Getting Plastered & American Mancunian, Australian?

Sunday 21st Feb.

The oddest thing. I read until about 1.00 am then settled to sleep but it was a while in coming because I couldn’t get comfortable. I heard Mike get up and come towards my room where he asked if  I’d heard an alarm go off. When I answered no he returned to his room muttering. Then he came back again, not thirty seconds had passed and asked if I was awake??? He thought maybe he hadn’t locked his son’s car because his own locks itself when he walks away from it.  He trotted off out in his dressing gown. True enough he hadn’t locked it but at least we found out it wasn’t his car alarm that had gone off.                                                                                                                                                          I fell asleep. Then I woke again to go to the loo about 2.15 am despite having been before I went to bed. I climbed back into bed and just dropped off again and didn’t wake up until 7.11 am. That’s a remarkable sleep and over 5 hours. It really has been a long time since I achieved that.

So, at 7.11 am I got up, went to the loo (again) and then carried on to the kitchen where I took my meds and made myself a coffee. Having logged in next I attacked the mail. 97 it read at that time. 99 it read half an hour later.Then slowly but surely the levels came down. I was determined to carry on working until Mike got up but I did go through to let Joey out at about 8.30 am. Just after 9.30 am I heard Mike wake up coughing, but I thought he settled down again so I carried on. At 10.00 am I heard Mike go to the loo so I went through to make him a coffee. In the lounge I saw he must already have been up because his cup wad there almost fully drunk. I waited.                            When he came back I asked why he hadn’t come through to say he was up  and he said he thought I was asleep because he couldn’t hear me tap-tapping. ( Put your hearing aids in Michael and then turn them on). He’d got up when the coughing had started and crept through in case I was asleep. No way would he catch me asleep at that time.    I stayed in the lounge with him until 11.00 am and then went to get dressed as he’s said yesterday that he wanted to go looking for a safe this morning. By the time I’d got dressed he’s changed his mind and wasn’t feeling well. I don’t know if it was because he’d had to make his own coffee or at the thought of spending money(not even his ).

Mike suggested as we weren’t going out that maybe I’d like to work for another hour and he could do the flowers. Half an hour later he’s in the bedroom bending my ear about politics and he hasn’t even  started the flowers. After a quarter hour he left me to carry on. At 12.30 pm when my hour was up  I went through to see to lunch and he was in the kitchen doing the flowers. The savage made me stand there holding a bin bag open so he could add his flower waste to it. Then left me to carry the full bag to the bin with not a thought for my back.Savage. I made lunch, a beef and black bean concoction he’s chosen yesterday and for me a boeuf bourgingnon and mash. We both quite enjoyed them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Unfortunately I stayed in the lounge with him and after a while he looked sleepy. But, it was me who nodded off for an hour. Sometime during that hour he made his escape. I knew he was going back to Manchester to collect things from his dad’s flat before going back home to Rugby. I texted him there to say sorry I missed the big farewell scene. When I woke I came straight through to work. I stayed until 5.30 pm then went to get some tea so I could have my other diabetic meds. I found a film to watch until 7.00 pm.

I saw a film advertised for 9.00 pm with Simon Pegg which I thought I’d try so I devoted 7.00 – 9.00 pm to work so I could stay up. By 10.10 pm I’d given up as I’d not really been enjoying it. I know people swear, and I’m no prude but sometimes it’a overdone and I find it wearing. So, goodnight to Joey who’s been great today and I took my meds before coming through to work. As it happens for some reason the mail was mounting up again. Should still be n early night though about 11.30 ish.

Over the Garden Wall.

Over the Garden Wall.

The knitted baby. Outfit by her Auntie Lynne.

The knitted baby. Outfit by her Auntie Lynne.

Monday 22nd Feb.

When reading James Patterson, his chapters are so short you just fly through them. It’s so easy to get carried away and promise yourself ‘Just another two.’ I was in bed at 11.15 pm but read until 1.00 am because I couldn’t put the damned thing down. My right hand almost had to wrest it out of my left hand, put it down and turn the light out. I could not sleep on my back and had a bit of a time turning on to my side. Eventually I slept and as luck and maybe kindness would have it (thanks Somnos) I didn’t need a middle of the night loo trip. I woke and got up at 5.14 am. I made the morning pilgrimage and then came back to log on. 5.30 am came quickly so I nipped through to the kitchen to take my meds and make my one-a-day coffee. I was soon back in my seat attacking the mail.

There were about 20 pieces of mail left when I returned to my chair and by 6.10 am I as down to 11. Whenever I did one it seemed to be instantly replaced by a new one but instead of the new day’s mail coming in the usual rush, it took me up to 20 and then seemed to hover around that mark no matter how many I did. It always felt like less work. The highest it got was 31. At 7.45 am I put the washing machine on to complete while I worked.  I was finished and clear by 8.52 am and rapidly got dressed ready to go to the Post Office with a letter detailing my recent changes of income to the Housing Benefits Dept of the Council. I did that and then called at the sandwich shop for a sausage bap having decided that I wanted breakfast after all. I came home and took my pre-foodies then sorted Joey out with a new seed bell and had a shave. I ate the bap while working on mail that had come in while I was out, then took my post-foodies. It doesn’t matter now if I have my lunch a little late which is always likely anyway since Bev seems to be calling later this last few weeks.

After I was up to  date again I saw it was almost time for Homes Under the Hammer so I went through to join Joey. He became animated when the music came on and with me talking to him, but not for long. He soon adopted his crosspatch squawk that says he’s peeved at someone. I started falling asleep but he wasn’t having that and squawked louder still. There’s no ignoring him as he sounds like a torture victim from outside. I had to stand by the cage talking t him so he’s shut up. At 11.00 am I came back to the bedroom to work but I was trying to listen out for the drier finishing. I didn’t hear it so I went to check it at 11.30 am and folded all the bedding on to the airer. There was a programme on TV about people who put in false claims to insurance companies which was quite good. Surprising was the man who put some cars down as his on a multiple insurance for a garage business. He then created documents and sold policies to unsuspecting drivers for their cars who 18 months down the line tried to claim after accidents only to find they weren’t insured at all. It’s evil. I watched Bargain Hunt while waiting for Bev to come but no sign so at 1.00 pm when I went to work again I sent her a text to see if she was off. She texted back that she’d called on me about 10.30 am and used the bell. That was while I was watching HUtH so I was in. Perhaps I was in the kitchen and heard nothing because of the washing machine or maybe the bell didn’t work, though it did when I tested it later. At 1.45 pm I went for my lunch.

