Competition for Breakfast & Pension Idiocy.

Sunday 24th Jan.

03.38 am was son up this morning, at least this son. It hardly seemed fair since I’d only turned my light out to sleep at 1.00 am Even by my standards it was a little on the mean side. Still, there was every chance I’d make up for it later.I didn’t realise that I’d start about 5.00 am by falling asleep over my keyboard and my typing fingers would fill my screen with lots of stuff from the deep background of the computer. At least my head didn’t hit either the keyboard or the desk since I was sitting so close my fat stomach wouldn’t let me fold that low. I was awake again and trying to sort the screen out by 5.45 am and I drifted to the kitchen to take the morning meds.                                 Coming back with my coffee afterwards I ploughed into the mail as there were still over 100 pieces left. Some of the mail came from comments put on the blog last night.

There was work enough to keep me going until 10.00 am but I had a quick break at 9.00 am to wash my mug and to let Joey out of his cage. It seemed a big lighter earlier this morning. After 10.00 am I’d had enough and needed a break so sat in the lounge talking to Joey. That can’t have lasted long until I was asleep again. I came to at 10.50 am and wondered where Mike was. The answer it seemed was still in his pit. I mad a coffee and took it through to him. Once I’d woken him I went back to my bedroom to see if there was more mail. I heard Mike go through to the lounge and a “Bloody Hell” when he saw the time. I went through to see he was OK.                                                                By 11.30 am he’s asked about our plans for the day and been told we had none but going through to get dressed I’d said I wouldn’t mind finding a jumper somewhere. He reminded me he’d bought me two for my birthday. They’re nice but not the colour I wanted. However I decided to put one on. The other we found was the wrong size and like so many f us had relied on the coat hanger rather than the ticket. That changed the tone of the day as Mike wanted to get it changed at Marks and Spencer. That would mean Prestatyn which dictated where we’d eat.

By 11.45 am we were on our way and were parking up about 12.10 pm. We went straight for lunch at the CookHouse first and found the beef was just falling apart it was so tender. Mike was sorry he’d had half and half gammon and beef. We finished there and went back to the car to collect the bag with the jumper and then into M & S. It didn’t take long to get permission to change it and Mike said I could find a different one If I wanted but I decided to stick with his choice and just got the appropriate size.                  From there we drove home but Mike stopped at LIDL so I could get a brochure. I picked up some pyjamas for Reuben at the same time.                                                                       Back at home we suffered a telling off for going out from the demented green thing before I stuck on indoor bowling and fell asleep. I don’t know if Mike slept too but he was awake when I woke up and said it was time he left. I helped him carry his bags out and waved him off before coming back in and locking the door. Straight in to start work then.

I worked from 3.30 pm to 5.45 am then went to get some tea. I was late with my antibiotic too so I was glad I’d gone. Somehow I got caught in  what I was watching on TV and missed half of Beowulf. Mike texted to say he was back home safely and suggested I just watch it an hour later on the catch up channel. Doing so would have meant I’d be out of the room until 11.00 pm as Endeavour was on straight afterwards and I wasn’t missing that too as it was the last one of 4. So I came through here at 10.00 pm and started work on the mail and then the blog. I think I might just make midnight in bed.

Monday 25th Jan.

I made the midnight deadline and had a good read until 12.55 am. It took some wriggling to find a position comfortable for sleep. I did drop off and the next thing I knew was waking up at 3.02 am. Not the best time of the night but not the worst either. No doubt I’ll be able to extend the period today sometime. I’ve become quite adept at the power naps. Mike would probably tell you that few people have as much power. Mind you, he’s no slouch in the power stakes either.                                                                                I set to at my gmail account and spent until 5.05 am reading posts or comments and making comments of my own where appropriate. Then I went to the kitchen to take the morning round of meds. I couldn’t be bothered with breakfast so I’ll have to eat at teatime but that’s no problem. I hung around there filling small bottles of Pepsi Max from a big bottle and trying to get them in the fridge. One I took back to the bedroom with me for my nightstand as I ran out last night.

When I got back to my room it was almost 6.00 am so I just completed the post that was there while waiting for the flood. What flood? The 6.10 am lot came through in small easy to cope with parcels so that it never seemed too much. They still took until 9.52 am to clear though. Time to give Joey fresh water and seed as well as a bit of attention. I turned the TV on ready for Homes Under the Hammer and missed half of it asleep. I was woken by the closing music so turned the box off in disgust and came back to work, putting the washing machine on before I left.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Work had accumulated again so I cleared that up in time to see to lunch at 11.55 am, and put the washing on to dry. I was a little distracted as Val hasn’t been this morning. If she calls and gets no answer she usually texts to say she’s been. I had lunch and watched Bargain Hunt. Joey wasn’t interested and just went for a kip in his cage. I showed him what will power is all about when I returned to work at 1.00 pm.

