Of Mice and Men & Dil’s Whitewash.

Sunday October 11th.

Last night was a bit later than planned but I did getup to date before bed. I was going to have two chapters but was so close to the end of the book I couldn’t put it down. Pamela S. Wight is a master storyteller. It’s obvious she couldn’t care less about my sleep patterns though since she keeps me reading more. I finished it last night, what do I do now?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The light went out about 1.20 am but I knew I could have a lie in. I was u at 2.40 am after hearing a noise and a cry from Mike. When I went through, the pile of Christmas presents had collapsed and woken him up in fright. He said to leave them until morning but I didn’t want them trampled on a loo run. I picked them up and went back to bed. I woke again at 4.31 am and this was the real thing. I made my own loo run and came back to power up and log on.                                                                                                              The blog was getting comments and I was happy to see my spoof (or is it?) Buthidar’s post was still getting comments too. I dealt with my talktalk and then gmail post up to 6.00 am when I went to the kitchen to take my meds and have some breakfast. I had 2 crumpets today.

When I came back to the computer my talktalk had timed out. I had to close the site then sign back in. Then came the wailing and the gnashing of teeth when once in it told me it couldn’t find my account. Yet at the top of the page it told me I was signed in. Aaarrgggh !! I carried on with my gmail and then returned to sign in yet again on talktalk a little later.It did work the next time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                At sometime after 7.30 am when I was clear I joined Joey in the lounge and opened his door in case he was ready to come out. I renewed his water and seed but the millet was OK since Mike had dealt with that last night. As there was no movement by Mike except another loo trip I returned to work at 8.30 am fully intent on keeping pace as long as possible today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               It was 9.30 am before I took a drink in to Mike. There was no alarm to ignore today so I just left him to get up when ready. As I was working I didn’t actually hear him sneak through to the lounge but I think it was about 10.00 am. I went through at 10.10 am as up to date as I could be. There he was asleep in the chair but the spoilsport refused to fall over. He woke when I spoke to Joey and stirred enough to drink his coffee. By 10.45 am we were heading out.

I directed Mike to the new Homies in Holywell. I’d bought a wine glass a few weeks ago and was sure I’d got it from Homies in Flint but had found none yesterdy. Mike couldn’t remember them at all. I found them this morning and bought what I needed. I got some pillows, and a few stocking gifts while I was there so ended up very pleased we’d gone. From there we went to The Bells of St Mary’s for lunch, the usual carvery. Very nice too. No bouncing bomb potatoes, but there was an incident with an onion that repelled both knife and fork.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Once we finished Mike felt it was a little too early to go home and set off to see his Dad again so we went into Prestatyn. They’ve just opened a new shop there TKMaxx so we had a whiz round there. Mike hurt his chest trying on some shoes but still ended up buying them. The place was a bit crowded for me but perhaps that’s because it’s so new. I took him for a coffee when we came out so he could recover his breath. It had happened as he tried to cross his legs. I didn’t realise you needed yoga positions to try shoes on. I sympathise as I know how difficult it is to bend down to get shoes on or tie them. I prefer slip-on shoes now but still have laced pairs.

We finally came home.Mike set about arranging Ju’s flowers while I started on the work I’ve dodged all day. There was lots of it. Once the flowers were done Mike came through to say goodbye and set off back to Manchester again before returning on the long journey to Rugby tonight.                                                                                                                I worked through till 6.30 pm then had a break for tea and to watch yet another version of The Count of Monte Cristo. The Count was played by Jim Cazaviel this time. I’know he starred in an unfortunate religious epic by Mel Gibson, which I haven’t seen, but I have enjoyed him in TV’s Person of Interest. It was a well made film and to my mind done with a lot of sympathy for the book. I came back through at 9.00 pm after taking my meds and running the gauntlet of Joey’s squawks because I was turning the light out. I managed to find a leather jacket in Roob’s size .I’d caught up by 10.00 pm and was able to go straight on with the blog. An early night follows.

Monday 12th.

I was in bed by 11.15 pm last night, almost unheard of. Lights out at midnight and I settled down to sleep. I’d had no power naps in the day to help me. I was up again at 1.25 am and cross that I couldn’t settle again despite wringing my bladder out so that didn’t cause problems. I went to my chair and must have fallen asleep pretty quickly as I didn’t finish a cigarette. This morning I woke up spot on 4.00 am. That felt pretty good. I’d done such a good job on my bladder last night I couldn’t even make a detour on my way to the bedroom to sign in.I opened both my talktalk and gmail though I dealt with the talktalk first. I had pretty much cleared that by 5.20 am and was able to start on gmail. I was doing well but had to break off at 6.00 am to get breakfast and take my meds.

While my toast was cooling I put a wash load in. The onion incident of yesterday where it had shot out from under my knife and fork had splashed me with gravy so both my jeans and my top had to be washed before anyone started offering me a bib.                                                                                                                                                                                            After breakfast I came back to my room to continue work and deal with the new messages that had come in while I was away. WordPress was down with an ‘Oops’ message but luckily it wasn’t for too long. By 7.30 am I was temporarily clear again. It was just starting to get light so I went to open Joey’s door and change his seed and water. He didn’t move off his perch while I worked. I stayed with him a while encouraging him to talk before finally going to get dressed.                                                                                              After dressing I alternated between playing catch-up and searching ebay for a suitable watch for two someones for Christmas and a 25th anniversary gift.  For the latter I chose a personalised label for a bottle of champagne, unfortunately the champagne didn’t come with it.

At 10.00 am was my homes under the hammer and I prayed to the gods that Val my warden didn’t come before the end this week. She didn’t, I had a five minute gap where I’d come through to work again and I’d just started answering a message. I let her in and she led the way to the lounge where she spent a few seconds trying to talk to Joey but with the volume he was creating he couldn’t have heard WWIII above it, never mind Val. For such a tiny object he’s very vocal.                                                                                  We talked about shopping as she’d been to The Tweed Mill yesterday where Mike and I had been on Saturday. I think I should get a medal for encouraging trade.               Once Val had gone I realised I hadn’t dropped my prescription request off.Getting my shoes on I shot up the road as fast as I could move. It’s very unfortunate that the chemist is situated right next to the chippie and the smell of vinegar was making me hungry. I resisted and went home back to the mail and managed to complete everything by 11.55 am just in time to make lunch. Today it was lamb with colcannon potatoes which had carrots as the veg. It wasn’t too bad but oh boy, I could easily have got sausage and chips with a portion of curry sauce today.

