Windscreen Wipers for my Glasses & The White Stuff Finally Appears.

Sunday 10th Jan.

Things are at least stable at the moment. I got my bedtime read until 1.00 am then turned the light off. Sleep wasn’t to long in coming. Neither was wakefulness though which caught me this morning at 4.54 am. We’re still hovering around that 4 hour mark. I don’t know whether the small gods have set that as my limit or perhaps they’ve gone (for now) and it’s my own body that’s betraying me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Being so late, I went straight to the kitchen to take the anti-smoking tablet and took all my other tablets while there. This new tablet has to involve food so I had 2 small slices of toast from a mini loaf. That meant waiting around and having a cigarette to help me with timing. Maybe I’ll have to buy a kitchen timer soon.                                              I returned to work and stayed there hard at it until clear at 9.40 am. By that time I was yawning so often I never did get my mouth shut ( oi, play nice you lot) and the tears in my eyes were causing double vision. I went to the lounge and sat down. Well,I changed Joey’s seed and water first, then I sat down. I fully intended nodding off but got caught up in an episode of Matlock.

Mike got up about 10.45 am and didn’t seem much better. I said I didn’t mind if he went home almost straight away to get back to his bed and seeing a doctor. He said he wanted dinner first. We got dressed at 12.00 pm and about 12.30 pm headed off. It was Mike’s choice and he chose Prestatyn. We had a nice lunch though Mike didn’t have the appetite to finish his. When we came out of there it was a visit to a shop close to the car to look for a jumper in the sale. It was no M & S no, that’s not a sale price. We went back to the car and drove home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mike didn’t even get out of the car. I waved him off so he could go home and visit a drop in health centre before going to bed. I just came straight through to work. I worked through until about 6.00 pm then went through to have some tea, and to put the light on for poor Joey. He seemed quite talkative so we are obviously OK.

I stayed through there until Endeavor was over at 10.00 pm. I was able to come straight through and start work again on the blog and on catching up on the day’s mail. I think I’m looking at about 11.30 pm bed if I panic and write quickly enough. No doubt you’ll have caught on to the fact the blog is a lot shorter. It’s because My arms have shrunk and I can’t reach the keyboard.

Roobs asleep on mummy.

Roobs asleep on mummy.

Ready for bed.

Ready for bed.

Monday 11th Jan.

Well, how things are looking up. I read till 1.00 am and turned out the light before falling asleep. I woke at 3.02 am but didn’t feel I had  to get up so didn’t. I lay there spending the lottery win I haven’t had yet. Yes, don’t worry, I hadn’t forgotten you of course. I’ll send a cheque. At some point I must have bored myself to tears changing all the rooms in the new house to accommodate all the guests, yes of course you’re one of them, need you ask? I fell asleep again. Next think I know it’s 5.44 am.                      I needed the trip to the loo and after an age of stop, start, I think I’ve finished, no I haven’t and don’t want wet feet, I went to the kitchen to start on the meds. The anti-smoking one first then the sprays, then the diabetic ones and lastly the usual crowd of 7 in 5+1+1 order. Then a cigarette while I put the toaster on with 2 small pieces of white bread. Tomorrow the anti smoking one is twice a day and then next Monday it’s double strength. Before day 14 I expect to be sucking my finger for timing instead of smoking a cigarette.

It was 6.30 am before I got back to my room with a coffee and I knew the avalanche would have occurred in my mail box to add to what I hadn’t done from midnight onwards. It was showing 94 when I started. Twenty minutes later it was showing 97. That’s not the way it’s supposed to go with hard work. It was about 8.15 am  when I paused to get dressed as I think my warden returns today. It was 10.05 am when I finally cleared everything and went through to the lounge to see Joey and also watch Homes Under the Hammer just in case I invest my Lottery winnings in old property and become a Landlord.  No, not Rachmann dear, I’ll be nice. Joey came out so I could replace his millet then went straight back in as soon as I had. At least he’s in chatty mood today.                                                                                                                                                           After homes Bev had still not called so I went back to work for a while.                                                                                                                                                                                                               At 11.50 am I was clear and still no visit so I went and made my lunch. The people at Weightwatchers would probably have screamed if they’d seen me have two rounds of bread and butter with the bangers and mash but to be brutally honest, the onion gravy was the best part of the meal and I wasn’t wasting that.

When Bargain Hunt ended I should have gone to check my mail box but I was too busy snoring by then. If Bev came I didn’t hear her. Maybe her holiday has gone a little longer than expected. I slept until 2.45 pm and even then finished a quiz that was on before moving. I felt so guilty when I went back to work that I stayed until clear at 4.40 pm and missed ten minutes of The Antiques Road Trip. I remained with the TV, except when I made myself some tea, until 9.00 pm when I turned off and wished Joey a good night. I took my meds then came through to play catch up. I’m due in Chester tomorrow and want to be as up to date as possible.

Wot choo doin'?

Wot choo doin’?

Haaaaiiiiieee ya, Take That !

Haaaaiiiiieee ya, Take That !

Tuesday 12th Jan.

Arseinthis was less than generous this morning. I’d read until almost 1.00 am as usual then settled down snugly. After changing position a few times for comfort I dropped off. I woke or should I say was woken at 3.53 am to the sound of Arseinthis trilling, presumably in her bathtub. Something about Old fashioned Millionaire’s if I remember rightly. Not that I don’t appreciate a classic song or even that I deny someone the right to miss every key they aim for, it’s just a more appropriate time if preferable. Four hours in the future would be perfect. The big puzzle of the morning is why I’m attuned to her at all. She obviously didn’t intend to speak to me so no ‘favours’ were needed by her boyfriend or his kith and kin.