By 2.30 pm I’d returned t the lounge and shown Joey the proper time for 40 winks. I was still there at 3.45 pm and had to motivate myself to move by reminding myself I wanted the TV again at 4.30 pm. I got back up to date and then checked Facebook which I rarely do, but some people choose to message me there instead of my email. I caught up there too. I enjoyed my Antiques Road Trip and then made myself some tea, baked beans on toast which I’d fancied all day. I had a bit of trifle afterwards. There was still time to enjoy some of the quiz. Then came Eggheads which was good but between 6.30 pm – 7.00 pm I had to play catch-up again as I intended to be away from the computer until 10.00 pm. First came the Celebrity Road Trip which was followed by an episode of Lewis where he returns from retirement. That means that I’ve had to dash to make sure all the mail is done and the blog tonight. I’m off out in the morning and don’t want to leave anything behind except tomorrow’s mail.

First they tell me about the Big Bad Wolf, then they dress me as dinner.

First they tell me about the Big Bad Wolf, then they dress me as dinner.

It's OK Daddy said I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing.

It’s OK Daddy said I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Tuesday 26th Jan.

Despite pushing my luck a bit last night I still managed to scrape to bed at around midnight. I still managed to read until almost 1.00 am before I turned my light out. I was ready to get up when I woke until I saw the time was 1.38 am. That’s the kind of sick puppy joke of Somnos himself. I just swung myself back into bed and willed myself back to sleep with laughter ringing in my ears. I was ready to get up when I woke at 3.22 am though. I didn’t dare go for another session just in case I ended up missing my bus later.   Anyway, I was due for an antibiotic at 4.00 am. I wandered through to the kitchen, filled a couple of small Pepsi Max bottles then took an empty bottle and an empty milk bottle through to the plastic recycling bag.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Going back to the kitchen I took the antibiotic and the first of the two anti smoking tablets then opening a fresh bottle of milk I took the rest of my meds. Because I intend to have some breakfast with Yvonne this morning I had nothing at this time. That meant I was able to get back to my room much quicker with a cup of coffee.

After signing on it only took me until 5.05 am to clear the gmail box. After that I got dressed and then either did each piece of mail when it came in , checked the live feed on Facebook or checked out Ebay. Nothing too strenuous. When 6.10 am arrived I was put to work on the new post. There was just so much of it. At 7.10 am I had to stop and get my things together ready to go. I’d have to leave the house at 7.20 am as the bus is getting their earlier in competition with the other company. They say the other company has changed it’s timetable to go early to try and put them out of business.                                                                                                                                                                                      I left the house and reached the bus stop in time. The journey was beset by problems, mainly roadworks, and I had to text Yvonne to tell her I’d be late. I suggested she head into Boots the Chemist and find something nice for Amelie that I could pay for when I got there. That caused the first disagreement of the day…… by text.                       When I did eventually get there fifteen minutes late I joined them in the shop and found something for both Amelie and Reuben anyway. We went off to get breakfast. It was just as well as I needed a wee and then a cup of tea.We ordered breakfast and then had argument number 2 about who was paying. I gave in with good grace as it was a battle and I needed to win the war. That came next when I gave her £60 that she’s posted to my bank account to pay for meals on my birthday. I wasn’t having that when everyone else had let me pay. Eventually she took it back.

I has Amelie on my knee and she was as good as gold except she let me know when she was hungry. Frightened she might be competition for my breakfast I foisted her back on her Mum who fed her. Then she came back to me. Breakfast came and  Amelie went in her pram while I ate. It was lovely and filling. After we’d both done, we took a walk out to our favourite shop just like old times. I was able to buy a couple of things for Yvonne as well as things for the children. Arguments ensued but it was good to be back and even the staff raised their eyes when they saw who was coming to the counter arguing as usual. I just ignored the arguing and went my own sweet way as usual.         We were on the way out of the shop when we saw what time it was. The morning had flown by. My bus was drawing in over the road. I kissed them both goodbye and sent a hug back for spotty Muldoon. I got on the bus and waved as it drew away.

The journey back wasn’t too bad but having been without a cigarette the whole time I was out I called into Pauline’s and bought some. After a visit to the loo it was the first thing I did, light a fag. Bliss. Breakfast having been late there was no need to eat so after releasing Joey from his cage I went straight to work. I worked from 1.00 pm to 2.15 pm then from 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm to clear the backlog. Then I stayed in the lounge from 4.30 pm to 9.00 pm before closing Joey’s door and wishing him goodnight. I came through to work for the last stretch.

Oi ! Stop looking up, I'm down here.

Oi ! Stop looking up, I’m down here.

It's such a hard life staying awake.

It’s such a hard life staying awake.

Wednesday 27th Jan.

I was in bed before 11.30 pm last night and my light went off when I’d had enough of reading (is this possible?) at 12.15 am. The next thing I knew it was 3.14 am though it didn’t feel like that. Before swinging my legs out I put my glasses on and the time now read 1.34 am. I turned over,plumped up my pillows and waited to go back to sleep. It obviously happened because I next woke ( verified by wearing glasses) at 3.48 am. I paid a visit to the loo and came back to sign on to the computer.                                               I checked last night’s Eurolottery and found I hadn’t won. In fact no-one had again and there was yet another rollover. It’s estimated to be something like £113 m on Friday night. Still dreaming of how far I could spread money like that I went to my gmail and started reducing the bulk.                                                                                                                          At 5.00 am I went for breakfast and to take my meds. I was obviously not concentrating as I took my two post-foodies before I even started my breakfast instead of two painkillers.

