saying how antisocial he is, Mike saw him eating with the other residents last Sunday. It’s now a case of seeing whether he adjusts to the thought of full time care or is unhappy if he can’t leave when the holiday is up.

I put the England match on for Mike at 9.30 pm and came through to work. It took some time to deal with the mail and some time to show Mike the contents on an online magazine that fascinate me ( No madam, it’s NOT that kind of magazine at all). Finally I was able to get at the blog and I’ll still be in bed for midnight.

Gruffalo love

Gruffalo love

Count the fingers Gruffalo.

Count the fingers Gruffalo.

Saturday 10th.

I made the midnight deadline with minutes to spare. I was tired, and though reading a book I really didn’t want to put down ( The Right Wrong Man by Pamela S. Wight) I had to force myself to read two short chapters and turn the light off at 12.25 am. Waking up was at 2.17 am and it dawned on me dawn was along time off. I knew I was still tired and decided to try my chair in the lounge. Bingo, I fell asleep again until 4.46 am, a much better time. Too early to start putting the rubbish out maybe but just right for getting up to date on the mail. So, after the obligatory diversion to the loo I reached the bedroom to power up and log on.                                                                                              A slightly silly post I’d done on the Buthidars blog had received a few likes but attracted no comments thus far. Maybe I sounded too serious which beneath the joke I suspect I was.

Once the talktalk lot were out of the way I opened the gmail and started on those. By 5.50 I was clear on both and able to go have some breakfast and take my meds. Somehow I also remembered to refill my outside pill container in case I ate out. An improvement on Wednesday when I forgot it altogether but still filled my face with sausage and chips.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         As soon as I’d finished eating I emptied the food waste bin and put a new bag in and took the contents outside to the bin for collection later. Then I did the main bin , remembering to empty the bathroom and bedroom bin into it before taking it out. Now it’s just a case of remembering to take the paper waste and plastic waste out when we go. The glass and the tins can wait another week or so. As I came back in it was time to put the kettle on for Mike’s drink. When I took it through and woke him it was about a minute before his first alarm went off so I hoped the combination of the two together would have worked. Not a chance. I determined not to go and remind him about the coffee until I’d finished work on the emails but I heard the alarm go off twice more before he moved. Today’s score. Calls 1-Alarms 3, Winner-Mike.

Despite the late start we were still out for 7.30 am and shopping by 8.30 am. There were a few little extras I needed today but even so  I knew there would be tears before bedtime when I found how much I’d spent. Mike was delighted of course and told the lady on the till it put me nearer the heart attack than before,Yay. I have no idea at all why I bought him a coffee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We packed the car and headed towards Flint making a slight detour to a shop called Charlie’s to get ideas for gifts and just to generally see what was around. After we’d been there we continued on to Flint. We went straight for our coffee and his teasted toecake  and waited till we’d come out of there to go round the shops. Naturally I forgot I needed pillows at Asda, Charlie’s and all the Flint shops despite having it written on my list.                                                                                                                                                                    As the morning drew on we decided to headed to the Dragon’s Rest for lunch and then go to The Tweed Mill. The food in the Dragon’s Rest was good and in my case very welcome not least because somehow bacon had made it to the plate. It enabled me to have my second set of foodie tablets anyway. The Tweed Mill was full of so many things I’d like in country clothing and full of excellent gift ideas too. We had a coffee before Mike tried on some shoes. He has a problem in that he has small feet for a man. Today he managed to find a men’s size 6 to try but it rattled about on his foot. That left me with a sinking feeling which needs explanation.                                                                    I wanted to get him something nice for his birthday and chose some shoes I was sure he’d like. I took a chance on a man’s size 6 which is a 40 rather than the continental size 6 which is a 39 (also a ladies size 6). After the performance today I thought the shoes I’d bought would be too big. So when we came home I knew I didn’t want to disappoint him on his birthday, I got them out for him to try. At least if they were too big I could find an alternative. As luck would have it, I’d chosen a winklepicker toe and with a little insole he said they were fine. I was prepared to let him have them now but he insisted I take then back and he’ll try to forget about them for November.

