Light Fittings Found.

Sunday 18th October 2015.

It was a late night and gone 1.00 am before the light went out. It was a struggle to sleep at first but relaxation came and wallop, I was away. This morning I had the pleasant surprise of waking at 6.32 am. Wonderful, fully rested for a change. After a visit to the loo and a trip to the kitchen for meds and to make a coffee I came back to see how bad the overnight mail had been. Talktalk said it was never ending and gmail just screamed for help but with perseverance and the judicial use of the delete button I was eventually clear at 9.35 am. To celebrate I took a coffee in to Mike thinking he should be awake to celebrate with me or perhaps just that he should be awake.                             It was 10.00 am before he actually got up and took his drink to the lounge. There must have been something soporific in Joey’s singing as Mike just slumped on the edge of the chair asleep.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Joey wasn’t impressed and stating his preference for an attentive audience, he went full volume. Even my eyes went wider at that. Mike’s flew open and he started drinking his coffee. A beautiful friend of mine says Joey amuses her and she thinks I may be exaggerating the noise a tiny bird can make. I’m sure some of you can put her right as to how penetrating their top notes can be and how loud the sound can boom out from those tiny lungs.When Mike gets out of his car on a Thursday night he can tell whether Joey is awake or not right away. Those dulcet tones carry a great distance.

We got dressed and left the house at 11.15 pm. I was under the impression we were going in one direction to pick up fish food but Mike decided there was no rush. We ended up in Rhyl looking for some light fittings. We found them after some effort and went off to have lunch. Our usual cafe was closed but we easily found another one that did a good selection. Mike had a lamb dinner while I had a ham one. It was while we were at lunch that Mike got a phone call and I heard him expressing disbelief. His father was on the way to the A & E department again. That’s yet another Sunday he’s been called back. His sister has gone to the hospital with him, not a fall this time,just a bout of non-cooperation and non verbalising they’re worried about. Mike refused to go straight away as he knows no-one would get round to seeing his father for a least a couple of hours by which time the bout of intransigence may well be over.                                                                                                                                                                                                         We carried on with lunch and then a visit to another shop where I managed to find a light adaptor I needed.Then we came home. I made Mike a drink while he did Ju’s flowers then about 4.00 pm he left. He promised t text when he got back to Rugby but I had an awful feeling he could have a long evening/night ahead of him at the hospital. I hope I’m wrong.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         After Mike left I came through to the bedroom to work. There was as always a lot of catching up to do. I was here until  7.00 pm when I went through to sit with Joey and to have some rhubarb and strawberry tart that I’ll have to eat all alone since Mike had to go.  It was a pure accident that it wasn’t in sight until he’d gone. I wwatched TV until 9.00 pm and came back through until bedtime. I’m going to read in here then try and go to sleep in the chair. Not for too long though as I’m being MuJo’d in the morning and need to tidy up and if possible get my washing done.

Monday 19th.

Last night’s experiment worked well. I read until 12.30 am then went to sleep in my chair. Joey didn’t object to my company. I only slept until 3.14 am though. At least I got an early start on the washing and all my mail before having breakfast at 4.30 am. After that it was a case of staying awake until MuJo arrived.                                                     I gave John his lights and let him have the adaptor I bought yesterday as his hadn’t arrived.

A long day and a lot of mail this evening but it’s been fine.

That's funny looking pastry Reuben.

That’s funny looking pastry Reuben.

Perhaps I won't have a piece of pie thanks....

Perhaps I won’t have a piece of pie thanks….

Tuesday 20th.

A successful experiment. I read in bed until almost 1.00 am then went straight to my chair. I slept until 5.23 am which is really good.                                                                               Out of the house at 7.30 am to catch my bus. Joey not amused at being left in his cage. He didn’t hesitate to let me know the minute he heard my key in the door.                       I had mail. The light adaptors arrived so I have replaced mine and saved John’s second one until I see them again. John left me a message on Skype that the lights were fantastic, he seems to really like the effect.



Rat Hat?

Rat Hat?

Wednesday 21st.

An unsuccessful night this time. I lay in bed after lights out at 1.00 am and had still not fallen asleep at 3.15 am. I got up and distracted myself with work for a while. At 4.00 am I tried again and managed to nod off but only until 4.55 am. It wasn’t worth trying too hard again as I needed to be up by 6.00 am anyway. I had to be out at 7.30 am for my bus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I dressed, had my breakfast and meds then cleared my post boxes until it was time to go out. I shall have to find the opportunity of a nap during the day, perhaps my bus journeys, so I’m compost mental for my games night.

