MuJo returns & Scratch the Verbal Abuse.

Sunday 31st Jan.
well I read until 1.00 am as usual buy as I turned my light out I found I wasn’t as tired as I thought I was. It took a while to get off to sleep. I woke at 3.30 am and was convinced I was fully awake. After visiting the loo I signed on and made a start on the mail. It must have been about 5.30 am I thought of going for my tabs but I suddenly found myself coming awake at the screen fifteen minutes after that. I was back at my desk for 6.00 am and started on a message. Suddenly the message wasn’t on my screen and it was now 6.15 am. And so it went on with me having little ‘blackouts’ at the keyboard. Sometimes the same message would be there to finish (yay) and sometimes it would be gone ( possible Oops). It went on like that until about 9.30 am. I really don’t know how I made any progress (  IF I actually made any progress) but after that I heard Mike try to Die by Coughing and get himself up. I went through to make a coffee.

I don’t think either of us was at our best and I’m sure we got by on part conversations and part telepathy ( spelled pathetically). We ascertained I wouldn’t mind a couple of extra birthday presents as I didn’t think my choices yesterday were very inspired. Struggling to stay awake we went off to get dressed. When he came out of his room later it smelled like a Burmese Bordello I wondered who he intended to meet today. About 11.00 am we went out and drove over to The Tweed Mill that I’ve mentioned before. It’s like an outlet village under one roof. I found a couple of things for Dil’s wife Lynn and put them behind the counter then we went in search of some lunch. We both settled on steak and mushroom pie with roast potatoes and veg. Mike had an egg custard pudding and I had a strawberry tart and cream. Afterwards we went outide and had a cigarette, the woman on the main tills must have thought I was running out on my purchases.

When we went back in I concentrated on something for Dil. It didn’t take too long to find, and Mike took it over to add to the other saves while we carried on looking in general. I had meant to get a ladies scarf but totally forgot so I may look on Tuesday. We looked upstairs at the leather jackets and outdoors stuff plus my favourite Brakeburn shoes but as Mike refused a coffee (gasp) we went back downstairs (via the lift) I paid for my goods and we left.                                                                                                    I knew things would be fairly bad when we got home but even so, I couldn’t just leave Mike in the lounge and disappear to work so I stayed with him and fell asleep instead. While I slept he did the flowers and was bringing them in when I woke. He sat down and fall asleep himself. I suppose I couldn’t complain. I turned the Simpson’s on instead to entertain me. When Mike woke we watched half a film before he decided about 4.00 pm it was time to go. Once I’d seen him off I was able to go to work.                                  The was Beowulf on at 7.00 pm so I intended working just until that time and then making myself some tea to have my second food tablets of the day. As it happened I was finished by 6.40 pm so I stuck TV on and went to the kitchen to do tea.

When I took my tea through there was a film on that had already started. It was called John Carter. I have seen it before but quite a while ago so I decided to stick with it instead of Beowulf. I can’t say how much I enjoyed it. I suppose it’s CGI but the aliens look thoroughly real and I love his interaction with them, Martians all. I was really entertained. I had another hour of TV until 9.00 pm then came through. I was working well on the mail when John got in touch via skype so I was with him and Muriel for ages seeing how they are. It was 11.30 pm before I was able to break away to do the blog. It will be late to bed but maybe I can have a lie in tomorrow.

Keeping watch

Keeping watch

Seeing the joke.

Seeing the joke.

Monday 1st Feb.

Well, it wasn’t too late to bed at 12.20 am. I still read to just 1.00 am though and then settled to sleep. It wasn’t too long in coming. Nor did it stay long as I woke first at 2.00 am and refused to budge. After getting back to sleep I was expecting ructions from the small gods and some spite by allowing my just half an hour. Instead I was in bed till 4.30 am. I didn’t mind moving too much then.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 After signing in I worked on my mail till 5.30 am then went to take my meds and grab some breakfast. Two rounds of toast slathered in butter was plenty. When I returned I couldn’t seem to make any headway and it took me a while to realise it was because every time I did one, more came in on the flood tide. I’d passed the 6.10 am marker. At 6.30 am I was so desperate for a cigarette I got dressed and went for a packet then came back and carried on.

