Does Anyone Ever Listen? & Bacon is Best.

Sunday 7th Feb.

Quite a bitty night followed my lights out at 1.00 am. But at least when I got up at 4.14 am I was able to smile. I got out of bed wearing my slippers which I hadn’t worn when I went to bed. I listened to Mike coughing a lot too, I dare say he wouldn’t have had a lot of sleep either. I paid my visit to the loo and came back to log onto the computer. I like to open Skype too but it refuses to open and keeps telling me to check the internet- which is fine.                                                                                                                      On gmail I was horrified by the amount of mail and did my best to get going but I had to think of everything twice to be sure I had it fixed in my head. Like a OCD, I think there may have been a little residual tiredness there. I worked away until 6.00 am then went to take my meds and get a reviving coffee. When I came back the next batch had downloaded and I was way up high again.  I really wasn’t in the mood for it this morning. But, remembering how much might be there later, I carried on. By 9.00 am I was making headway and by 9.40 am I was up to date. I almost scorched the carpet leaving the room so fast.

I let Joey out and sat talking to him with my eyes closed, relaxing in the chair. Damn, it didn’t work. I put the TV on instead, there were two DIY SOS Big Builds on which meant I got interested and couldn’t go to sleep then either. The first one came to an end at 10.00 am and left me with a lump in my throat. At least Joey wouldn’t poke fun. The next one started and I really got involved in the family story, a youngster born with spina bifida whose brain had been largely destroyed by a cyst. Then you see this bright little smiley boy who tries to talk ( he’s only 18 months) and obviously understand much of what’s said, it was amazing. Then, despite being paralysed from the chest down was trying to pull himself along the floor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mike got out of bed half way through and sat down to watch it with me. Questions, questions but he soon shut up when he saw the youngster. When it was over I removed the fly from my eye(s) then passed Mike a tissue. We were talking about his night when the next programme started and it was Move to the Country (or something) and a couple with a budget of £1.2m , our collective jaws dropped. , even Joey’s.

At 11.30 am I had to (reluctantly) drag myself away and get dressed. That forced Mike into action too so he headed for his room. By midday we were both ready to go out. As usual we didn’t know where but it turned out that the car knew where to take us anyway……Prestatyn. In the CookHouse we were seated in a different place as our usual seats were occupied by fans of the rugby, and Wales were playing Ireland this afternoon.Look away now if you don’t want the results a week late…….it was a draw. We had a nice lunch and a wander round a couple of shops, Mike got himself a couple of tops for his holiday and I bought a couple as a gift. We came home.                                              Mike went into the kitchen to do Ju’s flowers for me and I came through to work. It was 3.00 pm. Next thing it’s 4.00 pm and Mike is about to go. I waved him off and returned to work. It took until 5.50 pm to get back up to date then I could go through and have something to eat and watch some TV with Joey. I watched till 8.00 pm, came through and cleared the decks again so I could stay with Joey till later so at 8.40 pm I was back with him till 10.00 pm. At that time it was definitely “Nite nite Joey, see you in the morning.” and I came back to deal with both mail and blog. Given time I was going to see if I could solve the Skype problem as well. I think I’ll have the time, just not sure about the patience.

Are you serious?

Are you serious……………………………………?

.....Oh good, you're not.

…………………………………………Oh good, you’re not.

And for all the World’s grandchildren

Monday 8th Feb.

It was the Worst of times. It was the best of times. (Apologies to Charles Dickens).The worst of times was settling for sleep at 1.15 am and being brought back to the surface at 2.05 am.The best of times was sitting having a cigarette and clearing my mind (THAT didn’t take long believe me, I have a head start) before finishing the cigarette and just lying on my back and hoping for the best. Since there seemed to be no lunatic women around at that time, I settled for what I could get, a bit more sleep. I woke again at 5.34 am.  I headed for the kitchen with my usual detour on the way. Once I’d had the morning meds I was able to take a coffee back to my room and make a start.

First job I tried to load Skype again but it wasn’t having any. Then my system wouldn’t move and ctrl/alt/del had no effect. I had to wait for the ‘System not responding’ to clear which took ages. I gave up on Skype and went straight to mail. By now it was almost 6.30 am so the new day’s mail had started joining last nights remnants. It took until 9.28 am to clear. I went through and opened Joey’s cage, washed my mug then came back and got dressed. Better to present myself as human (approximately) when Bev gets here, if she’s coming today. I went back to the lounge to watch Homes Under the Hammer with Joey.                                                                                                                               I worked again at the end of HUtH and since Bev didn’t call I assumed she must be off this week. About 11.50 am I made myself some lunch and stuck an episode of Murder She Wrote on to give me company while I ate. It was just typical that I got down to about a quarter of my steak in ale with mash when I saw Bev approach. I almost threw my tray into the kitchen and dashed to open the door.

She stayed a good 20 minutes chatting and we had a laugh about music from the 60’s which came about because I’m wearing one of the shirts Yvonne got me for my birthday. The only thing missing is my bellbottoms and I’m not missing those much since I like the slim or skinny leg jeans now. Don’t tell any teenagers I’m wearing them though or they’ll never wear them again. I remember a pair of flared trousers I used to have 60’s/70’s that were tight down to the knee and then just flared out from there. I loved those trousers which I think came from C & A. They got harder and harder to replace once styles changed, the manufacturers never seem to think of the generation who wore them still wanting them. It’s all about the next style down the line. While I’m ranting about style too, why is it women have so many more styles and colours to choose from? It doesn’t just affect me during the normal year but at sale time too as there’s hardly anything for men. In the 18th C men were the peacocks, why not now? Since my daughter and wife used to pinch my shirts it seems we can all wear and share a lot. No skirts with my knees but load my shirts with colour.