I may not be here but I am thinking of you all.




Happy Clown

Happy Clown

Sanity Claus.

Sanity Claus.

Thursday 22nd.

I read until 12.45 am then turned the light off and tried to sleep. I don’t think it was too long coming. Neither was wakefulness though. When I woke at 3.02 am I found I was already sitting on the edge of the bed with my feet in my slippers. Since there was no way I was going back to sleep again (yet) I visited Looville and then came back to the mail. Talktalk was not available (again) due to technical difficulties the team was working on. I went straight to gmail. There was quite  bit but it soon became obvious that many of the blogs I have followed for a long time just weren’t there. I didn’t have time to try logging into  them separately so I turned to my WordPress reader and going through them one by one changed each Instant notification to a Daily one. Fingers crossed I  start getting posts again.

At 5.45 am I went through to the kitchen and took my meds and also had breakfast. For some reason today my stomach thinks my throat has been cut. For some reason today I wish it had.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I saw my wife, I saw Julia and I started to follow her but it wasn’t she.


Seatgrabber, Saving this for my mummy.

Stepping Up.

Stepping Up.

Friday 23rd

Mike arrived at some time after 11.00 pm last night. I made him a coffee while he told me all about the latest things in his week. It appears that the hospital have released his father back to the home again despite saying they wouldn’t do so until they’d found somewhere that could offer suitable care. The home itself have taken him  but said they don’t have the staff to stay with him when he goes into a fugue state as he has been doing with some frequency recently.                                                                                              Mike goes there today to try and get some answers and to set in process the giving up of both the new flat and the old one, now knowing his Dad’s onset of dementia is becoming quite rapid.

My light went out about 1.00 am and I had trouble getting to sleep. I was up again at 3.56 am catching up on mail from Talktalk which is now live again. I was not clear on both addresses until 6.50 am when I was able to get my meds and do the week’s meds before going out. Not out quite as early today as Mike will drop me off.

Roob 4

The Pops Frown.

Trying the Pops Frown.

Saturday 24th.

Light off 1.00 am after a read. Woke up at 2.02 am but after a cigarette and a good talking too, decided to try again. It worked. Woke up at 4.09 am. but a good talking too didn’t work as I think my ears were going la, la ,la ,la while I tried. I got up, and while in an upright position decided to visit the Piddle Palace then come back to work.            Talktalk was live this morning though still holding it’s head in shame at recent revelations. It’s ridiculous that a firm this size, that holds the banking details of so many of it’s customers can be hacked 4 times because they don’t use encryption software. That is NOT putting the customer first and I would imagine will not only cost them future custom but will also lose them many existing customers who aren’t tied in by contract. I wonder in fact if people will be able to end their contract early because of Talktalk’s negligence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I know they talk of the hacking skills of those from the Deep Web but that’s also where the skills to encrypt and defend from hackers is found. It’s fairly simple to imagine that if you refuse to pay for these skills then someone is going to hack just to show how easy it is. Shape up Talktalk!

It was shopping this morning. That of course starts with getting Mike out of bed. I know he didn’t go to sleep before 12.30 am because I was talking to him at that time and he was using his tablet to look for a ring. I’m pretty sure he carried on after I left to pick up my book.So, at 6.00 am I went through to the kitchen to take my meds and have breakfast. At 6.30 am I took a coffee through as soon as I heard his first alarm, and called him.                                                                                                                                                    No response at 6.40 alarm, 6.50 alarm or 7.00 am alarm but my prompt at 7.00 am about cold coffee did the trick. Final score C2 A4. It later turned out I hadn’t heard his first alarm, only his nearest. In error he’s set it for 6.00 am so had in fact ignored 3 more which would have made his final A’s 7 which even for him would be incredible so I won’t count them. With a concerted effort we were still out of the house at 7.30 am though I think he was still getting dressed as he hopped to the car. We were at the Supermarket around 7.45 am and after I’d checked I could get money on my card ( I was worried about the hacking of Talktalk) we went into battle.