So, I was up. Might as well get on with some work so I signed in and hit my gmail post. As always I was moved by some and entertained by others,especially one from a friend who described how her State Governor has opened his mouth to say something ridiculous  and racist. Then he’d denied saying it at all before, in the face of video evidence, claiming the press was out to get him. This is a man who somehow despite similar gaffes in his first term of office managed to get re-elected and still won’t shut up. Perhaps a sign of things to come if Trump is elected President?                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I worked till 5.05 am then went to take the first of the anti smoking tablets of the day and my regular meds which included the pre-food ones as I intended to have breakfast today. Cornflakes it was and though tasty, I’m still not a fan of breakfast. I wasn’t sure if I had a sore throat starting but it seemed to disappear so I was still planning on Chester. I took a cup of coffee back to my bedroom office and started again.

At 7.00 am I got dressed and was dreading going out as I could hear the wind and the rain outside. At 7.20 am I left the house with my two bags of gifts which meant only being able to use one crutch properly. I wasn’t ten yards from the house when I was soaked to the skin thanks to rainwater running off my leather coat. My suede shoes were a much darker grey than when I put them on. By the time I reached the bus stop I couldn’t see.(I never did find windscreen wipers for my glasses). The rain was running off my hair, down the slick path  that is my forehead and straight into my eyes. I couldn’t put the bags down because of the puddles.                                                                 After 5 minutes the bus came. The driver must have felt sorry for me as he took my pass and scanned it himself. I sat down and put the bags down on the floor. Then I tried to get tissues out of my pocket to deal with my glasses. Doing anything with wet hands wasn’t easy. The journey passed in little bursts of me having my eyes closed.

Once I got off the bus I headed to a shop for more tissues. The rain in Chester was sporadic but was still there. It’s quite a long walk to Yvonne’s house so it took me a while and what a drag it was with those bags and the rain. When I rang the doorbell I’m sure Yvonne didn’t know whether to laugh or not as I must have looked a sight. I got rid of the coat and my gloves which helped and then unloaded the bag of gifts I’d bought. There were only Yvonne and Amelie downstairs. so they had theirs. Yvonne said Reuben would want Amelie’s penguin money box as he’s penguin mad.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Yvonne made me a warming cup of tea and then Reuben came down. He liked his Gruffalo book but he seemed to love his Elmo toy which was a surprise. Ugo came and had his hat and fancy sticky tape  dispenser. I took my tea through to  the lounge as Yvonne took Amelie through. I held Amelie on my lap and she was as good as gold. Yvonne warned me she wouldn’t be quiet for long but I didn’t hear a squeak from her all morning and she was only away from me for a feed. It seems I’m the lucky one she’s chosen to be calm with which is lovely……or lucky.

At midday I announced I had to go as I had a lot of work to catch up on. Ugo said he’d run me home rather than go out in the rain again. On the journey I decided to have sausage and chips from the chippie rather than spend time making (heating) something. Ugo pulled up and came in with me, He had fish and chips to share with Reuben. Reuben was really good with Joey, keeping his distance and just talking about him. There was no destructive mood either but he wasn’t very good at eating any fish. When it came time to say goodbye I waved them off then came back to wash the pots before starting work.                                                                                                                                                   I worked till 4.30 pm then went through for my Antiques Road Trip. I was asleep before the set had warmed up. I woke up in the adverts afterwards. My quiz started, I saw a little of that and bang, I’d gone again. I was awake in the adverts and had to force myself to watch the second quiz, then a Railway Journet before the Celebrity Antiques Road Trip at 7.00 pm. No way was I falling asleep during that.

At 8.00 pm after my programme was finished I decided I’d better turn off before I fall asleep again. I said bye-bye to Joey but I’d see him again at tablet time, and came through. I worked and answered mail until 9.15 am when I broke off to take my meds which included the second of the non-smoking tablets. Maybe we’ll see of this makes a difference. After that it was a proper goodnight to Joey and I returned to the attack, the blog past had to be done too. I was clear of mail by 10.10 pm so able to do the blog at my ease and I can pick up any stray mail later and still manage an early night.

Amelie and Me.

Amelie and Me.

Family trio.

Family trio.

Wednesday 13th Jan.

It was a 2.53 am start today which isn’t as bad as it sounds since I turned my light off for sleep early last night having only read until 12.30 pm. I know I’ll reach ‘zonk’ stage at some point today but I’ll have to hope it isn’t mid Yahtzee. After  visiting The Palace of Piddle I came back and signed into the computer and headed for my gmail. By 4.20 am I’d cleared the first lot and was taking a well earned breather. I’d been reading about the plight of the orang-utan in Borneo as a result of the slash and burn policy of those growing the palm oil crops. Their are respritary problems and deaths of humans as well as the orang-utans but nothing seems to stop the increase in the palm oil trade. An excellent piece by Darcy Alexander Shilllingford brought this to life for me   I hope something can be done. I don’t think we can afford to lose another species, especially one so important.

I’d taken a drink of my Pepsi Max and had such a pain across my chest that it was putting me off drinking again. Ridiculous isn’t it. Suddenly I felt mortal and started to think about all my family and friends. Then I decided there was no way I was going to pop my clogs before my beef dinner on Sunday and my birthday on Monday. Sorry, I stopped thinking about you all and risked another drink. I survived and carried on working until 5.35 am when I went for breakfast and meds. Two rounds of toast and lashings of butter I had and it was lip smackingly good. I put the washing machine on quick wash and took my coffee through to the bedroom. It was 6.06 am when I started again and just managed the one before the three became eighty eight. This was hard graft. At 6.20 am I checked the washing machine and put my stuff on to dry for 3 hours.