Bev left and I attempted to finish my now cold lunch. I washed the pots and went back to work. It was pointless going back to Murder She Wrote as I’d missed so much. Anyway, I noticed Twiggy was the subject of a Who Do You Think You Are at 2.00 pm so I’d come back and watch that instead. I finished in time to go back and enjoyed seeing Twiggy trace her maternal ancestry with one or two surprises. I also saw Escape to the Country before making myself go on a catch up session. I was surprised I’d stayed awake throughout. It was a close call this time in catching up with mail and watching my Road Trip and typically I enjoyed the start very much but I never reached the auction before falling asleep. I slept through the quiz ‘Pointless’ too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Somehow I managed to wake in time for 6.00 pm and instead of having the second quiz Eggheads I watched Missing followed by Bones. Then the TV went off and I had a period of just trying to persuade Joey to say Best Boy. I was flogging a dead horse and I don’t see things changing now. He seems to be in a pattern that suits him. I wished him a good night, turned the lights out and went to my room. I worked till 9.30 pm then broke off to take my meds and just be sure I have everything I need for tomorrow in my coat. Judging by today’s weather I’m going to need it. That done I returned to work and just kept going until I was clear and able to do the blog.

The Happy Flower

The Happy Flower

The Mudlark

The Mudlark

Tuesday 9th Feb

I was in bed by 11.45 pm last night. As usual I had a read and turned the light out at about 12.45 am. It took a while to get comfy as whichever way I lie, I manage to push the fat to the highest point and it’s all bone at the point that touches the mattress. I can feel every spring. Anyway I must have managed it as I was woken up by a loud sound. It took me a while to realise it was my phone telling me I had a text. It was 1.12 am. I smiled and answered then settled back down. Ten minutes later as I’m nodding, it went again. After responding to that one I thought I was safe and settled for the third time. All remained peaceful. I woke by the natural order of things at 5.01 am. Not bad at all.

I went straight through to take my meds and have some breakfast. This morning I did two rounds of toast as usual but could only eat one. I felt sick. I don’t want to jump the gun or anything but I do wonder if I’m pregnant. It would have to be a phantom pregnancy of course since I could only possibly ever have relations with a ghost. Isn’t it strange to hear it called relations as though we do it in front of an audience? No wonder male impotency is such a problem, the thought of the in-laws being there.                     As usual you’ve made me digress. It’s a couple of days I’ve felt a little off first thing and I wonder if my anti smoking tabs could be doing it even so late as 3 weeks after starting them.

I went through and signed on. The first thing I did was set the computer to restart from a previous date to see if it would solve the Skype problem. It actually brought back to old Skype logo to my screen but whatever the problem is, it’s still there. I’ll have to ask my nephew about a downloader. Ignoring that problem as something I can do nowt about, I went into my mail and almost fell off my chair. There were a lot and at 6.00 am I had ten minutes and there’d be a lot more too. Unfortunately I wasn’t going to make much of a dent in those before going out. I  got dressed so there were no last minute complications about getting on the bus then I started. By 7.15 am I’d dealt with 32 and was quite pleased but there was still twice that to go. The thought of making them go crossed my mind but I decided against that way. I opened Joey’s door and left the house.

I caught the bus without a problem though it might have been easier if he’d lowered the step. He was in a race with another bus from a rival company so I just sat forward, head resting on my crutches and drifted away. I got off in Chester at 8.45 am and as Yvonne wasn’t there, starting walking to meet her. I thought she’d have Reuben with her this morning too, but when she came into sight it was just Amelie again. Roobs would be joining us a little later it seemed. We went into a shop close by where we met to give Yvonne chance to use her phone, it’s like a telephone exchange sometimes. I pushed Amelie round until she was done. Once she was and took the pram back Amelie woke and with a cry said she was hungry. We headed for our favourite shop and the cafe.                                                                                                                                                                          I nipped to the loo while Yvonne ordered then took baby on my lap for a few minutes. As soon as Yvonne had donned her cape she fed Amelie and I ate my toasted sandwich (that I hadn’t wanted and had refused. Doesn’t anyone ever listen to me?) Once she’d been fed, I had Amelie back while Yvonne ate. I was pleased to get one or two little smiles (From Amelie not Yvonne, she scowls/growls to keep you away from her food).

Once we’d finished coffee and breakfast we went to get Reuben some pyjamas and I also found a sweet pair of pink dungarees with a cat’s face on for Amelie. I found a gilet for Roobs too for when it gets a little warmer. We went downstairs so Yvonne could get something and then out to another shop and another. Then we took a slow walk down to a cafe within a church which has a playcentre. I had another hold of Amelie while Yvonne ordered me a cup of tea. A few minutes later Roobs and Ugo arrived. Roobs was quite taken with the goat figure I’d bought his last weekend when shopping and Ugo seemed more than pleased with the chocolates I’d taken him.The special toys with a penguin and an owl that have 55 songs and can sing singly or in a choir we left with Ugo to read the instructions and sort out rather than let Roobs see them yet.

Once I’d finished my tea I saw it was time to go for my bus. Yvonne walked with me to the stop and out timing was perfect. The idiot driver didn’t lower the step again and this time I didn’t even have the aid of a pavement. Then he was so anxious to go, he moved off while I was still retrieving my travel pass. It was a job to reach a seat upright. Still, I did and assumed the position on head on hands and eyes shut to speed the journey.                                                                                                                                                                        When I got off the bus I called in at Pauline’s before dashing home to have a wee. I said hello to Joey, put my shopping away, took my coat ff and started work. That was at 1.10 pm. I didn’t get to move again until 4.20 pm just before the Road Trip. Not that I’d finished work but as a reward for having done so much. I fell asleep during the auction (Damn) and slept through the quiz as well. I woke up to realise the news was on. When that fact penetrated my brain I realised Missing had started on another channel and grabbed the remote. I followed that up with Bones and thought maybe that was enough of a treat for one day. So at 8.00 pm I turned everything off, made sure Joey was locked in and came back through. I spent until 10.15 pm getting finally up to date with mail before starting this, my blog. Early night I hope and no going out tomorrow. I want to get some washing done.



