Just a Widdle Bit & Sartorial Elegance

Sunday 29th Nov.

I eventually got to bed last night. It was about 1.15 am when my light finally went out and that was with just the briefest of reads. I was up again for the loo about 2.25 am and had to make myself go back to bed rather than disturbing Joey and going to my chair.
My day started at 4.11 am and no matter how I wished it otherwise, I was awake. I turned on the computer and let it power up as my pea sized bladder took me to the loo again. When I got back I started on my gmail and was chuffed to see so many responses to last night’s blog post.                                                                                                                           At 5.45 am I went through to the kitchen to  take my meds and get an early breakfast. When I came back with my coffee it was almost 6.20 am and by heaven the storm had hit. The numbers were jumping as I sat there trying to do them. It was 9.00 am before I was able to get away and let Joey out.                                                                                      I stayed with him for a while hoping he’d come out so I could fix his millet which he’d managed to knock off again. He was in quite a chatty mood but didn’t seem to want the freedom offered by the exterior of his cage.

At about 10.00 pm I returned to my room to play catch up.Joey squawked as I left the room. I wanted to watch a DIY SOS at 11.00 am so I prepared to o through a few minutes early. That’s when Mike decided to get up. I’d forgotten he was still here by then.It was a bad one today where the  house was in a terrible mess, a couple and their three children occupying one room because of damp and holes in the wall. The man of the house had terminal cancer but handled it with great courage. I could hear Mike sniffing next to me and I knew there were tears in my eyes. A few ‘Best Boy Joeys’ in a deep voice would hide how I felt I thought.                                                                                       They made a fantastic job of the house with lots of help from locals and I almost cried allowed when one business owner put up a 2 storey extension for free and then told us all she’d seen her specialist the day before and she didn’t have long either. Such generosity of spirit. I was glad to go and get dressed in the adverts. I did one and Mike did the other and probably both used the tissues.

We left the house at midday to go for lunch. The weather was atrocious with strong winds and rain so we stayed local and went to a pub called the Market Cross in Holywell for lunch. It’s part of a group called Weatherspoon’s where the food is pretty basic and bought in. I had faggotss which were pleasant enough but I wouldn’t repeat them. Mike had a mixed grill which seemed strange as it was mainly meat but excluded bacon . There were things like rump steak,pork loin, gammon and lamb with a few chips and peas, no egg. We did a little shopping after that, mainly for me for stocking gifts as it worked out. That wasn’t the intent. But, I did also get some remote plugs to replace my current ones so I can turn the power on without bending. Since my power supply is behind the TV I son’t have to move that. One click and the power is on and I can do it to four different place and just use the one remote so maybe turn an electric blanket on without having to go through to the bedroom and maybe a lamp so I can see my way through. Very clever things.

When we came back Mike did the flowers and I did a few minutes with the post. When he finished I joined him until it was time for him to go home. That was about 4.00 pm. Once I’d waved him off I came back to work until I’d cleared the post which was about 6.30 pm. I went through and put the TV on and interacted with Joey. I must have nodded off about 8.00 pm and was woken by a loud advert at 10.00 pm.  Back  in here to do the blog only to discover another 67 pieces of mail. I wish I’d woken myself earlier by snoring now. It’s not to be an early night .

The look of Wonder.

The look of Wonder.

It isn't Pops is it?

It isn’t Pops is it?

Monday 30th Nov.

I got to bed eventually.I was awake enough to read thanks to the sleep I should have missed before but the light went out at 1.15 am. I got to sleep with no problems but was loo bound at 2.35 am. Sleep was no problem after that either. I woke for the final time at 4.07 am ready for what the day might throw at me, however if it included snow, gales or rain while I was out or unmanageable workloads when in, Forget It! I’m going back to bed and staying there. It didn’t.                                                                                               The early morning post was fine and kept me going steadily until 5.45 am when I went for my breakfast and my sanity pills.

I returned at 6.10 am just in time for what I expected to be an influx of emails. There were a few but nothing major. Nor at 6.15 am or 6.30 am. What was going on. Did most of you take a break from writing yesterday? I don’t believe it. Just as well I didn’t as 7.00 am and things started happening. 3 email, 14 emails until it read 84 emails. As I did them, more came.but at 9.40 am I was officially clear though I didn’t know for how long. I went through to run the (new- yes another) hoover round the room as well as trying to keep Joey settled while I did it. Then we settled down to watch Homes Under the Hammer. I’m sure Joey likes that programme as he seems to get excited/agitated in some parts. Usually the parts I want to hear.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             From 11.00 am to 11.45 am it was back to work and then time for lunch. As always I watched Bargain Hunt while I ate.  But as I was going out I had to turn it off at 12.45 pm to get my shoes and coat on. Joey was really showing his disapproval when the TV went off and so did the light, and as for me leaving the room you’d have thought I’d just tried to murder him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The rain is so atrocious today I had to wear my long duster coat with the flaps tied to my leg so they didn’t-flap that is. I was wearing a hat too but it was soon off my head and in my bag as the wind picked up. I knew I shouldn’t have had beans for lunch. It was a long walk to the bus stop and I was drenched and blind. On the bus I held my travel pass over the scanner for a ticket but nada. The driver took it to check and it seems I was holding my shopmobility scooter card instead. He said no chance was I driving. I got off near the Tesco Supermarket and crossed the road to the bank. Then I walked up the street. The rain eased a little.                                                                                   I wanted to waste a little time so I went in a couple of shops but I was out fairly quickly as they had customers for some reason and I couldn’t cope with stray conversation on my own.

I visited LIDL for a brochure because it wasted a few more minutes and got me out of the rain.I was early. In the end I walked to the surgery because my pea sized bladder started talking to me. I tried to log in but as always when I reached the end the machine blew a fuse before registering me as there.’There is a problem with your appointment, please report to reception.’ I don’t know why I bother. It was 2.00 pm and my appointment was at half past. How best to avoid going to sleep while waiting??? I know, put one of your crutches on a foot and rest on it. The pain will keep you awake………. or make you faint maybe. I stayed awake.                                                   I was called right on time.Sister S is delectable . She’s also pleasant and quietly spoken and you want to please her. So, when she says how are you and you have pneumonia you say “Fine thanks”. We rattled through the flu jab which she was willing to give without me making an appointment. She did BP and blood oxygen levels and then the notorious breathing tubes which either gives me angina or leaves me whacked. Not much change and not for the better. Who knew?                                                                                  It’s at this point we usually have our serious discussion about smoking or rather the giving up of to be more precise. I’m an idiot. She arranged for another blood test for my heart and was going to find something else out for me by Wednesday when I’m there again. She opened her mouth and I knew it was coming so I stopped her. “I’m going to surprise you this time” I said ” I want to ask about Champix because my brother has had great success with it.”                                                                                                                        “I wasn’t going to mention the smoking this time” she said. For now I mentally kicked myself but the real thing would follow. She did tell me she had to find out if she could prescribe that one for me due to some contra-indications she mentioned. She’ll try and get an answer for Wednesday. I suppose I’m going to have to ask for he to see if she got the answers now.