Returning to my screen I carried on working and watched the flood at 6.10 am without worry. After all, I had time enough today. That was what I thought right up until I got dressed at 8.00 am and remembered I needed to go to the hospital this morning. I managed to open Joey’s cage before I left at 8.20 am. The bus came at 8.30 am bur when I managed to get on, sat there until almost 8.45 am. When I got to the hospital through the wind and rain I didn’t have long to wait before being seen. It was the same nurse and this time she was much more chatty, talking about her own success using Champix, the same non-smoking drug I’m using. She did say I was doing well but that this week I should have nominated a day to quit and suggested Sunday. She told me to return to the hospital on Saturday to have the leg checked again.                                         I left and walked back to town. It wasn’t especially cold but the wind and the rain were unpleasant. I had half an hour to wait for the bus. I called in at Pauline’s on the way home and bought a chips and curry sauce as well as my bread.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Back at home I had chance to do just twenty minutes work before watching Homes Under the Hammer. Then I intended to return to work but fell asleep until 11.45 am. That meant I had to start thinking about lunch so had a cottage pie. Of course I watched Bargain Hunt but I made sure I didn’t fall asleep after that and returned to my desk. I had to fight all afternoon to get the messages down to a reasonable level and then to finish them completely but I was done by 4.05 pm. I had no idea what time Dil would appear but I wanted to be ready.

I was ready. I’d just started watching the Road Trip when I saw him appear. I got up to make him a drink. When he came in I was able to say the contestants were local in Ruthin and working their way to an auction where he lives in Colwyn Bay. We spent ages looking for people we knew. We caught up on our week since last Wednesday and exchanged news. We watched Pointless as usual before turning the box off and starting the gaming. As far as Yahtzee, Trivia and Cribbage are concerned, we played and I never want them mentioning again. Needless to say it wasn’t my day. When Dil left to my cheers and his crowing like a cockerel, I tidied up, washed the pots, took my meds and locked Joey away for the night. I came through to start on the mail and the blog hoping I’d get an early night. I think I will with a bit of luck.

So what d'you want to talk about Pops?

So what d’you want to talk about Pops?

And who gets the prize for Most Surprised?

And who gets the prize for Most Surprised Look?

Thursday 28th Jan

I was in bed by 11.30 pm last night and had finished reading by 12.15 am as I was tired. It didn’t help much by getting me up at 2.13 am this morning even though I fought a valiant fight for more sleep. The small gods probably want me disappointed for longer. That’s because when I’d signed into the computer I went straight to the bank, my Pension Credit payment is £102.80 less than usual based on my new State Retirement Pension award, trouble is, the SRP people haven’t told me yet what my pension is  and it certainly hasn’t gone in the bank today. I’ve heard of other people having to survive on no income for 3 weeks until the SRP people get their act together. I seem to remember that Mike had problems with them. Not the best news to wake up to. That could severely curtail what Mike and I do at the weekends, like eat for instance.

I started work on the inbox of my gmail account and just broke off at 4.00 am to take an antibiotic. I was clear by 4.35 am. I lay on the bed and willed myself to sleep, just as well I’m strong willed. I was out until 5.40 am which was great. There was time to take all the usual meds before the post started pouring in.                                                             When I got back there was just one in my box. I quickly did it hoping that was it until about lunchtime, but no, that one was just the cork holding the flow of others back. It quickly grew to over 60 which even so was quite light by normal standards. I just kept going and going till suddenly there wasn’t one left and it was only 8.45 am. I let Joey out early in celebration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I didn’t know what to do as I’d promised myself I wouldn’t go out today (except maybe the chippy at lunch time) and there was no washing to be done. I couldn’t hoover the lounge because I’d let Joey out. He panics if the hoover goes yet in his cage he goes to his little corner and is fine. I was almost grateful when I saw more emails beginning to trickle through. I just sat there dealing with them one by one as they arrived. Anytime there was a pause I turned to Ebay, there were some fantastic bright red grandad collar shirts on there. What a temptation.

At 9.00 am I went through to chat to Joey, he really likes company. I stayed to watch Homes Under the Hammer then I returned to work for a while. It was daft, I’d been away 2 hours and only 12 messages in all that time and the ones I expected weren’t there. So at 11.15 am I went to the kitchen and peeled my sweet potatoes and an onion. After laying my sausages out to cook I had a cigarette before taking my pre-foodies and starting to cook the sausages. A quarter brown I turned the sausages and put the potatoes on. When they were done I mashed them while the onion cooked. I plated up the potatoes and then the sausages , added the onion to some gravy and poured it over the meal. I really enjoyed it. There are even sausages left in case Mike wants a sandwich tonight. Provided he’s coming tonight, I haven’t heard yet.                                        At 1.00 pm after Bargain Hunt I returned to work again. There was plenty in but still not some I expected. I hoped everything was OK.                                                                          There was a message from Yvonne though who’d had some success with the Pensions Service this morning having found out how much they’re paying me. They’re supposed to be writing to me. The only problem I can foresee , and I think this is ridiculous, is that they’re going to pay me 4 weeks in arrears. Why don’t they prepare you for that after having paid weekly before. How do they expect many people to survive without money for 4 weeks?