My baby and her baby

My baby and her baby

Wednesday 10th Feb

11.30 pm to bed and a read till 12.20 am so I could finish the book I was reading. I woke once in the night to  visit the loo but had no problem dropping off again. 3.28 am was my time of being awake even though it was 3.31 am before I swung my legs out of bed. I logged onto the computer and headed straight for my gmail messages. There were just 27 this morning. By 4.35 am I’d finished those and moved on to the kitchen to take my meds and have breakfast. I put the washing machine on a quickwash. Today I had some Shreddies but after half an hour felt nauseous and had a bad headache. I wonder if it really is a reaction to the Champix I’m on to give up smoking. My mood is pretty low still too. I put the washing on to dry, went searching for batteries for an automatic air freshener and then found it was empty before taking a coffee back to my room. There were just 8 more messages to deal with which were done with by 5.40 am. I decided to lie down to try and clear my head.                                                                I rose again at 7.10 am and after checking my in box, wish I hadn’t. I went to empty the drier instead.

There was no use hiding. I worked till 9.00 am then stopped long enough to get dressed and to open Joey’s cage and make vague promises about HUtH at 10.00 am. I needed to get a move on if I wanted to see that. I did the best I could but was still 22 adrift. Still, I went to see my programme anyway. At 11.00 am I apologised to Joey and came back to work. I was clear at 11.50 am and wen to see to my lunch. I was going to have a cottage pie with two baps but when I buttered them I thought how nice they’d be with bacon on. It just so happened I had a packet in the fridge that had to be eaten by 13th. If ever a sign was needed, that was it. So that’s what I had for lunch.Two rashers of bacon on each bap and a little tomato sauce.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I watch Bargain Hunt while I was eating and I knew that one team made a record profit at the auction. I wanted to see that but fell asleep just before the auction and didn’t come round until 1.55 pm. I slunk back to work.

At 3.45 my work was clear again and I decided to take a break. I wandered through to the kitchen and laid out some new coffee pods for the Tassimo machine as I used the last one this morning. I tidied the tinfoil from the grill where I’d done my bacon and tried to make he room look like someone cared. Then I went to the lounge and chatted to Joey. The conversation lasted about 10 seconds as I saw Dil approaching half an hour early. I bolted into the kitchen and started making him a cup of tea determined not to appear surprised at seeing him. He told me he’d been to a meeting in the Heritage Park over the road which finished early. There was no point in driving nearly an hour back to work then out again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We managed to have a good chinwag about our weekends, his being much worse as he’d been laying laminate flooring in the bedroom and redoing his bathroom floor. He still has twinges. We watched both our programmes, The Road Trip and Pointless before turning off and getting the games out. I believe the term they use is ‘least said, soonest mended’ so we won’t dwell on tonight’s results. I’m sure you’d only be bored. To put it another way, when he got up to leave at 9.30 pm I was ready to give him his birthday card to take home but keep the present to give to the first deserving person to walk past the house. I thought better of it but only because I’m a good brother who isn’t always out to beat his brother in every game.

After Dil left I did my usual tidy up then closed Joey’s cage before he came out to taunt me, washed the pots and then took my meds. Turning the lights off I was free to go through to my bedroom to start catching up again. That took me till 11.10 pm and then a quick blast at the blog means I hope to be in bed about midnight.

My delight.

My delight.

Having a chat.

Having a chat.

Thursday 11th Feb.

I made the midnight target with minutes to spare. I started a new book Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell. So much of it is familiar that I’m not sure whether I’ve read it before or whether it’s because it’s only recently I saw the excellent TV adaptation. (roll on the next series). I only read until about 12.45 am because the chapters were long and I prefer to finish reading at the end of a chapter even though on occasion that makes it very difficult to stop reading. Getting to sleep didn’t seem to be a problem.            No trips to the loo overnight but I did go when I woke at 4.28 this morning. Then it was a case of signing on and attacking my gmail messages. There were only 27 and I was clear by 5.35 am. I checked my bank and my State Pension had been paid , now based on a weekly payment rather than 4 weekly thanks to Yvonne. At 5.45 am I went to the kitchen for breakfast and to take my meds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         After my cornflakes I was back in time for the deluge.

I thought I was prepared but I wasn’t. Things started slowly with just 1 then 6 but before I knew it they were on 57, 62, 71. I countered a threat from Microsoft of an update that would close my system in 4 mins thus kicking me out in the middle of something. I managed to put it on hold for 4 hours. I was done by 9.12 am and quickly got dressed and went to Pauline’s to do the lottery and get some bread. It turned into a bread only mission when I learned the lottery machine was down. When I got back I took the bread through to the kitchen then opened Joey’s cage door and refreshed his water and seed. He still hides in a corner when I approach the cage as though I’d hurt him. I’d have to catch the beggar first. I returned to work and found Microsoft was back on it’s 4 minute countdown. This time I left it and used it as an excuse to watch Homes Under the Hammer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     When I came back it was finished and I had to sign back in again. There were only a dozen messages awaiting my attention which didn’t take too long to deal with. My postman came with details of my tax allowance for next year and then the both phones rang. I checked the mobile and it was an unknown (even though it was a local number) I refused the call and deleted it from the memory. I checked on the house phone and there was a message waiting. I always listen to them in case it’s something Yvonne has to deal with. No, it was yet another annoying message called at random to tell me I can claim from my bank. Well I can’t so bugger off will you !                                At 11.30 am I went through to the kitchen to peel my sweet potatoes and ready my sausages.

By 12.15 pm when Bargain Hunt started I was sitting down with my lunch. Ax the contestants were only part way through their buying when I finished eating I took my pl;ate though and washed everything I’d used. When I returned, they we’re ready to buy their last items each before going off to the auction. I tried really hard, honestly I did but I still managed to fall asleep before the auction. I didn’t wake until 2.05 pm and found Doctors on the TV. Disgusted with myself I turned the TV off and came through to work Joey squawking at my retreating back. He really doesn’t like the lack of sound around him when the TV goes off or I close my mouth.                                           Work was steady in the afternoon and I got a text at 4.00 pm to say Mike was on his way. I said I’d expect him about 6.30 pm ish. At 4.30 pm I abandoned all ideas of work to watch the Road Trip. I saw it to the end. I watched pointless almost to the end then must have nodded off just before 6.00 pm. I came round about 6.45 pm and perched next to me in his chair watching me was a Gremlin in the form of Mike. Guiltily I got up and made him a drink. By this time I’d missed most of ‘Missing’ but still had time for ‘Bones’ followed by ‘Would I Lie To You’ and then Murder in Paradise.