I walked back to town-without having a cigarette which would have fallen apart even if I could have lit it in the rain. I didn’t have long to wait for a bus and I was soon home again. I squelched when I walked in.  I don’t know if Joey laughed at me or gave me a bollocking for leaving him but either was he was vocal. I dried my hair and beard and went back to work. It was 3.15 pm  and I worked till 5.15 pm. I fully intended coming through at 6.30 pm to carry on but I decided to watch The Secret Life of Bees which went on until 9.00 pm. Time enough to do the blogpost and catch up on the mail and still manage an early night.

Donkey ride with Santa's Little Helper.

Donkey ride with Santa’s Little Helper.

'Elf and Safety' bring Rudolf out.

‘Elf and Safety’ bring Rudolf out.

And just because Christmas is coming at the gallop….

Tuesday 1st Dec.

I got my early night and enjoyed a good read. Lights out at 12.45 am ( memo to self, pay electricity bill). Up this morning at 4.11 am,full of beans, I knew that midnight snack was a mistake. It felt a little foggy, now that could either be the beans or my imagination because it’s Dec 1st and to me fogs always feel ‘Winterish’. On the other hand there might really have been a fog but I couldn’t see one through the window. Mind you, at 4.11 am what the heck can I see through my window?                                                       I took a leisurely 100mph trip to the Piddle Palace then came back to sign into my gmail. There were enough to keep me going for a while, possibly until the influx of the daily digests. But at 5.10 am I took a break to have some breakfast and take my meds. It was toast again this morning as I’m sure my moustache is empty now.                             At 5.30 am I returned and carried on to be ready for whatever the world threw at me.

From 6.10 am it threw bricks at me. I was sitting at my desk totally unprepared for the floodgates to burst open as they did. I worked on them without seeming to get anywhere. At 8.345 am I got dressed and as 9.00 am came I went out to the Post Office to send some cards to the world in general. Over £33 for  about 8 cards and 2 calendars. Just as well I have a supply of beans in the house. When I got back (via Pauline’s) I went back to work until 10.00 a when I had Homes Under the Hammer. Joey said I mustn’t miss it. I did some polishing while I watched it but couldn’t do his mirror.                                                                                                                                                                              Back to work at 11.00 am until 11.50 am when I was finally clear and able to go and see to lunch. I had a chips and curry sauce I discovered in the freezer.( I’d put it there around 9.30 am ).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Among all this morning’s mail I received one from a company I’ve used quite a lot over the years. If you have friends or relatives in the U.S. who may be missing some of the treats from the UK or maybe if you’re an ex-pat Who lives in the U.S. you can still get your Cadbury’s chocolate or your favourite biscuits from this firm. I buy and have them delivered over there which saves a fortune.   englishteastore.com  do take a look at some of the treats they have and the excellent Christmas gifts.                               After Bargain Hunt at lunch time I really wanted to nod off but today I fought the urge so I could come back to keep on top of the mail. If I keep it  down maybe I can stay up to watch a late film or something.

It looks like the late film wasn’t on the cards after all as I had a break at 3.00 pm for Escape to The Country and fell asleep anyway. We were part way into the next programme before I woke. As I did I caught a glimpse of someone standing on my left, dressed in a grey pullover and it looked like they were having a shave. I thought it was mike and flashed my left arm out to play the bongos on his stomach  but he faded away. I perhaps should have realised that as my chair is against the window no-one could have stood to my left but I was a bit slow on the uptake.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Yet again I returned to work and this time stayed until almost 5.30 pm e’en though my quiz had started at 5.15 pm. I was temporarily clear again. I celebrated with a mince pie and a strawberry yoghurt. Joey came out of his cage and I was able to set him flying round the room as I got the old millet from his cage and then put a new one in. I noticed something out of place. He’d broken the set of balls/bells in the cage and they were on the cage floor. I put my arm in this time and not a move out of him at all. He just sat on the edge of the mirror looking at me. I wondered how I’d repair it when I found it wasn’t actually broken. Somehow he’d opened a key ring (in miniature) and slid the chain link out until it was free. The weight would be enough to make him drop it. I really don’t know how he manages such precision work. I could open the key ring with my thumb nail but it was so small I couldn’t slide a link of chain back in. This will have to be a job for when I have time and I’m sitting down. I know he misses ringing this bell as he keeps going to the place where it hung. I don’t think a lecture from me on leaving things alone is going to help.

I returned to my room at 6.30 pm for half an hour’s catch up then went to see The Antique Road Trip with two members of my Eggheads Quiz . A bit of light relief. Both teams made a profit I’m glad to say. Not much of one but a profit nonetheless. After that I watched DIY SOS  before bumping into walls on my way back here due to tear blinded eyes. In truth I wasn’t so bad today though I was still astounded at people’s generosity. I wished Joey goodnight and shut the cage. He was fine about it if a little quiet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I worked on mail for the first hour before turning to the blog. I had the opportunity to enter a competition to win some Elizabeth Shaw sweets but I drew nil on each of the three boxes I opened. I didn’t even tweet about it as I though why offer you lot chocolates when I didn’t get any. If I remember I might try again tomorrow. They’re doing other prizes too like watches I  think all the way to 25th so if anyone is interested just go to the Elizabeth Shaw page on Facebook. I get 10% if you win though.                           I’m predicting bed before 11.30 pm tonight and I need a good sleep. As I’m back at the doctors for another review tomorrow and I have to pee in a tiny jar first thing I need to be awake. I could be there half an hour trying to fill it stop, start. stop , start or it could be a rush where it overflows before I’m ready. I hate that. What I really, REALLY hate though is carrying it in my pocket all the way up there and worrying about a leak. Everyone on the bus will think I’ve wet myself from the smell. Wonder if I should send it by taxi and meet it up there?

Hey, What's up Doc?

Hey, What’s up Doc?

Wednesday 2nd Dec.