At 2.00 pm I was free again my mail box empty. I was just wandering back towards the lounge when I heard my mobile beep a message had been received. It was Mike to say he was on the way. I could expect him around 4.30 pm then. I watched The Father Brown Mystery then had a short catch up period before watching a bit of the new antiques programme. I spent another half an hour or so clearing mail then went through to wait for Mike. Unfortunately I fell asleep for a few minutes and when I woke up he was in his chair next to me. Luckily the kettle was still hot so I knew I hadn’t been gone long. I made him a coffee and we were able to see Road Trip together.                        We chatted through our programmes and I was there until 10.00 pm after Murder in Paradise.                                                                                                                                                             I took my meds and came through to catch up on any new mail. I was glad to see that which I’d missed during the day was there. Then blog time. Bed by midnight I’m sure.

It's boring doing nothing at all.Maybe I'll just......

It’s boring doing nothing at all.Maybe I’ll just……

Hang on, did someone mention a party?

Hang on, did someone mention a party?

Friday 29th Jan.

In bed at 11.44 pm and lights out at 12.45 am. Sleep must have come reasonably soon since I remember just a short period of annoying, repetitive thoughts.                               The lark was up and bade me follow at 2.43 am even though I tried to make my way back to sleep instead. Sometimes the small gods are truculent beings because further sleep was not on the menu despite an hour after moving I was yawning my head off. At 4.0 am I took my antibiotic which meant I couldn’t have breakfast and take my other meds for an hour. In fact cross breakfast off the menu altogether (pun intended) as today is the day for doing my drug tray for the next week. That takes so long to do I can’t afford time to eat as well. I had my surgery appointment at 8.30 am again and I needed to clear as much work as possible before leaving. I decided to take my other meds at 4.00 am as well and go straight into doing the replacement tray.

When I returned at 4.40 am with my coffee I was amazed to find no more mail waiting for me. I was tempted to try for sleep but was afraid if it happened it might make me late for the surgery. Mike wouldn’t get up of his own accord even with an alarm to remind him.                                                                                                                                                            Instead I looked for and found a free crossword site and sat doing those until I saw any new messages enter the box. At 5.30 am I got dressed just to give my bum a break from the chair. I was wearing one of the jumpers Mike got me for my birthday. I think they call this a cowl neck.                                                                                                                          At 6.10 am the mail started coming through and unlike yesterday it came virtually all at once. Whoosh 80 short pause 94 then trickles. I had almost an hour so I started and just kept going. When 6.25 am arrived and I had to make a coffee to take through to Mike I was still on 73 outstanding. His alarm went off to coincide with the arrival of the coffee, I still announced it in stentorian voice of course. After the third ignored alarm I was going to go through but he stirred and went through to the lounge. I was down to 61 by then but I had to leave it to be sure we’d get out on time for the appointment. Thanks to him shaking a leg we did.

I’d only just confirmed I was there and sat down when S. called me. I didn’t check my watch. Really there were only a few questions to answer,How was the leg? How is the non-smoking going? Any change in mood noted? All my answers were positive, well I was positive they weren’t exactly lies anyway. She was pleased and happy to leave me on the drugs for another week, and I needn’t see her next week but the week after. (Now that’s a shame). I said goodbye and left. At the reception desk I noted I was leaving before I was even due in this week. I cancelled one appointment and made another. Then battling the strong winds I made my way slowly into town. I decided to call into the supermarket rather than freeze in the bus shelter so I picked up some strawberries for Mike’s supper. Later I didn’t have long to wait at the bus stop and was able to call into Pauline’s for my lottery tickets when I got off the bus.  Then I bought a bacon bap from the sandwich shop.                                                                                                                           I reached home and checked Joey was OK. Having half an hour to spare before Homes Under the Hammer I restarted work and ate my bacon bap as I did. That way I’d only be a little late with my antibiotic and I could take my time over my second meal of the day now breakfast was done. At 10.00 am the number was at 58 which accounted for more having come through and not that I’d only done 3 messages.

After HUtH I came back to work ready to concentrate only to be frustrated as they took so long to load and messages came up to say no internet connection. The little arrow at the top of the screen was going anticlockwise and refused to budge. Each one was excruciatingly slow but I persevered. Finally just before 1.00 pm I cleared the box. I went through to watch the news which included  tales of this latest bout of inherited weather sending atrocious winds to batter us. I was going to watch Father Brown bu found my eyelids were in the way. I was awake before the end and found I’d seen it before anyway so I watched the antiques show instead. I cam back to work from 3.45 pm to 4.30 pm just to  be sure  I’d cleared what I could then went to watch my Road Trip. No text from Mike so he was going to miss it. Perhaps he’ll stay out as Man. Utd. are on TV tonight and he’d have to watch it in his bedroom.

I was cross at 7.00 pm when I turned over for my Celebrity Road Trip only to find it wasn’t on.  It’s annoying when the TV companies make changes after they’ve given the programme details to magazines . We sit there like lemons waiting for something to come on. Mike sent a text about 7.15 am to say he was on his way. I was surprised as he’d miss the start of his game. I’d nodded off before he arrived back and only woke to see him leaving the room to go ant turn the TV on in his bedroom. I went to do him a coffee. There was a programme at 8.30 pm putting certain products to test which I watched then at 9.00 pm told Mike he could watch the main TV while I went for a shower.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Following the shower I came through to start work on the accumulated mail and the blog. Nice clean mail from me now. It’s currently 11.20 pm and I expect to be in bed no later than 11.45 pm.

