Sunday 20th December 2015

Sunday 20th Dec

Well, just 5 more days to go. Everything goes up a gear now, well except me. Last night was almost totally sleepless except for small spurts and I still managed to get up before 5.00 am albeit to rest in my chair. I leaned over to get a drink last night and nudged my lamp. The bulb blew. That was about 12.15 am. I thought it a sign so I put my book down , turned on to my left side and tried to relax into sleep. Right side, back and sitting soon followed but it was an age before anything worked.                                            It was about 2.00 am when I went searching for another bulb. No joy I seem to have most bulbs in except the thick screw in ones that this lamp demands. I’ll have to try and get out today to find some or crawl around trying to connect a  different lamp. I apologised to Joey for disturbing him then and later at 4.20 am for the same reason, so I could read my book. I took it through to the lounge and read there instead. I only wanted it to make me tired.                                                                                                                            I read till I was tired and then nodded in the chair for a while. At 6.05 am I took my meds not forgetting the ones for my current chest problem then took a coffee through and signed on. There was no way I could do all the mail but I could cherry pick some to reply to. I managed as many as I could before the lethargy hit again. I tried to hit back but the scream was piercing. I went through and put the washing machine on to do the bedding. Then it was time for the chair again and another nod.

Mike came through at 9.05 am which was another unwarranted attack on my system. I saw to his coffee and then sat talking to him until I realised he was asleep. He actually gets up for a nap??? I tried a coughing fit and he did wake up if only to complain about the noise. I got him to agree to take me to town t 10.30 am when the washing was dry and folded. Long story short, we got my bulbs and forgot the bag he wanted, I got my own way where we had lunch and Mike who was insisting he was taking me out for Christmas Dinner at £40 a head was told in no uncertain terms to forget it, but to ask in the place we were if they were still doing Christmas dinners which we could collect on Thursday to eat Friday, answer yes. We chose the two course option and it was £7.99 each. A bit of a saving and I said it suited me fine that way. Even coffee and a mince pie after the pudding thrown in.

After lunch we came home to be in for our visitors. I was delighted to have one extra, There was David my nephew and his wife Gina. There was his youngest daughter age 7 Hollie, his son by another partner  Taylor 18 who’s a really nice lad I rarely see and his daughter by yet another partner his eldest at I think 24 Marissa. Then Marissa’s partner Paul and their 2 year old my great grand nephew Kayden. Being on the ball I had all their gifts bagged ready. After sorting drinks out my poor nephew had to stand by the front door because he’s allergic to Joey so I had to watch and Mike had to watch that Joey didn’t get the chance of his big break (out). Lovely to see them but by the time it was goodbye my eyeballs were spinning in their sockets. Mike left a few moment s later when I said he couldn’t watch Pinochio. I came though for a few minutes but at 6.15 pm I’m going to go back to bed for a while so I need to lock the doors. Typically I couldn’t sleep so I went back through and put Hellboy on. I swear, withing ten minutes I was zoned out and only came to  ten minutes in to War of the Worlds. Time to tidy up ( is that for the bogeyman?) and wish Joey a good night.

I’m supposed to be having a MuJo visit tomorrow but haven’t heard anything for a few days so I’ll have to wait and see.

Monday 21st Dec.

Although I read in bed, my light was still out well before 1.00 am last night. It was a tossing and turning night though and I was still awake at 2.03 am when I nipped to the loo ( being awake on those occasions certainly helps). I probably drifted off soon after that.                                                                                                                                                                   It was 5.14 am when I woke so I’ve nothing to complain at. I’m still weary though and may just keep company with Joey in my chair after taking my meds and a hot drink. First though I checked my mail while I still had the energy. Some beautiful wishes from my friends for Christmas. I’m a truly lucky man. Some very entertaining blog posts also showing the never decreasing talent available out there. Some very perceptive pieces too as always. I worked until 6.15 am then went to feast on all the tablets and have a coffee. I nodded off in my chair.

I had no choice but get dressed today as I had to get my repeat prescription in. So, at 9.15 am I took chocolates for the Post Office and the Chemist and handed it in. The drugs will be brought round on Wednesday afternoon but I hope not to be here then. Stuffing my face with a Titterton’s Pork Pie doesn’t come along very often. There’s been no word from MuJo this morning so looks like no visit again. But. The Postwoman (from the post office) came round with more mince pies she’d made me and then my warden came round to visit and warned me she’s away for the next two Monday’s so I can get up to whatever I like. The rest of the day I relaxed with Joey, still  trying to make up to him for Sunday’s traumas.