At 9.00 am I went to the chemist to hand in my prescription request. I was lucky to keep my feet the wind was gusting so strongly. I was glad I had no further plans for going out. Once back I started again and by 9.55 am I was down to the last half dozen. They could wait as I packed up and went through to see Homes Under the Hammer. When I say see I use it figuratively since after the first 15 minutes I fell asleep until the last 5 minutes. When I woke I didn’t know where I was or even what day it was. I was sure someone was here with me and quickly picked up the things on the couch I’d dumped last night for wrapping. Realisation took a while this time, but at least the settee was tidier. I’d decided not to wrap today in case I managed to find a scarf tomorrow in Chester.  I returned to work.                                                                                                                      At 11.50 am I went back through to the kitchen to make some lunch. A cottage pie today which I ate with Bargain Hunt on the box.

When Bargain Hunt ended I returned to my room and any waiting work. I was chuffed to find it didn’t occupy me past 2.05 pm because I really felt like getting my head down. I retreated to my chair and did just that. It was 3.20 pm before I raised my head again. It was good to get it out of the way before my 4.30 pm Road Trip. I upset Joey by sweeping up around his cage, he plays the martyr by flying round the room as though he can’t land on his mirror yet I’ve passed closer without disturbing him. Anyway it’s his own fault for being a messy eater.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I did a little tidying and then went to make sure any incoming was cleared before my programme.  I was there ready for the start. The show was excellent  as was Pointless which followed. Unusually then I didn’t have my second quiz but turned over for ‘Missing’ followed by ‘Bones’ and then a programme about pyramid cities in the Mississippi Delta. Then I had to call a halt and return to work or it would be a late night.

I was left feeling very introspective after a friend Judith B of New Zealand posted on her blog about telling people you love them. She mentioned when her husband who she refers to as the Architect was in a hospice and she relied on hearing being the last of the senses to go. It brought back so much about Julia’s time there too where our family gathered to say goodbye.

Tonight I thought I’d offer something different in the way of music. The first is not one I can claim to remember from the 60’s and as it’s classical music may not be to everyone’s taste. For those who prefer something a little later I offer a second option which I think is from  70’s and may suit better. Oddly enough it tells the same story.

Tuesday 2nd Feb

I read till only 12.30 am and out went the light. Sleep wasn’t easy but it came. Some humorist thought getting me up again at 1.30 am would be very funny but other than a trip to the loo I resisted. After a cigarette while sitting on the edge of my bed, I climbed back in and settled. My next time up was 4.34 am. None too shabby really I suppose. At 5.30 am I went for breakfast and the morning meds and brought a coffee back. I got dressed so I wasn’t struggling for time after. By the time I’d finished the amount of mail I had left was being multiplied by the 6.10 am rush. I was able to plough into them until 7.15 am when I had to get my coat on and set off.                                       There was a bit of a mathematical problem this morning. As I walked up the hill at 2 mph I was met with a gift of wind from the US (Thanks America) at 70 mph. What time did I get home? And yes, the answer should be, before I left. It was a real struggle but I made it to the bus stop. I did wonder if the bus might make it or not since the firm that runs them uses cast offs from some African nation that haven’t been worked on for years.

The bus came and got me to Chester a little early so I had a cigarette before I found out Yvonne was late anyway. We had a bit of a session trying to text each other till she left me a voice mail. I was listening to it through one ear as she was shouting into the other one that she’d arrived. We picked up a couple of things for baby from the chemist and then went to our favourite Chester store for coffee and breakfast (whether you want it or not). I had Amelie on my lap as I drank my coffee and she was as good as gold- fast asleep. I bought the kids a few things there then a pair of jeans for myself before going down to get the scarves that were the whole point of going  to that particular shop.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We were on our second shop when Amelie showed signs of waking. There were a few subtle roars of hunger and a denunciation of her mother for not walking round with her boobs out and at the ready. We quickly hid our faces and scuttled out, well OK, I quickly hid my face and scuttled out. I suggested we go to a cafe over the road (appropriate yes) where they can settle down and where Yvonne and I can have a drink too. It’s very clever. They have like a rather large bib that drapes over Yvonne from the neck down and Amelie is hidden behind it. Yvonne just looks rather deformed and people do glance sideways at us when they hear her chest slurp and burp. The feed had just finished when I realised how close we were to bus time. We had a very quick walk down the sale rails and then straight out to my bus which was already at the stop.