At 2.55 pm I finished my lunch. OK, I confess, I finished the kip after my lunch. Instead of returning to work I just watched Escape to The Country. When that was over at 3.45 pm I found more work than I’d expected in the mailbox. Since those fools in the BBC didn’t consult me first they’ve taken off my Road Trip so there was no need to return to  the TV until 6.00 pm when Missing-Without a Trace came on. I waited until the first adverts came on and made myself some tea. A packet of Cheddars, a chunk of Cadbury’s chocolate cake and just to show how health conscious I am, a rhubarb yoghurt. The second of my two shows has been removed by another channel, again without prior consultation with me, and replaced by something I don’t watch so I came back through here at 7.00 pm for a change. Poor Joey must think he’s in trouble. It gave me chance to finish the earlier work I hadn’t completed and also the new stuff you sadists had sent when my back was turned. I do need a life you know.                               I did find a couple of very interesting blogs. That of Opinionated Man had a fascinating childhood as an American child who didn’t like baseball! But whose wife is an accomplished artist with a very striking piece for sale. Also the wonderful Donna Parker who paid me the highest compliment possible in the comment section of her hilarious blog today. Donna and others are living proof that friendships as strong as those in everyday life are quite possible built on the net. I am possibly the luckiest man on the planet. Now if only I can find a blind lady with a dog that doesn’t bite, how nice that would be.

Early bed tonight and I hope the latest blustery rain had beaten itself out and we have a start like we had today. Sunny and bright but with a wonderful fresh nip in the air.

Monday Sunshine start.Fair of face and fffreezing.

Monday Sunshine start.Fair of face and fffreezing.

A born salesman or Knowing How to Regain First Place.

A born salesman or Knowing How to Regain First Place.

Tuesday 23rd Feb

I got my early night and was in bed for 11.15 pm . I read till 12.30 am and didn’t want to stop but I’m on my last few chapters with no books in reserve. Out went the lights and I settled down. I don’t think sleep was long in coming. This morning I woke at 3.47 am and though I knew I’d be getting up I didn’t want to move from the warmth and just lay there plucking up courage to move until 4.13 am. When I did move I donned my dressing gown and paid a visit to the loo. From there I went to the kitchen and had my foodie tabs so that I could eat breakfast, Shreddies today, and then I took my morning meds and made a coffee to take back to my desk.

I logged on and started work on the mail. Things were going pretty well but my attention must have wandered because without me noticing it had suddenly reached 6.20 am. With shock and horror I noticed the dozen or so I had left was now 84. I had to break away for a quick weep while I got dressed. As I came back the number was now 92. I did 2 and that left a balance of 92 ……again? By the time 7.20 am came and I had to get my coat on to head for the bus stop I was leaving just 80. It wasn’t light enough for Joey to be out yet but I did open his cage ready before I walked up the road.                                                                                                                                                                                             I got my favourite seat on the bus. Stuck my shopping bag of gifts between my legs, put my chin on the armhole of my crutches and nodded off. Not heavily enough that I could sleep through my stop but enough to discourage conversation. The journey wasn’t bad and we arrived on time. Since Yvonne wasn’t at the bus stop I started walking in the direction they’d appear from. When I saw them Yvonne spotted me and was telling Reuben Pops was coming. It was an age before he saw me but what a roar he let out. I hope she never takes the chains off…….. When we were closer he was able to run up and grab my legs. It was a rugby tackle I think. I got up off the floor to hug Yvonne and to look in the pram at Amelie as we decided where we were going.

We settled on our usual shop first Primark, which meant we could go for a coffee and toast (insisted upon even though I’d had breakfast) and a sit down while Amelie was fed. I knew Yvonne needed some more bodysuits for Amelie. Once we’d had coffee and Amelie was getting her milk straight from the source, I told Yvonne I was going to have a wander down and see if they were doing any summer colours in the men’s jeans ( as if) which meant I could get the bodysuits, some shoes and a little dress for Amelie as well as a gilet, teeshirt and some jeans for Roobs. Fait accomplis means no arguments. Mind you, she did finish feeding baby and try to have a race to the till to stop me. Downstairs I was able to get a nightie and a top for her while her eyes were otherwise occupied. She was a very close second at the till though so I know the back is slowing me up.

Yvonne needed a visit to NEXT next (echo) at which point the pram in my hands exploded in a earful rebuke that a. I wasn’t feeding her and b. I wasn’t rocking the pram hard enough. We weren’t too far from a little Methodist church that has a playroom and a small cafe. Roobs would be fine playing with the toys there, Yvonne and I could have a drink and she could also feed Amelie again, after which I would get to hold her again. It all depended on me being able to get into church without being struck by lightning or scarred by holy water though at the price of water these days I reckon the one who bought it was more likely to be scarred. It was after the drinks that I saw I needed to depart so I said good bye and galloped off as best I could. They were about 10 seconds behind me at the bus stop, just as my bus arrived so I got another goodbye.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             By this point you’ll realise I’ve had two drinks and am about to spend an hour or so on the bus. For most of the journey it was a repeat of the inward one, eyes closed, gently nodding. quietly seething that someone else nicked my seat……. but somewhere it started to get a tad uncomfortable. When I got off the bus I blanched at the thought of how far it was to the house. I had to pass the shops and I had to ask myself if I was prepared to go home and come out again or would will power win out. Idiocy certainly did because I went into Pauline’s. She was in chat mode…aaarrrrggh….and I was so glad when another customer reached the counter. I got home as fast as I could. Transferring my shopping bag from right to left hand while in motion so my right hand was free to dip for the keys was an accident waiting to happen. I reached the front door. By now I was hopping up and down on alternate legs and my body was writhing but I managed to open the door. I didn’t have time to remove the crutches and the shopping bag was thrown anywhere as I darted for the loo. I was a fraction of a second away from not needing too dart there, but to dart for the mop and bucket instead. I wee’d for about an hour. Joey had heard me and was tweeting like billyo to remind me he was there. ‘Drained’ in more ways than one I went through to the lounge,collecting the abandoned shopping on the way. I talked to Joey for a minute and then apologised and said I’d be with him asap.                                                                                                                  I went to remove my crutches, my gloves, coat and shoes then checked the new level of post. 84 ,where I’d started the morning.