It was a quiet afternoon and I slept a lot. I stayed away from the computer and just rested as much as possible. Since there was no word from MuJo I sent them a text this evening but have had no word back.I left a note on Skype too but that’s hasn’t garnered a response either. I’m getting a little worried about John now. Tomorrow will be a strain as Yvonne has spoken to my nurse who wants to see me tomorrow morning, they’re so busy this near Christmas I’ll need to see her. I know it’s won’t be easy with distances and breathing so I’ll leave early. About 8.00 am tomorrow morning. After that I’ll rest as much as possible ready for my outing on Wednesday. I’m sorry, I really am trying to get back to work before Christmas but this is a bad bout.

Tuesday 22nd Dec.

I don’t know who put what in my Pepsi Max last night but my light was out a few minutes before 1.00 am and I didn’t open my eyes until 6.17 am this morning. What’s more, I hadn’t wet the bed. It’s a bonus not having to paddle to the loo. Not having been all night the urge was upon me so I skedaddled in that direction. I can see from the water level that the wind is fierce this morning. I hope it drops before I have to go out. After the loo it was straight to the kitchen to swallow the pills and potions and to eat a little breakfast, a toasted bap today. Then it was time to get dressed and I was able to open my bank info and check my money had gone in and finally to open the mail. I’d already worn myself out so no way had I chance of doing the mail and anyway, I’ve no time since I’d be out at 7.50 am.

At 7.50 am I pulled the front door shut and locked it. It was very windy and I just had to grit my teeth and walk facing it. Two steps forward one step back up the hill. I wa in time for the bus and in town before I knew it. In  fact I was seated in thew surgery trying to get my breath back at 8.30 am. When I was called at 9.00 am I had my breath and was able to smile for the delectable Sister S. I was given a prescription for more antibiotics and steroids in case this first lot don’t do the job totally. I was also told that in the New Year I can have the drug to help me stop smoking. In my case the contra-indicators say I need to be monitored closely but we settled on once a week visits yo the surgery.

I caught the bus down, visited Pauline’s and then made my way home where I flaked out in my chair. Judging by the noise Joey was happy.  The only other time I had to move was when my drug runner arrived. It was unexpected today. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when Dil comes and takes me round to see my nephew Lee and his family before games night.

Wednesday 23rd Dec.

I must be getting better. 1.00 am light out and settle for sleep. 4.17 am up again. Back to normal sleeping habits must be a good sign, unless of course my body dexcided to try and sleep the day away. That might prove a little awkward (and rude) today as Dil is coming this morning for our outing before games night. We’re going to see his eldest son and family where I might even show I love someone enough to part with a pork pie. Since it’s never happened before we’d see if I could actually go through with it. ha ha. At 6.00 am I turned to breakfast and taking my meds for the day.Back to my cold toast for breakfast and managed OK today.

After breakfast and before I could find an alternate excuse I went to Mike’s room and started wrapping again. I managed all of Reuben’s prezzies before thinking of a reason to stop. There are just two to go now. Maybe Mike and I can take one each tomorrow afternoon???? Provided he’s here of course. If not I shall be looking at a way of collecting the dinners before lunchtime is over. By 8.30 am I was dressed and sitting with Joey. Dil arrived at 10.15 am and we set off firstly to deliver a sputum sample to the hospital and then on our way to get Titterton’s Pork Pies. We arrived at 11.30 am and put in our shipping orders then went for a drink.  I needed a cuppa in order to take two pre-foodie tabs. As soon as I’d done so, I was able to walk through the town precinct with my mush wrapped round a medium pie. I finished it as we reached the next shop I wanted which was to buy a pair of jeans for Christmas day. I did that quickly so I could get out and take the two post-foodie tablets.

We headed back to Wales and spent the afternoon with Lee, Jen and Nathan. Nathan was in very bouncy mood and full of smiles which was great. As evening approached we came home ready for games night which started as soon as the quiz was over. 6 games of Yahtzee each tonight. Mike arrived before the Trivia started so he was able to join in, never again though as he won. I don’t know why I made him something to eat afterwards and included one of my precious pies.

I remained up and chatting until 11.00 pm but needed to rest as I was tired out. So, a few fast words to you all and I’m retired for the night. More fun tomorrow.

Thursday 24th Dec. Christmas Eve.