I just made my 11.30 pm deadline and was considering sleep at midnight only I got a text bout a visit today from MuJo. I explained about the diabetic review but offered to meet them in town at about 11.30 am.. There was no response for a long time so I turned the light out and prepared to sleep. My phone went off again. They decided to put the visit off to a day when I don’t have any appointments. There’s only Thursday this week and they have a visitor that day it seems so the visit will be next week now. I remembered to tell them I’ll be in Chester on Tuesday for Yvonne’s birthday.I’ll wait for a text next week now. The light went off again at 12.20 am.

3.22 am was the next time I woke. I’d put the sample tube in my dressing gown pocket so I didn’t forget to do it. I went to the bathroom.  On went the light as this was a procedure not left to chance.The trouble starts when I wonder how much I should fill the tube. I can’t allow myself to start until I’ve decided. How much do they actually need to get the information they want? I decided to fill the damn thing and they can dispose of what they don’t want. I make the same decision every time so why don’t I just ask? How much should I widdle in your tube? For all you ladies out there, w’re not bragging when we say we don’t fit inside the tube. If that makes it difficult for us heaven help the problems you must have. Now, you’re obviously holding the tube in one hand and yourself in the other. When you’re widdling you have to decide on a cut off point somewhere before it overflows. You have to cut off the flow with the non-tube hand and keep the flow off while you move the tube to a safe place. Then you can widdle to your heart’s content, finish and turn to put the top on the tube. Then what. Do you leave the tube in a prominent place so you don’t forget to take it or do you place it in your coat pocket in advance? I chose the latter but then I’ve been known to put on a different coat to go out. Maybe my subconscious does these things on purpose as it knows I hate the thought of it being in my pocket because of leakage. As I said last night, I’m scared of it happening while I’m travelling with it. These early morning thoughts might wake you up but they’re not very welcome.

So, I started on the mail. Not too bad really, mid twenties, but enough to keep me going until 5.15 am when I decided to have breakfast and take my meds. I returned with my coffee about 5.45 am to do some more. I was coming to an end gradually on the the few that had come when 6.10 am arrived . With it, someone opened those flood gates again and it poured, it poured and it poured some more. Damn umbrella was no use at all. I just had to keep plodding on. I let it go as far as 9.00 am then I got myself ready to go out, making sure I had the right coat with me. I went back to work until 10.00 am.                                                                                                                                                                 I was walking up to the bus stop when one passed me and drew up at the stop. Someone got on, but as I moved closer it started to pull out.Then it paused and for a moment I thought he’d used his mirror and seen me. Instead someone ran to the bus from the front and got on. I was much closer now but he still drove off.                                                    It was almost half an hour before another bus came and it was driven by my usual driver Howard. It got there at 10.35 am and reached town at 10.45 am. I just hoped I could make the surgery on time. With borrowed wings on my feet I made it.                                                                                                                                                                                                      I had to go to reception again as the registration machine rejected me as usual. I must have too much electrickery in my fingers. The appointment was OK but my blood sugars are up a lot so they’ll consider changing part of the medication. She noticed that I needed blood tests for a couple of things and I said I’m going on Friday anyway and told her what for. Kindly she offered to take the lot today and save me a trip she knows I don’t want to make. She also weighed me, 13 st 2 lb fully clothed including very heavy gloves. And perhaps I’d breathed in.

I’d got outside and was walking back to town when I decided to have a smoke. I put my hand in my pocket and encountered the infamous bottle of pee. I had to turn round and take it back. Lucky for me she didn’t have another patient in. Back to town I went and didn’t wait too long before a bus came. When I walked down from the bus stop I noticed it was 11.50 am and then I noticed the chippie was open. For no other reason than to save me messing about when I got in, I detoured. Small chips, 2 small sausage and somehow I must have said out loud a small tub of curry sauce. I was able to take a tablet when I got in and then have my lunch at 12.15 am when Bargain Hunt came on. As soon as it was over I nodded off for an hour. It felt wonderful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          At 2.00 pm I returned to work. With Dil coming sometime I didn’t want anything left. I stayed her till 4.30 pm. I got up when the doorbell went and I heard the door opening but as I looked towards the front door from my room it wasn’t Dil unless he’d been keeping secrets from me. It was a district nurse looking for Joe who lives almost opposite. It’s funny, I’d seen him in the surgery when I was there only not to speak to. Five minutes later Dil came in and I heard hi say “Come on, get off that computer now”. I had to say I’d only just got back on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  We went through and as I made him a cup of tea we chatted then I turned our usual programmes on until 6.00 pm.

Out came the games table and out came the Yahtzee. The minute Joey saw the box open he started chunnering. There weren’t enough play sheets so I left to print some off and when I got back Joey hadn’t paused for breath. The first sheet of sic games Dil won three then I won three. For a draw we had to play again. The next sheet he won 2 I won one, he won one I won two so  it was a draw again and we gave up at six all. Joey had chunnered throughout the whole of the game and only stopped as we put the box away.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I got the  Trivia out and decided to use the millenium edition this time to see what it was like.  Out came Joey to sit on his mirror and just repeat his name constantly. I was repeating it too him so he knew someone was paying attention. This edition of Trivia is slightly different from the usual.  The number of spaces round the board are different and the question categories are different too.  Some of the questions themselves were rather funny (peculiar) and had us bursting into laughter. As time ran out Joey gave up and went to bed. I reached the middle mof the game but got my question wrong. However it was deemed I’d won as I had all six segments to Dil’s five. Spurious but I’ll take what I can get.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    After Dil had gone and like a good big brother I’d told him to be careful, I tidied up and washed the pots.  I closed Joey’s cage door and wished him goodnight. Catching up on mail took me until 10.50 pm and then I remembered I hadn’t taken my meds and had to  creep back to the kitchen to do so. Once that was out of the way I was able to start the blog. It’s just gone 11.30 pm and I don’t think I’ll be too much longer and then I get a read.

Thursday 3rd Dec

Well I got to bed about 11.50 pm last night and read until about 12.30 am. My get up and go time was 2.21 am,and when I’d been I couldn’t get back to sleep. I powered up the computer and logged on. Talk about frustration, getting onto the net was no problem but I couldn’t open a single bloody programme when I did. I just kept getting a message about it not being available, try again? Time after flippin time I did so until finally after logging out and in again I had to System Restore to 30th November. It was almost 4.00 am by then so I had to fly to try and get the mail that was already waiting done.                                                                                                                                                                     At 5.30 am I had to break off to get my meds and some breakfast. I returned with a coffee about 5.55 am and carried on. I was probably down to about 6 when at 6.10 am  I was hit repeatedly by a mail sledgehammer. They came in and the numbers just went up and up. There must have been a million before I stopped counting but oddly when I looked properly there were only 104 though there must have been more as I was working as they came in.