After lunch I saw the auction of Bargain Hunt with both teams making over £100 in profits before turning the TV off and turning myself off for 40 minutes as well. Shame budgies don’t come with an off switch too. At 1.40 pm I woke to the karaoke chorus of the barmy bird arguing with himself in the mirror, and what a mess he’s made of the mirror again too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I  returned yet again to the grindstone but was up to date within an hour. I carried on scouring ebay until 3.00 pm when I watched Escape to the Country. I need to have a reason to keep my lottery dreams alive. It was only a 45 minute break so I’d soon be back. Or so I thought, it was actually 4.30 pm before I came round just in time for Antiques Road Trip. I started watching and must have managed the half way mark but missed the auction. I  woke again to find the news on so I’d missed the first quiz. It was 6.05 pm so I turned over to Eggheads. I couldn’t refuse to come back to work after such a long skive session. I spent the early evening catching up and then at 9.00 pm went to watch DIY SOS where a woman had adopted her dead friends 5 children to go with her own 4 and needed a much bigger house to live in. No  matter how much you loved your friend and her children, that’s a massive sacrifice to take on so much. I won something I wanted on ebay for just £5.00, very surprised.                                                   There was more to do when I got back here and before I was able to touch the blog but I’ll still be in bed before midnight. I’m off to see Yvonne and Reuben tomorrow so I want to be rested.

Tuesday 13th.

The best laid plans of mice and men eh.I was in bed before midnight and had turned my light off around 12.30 am sure I’d be asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. It took some time. I woke again at 1.17 am. It took a cigarette and a move to my chair before I was able to nod off again. Even so, it was just 3.34 am when I woke up in there and knew I wasn’t going to get back to sleep again. I knew it wasn’t my bladder making calls on me as I didn’t need to go.  I lit a cigarette and wandered through to the bedroom to turn the computer on. Taltalk provided plenty of new mail to keep me occupied though my mind was actually considering what I’d wear today. At 4.32 am I’d cleared talktalk for a while and opened my gmail account. At the same time I opened up my ebay screen to see what was on offer today.                                                                         I managed to resist all temptations. While I’m out this morning I hope to solve one of the last two gift problems, at least for Christmas leaving me with just the one awkward one left. I wonder who that can be. Next of course are the birthdays on the run-up to Christmas, most will be cards but some will require thought as to gifts.

At 5.00 am I went through to take my meds and have breakfast. The expiration date on my milk was today so immediately my brain made it harder to swallow and there seemed to be a taste that shouldn’t be there. Rather than heave my tablets up and start again I gritted my teeth and swallowed. Of course when I made my coffee afterwards even that tasted a little funny. It was lucky I’d finished the bottle and was able to start a new one if needed.                                                                                                                                    Breakfast over and back in my room I reverted to my feminine side again by struggling to decide what to wear. Last night I’d decided on jeans and my black leather jacket. Casual but I suppose not very smart. After ploughing through everything hanging on my wardrobe door ( because there’s no more room inside) I settled on shiny brown slacks and a jacket and waistcoat in a checked brown tweed. My shirt was purple and I just had to add a cravat. It wasn’t raining so I should be OK.                                                   I think I’ve decided in advance that as long as my bladder is OK I might as well call in at the chippy on the way home. Sausage, chips and curry sauce is calling to me even though I just had breakfast.

At 7.30 am I left the house to catch my bus.I reached the bus stop and was there about a minute before Howard drove up. He started telling me how a rival bus company is trying to run them off the road. It took a minute to sink in before I realised he didn’t mean literally but as it’s a big company they’ve changed their timetable to get to the stop before Howard’s bus does. I have used that bus to meet Yvonne at Broughton Park in the past but if I’m going to meet her in Chester Howard’s bus is best because the way it goes, via the Greyhound Park, knocks about 15 minutes off the time.                                                                                                                                                                                                     The ride in was great as I was able to nod of in stages all the way. Yvonne wasn’t at the bus stop when I got there but I walked in the direction she comes and met her there. I did get a kiss from Reuben but it was accompanied by one raised eyebrow and a lowered head like he disapproved of something I’d done. Yvonne said he was in a grumpy mood. I know he’s just copying me and my look of “I’m watching you, behave yourself”.                                                                                                                                                                            We nipped into a shop for a few snacky things and some bottles of pop as Yvonne gets thirsty quite quickly now. Reuben wanted everything on sight and started to fill his arms. What a tantrum when he was told to put them back but he could have one treat and some chocolate. And that was all he got too. If his behaviour hadn’t picked up they would have gone back on the shelves as well.

We headed for our usual shop and the cafe where I had a latte and a bacon sandwich with some of the bacon still in it as Roobs likes bacon. He’d just demolished a big bowl of Shreddies . Still as I fed him the bacon I had to keep counting my fingers. After we’d eaten I went to get a Christmas gift before we went downstairs. Yvonne tried to leave the shop until a gentle cough from me and threatening to trip her up with my crutch ( does that sound rude?) brought her back to look at coats. I couldn’t get her to like a specific one enough to buy it but she did very much like a big cape like thing in wool.I know what they’re called but can’t bring it to mind. If I think about it later I can amend this and you’ll never know. It was in the sale so she jumped at it thinking it would satisfy me. We all know that’s not going to happen don’t we? Still, I bought it and it will be one of her gifts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We walked down the street to look at some other shops. It was chilly but bright. Yvonne was looking for a costume for Reuben for Halloween. I think she settled on a monster. Appropriate today I thought. Eventually we had to head back up the street towards the bus stop. We had a look round a large store but I had to cut it short. At the bus stop Yvonne sorted the bags so I had my purchases. The bus came and I kissed them both and got on. I was waving as they started walking home. Sometimes I get the chance to do it again as we catch them up but the bus took a different route today because of road works.

When I woke up and got of the bus at home I was proud of myself, I didn’t need to wee.There was no rush so I was able to step into the chippie and get what I’d wanted all day. Of course with the smell of curry sauce coming from my bag I had to give Pauline’s a miss but I can go there in the morning.                                                                                       I let myself in the house, took my coat off and went into the lounge where I was berated by Joey for having left him alone. I had to be very apologetic. I plated up my lunch and kept Joey company as I ate it. Eventually the screaming became normal chatty tones.That changed again when I went to wash the pots and then went to start work in my room. Earplugs would have been good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Today I went through the mail and just deleted anything I wasn’t answering until I got down to manageable proportions. I kept at it until 4.30 pm when my Antiques Road Trip started. I watched my two quizzes afterwards until 6.30 pm then rather than coming back I settled to watch a film. A true story about a widower with two children who bought a zoo. Very much the feelgood factor. Joey was quite well behaved and even got braver, now landing on the drawers on both sides of the cage ( not simultaneously of course). He keeps trying to land on the TV but I think the heat coming off it puts him off. Good, there’s not much meat on roast budgie.                                                                     At 9.00 pm I came through after turning the TV off and taking my meds a bit early. I was giving myself plenty of time for catch up and to do the blog. With luck I’ll be in bed by 11.30 pm.

