The Malware Bites & In a Flap About The Letterbox.

Sunday Oct 25th.

1.15 am One last visit to the loo and to check that the dirty laugh I just heard is the result of Mike having a mucky dream rather than him having smuggled a woman in through his bedroom window. It was the former. I went to bed. It get’s confusing now. I got up at 2.21 am, but because of the end of BST is that really 1.21 am and I’ve been in bed for 5 minutes? Ten minutes earlier and I’d have woken up before I’d even got to bed. I needed to pee again, have I been drinking in my sleep or just having dreams of waves crashing on a shore? I went to my chair to try and sleep there. It worked and I got up at 5.35 am though back to the confusion again, it was really 4.35 am even though I hadn’t altered my watch. Am I in some kind of alternate dimension here?

The mail is horrendous again now I have so many blogs I follow on a daily notification. Most things seem to be coming through properly including those I left on Instant notification. The mail is so like it used to be that this last couple of months seems like a holiday. I concentrated on the mail until 9.17 am ( correct time) before going round the house altering clocks though maybe if I’d left them long enough, Mike would have got up to a shout of Good Afternoon from me. As it was, that’s when he chose to get up and it looked much earlier than it was.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I had quite a lazy time seeing to Joey’s water and seed then getting him a new millet sprig and a new fruit bar.  Once that was out of the way I was able to go and get dressed. By 10.30 am Mike was dressed too and we decided to have a stroll around Prestatyn before going to the CookHouse there. I wasn’t feeling quite myself this morning and I wasn’t sure whether to put it down to tiredness or stupidity. When I’d undressed last night I’d sat down on the edge of the bed to remove my trousers and my legs had been itching furiously at that point. Almost without thinking I’d scratched, and when I scratch, I really do. I couldn’t stop myself and quickly drew blood. They were sore all night and inflamed this morning. No point in worrying Mike  so we went out.                                                                                                                                                                                                  You can tell I wasn’t well when I say I bought nothing. But we had a nice lunch though I couldn’t finish ( don’t be daft, of course I didn’t leave any beef). After lunch we drove back the old road and stopped of at Jackson’s Nursery to see if they’ve set up for Christmas yet. Not as good as in years past but they’ve not done too badly. We had a drink there in their new cafe before coming home.

At home, Mike stuck football on while I came through and started answering mail. It’s coming through in truckloads now and I can see is going to keep me occupied. I had to use the loo in a hurry then returned to work. Football over Mike came through to show me some rings on ebay and offered to put some cream on my legs before going home, this week he wasn’t going to Manchester again. He may be back sooner this week as the kids are on half term and he isn’t looking after them. If he’s got enough clean clothes he’shave stayed but he needed to go back and do the laundry. My turn in the morning. He did my legs and I thought I’d pass out the damn things stung so much when the cream went on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mike left and I returned to work. I took a short break from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm then wished Joey goodnight and galloped to  the loo again. Again at about 9.00 pm and yet again by 9.30 pm. I was sore and uncomfortable. I wonder if yesterday’s meal upset me or if this is as a result of the legs which must be infected again. I decided to finish the post and just go straight to the blog. I’ll cross my fingers I’ve done for the night and get an early night.

play day 1

play day 5

Monday 26th.

Early night maybe. Rough night definitely. Between the threat of yet another ‘visit’ to further discombobulate me there was also the real pain from my legs. I tried sleeping in bed unsuccessfully and then in my chair but I know it was gone 2.00 am before I dropped off.  I woke at 4.57 am and hobbled off to the Piddle Palace unsure of what my stomach wanted to  do. As it happened the answer was nothing which was great. I took my meds and put just one piece of bread in the toaster so I could line my stomach. I set the washing machine going and then made myself a drink. After taking my post breakfast tabs, I applied carpet fresh to the rug in the lounge and the hall carpet ready to give them a stiff brushing later.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I’m having a visit from MuJo today but will have plenty of time to tidy before they arrive. I noticed Mike hadn’t done the flowers before he left so started those. I couldn’t see anything worth saving from last week so I started from scratch. I’ll be needing more flowers today while I’m out. I just hope I’ll be OK with my stomach and walking. For sure I won’t be having the usual chippie meal if that’s where we go. Maybe they’ll want panninis in Temptations but as it’s my turn to pay I won’t dictate what they have, just what I eat.