At 10.00 pm I locked Joey in, sent Michael to his bed and came through to work . My only interruption was when Mike got irate at the programme on TV and the contract they want ‘Junior’ doctors to accept and I went through thinking he’d called me. I finished the mail about 11.10 pm and started on the blog. I’m still hopeful for midnight.

Little Man

Little Man



Friday 12th Feb.

Midnight bed, read until 1.00 am then settle down.  Up at 2.10 am for a wee but I knew that wasn’t time to stay awake today. Back to bed and warmth.                                     Next time was different though, that was AWAKE time 3.44 am it read on my clock and I did verify it with my glasses on before moving. I powered up the computer and logged on going straight to my gmail.  Wonderful, only 32, I could knock those off in no time. In fact it took until 5.20 am with one or two more coming in.                                   Next I went through to the kitchen to take my meds. I decided against having breakfast as this is the morning I do my drugs for the week. I got my drugs drawer from the lounge and started. First of all one of my capsules split and started spreading powder everywhere then two tablets broke as they were being pressed out of a blister pack. Next, one got away and skittered across the floor. Naturally it played hide and seek before I finally found it. I was sorry I’d started. Then I prepared my next prescription request ready to deliver to the chemist’s on Monday. All of a sudden I started dry-heaving. All I’d had was the milk I take my meds with but I realised it was probably the anti-smoking drug as some people say you need to eat with it.

My coffee seemed to settle my stomach and I returned to the bedroom. I’m off to the nurse this morning and wondered what to do about these tablets. For a couple of weeks now I’ve known and others have mentioned that my mood isn’t as usual. For once they’re not being insulting. I’ve been low, I am low and the direction it’s taking isn’t what it should be. I’ve had some terrible nightmares which in one actually had me being violent towards someone else, that’s never happened before except towards myself. I’ve also been hallucinating- unless I’m being haunted that is. Seeing things running across my floor, seeing people approach in my peripheral vision who aren’t there sometimes even hearing things that aren’t there either. I think they’re all related to these tablets and I’m thinking I should stop them while I still have the common sense to do so.But, I have to ask. I may not have stopped smoking while taking them but at least I’ve cut down by two thirds which is pretty good.                                                      I carried on working.

At 7.15 am Mike’s alarm went off despite me telling him he needn’t set it. He wasn’t intending to go to his Dad’s until 11.00 am so he could have stayed in bed a while. Setting the alarm for that time meant he was intending to take me to the doctor’s.  If I were paranoid, I’d think he didn’t trust me to go. Anyway, I made him a coffee and took it through. It was up to him whether he left it and went back to sleep or got up. Eventually he got up. At about 8.10 am he ran me up to the surgery and then as usual carried on to his Dad’s or to Manchester at least.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Inside, it took Sister S about ten seconds to tell me to stop taking the tablets. She could see things weren’t right and said here was always the chance it would happen but we’d given it a good go. She didn’t harp on about carrying on with the non-smoking but said how pleased she was with progress made. She was there if I wanted more help and to ring if I needed her. I nearly laughed as I haven’t rung anyone in years so I’d be stuffed. When I left there I headed towards the bus but decided to go to the LIDL Supermarket as it would be warmer than outside. I got Ju’s flowers a day early. I still froze to death at the bus stop. When it came I was glad to sit down. I called at Pauline’s when I got off and did the lottery before going home to Joey and Homes Under the Hammer.

After my programme I came back to work to try and clear this morning’s batch. It took forever, or at least it did except for the break I took from 11.45 am to 12.30 pm when I had lunch. Today I just couldn’t be bothered so I went to the chippy. The curry sauce was terrible, like water with a raisin in. I couldn’t eat all the chips of course so the waste bin saw the rest as I’ve put Joey on a diet. I did return to work after lunch even giving up my Bargain Hunt as I wanted to reach the point of being clear before I did take TV time out and before Mike returned.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I was clear by 3.00 pm and to celebrate I had a break to watch Move to the Country then I worked again from 3.45 pm to 4.30 pm and went to watch my last Road Trip of the week.I managed to see it all the way through tonight and started on my quiz. Part way through that I lost the plot and Zzzzz’d away for a while. I woke at 6.15 pm having missed the first quarter of my Missing Without Trace ( or whatever it’s called) but at least I caught the rest. Mike sent a text at 7.00 pm to say he was on his way so I watched Bones alone. Then ten minutes into Mastermind he arrived. I made a coffee and we watched the rest of it.

At 8.30 pm I went to get a shower.My mood was so low I didn’t even ask Mike for help with my hair. I noticed however that I’d have to ask for a haircut before the weekend is out. Between 9.00 – 10.00 pm I saw Shetland which is a really good thriller before finally closing Joey’s cage door ( don’t worry, Mike made me go back to let him in) and returning to my room. I was working on my mail when Mike came in and sat on my bed. He was worried my mood could mean I was cross with him despite knowing there was no reason. Once he was sure he was OK he decided to get up my nose in general by talking while I was trying to work. He was still there when I finished the mail and started the blog.  I had to physically overpower him, truss him in a sack and roll him along the passageway to his bedroom.  I still think there’s just a chance I might make midnight.

What Pop's bought me.

What Pops bought me.

With Bunny ears.

With Bunny ears tucked under my chin.

Saturday 13th Feb.