Wednesday 14th.

And so it be. I climbed into bed at 11.26 pm and my light went out at midnight. It took a little time to get to sleep since I’d rested so well on the bus journeys. But whenever I did achieve sleep it was only until 1.28 am. That was when my brain decided that I’d had enough discomfort, sleep, dreams or whatever but today I knew my body had other ideas. Or maybe I was just feeling stroppy and didn’t want to fill my night with work as I have so often in the past. I took to my chair.                                                                    I still don’t know why this makes a difference as it’s not especially comfortable and though it’s a recliner, I never use it thus. I keep it upright. I smoked a cigarette while I told myself just how wonderful more sleep would be which doesn’t work all the time. Last night it did  and I went back to sleep until 5.50 am. That’s about five and a half hours in total. Remarkable. Of course on waking I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, oh no,that was the degus Julia used to keep wasn’t it?

I went to the kitchen and took my pre-foodie and put two pieces of bread in the toaster. That browned nicely why I took the rest of my meds. Then, I had a cigarette for timing before buttering and eating my now cold toast. I took my two post-foodies with a coffee which I brought back to my room. After powering up I signed into talktalk mail and started work. That took until almost 7.30 am when I logged onto my gmail account. By 8.15 am that was clear too. Time to get dressed ready for 9.00 am and a visit to Pauline’s. Bread, TV magazine and ciggies were what I went for but somehow a chips with curry sauce and a box of orange Matchmakers  made it into my hands too. I came home before I could add anything else and let an unhappy (with me) bird out of his cage. He was so un-amused I should have called him Queen Victoria.                         He was even less amused when I returned to work instead of staying with him but I wanted to be clear for 10.00 am and the start of Homes Under the Hammer and also the possible delivery of something nice from my postie.

At 11.00 am I returned to work for half an hour just to keep an eye on things. I don’t want loads sneaking up on a Wednesday. I had nothing from my postie though which was disappointing. At 11.30 am I went to start peeling some sweet potatoes. Once I’d finished I took my pre-foodie then put some sausages under the grill. After their first turn I put the potatoes in the microwave for 7 minutes and emptied a mini tin of baked beans into a pot ready. Another two turns of the sausages and the microwave pinged at me. I turned the sausages one last time and mashed the potatoes with some butter. The beans went in for 2 minutes. I put the potatoes on my plate and added the sausages which I’d now turned off. Finally as the beans were ready I poured them over the potatoes and away I went.                                                                                                                                     Joey didn’t seem happy to have me in the lounge again but he’d been squawking at me the whole time I was in the kitchen. I’d tried to keep up a level of chatter so he should be soothed by my voice but that didn’t seem to be the case. I received a few bollockings. I’d said he could come and sit on my shoulder while I worked but he still only seems to talk in and understand budgie which I’m not fluent in. Perhaps he’s just a real crosspatch by nature.

I saw my Bargain Hunt but towards the end of the auction my eyes were going. The programme just about finished before I was away with the fairies. I slept until 1.30 pm so I didn’t feel too bad about stealing half an hour. I came back to work and as I did noticed that the postman had finally been. Just the one item and in a very small though stiff envelope. It was a special label I’d ordered so was able to leave feedback straight away. I’d hoped for something else today but it’s down as a possibility for tomorrow so not too bad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               There was a fair bit of post come in to both accounts so I took my time and kept going until 3.00 pm with one small interruption at 2.50 pm for an auction bid. I didn’t win. At 3.00 pm I joined joey for Escape to the Country, me to watch it, him to make as much noise as he could while I did. Next week I’m taking lessons in lip-reading in case that helps. Once that was done I concentrated totally on work ( OK and ebay) until 4.30 when the Antiques Road Trip is on and of course Dil could arrive at any time. And of course he did, it was just 4.15 pm and he caught me unawares. I knew I should have thrown him out at that point. I finished the message I was doing and followed him through to the lounge. Once I’d checked he was OK I went to make him a cup of tea.

We watched the Road Trip then our usual quiz until 6.00 pm. Once the TV went off the table came out and we started the Yahtzee. Dil won the first game 4-2 and reluctantly asked if I wanted to play again. I said I would if he liked and would count it as a separate game so he could say he won one. We played again and it ended 3 all. He said it was OK to combine the two as a continuation now and he’d won 7-5 .                                                                                                                                                                                             Out came the trivia and things started well. I had all six pieces of pie in while Dil was languishing on just 1 but as I either struggled to get back to the middle or struggled with the question when I did Dil soon caught up. He did the trip to the centre and had no trouble getting there but he didn’t answer my choice of question. We were in the same position now. It was getting very close to time for him leaving so when he next hit the middle I just asked the first question on the card without choosing the worst. He got it. Now he was able to leave the house whistling as he’s taken all the glory. To be fair he deserved it but I’m not telling him that.                                                                                      He left at 9.25 pm and I thanked him for coming. I went back in and washed the pots, had a quick tidy up and locked Joey’s cage door. He’s been both active and vocal tonight. For a while I thought he was going to join us and roll the dice. I wished him goodnight, took my meds and came through.

Lots of work to get through tonight but I was still able to start the blog at 10.30 pm. No more ebay bids tonight so I will be in bed by about 11.30 pm. I don’t think I’ll leave the house tomorrow.

Thursday 15th.

I made my 11.30 pm deadline and enjoyed a good read for an hour before turning the light out. Let’s say I was soon asleep. As has become the norm recently I woke up again. It was 2.43 am. It felt like I’d slept enough and I was tempted to stay up. I did try to go back to sleep but it wasn’t working. Instead of opening the computer I had a cigarette to relax me and went through to my chair. Even if I couldn’t sleep, I could relax there, but I slept. I woke at 4.42 am and this time there was no going back. I was satisfied though as it was about the four hour mark which I’m used to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                I just realised, I bypassed the loo to come and power up and log onto the computer. The first thing I found was a message from John ( half of MuJo) on skype. He’d made a remark recently about me becoming Muslim ( absolutely no offence meant to my Muslim friends) and I pointed out he must have misheard, I’d said muslin as I’m a material guy. Today I was met with an excerpt of the Madonna song. I was left with only one thing I could say. “That’s right” I said, “I’m moving soon to live at Abakhan        (A discount fabric mill) to a fabric-ated building”. I hope that brings this one to a close.