It was almost 6.00 am before I got through to turn the computer on and start the mail. Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad at that time though there were a couple of long responses to comments on the blog. By 7.30 I was up to date and able to concentrate on the house. Since I’m extending last week’s ‘rest’ I’ll leave it there for now.                     It was a nice day but a long day and the legs are weeping so I’m resting them tomorrow.

Who is this muscle man I see?

Who is this muscle man I see?

I'll puzzle my way out of here.

I’ll puzzle my way out of here.

Tuesday 27th

I found out last night my Talktalk mail account has been compromised and is sending out spam. I went to Talktalk to find out the best way to stop this and was advised to sit tight and wait for the spammers to get bored and move on. I don’t know if that’s the best way of dealing with the problem but it seems a poor way.  I wonder if closing the account would solve the problem, but I can’t see a way of doing that even. I’ll keep trying to find a solution. I ran a full scan overnight and found four potential threats. When I asked it to clear them it couldn’t find two which seemed strange.  One of my wonderful friends suggested a program called Malware Bytes  to check for malware. It’s Free and I ran a test and it found a few potential problems. It’s worth a try if you don’t already run a malware program.                                                                                                     Anyway, not a bad night. Read till 1.00 am, was awake till 2.00 am checking the scan progress before giving up and settling to sleep. Got up at 5.26 am.Started on mail until 6.15 am when I went to take meds. My legs are still sore so I’m not going out today but going to rest the legs and see if I can apply a dressing with antiseptic cream. Will hopefully manage to keep pace with mail.

Had to go out when cream was missing from my prescription. I went to the chemist where they phoned the doctor’s for me. The new scrip will be here tomorrow. I picked up some dressings and covered the worst parts of the leg in antiseptic.

Told you he existed.

Told you he existed.

I am the voice of Gruffalo

I am the voice of Gruffalo

Wednesday 28th

Light out 12.30 am after a read of the Bernard Cornwell Muriel left for me on Monday. Warriors of the Storm, an exciting Saxon vs Norsemen book in a series. I was relaxed and ready to sleep if I could find a comfortable spot for my left leg. I did. I woke at 2.18 am ready to work.                                                                                                             First I checked my bank for unauthorised withdrawals after the Talktalk debacle of last week, then I started on the mail. Both lots kept me going until 4.42 am when I settled in my chair for forty winks ( I hoped) but couldn’t quite manage it. It was far too early to start the hoovering so I picked up my book again.

9.00 am and I was able to hoover and also mop the laminate floors. The postie came and delivered a new parcel and it wasn’t even for me. Mike had something delivered here. At about 11.00 am someone came to replace the broken letterbox. He did both sides of the door and was gone within ten minutes. No more draughts. No more need for me to flap . Mind you Darren may have something to say next time he delivers something and feels the spring on this one. I could be counting fingers my side of the door.

I had an entertaining evening with Dil. I won the Yahtzee, Dil won the Trivia, I won the cribbage. The night was mine and to prove it I did a flamenco round the room.

This is a funny TV set.

This is a funny TV set.

I'm taking my men to the top of the hill.

I’m taking my men to the top of the hill.

Thursday 29th

Light off at 1.05 am and settled down in bed.  I think I went to sleep quite quickly. I was disappointed Mike hadn’t come back last night but he said he’s unwell. I wonder if I’ll see him today. I woke at 4.30 am and made my way to the WC for bladder relief before coming back and powering up. First job of the day, check my bank is still OK. It seemed to be except for the million pounds I’d hoped to find there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Not too much post in either Talktalk or gmail and was clear by 5.40 am.A good time to get some breakfast and take my meds. At about 6.30 am I took my coffee through to the lounge and sat talking to Joey. I left the light off and so it was dark until about 7.30 am. He didn’t respond to me until it became light and I’m sure that was just to complain that I’d kept him awake.