It was 1.05 pm so I just sat and worked. By 4.30 pm I was getting there and by 4.55 pm I’d only 20 left. I went through to the lounge and put the TV on to a programme I haven’t seen in a long time, Cold Case. While I was watching it I’d put a chips and curry sauce in the micro for tea and taken my tablets. I enjoyed it. I watched Missing, Without a Trace then Murder She Wrote before coming back through at 8.00pm. I’ve spent till 10.30 pm emptying my mail box and now started on the blog. Fingers crossed for 11.30 pm bed.

The Understanding

The Understanding

Contentment with a mouthful of bib.

Contentment with a mouthful of bib.

And this is for the Beautiful Donna, my friend.

Wednesday 24th Feb.

Bed at 11.40 pm after plastering my feet in gunk and applying a Chinese herbal plaster to my back….or rather to my pyjama trousers and my teeshirt . I finished my book and made a start on a new one and read until 12.30 am. Then it was lights out and settle down. I found it easier to sleep on my side because I kept sticking to the bottom sheet with the plaster which seems to have got as wrinkled as heck in the process of settling.  It seems to be one of the most awkward things in the word, trying to slap a large plaster on your own back straight. I’m sure there’s a knack but I don’t have it. I slept until 4.48 am with no interruptions which is around the four hour mark and not too bad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I paid a visit a visit to the loo and then carried straight on to the kitchen where I had a toasted bap for breakfast. I found this morning how true it is tht men are not capable of performing two tasks at once. I put a tablet in my mouth and a sip of milk then started to shake two little sachets of my sugar substitute to get it to the bottom while I tore the top off. So intent was I in performing that simple task that I quite forgot to swallow the tablet and the damn thing dissolved in my mouth.                                           When I returned with my morning coffee I logged on to the computer and my gmails. It was not too bad and just took me nicely to 6.08 am allowing me a slight breather before the deluge.

After the new mail came the only break I got was at 8.30 am to let Joey out of his cage. I was kept hard at it otherwise until 10.10 am so I missed the start of Homes Under the Hammer. Joey didn’t seem to mind. What we did wonder though was where the heck the new cleaner is. I wondered the same thing at 11.00 am as I returned to my room. I sent a text to make sure I had the day right and she responded she was in a meeting but would be here. At 12.30[pm I was in a panic as I wanted to go to the chippy for some lunch but a new text arrived to say she’d be here at 1.00 pm. I went to get my lunch, came back and ate it. She arrived about 1.15 pm and went to work on the bathroom almost straight away. Down came the curtains which were give to me to put in the wash, which I did. She did a very thorough job in there and I’m afraid to go in now in case I  dirty it again. I’m not sure how long I can keep these legs crossed though. I wonder if Bert next door will let me use his. Joey was in his cage so I cleaned off the mirror above which sent him flying out of the cage and in circles above my head gasping for breath. The loon didn’t even have the sense to find a different perch. The minute I stopped cleaning, even though I was there next to the cage, he landed on the mirror near me. Panic for nothing.

Jade left at 3.00 pm and after I’d paid her I settled down with Joey. I watched A House in the Country where a mother and son viewed properties which were to include his wife and his mother in law. They had a budget of £1.2m and saw some fantastic places. At 3.45 pm though I went back to catch up on any outstanding mail before my brother arrived. At 4..30 pm I went to watch Flog It.

As I reached the lounge Dil arrived. I made him a cup of tea and we watched Flog It together then Pointless. As soon as that was over the grudge matches started. Out came the Yahtzee and of the first six games I deservedly won 4-2. In the second six games something went awry and Dil undeservedly won 5-1. It was a fix and I’m sure he used weighted dice on his turn. When we eventually finished that and I’d stopped communicating with him in sign language, using only one finger mainly, out came the Trivial Pursuits. I gained my first four slices of pie before he’d got his first but then things turned a bit and he pulled three back. I went to five, he went to four. I got my last piece and started heading for the middle. It was outrageous, I couldn’t land in the middle to save my life and Dil managed to get his last two pieces of pie. It was a desperate battle ensued then as we both struggled for the centre. We both made it and asked each other questions we didn’t think the other could answer. But with a bit of judicious reading upside down I was OK in the end. I WON!!!!! Unfortunately someone had taken so long playing that we didn’t have time for any cards and Dil had to return home where it was snowing and his wife phoned to let him know. Here it was just bucketing down with rain as usual. Dil left and I tidied up and washed the pots , took my meds and came through.

There was plenty of post to do But hey, I have the time don’t I. Who needs sleep anyway. I started the blog at 11.12 pm so I should be in bed around midnight.

Before climbing into bed I removed the plaster which had been on he prescribed 24 hours. It came complete with hairs and I bit my tongue rather than scream.

Confirmation of the haircut and shave,

Confirmation of the haircut and shave, Spring is due.

Family Group. Me and my Fan Club.

Family Group. Me and my Fan Club.

Thursday 25th Feb

I could only read until 12.35 am last night as the yawns were threatening to unhinge my jaw. I hadn’t got to bed until 12.08 am so it wasn’t much of a read, and it was mid chapter, but it promised to be a good sleep. I snuggled down and slept. It was 3.53 am when I woke and a couple of minutes was enough to convince me I wasn’t going to nod off again. I trotted off to the loo to widdle for Britain before carrying on to the kitchen to make breakfast and have my meds. As yesterday I had a toasted bap to use the last one in the packet and also to preserve the milk for when Mike arrives. I returned with a coffee to log onto the computer and attack my mail. I was about 3 in when the system shut down without warning compliments of Microsoft. There was  a little blue tinge to the air above my head as I logged on again.                                                                I worked and worked. At 7.30 am I must have glanced at the clock then whoomf I was gone and didn’t wake until 9.05 am. I was horrified, all that time wasted and a mail count now of 81. Joey wasn’t happy with me either as I ran to open his cage door. I didn’t know budgies could scowl. I came back and got dressed then went to Pauline’s for my lottery , some ciggies and a BFG that accidentally fell out of the freezer into my basket. I was charged for it at the till before I knew it was there. It would have been inconsiderate to ask Pauline to knock it off my bill so I just handed her the money. I was doing a good turn anyway since I am a founder member of SOG and I’m a proud Soggie. (Save our gateaux).