As usual the light went out at 1.00 am. It was 5.16 am before it came on again. I must have been tired last night, but right now…..I needed the loo and it was almost tippy-toes time. The sigh of relief echoed down the empty passage way almost loud enough to wake Mike. OK a slight exaggeration on my part there, but it certainly made Joey blink. Once ‘d looked at my mail 6.00 am arrived and I went to take my meds and get my breakfast. I was surprised to hear Mike’s alarm start at 7.10 am so I made him a coffee and then left him to it for the other 4 alarms. He got up at 7.40 am when I had to wake him in the chair and remind him coffee was there. Somehow we still managed to get out for 8.00 am.

We went to our usual Saturday supermarket. Mike wanted trousers for his Dad and I wanted some last bits of food and some flower for Ju. We whizzed round quite quickly both fairly lucky in our tasks. Then after the till it was McDonalds where I drank a cup of mud that I didn’t enjoy a bit and it didn’t even remove my thirst. Back home then to start putting things away and to have a short breather. Then it was up to town to buy some mince pies and go for lunch. After eating we collected tomorrow’s meal which had been prepared ready for us by the Bells Cafe. Back home again it seems I fell asleep and Mike later took great pleasure in describing how I was with that. I watched the Original Scrooge with Alistair Sim and enjoyed every minute of it. There were quizzes and comedies on and pure laziness while I brought my chest under control.

I came to the computer late to record this and just check any urgent mail. It’s well gone midnight and I need to be asleep before Santa comes.

As it will be gone Christmas before you see this….

Friday 25th Dec, Christmas Day.

It was late before I managed sleep,perhaps because I ‘accidentally’ ate Santa’s mince pie. I know I saw 1.00 am come and go. I got up at 5.04 am and he’s been. Unfortunately he revenged himself by eating one of my pork pies which I obviously hadn’t locked away securely enough.This could mean war. I busied myself getting my meds and deciding against breakfast today. I moved Mike’s gifts to the couch and sat opening a few of mine that had been left before the day. I left Mike’s gifts to me until he was up and we could open together. I needed to wait till he was up before being able to start on MuJo’s too as they were in his bedroom.

Mike’s alarm went off at 8.30 am and I took a coffee through. So I didn’t come back empty handed I brought a pile of my MuJo gifts asking mike to bring a big box I couldn’t carry. He did. I had a splendid time opening them to find some beautiful gifts. The big box held a fantastic tealight holder with tulip heads to hold the tealights. There was a lovely figurine of children p;laying leap frog, a beautiful old tig and a swirling snow led Christmas Tree. John and Muriel have my taste off pat. Mike bought me a waistcoat, a cardigan and a beautiful ring which was a major shock and a real delight. Fortunately he seemed genuinely pleased with his watch, a hat that fits and the other items he found.

For lunch all we had to do was reassemble the meal and microwave it. I confess I’ve eaten worse meals. I’d even have it again rather than pay to eat out. Especially given the fact that neither of us even bothered to get dressed all day. Early evening I had a shower then relaxed with Mike in front of the TV. I am feeling better but just not quite there yet.







Saturday 26th Dec. Boxing Day.

I gave myself a little time looking on the posts for yesterday last night and then found it was almost 2.00 am. I still needed to read my book-which I finished- so I could be ready to start my new one.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I got up at 5.44 am, took my meds and had a toasted bap. I was able to return to work until 7.30 am when Mike’s alarm went off. He ddn’t rouse quite as quickly today so it was 8.45 am before we were on the way out. Boxing Day found us hitting the sales, only what a disappointment we found it. Just as well we’d actually gone there for food to take with us to Yvonne’s. With just a couple of days to go, she’s not in the best condition to be catering a party, but a party there must be as we have our get together with my nieces. Once we’d picked up a variety of meats and cheeses, fresh bread and butter, biscuits and pop we went to have a coffee. I went for a latte today rather than the mud I had last Thursday.

At 10.30 am we were on the road again on the way to Yvonne’s. Surprisingly parking was quite easy outside the house. We carried everything across from the car and knocked on the door. Ugo answered and took some of the bags from me. I didn’t realise at that point that my two nieces had already arrived, we took the food through to the kitchen in readiness for the buffet. We gathered in the lounge and started giving out the gifts. I had some wonderful things like a homburg, shoes, slacks and a shirt as well as some Bazinga teeshirts and some humorous gifts. Mike was over the moon with a gift from Yvonne, Ugo and Roobs of a red fedora. It was fun watching Reuben with his gifts but he was really slow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Eventually we were all done and the paper cleared for recycling. It was time to eat. Karen and Jo hid their Titterton’s pies just in case we ate them by mistake. Drat! It was a lovely buffet and the fresh bread I’d bought went down very well. Afterwards when we were back in the lounge, in the warm and with TV on the inevitable happened.