By 5.50 am I was clear with talktalk and logged into gmail. Before starting work I had a stroll down towards the kitchen but this time made the detour I should have made earlier before taking a drink. Vastly relieved I took a pre-foodie and then took my morning meds. After a timing cigarette I had some cereal, took my two post-foodies, made myself a coffee and took it back to work. Gmail awaited me. There were five more than when I left and I counted myself lucky.                                                                               It took me until 6.45 am before I was able to take my first break which consisted of playtime on ebay. I was most dis-chuffed when it suddenly disappeared and the system closed down. Yet another update from Microsoft that I’d have appreciated a warning about so I could delay it until the machine isn’t in use.                                                                    Obviously I had to wait for the whole thing to finish before I could log back in and get back to where I was. When this happens it could close down just as I’m about to bid and cost me an item. I wouldn’t be amused.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      When I did re-open it, there was nothing immediate I wanted to  bid on though I was rather taken with a blue top hat from Christies. I behaved. I returned to checking mail and blog comments until 8.30 am when a great squawking reminded me I hadn’t let someone out. I did so at the double and the sound stopped straight away. I went back to my room and got dressed, checked there was no urgent mail and went back through to change his food and water and chat to him. I had no intention of leaving the house today so could afford to spend some time with Joey.

At 9.00 am work pulled me back to my bedroom.There was plenty to keep me occupied until 10.00 am when Homes Under the Hammer was on. I was just walking hrought when the postman called with two parcels. One was a Christmas gift I’d been expecting but the other was a ring stick for measuring the size of a ring along with some metal size rings. Since neither of these included the UK sizes but were for the U.S./Canada, Russia and Europe, the first job I did when my programme was finished was to run off some comparison charts so I can convert to UK sizes. I stopped myself from checking all my own ring sizes and concentrated on clearing messages before lunchtime.            I’m afraid I had a chips with curry sauce again today (and for once there was plenty of sauce with it).                                                                                                                                                 Joey and I watched Bargain Hunt together though to be fair it was more like me watching and him accompanying with constant chatter and interspersed squawks of indeterminate origins. To put it yet another way he was a noisy beggar.                                                                                                                                                                                                               I was really prepared to return to work after that but Joey must have hypnotised me. Fortunately he clicked his beak at 2.05 pm and woke me. Hmmm. serving as my alarm clock now, and ruining my viewing, I wondered if it was possible  for him to be possessed by Oscar,after all I keep calling him that by accident, but then I decided No, he’s just another awkward beggar like Oscar was.

I worked the afternoon until 4.30 pm when the Road Trip was on. I lost three items I bid for on ebay as the price surpassed what I thought they were worth. I watched my programmes until 6.30 pm then came back for a quick catch up but at 7.10 pm I skived again to  watch a film.                                                                                                                               A text from Mike at 7.55 pm said he was on his way. That meant arrival about 10.00 pm. The film finished at 9.00 pm and I came back to work again but at 9.50 pm I went to put the kettle on and prepare his mug. He came in at 9.55 pm just as everything was ready so I was able to pour the drink straight away. He told me it’s been a very tiring week and his sleep pattern is up the wall but that his Dad is out of hospital and in the home again. He settled to relax with Law and Order so I didn’t get to hear whether anything in the home has changed and how his Dad feels about it. Maybe tomorrow night I ‘ll hear after he’s seen his Dad.                                                                                                         I left him with the TV about 10.45 pm so I could come and do the blog. With luck I’ll be in bed before midnight and not too much mail missed.

Friday 16th.

It was after midnight before I made bed but only because I had to deal with my legs first. The new cream called Aveeno really is stopping much of the itching. When I did get in bed you could say I slid between the sheets. I read until about 1.00 am then turned my light off and tried to settle. It didn’t work so about half past I decided to try from my chair instead. So this was the first of 3 nights I’ll try the chair first as was suggested to me in a comment a few weeks ago. Last night it worked, I went to sleep quite soon. I was up again at 4.29 am, ready to face whatever the day, Mike or Joey have to throw at me.                                                                                                                                                   First things first, a visit to the Piddle Palace on my way through to the computer. Then sign in and log on to my talktalk account. A fair bit of mail but I was delighted to gain a new follower on the Buthidars who was kind enough to agree with one of my blogs. That’s always nice to read.                                                                                                                  At 6.00 am I took a break to  take my meds and to prepare my drugs tray for the next week. I noticed one item that hadn’t come with my last prescription request when I found the empty bx in my drawer. I’m sure I checked I’d ordered the right number of things but maybe I’m mistaken. I’ll have to take another request up this morning when I go to Pauline’s for the lottery.

For a change I had some cereal for breakfast and once I’d finished and taken my tablets I took my coffee back to the bedroom. That was at 6.40 am. It took me until 7.05 am to clear the talktalk post and I was then able to open gmail. No too much there and I was clear by 7.40 am. I rewarded myself by checking ebay out until 8.00 am then before the fun got too much I went to open Joey’s cage. He didn’t flinch as I opened the door but as I backed away I was subjected to abuse again. Why do I bother?                I went to get dressed so that I’d be ready to take my prescription and visit Pauline’s. The chemist wasn’t quite open when I got there so I spent a minute reading all the signs in the window. It’ll soon be time for the flu jab again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        When they opened the doors it took all of 10 seconds to leave the request in their box. It’s marked as urgent but  nothing will be back until Monday afternoon at the earliest. I walked down to Pauline’s and accidentally found a BFG  looking very lonely which I rescued. I picked up cigarettes and the lottery of which I have great hopes, if not tonight then at least for the 12 million rollover tomorrow night.  I’d prefer tonight’s and to leave tomorrow’s for some other lucky soul.                                                                   I came back to the house to find Mike had got up though there he was perched on the edge of his chair fast asleep and never fulfilling his promise of dropping off. I’d asked him last night whether he wanted waking up or would he prefer to get up naturally. He said “Naturally please.”I was surprised as he has an appointment in Manchester at 11.30 am. He was cutting it very fine when he finally left about 10.10 am. I had no idea what time I’d see him again.