Is this a raspberry on my head?

Is this a raspberry on my head?

Oh wait, I'm a fashion icon not a fruit bowl.

Oh wait, I’m a fashion icon not a fruit bowl.

Saturday 30th Jan.

I made it to bed by 11.45 pm and started to read. I was going to put the book down at 12.30 am but found I wasn’t tired. Moments later Mike came in to say he couldn’t get to sleep. He’d heard a short time ago his Dad was at the hospital again after another fall and he’s hurt his head this time. Mike’s sister has gone to the hospital and will be keeping him up to date.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I finally put my book down a few minutes after 1.00 am. Sleep didn’t come easily but come it did. I woke exactly at 3.30 am no question but it was time to get up. A quick visit to the Piddle Palace and I was ready to start work. First of all I checked Skype to see if there was a new message from MuJo. I haven’t seen them since before Christmas and their gifts are still here waiting for them. John has been quite poorly though it took him a long time to admit it.  Judging by the frequency and type of his recent replies he’s well on the road to recovery. There was a new response which said ‘See you soon’ which is great, maybe they can open these gifts before the next ones are due.

I went onto my gmail next and started work there. It only took until 5.10 am to finish that lot and it seemed a good time for a break so I wandered through to the kitchen and took my meds and had breakfast. At 5.30 am I returned with  coffee to see what else was in until it was time to start taking bins out and getting a coffee to Mike to kick off the process of him getting up. At .15 am the alarm went and I was running to get the kettle on. The coffee was delivered with the second alarm. Amazingly he got up with the third. More amazingly we were out of the house at 7.15 am playing dustbin men and dragging the bins t the end of the path. The winds were so bad this morning I’m not putting any recycling out, they can have it next week instead. Otherwise I could end up looking for the bags the next County over.                                                                                     We were almost pulling into the store car park when I remembered I was in a different coat and hadn’t transferred my Blue Badge disabled parking permit over.Still, at this time we weren’t exactly fighting for space. We ended up very close to where we normally are.                                                                                                                                                                 Going round the store was quite quick which I put down to my organised list but I was horrified to have spent £70.00 bar pennies and of course Mike was delighted. I did get the kiddies some clothes.

We had our usual drink before setting off again, this time in the direction of Flint. Mike detoured to ALDI so I could get the latest brochure. We parked outside Temptations as usual and headed for Homies to get a couple of things I needed. Instead of carrying on round the shops we decided to go for our drinks and see Ceri. Plus it was warmer in there than outside. After teasing her as much as possible we left in search of a bag Mike wanted to take to his sister in Canada when he goes in March. We could get everything except what he wanted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We upped sticks and headed off to the hospital in Holywell where a lovely nurse removed the dressing and said how well it was doing. We decided to leave it open to the air now. I’ll just have to keep my fingernails to myself.

We drove over to Kinmel Bay to get fish food for Mike ( for his fish really) as it’s the only place we know that stocks the brand he wants. Then as it was lunch time we headed back towards home and stopped for a meal at the Bells of St Mary’s. Not up to scratch today but worth the visit to see the new meals they’re doing now.                          At last we came home and after unpacking and putting away the shopping I was allowed to come to work. I started just before 2.00 pm and finished at 5.50 pm. It turns out that was handy as the Road Trip I was deprived of last night was on tonight. I managed to stay awake through that and turned over afterwards for a detective show. I seemed to sleep through most of that just waking once in a while to try and convince Mike I’d been following the plot all the way through. It didn’t work.                                       At 9.00 pm I came through to catch up but that didn’t take as long as expected for some reason so at 10.15 pm I was able to rejoin Mike for a while. Then I had no choice but to return to battle and do the blog.It’s been a good day.

Roobs celebrates his recovery at the beach.

Roobs celebrates his recovery at the beach.

My wunnerful niece Karen with Amelie.

My wunnerful niece Karen with Amelie.

I wish you all a wonderful new week full of dreams come true and with Hugs Galore.


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74 responses to “Competition for Breakfast & Pension Idiocy.

  1. David you gave us such a collection of pictures that I’m positively giddy!
    🙂 ❤ And the music — superb. Dock of the Bay is an all-time favorite. Superstition my favorite Stevie Wonder tune. Life in a Northern Town *almost* made me want to live in one. Best of all was your doctor's report — an extra week off, huh? Wonderful. Have a sublime Sunday my friend. Mega hugs!