Later in the morning I took a walk to Pauline’s to renew my lottery. She assures me I’ve got the winning ticket this time. That’ll be handy, maybe I should start booking things today?  My exotic cruise, a culture vulture’s tour of Europe with a stop to visit friends in Spain and  trips to Australia and America too.                                                              When I returned from there the mail was here in earnest and I had to forget Joey and plough in. I didn’t finish before I broke to see Homes Under the Hammer but I had to make up for it when I got back, spending the next two hours trying to reshape my nose with a grindstone. I had my cream delivered for my legs ( this doctor is mean and only prescribed 100ml tube. I gave Ferrero Rocher to my friend who delivered it. He was back again later with some tablets I missed but I didn’t issue a second grant of chocs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Lunch was a quick affair with my chips and curry sauce while I watched Bargain Hunt.                                                                                                                                                                              The afternoon was blah, blah, blah until The Antiques Road Trip which didn’t disappoint. Mike arrived about 7.30 pm but we didn’t talk much because he brought food, yes, chips with curry sauce AND sausages. At 8.00 pm Garrow’s Law came on which he hadn’t seen before then at 9.00 pm two, yes TWO new episodes of Big Bang Theory. It was like a dream come true except not as good as the one where I marry Katie Hepburn. I left him with football after that and retired to work. I’ll be in bed by 11.00 pm.

Bad Weather

Bad Weather

Some days you're up....

Some days you’re up….

And now for a magic voice……

Friday 30th.

Well I was finished by 11.00 pm and Mike kindly came through to dress my leg and to apply cream to the both. That gave us both chance of a conversation about how things are with his Dad. Mike’s been asked t take more clothes in but it doesn’t look as though much effort has been put into finding the shirts and trousers which have gone missing. That conversation over, I went back to his room to look at some rings on his tablet and also a ring enlarger he wants to get. Quite a few of the rings he fancies have been a half size too small as the UK doesn’t do half sizes generally. He’s hoping the enlarger will allow him more choice knowing he can increase it if too small. I showed him a machine which both increases and decreases the size which left us both wondering how that would work but at a price neither of us wanted to pay to find out. I returned to my room about 12.15 am for a read.

The light went off about 1.00 pm and I settled down but was up again at 2.25 am for the loo. I could see Mike was still on his tablet so I dropped in for another chat to see what his plans were for later today. He’s off back to Manchester to hand in the keys on the new flat his Dad’s never going to move into. I went back to bed around 2 40 am and managed to fall asleep again only to wake up properly at 3.38 am. I dealt with the mail until 5.00 am then went to the kitchen to take my meds and fill up the medicine trays for another week.

So sorry, I published too early this week but I’ll include tomorrow in the start of next week’s efforts.


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50 responses to “The Malware Bites & In a Flap About The Letterbox.

  1. Goodness, so used to seeing you on Sunday mornings I had to check what day it was! Nice change to hear from you on a Friday. Now you’re all set to finish the week with a relaxing weekend! Maybe some Hallowe’en treats? Bon weekend! Bises xx

  2. Well, David, if you win that lottery or lotto and visit Australia I’ll make sure we have a coffee or two under Sydney Harbour Bridge or rather in front of it at Opera House :))) hope the legs get better soon – sounds annoying besides being awful. It was a nice surprise getting this weekly update on a Friday 🙂

  3. Those legs are a problem – and need attention David!! I hope you feel better over the coming week and the spammers do eventually tire and move on – though it seems to me they are part of the deal and when one lot disappears another lot moves in. They keep the deleted box fed though which is nice for it 🙂