At 8.30 am I got dressed. I find it better to do so as people look askance at me in the shops with my big caveman slippers and my Red Dragon leisure pants under my red and black striped dressing gown. Sartorial elegance and style always worry people not used to such sophistication. Instead I changed into my black jeans ( now more grey) and a black and grey top with a little orange. I don’t remember that being there before I had my curry sauce yesterday.                                                                                                            I picked up bread, ciggies and my lottery tickets ready for Friday’s draw. When I got back I unpacked my bag, gave my bedroom a hoovering ( I bet that shocked the carpet) and settled to, for another half hour on the computer before going to watch Homes Under the Hammer at 10.00 am.                                                                                                Joey was perched high in a corner of his cage, probably trying to dislodge the millet branch to attract my attention as it was empty. I wasn’t going to do anything about it while he was in there. For most of the programme he stayed in the same place then suddenly he relaxed and ventured down to a perch near his door and started talking to me. There must have been some queries in there as I could see the odd question mark drift past my eyes  but since the only words I recognised were Joey, Joey I was a bit lost. I promise to renew the millet sometime today.

From 11.00 to 11.45 am I worked again and did quite well but that was my time to make lunch so I had to break off. Baby potatoes,mixed veg and a small beef joint for lunch. Very nice but I couldn’t finish. I’m thinking about my blood sugar being so high. I still ate my rhubarb yoghurt though. I was asleep before the Bargain Hunt action so that could have been any time from 12.45 pm onwards. I woke with a bad headache at 1.15 pm. A couple of tabs, a quick Joey, Joey Best Boy at the bird and I returned to work. I stayed until 3.05 pm when I was clear again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               It was time to do some more Christmas cards, not a job I enjoy.  Working my way through I realised I was at least one special card short and I was very soon out of stamps too. That means another bank loan I suppose.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               At 5.15 am my first quiz started so the cards went away. I watched TV until 6.30 pm then once again went into battle with the mail. Mike sent a text at 7.30 pm to sayhe was on his way so I reminded him to be careful in the rain.At 8.00 pm it as The Big Bang Theory. I saw the episode I’d missed last week as well as the new one. Magic!!! That was followed straight away by the next episode on The Last Kingdom. Today Alfred went into hiding in the fens, for once we saw a more human side to him and a new determination too. I’d just turned off and gone to the kitchen for my meds when Mike arrived. I had the kettle on so made him a coffee but apologised and left him to it so I could come and see to the blog post and the remaining mail. I shall be in bed by 11.45 pm t the latest.

Hmm, indecision. Straight on or right turn?

Hmm, indecision. Straight on or right turn?

A few more feet and I've finished first.

A few more feet and I’ve finished first.

Friday 4th Dec

Disaster!! I got to bed by midnight but didn’t start reading straight away as Mike stuck his head in to talk. Once he’d gone I finished the book I was on and knowing he was awake went through to pick a new one from my bookshelves. I didn’t read too much of it and my light went out about 1.00 am.                                                                                              I was up again at 2.00 pm though it wasn’t for too long. But when I lay down I just couldn’t drop off again easily. When eventually I fell into a sleep I was there until 7.21 am. When I get my hands round the neck of Somnos I shall wring it like a Christmas peal.                                                                                                                                                                          Being Friday it’s the day I prepare my drugs for the week so that was next on my list. I went to the kitchen to take this morning’s doses to leave the container empty. I didn’t have time for breakfast. My drug drawer is next to Joey so I had to go carefully in case I disturbed him though it was light enough at that time to see me. His head swivelled as I arrived but not a murmur from him as I pulled it out and returned with it to the kitchen. Once the meds were all  done I returned the drawer and got the same reaction again. It seems as long as his door is shut he trusts me, but when it’s open……. he panics and I expect his beak in my eye at any moment.                                                       I took a coffee back to my room for the next phase.

Power up, log on and sign in. Sit there for 15 minutes as the system tells me that it’s nor available (again) before finally groaning in frustration and doing another system restore. By the time I finally got there I  could hear the gods sniggering in the background as I opened my gmail. It was on 104. I worked solidly until about 9.45 am when Mike stood in my doorway to let me know he was up. The body of a God- Buddha, standing there in his shreddies ( underpants) scratching his bum with one hand and his head with the other. As he went to the loo I went to make his coffee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  As he came through he noted it was almost time for Homes Under the Hammer so we turned it on. I was waiting for Joey to come out of his cage so I could re-hand the bell toy he’d dismantled earlier in the week. I’d managed to re-attach the balls and bell to the hanger. He just sat in the cage and chunnered without coming out. At 11.00 am it was time for the TV to go off as I returned to work and Mike left to visit his dad. When I returned to the computer the mail was at 96 again though I’d got it to 72 earlier. All I could do was sigh.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        No  way could I stop for lunch and my usual Bargain Hunt so I worked on until 1.10 pm when I was clear, if only for the moment. The Post Man had delivered an implement to help me get the tops off difficult jars so I left my feedback and then went through to have something to eat. I settled on a small cottage pie today with some bread and butter. It was quite nice and as Joey came out to see me I nipped up  and put the bell in and a new millet spray. I had ten minutes of snooker on the TV then returned to work having promised Joey I’d be back for 2.15 pm. He made me put it in writing the distrustful little thing.                                                                                                           Just before time Joey started shrieking so I went to see what was wrong and found Dr Blake just starting so I sat and enjoyed it. Joey was peaceable which was nice. I still needed to return to work after that but he let me go. I was only to be away until 5.15 pm anyway.                                                                                                                                                          At 5.15 pm I returned to watch my quiz and as it ended I realised it was Friday and the planners had stolen my second quiz off me. I sat and watched an old Star Trek for fun instead. Mike texted me at 6.15 am to say he was on his way home. Then it was Mastermind at 7.00 pm during which I almost wet myself when Mike arrived at 7.15 pm. He told me he was part way through his journey when he texted me earlier………….of course he didn’t think to mention that at the time. Joey greeted him and the language was a lot less choice than mine. We watched ‘Would I Lie To You’ until 8.00 pm then I left him with his football while I went for a shower. Yes, I had to have my head down between my legs to wash my hair and almost went A over T as they say.