We’d obviously put the shopping away before I passed the shoes over. Once they were away again I was able to work from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm on some of the mail. I joined Mike in the lounge, technically I suppose I joined Joey as Mike was asleep. The minute he heard the start of the quiz he usually calls me for he woke.                                               I stayed until 9.00 pm then came back on the attack again. Things went well and I rejoined Mike for  another show we generally watch together. At 11.00 pm though there was no choice, I had to work. I concentrated on the blog and have left the mail for either Tom or Ron.(TOMorrow or lateRON). This brings me nicely to the point where I add my final music of the week. This time I’m finishing with a Motown record as I’ve always been a big fan. There are some fantastic artistes like Smokey, Four Tops, The Supremes and many others but this man had such a talent especially with duets but this is one of my favourite songs by him.

Have a wonderful week full of dreams come true. Don’t forget to  HUG, make the Buthidars proud.


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77 responses to “Watching Katie Hepburn, I wish!

  1. David first of all thank you for the two songs and America is one of my all time favorites, loved them both! I am glad that you seem to be getting some sleep at least more than before and that’s very good! I also always enjoy the photo’s. I was wondering about Kelly. You are very organized getting your holiday shopping done so early, very smart. Thank you again for the music I enjoyed it tremendously! Have a great week and a big hug and kiss for you.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the choice of songs. If there’s ever anything specific you want there just let me know.
      It may look well organised to have done my Christmas shopping bit it was lucky I was able too. I’m also going to have plenty of time to wonder if I got the right things for people and want to change my mind all the time. I’m riddled with self doubt. Not about who my beautiful friends are though.
      Have a fantastic week
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. I’m not sure this will help, but go into your WordPress Reader and click on ‘Followed sites/Manage’. Then go through the list of sites you follow and check what sort of email notification you have set. Sometimes they seem to…change…at random.
    Oh and I enjoyed the blog as always. 🙂

    • All I can say is thank you and thank you.
      All the ones I checked seem to be set to Instant notification. I changed them to daily and then back to Instant with little effect. I think they might be starting to drift back again .
      I hope I found some music to your taste this week.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. Nice little touches of Simon and Garfunkle followed by some Frankie Valli during the read today David – much enjoyed! I also picked up on your blog comments – I have taken to checking mine at random times because they change things round and the following status can change, the way you get notified of posts can change. I picked up on something the other day when I had been notified of a post as usual, but saw in my list of followers that I was no longer following that particular blog [not my choice] …………. It is all a mystery to me!! But looking at your list of followers can be helpful as well as checking up that the ones you think you are ‘following’ are still in that category……. Just another wee job to keep you up til all hours 🙂 Sorry to read about Mike’s dad again – and hope you are okay too. Christmas is still a way off so don’t panic! xoxo

    • I’m so pleased that some of the music was enjoyed. Don’t forget I do requests ( that doesn’t include ‘Go away’).
      I am checking my reader to make sure I haven’t stopped following people, and I’ve tried changing status and then going back without much success. I’m told these things sort themselves out.
      Someone is trying to make sure there’s no time for sleep.
      Thank you, the situation with Mike’s dad is ridiculous but at least he still thinks he’s on holiday. I’m fine thanks, never a need to worry about me. I always panic up to the last moment in case I’ve bought the wrong gifts.
      Have a Wonderful week
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  4. I’ve grown old telling myself every year I’ll get the Christmas shopping done early and every year I end up rushing through Christmas Eve as if there’s no tomorrow. Glad to hear at least some – You – are organised. Perhaps I will get organised on that plane one of these days, months, years… Sorry to hear about Mike’s dad “to-ing and fro-ing” the hospital rounds and hope things settle down somewhat…with dementia things don’t settle down I know but hopefully physical ailments do…Have a great week and, oh, Adam Sandler never drew me rushing to the movies, either 😀

    • It’s actually very relaxing getting the Christmas shopping done early.Doing it online means not having to face crowds. There is a downside to it though in that I have a long time to worry if I’ve bought the right gift or whether I’ve bought enough. Maybe you’re better off shopping late.
      The hospital don’t seem particularly worried by his health at the moment and the only reason he’s still in hospital is the home won’t have him back without another assessment of his needs. Maybe he can go back on Monday?
      Have a Wonderful Week. I’m so glad I’m not on my own with Adam Sandler. Ben Stiller is the other one that leaves me cold.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. Curry sauce makes everything better and turns a simple plate of chips into a gastro-feast. I think of you every time I use mine. Thank you, David. Well impressed with your budgie handling skills. My canaries are still not singing after their moult, I miss their raucous warbling, it was such a joy to hear. I really love your music choices this week, I’m going to put on Marvin Gaye really loudly now to inspire me to get on with the cleaning. Two weeks of visitors arriving tomorrow and I’m feeling weak at the thought! Have a great week and lots and lots of hugs to you xoxo