I nodded off for some of the journey home but I was checking constantly that we weren’t pushed into any temporal time zones by the wind. I didn’t want to get back to a time before chips and curry sauce were invented. When I got off the bus I called into Pauline’s for some bread, cigs and my TV mag before hurrying to let an unhappy Joey out of his cage. Having had breakfast twice today I was in no rush to have lunch so I concentrated on work. It took me from 1.10 pm to 4.30 pm without a break to put most of the work away. I watched my usual Road Trip though didn’t hear most of it thanks to Joey complaining. I made myself some tea and took the appropriate tablets then settled to my quiz which I confess I fell asleep in. I woke up ten minutes into the news and Joey was still going ten to the dozen, he really doesn’t like his own company much. I found that Missing was on again as was Bones which until tonight I didn’t realise was a young Temperance Brennan who without looking is I think Kathy Reich’s heroine. I was a little surprised they played so much humour into it because I don’t remember the adult books that way.

Anyhoo, I turned the TV off at 8.30 am and locked Joey up again. I came through to start work. There was a lot of mail and the blog needed to be done too but I think it’s going to be an 11.00 pm night tonight. Aw heck, if only there was a woman here to occupy all this free time.

In repose.

In repose.

I maybe asleep Pops but you're going nowhere.

I may be asleep Pops but you’re going nowhere.

Wednesday 3rd Feb.

I actually made the 11.00 pm deadline last night and was in bed as it came round. I opened my book to read and carried on until 12.02 am when the light went out. My gyrating mechanism must have been fixed as it worked very well in trying to settle until I must have been exhausted enough to sleep. 1.24 am was the first time I rose. A ciggie on the side of my bed seemed to settle me enough to try again.The next time and my up time was a fun 3.33 am.                                                                                                             A visit to the loo was in order before I came back and signed into my gmail account. Oddly enough I had 33 messages at that time. They were done and dusted at 4.56 am at which time my eyes started leaking copious amounts of water as I yawned, and boy did I yawn. If it was an Olympic sport I’d be winning for Wales.  There was a temptation to lie on the bed and sleep again but I decided to have breakfast and take my meds so I’d be awake for the daily deluge. Rice Krispies did the job of filling me today before I brought  coffee back to my room.

I finished the few messages that had come through since before breakfast and then signed into Facebook for the things apparently waiting for me which were said to include two messages. I dealt with everything that was there but could not find the messages which I’m quite sure I must have done before. I couldn’t put off the inevitable any more and went back to the deluge. Ouch, it hurt. If you think Joey was mad yesterday you should have seen him at lunchtime because thanks to you lot it was 11.35 am before I left my room this morning  and got to say good morning to him. OK, I’ll admit that maybe once or twice I might have nodded off over my keyboard but mainly it’s down to you. The post is usually only this bad after I post the blog.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I sat in the lounge for 15 minutes telling Joey you’re not all that bad and you didn’t mean to deprive him. After that I had to give some thought to lunch and went to take my pre-foodies. I ate while watching Bargain Hunt which even Joey admits I’d be better at than some of the numpties they have buying things. Mind you, to be fair the premise of the show which is buying antiques at either antique fairs or antique shops to sell at auction is a little spurious considering that’s almost buying high and selling low as is so often proved.

At 1.00 pm I returned to clear up any outstanding ,ail and then at 1.35 pm allowed myself a sleep in my chair. I came to at 2.05 pm but stayed for Father Brown. I came back to work again at 3.00 pm until 4.20 when I wanted to be ready for Dil’s arrival. I put stuff in his mug ready and then watched the start of the Road Trip. Dil turned up 5 minutes later and I almost had his drink ready for him. After Road Trip we watched our usual quiz but I nodded off part way through and only came to at the end for the final. I felt awful about it. Dil was understanding though.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            As the TV went off out came the table and the first box, the Yahtzee. I had to dash off to quickly run some more score sheets off. First sheet of six was 3 games all but as usual we carried on for another sheet which I won 4-2 despite some people having more jam than Hartley’s where Yahtzees are concerned. We turned to Trivia. Though I was answering questions it just wan’t when I was on the square that gave me a piece of pizza. Dil on the other hand answered everywhere he landed. We both had all six slices but he got to the centre first and answered the question I asked with ease. Rats!! There was time for cribbage and though I made him suffer by beating him by a big margin in the first game he came back in the second game with a 20 score and two 16”s as well as a 12. He sailed round the board and was safely at home a full street ahead of me. The evening was a draw though I felt trounced.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dil left and I set to tidying up and washing pots. I locked Joey in, took my meds and went through to my room where I’ve been catching up ever since. It will be midnight tonight. Tomorrow I think it’s MuJo at last. He seems better.

