Blog Friends, Neighbors and Countrymen

How the Cookie Crumbles

Due to extenuating circumstances (unexpected family and social obligations: i.e. life in the fast lane), I haven’t had enough time to visit you all more often.

November, I spent writing with furious diligence, while  life around me came to a standstill. Still appointments and family visits continue to take much of my time this month. Off and on holiday entertaining and a visit to the west coast for a sister’s 60th birthday also loom large.

When time permits, I shall flit in and out and can’t wait till my schedule isn’t hampered by all these commitments. You’re always on the edge of my mind. I have not forgotten you and miss you and our daily banter.


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20 responses to “Blog Friends, Neighbors and Countrymen

  1. I understand these other demands that makes part of our lives and the truth is without them popping up now and again, something will be remiss. Enjoy the moments 🙂

  2. We’ll miss you…. but don’t beat yourself up about it

    – we’ll be here waiting for you….

  3. Kev

    Thanks for sharing this, David. I had no idea… just been over to Tess’ site. 😉

  4. Thank you, David. I’m okay–just overwhelmed. Still haven’t found the elusive 48-hour day. Your kind thoughts for sharing this post re my absence warms my heart. I have been out and about too much lately. Need more time at home to parler with my blog friends. Mega hugs. ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. No worries. I happily wait. Blogging isn’t the main priority in our lives and we’ll be all the more grateful when you find the time for it again. Happy Monday!

  6. No worries at all. I lag behind in my blog-visiting all the time–And try desperately hard to keep up!

  7. No worries! The holidays are crazy times, I’ve been bad the past few weeks about interacting with people too, life just gets hectic sometimes!

  8. Not a problem, David. We’ve gone from ice and snow to sunshine and blue skies, back and forth again. I don’t know whether to hang Christmas lights or get out the picnic basket. Plus, now i have pink eye and the doctor says I’m house bound with eye drops for three days. Bummer.
    We’ll connect later, David. Until then, many hugs!

    • It sounds like your weather is as unpredictable as ours except we’ve alternated between violent rain storms with howling gales to just rain.. Some poor people have been waiting for floods to recede and the rain has barely paused. I’m hoping we’ve turned a corner now though. I hope maybe you can hang your Christmas lights whilst having a picnic. That would be fun.
      I’m so sorry to hear about your eye, Ju used to suffer with that too.
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  9. All the best, then David. We’ll look forward to your return. Give Joey some Christmas birdseed on my behalf…

  10. Keep the faith! Have a great Christmas season. Enjoyed the guest blog post. Kicking and screaming all they way…yay!

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