I returned to work, even giving up my HUtH . Until I was clear at 11.20 am. Time to see to Joey’s water and seed before starting to peel my sweet potatoes.                                 I made my usual Thursday lunch bangers and mash (sweet potato) with mixes veg and onion gravy, I used a whole onion for that. I’d finished making it in time to sit and enjoy Bargain Hunt though I got up and washed the pots before the auction. I didn’t even sleep through it. At 1.00 pm I returned to my room knowing some post would have accumulated since I’d left.It had. Doing it presented no problem though, I was in no rush. At 3.00 pm I went to watch Escape to the Country. The mystery House was an oast house conversion and it was beautiful.The couple searching for a house understandably fell in love with it . At the end of the programme it said they had put in an offer and had it accepted. 13 weeks after moving in there was a devastating fire. That leads me to presume they don’t live there now but the programme did say we’d be catching up with them in a couple of months. I hope to see that and hope neither was hurt. At 3.45 pm as I was just about to leave the room, Mike sent his usual ‘On my way bro’ text so I’ll expect him around 6.00 pm with luck. In the meantime I worked until 4.30 pm and then went to see Flog It.

After Flog It was part way over I turned to Cold Case and then Without a Trace. Mike arrived a few minutes into Cold Case and I had to explain it. In Without a Trace I had to point out Anthony la Plagia out to him a we’d had a conversation a few weeks ago about Frasier. In Frasier the character Daphne Moon was preparing to get married and her loutish brother from Manchester comes to stay, played by Anthony la Plagia. I’d said the accent was atrocious and instead of an American, surely they must be able to find a Mancunian actor over there. Mike looked him up and it seems he’s not an American either but an Australian.                                                                                                         While Mike watched Manchester United win on his ipad I watched MASH until it was time for Death in Paradise. I’m so envious of the actors who get to stroll around in the sunshine and the beauty of wherever it’s filmed  that I’m half tempted to go and bump them off and just let the director know I’m available for a small fee.

At 10.00 pm I came through to deal with the post and the blog. I was doing OK until Mike came through to ask how my hands are shaking at the moment. He wants me to trim his beard. I’ll do it gladly, but not until I’ve been to the chemist tomorrow to stock up on a styptic pencil and a lot of plasters (band aids). I was finished with the mail at 11.04 pm and ready to start the blog straight away. Midnight is my target.

Just in case you forget

Just in case you forget

King of the Castle

King of the Castle

Friday 26th Feb.

12.02 am to bed, 12.47 lights out, and because I was tired, 12.48 sleep. I was up at 4.03 am again and went straight to my mail box. I kept going until 5.10 am then nipped to the loo and then to the kitchen to take my meds and start the Friday routine. That meant refilling my meds tray for the next week so I got my medicine drawer from the lounge and started the process, filling the drawer from my latest batch of drugs as needed. Then I suddenly decided to have breakfast and thought while I waited for the pre-food tabs to do their job, I’d spend the 15-20 mins rehanging my bathroom curtains I’d washed on Wednesday. That was knocked on the head when I realised I’d need the ladders and I didn’t want to get those out and risk disturbing Mike (by screaming as I fell off). That job could wait. So, I had a cigarette for timing and then ate a bowl of cornflakes (but not the bowl as well). Coming back with my coffee I found it was 6.01 am and I just had the chance to finish the last of last night’s mail before the new batch arrived.

There was a lot of mail this morning but at some point after 8.30 am I packed in halfway through one and lay on the bed before I fell out of my chair. Tiredness just hit me like a sledgehammer. I slept till 9.15 am then got up and finished the message I was working on. I only managed to do one more before at 9.35 am Mike got up. A big surprise. I went and made his coffee. As he sat down with it, I went and got the ladders out and set them up in the bathroom. I’d just started to put the first curtain back up when Mike appeared needing the bathroom and I had to depart. Getting down the ladders in one piece was a miracle. I went to talk to Joey for a few minutes. When I heard the bathroom door open I went back just as Mike was climbing the ladders to finish the curtain I’d started. He asked me to pass the second one which I did and up that went too. I thanked him and put the ladders back……. I wish I’d let him get off first, they were really heavy. We went to watch HUtH before he finally went to get dressed to go out and he suggested I get dressed too. Good idea really as the postman came minutes later, and me opening the door in my dressing gown might have been a shock. After all, not many dressing gowns have a door do they.

I returned to work and Mike left to travel to Manchester. I was determined to make up for the skiving this morning and worked until 12.10 pm before going through to get lunch and watch Bargain Hunt. I’d made a good hole in the numbers by then. When I went back at 1.00 pm the numbers had gone up a bit but were still manageable. I was done by 2.30 pm. I did Joey’s seed and water so he thought all his birthday’s had come at once, Who’s a cheeky boy then. I caught the latter half of a programme called Moving On which was excellent and then sat through Escape to The Country.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Knowing I wanted to be back in there for 4.30 pm and Flog It I spent up until that time catching up on mail, doing some Facebook messages (I don’t go to Facebook unless forced) and leaving feedback on ebay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Part way through Flog It I received a text to let me know Mike was on his way. I was surprised as he’s not usually this early. At 5.00 pm I watched Cold Case then just as it finished and Without a Trace came on Mike arrived do I made him a coffee and he told me about his day. We were expecting a Road Trip at 7.00 pm but it had been replaced with the biography of an amazing man who Mike tells me died last week. A man who was in Berlin at the 1936 Olympics and saw Jesse Owens, who flew with the second highest air -ace from the Luftwaffe WW1 and then returned home to fight in the Navy as a pilot for WW2. He landed planes on aircraft carriers. After the war he was the first person to land a jet on a ship. We watched Mastermind still a bit open mouthed.

At 8.30 am I went for my shower. After it was over Mike kindly applied a new plaster to my back without attaching it to a single item of clothing. He made me promise it would hurt to take off and he wants to be within earshot when it does. I don’t see why, the hairs have already gone.                                                                                                                   The film Philomena came on at 9.00 pm and I watched with him until 9.45 pm then made him a drink before disappearing to my room. Lots of mail again and very strangely more new followers. They seem to be getting younger and I don’t understand the appeal. It was almost 11.00 pm before I finished though and had to go straight to the blog. I’m setting a midnight limit as it’s shopping day tomorrow.

Down by the River Dee

Down by the River Dee

Welcome, do sit down.

Welcome, do sit down.

Saturday 227th Feb.