I watched and enjoyed Homes under the Hammer and today the postie dropped off the leather jacket I bought for Reuben. It looks good and should be great with jeans for him. I returned to work at 11.00 am and sat considering whether to make a bid on something I was watching on ebay. I wasn’t convinced it would fit. But, I kept my options open and watched it in between answering messages. At time minus 10 seconds I decided to try and put a bid in £6 over the nearest bid but I lost it by £1 by someone who’d also thought ahead, only further ahead than me. I really didn’t mind. The stamping of my feet as I walked to the kitchen at midday to get lunch had nothing to do with losing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I put my food in the micro and then because I’d had my phone on charge overnight, though I’d better check it. There was a message that had come in less than 10 minutes ago from my dear friend Lis who wanted to know if I was in. I was, and texted her back to say so. I had to leave my lunch in abeyance when she arrived a few minutes later. My pre-food tablet would just have to be patient waiting for food to join it. I made her a coffee and we sat chatting about how busy she’s been with her daughter Charlie having bought a new house. What a surprise for us both when she mentioned Charlie walking to Ystrad Mynach to take the train and me reminding her that’s where my father was born. Charlie’s house is very close to where he was brought up.

When Lis left about 1.00 pm I had my now cool lunch but decided to leave the BFG till teatime. I couldn’t watch my Bargain Hunt as it was over so I went straight back to playing catch up with the mail. I stopped at 3.00 pm to see Escape to the Country. I really stopped, I missed Escape and I missed the programme that followed when I should have been working and woke up at 4.20 pm just before my Road Trip started. That meant I had to give up my two quizzes in order to catch up again.                       Since I wanted to take a shower at 7.00 pm I changed my bed and put new pillows on as well as getting fresh clothes out to wear afterwards. Joey had a ball telling me off for the lack of attention this afternoon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              When I came out of the shower all squeaky clean and shiny I checked my phone. Mike had sent a text to say he was on the way so he should be there by 8.15 pm. I watched Question of Sport then during the small break I put stuff in Mike’s mug ans turned the kettle on. I settled to watch Mastermind and sure enough in he walked at 8.15 pm. He had to make his own coffee as  I wasn’t moving from the TV. Mike’s Dad is back from the hospital and in the home and it seems like he’s resigned himself to staying there. That would be good news for Mike as he’d know there was a care team in place all the time.                                                                                                                                                                        We watched Have I Got News For You before I asked him to find a programme I’d missed on Wednesday. The DIY SOS Big Build where they’ve taken a whole street in Manchester and are converting it into homes and training facilities for ex-servicemen suffering with PTSD. It was a mammoth task which is over two programmes so no doubt next Friday I’ll catch up with the last one. The two Princes , William and Harry were there to give a hand and droves of people gave up their time and pay to help. It was an amazing programme and it’s good to see someone taking the plight of these heroes seriously.

At 10.30 pm I shut Joey’s cage door, went into the kitchen to take my meds then said goodnight to them both as I came through to tackle the blog. It was touch and go on time but I will be in bed for midnight.

Saturday 17th.

Quite simply I lied. I mean I could have been in bed for midnight but I wasn’t. I was sitting on the edge of the bed preparing to do my legs while AVG was doing  scan of the computer. Mike came through to say goodnight and offered to do my legs for me. Since this is a real treat I accepted almost before he’d finished offering. I didn’t have to bend into awkward positions now. And while my legs were being done, AVG encountered some threats which we both got interested in and I had to hop over and tell it to counter the threat and wipe it from the system. This happened 3 times.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Anyhoo, it was nearer 1.00 am before I got to bed and I still needed a little read. It was 4.41 am before I woke and I was at least still in my bed though the intention originally had been to make this the second of 3 nights on my chair. I’ll have to start again. No dreams, no nightmares just wonderful sleep, but that’s what last night was. Does that mean I should go to bed later?

Before I forget, I won’t be blogging fully next week. I’m taking a week off. I’ll be around during the evenings and fully intend to carry on posting a piece of music every day and will no doubt keep you up to date with games night. But unless there’s any blisteringly important news I’ll give your poor eyes a rest.

I paid a visit to the loo then came back and logged on. Talktalk mail was the first to be hit and I managed to clear what little there was by 5.30 am. Gmail next, but I had to take a break at 5.00 am to get breakfast and take my meds. As usual I brought my coffee back with me and I intended to finish the gmail as soon as possible but a new message was emblazoned across my screen to say AVG had found two more threats which became three before I had chance to move. I actioned them in turn. I wasn’t sure what one was but the other two were both adware threats. AVG seems to be very efficient so far. The threats dealt with, I carried on. There was more mail in talktalk which I cleared then back to gmail again to finish. It took until exactly 6.30 am.                                                                                                                                                                                                          At 6.30 am of course I heard the first alarm from the other bedroom. I went to the kitchen and reboiled the kettle and made a coffee. I took it through and was grunted at when I announced it was there. I came back to my room to pick off anything new that had come in. The alarm went off a second time. I went through to take a look and it had made him turn over. I decided in view of the lateness to bed last night, I’d spare him further calls so at that point the scores were  1C– 2A.  I had a few more pieces of mail in my inboxes so I was happy enough clearing those. By 6.50 am I was temporarily clear again so I took the opportunity to get dressed. I realised then that something was missing….. no more alarms. Mike must have turned it ff at the last ring. I gave him another call just to remind him coffee was there and if he didn’t bother then fine. But he did bother, he swung himself out of bed and went through to the lounge. OK, the minute he got to his chair he fell asleep again but he’d tried. Final Score 2C– 2A.

Eventually he found the strength to raise himself and get ready so we weren’t too late leaving. We got to the supermarket about 7.50 am. Ipicked up cash while Mike got the trolley and we went into battle. Amazingly there was a clothes sale on and I didn’t buy a thing. That didn’t stop me filling the trolley with lots of other non-food items though. ( mainly sweets….but before you shout at me, as gifts, not for myself). Truth was, little actual food went in the basket other than bread and I still spent over £5o.00.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We went for coffee before moving off on the next leg. I wanted to buy a bottle of champagne and the reputation of the one I had in mind was good. We got that and set off again, this time heading to park at Temptations.  We had a look round a few of the shops there and then went for coffee taking a box of chocs for the staff. When I saw them open the cupboard it looked as though they’re mounting up so I suggested they start taking them home. Kyle chose his, the chocolates we’d taken in this morning.                    Coming out of there led to some discussion as to what we’d be better doing next. All kinds of ideas were mooted but I’m quite sure they wouldn’t let us in half of them. We’d actually seen a special kind of bulb that works like a disco light which I know John (MuJo) wants which requires a converter from screw (Edison) to bayonet fitting. It seemed highly likely we’d get one at a specialist lighting shop in Holywell so we headed there. Luck wasn’t with us. We hit the chippy for lunch.  Not Mike’s favourite place but we were next door at the time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Once we came out of there I tried to find my Christmas cards from the local area. I struck out again. They should be in during the next two weeks. This trip wasn’t turning out to be out most successful. We came home.I found a letter from the DWP to tell me they’ve finally repaid the £55 they owe me. Not bad from June is it?