Why is there always a camera about?

Why is there always a camera about?

My Monster Friend.

My Monster Friend.






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79 responses to “Sunday 20th December 2015

  1. Che meraviglia, tanti auguri, ma voi dormite, 😀 troppo belle le foto, 🙂

  2. Dear David, I’m so happy to see how much everyone enjoyed their Christmas. Thank you for making us all a part of it. I’m just sorry you have felt so bad. Wishing you a perfect new year, health and happiness.
    Thank you for my very favorite Journey song! “Believing” is my greatest challenge, though I’ve been trying hard. Maybe I need to play this song every day. Thank you my friend. Happy (after) Christmas. Mega hugs. 🙂 ❤ ⭐

    • However often you play ‘Believing’ Teagan won’t matter unless you remember that as well as believing in yourself, there are so many of us who believe in you too. And, none of us has the slightest trouble in our belief.
      You are a superb friend and knowing you is indeed a great honour for me.
      If you ever need to know just what high esteem you’re held in to bolster that self belief, just come ask how I or others feel about you.
      May the New Year bring you Health, Wealth and Happiness in abundance.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. Sounds like you had a sleepless beginning to the week and busy days working up to Christmas. Love the “wonderment” picture. The smiles say it all. Glad you had a nice holiday. Merry Christmas to you and your family, including Mike. Get some rest, David. 🙂 Like you haven’t heard that before.

    • Sleeplessness isn’t a major problem Dear Mary J as anytime I’m awake I can visit the World of my Wonderful Friends.
      When I’m down you always give me a boost and you’ve rallied round in a crisis which has made me keep going on. No-one can say that the friendships forged online are any less real than those forged in person. Thank you so much Dear Friend for being there. I shall always try to be there for you if needed.
      xxx Sending Mammoth Hugs xxx

  4. With your list of first visitors, David, I was stunned you didn’t need a roster to keep all the relationships and children straight, but you handled it with a welcoming grace I find charming. And I was really impressed how you walked in the wind and cold to keep your medical appt. Aha! then I saw your after dinner napping picture! Now I know the secret. 😉
    Reuben’s composure over the stack of presents is adorable. Such a Christmas you had, leading you into a blessed New Year with better health and new opportunities. I wish you the very best, David, and send many prayers and hugs your way.

    • Dear, Dear Marylin. Always there to give me that needed boost. Of course now some sneak has put the picture out I should say Mike was asleep I just kept him company, there’s no proof my eyes were closed.
      Christmas and the joy of the season is leading me towards the New Year, and what an important year it will be for me. A new grandbaby to celebrate too.
      Thank you for your good wishes which you know I echo back for you. May 2016 be a superb year for you.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. It does seem like you are doing better, back to the old sleeping habits and you are out and about. Looks like a fun time with Yvonne and Ugo and Reuben, and all those gifts. Love watching children open presents, their excitement is contagious. Are you and Mike napping on the couch, well a nap is a good thing after all that delicious food. You got some wonderful gifts, spent time with your lovely family and friends and had great food, oh and you are feeling better too, it sounds like a wonderful holiday. Have a fantastic week, next time you post it will be 2016, can’t believe it. Look forward to New Years Eve with David and friends. Huge hugs my friend. See you next year.

    • So much more like my old self now Suzanne (sorry).I agree, watching children with presents is an experience not to be missed. Me, napping on the couch? Prove it! Mike certainly was, but me???
      Yes, I’ve been spoiled again this Christmas but I’d happily do without the gifts just for more time in the company of family and friends.Here online, I am such a lucky person with the friendships forged. You have been wonderful to me and endlessly supportive. I appreciate it beyond words.
      I’m looking forward to the New Year in such joyous company.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  6. Sounds a pretty good week, bar the chest thingy. Glad you are feeling somewhat improved. Best wishes for the coming year. xx

  7. I reckon David you should make an effort in finding out what was in that Pepsi Max that helped you sleep without interruptions for much longer than usual 🙂 A time comes in life when it’s just good sense to program ones sleep 🙂 naturally or otherwise. Speaking of prices at restaurants etc for Christmas Day here in Sydney they are on average $220.- a pop – obscene! Great to read you managed to get out on Boxing Day and experience the big feed with family as well as Reuben’s excitement with what Santa brought 😀 Have a great week and big hugs.