    • I can’t disagree with you there. I’m tending to have more of those meals than of anything that’s good for me. I have to have a chip buttie of course and the curry sauce does nicely there too. Don’t forget , anytime you need something……..
      I think you should be more impressed with Joey’s people handling skills than my budgie ones since he just gets to do what he wants, which doesn’t include listening to me or coming near me.I hope the canaries get better soon.
      Are you sure Marvin Gaye’s record is going to encourage cleaning? Once Pete hears the title he may have other suggestions.
      Have fun with the visitors. I wish I was one.I could load up with goodies.
      Have a Wonderful Week, xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  6. I can cope with Stiller but he’s not my favourite. As for Sandler, he should be drummed out of the business! Oh, but I could watch Hepburn and Tracy all day too. In fact, I think I shall ensure we watch Adam’s Rib tonight (possibly my top favourite). The photograph of Reuben kissing Nathan is adorable. Happy sleeping for the coming week! Hugs xxx

    • I have DVD’s with 8 of the Hepburn/Tracy films. They have always been favourites especially together. For me the mark of a good actor is that I believe every role.Some people are so one sided they have to play the same person in the same part continuously.
      It was a great picture of Roobs being so gentle with his little cousin.
      I shall try for a change in the sleep patterns and aim for at least 5 hours.
      Have a Fantastic Week, xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  7. laurie27wsmith

    Drum roll please: what a great sleep and Mike waking up by himself. Is this really you David? That show on the archaeologist sounds interesting. Love the Roobs and Nathan pic, cute. I can just see you on an ATV David, a huge sack over your back delivering prezzies. 🙂 Go the Celts. Nice pic of the Nephews. Played trivial pursuit many years ago when it first came out. Had a few people over for the night and a friend of a friend came along. He was one of those alpha males who can’t stand to be beaten. We played head to head with me having some trouble with the science questions. The both of us ended up with one square to the centre, my turn and he picked the question, science. I got it right. Man didn’t he go off. He picked up the board and flung it across the room, yelled and stomped out. Sore loser. 🙂 yeah, I’m hungry now, I love sausages, gravy and mash. Cute gruffalo there. If it wasn’t for my wife I wouldn’t do xmas, I know it’s sad but that’s how it is. Actually the whole xmas scenario makes me sad. Anyway another great post, keep well mate and we’ll see you next week.

    • You have to wonder what’s happened to the World when Mike appears without being woken.
      I did enjoy the TV show, a subject I like. The picture of Roobs and Nathan couldn’t have been better. He might be a little savage with me and my toes but he’s very gentle with babies.
      I think I’ll rely on the postman Laurie, red doesn’t suit me.
      I can’t believe how someone can be so childish. Since you’re not playing for the Town Hall Clock is winning really that important?
      It may not sound like it but I don’t like Christmas. I’d as soon be left alone Christmas Day to be a miserable git but like you, with someone else in the picture I can’t do that. It’s lucky I get such a kick out of buying prezzies for people, just not usually so many at once.
      Look after yourself Laurie, Take Care

      • laurie27wsmith

        Mike being up really set me back a bit, he must be sick or something. I had to laugh at the thought of Roobs savaging your toes, cracked me up. Childish didn’t come into it Mate. We can be miserable gits together over xmas, we could write miserable git carols, and load socks up with coal and make them miserable git presents. 🙂 I see that your excitement level goes up when you’re on ebay, funny that. I’ll take care if you get plenty of sleep.

  8. Great pictures and music that is timeless! Simon and Garfunkel always makes life seem peaceful, doesn’t it…Loved Bridge over Troubled Waters…those were the days!! You can tell who the star of your life is…that little smile just makes you happy!! Have a wonderful week and keep on shoppin’!!

    • You’re right Patrick, the music is timeless. I always loved my 60’s because I was still in my teens then but I enjoy the 80’s too and being an ‘old git’ there doesn’t seem to have been much music since.It makes it great for me going back.
      By the star in my life you mean the boss don’t you? Of course that term refers not only to my grandson but to the budgie as well now.
      Have a Great Week, Keep Well

  9. Katherine Hepburn was a great actress. One of my favourites is The Lion in Winter with Peter O’Toole. Wonderful. Lovely pics of Reuben again, and I too enjoyed the Simon & Garfunkel.