First off this morning were Ju’s flowers. A pretty bunch of mixed colours. Then a fairly long loop round the store until we came to the food section. That was quickly done  as I needed to buy pop and sweets so would be eating bread and scrape (dripping) all week. By the time we’d got milk and just about reached the end of the buying I was still on the £50 mark. We went for coffee, or rather Mike did while I went for cigarettes. When I got back he’d glared at two members of staff until they realised they were sitting at our table and vacated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                From there we went straight to Flint. A sweep of our usual shops left no casualties in his wake so we went for a drink at Temptations. Kyle served us without having to ask what we wanted. He was having quite a busy time of it. I finished my drink and went to the other end of the shop to buy some silver wedding gift wrap and a bag.                        We’d had a conversation over coffee about our jaunt last weekend and some baskets we’d seen that came with packing to turn into gift baskets. Yes, I know I should have bought them at the time but I wasn’t sure who I’d use them for back then. Now of course I had two ideal people whose gifts would fit the baskets nicely but could we think of where we’d seen them, could we heck.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             We racked our brains about where we’d been and tried to narrow it down. I was pretty sure it was the big Homies but Mike wasn’t sure. However he agreed we should retrace our steps. What a waste of time that was though we did find something smaller that might do the job. Anyone got some shredded paper?

We came home about 3.00 pm and unpacked the shopping. Once it was put away Mike reverted to football on his tablet and I came through to clear my mail. It kept me going until 5.45 pm when I went through and found Mike snoring. I woke him and made some tea after which I quite happily dozed off myself. We did watch some TV together, did talk to each other and to the budgie but at 10.00 pm I had to come back to work. Mike went through to his room to fall asleep in bed watching more football. It’s been a strange week and I may have to carry it on a little longer but don’t take that as an indication that I’ve lost interest in my friends or stopped caring.

Reuben on safari

Reuben on safari

Elephant boy rides again.

Elephant boy rides again.


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67 responses to “Light Fittings Found.

  1. You don’t appear to be quite yourself at the moment David. I do hope all is right in your world. Hugs from downunder. x

  2. So much busy ness in the wee hours, your poor brain needs to recharge.

    • They really are the ‘Wee’ hors for me Robert and my brain never seems to hold a charge, think the batteries are too old. Hugs

      • Oh David, there must be something that can revitalise you.

      • Sorry Robert, that must have sounded like so much self pity when I actually meant it to be light heated and funny.(Fell short there didn’t I). I actually get revitalised all the time by the friends I have on the net and all the great comments.So, you’ve played your part today. Hugs

  3. Dear David… I know all too well that feeling of thinking you saw someone who’s gone… Sending you the biggest hug in the world.
    I’m glad your week started with a lovely night’s sleep. Thanks so much for Norwegian Wood — I always liked it and haven’t thought of it in ages. And James Taylor — always love him. Wishing you a new week filled with wonder… and mega hugs! 🙂 ❤

    • Hello Dear Teagan, For Hugs like that I’ll see someone who’s gone every day. I’m so glad you found a couple of pieces of music that you like again. James Taylor is an all time favourite of mine and I’m never sure what to put on here.
      Thank you so much. I hope your week is wonderful and full of wonder xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  4. There’s a cryptic sentence at the end of one day which really touched my heart David. I have had that same experience and it shook me for a number of hours and even days after it. Sometimes I wonder if our loved ones draw near us, because we need them or think of them and then we think we see them….. Maybe we do! I hope all is well with you xoxo

    • I’d like to think you’re right Pauline and that our loved ones do draw near when we need that extra little strength. All is well with me thank you as I hope it is with you.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. I’m sorry Mike’s Dad is on the decline, but I wonder if perhaps not knowing where you are or what you’re doing isn’t a blessing as you near the end. Hugs to you both.

    • I agree with you totally Dear One but as long as there’s some awareness of who you are and who the family are to take the blame for the predicament you find yourself in, it’s very hard.Poor Mike has been trying to do the best for his Dad and of course he gets it in the neck.I’m sure once things settle down and there’s no too-ing and fro-ing to the hospitals all the time things will be better.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  6. Love the sunhat and safari is such a good thing at this age…we try and get as much in as we can. Good luck on the Mike’s dad. Dementia is tough, my dad has it too (82) and special good care for them.

  7. I am glad you chose Norwegian Wood, and ‘Through the Barricades’ is one of my all time favourites. I am bloody cross with Talk Talk as well as I am also one of their customers. Fancy getting hacked AGAIN!
    I hope you are ok after thinking you saw your wife, that must have been pretty unsettling for you.
    Sounds like Mike is having a pretty hard time as well, with the worry about his Dad.
    Sending you lots of gigantic hugs xxxxx

    • Some pieces of music slip between the floorboards and it’s good to be reminded of them. I’m not surprised you’re cross with Talktalk. At east they now say our information was never under threat this time but they’d better we thinking hard about some real internet security or many people will walk.
      Thank you, yes he is having a rough time but I hope it will settle soon.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  8. I’ve thought at times that I’ve seen a loved one who has passed only to realize it wasn’t so. It can be quite disturbing. I’m thinking of you, David, and hoping you are sleeping soundly. Love and Hugs, Laine.