    • I’m always happy to have hit the spot with the music Teagan especially if I hit favourites. Those three are definite favourites of mine too. I was pleased at he doctor’s report too,I like being free.
      You’ve already got my Sunday off to a great start so all I can do is hope that yours starts beautifully as well.
      I send you the Biggest most Magnificent Hugs full of Love and Joy I can find.xxxxxxxx

  2. Ooooh Awwww. What adorable pictures, especially with the bunny ears and the gigantic yawn 😀 Glad to hear your appointment went well and the healthy living efforts are continuing. I enjoyed the classic tunes. Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead. Massive hugs oxox

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and my efforts with the music.I was delighted my appointment ended so well too. Yes (sigh) the non-smoking attempt goes forward and I’ve now started my fourth week. This is when I’m supposed to make a date and stick to it.
      Thank you, I’m sure my day will be good. I hope yours is wonderful.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. Loved all the photo’s, the music and the news that your leg is looking good. Thats great news, you are doing it David, quitting smoking is huge and I am very proud of you. Amelie looks very much like Reuben to me, she is just so sweet and absolutely adorable, that little sheep or bunny outfit is just too cute. Hope you have a great week, take care, continue to do well and see you next week. A massive hug my friend.

    • I’m so very pleased you seem to have enjoyed the week with me Suzanne. There are times I agree Amelie looks like Reuben but times I just can’t see it. She is a little sweetie though, especially in that outfit.
      Thanks so much for joining me. I hope you have a fantastic week too.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs Dear One xxx

  4. The pension people don’t seem to get it… my Dad battles with them on a regular basis -truly battles, he was banned from their offices at one stage!- those funds are a right & a necessity- not a privilege. Your doctor is right to monitor the Champix, they didn’t agree with the G.O. or his sister at all. Love the pics, my new niece has the same cute hair scrunchie as the lovely Amelie 🙂

    • At least I finally got my letter of award from the pensions people. I find it really annoying that they can make the decision to pay 4 weeks in arrears instead of weekly as other benefits are paid. I think that’s going to affect me the most.I still need to live during those four weeks of no income. It’s providential I have a small private pension to help me.I hope your Dad has actually won his argument with them.
      I don’t think the Champix are disagreeing with me- over and above the fact of what they’re built to do- remove my last pleasure.
      I hope your new niece is thriving as is Amelie. Scrunchie sisters eh.
      xxx Massive Hugs Dale xxx

  5. How adorable is that furry jumpsuit. You’ve got competition in the napping stakes.

  6. Good to see Reuben is over the Chicken Pox and your leg is doing better – must be a touch of Spring in the air ……. I love the name ‘Amelie’ do you think she will get an affectionate diminutive like her big brother does? The headband is quite delicious – makes me want to make myself one 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks so much Pauline. I’m pleased the pox is finally going and he can get out and about again. Yes, maybe Spring is in the air.I wish it would hurry up then.
      I’m sure Amelie will end up being called Ami or something like it. Glad you like the headband, Good Luck if you try to make it.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Hey, if you’re up at 3:30 anyway, David, I wish you lived nearby and could take a turn with our puppy, Scout. That’s when she needs to go out, and then of course after she’s done her business she wants to chase and play. We could trade: you could enjoy chasing around with Scout, and I would happily cuddle sweet Amalie in her funny little costume. Now that’s a deal!
    Have a great week, dear David.

    • Yes, that’s no problem Marylin, except I’m not sure I could persuade Yvonne to part with Amelie, even at that time of the morning. Maybe I could trade you some of my emails instead?
      Have a wonderful week Marylin,
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  8. What a bummer – no Eurolottery yet 😦 ah well – Amelie and Reuben make up for it manifold over. As to 4-weekly pays there are countries in Europe who have that system and it sucks. Speaking of sucking – ciggies no longer a standout feature here – how’s it going with that, David? Hugs for the whole week and beyond 🙂

    • Two places, Ireland and Spain I think shared the £101m on Friday.They must have needed it more than me so good luck to them.
      It’s not so much the 4 weekly I mind, it’s changing from weekly to 4 weekly when they haven’t told me about it, so suddenly there’s no money in my bank when I expect it. If I didn’t check the bank I’d be in trouble. Anyway, if one Dept pays weekly, why can’t the other. They do for people who have it from the Post Office.
      Alas I’m still smoking but still a third of what I was smoking before. That’s some kind of progress.
      Hoping you have a fantastic week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Yes it took me about four years to keep reducing smokes and then last year on about 6-8 a day to finally choose the date for the last – it’s been almost 9 months 🙂 Have a fantastic week and fun with getting around 4-week budget 🙂

  9. Amelie’s fluffy suit is adorable! Love it 🙂

  10. What a little angel is your Amélie. A lot of character too, I wonder where she gets it from? 😉 A wonderful week to you! Bises xo

    • I’m sure she’s going to be a right character as she grows. Must get it from her stroppy Mother eh? Always arguing with me that girl.
      Have a fantastic week Mel,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  11. Great pics, great music, and great news that Reuben is officially a spot-free zone 🙂

    • Thanks so much Jane, I’m always pleased when the pictures are enjoyed and thrilled if the music goes down well. Yes, spotty Muldoon appears to be back to normal again.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  12. Lovely pics of Amelie – thank you! And thanks also for Life in a Northern Town. Another wonderful golden oldie I haven’t heard in years. Btw did you say free online crossword puzzles?