By 9.00 am I was doing quite well but I stopped anyway and got dressed. It was time to visit Pauline. Horror of horrors, not that I wanted one, she had no chips and curry sauce left. I had to buy a liver and onions with mash, not that I wanted one. I got bread and my TV mag plus some cigarettes. Once I got back home I sorted Joey out then hung my almost dry washing on the airer. No avoiding it any longer I had to return to work. I was clear at 9.45 am and had a little search on ebay for a shirt. I dream of finding one like I had in the 60’s, my favourite shirt ever.Instead I bought a different one as there was nothing like  mine there.                                                                                            I wen through to watch Homes Under the Hammer with Joey and I slept through part of it wondering if the Lotto was going to come up for me and give me the chance to buy and redesign a house or would it go to someone with good taste.  The postman has come while I was asleep and left a card to say he’d tried to deliver a parcel that needed signing for. I didn’t hear a thing so it’s likely he didn’t use the bell.                                                                                                                                                                                                           After that I returned to my screen to play catch up again and to have another peep at ebay. I was there till 12.10 pm before going back to do my lunch.

From lunch I went straight into sleep mode for three quarters of an hour so it was 1.45 pm before I got back to the bedroom. There had been a little surge so I was occupied until almost 3.15 pm. TV till 3.45 pm work till 4.30 pm then Antiques Road Trip. I wasn’t many minutes into it when I saw Dil approaching. I went to make him a cup of tea before he came through, he was too fast. We watched the end of that and then as usual watched Pointless. As soon as that was over off went the TV and out came the table and the Yahtzee. I won the first game 4-2 despite Dil having Yahtzees. Somehow my game was just glued together better. The second game was 3-3 so I still won overall much to Dil’s disgust, he’s convinced I copy him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Trivia didn’t go my way at all Dil had more pieces than me all the way through and I couldn’t hit the place where the pieces were won. To be fair he played very well though I’d never tell him that as it’s more fun moaning at each other. Anyway he reached the middle and answered the question. There was still time for one game of cribbage and though I had some reasonable hands, Dil had good ones and he played for my points. He won by about a dozen points and went home the victor. I told him I’d see him Sunday and he didn’t think I knew about it. I told him it’s a freebie and he said it isn’t so I have another argument on my hands now.

Dil left at 9.30 pm. I washed the pots and tidied up before wishing Joey goodnight and coming through. Just as well as there is plenty of mail again. Still, I reckon another early night is on the cards.

The Champion's Fist.

The Champion’s Fist.

Mummy's Love

Mummy’s Love

Thursday 14th Jan.

It’s truly remarkable. I woke this morning again at 2.53 am, I felt for the lamp to turn it on and couldn’t find it and something seemed out of place. I found I was already sitting up on the edge of the bed scratching my left lag. I’m so glad I trimmed the talons last night or I doubt there’d be any skin left. I have no idea how long I’d  been sitting there. As my internal alarm went off or before that maybe? I visited the loo and then came back and signed on. I was so frustrated when doing the mail as I’d just reached the last lime in a long letter when the system closed down on me. It was only as it automatically restarted I realised what had happened.  Microsoft updates again with no warning so it could be postponed. It took from 3.40 am to 3.50 am and I was so relieved to find it had saved the email I was working on.                                                                         At 4.50 am I broke off to have breakfast and take my meds. I also decided to peel my sweet potatoes for lunch and an onion to make onion gravy at the same time. I was going to have a beef joint with the potatoes but that already comes with gravy so I settled on sausages. That way there will be some left for a sandwich for Mike if he needs it.

By 5.30 am I had also taken a full bag of food waste out and started a new one. I came back to my room to start on the mail again but there wasn’t much there. The perfect opportunity to have a look at ebay before the mail came pouring in. I did what needed doing and at 5.45 am signed into ebay. I’ve always been fascinated by the steampunk clothing, I think most of it very stylish. So when I did a search for brocade waistcoats I wasn’t surprised to see a lot of them were steampunk. It also brought up some very stylish Edwardian jackets/coats. I’ll say here and now if I’d won the lotto last night I’d be needing a new wardrobe. Though I do wear Edwardian clothes, the steampunk just add a new layer of style completely.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Between 6.10 am and 6.20 am the mail started coming and then kept coming. I concentrated on it to the exclusion of anything else except when I read a piece by my friend Geoff at Tangental who happened to be in Denmark and made mention of bacon. At that point I had to divert long enough to stem the flow of saliva by planting a couple of tissues in my mouth and using a couple more to clear the puddle from my keyboard..

It was 8.40 am before I cleared that first lot. It was a good time to get dressed ready to go to Pauline’s for my new lottery tickets. It was raining on my way there but I noticed a number of cars going past with snow on their bonnet so it must have been snowing in Holywell and the villages beyond probably. It was raining even harder when I was going home again. I was glad to be in it was really quite cold outside. Joey was happy to be released from his cell and must have been feeling quite chatty. He came out to visit his mirror so I was able to put some new millet in for him, that should last all of ten minutes. A few pieces of mail had come in which I cleared and at 10.00 am I was ready for Homes Under the Hammer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Once that finished I worked for 35 minutes and then went to make a start on my lunch. Of course I forgot to take my pre-foodies before I started so there wasn’t a 15 minute delay between taking them and eating as there should be. There was a least 5 minutes though and I’ll add an extra 10 minutes to the breakfast ones, how’s that? The meal was very enjoyable, especially all the onions in the gravy.

I heard from MuJo that John has been ill with his Angina again and now it snowed all last night and shows no sign of letting up today. I hope I see them before Summer  or I’ll be buying the next set of Christmas presents.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I also heard from Mike who still feels rough and won’t be over tonight. How inconsiderate of him, I’ll have to eat the sausages I save him for a sandwich now. All he thinks about is self, self, self. He’s not going to see his father tomorrow either which is most unlike him. In a way it’s good (I hope) in that the home will have to see he gets safely to the hospital for an x-ray instead of always waiting for Mike to arrive from so far away or arranging his appointments for a Friday because Mike is up. It means he doesn’t get good visits with his Dad.