    • Actually that’s one of my favourite roles for her though I loved her in The African Queen, heck, I just loved her.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the S & G they were quite exceptional singers and musicians. Their work was real music and words that made sense.
      Have a Wonderful Week.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  10. Hi David: I hope the issue with the notifications gets sorted. These days I subscribe to some of the blogs (then I get an e-mail for each) and catch others and read as I find them, but I also seem to miss some. I’m thinking of getting rid of my separate website and just moving everything to WordPress, so I’ll have to investigate the ins and outs further. I’m sorry to hear about Mike’s Dad. Yes, things that appear logical to mere mortals seem impossible to achieve by the people who organise hospitals and the NHS (unfortunately there was a lot of money spent on a computer system that would allow everything to communicate but never worked). Things seem to be made unnecessarily complicated but… Your plans for the presents sound very good (you’re very organised) and I hope you get some answers as to the cleaners’ issue. Be well and love to Joey and Mike. 🙂

    • Hi Olga, I hope the notifications are sorted soon as well. I feel I’m letting people down not reading and commenting on their blogs even though I have checked and made sure instant notification is ticked.
      I’m afraid that’s always been the way with bureaucracies with more and more money pumped towards those running the institutions instead of towards the users.
      This year (somehow) I am very organised and having some fun getting the presents but it hasn’t always been that way.At least I won’t be caught in any crowds.
      I don’t know where to find another cleaner if I did decide to go ahead in the hopes of Third Time Lucky. Maybe it’s a sign to do it myself.
      I’ll pass your love on to the reprobates. I’m sure they’ll join me in sending love back.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Dear David, I’m a little late to the gathering, but it let me see some of the comments from all your wonderful friends. I’m charmed by each week you allow us to spend with you. I especially liked the picture of Reuben looking so thoughtful with his stuffed toy. And it’s always a pleasure to hear Simon & Garfunkel. Wishing you limitless Katherine Hepburn movies, curry perfection, and especially — Mega hugs! 🙂

    • Dear Teagan, you’re never late and always welcome.You just come at a measured speed and you know I’m always delighted to see you and realise I haven’t scared anyone off yet.
      If Roobs stayed that peaceful all the time my toes would be safe.
      It’s wonderful listening to S & G again, I should play them all the time.
      Thank you, I would enjoy my Katie H movies and my chips with curry sauce despite the lack of nutrients but most of all I love the Hugs sent by my friends.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs to you xxx

  12. I love Simon and Garfunkel, but ‘Sexual Healing’ definitely tops it off! I remember buying the 12″ version of that (Ooo er, that sounds a bit rude)!!! I can’t believe you are putting us a ll to shame by starting your Christmas shopping already! I have not got one single thing yet. I loved the photos of Reuben and Nathan, how very cute. Have a lovely week David. Lots of hugs xxxx

    • I didn’t realise how rude it sounded until you mentioned it and then you made me choke on a mouthful of Pepsi. That’s another load of washing tomorrow, thanks for nothing!!
      I had to start shopping because the ideal gift wouldn’t have been available much longer. One I started I couldn’t stop, maybe it’s OCD or perhaps I just like buying prezzies. Mike tells me I’ll have to start again as I’ll have given them mostly away before December.
      It was a good photograph wasn’t it.
      Have a Wonderful Week.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. Late again David, but I have a good excuse, it’s not only Thanksgiving here in Canada, but believe it or not, our Federal Election is next week so they placed the advanced polling days this weekend, yes, the holiday weekend. I voted. I love voting. But I’m so glad I’m finally here. 🙂
    I think I may have watched the same special on Cleopatra – was always fascinated by her when I was young, think I wanted to be a strong woman like her except with less of the making as asp of herself. 😉
    I adore ‘Come Dine With Me’, but I like the UK version better, the Canadian one is not nearly as fun (I blame the lack of accents). 🙂
    Nathan is adorable, then again, so is Reuben, you’re surrounded by adorable. 🙂
    Hope Mike gets his Dad’s assessment sorted, that must be worrisome for him.
    Love Yahtzee and Trivial Pursuit (although few will play with me, my head is overstuffed with weird info).
    Katharine Hepburn was divine…I love her movies, I also love curried, well, just about anything and I’m enthralled by the name, Dragon’s Rest for a restaurant, wow…so cool.
    Your book review and other stuff is getting a fine welcome, David, and now I’m off to post it on Goodreads I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Queen’s Envoy’, you truly have a way with words, my friend. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your week, David, hope this week treats you kindly. 🙂
    Massive monster mammoth hugs from across The Pond, Donna