After the shower I came back to work until 9.30 pm when I went to see how his day had been. I was a little too soon as the game was still on and he was being as vocal as ever. It wasn’t made any better that Joey was just as bad and seemed to have suddenly learned to whistle. Bang go the eardrums. As the game ended I quickly turned away from that channel and caught a programme on ageing rockstars. Should a man approaching 70 be singing about sitting in the back row of a cinema with his 18 year old girlfriend. According to the rockstars the answer is no. The programme that followed was fascinating for both of us as it was about the birth of 10CC  and their musical creations. From getting together until their musical divorce was quite a journey and one I enjoyed with them at the time. When I realised it was 10.45 pm and I was still sitting there I got up to come back here. Mike took great pleasure in reminding me I wasn’t drugged to the eyeballs yet so I had to detour first.

Hm, I don't usually get to pet my meals.

Hm, I don’t usually get to pet my meals.

I still think that's my Pops or maybe Uncle Mike's tummy.

I still think that’s my Pops or maybe Uncle Mike’s tummy.

Saturday 5th Dec

I got into bed about midnight after Mike was kind enough to do my legs properly for me. I think the rubbing aids the circulation too. Naturally I read a while and it was about 1.00 am I extinguished the light ( Saturday and I’m still using big words). I got up at what I thought was 3.21 am but which turned out to be 3.01 am, maybe I should try opening my eyes first. I visited the loo and saw the water level way down because of the strong winds outside. I tried to raise the levels singlehandedly.                                    When I came back I had the same frustrating quarter hour trying to get in before having my third system restore on the trot. I know there’s a major problem but have no idea what to do. The £5 won on Thunderball last night isn’t going to pay for a new computer.                                                                                                                                                                When I finally got in I opened my gmail and started on the mail. A few of them led to a post about the latest in a long line of killings in the US. Some people believe that more belief in their god is what will solve the problems. They blame the killers because they follow a different god without for one minute thinking it’s the fact that so many innocents are killed in places like Libya that the people there might be upset enough to seek revenge. The best way to stop these killings is to stop killing. Many people believe like me that the UK is wrong to agree to more bombings over there. They’re sending recruits to ISIS with their actions.

I finished with the mail at 4.49 am and took a break to sit in the lounge. I wasn’t sure whether to risk sleep in case I didn’t hear Mike’s alarm. I thought I’d give myself half an hour then return to clear any new mail and if there was none then ebay beckoned. Since I was still awake at 5.15 am ( yes, I cheated, it’s not half an hour) I went through to the kitchen to load up on meds and to have some breakfast to hold me. I enjoyed it.                                                                                                                                                                                Also enjoyed was bringing my coffee back at 5.45 am and finding just one item of mail in my box. That was soon dealt with and I headed off to ebay with nothing specific in mind. At 6.10 am I heard Mike go  to the loo. I asked him whether he was going back to bed or did he want his coffee 20 minutes early. “Let’s just see when my head hits the pillow” he said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We drifted up to 6.30 am when Mike’s alarm went off and I went to make him a coffee. When ready I took t through but heard no second alarm. I woke him.”OK ” he told me. There was no alarm at 6.50 am either so I knew he’d turned it off. I gave it 5 more minutes and went to call him again reminding him a coffee was there. If he didn’t move after that I’d leave him till he was ready to move. At 7.05 after what should have been 4 Alarms and 2 Calls, he finally moved. Somehow we were out of the house at 7.30 am and on our way.

We selected two nice bunches of flowers for Ju this week and I’m sure that was my most important purchase. Just now I can’t think of anything else I actually bought but I know the bill was coppers short of £70.00. Ah yes, I bought some fruit and Mike is still laughing about it.It must have been very expensive fruit.                                                       We seemed to get round quite quickly and were soon having a coffee ( or molten lava) in McDonald’s. The weather is atrocious with gales everywhere. There are floods across parts of the country. These storm fronts change so quickly, I think this one has a male name and begins with D following Clodagh from last week. When we got outside we didn’t hang about. We set off for Flint but detoured slightly to ALDI for a brochure on the way. We both bought a few things but again if you asked me what, I have no idea. The trouble is, when you unpack things are put where they should go so it’s out of sight out of mind. Perhaps I’ll remember when it comes to wrapping them.

When we parked up outside Temptations Mike went inside to warn them we were around while I started walking over to Homie’s and smoking a cigarette. Lighting that was a treat I can tell you. Mike joined me there to carry my bag expecting us to go on to another shop for more stuff. I thought we had what was needed and a coffee would be nicer so we went straight back to the car for chocolates and headed into Temptations. Kyle was preparing the tray as I reached the counter but I had to cancel the teasted toecake much to his surprise ( he fell over in shock) as Mike has decided on crumpets today.                                                                                                                                                                  We had a little chat with Ceri and with Sian who was on the card section again. I finished my latte and went outside for a ciggie while Mike finished his drink and leering at the girls. We had a small run round another shop ( yes, he’s right. I find it difficult to go into a shop without spending only he puts it less politely), then got in the car. The usual question reared it’s awkward head, “Where next?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I’d have been quite happy to go home and start work on the backlog but Mike had other ideas and drove right past and ended in Prestatyn. He gave me the choice of where to lunch and for once it wasn’t the CookHouse. We went to a tiny cafe and had a brunch for me (Mmm bacon) and a large all-day breakfast for him. It was really nice and I saved a fortune too. Back to normal tomorrow I expect.

There was no real reason to stay out in this foul weather so Mike brought me home. We were in by 2.00 pm. First job was to open Joey’s cage so he’s stop shouting at me (I told him it was Mike’s fault) and then on to  unpacking and putting away the shopping. I had to be very fillosoffical after that and come through to start work on the mail waiting for me while Mike got to watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. The way Joey was hammering on his bells I’d say a lot of angels were getting their wings today.                               Because we have an agreement that when he visits I don’t leave him sitting in the lounge all the time while I work, I knocked off at 5.15 pm to watch Mastermind and them Pointless, our usual one. After that it was OK to come back to work until 8.00 pm when the series about the early Canadian Detective was on. I do hate to miss that. But then I got caught up in A Murder in Paradise until 10.15 pm and had to get my skates on then. I’m doin’ OK though, don’t worry about me, after all who needs sleep anyway?

Crafting for Christmas

Crafting for Christmas

Decorations for Great Aunt Mu.

Decorations for Great Aunt Mu.

A time when there was such great hope with youth. I was 18 and sure I was at the start of something special. It’s not too late.