I spent the afternoon making sure I stayed up to date until 4.30 pm when my time was my own. Nothing could spoil my Antiques Road Trip ( other than one of the dealers who was on). Then of course came quizzes 1 & 2 followed by a quick nip in here to see things weren’t getting out of hand so I could get back to WHAT!! It’s not on? Oh no, I had to quickly rearrange my viewing. It turned out if didn’t matter much as I watched something from 7-8.00 pm  then fell asleep during the first half of the surprises London has to offer beneath the ground from Churchill’s War Cabinet Offices. To the Silver Storage place and now the floors being built beneath street level for the British Museum, four floors I think. At 9.00 pm I came through rather than waste more time

I had been working on the mail for a while to get me to a reasonable state again. I shall try to describe my room to you. A square-ish room I sit with my back to the window. To my left is my bed and in front of me the wall on which the door sits, which is almost exactly to my right ( I never said it was a big room). Right, it was about 10.00 pm and the hairs on the back of my neck rose. From the corner of my eye I saw someone walk into the room beside me, dressed partly in green I think. My first thought was another cheeky burglar though I wasn’t in a panic. I looked up…..and nothing, no-one. I’m either going doolally tap or I’ve just been visited by a ghost. I promise I was not dozing at the keyboard as I’d have accepted that  and laughed it off. I think it was a male and almost definitely not belonging to me. Is it time for a new pair of glasses? I wrapped up the mail quite quickly to concentrate on the blog and the chance of asking you about this. To my mind, this is now the second time I’ve had a definite visit I can’t write off to being ‘More of the gravy than the grave’ to quote Ebeneezer.

Hoping for quite an early night as I have the surgery at 8.30 am again.

From 7th Jan

From 7th Jan

From 14th Jan 2 wks old today.

From 14th Jan 2 wks old today.

Friday 15th Jan

3.21 am saw me up and about today.I’d got my early night at 11.30 pm and turned my light off at midnight so not too shabby all things considered. Nothing disturbed my sleep and I got up quite happily. After a visit to the loo my main concern was mail so I signed in and started on that straight away.  At 4.30 amthough I took a break to go and take my meds as well as prepare next weeks meds in the container. Once that was done I put two slices of bread in the toaster, took my two pre-foodies and my anti-smoking tablet. For the sake of irony I then smoked a cigarette for timing before having the toast. I took my two after food tabs and brought the coffee back to my room. By 5.45 am my post box was empty so I got dressed. I could hear the rain coming down out there still so I knew I’d get soaked on the way to the surgery later.

I left the house at 8.45 am and underwent a major surprise. It had been snowing overnight and though the rain I hear had lessened what was on the ground, the rain had now ceased and it was snowing again. I had to hope there wasn’t a long wait at the bus stop as I was shaking with the cold.                                                                                                      The bus came quite quickly and I was in town by 8.00 am. No point in going round the supermarket so I stepped out for the surgery trying to avoid slippy spots on the way. The worst place was the surgery itself as it was quite a slope down from the footpath to the doors and there was ice about. Inside it was nice and warm but I made sure I didn’t go to sleep.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It was just 8.10 am when I got there so I’d done quite well. Twenty minutes to wait for my appointment and sure enough dead on time she was there. The appointment itself lasted all of 5 minutes but it was worth any time when she agreed to call me David and said “And I’m S…….” which was unexpected but nice.

It was time to walk back into town. I was there from 8.50 am to 9.15 am and frozen to the core. The bus shelters offered no respite from the biting cold. I was never so glad as when the bus finally came except maybe actually getting in the house 15 minutes later. The warmth was glorious. I let Joey out, told him I’d be back at 10.00 pm to see our programme and came back to restart work. I worked from 9.30-10.00 am, from 11.00-11.50 am and from 1.00- 3.55 pm before catching up. After that I went through to join the bird who’d been calling his name quite loudly to get my attention. I found a text on my phone from Mike sent at 1.14 pm that said he was on his way so he shouldn’t have been too far from 4.00 pm arriving. It seems the roads weren’t too nice and he arrived at 4.45 pm while I was watch the Antique Road Trip. I made him a cup of coffee anyway because I’m good like that. Between the two of us coughing and spluttering we sounded like the doctor’s surgery.                                                                            I caught up on how Mike’s doing and what kind of a week he’s had. Rough by the sounds of it. I mentioned it might have been less rough if he’d gone to the doctor on Monday and he just made some nonsensical noises about pots, kettle and black.

We watched Pointless then for some reason I thought it was 6.30 pm and being nothing much on I’d go for a shower. It was of course only 6.00 pm and I missed Eggheads because I didn’t think to check. To be honest I think I was starting to drift off for a power nap which I hadn’t managed today. Anyway with Mastermind and A Question of Sport there was something to come back to and then we tried the first episode of a new series. Quite good but I was pee’d off that it wasn’t a complete story each week so now I have to make sure I watch it for the next 5 weeks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            At 10.00 pm I came through to  play catch up with the mail and to get the blog done. Shopping tomorrow.

Roobs starts a zoo

Roobs starts a zoo

Cows join the Zoo

Cows join the Zoo

Saturday 16th Jan.

I was in bed for midnight and after a short read found myself turning the light off at 12.30 am and snuggling down under the quilt. Time up today was 3.50 am and after the obligatory trip to Looville I went straight to the kitchen to take my meds and have some breakfast. Today is the first day of week 2 of the non-smoking meds and the strength doubles. I’m expecting great things of the altered receptors in my brain over the next couple of days. I’ve heard such good things about this drug, and seen it in action with Mike that I can’t accept failure. I hope there’s a miracle in the offing.