    • The leg is leaking less today than yesterday I think. I’m using dry non-stick dressings now. I don’t mind the spammers coming to me, it’s the infection so mail goes out as though it’s from me I hate.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  4. I thought I’d been abducted by aliens and lost two days – brilliant David! 😀 😀 I’m wide awake now too. Have a fabulous extra long week ahead, and I hope your legs get better and stop itching too. Much love and HUGE HUGS! XXXXX

    • I’m tempted to chop off the stupid finger that pressed Publish by mistake. It will be strange not having to dash to publish tomorrow.
      Thank you Sweetie. I’m sure the legs are doing well.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  5. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who had to double check the date, seeing your post early! Don’t you just hate it when you get home from the chemist and find they haven’t included something? What a nuisance. I do hope it helps your legs. Sorry to read Mike’s Dad will not be getting to move into the new flat. Take care David, have a good week. xxx

    • I couldn’t blame the chemist for this Ardys as it was the doctor ( or receptionist) who hadn’t put it on the prescription.. I note it still isn’t there. The second item was my fault totally as I’d missed it off the request.
      I’m sorry about the flat too as it means he’ll be staying in the home and all Mike’s work will have been in vain.
      Have a Wonderful Week
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  6. You’ve sown deep confusion across the ether, David! The changing hour must have really got to you 🙂 Reuben is getting more and more of the reflective child rather than baby expressions, and yes, there were some magic voices in the musical selection this week. Look after yourself xxx

    • I think the finger that did this has a life of it’s own and certainly it’s own agenda Jane. I shall deal with it.
      Reuben has dozens of set poses now I never know what’s real anymore. I’m so glad you found some of the music good. I enjoyed this bunch.
      Have a Great Weekend and New Week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  7. Ha! David I’m relieved to see that dratted “publish” button plays tricks on someone besides me.
    However, I’m sorry that it sounds like things are going poorly for Mike’s dad.
    It was nice to hear Donovan — blast from the past. And you know I love Rainy Night in Georgia.
    Sending good thoughts to all. Mega hugs my friend. ❤ 🙂

    • It woz my furtive finger wot dunnit M’lud. Nuffin t’do wiv me. I wozn’t even there wen it happuned.
      Mike’s with his Dad today but things didn’t seem so bad yesterday. He seems either resigned to being there or settled. The problems are all Mike’s as he looks for missing clothes and runs around cancelling lats.
      Glad you enjoyed Donovan and yes I know you love that song as do I hence me playing it again.( and probably again).
      xxx Sending you Humongous Hugs Teagan xxx

  8. Another full week for you! You always have the best adventures! Happy samhain to you!

    • I always think I have the most boring weeks. Sometimes I wonder if I should even do the blog but I like getting the music out.
      Happy Samhain to you too. What’s happened to your Blog? Asearch says it’s not found now.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. Yes, I also had to check twice but good to know it wasn’t something drastic. I hope your leg gets better… Mind you it’s been going on for very long… Malware Bytes is indeed a good programme, so much so I decided to go with the paid version, as that one runs continuously and blocks attacks as they come in (my previous programme found the threat but by that time it had destroyed the capacity of my computer to connect to the internet). The paid version is also much faster at scanning… I’m sorry to hear about the TalkTalk situation. I guess they might have found the ones who did it, but it doesn’t solve the problem, really. Garrow’s Law. I enjoyed the original series but couldn’t remember the name (I think I saw two but not sure if there had been more…)

    • Nothing more drastic than my idiocy Olga. I’m sue the leg is on the mend now thanks.
      I’m glad you confirm Malware Bytes is a good prog, it gives me confidence.
      I’m annoyed at Talktalk. After putting a notice on my screen and doing an advert on Youtube saying there wasn’t an attempt to reach the files and none were at risk, today they admit differently. I don’t appreciate lies especially as it’s the fourth time they’ve been hacked.because they haven’t spent on security. It’s putting far too much information at risk. I’m disgusted with them.
      I’ve now seen two episode’s of Garrow’s Law and enjoyed both. I shall try and catch more.
      xxx Massive Hugs Olga xxx