    • Hello Adorable Donna, whenever you get here is always the right time.I knew about Thanksgiving but not about the elections, funny timing.
      It was a really good programme but after reading the joke I might be sorry I mentioned it now, groan.
      I’ve only seen the UK version of Come Dine and some are really funny but a few are quite cringeworthy as that one was. I’m not sure some people should be allowed out in public without a minder, never mind on national TV.
      There’s always room for more adorable in my life.
      The assessment is tomorrow and we hope it’s just a formality to cover the back of the new staff.
      I like both those games but my favourite, the one no-one likes to play with me is Balderdash. That’s a real laugh.
      Katie Hepburn was always the woman I measured all women against.I adored her from a young (ish) age and the later lines never put me off.. I know other women are beautiful, nay stunning but she was my ideal way back when.
      The Dragon’s Rest is because the Red Dragon is our National Emblem.
      I’m so grateful to you for the review. You really needn’t have gone to so much trouble.I’m also grateful for the kind words about the book.
      Thank you for being with me this evening and for sharing my blog.I hope you have the most Wonderful Week.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Donna xxx

  14. That Celtic theory fascinated me, total eclipsed everything else you wrote!

    • It was a fascinating programme Kate. When they said that the leaf design blade on a sword originated here but went on to be found as part of grave goods in Europe they were able to show that thee European Celts came from here and not vice versa.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  15. Simon and Garfunkel, ah, but that brings back memories, especially “Let’s hand on, to what we’ve got…” Good plan.
    Reuben and Nathan are adorable cousins. Just think of all Reuben can teach Nathan. Soon you’ll all be chasing them both.
    Have a great week, David. Hugs!

    • Most of the musical memories from that period seem to be memorable and happy and more to the point-musical.
      I hope the boys will get chance of time together as they grow, and the new addition too when born. I was close to my cousins growing up and still think the world of them though rarely seen these days as we’re scattered to the winds.
      Have a Wonderful week Marylin.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  16. I can relate to the problems with WP. I’m still having issues too. It feels terrible to think that readers are making comments and not receiving my return comments, but you’re correct. There isn’t anything more I can do about it but keep pressing WordPress.

    I always love the photos and music you share, David. It’s fun to watch Reuben growing up though in a way also sad. Hope your week is wonderful. Hugs, Laine 🙂

    • I hope you get your WP issues solved soon Laine. They’re very frustrating. I was always notified when someone I followed wrote a blog. I hate to think what I miss these days.
      Thank you. I enjoy sharing the photographs of Roobs getting bigger and love the music being enjoyed either as something new or as memories with my friends.
      Have a Glorious Week,
      xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  17. Love Kate Hepburn, one of the best ever. Those cheeks on Nathan? Oh man would I love to squeez those. So adorable. One of your best collections of music. Thank you.

  18. If he could circumvent the time space continuum the G.O. would be over to your place for dinner… we eat all of those things, sausages, sweet potato, onion and beans but not together. I’ve never had curry sauce on chips either, feels like I’m missing out on something.

    • When Star Trek lats me borrow a couple of transporters I’ll be sending you one so that you’re welcome whenever you want to try my combinations. Perhaps your local chippie does curry sauce you can have on your chips. It’s mild and really tasty. If not, Bisto (the gravy people) make a curry sauce mix based on chip shop style. Maybe you could find it there. Well worth the try Ella honestly. You are missing out.
      When I have my sweet potato bangers and mash this week I’ll eat some in honour of the G.O., and some curried chips for you.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  19. David, you are one of the most organized people I have ever known, and your dealing with the Christmas shopping is a fine example.
    Love the pictures of Reuben and his Gruffalo, – that look of affection and true care.
    Have you ever tried Taco chips?
    Love your choice of music, as usual. I always wait until the song is over before I continue reading. I wouldn’t have time to look for these songs in Youtube myself – thank you for doing it for me!
    Have a pleasant and eventful week!
    Hugs, and more hugs!