Coming back from the kitchen I logged on to the computer and opened the mail. Not too bad at all. I was able to get clear by 5.50 am. That meant I would be clear when the deluge started and ready to leave it to get Mike up. Leaving it when I know it’s there has always proved hard. Like last week his alarm went off at 6.15 am. I darted through to the kitchen to put the kettle on, there was plenty of time though. He totally ignored that first alarm and also the second one which went off before I delivered his coffee. I woke him to say the drink was there then returned to my desk. There was another alarm which was also ignored and then one last one which was followed by some real groaning and the patter of tint feet (size 6’s).  4A and 1C is better than some weeks. After ten minutes I followed him through to the lounge. I could see the shape of him in the chair hunched over like a bird of prey. I suggested he minded his eyes (no response) so I turned he light on. Yep, fast asleep again. I woke him and suggested he drink his coffee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I managed to do a few pieces of my mail then paused to get dressed. I heard Mike go through to his room to do the same so I guessed he might just be awake. We were on our way out at 7.20 am but it was minus 2 when we went outside and the car windows were caked in ice. We still managed to get to ASDA by 7.45 am and I found the one cash machine with any money so things were going well.

I didn’t need potatoes today so first stop was flowers for Julia, we chose a nice mixed bunch and I added a bunch of Welsh daffodils to decorate the front of the vase. I bought some candles and also some decorative model houses which burn tea lights. I didn’t think I’d bought a lot of food today not a lot of gifts but the bill at the till certainly gave me pause. Mike gave applause to the cashier for giving me a heart attack and we headed for the cafe so I could sulk and recover. From ASDA we drove straight to the Parcel’s Office in Flint to collect the parcel I’d missed on Wednesday. It turned out to be two shirts I was waiting for. We moved on and parked up outside Temptations. There was time to have a cigarette as we walked over to the shops first where I didn’t pick up much and then after picking up so seed bells for Joey we went to Temptations. I ordered the drinks and Mike’s teasted toecake and passed over a box of chocolates for them to enjoy. I wasn’t expecting Ceri to hand over a card and gift to me. I sat down in surprise and asked if I was to open it today or wait till Monday. Today was best. A lovely birthday card which unfortunately showed the right age so I knew where their information had come from now. The gift was a beautiful boxed pen. I thanked everyone who was there.

We had a look round a couple more shops that were showing Sale signs but the only thing we bought were a pair of innersoles for Mike’s shoes. As it was getting on towards lunchtime Mike asked what we were doing. Thinking of proximity I suggested a place then came up with another idea, a cafe we’d visited just once before where I could satisfy a craving for bacon and Mike could have a meal if he wanted. In the end I had a sausage, bacon and black pudding toastie, Mike had the same content but in a bap. They were very filling. Finally we could go home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Once we got here the shopping was unloaded and put away. Joey was released from his enforced imprisonment and I was able to come to work. I stayed here solidly from 12.45 pm to 5.15 pm until I was clear. I knew that wouldn’t be an end to it but I could devote some time to keeping Mike company and watching TV. We seemed to take turns at nodding off and missing chunks of programmes but we did have two episodes of Beowolf and the final episode of Foyle’s War. At 10.00 pm I came through to finish the night off with a mail catch up and finishing the weekly blog.

All in all not a bad week.

Spot the Baby.

Spot the Baby.

We are the Champions.

We are the Champions.

Thanks for popping in. I wish you all a wonderful new week with wishes come true and Hugs Galore.




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101 responses to “Windscreen Wipers for my Glasses & The White Stuff Finally Appears.

  1. Thanks for the nice wishes for the week. Hope yours is good as well. Loved the Queen video.

  2. A very Happy Birthday David, very glad you had a nice week, enjoyed the photo’s that little Amelie is so cute. Good your surgery went well but sounds like miserable weather, stay warm and dry and have a fantastic week, see you here same time next week. A huge hug and birthday kiss!!

    • Thanks so much Suzanne, I’ll save my birthday kiss until tomorrow but will enjoy the hug today. The weather has been so miserable for so long now but at least I can’t hear the rain so far this morning. Perhaps we’re due a change.
      I shall try and make sure I stay warm and dry. So far I have no plans to go out as Yvonne is busy on our Tuesday, and I’m busy on Monday waiting for a delivery.
      I hope your week is brilliant and I look forward to our meeting next weekend.
      xxx Stupendous Hugs xxx

  3. I agree, not a bad week at all, with the focus on stopping smoking. What a beautiful way to round out this post, David. Lovely words — wishes come true and hugs… who could ask for more? Wishing you the very same every day. Mega hugs!

    • Thank you Dear Teagan, I wish I hadn’t put so much focus on stopping smoking now in case it doesn’t work. I feel no different so far.
      I certainly won’t ask for more than your kind wishes send.
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

      • The “focus” was really just mine — because I was so happy that you are trying to give up smoking. I understand how difficult it must be. I remember many years ago when my father quit. The dog had to quit too, because she would beg for his cigarette butts and suck on the filters. Yes, the dog was hooked too! 😀 It’s a project, and takes time. There is no failure as long as you keep trying.

      • I’m still trying. Monday I was 3 hours up before having one. Usually I don’t wait 3 minutes. I smoked 6 cigarettes during the day instead of 60. Today a little more, I’ve had 9 so far but still far less than a packet. I’ll try harder tomorrow.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • I waited for Monday to wish you Happy Birthday… and Monday escaped! Many happy returns, my friend. ❤ ⭐

      • It’s not the day that counts but the thought. Thanks so much Dear Teagan friend of my heart.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Many happy returns for your birthday, David! 🙂

  5. You appear to moving in the right direction David – Happy Belated Birthday to you and may there be many more. Good luck with the quitting – the only way I ever gave up was going cold turkey – and taking up knitting to keep my hands busy and my mind on other things. Everyone I knew sported wonderful new scarves for a while 🙂 You might like to consider it…? 🙂
    I was given the first two seasons of Endeavour as a gift – I used to love Morse – and thoroughly enjoyed them. Have a wonderful week xoxo
    PS Thank you for tweeting – one day I will find out how to access the jolly thing.