  10. I was surprised when that 2nd Barsetshire Diaries popped up on my email. Too bad Mike’s having problems getting his dad settled, and that some clothes disappeared. Cute pictures of Reuben. That’s a lovely play park your daughter takes him to. I hope your legs improve. It’s a shame they bother you and interfere with your sleeping. Take care and Giant Hugs. 🙂

    • I was surprised when I realised what I’d done. I’d have cut the offending hand off but it would have made me type slower still. I think Mike has recovered some clothes and is now marking them.
      It is a nice park and right in the centre of Chester, so easy to get to.
      My legs are improving I’m sure. They don’t bother my sleep too much. I just hate the itching.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  11. David, we’ve all pressed the Publish instead of Save button, but in this case, it was a welcome thing because despite missing a day, it was a lovely surprise in my email box. You’ll have to do a special Halloween edition or add it onto next week. 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear your legs are giving the go, and bugging sleep is just wrong on so many levels.
    Reuben looks so happy, what a little sweetheart.
    I hope Mike’s dad has a better time this week.
    TalkTalk sounds like they need to stop ignoring spammers and go after them.
    Take care, dear friend, hope this week and by that I mean the next 8 days I guess treat you kindly. 🙂
    Massive monster non-itchy hugs. 🙂 xo

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only prannock around who presses the wrong buttons. I’ll add the missing day to next week’s and confuse everyone with two Saturdays.
      Forget the legs, they’re on the mend and the sleep I can cope with. I could do with the non-itch cream though and we don’t appear to have it.
      I’ll let you know on Tuesday if he’s happy or just saving his paddies for me.
      Thank you, Mike will see your message.
      Talktalk need to start looking after the people who pay for their service and pay to get proper security measures in place.
      Look after yourself Donna, have a wonderful weekend.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  12. Catherine Johnson

    You must get some cortisol cream or whatever it is that stops itching. Your poor legs. How cool is that Gruffalo statue.

    • This Aveeno I’ve been given is quite good as I can’t keep using steroids. If it stops working I can always moisturise my face.
      The statue is great, I think that’s in Chester Zoo, I must ask.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. As you might know, I pressed Publish instead of Preview the other day. Oops.

    It seems you have had a few issues with Talk Talk.I hope you aren’t still infected with Malware. Their advice to “sit tight” wouldn’t solve the problem. Have a great weekend, David.

    • It’s becoming quite a club Mary J. We’ll need membership cards soon.

      I think Malware Bytes is doing a good job but there are more attempts to infect every day. They all seem to be via Talktalk though and not gmail.. I didn’t think the ‘sit tight’ solution sounded very good and I’m not sure the scans run by microsoft are very good at clearing the problem. It looks like I shall be going the Malware Byte professional route.
      Have a Wonderful Weekend and a Great New Week,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • How about if you went with one of the popular virus scanners that also catch malware to be safe and confident.? You want to make sure you get that out of your computer because if it tracks your keystrokes, it can get passwords,etc. Good luck with whatever you choose. Hugs back, David.

  14. Like others, I also wondered why your post came a day early. It’s easy to press Publish instead of Preview though. Great Reuben shots this week.
    Our time change is this weekend (2 AM tomorrow). I know I’ll be thrown off and take time to adjust.
    Your poor legs. It seems to have been going on a while? I hope you’re better soon.
    Hope you don’t have any problems from the scammers.
    Good luck with your winning ticket! 🙂

    • It was early because of my dozy plonker finger which I’m now not talking to for the moment. It will be a 8 1/2 day post next, so a very long week for you all.
      At least it’s the nice change this time isn’t it, where you gain an hour? We’ve had ours.
      It has been a while with the legs but I was warned it could recur at any time and be hard to get rid of. I don’t know what the odds are of getting it in both legs though.
      I hope my scam problems are over now I’ve got the malware programme.
      Thank you, if it comes up, expect a shout to get the kettle on.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Kev

    Beautiful crisp photos, David… Very nice!