    • I think organised by accident would be a better term Inese. It’s only because I found one suitable item by accident I started and then couldn’t stop so perhaps it’s OCD?
      That was a great picture with the Gruffalo. I’m thinking of wearing a Gruffalo costume tomorrow so he doesn’t step on my feet and laugh.
      No, I haven’t tried those, aren’t they something like crisps?
      I’m so glad you enjoy the choice of music, I hope it brings back nice memories. I have great fun finding them and listening as I put them on.
      Have a Wonderful Week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • OCD 🙂 I am sure my tests would come negative 😉
        Gruffalo, what a great idea for a costume!
        You often mention chips and curry sauce. In our chippers we have both – curry and taco sauce. I love taco chips:) Yummy!
        Have a lovely week!
        Many many hugs!!!

  20. Jemima Pett

    Rockin’ Berries – that takes me back!
    Hugs xxxx

  21. I am not getting emails about posts anymore, what is going on with WordPress?
    Hand warmer for pushchair is a brilliant idea.
    I see you have just found a post you missed, thank you for the tweets and shares.
    I got a few books from the charity shops in Wales while I was there. I also like the B&m shop, think that’s what it’s called. I always find some bargains in there.
    Have no idea why I am awake at this awful hour lol will try to sleep again. Happy Tuesday David xxxx

    • I’m trying hard to catch any posts I miss but usually I have to wait for someone to tweet them or reblog them. I don’t know what to do.
      B & M is a good shop but my fave is Home Bargains. I always enjoyed the one in Prestatyn and the one in Flint but Rhyl was best….until recently, now Holywell has a big one of it’s own.You’d love the great cocktail and wine glasses I got this weekend. Individually boxed, howlingly funny comments on them and down from about £12 to £1.99. Great prezzies.
      That was a strange time for you to be up though I still beat you by more than an hour. I hope you managed another nap.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • The glasses sound like a right bargain, I could do with one of those cocktail ones lol
        I did manage another couple of naps that day. Today has been a jama day as no energy and the brain was not working properly to write so I have finished another book. I have two now that the reviews will go out on the day they are published so all good.
        We have a family bargains in Folkestone and I have found that some of their food is cheaper than cheap supermarket bits!
        I’m meeting a friend for coffee tomorrow so hopefully there will be a nice picture of yummy coffee cake on blog. Take care.
        Love Karen xxx

  22. Hi, David.

    I had to look up Carvery. It reminds me of a restaurant we had here called Beefeaters. Jaffa Cakes look yummy. (I had to look that up too.) It sounds like you’re keeping busy, and I love the fact you get holiday shopping done so early. Sending get well wishes to Mike’s dad. Have a great week. Big hug.

    • I’m so sorry Mary J. I tend to forget that not all things are common between us. A carvery is simple,you choose from the roast joints and are given slices of those then you help yourself to potatoes and veg.
      Jaffa cakes are yummy but very dangerous. People tend to hit you if they catch you eating theirs.Ahem, so I’ve heard anyway.
      I’ve been occupying my brain if not my body on trying to get the right thing for the right person at Christmas.. I’m doing OK I think.
      Thank you for the get well wishes, I know Mike will appreciate it.
      I hope you’re having a wonderful week
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. Great photos this week, and great music, too! A group of us were discussing Simon and Garfunkle the other night (that they didn’t get along, but their music is so beautiful).
    I agree with you on the actors. I love Katherine Hepburn, too. My older daughter went to Bryn Mawr College, which is where Katherine Hepburn went, as did her mother and aunts. The theater center that opened when my daughter was a senior there is named for the women. I thought you’d like the Welsh connection with the college’s name. 🙂

    Have a wonderful week filled with lots of hugs. Here’s one from New Jersey!

    • It’s a real shame when two such talented musicians don’t get on. Their voices really complemented each other and the writing was sublime. It’s more of a shame that they couldn’t have stayed together as a performing team and just enjoyed their own projects as well.
      I love the fact that there’s such a Welsh connection there and it’s such a highly thought of college.But fancy naming a college Big Hill.
      I hope you’re having a wonderful Week. Thank you got my New Jersey Hug.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you Merril xxx

  24. Hi, David. Great pictures of Reuben and Lee and his lovely family. It’s hard to believe that timy baby has grown so fast. It’s great you all could get together like that. Mike’s having a time deciding about his dad isn’t he. I was always afraid my mom would have to go to the hospital for a time and lose her bed in the good nursing home she was in. They took such good care of her. She only had to go to a hospital once though when she fell and broke her shoulder. She had far less pain in that shoulder after they set it and it healed than she did before. The pin they put in probably gave it needed support. Take care. Lots of Huge Hugs, Suzanne.