I was in bed by 12.10 am with so much cream on my legs I almost slid right out again. I went for two chapters last night but had to settle for one and a half or I’d have been awake all night. The chapters are so long. So lights out about 1.00 am  and though I saw 1.20 am come and go I must have been asleep soon after. I woke at 4.48 am and don’t recall any nightmares but I know there were a few dreams that were uncomfortable though I can’t recall the content luckily. I attacked my gmail messages and cleared them by 5.50 am so went straight to the kitchen to have some breakfast and take my meds. I was just coming back to work when I heard Mike’s alarm for the first time. I know he didn’t sleep well last night so I took him a coffee and decided to leave him without a second call. If he got up great, if not, well so what.                                            He did get up 5 alarms later at about 6.50 am. By which time I’d been in hear over half an hour with the mail. He was ready to go by 7.20 am.

Having been to LIDL and got the flowers yesterday I didn’t want much main shopping this morning. Mike got a trolley, I got my cash and we bypassed the fruit and veg and went straight for the children’s clothes.  We made our way round and picked up what I needed and then after paying went through to get a coffee at McDonalds. My phone went with a text. It was my niece Karen who wanted to know if we were going over to collect the pies she got for me yesterday. I confirmed YES and arranged to meet at lunchtime. Off we went to Flint where we looked for a trolley for Mike to move a washing machine. We had no luck at what Mike thought was a reasonable price. Then it was coffee time so we got the chocolates from the car and headed to Temptations. Double trouble today as Kyle was off so we had two Ceri’s to contend with. One we don’t usually see as she usually does afternoons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We had a drink and Mike had his teasted toecake while the girls raved about the chocolates which were special handmade ones (not by me I hasten to add). Afterwards we looked at a few more shops then realised how late it was getting and had to head off on the next stage of our journey. Mike was worried our 40 minute journey to Colwyn Bay wouldn’t be done in the 45 minutes we had so he took the route I hate most-The Expressway- donned his cloak of invisibility with fingers crossed and revved the car up to a minimum of ten miles above the maximum speed all the way. I was really worried the g-force might leave me with a smile that ended round the back of my head when we got there. We made it with about thirty minutes to spare……..on the day before we left. I knew that electric storm was trouble.                                                                           Karen was already there when we arrived, but it’s only two minutes walk to her home from there. We were meeting in a pub called The Plough in Old Colwyn. First we traded kisses then we traded gifts so I had my precious pork pies. We chatted for  a few minutes before I ordered drinks and the food.  I had steak and ale pie with mash and it was excellent. Karen had a chicken burger which came with fries and a big side salad while Mike had fish and chips and he later said the fish was great. We were there for about an hour and a half.

Eventually we had to go as we still needed to find Mike’s truck, get back home with the shopping and see to Joey. I needed to work. Having said goodbye to Karen we drove into Colwyn Bay Town Centre and looked in a few shops before eventually finding one the same and at the same price as we’d seen in the morning. He took it……then thought better of it and paid. Back to the car again and this time without the cloak of invisibility and crossed fingers  we drove home the pretty route and as sedately as Mike ever drives ……..up every other driver’s exhaust pipe while cursing every driver on the road as incompetent, female or as a granddad (which he tends to forget he is).  At home we unpacked the car and put the shopping away. I released Joey but he wasn’t speaking to me and didn’t move from his perch. I had to leave to start work. Mike did Ju’s flowers into a lovely display for her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     It was 3.00 pm and I worked like a Trojan ( not the virus honestly) till 6.00 pm then went to watch TV with Mike . NCIS then two more programmes I’ve forgotten already. At 9.00 pm I cam back through again to try and keep up with the mail to give me a clear run at the blog.

Face Off

Face Off

Howdy pardner

Howdy pardner






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80 responses to “Does Anyone Ever Listen? & Bacon is Best.

  1. Che bimbi stupendi, anche il nonno, un abbraccio David, buona domenica, 🙂

  2. David I am proud of you! Having cut back your cigarettes that much is fantastic.
    Amelie seems such a happy, delightful little baby. All her photos are lovely (especially that little pink sweater outfit), but I particularly enjoy the ones with her and Reuben together.
    Thank you for the Judy Collins & Leonard Cohen song. I wasn’t familiar with it, and it was beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend. Mega hugs! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Teagan. Cutting down by so much is good but I’m happy to stay on this plateau for a while without the help of the drugs.
      I may not see Amelie at her worst but I always seem to find her happy and smiley….at least when she’s awake.Some of her outfits are good.
      That’s No Way to Say Goodbye is my favourite Leonard Cohen song but I couldn’t resist having Judy Collins there.
      Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. That’s too bad about the tablets, David. Gorgeous grandchildren. Miss Amelie is very smiley compared to many at her age, and your photos of her are so good. Now you have made me hungry for bacon… xxx

    • I don’t feel too bad about the tablets Ardys, they did a great job while I had them but I doubt they could have gone further.
      Amelie delights me with her smiles, I hope they continue and her Mum carries on taking the great pictures.
      Sorry, not my fault, someone else mentioned bacon to me so this is just the snowball gathering speed. Damn, now I want some again.
      xxx Have a Great Valentine’s Day & Massive Hugs xxx

  4. Wow, you’re giving up smoking! That’s so hard. Best wishes! There’s too much cuteness here, David. You must be a proud grandad.

  5. Wat a shame about the effects of the tablets…
    Your praise of bacon made me decide on a bacon sandwich for supper as Leo is too ill to eat tonight. No baps unless I make them myself, unfortunately!
    Gorgeous photographs!