    • Thanks so much Laine It can be very disappointing to find it’s someone else or to suddenly lose sight and wonder if it was them.
      I’m doing fin thanks.
      xxx Sending Hopes for a Great Week with Huge Hugs xxx

  9. Dementia really is no fun, take care of yourself too.

  10. “We got dressed and left the house at 11.15 pm,” Well, I froze in my seat with curiosity and anticipation and thought: where are David and Mike going at that late hour? Catch a plane to an exotic destination for some exotic fish food for missing exotic fish? Catch a bus to be somewhere can’t miss at dawn even if David camouflages it as looking for light fittings? David is finally getting away to shake off for a day or so all the frustrations of past months…Hm…then within a dozen words came lunch! The sleepless or sleep interrupted nights keep on keeping on…mysteriously giving David energy of a real trooper! Life is dandy especially with Reuben around and although not always “normal” it is filled with every day nice stuff – have a great, great week David.

  11. They’re just testing, David, to make sure you haven’t forgotten them. Just look at Reuben and the sun will come out again. Massive hugs xxx

  12. Ali Isaac

    I’m glad to see you’ve been getting some better stretches of sleep. You are quite a night owl! There is no way I could contemplate getting up at 3am! Carys has woken me at 4am these last 3 days, and it has almost killed me with tiredness! I am not a night owl, but sadly, I am not a morning person either! Lol!

    • I’m sorry Carys has been waking you up so early It’ no fun if you’re ready for your bed and a good sleep the night before. I’m very lucky that mornings don’t bother me at all and early mornings aren’t that bad. The computers always here.
      I hope this week proves better for you. xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  13. Love the frowning. And the grinning!

  14. “Wonderful, fully rested for a change” Congratulations! The “Sanity Claus” pic is cute as can be. “Judicial use of the delete button” made me laugh out loud. 🙂

    • Thanks Jack. A good rest is rare though I’m not complaining. I thought that picture was quite clever though they could have just superimposed his face on mine and we were in business. I’m glad I managed to make you laugh.

  15. Reuben is adorable in all his many faces. The frown is priceless. I love the black and white photo with the colorful hat. Sending a hug to Mike over what he is going through with his dad. Dear, David, I know the ache from the reminders of a lost love. It’s bittersweet. Enjoy your week. Hugs.

    • If Reuben had to copy something from his Pops, why the frown? Makes me look a right grump.The programme that does the B & W pics but allows you to change anything you want back to colour is sensational Mary J. I’ll make sure Mike gets the hug but son’t worry, I’ll protect you from him.
      You’re right, the reminder is bittersweet. It leaves me drained.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  16. Reuben looks more and more like his Gramps each passing week – frown, beard and all! Wishing you a better rested and less disjointed week to come, David. Big bises xo!

    • Oh Mel, such compliments you pay gramps. Roobs is such a good looking little lad, I’ve never been that in my life. I think he’s a long way to go before the beard is white.
      Thank you, I’m sure it will be a restful week. I hope yours will be wonderful. xxx Sending Cwtch Mawr Galore

  17. Hi David, Reuben as always, is so adorable. I like that he wore his dinosaur jacket to the zoo. Always appropriately togged (it seems to run in the family). It sucks that you have had kind of a whacky week. Tell Mike I am sorry to hear about the difficulties his Dad is having. Did he ever find that ring he was hunting for?
    We have had a funny kind of week over here too. Had to replace a toilet (now with one that is designed for taller people with larger posteriors and great flushing capabilities) the shower control had to be replaced and the dryer heating element went out (so I now have a new washer and dryer). Last week my tire was slashed and I had a flat on the way to work. Aren’t things supposed to only come in threes? So am I going on my second set of threes? Hope not.
    You saw your wife? I was on WordPress Reader yesterday, looking at photos from Bournemouth and I could swear my dear old Grandfather, who was the greatest person ever, was in the photo. Very strange. I looked at it for the longest time, because there was such a striking resemblance. Maybe your wife and my Grandad are just keeping an eye on us, letting us know that they are always nearby.
    I will keep my fingers crossed, and hope and pray that this coming week is full of pleasant surprises for you!!!!!!!