Yay, the winner !

Yay, the winner !

It was this big, honest.

It was this big, honest.

Thursday 4th Feb

I didn’t read for long last night and the light went out at about 12.30 am. Someone tried teasing me with a 2.28 am get up but I was in refuse mode today so I just visited the loo then climbed back into bed and turned over. Next thing I know it’s 5.03 am. That’s anything up to four and a half hours, wonderful. I went straight to the kitchen,had breakfast and took my meds. Coming back here I ploughed into the remnants of last night’s mail and everything till the time I got up. I was trying to have nil in my box before the flood started. I almost made it. But, when the flood came it could be handled. I had the time and the determination today.                                                                 Because I needed to visit Pauline’s before MuJo arrive, I worked on finishing before then. I managed it for 9.02 am, got dressed and went out. I hurried back as a priority was cleaning Joey’s cage out today. That involved new sandpaper at the bottom, new millet, seed and water  and I needed him out of the cage for some of that.

I was nipping between my bedroom office and the lounge, doing a message then trying to coax him out of the cage. He showed absolutely no signs of moving. At 10.00 am though when the mail was up to date I turned the TV on for Homes Under the Hammer and the little rogue came out. I was able to get everything done I wanted to even at the expense of missing my programme while he watched it. I’m sure he’s checking out auction prices before he moves. I only just finished doing everything before MuJo arrived at about 10.40 am. They came bearing gifts for my birthday and I had great pleasure in bringing all their Christmas gifts out for them. They wouldn’t open any though.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We caught up on how everyone was, in particular John who has been ill since before Christmas hence the reason for no visits. I plied them with drinks and at 11.10 am Muriel asked if we minded going early as she needed the Post Office in town . That meant John and I would visit the first two of his charity shops before we met up and went to lunch. It was the chippy naturally. I had mince and mushrooms with chips and peas but couldn’t finish it all. (I left a chip). John had fish and chips and Mu had a piece of chicken (the breast) and peas. We all had mugs of tea. It was a nice meal right up until the delivery of the bill. I didn’t see it coming and Mu all but snatched the poor girls arm off to get it. As we left the place she was still cowering in a corner saying “Do you want gravy with that madam?”

We made our way back to the car. Next stop Flint. We called at ALDI first so Mu could pick up some shopping and I picked up chocolates for Temptations. That was our next stop and we even had another battle at the counter when Muriel got her money over the counter first in contravention to the rools, he who pays for lunch, t’other pays for coffee and cake. I should have bought stake for her black eye, and don’t bother telling me I’ve mis-spelt that, I know what I mean.                                                                              We had a short wander afterwards as John still can’t do distances but eventually he and I went to sit in the car while Mu went to get some clothes for Amelie. We drove home again and took our shopping in. Muriel brought the bag in with Amelie’s clothes and there as also a black fleece of MYOB size which wouldn’t fit her till she’s 80. Another birthday gift for me or some terrible idea of how a baby dresses these days. They left at 4.00 pm while Muriel still had sight in one eye.

I had half an hour to get as much work done as possible before my Road Trip started and I hadn’t even packed a case yet. I made a start and promised myself I’d give up the quiz and do some more. At 5.15 pm I duly reappeared and did some more till 6.00 pm then disappeared till 8.00 pm. ‘Missing’ and ‘Bones’ were calling out to me. I enjoyed both shows and then to keep my word I turned the TV off and came through. I left the light on for Joey as Mike would be along later and would drink his coffee in there. It was 9.58 pm when Mike arrived so I went to the kitchen and made his drink. I sat with him till 11.00 pm to learn about his week and he mine ( It’s been fine is what he learned from me). At that time though I needed to come and finish what I’d started and get the blog done. Midnight bed probably but no surgery in the morning.

I'm keeping an eye on you.

I’m keeping an eye on you.

First trip to the dentist. Where's the FEAR?

First trip to the dentist. Where’s the FEAR?

Friday 5th Feb.