Midnight bed, well a couple of minutes later maybe after getting the gunk on my legs. I slid between the sheets, I read until 1.05 to finish a chapter. It took ages to settle again, perhaps because I kept sliding down the bed. memo to self, use less gunk on legs. 2.24 am I awoke but after a trip to the loo I knew I wasn’t staying up. I couldn’t get to sleep though so moved my ‘booty’ to my chair in the lounge. I soon managed to nod off there. It was  4.29 am when I woke there knowing my night was over. Not a problem though as I could probably clear the outstanding mail before the new batch (no, not the Gremlins). I did manage to clear it, but what a close call it was.

Mike’s first alarm went off at 6.15 am. Knowing they could fly to the moon and open an Edam Cheese Mine before he’ll move I strolled to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Let’s skip to the chase eh, it was 6.50 am before he got his a*** into gear and brought his rapidly cooling coffee to the lounge so he could promptly fall asleep hunched over in his chair. I turned the searchlight on to hit him full in the face and reminded him not to forget his coffee as I took the food waste out of the kitchen to the bin. When I returned things had changed. He was asleep hunched over in his chair but now he was holding his mug in both hands. I daren’t speak for fear of startling him and of course it would be my fault there was a broken mug and a brown puddle on the floor to go with the spilled coffee. I tried to lift the mug from his hands first and his eyes flew open straight away. He lifted the mug to his mouth saying “I haven’t finished it yet.”                                                                                                                                                                                                I took the rubbish out next and when I got back he was having a huge coughing fit ( drink it Michael, you can’t breathe it). He went off to get dressed.

We left the house at 7.30 am today and it was almost 7.50 am when we reached the Supermarket. Mike got the trolley, I got the cash. Time for a change of role I’m thinking. We started with flowers for Ju and chose what I think looked a nice bunch. Then it was the normal clockwise tour picking items I needed as we went. I won’t bore you (this time) with what I bought but we were soon at the checkout where I’m afraid he was disappointed again at how little I had spent. Then coffee time. While Mike ordered,I got my cigarettes. When we’d done, Mike picked up something from the ciggie counter while I had a look at the photography section to see if there were any nice frames on a special. They are good to have in for gifts or if I need them on the wall of shame.                                                                                                                                                                   After packing the car we called in at Pets at Home where I got Joey some seed but Mike didn’t get what he wanted. I suggested the internet. Then it was on to Flint and a coffee at Temptations, he had his usual. We found out a member of staff is single and he registered an interest with the others to put in a good word for him.I didn’t know it wasn’t just sailors could have a girl in every port, or in his case a port in every girl to ease the mood. We avoided being thrown out.

From there we looked at a few shops while a decision was made about where we’d eat today. As we left Flint it seemed the car had it’s own ideas and pointed in the direction of Prestatyn. But, when we got there, Mike didn’t park in the usual place but did the guided tour version until he found a pay and display car park we’d already passed once. We visited a little cafe we’d been to a few weeks ago. Both of us ended up with braised steak, I had chips and peas with mine, he had boiled pots and peas with his. It was very nice and it meant I’m in with a good chance of a Sunday roast dinner tomorrow now. We had a very quick look round one shop after leaving the cafe then headed for home. We struggled in with the bags at the other end and I almost tripped over a copy of The Watchtower on the mat. Religion had been out to get me for years. I didn’t venture further into the house until Mike was in and I could close the door. He went through to the kitchen , passing through the lounge first. I winced as the expected happened. Squawks and screeches galore, Joey really let rip at him. I came in a little more slowly, dumped the bags in the kitchen and came back talking in my most soothing voice about how he was my best boy Joey, Joey, Joey. He wasn’t hoodwinked for a minute and upped the tirade a notch or three. I backed gently away and started unpacking shopping and putting it away. I had the upper hand. Mike moved the car as the bin men were coming. I put the last of the shopping away and as Mike returned I said I was going to start work and not to forget to look at ebay for his fish food. That left him with Joey and me in complete peace. He does not like being left on his own for long which is strange as he never comes to either of us.

I worked from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm without a break and just left a few undone. When I went through, Mike had found what he wanted, managed a kip though he wouldn’t admit it and then sat playing computer games. We turned TV on and found an easy programme to watch which also gave me chance to make some tea. Then we watched the last episode of Beowulf that Mike had missed. Then, a huge mistake, I turned onto Inspector Alleyn which was from the ark and badly overacted. I went to sleep in desperation. Unfortunately it was still on when I woke half an hour later. At 9.00 pm Mike wanted to watch an episode of something called The 100 so I was given the chance to leave and come back to work. By 10.40 pm I was up to date finally and able to look at the blog.

The new jumper

The new jumper

First library card

First library card



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96 responses to “Getting Plastered & American Mancunian, Australian?

  1. A haircut and a shave–wow, David!–as my dad would say, you sure do clean up nice. 😉 I’m still smiling at Reuben’s “sister for sale” t-shirt. And then such a darling yawning little sister dolled up in pink…such a beautiful little sister he has. As a car dealer, my dad used to say to friends with new babies, “I’ll trade you a new truck for that baby,” and I would clap my hands and say, “Or two trucks. I really want a baby sister (or brother, but I already had a brother, so a sister would have been better.)” So in keeping with my dad’s offers, I’ll trade you two trucks for your wonderful baby! ❤

    • Yes, I loved the Sister for Sale teeshirt too and I love her eaten by pink as she was, I’m afraid I keep buying pink. She is a little gem.
      I can imagine you wanting a baby sister enough to offer two trucks but nowadays, since I don’t drive I can honestly say, No Trade, I’ll keep the baby.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs Marylin xxx

  2. Hi David, first of all let me say that I was thrilled to see that you were sleeping so well, that is wonderful as I often am concerned that you don’t get the rest you need. I thought the photo’s were wonderful and I love the photo of you with the pinstripe vest you look very handsome and quite dashing, Have a wonderful week, hoping you sleep well and see you again next Saturday same time same place. Massive hugs my friend.

    • Hi Suzanne, thank you. The extra sleep comes with such promise then fades to nothing. I don’t mind though as I’m OK.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures. I have to chuckle when I read you like th one with the vest, over here a vest is an undershirt worn for warmth whilst a waistcoat is worn on top like that. I like that one too though because of the little collar. Dashing I might go for but handsome? I’d never try to fool myself that much.
      I wish you a wonderful week and look forward to our next meeting.
      xxx Sending you Mammoth Hugs xxx

      • Funny about the vest/waistcoat discussion. When I was a child I had a pen pal in England. Fashion brought the USA knee-length trousers, gathered and cuffed just below the knee. Here they were called *knickers*. They were hugely fashionable and I desperately wanted a pair. I had no idea that in the UK, underwear was called knickers. You should have seen the drama that pen-pal exchange created… My English friend was mortified that I didn’t have any “knickers.” 😀 More hugs.