    • I think hat bottle must have been triple distilled or something.
      That’s a heck of a price to expect someone to pay. I know staff have to be paid more, and they deserve it but that’s at least 4 times the cost of the usual meal and I’m sure staff don’t get paid 4 times as much.I hope spar meals were plated up for the homeless.
      Boxing day out with the family was great. Never mind Reuben’s excitement, what about mine?I nearly passed out with the excitement of prezzies to unwrap.
      Thank you, I shall have a great week and the Hugs are as ever lovely.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  8. Dear David, I am going to file a complaint with WordPress – seems you coughed so hard your bronchial bug flew across the wires all the way to France! They really should have their anti-virus up to date. Needless to say I heard your cough echoing from Wales as I hacked my way through Christmas. Ah, well….all is on the mend, if slowly. Glad to hear you enjoyed the holidays despite the chest. Wishing you a healthy and happy end to the year and looking forward to the news of the impending arrival!

    • Oh no, poor Mel. That’s one Christmas gift I never intended to share. I’m afraid WordPress may not be to blame, this appears to be the new surfing brigade of Bronchii Bugs who work their way past all anti-virus measures.
      I hope it hasn’t spoiled your Christmas totally and that you’re really on the mend.
      I wish you Health, Wealth and Happiness for the start of the New Year and of course I send xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  9. I’m pleased to see you managed to get some sleep 🙂 Christmas with small children around must be a treat.

  10. Glad to hear you were recovering so well and able to enjoy Christmas. Those were cute pictures of Reuben opening his gifts. How nice you were able to visit with so many relatives. Talking about all that food make me hungry for things like that. I hope you continue to enjoy the holidays. Huge Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • To be honest Suzanne, one day is enough and then it’s nice to be back to normal. I wish you could have your traditional Christmas fare again though, maybe Jay can send you a hamper.
      Mike’s gone home now and I’m going to relax and rest properly.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  11. Throwing in a free mince pie can’t be bad. 🙂

    • That was the offer but when we unpacked it on Christmas Day……no mince pie. We felt cheated and I had to part with one of mine to Mike which is a terrible expense.

      • Oh, dear. Sorry to hear that. Sounds like a minor Christmas tragedy. I hope you enjoyed the apart from that, though. 🙂

      • Getting me to part with food counts as The Christmas Miracle but I got over the event by ‘borrowing’ one of Mike’s roast potatoes.That made the day good again.He will recover from the fork marks in due course. I hope your Christmas has been good and that the New Year to follow is better still.

      • Anyway, I’m sure he doesn’t mind your adding to his collection of manly scars when you swiped his potato. Nothing says macho like a line of fork marks up the arm. Hope you have a great New Year too. 🙂

  12. Good to see you’re on the mend and I’m happy to hear you’re going to try the drug to stop smoking next year. I hope it works well for you (and imagine the savings for more presies). Of course, it’s all about health, but good to have a variety of motivations. I prefer no fuss over Xmas so I understand your preference for spending it at home. Be well!

    • Thanks so much Dear Olga. I’ll give it a try and I even hope it proves successful. Provided I don’t start comfort eating I’ll soon be rich, RICH I tell you !! Christmas could be a grand affair next year and we’ll dine at the Dorchester you and I on custards and fancies.
      I do enjoy my quiet Christmas but I love the present giving to see someone’s face light up….I buy them torches.
      Be well yourself Olga and I hope the New Year brings you everything you want.
      xx Massive Hugs xxx

  13. You know it’s been a fabulous Christmas when you’re so replete with the joys of the season you can’t help but snooze 😉 All the best.

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas time with friends and family. Don’t stop believing, indeed! Christmas magic is important. But so is a bit of relaxing. I didn’t get dressed on Christmas day either. 🙂
    I loved the “Wonderment” photo, and of course, the sleeping beauties made me laugh.
    I hope you are soon feeling all better. Massive hugs!

    • I had a great time with the family but was glad when I was able to get my shoes off later and loosen the belt.
      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one to indulge in not getting dressed on Christmas Day
      Boxing Day is a say for families though of course families are the ones you should be able to rely on to make sure embarrassing photographs aren’t taken, not to stand around waiting for the opportunity to take them. I’m very very disappointed. Sleeping uglies might be nearer the mark though.
      Feeling much better already thanks to my wonderful friends.
      Health, Wealth and Happiness attend you for the New Year.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  15. That sounds as if you expended a lot of energy in a few days…so glad you are feeling better and were able to enjoy it all so much.