    • Not a belated Birthday Wish Pauline, the actual day is tomorrow so I’ll save the good wishes till then.
      Cold Turkey does work if you have willpower and after 44 years smoking I lack that. I may have the internet to occupy my hands but I always smoke so much more when I’m on the computer and don’t notice till it’s too late.I never quite got the hang of knitting.
      This new season of Endeavour has started well, I do hope you get to see it. I’m sure if you connect to Twitter you’ll soon learn to enjoy and understand it.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx

  6. Thanks for all the lovely photos of Amelie and Reuben! I wonder if you realise how much we all enjoy them. That said, I have a question: these anti-smoking meds, what exactly are they meant to do? Do you keep smoking as normal until…what? you don’t want to any more?

    • Thanks so very much, I’m glad people enjoy them and come back for more. I think I smoke until the strength has built up enough to start telling my brain it has enough nicotine. I’m actually going to give it a go tomorrow on my 65th.If I can do without and not crave them, the stronger tabs must be working well.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Just remember, the physical nicotine addiction is only half of the problem. The other half is the psychological habit. That you have to overcome on your own.:( [spoken by an ex-smoker who still chews gum]

  7. Perhaps you will not need to suck on anything for timing, David – very soon – you might find that time has a knack – at times an unkind one 🙂 – for passing by and through all on its own. Birthdays can help us see that without us even asking for it. Have a fantastic and festive week to which I add my endless hugs 🙂

  8. Another great post, David. Quit smoking? Good on ya (i hate you, i’m still puffing away)

    Big Hugs


    • Thanks John, don’t hate me yet I’m still taking the drugs but I’m going to try tomorrow. I’ve been told it may not happen this quickly and I may fail the first couple of times but it stops people nagging me this way.

  9. Happy Birthday David! Thank you as usual for the smiles as I read. I know you are not keen on the quit smoking meds but I’m very happy you are giving them an effort. Also, I love the sleeping baby pictures. My dad would say that all children are angels when they are sleeping. I think that’s a guy thing to say 🙂 – Wishing you a wonderful birthday and week ahead. Still haven’t found the wiper- eyeglasses. Hugs, Laine

    • Thanks so much Laine. I don’t mind the quit smoking meds, it’s quitting smoking I’m not keen on. I’ve no vices left now.
      Maybe it s a guy thing to say as I agree with your dad, that’s possibly the only time they are angels.
      My birthday was wonderful thank you, Officially Old now. We’ll have to keep an eye out for wiper eye-glasses.
      xxx Stupendous Hugs xxx

      • Lol! Perhaps we could invent them. I’m trying to invent a cat toy that spits a penny across the room every two minutes. That’s the only thing outside of dancing on my keyboard that keeps my kitten entertained when I work. Hugs 🙂

      • Hey, if you can invent a cat toy that does that and which doesn’t use the same penny every time you could soon be rich……..though you’d have a bad back from carrying all those pennies to the bank.
        Hmm, a kitten dancing on a keyboard sounds like a hit on youtube too.
        Yes, inventing them is the way forward but the motor has to be very light or the glasses slide down your nose (or mine ).
        xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

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  11. I am completely distracted by sweet Amelie. A beautiful addition to a lovely family.

  12. You seem to have given yourself the best birthday presents of all. Many happy returns 🙂

    • Thank you Jane. The best present (apart from Amelie) is the family gathering for lunch I was just at. As well as Amelie and Reuben my great nephew Nathan was there too with my brother and assorted nephews and nieces I adore. I had a fantastic time.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  13. A good week indeed. Here we got snow now although I suffered it coming back from Wales on Wednesday (that’s another story). Happy birthday for tomorrow and big hugs for the week

    • Yorkshire always tends to get the snow worse that us.Ours has cleared now.All that’s left is the icy cold. I hope it didn’t make your journey home on Wednesday too difficult.
      It doesn’t matter about tomorrow now as I had such a great time with the family at lunch tome today.
      xxx Enormous Hugs xxx

  14. Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true and I trust family and friends will give you more hugs than you can cope with! xx

  15. Guy

    Happy Birthday David. Amelie has grown up a lot in a week. Hope the giving up smoking is going okay. I like Queen. The Days of Our Lives is one of their best songs in my opinion.

    • Thanks so much Guy. I think you’re right, she has come on a lot in a week.
      I’m still on the no smoking trail but I’m hoping to give it a try tomorrow. I shan’t know what to do with my hands.
      I love Queen and agree it’s one of their best songs, very touching. Glad I’m not on my own.

  16. Lovely post, David, and beautiful photos. I love the one of you and Amelia.
    Good luck with the anti-smoking meds. I hope it works out well for you.
    And very strange about the ghost.
    I wish you the happiest of birthdays! Tons of hugs!
    (Perhaps this might be a great gift for you. 😉

    • Thank you kindly Merril.I like the one of Amelie and myself too. Thanks also for the best wishes regarding smoking. I hope I can manage it.
      I still don’t understand about the ghost though I know there was nothing to fear.
      My actual Birthday is tomorrow but I’ve already had a great time at a family meal today Eleven adults two small children and two babies.Fantastic.
      I love the windscreen wipers in the advert. I shall be looking out for those.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  17. Cute baby photos – how more addictive can your blog get?
    The days of our lives – enjoy them!
    Big Hugs from the South!

    • If it keeps people visiting Christoph I’ll go looking for pictures of babies to use.The Days of our Lives was such a brilliant track but hard because you know he was close to death then.Amazing Group.
      I hope the weather is nice for you at the moment.
      Huge Hugs from the Gog.