    • Thank you Suzanne.I loved the very rare picture of Lee and his family. The baby has grown a lot.
      It’s magic we could all get together like that. I love those occasions.
      I think Mike would have an easier time deciding, if the hospital and nursing home staff got their acts together. Mike arrived earlier on but I’ve not has chance of a real chat yet but I do know his Dad is back in the home again.
      I’m glad you didn’t actually have to worry about your mother losing her place.and that she did heal OK.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  25. I haven’t seen you over at my roughwighting site for a couple of weeks, David, and was getting worried. But maybe I’m one of those who got ‘unfollowed.’ I’m going to check out my Reader/Followed Sites/Manage also. Hate it when they fiddle around with it. Now, to lecture again, YES, dreams can help you have a good night’s sleep. When you click off the light and start to fade, say to yourself, “I’m going to have a great dream tonight and sleep for 5 hours straight.” It works! 🙂
    Glad my book kept you page-turning some of those nights. Your review is magnificent. THANK YOU. xoxoxmassivehugxoxoxo

    • How funny. I’ve just returned from your site. The silly thing is, no-one is showing as unfollowed and you’re all still down for immediate notifications. I don’t understand it. But I’m determined not to lose my friends.
      I rarely dream,or perhaps that’s rarely remember dreams but on odd occasions I do have bad ones which fortunately wake me. I used to be able to go to bed and know what time I’d be up, sort of like tapping your head on the pillow for the hour.These days I just know it will be early.
      I’m just starting my 3 days of sleeping in the chair to see how that goes but I will tr this new trick as well.
      I’m so glad you found the review and liked it. I can genuinely say I enjoyed the book and was sorry when it ended.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  26. Catherine Johnson

    British hospitals sigh. Your grandson looks cuter and cuter.

  27. Cute, cute kids! What in the world did you do to Kelly?

    • I’d hold my hands up if I knew what it is. I don’t go round pinching bottoms and wouldn’t dream of making advances, ha, I can hardly open my mouth to say a dozen words. I’d hate to think a cleaner found my house too dirty especially as I tidied up before she came.
      I just have to hope it’s not my fault.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  28. For Emily, whenever I may find her. I’ve been trying to remember the title for that track for years, ever since I heard it by S & G on one of their LPs. Still like the duo version better though, I think. Thanks for bringing that one back to me, David. Love to Joey, and good wishes for his bird abuse counselling.

    • It’s one of those songs you can find yourself humming or even singing a line but not be able to extract the title from memory. I sat and listened (gladly) to a whole S & G album and found it again that way.
      I agree that the duo songs were far better than solo efforts.Solo was good but lacked the magic.
      Joey sends regards, I think it’s me should be getting bird abuse counselling.
      Hugs Frederick.

  29. Enjoyed that interesting visit into your life David, your choice of music is to my liking as well, must be because we were born into it in the same era.
    You mention Hepburn and Tracy, I too like watching these great old classics, even the old black and whites are great to sit back and enjoy, they had character and a life that is missing from today’s films.
    You also have an interest in archaeology it seems, another area of my liking, rediscovering the past is always intriguing.
    Best wishes and kind regards.
    Aussie Emu aka Aussie Ian

    • Thanks so much for popping in to tell me you enjoyed the visit Ian.You’re most welcome.It sounds as if we are the same vintage and that means we’ve had a great spread of good music to choose from in our time.As for the films then yes, even the B & W films of that era had a lot of character that’s sometimes lacking in films now.I’d watch a Hepburn / Tracy above most things though s they had real chemistry between them as well as a rare talent singly.
      Yes, archaeology is a favourite subject and fairly recently new discoveries have been really important.The discovery of a skull showing perhaps the start of man’s journey to intelligence much earlier than thought. A change in the direction of the spread of the Celts and possibly even the tomb of Cleopatra….Wow.
      Regards and Hugs.

  30. My husband Ron and I love to watch the old classic movies, too.
    Love your photos!
    xxx Massive Hugs, David xxx

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