  16. So glad you had such a delightful time, even being at war with Santa. Have a joyful end of the year and a happy 2016!
    Many Hugs!!!

  17. Merry Christmas from me and the monster, special vlog going up shortly that hopefully you will enjoy

    Huge hugs xxxx

  18. Glad you had a lovely, relaxing Christmas. How lovely that you could spend the day in your PJs, that is my kind of a day. Hope you are soon feeling better with the chest David, and hope that 2016 finds you healthy and happy! Huge hugs xxxxx

  19. I only have one thing to say and that is that I adore the photo of you two sleeping!

  20. I’m glad you had Christmas filled with children about. Their laughter is memorable in the heart. I too had an incident with Santa’s treats. Though I didn’t ‘accidentally’ eat the mince pie. Every chocolate covered cherry left in the house was gone before Christmas morn. Hugs and Smiles to you and yours, David 🙂

    • That Rudolph is incorrigible isn’t he. Fancy leaving no chocolate covered cherries.
      It was a close call whether I went to see my grandson on Boxing Day but as I couldn’t find my Bah Bumhug hat I felt I’d no choice.
      I hope you have a wonderful New Year Laine full of wishes come true.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. Jemima Pett

    I reckon you’re allowed to eat Santa’s mince pie, since everyone else believes you’re Santa anyway. Lay in a stock of that Pepsi Max if that helps you sleep well!
    Love and hugs xxxx

    • For once I think I’ve eaten my fill of mince pies Jemima. Next year Rudolph can have it. I’ll shave so there is no mistaken identity, I think my hair stays pretty dark. The Pepsi Max needs restocking, I’m down to 5 bottles.
      Have a Wonderful New Year
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. I’m so glad you had a great Christmas; must admit I was worried about your health but all’s good that ends with those pork pies. 😉

  23. I love the ‘job well done’ napping pic. We have a similar few postprandial family portraits over the years. Belated festive season wishes, and all the best for 2016 🙂

    • There’s no proof I was asleep. I merely chose that moment to inspect my eyelids from within. Mike of course was fast asleep.
      Belated Christmastide Greetings Dale, may 2016 prove to be the Happiest year ever now you’ve moved.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  24. Dear David, thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. I am amazed by your optimism in the face of disease and tempest – respect, man! Have a perfect New Year!

  25. Ali Isaac

    Sounds like you had a lovely time even though you weren’t in the best of form. Hope you are much recovered by now, and feeling better able to make the best of the New Year. Happy New Year hugs to you, David, I hope 2016 is good to you! Btw, has the stork delivered yet???

    • It was a grand time thanks Ali. Things are improving all the time and I’m ready to face the New Year…or not, as may be.
      Yvonne is going in on 31st and it looks like they might induce then so a baby for the New Year.
      Talking of which, I hope the New Year brings you Health, Wealth and Happiness Sweetie.You bring enough happiness to others.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  26. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, David. So sorry about the health issues! Hugs from New Zealand!

    • Wales thanks you very much Yvette.Health issues are expected at this time of the year and are minimal impact. Nothing stops enjoyment of the season. I hope you had a Wonderful time.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  27. I’m glad you had a wonderful christmas and saw so many of your wider family. Loved the picture of you sleeping. We have many similar ones here, too. All the Best for the New Year and hoping to see you soon!

    • Thanks Christoph.I hope you had a wonderful time too with your loved ones around you.
      Don’t tell me the camera caught you nodding too?
      Sending Hopes for a tremendous New Year for you

  28. I waited until now for my last Christmas gift – reading your Christmas post! I shivered with you in the wind, nodded off with you on the couch :-), felt the frustration of insomnia and the hopefulness that the drugs work and you can breathe deeply again soon, and feel better. I wish you only the BEST in 2016, with good health and wonderful time with your fascinating family accompanied by hopping, rocking music in the background. Many many new year’s hugs. xoxoxoxoxoxpamela

    • Thank you so much as always for your kindness Pamela. I am sending wishes that 2016 is full of Health, Wealth and Much Happiness for you. I hope to find many more records you can enjoy with me.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  29. Sounds like you had a wonderful week of family and friends. I’m a little concerned that you ate Santa’s food. The good news is that you have a year to get back on the good list. 🙂 Wishing you health, love and laughter in the New Year. Happy New Year David. Hugs.

    • Hi Maggie, I think I may possibly need to work off a bit of a debit to get anywhere near going back on the Santa Good List since this may not have been the first year I found myself mince pie in hand.
      I hope you have a wonderful start to the New Year and then it gets even better.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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