    • I think I’m lucky to have lasted so long on the tablets Helen and I’m very grateful to them.
      I’m pleased to have passed on the urge for a bacon sarnie, no way does it only have to be eaten on a bap, bread is great too, especially where the butter melts through. Sorry Leo won’t be able to join you but it does mean more for you of course.
      Thank you, my daughter and her phone are very good.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  6. I’m pleased you’re weighing up the Champix options and recognise the possibilities as the irritability and feeling not like himself you describe is very similar to the G.O.’s experience. His sister experienced nausea and headaches. From witnessing his attempts to give up I know how difficult it is, and I congratulate your for cutting back. He has done so also, and what he says makes sense, that when you have smoked for as long as he -and you- have giving it up cold turkey is not a simple thing to do.
    More happily, I love the pics and the quips… Trojan virus… ha ha 😀

    • It seems Champix either does a fantastic job or can really have a terrible effect on some people quite apart from the nausea the G.O.’s sister felt. I’m happy enough with the cutting back for now and will make another attempt to get lower soon.Cold turkey isn’t an option for me, I recognise my lack of will power.
      Glad you enjoyed he pics and the odd quip.
      Have a Great Valentine’s Day.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  7. Wishing you ongoing strength in bringing down cigarettes smokes to Zero a day! Two-thirds down by now is grand. As to yes or no to the tablets I do think you will make the right decision for you as your willpower against ciggies in your mouth grows stronger 😀 But oh, whatever difficulties, whatever setbacks, whatever hardships life bring it’s all so much easier with beautiful children around – particularly ones own 😀

    • I may have rached a plateau for now Ina but it’s not a defeat as the smoking is so much less. I can’t carry on with the tablets though and keep my sanity (ha, as if I ever had any).
      Setbacks aren’t a problem when I have the support of my family and friends..
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  8. Sorry to hear you’ve been down, cher David. Those tablets sound nasty so you’re probably better off without them. You certainly brightened a very wet Sunday morning here with that Judy Collins and Leonard Cohen duet – what a find! And your young star Amelie shines brighter every week. Hope things look up for you this week. Big bises xx!

    • There we go, things are looking up already Mel, thank you. I shan’t miss the tablets but I haven’t given up the fight yet.
      Glad you enjoyed he duet, there are a few on youtube. That’s a great song.
      Yes, Amelie is a little star in my heaven with her smiles.
      Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  9. Great music, great pictures! You’re so lucky to have your little family so close, not to miss any of the big moments without having to put up with the sleepless nights and the tantrums 🙂

    • Thank you Jane. You’re quite right, I’m lucky to have the family close but be able to return any tantrum child to it’s source so I sleep easy.Grandparents come with great advantages.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  10. Hate the thought of you feeling nauseous (try ginger, it really helps) but really good to hear you are cutting back on the fags. Pete and I gave up 20 months ago. He went cold turkey but I use Nicorette which I’m addicted to. Amelie is as gorgeous as her big bro. I love the photo ‘coquettish’ she really is! Ginormous hugs to you from rainy Spain. Have a great week! Xxxxxxx

    • Ginger (covered in chocolate naturally) was my go to choice when I was retching. It worked well. Better to get rid of the cause though. How Pedro went cold turkey I don’t know and I disliked the nicorette on previous attempts. Maybe things will be easier now I’m smoking less.
      I loved the coquettish picture too and the facing off look is priceless.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs from a dry but very cold North Wales
      Have a Great Valentine’s Day.

      • Haha! I’m glad you’ve got ginger chocs to hand. I made a superb (even though I say it myself) sticky ginger cake this week for his nibs. I wish we lived closer, I’d bring you some. Yes, it’s remarkable that he went cold turkey- I’m a slave to nicotine hence my addiction to Nicorette but at least it keeps me off the smokes and I feel SO much fitter having stopped. I’m rooting for you! Xxxxxx

  11. I must second that. Giving up the cigarettes is a great achievement and one worth pursuing. I’m so glad I did it, just for not being ruled by the addiction. Best of luck and thanks for the great songs 🙂

  12. As with all your correspondents we want you to give up so hope you find a solution. And love the description of Mikes driving. I have an opposite problem. The MIL is the most intolerant passenger when I’m driving giving grief to all others on the road. I drew the line last week when she leant right across me as a bus closed in and gave the driver the finger with a short sharp ‘and you buster’. It’s only a matter of time before some south London hoodlum thinks it me and I’m a victim of road rage.

    • Mike has a habit when overtaking of turning his head to look at the other driver with a look of disdain.That’s a lot of looks since he tries to overtake anything that moves.My,”Relax, it’s not like we’re in a rush” and other comments are just ignored or dealt with by “Shouldn’t be on the road old beggars (he’s 66), women, kids, people with hats (he wears one), slow drivers (anything less than 75mph) or anyone really.
      One of these days I too shall be the victim of a road rage incident and came close in a car park once.
      Sorry, can’t get the image of your MIL giving someone the finger.

  13. Much the best to do it without the pills. Willpower (says she who lacks it) is a far better way. I haven’t tried acupuncture but have you? Massive hugs. xxx

  14. In among the lovely photographs you’ve reminded me of some great musical moments. I gave up smoking after a decent bang on the head presented me with severe concussion and I thought smoking at the same time would not be sensible, even by my standards. By the time the injury had quietened down the habit had loosened its grip on me. A lucky fluke you could say really

  15. I doubt if I can ever get on top of the deluge of mails that I receive. It never stops. I always find it amazing that those who have disability issue’s are always cheerful and struggling to make the best of their situation
    The baby is growing up fast

  16. Sorry to hear about the pills. Nice to see more pictures and music. I also got the Last Kingdom but haven’t watched the series so… Although I have no idea when I’ll have time to read it with my very loooong list. Love and big hugs and have a good Valentine

    • It wasn’t unexpected Olga and I’m grateful for what they did. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and the music.
      I think you’ll enjoy it when you get chance to read it but the TV serial can save you time if you see it.
      Hope it’s been a Great Valentine’s Day, I’d have preferred to spend mine with a woman.
      xxx Love and Gigantic Hugs back xxx

  17. Sorry to read about your experience with the pills, but I hope you’re feeling better now that you’ve stopped them.
    So many wonderful photos this week, and Pops has great taste with the pink outfit. I do love the coquettish look. 🙂
    Thanks for “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye.” That’s one of my favorite songs, and Leonard Cohen and Judy Collins together is a treat.
    Big Valentine’s Day hugs, David!