      • That’s hilarious Teagan my love. There are just so many differences in what should have been a common language. Hood=Bonnet, I can’t recall what you call the boot of a car. Sidewalk=pavement and it goes on and on.
        In England a girl would find it very draughty without her knickers.
        xxx Humongous Hugs as always xxx

  3. You always have wonderful photos, but the batch this week are extra great. I especially love the photos of you with Amelia and Reuben. Also, I never knew Mancunian was the word to describe people from Manchester. We just watched a show on BBC America called “Prey.” It’s set in Manchester, so now I’ll have to listen to see if they use the word.
    Hope you’re able to stay plastered (if necessary). 🙂
    Have a wonderful week. Big hugs!

    • Thanks so much Merril. I think that’s the first photograph I’ve had with both of them.It’s odd how rarely I see a picture of me with my own baby but she’s usually wielding the camera.
      I haven’t heard of that programme but listen out for Manc too as they sometimes shorten it.
      I was plastered until last night but if I need it again I’ll have to wait till Monday now. I know what fun it is trying to apply it myself.
      Wishing you a Fantastic Week. xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  4. Looking dapper, David 😉 You have such a beautiful family. And Joey’s hilarious. I’ve known budgies who scowl. And scold. Huge hugs!

    • Thanks so much Melanie. I’m delighted with dapper. You’re right, I do have a beautiful family, I’m very lucky. I’m glad I’m not the only one to experience the displeasure of a budgie..I’m sure people think we exaggerate.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. You look great, David. Nice vest and so glad to hear you are sleeping well 😉 Lots of kid pictures this week, which are always a delight. Reuben was being edged out for a bit by his sister, but he seems to be back in the spotlight. Well, a shared spotlight now! Always nice to see pictures of you with them too. Ha ha. Have a great week. Huge hugs!

    • Thanks so much Diana. As I said above, I always giggle when someone says they like my vest as over here a vest is hidden beneath the shirt and it’s a waistcoat on display. I love my waistcoats and have quite a lot.
      Roobs could never be edged out for long, I think he has a fan club now.
      Have a wonderful week,
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  6. You had the haircut and shave last week as I recall, so the photos are confirmation of that event – surely not two shaves in two weeks!! Looking good David!!

    • Hi Pauline. Yes, the haircut and shave was last week, but it’s the second shave since then otherwise I have a white chin and it’s to early to be growing it for Christmas.or I really would be The Man himself by then.
      Thanks for the compliment.
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  7. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy these diaries. I am amazed at the everyday happenings that seem so normal yet are unusual in respect to a continuity of the life of a writer. I love your battles with e-mail. I have the same problems. Nice haircut David and your grandkids are precious.

  8. Being in Australia and all just wanna tell ya, David: it ain’t Anthony la Plagia BUT Anthony LaPaglia – ah what an Aussie – lived abroad a lot at the foot of Hollywood Hills etc and then …. “I had a vocal coach. It’s a sad thing, but I had to hire someone so that I could get my Australian accent back,” he said once. So it could well be true that his accent is all over the place ☺ But hey, leaving those that entertain us (or not) aside it’s great to see you managed to “sneak in” on Sunday more sleep than usual in one go and I say “sneak in” as it does strike me something keeps waking you up every couple of hours over the night – reminds me of me on Antihistamines when I’m with cold or flu: all bright eyed n bushy tailed all night through almost.

    • Apologies for getting that wrong Ina. It’s a shame he lost his accent but I’d shoot the vocal coach who tried to make him speak with a Manky accent. Maybe he was playing for the laughs but it was truly awful.
      The sneaking in of extra sleep seems to have ended again but I don’t mind too much. Maybe if I’m going to be awake I should try the antihistamines to make me bright eyed and bushy tailed too.
      Have a Wonderful week.
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

    • You’re very kind Rosie. If I can’t bring the 60’s fashions back so I can wear flares again, perhaps I should just encourage a return to smartness instead of slouch pants and builder’s bum.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  9. Hi, David, gosh that picture of you looking at your granddaughter, with the expression on her face, it’s just priceless. I like the haircut, too 🙂

    • Hi Yvette, she does seem to have a very expressive face and some of them make me laugh. It’s like she knows just what’s going on.
      Thank you, I like a grade 3 now but it’s still so cold here I might have been a little premature.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxxx

  10. Hi David. Nice to see you’re feeling a bit better. I do love the T-shirt with sister for sale and the pink outfit… (I love pink and it’s not getting better with age. I quite like purple now too). I’m thinking about suitable messages for T-shirts…

    • Sister for Sale was a good one, I wish I’d had one 50 years ago.Nothing wrong with purple either. I’ve been wearing a purple one today with Bazinga written across it. I’ve done a few in the past and printed at home but we all know I hate i***ing. Nowadays easier to get them done on ebay.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs Olga xxx

  11. A long time since I haven’t seen that word—Mancunian. I was one for a few years. Thanks for the pics. My favourite is the one of Reuben in his new jumper. Butter wouldn’t melt…

  12. Another most enjoyable post, David

    Thank You

    Big hugs


  13. carolewyer

    Terrific photos especially the knitted baby yawning. Best line was about being health conscious and eating rhubarb yoghurt!
    Super post, David.
    Sending you an extra big hug for not commenting in recent weeks.

    • Thanks so much Carol. It was a favourite picture of mine too. Can you believe, the rhubarb yoghurt isn’t working !
      So glad you enjoyed the post
      xxx Thanks so much fir the extra big hug, always enjoyable. Sending you Hugs Galore xxx

  14. I can’t believe how quickly Amelie is growing, and she’s so cute in those little outfits. As for Reuben, he’s turning into a very dashing young man. Pass on our congratulations on his library card. First the library card, the Pop’s credit card….;)

  15. I wonder if the Simon Pegg thing you watched was the one about an alien. I quite liked the story, but the bad language was ridiculous. I don’t think I’m particularly sanctimonious, but I just don’t see the need for every second word to be an expletive. Some people nowadays seem to use four letter words as punctuation.

    • No, it wasn’t the film ‘Paul’ which like you I found the storyline had some merit but also like you I found hard going for the language.Maybe I am particularly sanctimonious. It’s a shame that someone as talented as Simon Pegg resorts to filling the script or accepting scripts where an unnecessary amount of bad language is used..