  18. I love those photos of Amelie, and Reuben, David, they are gorgeous children. How weird about that ghostly encounter, made me shiver, Hope all goes well with the anti smoking tablets this week.
    Oh, and great music again! 🙂

    • I’ve tried to vary the pictures between them a bit Judy. The encounter was strange in that there seemed to be nothing behind it, but certainly no malice there. Fingers crossed with the anti smoking that this is the week.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the music.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  19. Another busy week, David!. Amelie is gorgeous and Reuben looks so grown up now, a proper big brother. Wishing you another good week ~ take care of yourself in this cold weather, I think we’ll be having low temperatures for a while. (((Huge Hugs))) x

    • Thanks so much Jacqueline. Yes, Roobs is behaving like a proper big brother, he even told his mum off for letting her get cold when she was being changed.
      I’ll be careful but I hope you will too, especially where ice is concerned. No falls please.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  20. Che nonno dolcissimo che sei, le foto sono stupende, un abbraccio David, buon inizio settimana, 🙂

  21. Joyeux anniversaire, cher David! Many happy returns, may you be spoiled on your birthday and eat too much cake, and may this be the beginning of a wonderful new non-smoking life! As one who has been there, the meds will surely help but the quitting is a mind-game….there should be an app for that but I’m afraid it will be down to your desire to breathe clearly again. Biggest birthday bises, xo!

    • Thanks so much Dearest Mel. I was spoiled rotten yesterday when we all met up for a family meal,it was a delight. Today I expect a very quiet day .
      So far this morning I haven’t smoked and I’m hoping these meds will help deaden the need if not the desire. Yes, we could do with an app for that.
      Have a Fantastic Week,
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  22. Deb

    Happy birthday David. I tried to get the whole time difference right so you will be getting this just at the right time. Hope you have an epic day/week.

    • Thanks so much Deb. It’s perfectly times at almost noon here. The epic day was yesterday with the family so today will be very quiet…..but nice.
      I hope you have a wonderful week also.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  23. ,Happy Birthday, David! I hope you have a great day. What lovely pictures of Amelie and Reuben. It seems as though she knows him now. He seems to behave nicely with her. She’s a little doll. It’s a shame your surgery is down a slope. That doesn’t seem right since there are people like you with crutches. Also, it’s hard on people who have to help wheelchair patients. Good to hear Mike’s feeling better. Good, you didn’t catch a cold from getting so soaked in the rain. Take care. Huge hugs with a few extra for your birthday. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks so much Suzanne. I am having a great day, very quiet as I like it. Amelie seems terrified whenever Reuben is near but to be fair he is very good with her. She is a little doll.
      There are two paths to the surgery.One is the slope I used and the other is Bigger slope which I avoided. I don’t understand how they expect disabled people to get there, maybe they all join other surgeries on the flat?
      Mike still feels rough and I hope is at the doctor’s today. I must have a stronger constitution than I thought, no lasting effects from the rain.
      Thanks, I will take care and I’m enjoying the hugs already.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  24. Nice of the postman not to ring the bell so as not to wake you. Makes me wonder why someone doesn’t invent ringless phones that we can use while we’re sleeping.

  25. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day 🙂

  26. I will now sing you a little song – Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear David, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!
    The photos of the children are beautiful. I didn’t win the Powerball lottery, so I hope you win the big prize on your lottery. You smoke a cigarette while waiting for your food to cook so you can take your anti-smoking pill. That made me chuckle. I worry about Mike, he seems like he has been feeling poorly for some time now. Will you please tell him I send my regards!!!!
    Have a great birthday week. Mine is this week as well. Happy Birthday to us!!!!

    • I’m afraid I didn’t win the lottery here either unless you count £3 on the Thunderball. I’m glad you got the chuckle that was intended with the irony.
      I’ll certainly pass your message on to Mike, I think he was ill and then caught an infection from his grandchildren so didn’t have chance to get better.
      What day is your birthday so I can spoil it with my singing and if possible I’d love to know your Christian name if not an intrusion too far.
      Thanks so much for your birthday song. I enjoyed it.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  27. The new little one, and the first little one are sooo adorable. Cheers on trying to quit smoking. I’ve heard two different sayings… It’s best to tell someone so they can encourage you, or, don’t tell anyone so they aren’t watching every move you make. Hmm, maybe that is for dieting. 🙂 Either way, good luck. By the way, I hear someone had a birthday. Hope it was happy, my friend. The pictures of you with the grandbabies are priceless.

    • I think telling the family might have been a mistake but I just have to try a little harder now.Thank you for the good luck.
      Yes, someone might just have reached 65. The day itself was very quiet but the day before at a meal with the family it was great.
      I treasure the pics with myself and the grandchildren. I can prove it’s them when I want to embarrass them in later life.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  28. Happy Birthday and Many More. Congrats on the effort to give up smoking; it’s not easy by a long shot, but such a good choice. I love the picture of Amelie sleeping in the crook of your arm. You have a lovely family. ❤ Massive Hugs to you all ❤

  29. Wishing you a very happy belated Birthday, David, and hope you have been spoiled rotten. I so enjoyed all the pictures, especially lovely is the one with you and your grandchildren. Amelie is as beautiful as her sweet name, and her brother looks loving and protective.
    Best of luck fighting your smoking habit. I have been there and know that everything is up to you.
    We got a lottery winner in Limerick, almost a half a million, they say the family were on their last 30 Euros. Hope for a better future for them.
    Have a wonderful week, stay safe and warm, many hugs!!!

    • Thanks so much Inese, yes I was spoiled rotten. I saw all the family on Sunday for a meal out then I had a very quiet birthday on Monday to recover. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. Amelie has been really good with me, not crying at all so it’s been easier to hold on to her.
      I’m trying hard with the cigarettes.
      Well done to the Lottery winners in Limerick, especially if they really were down to their last 30 euros (aren’t we all after Christmas). If they’re young it’s enough to establish them in their own house and if they’re older perhaps make their retirement easier.Good luck to them.
      Have a Great Week, xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  30. HappyHAPPY (late but genuine) birthday, David! These pictures and details indeed show this is the time of your life. Amelie had her loving parents, her attentive big brother, and her wonderful grandpa. Such are the delights of life! Many hugs to you, now and always.