    • The pills did good job while I had them Merril so no complaints. Not back to normal yet but hey, what’s normal?
      Whoa, careful there, you make it sound like I was wearing the pink outfit…. when they couldn’t find one in my size.
      What good taste you have in music. An excellent song and done well by the two of them together I thought.
      xxx Massive Valentine Hugs to you xxx

      • Sorry to imply you were wearing the pink outfit, although I’m sure you would have looked lovely–especially if they put a bell bottom flair in the pants. 🙂

        I love Leonard Cohen and Judy Collins–together is an extra treat!

  18. Sorry the tablets make you sick. It is probably a part of the plan – when you have nausea, you don’t smoke. I quit 20 years ago. Put my last pack in the bin and never looked back. Had been smoking 20 years prior quitting – who didn’t? But enough is enough. You hang in there.
    Your photographs are gorgeous. Amelie’s smile is so sweet, and Reuben is such a charmer.
    Thank you or sharing great music. Love Judy Collins&Leonard Cohen duet, and The Stranglers.
    Many Hugs!!!!! xxxxxx

    • The nausea is gone now I’m glad to say, it never actually made me sick. It is one of the things they warn might happen but wouldn’t be enough on it’s own to stop me taking them……….or to stop me smoking.
      Well done on just quitting cold turkey. That takes some doing.
      Amelie’s smile seems to be everything from sweet to I know what you’re up to.Reuben can still be a little charmer.
      I’m so glad you found something to enjoy in the music.
      xxx sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  19. Too bad about the pills but your symptoms seem to be the textbook side effect. It’s good you had cut down on the cigs. Enjoyed it all, the photo’s, that little Amelie is a doll and she is always dressed so cute. Love the photo of your baby and her baby, it’s precious. The photo’s of you and Amelie are wonderful as well. I loved the song with Judy Collins and Leonard Cohen, really beautiful, both great talents. Have a wonderful week, hope you feel better and get back to your normal and massive hugs from me!! Happy Valentines Day.

    • It is a shame about the pills. I could live with some side effects but not sending me batty as well. Thanks so much for the kind comments Suzanne, I have fun with the photos.
      I’m always glad when someone enjoys the music but this week seems to be exceptional with the Leonard Cohen song. I agree with you, they’re both great talents.
      I hope you have a Fantastic week and that you had a Wonderful Valentine’s Day. Maybe someone cooked for you for a change or took you out for a meal?
      xxx Sending you Enormous Hugs xxx

  20. Giving up smoking is so hard to do! I tried three times back when I was a smoker. In the end, it was acupuncture that worked for me. And that was twenty years ago! Good luck, David 🙂

    • You’re not the first to have mentioned success with acupuncture Yvette. I’ll have to see if there is one anywhere near me. Well done you if you’ve managed to stay clean for twenty years now.
      Thanks so much for the luck wishes,I’ll keep trying.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. I listen! I listen! But sometimes we do wonder dont we-does anybody listen anymore? And to think that question was first asked in the 70s song- right? I remember it well at the frat parties.
    Adorable photos and I most like the ones with you in them with your granddaughter. Boy is she precious. And I bet she’ll listen to you her entire life!!

    • You’ve really got me thinking now Pamela. There’s something i the back of my head trying to put a tune to those words but I just can’t get there. You may have to remind me of the title as well as the artist. Even Youtube wasn’t any help today.
      Thanks so much. I do feel close to Amelie because I feel Julia’s influence there. She is precious and I hope she does listen to me. I want to be great buddies with my grandchildren but she’ll be my BFF.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  22. “Send In The Clowns” is one of my favorites, David. But it’s even better when it’s “Send In The Babies” to go along with these pictures. You outdid yourself this week; the baby and big brother pictures are delightful, and add in adoring grandpa and we have a winning tri-fecta! Have a wonderful week, David. Many hugs.

    • Yvonne will be delighted you like her pictures so much Marylin. I just have fun with the end product putting my little comments on the bottom. I suppose I should try carrying my camera with me when I go over there.
      I hope you’re starting a Wonderful new week too, with lots of special treats.
      xxx Sending Enormous Hugs xxx

  23. Dear David, I am sorry you have been down in the dumps, so to speak. Hopefully once those pills are out of your system you will feel more like yourself. Thankfully, your medical system seems to have the sense to remove the pill which is causing all the trouble, rather than adding on another one to counteract the effects from the first pill.
    The photos of the kids are beautiful (as always).
    As far as driving with crazed people, I fear for my life when I get in the car with my oldest. He scares me to death. I taught both of my boys to drive (manual and automatic), I taught them to try offensively, but my oldest seems to have taken it over the top a bit. I always wanted to be a race car driver (Mario Andretti was my hero), maybe I passed too much of my need for speed to my sons during their driving lessons.
    Have a good week!!! I hope you start feeling better.

    • I’m sure things are on their way to bucking up thanks Susan. The medic s have been great in suggesting there may be alternate treatments (with less risk) but they’ll leave it tome to get in touch……except for this Friday when they want to see how I am.
      I love the pics my daughter takes and it’s like a polaroid, I get them instantly..
      So, fancy you teaching the Boyz to drive, and offensively too. I think the eldest must have inherited the love for Mario Adretti and treats the road like a racetrack and all other drivers as the competition….that’s Mike all over.Remind me to stay in when you’re out for a drive.
      xxx Have a Fantastic Week. Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  24. Ugh, I’m so glad they took you off those tablets, David. Hopefully you’ll start feeling better soon. – massive hugs-

  25. It sounds like it’s getting close to upgrading your computer, David. You and the toasted cheese sandwich reminded me of my dad. When anyone came over, they had to eat whether they wanted to or not. It kind of made it bad for dates. 😉 The picture, “My baby and her baby” is adorable. Your grandbabies are a couple happy little ones. So cute. I hope you have a fantastic week.