    • Glad you liked them Andrea and delighted you liked one of the songs. Yes, free online crosswords, there are loads of sites for them. You can do them online or print them off.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  13. Well, David, it looks like that pretty nurse at the surgery has you on the mend, your leg at least. Darling pictures of the children. The one of Amelie in the lamb snowsuit was darling. I sat here and laughed out loud. Too bad Mile’s having trouble again with his dad falling. That’s a real worry. I loved the music this week. Have a great week. Mega Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • It’s the pretty nurses at the hospital who’re dealing with the leg, the pretty nurse at the surgery deals with my chest and stopping smoking. I’m surrounded by them.
      Amelie does have some strange and serious expressions in her pictures but they are very sweet. Mike’s Dad is back from the hospital for the second time in two days.We should wrap him in cotton wool.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the music.
      Have a fantastic week,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. Great to see pics of Amelie. She’s looking beautiful. I hope the pension issue gets sorted (although yes, I know things rarely are smooth when it comes to them paying out rather than taking money). I’ve just heard (well just been listening) Terry Wogan has passed away. I will surely miss him.

    • Amelie is getting prettier each and every day. She’s gorgeous.
      The pension is sorted as far as they’re concerned and at least I now know what I’ll be getting.
      Sorry to hear about Terry Wogan. I hadn’t heard he was ill. There seems to have been a spate of celebs leaving us recently.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs Olga xxx

  15. Hi David!!! Loved the photos, but I am bummed about none of the music coming through. I am assuming where the little exclamation marks are is where the music should have been. So I just sang a little song to myself while reading your post – one of the Rolling Stones songs. Amelie seems to be changing daily and Reuben is as cute as ever!!!. Take care. Talk to you next weekend!!!!

    • Hi Susan, I’m so sorry, no-one else has mentioned the problem so I thought everyone could see it. Just so you know, the music this week was, Sad Cafe, Everyday Hurts.-Eruption, I can’t stand the rain.- Marvin Gate, Sexual Healing – Dream Academy, Life in a Northern Town – Stevie Wonder,Superstition – The Toys, A Lover’s Concerto and I bet you get stuck with Eruption running around your head now. If you’re a big Stones fan I’m happy to include some for you….or anyone else you like.
      Amelie is changing daily and Roobs is just a little rogue.
      Have a Great Week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  16. My mother in law is staying just now. We dont live near an ALDI but she swears by it so, on Tuesday (or was it Thursay?) I was charged with the task of fiding our nearst and taking her. She’d seen some boots she wanted. When we arived, brisk and early – horrors – no boots. Brandishing her brochure she demands to have an explanation. The poor member of staff hasnt a chance and is interrupted more than any politician by an oppoment. Finally it clicks; she’s a week early. Not to be outdone she blames the store for prodcuig the brochure ‘at a msleadign time’. They were infinitley polite with her. Is this your experience of ALDI – it was a great experince watching but no one batted an eyelid as th old girl set to. Thanks as usual for the insight into your week. You any idea what sleep you average in the fragmented parcels you achieve over the average day? You do well to reamin sane, my friend. Hugs and lots of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from Sarf London.

    • I think the brochures are often out on a Sunday with offers split between the next day-Monday and the Thursday.I was once guilty of arriving there at 8.00 am on the Monday and being disappointed not to find what I wanted out on the shelves.When I asked about it (possibly showing my unhappiness at coming out so early) I was shown the brochure with Thursday marked quite clearly on the page. I’m glad I’ve never had a brochure a week ahead of time like your M-i-L.
      Yes though, on the occasions I pop in there for stuff, I’ve always found the staff pretty good.It’s worth having a look online at the weekly specials.
      I think I generally get another 2 hours during the day in bits and bobs. If I miss it though, it doesn’t make me more tired at night for some reason. I think we take 8 hours sleep from habit more than need.
      Best wishes and Hugz from Norf Walez.

  17. Ali Isaac

    4 weeks old already? I can’t believe it! And what a proper little dolly she is. I love her in the pink fruit bowl hat lol! Have I missed something? Has Roobs been sick? He looks in fine fettle in that pic, although I have to say, it looked freezing and windswept down on the beach. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week this week. Hope you had a good day with the no smoking today. All the best to you, David. Xxx

    • Hello Dear Ali, time just seems to fly by. Yes, 4 weeks old already. Yes, Roobs has had a miserable fortnight with chicken pox. He’s been very unhappy until last Friday when he asked to go to the beach. His Mum and Dad knew he was over it then.
      Thank you, I’m still smoking, but much less than usual. Maybe today will be better.
      xxx Sending Love and Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  18. Love! Love! Love! the photos. (Good choices in music as always as well). Each week, I can’t get over how alert Amelie is for her tender age. I’m happy to hear Roobs is better and that Amelie didn’t get the chicken pox. Wishing you a wonderful week filled with Hugs. Laine 🙂

    • Thanks so much Laine.I’m always glad when someone enjoys some of the music.Yes, Amelie surprised me the way she held her own head erect but Roobs was like that too. He’s so much better now and it’s great to see him back to normal.
      Wishing you a fantastic week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  19. It might be even harder to keep your fingernails to yourself if you don’t have any cigarettes to keep your fingers occupied. It’s a great thing to give up, though. Some of my family have quit, and not only did they feel better, but they saved so much money. Incidentally, the costume with the little ears is classic. 🙂

    • That’s an excellent reason to carry on smoking, thanks. “It’s to keep my fingernails occupied Doc”.Giving up would be a way of saving a lot of money if I didn’t graze and then have to buy new clothes to cover the weight. I had to pass my costume on to Amelie because it didn’t fit me anymore.