An extra track but there are some very upsetting images on here so beware if you’re sensitive. This has to end.

Have a wonderful new week and I hope it’s filled with dreams come true and Hugs galore.


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68 responses to “Just a Widdle Bit & Sartorial Elegance

  1. Troppo bello, un abbraccio, buon weekend, 🙂

  2. David, whats going on with the weather there, it sounds just terrible. You are busy as usual, take care of yourself please, it’s starting to get really busy now with the holidays right around the corner so much to do. Reuben looks like he is already getting excited. Have a marvelous week, hope your weather is better, stay warm and huge hugs to you!!

    • Hello Dear Suzanne, I shall be really glad to see the back of these storms. I believe they’re Christmas gifts from the U.S. but you’re quite welcome to keep any more you have up your sleeves. LOL
      Everywhere seems to be getting busier but the pace of my life never changes much because I rely on others so often. I let them get tired for me.I can’t tell just how excited Roobs is getting as I’m still not sure he fully understands the concept though I’m pretty sure he understands presents. I daren’t wear red when I see him just in case he expects me to draw a gift from my sack for him.
      I wish you a brilliant week full of happiness.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. I have also had the sensation of looking up and seeing someone beside me–who wasn’t there. A bit disconcerting. Re Christmas cards–gave ’em up decades ago. I just couldn’t handle working full time, raising two kids with all that entails AND Christmas cards. Sometimes enough is enough, and I don’t feel guilty!

    • Good for you ! I daren’t give up on Christmas cards as I rely on them for decoration now. LOL. Of course I’ve done the full time work but never really had the responsibility for child raising in the way a woman has. Maybe that’s how I got stuck doing the cards in the first place.
      Have a wonderful week.
      Nadolig Llawen
      xxx Cwtch mawr xxx

  4. Beautiful child and Happy Holidays my friend. Take good care~

  5. The psychology in birds! You can look at Joey’s “excitement” this way, David: Joey surely loves your home – why else would he raise a racket to prevent you from hearing the TV at important bits of Homes Under the Hammer. He doesn’t want you to move house 😀 😀 😀 On another point, the mental games between you and the sis on smoking/not-smoking cigarettes are priceless…and, I see widdling into a tube has turned into a whole new area of science but if you are forced to carry the pee-tube with pee in your pocket at a future time and you fear an embarrassing spill along the way be sure to seal it with few layers of well-pressed sticky tape – that way an extra turn for entertainment in imagining the nurse or the pathologist trying to undo the seal of pee. Good luck with the future blood tests an of course – the widdle. Have a fantastic week

    • Ha, I never thought of Joey worrying about a move. I wonder If I can get the concept of money (or the lack thereof ) through his tiny skull.
      Quite often as they introduce a new house in the mix they play a piece of music and I wondered whether that might be getting him excited. Maybe he’s a reincarnation of a music lover?
      You’re very good at this psychology lark aren’t you. I hadn’t given a moment’s thought to using a roll of sellotape to seal the tube and thought ahead to the frustration of the one who has to open it. Now of course I’m thinking of going the whole hog and gift wrapping it maybe inside a condom. That should disconcert someone.
      Since I feel like a pincushion this week I’m hoping for no more blood tests on the horizon.
      Have a Wonderful week.
      Much love and Gigantic Hugs xxxxxxxx

  6. Tried to leave a comment and my computer crashed! That’ll teach me to encourage you to stop smoking. ‘Nuff said. I’ll leave it to Sister to draw blood! Wishing you a wonderful week with plenty of chips in curry sauce!

    • I’ve programmed it to fight back if any such suggestions are made but I’m sorry I crashed you.No more blood out please,one arm is empty.
      Thank you Mel, I wish you a Wonderful Week too, but no chips and curry sauce, They’re Mine all Mine !!
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx Nadolig Llawen.

  7. DIY SOS is one of my favourites too.

  8. Catherine Johnson

    Weatherspoons rings a bell. I’ve been to it somewhere. Sad story with the house repair show. I hope they at least enjoyed the new house for a while. Take care David! X

  9. Applesauce! David, I thought we’d had a lot of rain here during the past two weeks, but I haven’t had to tie my coat down. I’m sorry about the ugly weather.
    I think you must be right — that Joey is excited about the music on the TV show. Or he’s jealous… Like Crystal is jealous of the computer. Every time she hears the keyboard click-clack loud meowing ensues…
    The 5th Dimension song still gives me goose bumps. Wonderful choice — thank you. Wishing you a wonder-filled week my friend. Mega hugs!

    • I’d hoped it was over but Mike told me today’s calm was because we were in the eye of it. More to come tonight.
      You could be right, Joey could be jealous of my attention being on the TV trather than him. Not a lot I can do about that.
      There were some remarkable voices and groups around then. I enjoyed the 5th Dimension.
      I wish you a Fantastic Week and send you Unlimited Hugs Dear One.xxx

  10. Well you sure did pack a lot in this week. Are you putting off the wrapping of presents? My friend Corinne told me I was crap at wrapping lol not sure why I like her. I do think it’s a very boring job though. My cup of tea has gone cold now as it took longer to read today and I did have a call from Kara in the middle. Have a wonderful week xxx

    • I really dislike the wrapping and am usually able to rope in someone, usually Mike but he has found me too subtle so far. I need to get some done this week.It’s very boring and mind numbing.
      I’m sorry about your cup of tea, I owe you one.
      Have a fantastic week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  11. In my experience, Weatherspoon’s can only manage mediocre at best and is sometimes awful! However, they do a reasonable coffee and they always have clean loos, which is a little redemption!!
    Have a good week… fingers crossed for better weather
    xxx hugs xxx

    • That’s a pretty fair rating really. I think I’ve had their coffee once and t was a good name but I tend to have a lime and lemonade for tablets. The loos are a variable I think depending where you are , at least for the disabled loos.
      Thank you, my week will be great as I hope it will be for both of you.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

  12. A trivial question maybe, but how many ‘Santas’ has Reuben seen so far this year? Doesn’t he suspect something? He’s a smart-looking kid; I can’t believed he’s fooled by all these fake old men with fake beards.

    • This week was his second but I have no idea how alike they looked so I can’t say how his suspicions are running. Yvonne will probably call them helpers to explain it. I can see him being the one eventually who tests all the beards though but heaven help him if he tries mine.
      xxx Massive Hugs Jane xxx

  13. Good to see Reuben. Weather is indeed beyond scary now and floods everywhere. I agree with you…

    • Thanks Olga. It’s nice to see the changes in him. The weather is just getting a bit worse here after a day in the eye pf the storm. I hope it’s not going to make all the floods worse/ I hope more people are insured this time.
      Have as nice a week as you can.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  14. Poor you;I hate those sample pots; how can I put this? I’m not that accurate; I need to rifle the waterworks. And what’s with the figure next to you David? Hallucinations or a real life ghost?