I read until 1.00 am though Mike maintains I only look at the pictures and risk going blind. I took a chance on one eye. I’m not sure how long exactly it took to go to sleep but I was still awake at half past. As I was trying to sleep on my stomach around then it was difficult to look at the clock. I contemplated getting up gain and having a cigarette but it was too much effort. When I woke up I was on my back again and it was 4.57 am.                                                                                                                                                           It was loo time then signing onto the computer and getting gmail up.I decided to work until 5.30 am and then go and take my drugs followed by preparing my drugs for the next week. My first management decision of the day was not to have breakfast as I’d either have to time the taking of my pre-foodies for sometime during the tablet sorting or after that which meant I’d be in the kitchen at least a further half  hour. I did what I had to do and made myself a coffee to bring back.

I checked my mail again and I just had a few to finish from earlier. Part way through them the deluge started. I was still sitting there at 9.50 am when Mike’s phone went off. I headed for the kitchen to put the kettle on and I opened Joey’s cage at the same time. He just sat and sulked. I took Mike  coffee through to the lounge as I heard him up and about, then turned the TV on to Homes Under the Hammer. When that was over I returned to work and Mike prepared to go off to see his father. He said goodbye about 11.15 am.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                It was about 11.40 am when I finally managed to get up to date after which I had to go straight to the kitchen to start peeling sweet potatoes. I had my bangers and mash day today and made myself onion gravy to go with it, and it was definitely more onion than gravy. I ate while watching Bargain Hunt with it’s third or fourth different presenter this week. Reluctantly at 1.00 pm I went back t check on work. A miracle occurred as there wasn’t too much so at 1.50 pm I decided I needed to nod off. I took to my chair. It was a success, I nodded until nearly 3.00 pm. I watched the last  one of What’s it Worth then checked my mail again. This time it caught me unprepared but I would only work till 4.30 pm anyway. Mike had said he was calling in on friends in Manchester and didn’t know when he’d be back so I knew he wouldn’t join me for Road Trip. I started watching it and hoping Charlie was going to catch up and win but I didn’t fancy his chances.                                                                                                                                       Ach, I’m a disgrace, I never saw the end of it. I fell asleep again. The next thing I know is I’m waking up and Pointless is on then a voice from beside me said “Oh hello”. He’d forgotten his friends are abroad this week and had come home early. Damn, caught out! I can’t say how hard I’ve been working all day now.

At 6.30 pm I went for my shower and a verbal abuse session from Mike while he washed my hair about scratching. Once I’d recovered from the hurtful shock, I made myself something to eat for my second set of tablets then watched an episode of MASH with Mike before Question of Sport then Mastermind. The next programme was a comparison between three differently priced items like food processors to see which gave best value for money. Finally we got to the latest serial to grip us which is Shetland. It’s really good though sometimes we need a translation from the Scottish accents to the English. They might as well be speaking Gaelic.                                                   Finally at 10.00 pm, to my great delight -of course- I was able to return to my much missed post and blog. Hmmm, do I detect a faint whiff of sarcasm round here?

I like the joke.......

I like the joke…….

....but I love the punchline!

….but I love the punchline!

Saturday 6th Feb.

1.00 pm book down, lights out, wriggle and wriggle and wriggle. Sleep overcame me at some point. Have you ever had a night where you just can’t get comfy in bed? It’s a pain. I woke at 2.10 am and was tempted to stay up rather than go through the wriggling again but after a cigarette sitting on the edge of the bed I thought I’d be OK. I was. Next time I woke was 4.50 am and this time I didn’t mind staying up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                After a visit to the loo I signed into the computer and headed for my gmail. First I encountered a message to say I won’t be receiving updates any more as my version of Windows won’t be supported. In gmail I was pleasantly surprised by how few emails had built up while  was asleep….or at least away from the computer. I was clear by 6.00 am which gave me chance to get my meds, have breakfast and make a coffee all before Mike’s alarm goes off.