By the time we’d unpacked the bags from the car and put away the shopping it was still only 2.00 pm. Mike concentrated on watching his beloved Man U playing a match wile I came through to work on my post. I worked until 5.35 pm and still hadn’t quite finished, but it was time for our Saturday evening quiz. It must have been a very long one because I stayed in the lounge with Mike until 9.55 pm at which time I came through to stay. I could only afford half an hour to work on the post which wasn’t very much considering I’d done a reblog today. But I daren’t take too long away from doing the blog ready for it’s midnight posting.

I wish you all a wonderful week full of Hugs and dreams come true.


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73 responses to “Of Mice and Men & Dil’s Whitewash.

  1. You are such a devil, TWO crumpets for breakfast, really! I wish I had your gift buying prowess. I am about to give up and give certificates for Christmas this year. My husband and I don’t give each other anything except maybe a trip somewhere, but not always. It’s the kids, who are 20-somethings and very picky, not to mention expensive! I like Yvonne’s choice of a cape, was noticing a friend recently wearing one and I really liked it. Have a good week, David.

    • I thought two was quite restrained though I couldn’t have managed more anyway. It’s not a prowess, buying gifts is just a pleasure so comes fairly easily though there are definitely some challenges there.Mike for one! Some of them give me a helpful hint of something they need and life is easy again.
      I hope you have a Grand Week Ardys
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. My eyes don’t want a rest, will miss the accounting of your daily exploits, hoping everything is alright and you will post as usual the following week. Have a great week, take care and a big big hug!! The chips and curry sound really good, never had before.

    • I will still post some music to make up for my skiving which I hope you’ll enjoy. Everything is fine and I’ll get back to posting. The curry sauce is mild like a Chinese one and it’s lovely on chips (French fries not crisps),
      Have a Fantastic week Suzanne,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. I hope you relax & enjoy your break, David. We’ll mis you.
    Loved your descriptions of Joey. And you crowned the week with one of my favorite songs . I’ll sing along at the top of my lungs to Gloria … so grab the earplugs. 🙂 Mega hugs!

    • Thanks so much Teagan though I do intend to post a week full of music. Maybe I’ll hit another sing-along favourite for you. No earplugs needed.
      Have a Great Week
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  4. Best laid plans of mice and men is right, David. Steinbeck would have shared one of your crumpets. Like Teagan, I’ll sing along at the top of my lungs to Gloria…and wish you a relaxing time. Take care, dear David.

  5. My goodness, a couple of those songs took me right back to when the world was young David – I’m amazed that not only do you think of them, you actually find them on You Tube!! Isn’t the internet an interesting source of all things! I’ll look forward to hearing what you come up with while on your break 🙂 Take care, go well xoxo

    • Finding songs is great fun but sometimes I’m just very lucky. I’ll go to one I’ve thought of and as I’m listening I see one I hadn’t thought of ( But should have done) in the list on the right hand side. I make a list of those ready for next time.Be Prepared !
      Have a Wonderful Week
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  6. Wow, Bronski Beat sure takes me back – that song seems to epitomize our early married days in Toronto…fond memories indeed! Enjoy your blogging break, David, and hope the week brings a few pleasure trips to the chippie. Bises xo

    • It’s odd, Bronski Beat was one I worried about as I didn’t know how far from our shores it had travelled. I seem to find songs that some people haven’t heard of. I hope to keep finding those forgotten ones that bring back good memories,
      Hoping you have a Dream Week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Mel xxx

  7. It’s the age thing or the Christmas thing with Reuben scooping everything into his arms in the shop and since we’re in Of Mice and Men mood: “No, Lennie (Reuben). I ain’t mad. I never been mad, an’ I ain’t now. That’s a thing I want ya to know …” 😀 Have a great week, David

    • The age thing I think- The Terrible Two’s. I don’t think Christmas is firmly fixed in his mind yet but it will be before the year’s over.
      I think for me it’s “Yes Lennie, I’m mad. Stark staring bonkers.”
      Have a Wonderful Week Ina,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  8. Lovely to see you guesting over with Sally Cronin this week David.

    • Thanks so much Rosie. I think she took pity on me really as I’m not that interesting.Maybe it’s the flowers and chocs I sent. It was a nice change.
      Have a Great Week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. Catherine Johnson

    You are so good doing your Christmas shopping already. I never know what to get far off people. Slippery onions I say.

    • It’s only by chance I started so early Catherine and then it just snowballed. I’d be in the same position with far-off gifts but none of mine are very far away so I have a reasonable idea. Mike is presenting the biggest problem..
      Have a Fantastic Week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. I do love your taste in music David. I love Laura Brannigan. and Bronkski Beat as well. I always thought chips with curry sauce sounded pretty horrid, but my sister likes it, and I have to say, it is delicious! Hope you have a good week off. Hugs xxxx

    • Thanks so much Judy. I try to find music for everyone but it’s difficult with so many tastes.I’m glad I found something you liked.
      I agree, chips and curry sauce sounded so bad it was years before I tried it as I don’t normally eat curry. But they’re delicious. I love hat I can buy it boxed for the microwave .
      Have a Lovely Week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  11. Another interesting week, David. I wonder about the sleeping in the chair thing. Intriguing. And Joey seems to be getting more and more vocal by the minute. Perhaps he should do the blog while you take some time off. Be well and have a good rest. See you soon. 🙂

    • Hi Olga, I’m sure I just sleep better upright.I certainly don’t seem to stop breathing as often.
      Joey is getting louder as his confidence grows, he knows he can tell us off now. If he could write I’d let him loose on the blog, the birds-eye view might be interesting.It might keep him quiet anyway.
      Have a Wonderful Week,
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  12. Why not give everything a rest next week, David? Turn off, pull out the plug and have a good long self-indulgent rest.

  13. Hi David, nice to see you. Sorry I haven’t been around lately.
    I am glad to see you are doing well. Perhaps you do better sleeping in the chair because of the way it elevates you. Perhaps you have a bit of sleep apnea that is minimized by being elevated.
    I see Joey is becoming quite vocal and full of himself, bossing you around, and trying to talk over the television.
    Can’t believe you are so organized, Christmas shopping so early. I figure I will start mine in about 2 months and then it will be a major scurry.
    Been going to the gym, my boys are using me as their first personal training victim, and I am feeling every session, but starting to see results. This gym thing seems to eat up an inordinate amount of time, and by the time I am done, all I want to do, eat and lie down.
    Take care and have a nice week off!!!!