    • Thanks so much Marylin. The pictures probably show I’m having the best time of my life with my family around. I adore spending time with the extended family of nephews and nieces too as well as the next generation down the line.I’m spoiled.
      xxx Splendiferous Hugs to you xxx

  31. Wow what a week. Happy Birthday, many hugs sent. Great picture of you and the grandkids. They are beautiful. So glad you are trying to quit smoking. A piece of advice, keep your hands busy and find healthy snacks if you need to eat something. You can do it, I know you can. It’s not easy but excited that you’re working on it. Sorry you had to go out in the cold and snow. I take it the snow didn’t last long? Have a great upcoming week, many hugs for your adventures. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Maggie, hugs received and welcomed. Thanks again, grandkids are always a bit special.
      I’m trying with the smoking and doing OK but could be better. I’m scared to eat anything in case I start gaining weight which always seems to happen.
      No, the snow didn’t last long here, too much salt in the air, it usually stays in the hills though. It didn’t even rain today !!!
      Have a Wonderful week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  32. Kourtney Heintz

    Sorry your sleep time tends to be so short. I can’t get by on less than 7 hours. It makes me really out of it and emotional. And terribly hungry. I pretty much turn into a gremlin. Love the grandkids–very adorable. 🙂

    • Heck, give me 7 hours and I’d think I was in a coma. I don’t really mind he short sleep too much as I’m fairly happy in the mornings and not bad at the other end of the day either. Just keep away in the middle. If I get hungry it’s because I’m bored so I try to keep busy.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  33. Happy belated birthday. It was a good read.

  34. Hi David, first happy belated birthday! Second I want to thank you for the “My arms have shrunk and I can’t reach the keyboard” excuse, I’m gonna have to remember that one for future usage. I hope your anti smoking pills will work out for you, I quit a number of years ago and got hooked on pretzel sticks to feed that hand to mouth habit. Just yesterday I heard on the news that people are having issues with the electronic cigarettes (something about them causing fires or exploding or something). I can’t get over how quickly Amelie is growing and the pics with her and Reuben are just adorable!! ❤

    • Thanks so much Stephanae. You’re very welcome to the excuse, I hope you have more joy with it than I did.
      The pills have cut the smoking down by two thirds even if they haven’t stopped me altogether but it’s only been 2 weeks so there’s time yet. I can’t get hooked on pretzels (or anything else) as I’m scared enough about the weight gain from giving up. Frankly I’d rather smoke. I’ve heard of the electronic ones exploding before now as they’re being charged.
      I’m not noticing Amelie growing yet, I still find her tiny but the pictures of both kids together are quite sweet. Big Bro and Li’l Sis.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Yeah, you’re right about the weight gain and at the time I quit I woulda rather continued but it was time and that last cigarette was cold turkey. But for about 2 months after I quit I was sick as a dog with my asthma that went into bronchial pneumonia, it was a nightmare. But after that I felt so good and I got my sense of taste back it was wonderful. I do regret that I ever started but that’s water under the bridge.

        I like the picture where it looks like li’l sis is giving big bro a left hook – too cute!! ❤

      • Yes, being ill with my chest is another reason I’m worried. I don’t want pneumonia again.
        I think she does that just so I can make comments on the pictures.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Nah, I think she’s just a natural. 😉 ❤

  35. I’m four days late wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY – but that wish extends for the entire year, of course. If I was not on the other side of the ocean, I’d give you a huge hug while singing Queen loudly and joyfully. (I sing that song in the car with the windows up, because I can really get going on that one). The photos of your Rueben and little Amelie are absolutely precious. As you are. xoxoxoxxobirthdayhugxoxoxoxoxox

    • Thanks so much Pamela. Who cares if it’s late, you’re here now and that’s what counts. I’d love the hug and I’d love the Queen too. I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures of the youngsters. I was told two minutes ago that Reuben has Chicken Pox.That’ll be fun.
      xxx Sending Stupendous Hugs xxx

      • Oh noooo. Hopefully it won’t be a hard case. My son got it when he was 5 and we were traveling cross country to visit my parents. We had to stop at restaurants and covered him in hookies and oversized coats to hide the hundreds of red spots.
        Don’t catch it!!!

      • I had it when I was young so I should be OK. Though I may meet Yvonne outside the house next week
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  36. David, hope this finds you well (I’ll give you my favourite phrase, especially these days – all things considered).
    Hope you had a delightful birthday, well, truly I hope you have a delightful every day!!!
    Thank you for sharing your week with us as always, and the lovely pictures – your family is growing and beautifully. 🙂
    Hope Roobs is not as itchy now (Chicken Pox are yucky), poor little mite, hope he gets lots of yummy ice cream and jello. 🙂
    Hope there’s less of the gravy and grave for you and hope your arms can still somehow (giggle) reach the keyboard so we can connect with you. 🙂
    Hope this week has treated you well and I’ll try to get here faster (no promises, long story and not a pretty one). 🙂
    Massive monster hugs. 🙂 xo

    • Hello my beautiful Donna.Yes thanks I’m well. The usual lumps and bumps I live with but otherwise OK.
      My birthday itself was very quiet but the family meal the day before was lovely.
      I’m delighted that anyone still comes to share my week so you’re always welcome.
      I think he must only just have come out in spots as I’ve only just been told and it needed some time from nursery last Friday to develop.
      I’m buying a ouija board and a crystal ball in case my arms don’t grow.
      I don’t mind the speed you get here as long as you get here.
      I hope the long story doesn’t involve you not being well?
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  37. Thank you for your good wishes David. All the best to you in the icy craw as well. And I wish Mike a speedy recovery. Fred.

  38. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, David!
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  39. Thanks. massive memory download with those songs! Regards Thom

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