  16. Well, looks like we all thought we were in a different dimension with your (early) post. But isn’t it nice that so many of your friends from near and far care and think about you? You are a Sunshine Superman, indeed. TAKE CARE OF THOSE LEGS!!!! xoxoxoconcernednefriendhugxoxoxo

    • I was so surprised that many of my friends were in that same dimension I found myself in. Thanks heavens for that or no readers this week. It’s wonderful so many are so kind to me and I really appreciate it.
      Maybe I am a Sunshine Superman, it really shone today.No warmth though.
      I shall look after the legs !!
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  17. While I was still happily singing along with “Rainy Night in Georgia” and enjoying all of Reuben’s pictures–especially Gruffalo–I was also relieved to learn that the world was still on schedule and you’d only pushed the button to publish instead of to save. Take care, David, and know that we’re all cheering for you and wanting you to stay healthy. Many hugs.

    • I’m still happily singing along to that one. I’m glad you enjoyed it and the inevitable pics. Yes, it must have cause a little consternation wondering if you’d lost a day somewhere thanks to my feckless finger. I’m glad you caught it though.
      I’m cheered by being cheered on and I’m staying reasonable healthy thanks to you all.
      xxx Mega Hugs Marylin xxx

  18. You may have pushed publish too early – but I read through your post and got so carried away listening to Rainy Night in Georgia, I closed when the song finished without posting my comment. Oh dear, silly me 😉

    I always love the pictures of Reuben 😀 xxxxx

  19. Hi David: can I say something which may be totally out of line? Thing is, I also get the legs problem. Or I did. Since I retired I have more or less stopped wearing socks – barelegged and sandals I find gains you street cred as a potential elderly hippy. I find I get stopped by adoring followers who want to understand my karma. And the itching, so far, is reduced by ninety percent! When I do wear socks – as on nights when I might embarrass relations I now wear half-hose which rely less upon the guillotine method for support, and they come off again as soon as I get home. Just saying…



    • Hi Fred you could well be right in your Hippydom. I like to take off my socks when I’m in the house and only wear ankle socks with an easy grip outside.Since I’m generally outside most at weekends it’s not too bad. The itching is really from changes to the skin with the cellulitis so no socks on is wonderful. It’s less when the skin has been mositurised ( sorry, I still can’t get used to saying that).
      I really appreciate the advice.

  20. You published early… and here I am still late! I did wonder if you were setting up a new schedule but I too have inadvertently hit the Publish button.
    It would be lovely if the lotteries offices sponsored a trip to Australia for you, although at the moment your blogger friends would be more welcoming than the weather 🙂

    • I think the publish button should be moved so you have to find it and can’t hit it by accident though I’m sure in my senility I’d search for it.
      Those lottery people still ignored my numbers this week, I really don’t know what’s wrong with them. I’ve offered bribes, even to share my bacon sandwich.
      Perhaps they’re waiting for the weather to improve….
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  21. Hi David! I hope your legs heal quickly. I loved all the pictures! 😀 xx

    • Thanks so much Vashti. I think maybe this is a long term problem. At least they can’t amputate my humour.
      I’m so glad you liked the pictures.More this week of course.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  22. Enjoyed that interesting look into your world mate, your pictures are great, really professional and the subject matter is gorgeous, he must give you much pleasure.
    I see you have the same problem as my friend Prenin has with Talk Talk, it must be a worry having to check to make sure your accounts are safe, so far we don’t seem to have this problem here.
    Best wishes for a beaut weekend.

    • Thanks Ian, that’s very kind. Yes, he gives me a lot of pleasure as well as the pain of standing on my feet and kicking at my legs.
      Talktalk is a real pain and I’ve just about given up. This week I’ve made sure all notifications go to my gmail address instead. Sometimes I can’t open Talktalk and sometimes mail won’t open and deleting is a nightmare.
      I’d scream if they’d hear me, or care.
      Sorry this is late but I hope this weekend is a great one.

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