    • Please don’t apologise. I know people have a life. However I should sy that I’ve been absent a lot too but not on porpoise, WordPress seems to have stopped sending me notice of new posts on a lot of people I follow. I’ve tried adjustments but no change. I just hope they’ll work out whatever problems they have.
      I think you’re right about the sleep and I know you’re right about Joey or He Who Must Be Obeyed”.
      The Christmas shopping started with just one item I found that I knew would be perfect and I didn’t want to risk losing it. Everything snowballed after that.
      I hope you’re enjoying the gym while playing the boy’s guinea pig. Time I started some exercise to lose weight, Don’t waste away please.
      Thank you, I hope you have a nice week too.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. I love that you wear purple shirts. That is awesome. Now I got the part with the of shiny brown slacks and your jacket and waistcoat of brown tweed, but what colour cravat did you wear? I don’t think you said. Or perhaps I missed it.

    I didn’t miss “Piddle Palace.” I plan on dubbing my bathroom thusly because it is way too cool.

    I laughed when I read “Sausage, chips and curry sauce is calling to me even though I just had breakfast.” I find that if I don’t eat what I really want, I end up eating more because I’m trying to satisfy a craving, which of course cannot be satisfied until I eat what I am actually craving!

    Have a very enjoyable week off. xoxo

    • The cravat is like a light mauve so falls in with the purple theme. My wife taught me clever things like mauve otherwise everything was purple.
      Should I ever visit I shall know not to ask for the little boys room no matter how true ( and hurtful) that is.
      I think I probably do the same. I’ll constantly nibble things to try and replace the original want.
      Thank you, I have plans for the week and I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself.

  15. oh that music! It’s rather distracting from the read, in truth but grand to tap along to… Have a good break! Hugs ‘n’ stuff!

  16. My sister-in-law was always so good at doing her Christmas shopping for the following year on Boxing Day! I’ve never been that organised. 🙂
    As for Reuben, after the second Xmas, kids grab onto the whole Christmas thing with both hands, so watch out! 🙂

    • I’ve done my Christmas shopping on the boxing day too, at least that was the intent. Trouble is I’ve given it away before January is over. Even now is taking a heck of a chance but I’m restraining myself. (It helps not to see too many people each week).
      Oh yes, I’m prepared for next year when the full knowledge of Christmas will be there and he’ll have noticed all the adverts.
      xxx Massive Hugs Yvette xxx

  17. laurie27wsmith

    Do you ever wish that you’d kept the fish David? They may have hidden around the tank a lot but at least they weren’t noisy. I may have asked this last year but do your medications have anything to do with your sleep patterns? The music choices are great as usual butt I would have liked t have seen a pic of grumpy Roobs. Take care of yourself and rest for the week. As usual I love the quirky humour and your choice of sausages and curried chips.

    • Hi Laurie, yep, sometimes I wish the fish were still here. Nice and quiet goes a long way when you’re trying to watch something on TV. But you know I love birds, even the bossy ones.
      I’ve never ( as long as I remember) slept as long as some people unless I’m ill. Even in the RAF when the corporal/sargeant came round shouting “Hands off your” I didn’t have a problem getting up.But you could be right that the meds mess things up because sometimes a couple of hours sleep is a joke. Still, I’ve time to catch up in the day.
      Sorry, with the change in the weather and the heavy pregnancy I don’t think Yvonne got out much with Roobs so my photo collection suffered. I’ll remind her of her duty.
      I’m really glad you enjoyed the humour, and the curried chips- they’re awesome.
      Back soon

      • laurie27wsmith

        True, fish may be quiet but birds are delightful. 🙂 Love this, (“Hands off your” I didn’t have a problem getting up) Now was the getting up part about getting out of bed or? Tell Yvonne we missed the pics but pregnancy can bee an excuse. 🙂 Take care Mate.

  18. Bopping along to Gloria. Good one. The Dooby Bros too. You’re on a real roll here, David. 😀

  19. “A pile of Christmas presents”? In mid-October? You are a planner, aren’t you? Enjoy your week off blogging, Lord D.! You’ve earned a break.

    • I’m usually pretty good and well under way at the start of December but this year I just found something perfect for someone a little awkward and just carried on from that point. The older everyone gets the harder it is to find just the right thing for them. 20+ down and just one really difficult one to get, the worst, Michael. I think I’m making progress.
      Week off blogging but still working. The change will do me good.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  20. You’ve had another busy week. Did you read about studies done on hunter-gatherer societies and their sleep patterns? I thought of you. Just substitute shopping for hunting-gathering. 😉 http://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2015/10/the-many-myths-of-paleo-sleeping/410707/
    “Gloria” always makes me want to sing and dance, too. There’s a Chilean movie called Gloria about a divorced woman, and she dances to the song in discos.
    Enjoy your week off! Big hugs!

    • I hadn’t seen the study Merril but I’m delighted to spearhead another societal change to become the Hunter-purchaser society. Much less bloodshed that way- except in the January sales of course when the women get their brollies out. Thanks so much for the link.
      A lot of you seem to like Laura Brannigan. Good to know the song actually features in a film.
      Hope your week has started well.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. I’m yet to venture into a TKMaxx. It seems you are ready for Christmas already David. There’s Halloween first of course. I’d forgotten all about Duran Duran until I saw your clip. They were incredibly popular for a while when I was a kid.

    • I personally ind TKMaxx very expensive Guy but then I’m not keen on the cult of labels. What I’ve always liked though is their household and gift sections where you can very often find unusual items, though you have to be careful as some aren’t perfect.
      I wish I could say Duran Duran were popular when I was a kid but the 80’s saw me in my 30’s. I saw the time as a resurgence of music and lyrics that left my feet with bounce which the 70’s hadn’t.
      I wonder now you’re in your 30’s if you’ve had a period where music has become a drone and lacking in any talent. The bright spots stand out.

      • My disappointment with the world of music has long since turned to apathy David. Hopefully I’ll experience a renaissance like you did in the 80s, but I won’t count on it happening anytime soon.

  22. I’ve been channelling your Christmas shopping mojo and have begun my festive season gift buying… most online but I have a few things I need to venture to the shops for… I so love the freedom I experienced last year of having it done well ahead of time. I don’t have a pile of Christmas presents yet, just a few, and a few more in the mail.

