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Christmas Day 2015.

The wind seems to have eased and so far it’s more a feel of a frosty Christmas morning than a wet one though the forecasters seem to have the rain locked on, ready to fall. I have to hope that it doesn’t cause even more misery to those affected by the flooding in and around the Lake District and in the North West.
I’m breaking with tradition and doing an early ‘extra’ post just to say thank you to all my friends in ‘Barsetshire’. Though I’ve managed to stay out of hospital this year, I do seem to have had a few bouts of illness that had me whinging from the top of the Town Hall steps. I’ve been shown incredible friendship and kindness without exception all year.
This time I’m recovering very well on the antibiotics and steroids that are my standard fare. I’m going to have a Fantastic day today and if all goes well, tomorrow too. That is dependant on whether my new grandbaby decides to make an appearance a couple of days early or not. I hope not. On time would suit me very well which is 30th.
I wish you all a Wonderful Christmastide to celebrate in whatever fashion you prefer. But spare a thought for all those poor refugees who have lost their homes and traveled to a foreign land to find new ones. May their suffering be at an end and may they be shown half the kindness shown to me.
I consider you all Family. The same tightly knit group I have in the real world which make your problems my problems. Don’t keep them in. If you share problems one of your friends may just have a solution, or if not, at least the chance to offer comfort. We are all here for one another.
Hugs Galore


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