      • Yes, “Paul” was the name of the movie. I remember now. I agree about the gratuitous bad language. It’s not that I can’t cope with it if I hear it, but I just can’t see the need for it. Rather than accentuate jokes, it just gets in the way of them for me.

      • That’s pretty much the way I feel too. An unnecessary distraction.

  16. You look very dapper David with your haircut and shave.
    Love the music again this week, Candy Staton, the Power of love and Somewhere in My Heart too.
    The children looked so adorable as always, Amelie is growing so quickly by the look of things 🙂

  17. Hi David. What a delightful week you gave us (even if it didn’t always seem so to you, it’s lovely to spend time with you). That photo of Ameile yawning is the most precious thing!
    Thanks for the Aztec Camera song. I wasn’t familiar with them and really enjoyed it. Wishing you a wonder-filled new week. Mega hugs!

    • My weeks are usually boring and hilarious depending whether I have company or whether I have to behave. I’m sticking around a while yet to see what happens. I thought that photo was priceless too.
      I’m so glad I found a song you didn’t know but liked.That was quite a nice one.
      Wishing you the happiest of weeks
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  18. First of all, congratulations to Amelie on her 8 weeks, and to Reuben on his first library card! Sweet little buddies, what a joy to have them! I love the picture of three of you. That precious look on Reuben’s face! Doesn’t look like a sister seller to me 😉
    Your new summer haircut and shave look very smart! Hope it has an effect on the cold weather 😉 – it is a time for the winter to go.
    Many hugs and good wishes! xxxxxx

    • Thanks so much Inese. Two more little landmarks. I liked the picture of the three of us. Don’t be fooled by Roobs just ‘cos the mischief face isn’t there. He’s only waiting for the sister prices to go up.
      I hope this haircut has an effect on the weather too but I swear there were icicles in it today when the sun went behind a cloud.Fancy takeing a toilet break on duty!
      Have a Great Week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  19. I see Reuben hasn’t lost any of his charm. Gosh, what a cutie. And that sleepy little marshmallow in pink is just too adorable for words. What a photo! You are looking pretty darn handsome with the fresh shave and haircut. Oh, thanks so much for the Falling Rain video. One of my favs. Great big hugs to you and the little ones. 🙂

    • Reuben will be charming as he’s picking your pocket I think. The sleepy marshmallow will probably turn out just as impish.
      Please make an appointment with your optician soon, I don’t want you having an accident.
      I’m so glad you liked that particular delve into the past though how you know it I don’t know, I wasn’t aware of a re-release.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx.

  20. Che bella vestita di rosa, un amore, un abbraccio David, buona domenica sera, 😉

  21. Hi David. The young salesman and his sister are beautiful. This reminded me of a time when visiting Hong Kong many moons ago. My son, yes another David and about 6or 7 at the time, wrote a sign to put in the window of the room “Young white girl for sale.” We had so many chuckles about that.
    And oh I’m so pleased that on occasions you get a little more sleep. It’s so good to have a full nights sleep but I guess for you even 5 hours is a “full night”. Take care. Many hugs from this side of the world.

    • Hello Judith. lovely to hear from you. The young salesman is waiting till prices improve I think. I bought him a new teeshirt this week with I’m a Big Brother on it so he may have to change his mind. Your David sounds like a lad with much humour.
      Yes, sometimes I get a little more sleep and it’s nice but I shouldn’t complain as I’m not ill with it and the extra time with my mail is always handy.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs winging their way to you xxx

  22. First of all, David, I’m blushing. Thank you for the sweet and totally lovely mention, you’re too kind and my compliment was completely honest and well-deserved. 🙂 And I agree 1000% about the friendships, dear friend, completely. 🙂
    Also, glad you found Jason/OM, he’s an awesome blogger himself and generous to other bloggers. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your week with us, David, I know I’m sometimes late n showing up but that’s because I always want to have a lot of time to enjoy your posts and enjoy them I do. 🙂
    Love your shave and haircut, you look very handsome – you’ll have to fight off the ladies. 🙂
    Wow, just when I think Roobs and Amelie can’t get any cuter, they do! Thank you for the pictures, they made me smile even more than I was already smiling reading this post and that’s a lot of smiling. 🙂
    Hope this week treats you kindly, dear David – I can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂
    Massive ‘cute t-shirts and hugs’ hugs xoxox

    • Hello Sweet Donna. I see no need for you to blush. Nothing said that wasn’t true. You’ve perked me up no end a number of times when the Black Dog has been about.
      It doesn’t matter really if you show up late as the fact of turning up at all is sweet and much appreciated.
      Do give over, another one who needs her optician.Shave and haircut, fine but I do have a mirror you know and it never lies to me.It’s even a bit late for me to start wishing I was handsome. I don’t even get to fight off the ladies in my dreams.
      I’m thinking Amelie is going to become a poser just like Roobs and then I think, oops, too late.
      I hope you also have a wonderful week.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

      • I’ll have you know I just got new glasses and they’re progressive so I can see you far away and close up. 😉
        I think both little angels know they’re adorable and photogenic, way too late. 🙂
        I like to have enough time to read and enjoy. 🙂
        I’m so glad we found each other, David, so we can both perk each other up. 🙂
        Massive friends across the pond hugs. xoxo

      • I have varifocal glasses too and they still don’t make me look any better. I just see better.
        I’m glad we found each other too. Who says online friendships can’t be real. I think maybe they don’t come any better.
        Even the width of the pond can’t spoil some things.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. You’re looking very well and sharp David. But if you’re going to have a cutie in pink on your arm you’re going to have to be..:) that photo of The Understanding….there was a complete story in her eyes. I wonder what she was thinking. And that knitted pink outfit is beautiful. You’re a lucky man..:)

    • Thanks George, the only way I get the one in pink is in my arm rather than on my arm. I keep getting the feeling she knows more than she’s letting on and I won’t be getting away with anything.I wonder if my wife has come back in her to make sure I don’t. I am a very lucky man, especially as I didn’t have to knit that outfit. I wonder how my brother got on with the incessant click-clack of needles for years on end.