I was just leaving the kitchen with my coffee when I heard his alarm. I made a drink  and took it through getting the usual grunt when I told him it was there. After that I was safe to take my drink back to my room and start work. There would be at least 4 repetitions of the alarm before he moved. It was 4, and I’d finished my drink and washed my cup out by then. And yet he can move like a well oiled machine when he wants, well perhaps more half cut than well oiled. His coffee finished, dressed and ready to go by 7.15 am despite having only got up at 6.50 am. We were at the supermarket for 7.40 am.                                                                                                                                          Unfortunately there was a sale on children’s clothes again which delayed me a while but at least it kept me from some other shelves and away from the gent’s department too ha ha, of course it didn’t but there was nothing to interest either of us. By the time we actually hit the food part of the store I could literally sail round. We know those aisles like the back of our hands. Soon we were through the checkout and into the cafe. While Mike got the drinks I bought some cigarettes. He didn’t enjoy the first couple of sips of his drink and said he was leaving the rest so naturally I carried on with mine and enjoyed every mouthful.

Leaving there we went to another store where Mike was still looking for a specific shopping bag for his sister, he found it in this one and we were able to continue our journey to Flint. Because of the disaster with his last coffee he wanted to go to Temptations first. I agreed just to get him to stop crying. Kyle was in the process of making the drinks before we reached the counter and Ceri had put a teasted toecake in for  him. We sat and enjoyed the drink then took a walk round the shops including Argos for a change where I picked up something I think Roobs will like given his fascination with penguins currently. Mike specifically wanted some innersoles in leather and we were able to get those.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Eventually time started running away from us and we decided we had to go for lunch. It took another twenty minutes to decide where and given that we selected The Dragon’s Rest again which still may not be open, we had to have a list of contingencies. It was open. I rejoiced in the fact no more discussion was needed. We both had a roast lamb dinner though I was very indecisive at first as bacon was on the menu. Still, we got a cloth and wiped it. The meal was nice and after it settled a bit we decided to have pudding. I selected rhubarb crumble and custard and Mike said treacle sponge and custard. Ten seconds later they came out to say they had no rhubarb crumble  but they had rhubarb and apple. I had treacle sponge and custard.

Eventually we were able to leave our seats and stagger to the car. We were home in 20 minutes. The car was unpacked and the shopping put away. I took my courage in both hands and let Joey loose. He was very subdued for a change. At 2.00 pm I started work leaving Mike in the lounge with the TV and the bird. About 3.00 pm he came and said he wasn’t feeling well and was going back to bed to lie down. He was asleep in no time at all. I worked till just before 6.00 pm when I finally got up to date. I joined Joey in the lounge and put the light on so he could fly about again. I was watching a quiz when Mike came back through. He thinks he should see a doctor next week which I’ve said he should do this last two weekends. Finally he’s put batteries in his hearing aids.                                                                                                                                                                        I stayed there until 10.10 pm before taking my meds and coming through to attack the mail again and the blog.





Wishing you all a fantastic new week full of dreams come true and Hugs Galore.



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62 responses to “MuJo returns & Scratch the Verbal Abuse.

  1. Hey David – sorry about the wind. We will be sending some really nice weather over to you in the next week or so. It has been 70 and sunny today. Beautiful.
    Think how much more time we would have to do other things if we didn’t have to eat or go to the toilet. That’s been on my mind lately. I don’t know why.
    I hope you have a wonderful week!!!!

    • Some nice weather will be a welcome distraction, but 70 ? We don’t even get that in Summer.
      Yes, food and the clearance of it do waste some time. Are you about to create a way round this? Mankind will thank you.The waste industry won’t.
      Have a fantastic week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  2. David, you can have our wind whenever you feel up for ice and 14″ of snow. 😉 You need someone to watch over you. Oh, wait, you have Reuben, and he’s quite the big brother watching over his little sister. I’m sure he can take on a grandpa! Many hugs for a happy week ahead! ❤

    • Curb your generosity Marylin, you’ve been generous enough with the weather as it is. 14″ of snow would just spoil us.
      I’m not sure Pops can afford the bruising of Reuben’s care, I think I’d better manage a while longer with his Mum who is my angel.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. I’m constantly amazed at how much you write for these posts, David. Good effort. And thanks for Joe Jackson, who happens to be playing on my stereo – he’s one of my all-time faves!

    • The writing is spread over the week Yvette so it never seems much on a daily basis. Wow, I don’t think one of my music choices has ever been online and on someones stereo at the same time.. I’m glad to have found something you like though.
      Have a Great Week,
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Sorry about the wind. I hope we’ll be sending you some delightful weather soon–after we have it here first, of course! 🙂
    Those baby smiles are magical!
    Have a wonderful week! Big hugs!