    • It’ll be a long time before I can afford a new computer Mary J or to upgrade to Windows 10 from Vista isn’t cheap or easy. Time to cross my fingers and hope I see my computer genius nephew again.
      Yvonne and her extra breakfast are ruining my waistline. I’m so glad you liked the picture of her with Amelie.
      Yes both children are fairly happy souls.
      Have a brilliant week
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  26. Ali Isaac

    Well, I was quite alarmed when you started talking about hearing and seeing people that aren’t there, having violent nightmares and feeling so sick in the mornings. How horrid! I’m glad you stopped the drugs. How are you feeling now? Hope it’s all improved.

    I swear that grand daughter of yours has a different outfit for every day of the week… no, make that month! What a sweet smile she has, she must really light up your life. Roobs too, actually, hes always smiling. And I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a picture of you daughter. Its a lovely one of the two of them, and it’s a bit difficult to see clearly, but I think she looks like you… minus the facial hair, of course!

    Hope you’re having a good week and feeling more chirpy yourself. And talking of which, what is that little bird’s problem? He doesn’t seem to realise just how lucky he is. 😀

    • I know some of you thought I was auditioning for an M Night Shyamalan film, some that I was just bonkers and that one strange person that I was pregnant whereas you now know I was drugged M’lud, drugged. Last night I even had a dream. I feel more normal whatever that is.
      Yvonne would tell you I get carried away shopping quite apart from all the others who buy or knit clothes for Amelie. I’m sure she could manage a month quite easily.
      She seems to have a variety of smiles and they’re really entertaining. Yes Roobs is a smiler too but in a more normal way.Full Wattage.
      Yvonne is usually the other side of the camera so it was nice she was caught for a change. Heavens, you mustn’t insult her like that though.
      I have an idea Joey really doesn’t like the idea that he isn’t the boss like Oscar and the rats were., and he’s not keen on being left alone for a lot of the time while I’m either out or working. I do feel sorry for him in some ways.
      Hope your week has started well and keeps improving.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

  27. David, as always you had me at loo…ok, maybe not, but piddle palace also has a nice ring. 😉
    If those pictures don’t make people smile, their hearts might actually be made of stone. 🙂
    I’m reading a newish ‘Murder She Wrote’ right now, I love Jessica Fletcher, you have to appreciate a woman who finds murder everywhere she goes then always finds someone to pin it on, I mean, whodunnit. 😉
    So pleased to hear your cutting back on the ciggies is going well, if only I had such willpower for cookies (but I made my own recipe with oatmeal and coconut so that makes them healthy, right? lol). Doing awesome, dear friend. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your week, can’t wait for more, more more. 🙂
    Massive mega Cohen and chocolate chip hugs. 🙂

    • I think piddle palace is forgiven whereas if I say where I’m going and why, people may think me crude and turn over to another channel.
      I’m sure I don’t have anyone with an actual heart of stone viewing, even I’ve been checked out and found to have one.
      I didn’t know they were still writing the Murder She Wrote books. I swear the woman can’t have a friend left, they either get killed or.are the murderers.
      Ciggies not going as well as was- disappointed but temporarily sane at least.
      Of course you’re alright, oatmeal comes from the ground so it’s almost a veg, and coconut from a tree so it’s almost a fruit, couldn’t get healthier unless you added chocolate to the mix.
      You’re an awesome lady Donna and adorable.
      Thanks for all your kindness.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  28. I think if you want to be a peacock, you go right ahead. Start a new trend. 🙂 Your granddaughter is adorable, what a smile. Love it. Those meds don’t sound good at all. Scary. And by the way, no people don’t listen. Hugs. Have a great week.

    • Thanks Maggie but I need to get the manufacturers of men’s clothes to recognise the possibilities of making a variety of colours for men and then I’ll be OK.
      Personally I think she’s housing a little rogue judging by some of the smiles but she is adorable. Thank you. The meds are a thing of the past now and I’m glad not everyone shows such symptoms. Most people do fine with them and they are effective.
      I think everyone must listen some of the time but only when it suits them. I guess someone just wants to be my boss so goes conveniently deaf. Huh, daughters eh !
      As we’re approaching the weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Maggie xxx

  29. Darling pictures of the children. Amelie is a real charmer these days. I’m so sorry you had trouble with the medicine. I accidentally took too much cough medicine once and had hallucinations. It’s such an odd feeling to see things you know aren’t there. At least, you were able to cut back on the cigarettes I’m also glad your legs are better. That bus driver is a caution. I hope he doesn’t have an accident. It sounds like the company is putting pressure on him. That’s a shame. Take care. Huge Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne, Amelie seems like a little bright spark, so many smiles. I suppose things could have been worse, the medicine might have made me see things that are there instead. It is odd though having someone come towards you but dissipate before they get there.The cigarettes are up again but still not where they were so I’m pleased. I’m sure the bus company are putting pressure on the driver to keep to the timetable and all these roadworks keep holding them up. It is a shame.
      Mind how you go, xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  30. Beautiful post and such wonderful pictures David. Best wishes on your resolution

  31. Bacon, bacon, bacon! I haven’t had a nibble since my stroke (and probably won’t ever again). Oh for a taste of bacon . . . you cruel, cruel man! LOL. 🙂

    • So sorry Joe. I’m sure the odd bit of bacon won’t hurt as long as it’s not salty and it’s very lean. There is something special about it but from now on my lips are sealed.

  32. Well done on cutting back on smoking, it’s tough to do! I love all your photos of delightful smiles, they are just the tonic for this grey cold Sunday morning!

    • Thanks so much Emma. The photos are a tonic but I wish they were an antidote instead. The weather is miserable and more to come says the forecast today. I’m still not smoking as much but the giving up seems to be on hold now. I hope all the little buzzers are OK and that you are well.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  33. Gorgeous photos, as usual!
    Glad to hear you’re giving up smoking. I never have smoked, but I know it isn’t easy to break the habit.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Thanks Margaret. I keep the photos coming to ensure the blog has visitors. The stopping smoking has come to an end for now though I’m still not smoking what I was. You’re right, it’s a hard habit to break.
      Have a Great Week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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