    • Ah,a true convert, a disciple. Buying online broadens the choices, often helps with prices and saves all that pounding of feet on pavements. It’s just so civilised.
      It’s a great feeling knowing you’re prepared as the big day gets closer and anyway, I love the joy when the postman brings a parcel or two so can imagine how the recipient feels.
      I hope you continue to build the pile and enjoy the savings you’ll have made.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  23. I know, I’m really late this time, David, but we were having our Federal Election to get rid of our scary overlord and get a real Prime Minister and it looks like it worked and he’s pretty too! Yahoo! I didn’t want to skimp on time to read this, so here I am, freed and happy! 🙂
    David, you’re truly disciplined getting your shopping done early. Maybe some of it will rub off on me, we did have snow on the weekend (it’s gone again), but that felt more like Christmas (too early).
    Hope Mike is feeling ok, from his shoe-trying on incident – I understand, shoe trying on and I have long history of issues, usually with gravity and non-fittyness.
    Reuben sounds like he has a case of everyone-is-talking-about-the-new-baby-coming, he’ll perk up, but I’m sure either way he’d make an adorable monster. Hope he has a lovely Halloween. 🙂
    Joey is expanding his role, now an alarm clock, good for him to keep trying new things. 😉
    Thank you for sharing your week, David, I hope you enjoy your break, you deserve one. Don’t worry about us, we’re happy to see you whenever you can pop by, especially if you bring Duran Duran. 😉
    All the best and massive hugs!!! 🙂

    • I wouldn’t want to get in the way of removing an n overlord and installing a pretty Prime Minister. I hope he works. If he does maybe I’ll ask to borrow him.He can teach ours something.
      I’m glad you’re freed and happy now and I’m delighted you’re here.
      It’s not discipline, it’s luck and laziness. I found the first item by accident and couldn’t pass on it. Then came the next online as well so I started searching online and having the postie do all the work. I’ve only picked up a little from actual shops.
      Mike has recovered well and remembered why he buys slip on shoes.I’m sure you’ve learned all the tricks to suit you now.
      I think because Reuben was a late baby he’s been spoiled and people have given way too easily to the tantrums, he expects those to win and if they don’t he gets louder till they do.He seems quite happy about the new baby though how he’ll feel when the baby is born I don’t know. In the meantime,I’m pretty sure he’ll make a great monster at Halloween.
      Joey is expanding his roll but still not prepared to chance sitting with his ‘Daddy’, maybe he knows I liked badminton when younger.
      No break so far this week but I’m missing the blog. Maybe sometime I can slip another Duran Duran in or something else you like as much.
      xxx Sending Love and Massive Hugs xxx

      • This Prime Minister (son of a former Prime Minister) literally can’t be worse than the last and he got a majority so we’ll have him for at least 4 years.
        Cheers to luck and laziness, I don’t even have those so far with my Christmas shopping. 😉
        Reuben has probably learned quickly his adorableness works well. I hope he has a wonderful Halloween. 🙂
        No badminton with Joey…he wouldn’t like his new position in that game. 😉
        I know, blogging is addictive. 😉
        Take care David, and massive hugs. 🙂

  24. Ali Isaac

    Hi David, I am so late catching up with reading all my blogs that I follow, I’m sure you must have missed me… what’s that you say, you hadnt noticed? Well Im not surprised with the number of likes and comments your posts get lol! I have just one question for you this week… what is the Buthidars?
    Ps. I used to use Aveeno on Carys, they do a cooling one for itchy skin, is that the one you’re using? So glad its helping!

    • Hi Ali, I do miss my friends who don’ visit but I know most of you lead busy lives. You’re not idle beggars like me.
      The Buthidars is a movement for peace through Hugs which carry many benefits. I was once accused of being evil for trying to steal Christians because I said it’s anon-religious group.I wanted religion left at the door so there were no clashes. In it’s first incarnation I called it the non-religion Religion.Early members on Facebook used to counsel people with various problems ( forced marriages for one) but no many people moved from Facebook to the new site.
      This one seems to be a moisturiser but I’ll ask about a cooling one this time round. Thanks for that.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  25. Uh oh, now I’m going to be singing ‘you’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine’ all day. Haven’t heard that song in so long, but always liked it. I’m not sure what a crumpet IS, but I want two too. And thanks for staying up late to finish The Right Wrong Man – you’re an amazing supporter and reader and blogger, and I think you are just plain terrific. Oh, and, have you considered becoming a ‘personal Christmas shopper’ for others? So far, I’ve only bought one little stocking gift; sounds like your Christmas shopping is almost done!! xoxoxhugetremendousthankfulhugxoxox

    • I’m really sorry Pamela but I admit I love it when a song sticks. Some of the ones I find seem to have fallen between the cracks and need a revival.
      I’m blushing here though you can’t see it.
      Personal shopper sounds just the job for me.
      Thanks so much my wonderful friend
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  26. Great to hear they’re doing something for the veterans. I still think countries who can afford it should still do more than at present. Have a great easy week next week. Good to hear Mike’s dad has settled into the home and finds it accectable. Gigantic Hugs. 🙂

  27. Before I start reading your post, I always scroll down the page to see new pictures of Reuben. None this time 🙂 Sure he will look great in his Monster costume. I look forward to seeing the Halloween pictures in your next post.

    You are a Christmas shopping star, David! I only have gifts for my granddaughters, and that is it. They don’t really make a pile…

    Great to hear about the homes for the ex-servicemen with PTSD in Manchester. Some good news for a change.

    Glad that everything is all right, and thank you for the music, especially for the Small-town boy.
    Hugs, and many more hugs!!!

    • I’ve made up for it with pictures this week Inese.
      I enjoy shopping so crating a pile doesn’t take long at all and of course the friendly face of the postman delivering parcels makes it fun too.
      I’m so pleased about the converted homes for the servicemen & women and hope other places follow suit. The public response was great and I know it would be in other places too.
      Keep enjoying the music.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  28. There is a real problem with Word Press in my receiving certain posts. The only time I am in touch with you is when I receive a notice that you liked one of my posts. Otherwise, I never receive yours. Know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog when I do get the opportunity. Hugs.

  29. Christmas shopping… I never know what to buy. Chocolates and biscuits?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • I like to try and find unusual and fun things if I can like I gave my brother in law recently, a light bulb that works like a disco lamp when plugged in. Not too long ago I bought him a colour change bulb with remote control so he can set the mood in a room when he wants 40 winks. There’s just so much out there now.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  30. Have to say you have excelled with the music this week, not only my fav’s Duran Duran but also Laura Brannigan, though have to say my favourite song of hers is Shattered Glass, I shall be singing all day now, something for which my dog will not be thanking you lol

    Huge Hugs xxxx

    • I love to know that the music has hit the right note Sweetie though I may have to send apologies to the dog now. You sing your heart out though and enjoy it. I haven’t heard that track by her so I’ll have to listen later.
      Hope you’re having a Good Week.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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