  5. David I think you are completely smitten with little Ameilie, she is a beauty and the photo’s of her smiling are just precious. Enjoyed everything as I always do, stay warm, get some sleep and see you again next week. A really HUGE hug xoxo

    • I think you’re right. Smitten is what I am. I can’t wait for her to grow up and be my ‘bestie’.
      Thanks so much for coming Suzanne, t’s a delight for me. I hope we both enjoy some warmth and sleep before we meet again next week.
      xxx Masses of Hugs xxx

  6. So happy to spend the week with you and yours, David. The photos are a delight. You impressed me with a truly diverse music collection… and then surprised me by ending with a favorite — Big Yellow Taxi. 😀
    Have a beautiful new week. Mega hugs!

    • I love having you along Teagan and I’m always grateful you find the time to enjoy the pics and the music. As always I’m delighted when I find a real favourite for someone so Big Yellow Taxi has pleased me no end. I love Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins.
      May this be a Mega week for you,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx.

  7. Teagan is right – the photos are a delight.
    A fine sharing, David

    Thank You

    Best always


  8. Ah, wind comes and goes but Amelie grows and grows – such a delight to see her in “proper” clothes, out of cot and among you and us through photos. Have a grand week, David. Lots of hugs

    • Amelie is growing apace Ina in lots of ways the character is emerging.I’m always glad to share that.
      Thank you. I wish you a fantastic week too.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

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  10. OH Sqweeeeeeeeee! Your grand-daughter is SO adorable. THAT SMILE! She’s so like Reuben, same deliciousness.
    Have a great week, dear David and massive hugs from your Iberian correspondent xxxxxxxx

  11. Lovely post as always. Special thanks for Madame Butterfly – the non-Maclaren version 😛

  12. Wow, David, Amelie is looking prettier every day, and what a smile! You’re doomed! You’ll never be able to say no to her! We’ve also had a very windy week and I’ve been feeling really tired. It must be catchy…Do take lots of care.

    • You’re right Olga, she is looking prettier every day.I can’t say no to her now and she can’t even speak.The wind has been terrible but I’m giving up beans.
      I hope you’ve managed to rest over the weekend and feel less tired.You do too much.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  13. OHHHH…sooooo sweet! What a lovely little lady. I so much enjoyed the photos, David. Especially the one with you in the bunny suit. Reuben and Amelie are just too adorable. 🙂 Hope you are well and having a fabulous day. ((HUGS)) ❤

    • If you’d seen me in the bunny suit I’d be having to send an ambulance round to make sure you’re OK. Not everyone has fully recovered from me in my Welsh outfit yet and that was months ago. The children are adorable. want to buy them??
      I’m well and having a fabulous day thanks. I just hope it’s been a brilliant weekend for you.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. I also enjoyed the unusual rendition of Madame Butterfly and of course Joni always brings back fond memories for this Canadian. May you have a healthy and less windy week – and do see that Mike gets himself to the doctor! xo

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Malcolm McLaren, it brought back good memories for me, Of course Joni would, flying the flag for you. She’s special.
      Mike’s gone home with a flea in his ear about seeing the doctor on Tuesday or else.
      Have a Fantastic week,
      xxx Sending Gazillions of Hugs xxx

  15. Some great music again David. I loved that Malcolm McLaren one, and Joe Jackson too!
    Amelie is so utterly gorgeous. I love her smile too, she and Reuben are going to break some hearts!
    Hope you have a great week. All the best to Mike too, hope he finds time to see the doctor this week.
    Huge hugs xxxxxx

    • Thanks so much Judy, I’m glad you enjoyed some of the music. I agree about Amelie, she is gorgeous.
      I’ll have a good week and I know Mike will too provided he goes to the doctor- he’s on a warning.
      I hope your week is going to be brilliant.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  16. David, hope this finds you well (or as I say, well all things considered.. 🙂
    Gorgeous pictures, as always, wow, lots of smiles!!! 🙂
    Yes, we’ve been having a lot of wind too, can’t say as I like it.
    Sounds like you had a busy, but fun week, can’t wait to hear about the next one. 🙂
    Shared this several times, because others deserve the joy of reading this too. 🙂
    Massive smiley hugs xoxox