    • A very appropriate jacket to wear to the zoo. I wonder if he’s worn his new leather jacket this weekend. I must ask.
      I’ll pass on your mjessage to Mike. He’s still searching forr the London Blue Topaz ring he wants to own and I’m still searching for the ring that flew off my finger and disappeared when I was taking a glove off.
      Wow, what a week you had. I won’t complain again.You’ve had your three things bad luck with a plumbing theme but it does sound like you’re on your second set.
      I’m sure you’re right and we’re being watched over. Hoping that this week will be good for you.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Yes I think you are right. Because now I have this super fancy dryer, but I suspect the venting pipe to the roof(such a ridiculous design) is clogged and not venting appropriately ( so this counts as number 5 – hopefully only one more to go and I will be done with my run of bad luck).

  18. Do take care, David and I hope Mike can find the right place for his father. As I told you in Twitter, when I heard about TalkTalk, I thought of you. You’re right, although I don’t know the details. I think they should give customers the option to leave (actually, should pay damages to everybody). Big hugs.

    • Thanks Olga. I hope Mike sortd his father out before he runs himself ragged.
      Talktalk say it wasn’t as bad as it sounded and no information was lost. Good, but it’s the fourth time so they have a duty of care. Next time we may not be so lucky and they can’t avoid the blame then.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  19. I’ve been AWOL from blog land for a while, David, not sure why. But I seem to be rediscovering my ‘mojo’ and it’s been great to return and read your news. Reuben is a gorgeous little guy ~ growing fast, as they do. Bless him! Wishing you a good week, take care and loads of (((hugs)))😊 xxx

  20. Your weekly journals and pics of Reuben are wonderful snapshots in time… week by week we see him growing up. I remember pics from when he was a new baby… he’s grown up with your blog and all of us along for the ride 🙂

    • It doesn’t seem long since he was a tiny baby and yet it’s been just over two years now.What a difference. He’s got a lovely following during that time that keep people coming back to my blog so I have to pay him in chocolate buttons for that or he’s cutting my foto limit.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  21. Okay, I have a confession to make, David. After all the cute photos of Reuben–using cookie cutter, standing with a play rat on his head, dressed up in a hat and like Santa, etc.–I was reading along and came to the next picture where he’s coming up the stairs. Alert person that I am, I thought it was a test to see which of us noticed the prop, and figure out what was on his head. Turns out it was the railing behind him…
    I should wear reading glasses when I’m reading posts, I know.
    Have a wonderful week, David. Huge hugs!

    • It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve asked his Mum what he’s got on his head to find out it’s a tree in the background Marylin. I even wondered why he was leaning idly against an upright seat only to find the picture was sideways on and he was lying down.( That’s our secret of course).
      It’s worrying that I do wear glasses!!!
      A Wonderful Week to you xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. David, your week, as always was fun to share, but there were also some poignant moments. I hope Mike’s dad is ok, that must be distressing for him. I know what it feels like to ‘see’ someone you’ve loved and lost. I find myself doing something and then I think, oh, the person I was doing it for is gone. Big huge massive hugs from across The Pond, David, seeing them means they’re still in our hearts and sometimes they come out to remind us that we had such joy. 🙂
    Reuben is so cute. I love how certain facial expressions make people look like other people. 🙂
    And Joey seems to be going through a rebellious stage. 🙂
    I’m glad that your sleeping system at least works sometimes, I’ll take notes and try some of it. Wishful thinking on my part. 😉
    While I’m glad you’re here, David (always), I don’t think that was much of a break, I hope you’re not overtaxing yourself – the government is there to do that for you. 😉
    Thanks for the lovely musical selections, you’ve got me singing (and loudly), but in tune, of course, well, some tune. 😉
    Massive monster hugs and all the best, always. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Donna, as wonderful as always. I can see this is distressiing for Mike but I can also see unfortunately that it’s going to go on for a while.
      I know what you mean Sweetie, many’s the time I’ve looked at something in a shop and been going to buy it for Ju or thought she’ll like this rather than would have liked it. Than you for the hugs and I’m sure you’re right that they pop back as a comfort to us.
      I usually have a look that stops someone from doing something naughty, not Reuben, he just uses it back on me.
      Joey is the original rebel without a pause.
      If I achieve 4 hours continual sleep I count myself lucky.But I can manage.
      The break may have to continue a little while longer as I’m still needed. I want another tax rebate but the Gov’t is holding up two fingers and I don’t think they mean twice.
      I’m glad I got you singing along, it’s what I have to do when I find them to go on. If I make the World suffer, why shouldn’t you?
      xxx The World’s Biggest Hugs over the water xxx