  20. Some great music choices this week David, Marvin Gaye, Love in a Northern Town, Otis Reading, Superstition, brilliant.
    Glad your leg is better, and you seem to be doing really well, cutting down the fags too!
    Amelie is looking adorable in her little fluffy suit, and Reuben looks as cheeky as ever too!
    Hope you have a wonderful week. Huge hugs xxxxxx

    • Thanks so much Judy, I love it when people enjoy the music.
      The wound had healed beautifully but the cellulitis is still there, that takes forever to get rid of.
      Amelie does look sweet in her ‘Bunny Girl’ outfit and Roobs, well he never changes.
      Hoping it’s a fantastic week for you
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  21. Great photos, David, and wonderful music, too. I love “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.” It makes me think of summertime, and I love “Superstition,” too. I’m glad Reuben is feeling better. Good luck with your not smoking!
    Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

  22. Rueen and Amelie are both s delightful. Thanks for sharing their photos and thanks for sharing your week. Good work on the not smoking front. Keep it up. Hugs from our side of the world.

    • Thank you Judith for taking the time to share the week with me and for liking the pictures. I wish I could say the non smoking is doing better than it is but I seem to have hit a plateau at the moment.
      Hope you’re having a great week,
      xxx Ginormous Hugs from Cymru xxx

  23. David, my goodness, you know how to spread joy! I opened this and haven’t stopped smiling since. Sharing your week with us is delightful – those pictures with Amelie are just so lovely, especially as the big bad wolf, Roobs must be a proud older bro. 🙂
    Joey is keeping himself busy. 😉
    The Dream Academy Life in a Northern Town, I love that sound, so many memories. Thank you, I think I’d almost forgotten that song.
    Glad Roobs is feeling better and hope you are too. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your week and your joy. 🙂
    Massive joyful hugs xoxoxo

    • Oh Donna, spreading joy would be fantastic as would the ability to spread smiles at random. If the pictures and the music have managed it fir you I’m over the moon.
      Life in a Northern Town stays with you when you hear it and can bring back happy memories that you can hopefully relive.
      Roobs is so much better but the allergy to the cats has given him a nasty rash on his face and stomach.
      Thanks so much for sharing my week with me and for your kindness here.
      xxx Countless Hugs xxx

  24. Delighted you are doing so well with quitting the Evil Weed! Also–love the little lady in her bunny suit.

  25. David, what a delightful post! Glad for your medical report, and the tiny but steady progress with non-smoking. Photographs of Amelia are the cutest ever. Four weeks old! Imagine! 🙂 I love the pictures with you two bonding.

    Dream Academy brought back memories. How did we live without the Internet? My broadband has been slow lately, and it affected my life a lot. How is it that something I had no idea about for almost a half of my life can annoy me so much? 🙂

    Have a lovely week, many huge hugs!!! xx

    • Thanks so much Inese. Yes, I was delighted when my leg didn’t need dressing anymore. If I’m going to scratch from now on I’d better wear gloves.The pictures of Amelie are good but the reality hasn’t been bad as she still hasn’t cried with me (I think the B.O. knocks her out)..
      I love it when the music evokes memories ( if they’re nice ones only ). I bless the internet daily for letting me at them but you’re right, how can it annoy us so much when we’ve known it such a short time.

      Almost the weekend which I hope will be fantastic for you.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  26. So happy to hear you’re doing well. Hey, guess what? I used to live next door to Otis Redding’s aunt. Well, she said she was. “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” was one of my favorites by him. You look so contented holding your new granddaughter. Have a great weekend, David. Hugs.

    • I’d have been glued to the window in case he ever visited. That was my favourite record of his too.
      I was content with Amelie on my knee but you can bet that would have changed if she’d wanted feeding.
      Thank you Mary J. I hope you have a fantastic weekend too
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  27. I can’t stand the rain” is such a great track. First heard it in a version by Tina Turner but now prefer the earlier versions.
    I love the picture of you in the leather jacket with the little one. Beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

  28. I was going to write so much in response to this blog post. But after seeing your granddaughter’s yawn, I’m going to close my eyes and take a nap! XOHugsXO

  29. I’m sorry I got here late this week but I’m so glad I made it because this group of pictures is outstanding..:) Those two in the bunny suit are my favorites I think, though that meal you’re eyeing up has made me hungry. Also terrific and diverse group of songs. Haven’t heard Lovers Concerto in a while and it’s on my phone.
    Have a great week and be safe..:)

    • There’s no LATE George as you’re welcome anytime.Thanks for the kind comments on the pictures. I don’t mind your eyes on my food it’s the fingers I object to. Sorry it’s made you hungry.I have bacon in the fridge if you’re close by??
      So pleased you enjoyed the music. I always hope to revive nice memories.
      Have a fantastic week,

  30. So many wonderful photos! You must surely be one very proud Pop!
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  31. Lovely and adorable post. And even more adorable amelie 🙂

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