    • All things considered it finds me well Sweetie.Yes, there were smiles and laughs galore from Amelie this week.
      You’ll have to do as I did and give up beans.
      I never think of my weeks as being busy as they only tend to come alive on a Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon, mind you I have to fill 7 days into that time.
      Can’t wait for the next one and shared as well? Not just a sucker for punishment but like to spread the misery too.Trying to get rid of followers are you?
      Thank you for the smiley Hugs, I enjoyed them.
      I want you to have the most wonderful week and enjoy Unlimited Hugs from me.xxxxxxxx

  17. Precious, precious photos! I love the first smile sequence the best! I also had a good snicker at your awkward but fatherly response to the event of breastfeeding. I’m still laughing imagining your scurry out of the room. You sound a wonderful grandparent. Your grandchildren’s expressions say it all 🙂 🙂 Hugs to all, Laine

    • It was a good sequence Laine. To be totally hones, breastfeeding doesn’t bother me (unless someone wants me to do it) as it’s all under cover these days. I can carry on a perfectly normal conversation provided I can wear a bag on my head.
      I’m not a great grandparent as I only see them once a week for a few hours but I try my best during that time. If the grandchildren give me love it’s because I’m very lucky.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  18. Thank you for another week, David, and for sharing the gift of your marvellous imagination. Gold medal for Wales! Ah, yes, and Gareth Bale will be playing for Real Madrid next! Curious piece, that Malcolm McClaren track. I can’t remember ever hearing it before. Anyway, it tweaked my Puccini nerve again.

    • Thank you for sharing with me Frederick, always nice to have you.Wonder if I can find out when Gareth Bale is playing for Real Madrid and book a seat? You’re right that it’s an unusual piece, especially from Malcolm McLaren but if it get’s youngsters in the least interested in opera and classical music then that’s great.
      I hope the tweaked nerve wasn’t too painful.Those Puccini ones can be bad.

  19. Oh, I love the smiles on little Amelie. I can tell by the pictures, you’re smitten. Nice to see one of Reuben too. Hope the weather improves for you soon. Spring is on the way 🙂

    • The smiles and laughs are wonderful Diana. I’m sure the weather will improve soon, some days hold the promise of a Spring to come. Just a change from the constant rain would be nice.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  20. Love the photos of your little grand-daughter smiling for the first time!
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  21. 😊 great update! And what a cutie of a baby!💕

  22. Ali Isaac

    First thing that struck me this week David, was what a gorgeous baby! She is such a pretty newborn! And it’s nice to see pics of Roobs too. I had my son at the dentist this week too, no fillings thank goodness. The next thing that struck me was that I thought you were giving up smoking. .. what has happened? Have I missed something? I’m glad Mujo are back to normal, but I hope Mike is ok. Give him my best wishes, and take care of yourself. Huge Hugs to you! 😊

    • Thanks so much was nice to have pictures of both of them again.Roobs had no fillings either. Just his first ever check up.
      Giving up smoking is a slow process ( for me) I’m down to a third of what I was on but I’ve had to come off the tablets today due to negative reactions. I’ll have to try cutting down further with will power now. Ha, did I say that out loud? Mike is still not right but didn’t keep his promise to go to the doctor this week. I’m a good boy cos I did. I’ve a good mind to deprive him of one of his women.
      Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        Ah poor Mike! Men are notoriously bad at going to the doctor. I’m glad you’re still making progress with cutting down your smoking. You can do it! 😊 Have a great weekend yourself!

  23. Great pictures of the children. Amelie looks so good-natured with all that smiling and laughing. I love to see a happy baby. It’s good you’re getting more sleep. It’s good news to hear your brother-in-law is feeling better but I’m so sorry Mike is still not feeling well. He just has to go to the doctor. Your leg seems better as you didn’t say much about it. Good music this week. Take care and Mega Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Amelie does seem pretty happy except when she wants feeding then you don’t want to keep her waiting.
      Mike will perk up once the awkward beggar has some antibiotics.
      Oddly enough both legs are playing up badly today. I just had to scratch and in the middle of town he’s hitting me with a bag to make me stop.
      Glad you enjoyed the music. I hope this week’s is as successful.
      Hope you’re having a nice weekend.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  24. You’ve got one of the best, humorous and flowing ways of writing David ~ and such beautiful photos (incredible beautiful baby to make everything all right). Wishing you a great year ahead and that Mike begins feeling better. Take care ~

    • Thanks so much for all the compliments and the good wishes.Doorways and I are going to struggle for a while. Mike is on the mend though that could change at any time depending on how closed his mouth is.

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