    • I might be able to get it in there but it’s not easy to gauge windspeed or whatever so sometimes the pot is full and overflowing before I can react. And why from the first one when no-one’s awake? Ah well.
      I’m guessing neither. I see something but it could easily be a delayed picture arriving when I’ve moved position. I’m sure I don’t hallucinate and if it were a ghost it would surely haunt me.full on. I’d like to think it was Ju coming for me but I lack the imagination I think.
      Hugs Geoff.

      • No, hold the thought about Ju. My dad, to whom I was very close, is constantly talking to me. Bloody annoying most of the time but I wouldn’t want the know all smart arse to stop.

  15. David I am glad you are not blown away in all these storms. No wonder Joey has learned to whistle – I cannot sleep because of the sound of the wind.
    Reuben is so brave with Santa. His little face is so expressive.
    Hope all your tests come back fine.
    Have a great week ahead, take a good care of yourself!
    Many hugs!!!xxxx

    • It’s been a close call Inese. I didn’t think you’d be suffering the winds too. I just heard the forecast and it sounds like another day of them with rain tomorrow. Maybe a little less. No-one can convince me there’s no climate change.
      Roobs doesn’t seem to mind Santa which may have something to do with the gifts.
      The first test shows my blood glucose far too high so I’m doubling my meds soon but I think the longer I hear nothing about the other ones the better.
      I hope you get your sleep back to normal soon. Have a Wonderful Week.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • You say that Reuben tolerates Santa because of the gifts. You should hear my granddaughter crying and begging her dad to stop the Easter bunny from coming. ‘I have everything!’ she cried when he mentioned the gifts.
        My daughter says that eating a small portion every hour or two helps with the blood glucose.Fingers cross for the rest of the tests.

  16. Hi David, long time, no see. I see Joey has become quite full of himself. It seems he might have some favorite television shows. My Great Dane, Mikey, loves to watch television – he is fascinated by it.
    I hope your tests come out okay. I too hate giving samples, but I, like you, hate carrying them around even more than providing them, just the thought of things sloshing around in little plastic cups repulses me.
    Reuben has really grown up, he is becoming quite the strapping young lad (as my dear old Dad says).
    I tried to meet the challenge of the NaNoWriMo month but failed epically – hence my absence recently – only pounded out about 15,000 words. Oh well, at least I have a good start on my next book.
    Take care of yourself!!! Until next week my friend!!!!
    PS. What’s up with the man standing at your side but not really being there. That is rather unnerving. We have a shadow man in our house, but he seems to have become a bit more brazen lately because I see him flitting about down our hallway at night. Can’t wait to see if you see your “man” again.

    • Time always seems to be at a premium, especially this time of year.
      Yes, Joey is trying to exert dominance in the house but I’m not about to let a budgie dictate my life. ( He’s not looking in this direction is he?).
      I’m sure the tests will be fine other that the blood glucose one which I’ve had and raised a tut tut before doubling my pre food dosage. I can cope with carrying most things but that one particularly repulses me because of the thought of leakage. There’s a very unpleasant test to be done to check for bowel cancer, ugh, I wouldn’t want to be a postman,it was bad enough carrying it to the post box.
      Roobs is a bouncer in the making I think.
      A shame about NaNoWriMo for you but as I said it’s a busy time of the year for other things.Not everyone can afford the time needed. At least it will serve you well for the new book.
      I don’t know what it is with the man though I’m sure I saw him. No harm intended I’m sure. I think our bodies are run on like an electrical force and I don’t think the electricity fades when we die. Maybe a previous tenant stopped for a look-in or maybe the walls just released a little electricity. I’d be more bothered at yours strolling the hallways at night.
      Have a Great Week
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

      • I am afraid I am may have been the cause for the shadow man lurking around in the hall. I put a psychedelic nightlight down the end of it and I think that has really annoyed him. Take care – talk to you next weekend!!!!!!!!

  17. Laine Jensen

    I ever enjoy the photos you post of your grandchild. Grandchildren really make the holidays extra special… They are worth quitting smoking for don’t you think? 🙂

    Every time I read about your smoking, David, I want to scold, scold, scold you, but you are a grown man so I won’t lol. Anyway, I hope you and yours have a wonderful week. Hugs and Smiles from Sleepless in Chicago.

    • Thanks Laine, they do make the holiday special but I’m still not sure he’s old enough to understand and get excited. The answer to your question is probably yes but he doesn’t live with me and I don’t smoke in any room where he is so I do try to isolate him from it.
      If the surgery come back to me about it I’ll give it a try, but if they’re not bothered I’m carrying on for now.It’s my only sin and if I can’t have wine or women…………
      I hope you’re not too sleepless.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Laine Jensen

        Lol! I want to say that is a typical male response, but actually it is quite brilliant 🙂 Wishing you and yours a good week ahead.

  18. It sounds like you had another busy week. I hope the weather improves. I heard there were storms and flooding in parts of the UK–hope it calms down where you are.
    I especially love the photo of Reuben and “Santa” with the bookshelves in the background. Great photo!
    I won’t nag you about the smoking either–it hasn’t worked with my husband in all of our years of marriage. (He has to go outside to smoke, and he goes out in all types of bad weather to do it.)
    We need the Age of Aquarius.
    Massive hugs!