  23. David I am sorry, I know you are having a tough time and you are not the usual David we all are used to. You seem sad and I am so sorry for that. I know how it is when you miss someone, you are not sleeping well either. Hoping you feel better, know we all are here for you even though it”s from a distance, I hope you will feel better soon. A humongous big hug and kiss my friend. BTW, I love Norwegian Wood, it was always one of my favorite Beatles songs and that was a very happy surprise,

    • Thank you so much Suzanne.Please don’t worry about me, I’m doing fine. Yes, I’m sad sometimes but I think we all have that and it passes. As for the sleep, I don’t really notice any more except in joke for the blog as I’m used to it. More than 4 hours is a rarity but I can cope.
      I’m grateful to you all who’re here for me, I’m not used to this kind of support system and it’s wonderful.
      xxx Humongous Hugs and Kisses back to you. I’m so pleased to have found a favourite song for you.It’s nice to resurrect those that sometimes fall through the cracks.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Sorry to have missed you this week. I’m having problems with wordpress, too, although I yet need to find the time to manually switch the blogs back on. A week’s worth of admin is going to take a while. Happy Monday, and well done on the music choices again. Huge Hugs and hope to see you soon 🙂

    • I’m sorry I missed seeing you Christoph. WordPress can be a right pain in the rear end, I don’t envy you the week’s worth of admin. Been there, done that, threw up!
      Glad you liked the music choices.
      Huge Hugs

  25. laurie27wsmith

    Well, Roobs has made a huge comeback David, he’s such a handsome lad. It sounds like you’re in need of a break mate. Not sleeping isn’t helping you at all. As for seeing Ju, well that’s highly likely. When one is not feeling the best, those loved ones close in spirit tend to make their presence felt. Some may say it’s because you’re tired. That could be so but I tend to go with my theory. You need the closeness and comfort. Take care David, please look after yourself.

    • Your theory has a popular following Laurie and I’m all for it but I am OK thanks, The sleep issue has been going on for so many years it’s just normal to me.Mind you I’m sticking with it if I get to see Ju.
      Pot and Kettle here mate, look after yourself too please.

      • laurie27wsmith

        Well, speaking from experience David I think it’s the case. Sleep? Well I think people also notice that you’re not your usual self, compared to say 6 months ago.I’m looking after myself, resting when needed.

  26. I hope you made the most of the extra hour in bed on Sunday morning David. That elephant sure has big tusks. Not sure he’d survive for long in the wild. Reuben looks like he’s been having some fun.

    • I made the most of the extra hour’s peace before Mike disturbed it Guy but thanks. The poachers would never let a tusker like that survive intact.
      Reubens always having fun, he’s got a mischievous streak a mile wide.

  27. There seemed to be a bittersweet tone through this post. I hope, as others have mentioned, that your sighting was someone looking in and you to bring you comfort. And poor Mike with his dad.

    The Reuben photos were outstanding this week. I can’t decide which one I like the most. His “frown” is adorable, but so is the hat–oh, and all the rest.

    I like your music choices. I always liked “Norwegian Wood” and James Taylor.

    I wanted to tell you one of my friends showed me a video she and her family made for a sick friend–the music was “Gloria.” I told her a blogger friend had just used that song on his blog.

    Hope all is well. A big hug traveling to you from New Jersey.

    • I think maybe the bittersweet tone crept in though I didn’t intend it too. I’m inclined to believe Ju popped in o make sure I’m OK but probably more to ensure I’m behaving myself. Perhaps she’s been helping with some inspiration with my Christmas shopping too. We used to enjoy doing that together.
      Reuben’s frown scares me, he’s getting better at it than I am.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the music. It’s funny, nearly everyone has named the same pieces this week.

      Funny that two of us should choose this time to use Gloria . Not usually the first choice out of all there are.

      All is well here. I hope everything is OK here too Merril. xxx Sending Huge Hugs to you xxx

  28. David, I will start with huge hugs!!! Hope this week you are feeling better.

    I wonder what if you teach Joey to whistle Norwegian Wood?

    Reuben’s pictures are so cute! Love this little man!

    I will be thinking of you and sending good vibes every day.
    Many Hugs!

  29. Reuben’s clown costume looks like a professional did it. I would imagine his mother did the make-up. It’s excellent. I love that frown on his little face. That’s priceless. 🙂 Mega Hugs. 🙂

  30. Loved the safari shots 🙂
    xxx Huge Hugs, David xxx

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