    • I was certainly kept on the hop last week Merril, I was afraid if I spent more time at the surgery they’d have charged me rent.
      The weather has turned milder today though there are more rainstooms on the way. At least the gale has gone.But there are quite a few floods which I hope will die down now.
      I think the bookshelves are just wallpaper like I have on the back of the two doors in the lounge.but it is a good pic.
      I feel totally relaxed about smoking now since I left the ball firmly in their court. If they want me to stop they’ll have to come back to me.Yes, I’ve done that too,no matter what the weather.He has my sympathy.
      I hope the age of aquarius doesn’t pass us by.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  19. Ali Isaac

    Lovely pictures of your lil man with Santa! Gosh, how time flies… my boys used to be lie that once. You forget so quickly. Christmas just isn’t the same since they grew out of it, but at least they’re at home until future girlfriends/ wives take them away from us. What do you do at Christmas, David? We are having terrible weather here, so wild and wet. Not seen the sky or sun in weeks. Lots of rivers and lakes flooding. Just listening to local radio now, they’re talking about the River Annalee being flooded. I named a character from my books after that river, although she insists the river was named after her. Anyway, glad you’re blood tests were ok. Have a great week! Ali xxx

    • Hello Sweetie, thank you, they’re good pictures. You’re right, it’s amazing how time flies. Yvonne’s husband had a hard time adjusting to all the Christmas customs she took to the marriage like stockings, sitting on Santa’s knee etc.He’s getting into it now. I wonder what your boys will take?
      The weather here had been atrocious until today where it’s warmed up and even had some cool sunshine. More rain to come this evening I gather but the wind will have gone.The flooding is awful in places but not here I’m glad to say. I hope it settled down for you during the day.
      The one blood test I know about is awful and I have to double the dose of the diabetic drugs. I probably should have been scare about the last one but I’m not and the longer it is before they talk to me the less worried I become.
      Have a Wonderful Week.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        I dont think my boys are that fussed. I’ve been decorating this week, but they’ve shown no interest in anything but the advent calendar, which has sweets in it!
        We had some lovely blue sky and sunshine today… for about an hour! I took a picture and posted it on fb, as proof! Sure enough by lunchtime it was grey and raining again. 😢
        Re your blood tests, if anything was wrong you would have heard by now. Take care of yourself. Ali xxx

  20. Thank you for the music! Lesley Gore, The girls from ‘First Wives Club’ and Whoopi Goldberg cheered me up immensely. And yes, I did follow the odd link here and there… 😀

  21. David, it seems like the spirit of Christmas is flowing through you all, it’s certainly uplifting. 🙂
    Sounds like your week was wild and windy and woolly and thank you so much for sharing it with us. 🙂
    Love the music, the pictures and of course, spending time with you all. 🙂
    Hope this week treats you well, dear friend. 🙂
    Massive, spirit-of-the-holidays hugs. 🙂

    • I’ve decided I like the idea of the spirit of Christmas all year round Donna. It fits in so well with those of you who are giving all of the time.
      The week was certainly wild , windy and I was woolly. It was fun t share it with you all.
      I’m delighted to read you enjoyed my music choices again, the pictures and the time spent with us.I have to say as always it’s a great pleasure for me to have you drop in.
      After this mornings start I’m sure the week will treat me well. My glass is definitely Glass Half Full.
      xxx Much love and Unlimited Hugs to you special Lady xxx 😀

  22. It sounds like Joey, just wants to be heard. 🙂 I think you have sent the rain our way, we are getting an insane amount, on the brink of flooding with more rain on the way. Oh, yay!. The good news is that it keeps me indoors and writing. 🙂 Take care. Hugs

    • Believe me Maggie, he’s heard frequently, usually over something you want to watch on TV,
      I’m sorry if the rain is coming to you now, w got it from the U.S. The flooding here isn’t over and there’s still rain today. Of course I’m not in the least sorry if it’s making you write.
      Have a Wonderful Rest of the Week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. I was always asking my husband to quit smoking because I didn’t want him to get sick or die because of it. But no matter how many times he quit, he would eventually start smoking again.
    Now the strange this is–
    He never, never smoked around me–and I am the one who was diagnosed with lung cancer this year, not him. And I have never smoked in my life!
    I had surgery and the cancerous lung nodule was removed…it was only Stage 1A. I am told that I am going to be OK, because it was caught so early.
    Now, I don’t say anything to my husband about smoking anymore. How can I? I still wish he would quit though. Lung surgery is a difficult thing to go through, and being able to breathe is (obviously) important!
    Love all of your photographs–thanks so much for sharing. I wish you and yours the best holiday ever!

    • I’m delighted to hear you’re going to be OK. Patient 1 Cancer 0 and that’s a score that delights me. I hate cancer having lost my parents, sister and my wife to it.
      I’m sure the day will come when your husband gives up smoking and never looks back. I think it’s in the timing sometimes.
      Thank you, I’m glad you liked the photos, it’s a delight to share with my friends
      Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

  24. Not for myself but via the G.O. I know how hard it is to stop smoking… he’s still trying to give up but has cut back a lot. I hope your weather improves. I haven’t seen much news this week but have heard about the UK’s awful weather.

    • I expected more help from the Doctor’s since they’re usually on my case about giving up. I’m happy to carry on if they’re not bothered. But Mike has bought me a non-smoking kit now so I’ll have to give it a go.
      The weather has been bad with flooding in some places.I was geared up to deliver some cards at 4.30 am today but it teemed down. I’m sure it will buck up.
      I hope everything goes well with the move, I’ll be thinking of you.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  25. Cute pictures of Reuben. He’s going to end up on some best-dressed list. Yvonne even keeps him color co-ordinated. Your blog was full of Christmas this week. Too bad you’re having computer problems. I guess I should dig out my DVD of “It’s a Great Life” and watch it. I see you’re still getting a lot of rain there. Have a great week ahead. Huge Hugs. 🙂

    • I’m going to stop buying him nice clothes if everyone thinks he’s the natty dresser.
      Computer problems quiet at the moment ( fingers crossed). Yes, it would be a goodie to watch, Mike saw it last Saturday afternoon while I worked.
      Loads of rain. Ugh.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  26. I love Cadbury chocolate and it’s easy to find here. Yum. The picture of Reuben with Santa is adorable, as are all the images of him. He’s a happy little guy and it shows. Have a fantastic week, David. Stay dry.

    Thanks for the music this week. Nice choices.

    • Ah yes, An American firm owns Cadbury’s now so it should be more available. That firm is good for lots of other Brit things though.
      The Roobs picture is quite sweet again, I’m jealous.
      Still continuous rtain here and no sign of stopping. I’ve got my wood for the ark.
      I’m so glad you liked the music.
      xxx Massive Hugs Marylin xxx

  27. Tis the season – for rain and reindeer, joy and silly humor re your piddle tube. As far as smoking – ah how much I tried to get my dad to stop. But he’d begun at age 14 (before WWII) and of course smoked as a soldier and never stopped. I’m wishing you good health and happy music all holiday long. How I love your selections!! xoxowarmdecemberhugxoxoxoxo

    • More rain than reindeer for sure Pamela. I was a late starter with the cigarettes when I was in the RAF aged about 21 but that over forty years of smoking now.
      I wish you the same good health and happy music and I’m so glad you enjoy my selections, I hope I don’t disappoint tonight then.
      Have a Wonderful Weekend
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

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