  24. Hi David, I stopped by to thank you for your kind support and encouragement. I am going off WordPress for a couple of months. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to discover ways to continue blogging in this time, but I’m near exhaustion and have several writing projects that need my concentration. Wishing you joy in all you do. Hope to see you at the end of April. Keep those Grandchildren stocked up with plenty of massive hugs! Best always, Laine

  25. What is it about the male of the species that you are all able to nod off as soon as you are in transit? My husband does the same thing every time we travel – I have captured countless photos, on planes and trains, eyes closed and mouth open, that I threaten to shame him with on Facebook. 😉 Glad to hear you’re staying on top of the pile – have you thought of training Joey to do the mail while you’re out and about? He could use the hunt and peck method on the keyboard! Wishing you a wonderful week, cher David! Bises xo

    • I think we just grasp at any opportunity in case another one doesn’t come along soon.They’re my little top-ups.
      I had thought of Joey but his spelling is atroshus, his language is appalling and he keeps wanting to put his own slant on things which I’m always afraid might get too close to the truth.
      I hope you have a fantastic week, xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  26. Ali Isaac

    Ooooh get you! I’m loving the new look! You look amazing! You’ll be fighting the ladies off at this rate. I watched Philomena too, such a great film and so sad to think that it’s all true, and that they weren’t the only ones it happened to. Its a dark period of Ireland’s history. Now I have to say, that little granddaughter of yours yawning in that punk knitted outfit… unbelievably cute! I’m sure it’ll go viral on fb! So the sleep is a bit of a mixed bag this week, but you’re doing alright aren’t you? And on fire, judging by all the funnies you’re cracking! Have a great week! 😊

    • Not much chance of me fighting the ladies off Ali, it seems they have better taste. The overall look isn’t too bad though, I’m hoping this year there will be a Summer worth getting the waistcoat collection out for.
      Philomena was a great film but for me all it confirmed was my thoughts about the Christian Church. It’s faith is a business and the directors of the firm are out for every last penny. I remember reading at the time some of the contracts the Convent had for the laundry and how heartlessly they treated these vulnerable young mothers.It’s a shame Philomena had such a sad ending.
      I like the idea of a punk knitted outfit (rather than pink) but I don’t think I’ll be fitting her for nose studs anytime soon.
      I’m doing fine thanks, the sleep isn’t really an issue, especially if you’re picking up on the intended funnies (you must be the only one).
      Have a Wonderful Week
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  27. What a dapper look you have, and by all appearances those babies approve too! As I may have said before, your detailed style is reminiscent to Samuel Pepys. That’s a compliment you know!

    • Thanks so much Marian. I shall have to keep the standards up during the part of the year that lets me. Winter is a time of many layers and no style.
      Thanks so much also for the compliment.Few and far between as they are it’s sometimes hard to take them on board.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  28. The “yawn” in pink is so adorable, I can’t believe her brother doesn’t mean what his shirt says. *Wink* I can’t believe she’s eight weeks old. And you, my friend. I barely recognized you without the beard. I’m listening to “The Power of Love,” one of my favorite songs. Great choice! (I have it by Celine Dion.) Don’t forget your memo: Less gunk on the legs. Have a good one, David.

  29. Well, now, let’s rephrase that second sentence in the previous message. I should have edited first. It should say: “I don’t think her brother means what his shirt says.”

    • Luckily I got the gist Mary J.. This is how I used to have my mush all the time but then the cold weather stepped in followed immediately by sheer laziness. I’m so glad you enjoyed the song, it’s a real gem that one.. I have heard the Celine Dion version too.
      I’ve tattooed the memo in my head backwards so I can read it on the screen before I do my legs.
      Wishing you a Great Rest of the Week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  30. Well the Sister for Sale shirt is excellent. Reminds me of a friend who just stopped his eldest putting his youngest on ebay in his name; they’re in California and Pete was sure it was a capital offence to traffic minors. The forgetting to swallow thingy is also a trick I think I might have perfected. How is it that they taste so disgusting? Surely something so bad can’t be good for you?
    Glad to read sleep seemed better and the trimmed whiskers puts my Arafat scrubble to same. Must be all that Welsh mountain air or the Irish sea mists or something making you follickly resilient (at least around the chin). Hugs my friend.

    • This week has her dressed in ‘I’m the little sister’ t-shirt. Yes, I’m not so sure how far the sense of humour runs in the US with the law officers. No doubt trafficking charges would have been brought.
      I don’t know why they can’t manufacture something with a decent taste, they did it with stamps. For years I carries Disprin Direct around with me because they could be chewed and tasted great ( I thought so anyway) No having to look for a glass of water when I’m out. Typically they’ve stopped doing them. Aaarggh.
      The sleep improved just long enough to lull me into a false sense of security before the small gods pounced.
      The shave and haircut is in the hope the small gods don’t recognise me when they visit. Anyway, it’s been so wet here recently I needed to shave before the foot rot reached my chin.
      Hugs Geoff.

  31. Great, tidy look 😉
    Jennifer Rush was huge in Germany. I loved that track.
    And thanks for the cute pictures.

  32. Darling pictures again of the children. That was a really cute T-shirt with “Sister For Sale”, etc on it. Congratulations to Reuben on his new library card. What a shame you’re having so much trouble with your back. I was worried when you said you got out the latter to put up the shower curtains. How nice of Mike to finish the job. I wish we could still get BBC Entertainment here on the dish. Those sound like great programs. We used to get it here on Tata Sky but there was some disagreement and they removed it. Huge Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks so much Suzanne. Reuben got no offers after all.
      The back trouble is all but over now, perhaps it was just waiting till Mike did the curtains. What surprises me is that Jade managed to get them down without a ladder and she’s shorter than me, and I needed the ladders. I dread to think where she stood but she might have ended up tap dancing.
      A shame about your TV programmes. Perhaps Tata Sky didn’t want to pay the BBC fees.
      Have a wonderful weekend.
      Mammoth Hugs xxx

  33. Aren’t you the dapper looking gentleman. Already for spring. She’s eight weeks already? Time sure flies and she looks absolutely adorable in the pink and wearing a yawn. Which of the James Patterson are you reading now?

    • I may have been a little premature with wishes of spring.It’s back to the raincoat and wellington boots I think.
      Yep, she’s growing fast every time I turn round. My great nephew who was born ten minutes ago will be one in May.I can’t believe how quickly time goes.
      I was reading Hope to Die.which I enjoyed.
      Have a wonderful weekend
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  34. David – what in the world is a ‘gilet’?

    • Hi Jadi, I’ve seen it spelled gillet too. A sleeveless often padded outdoor jacket. Used a lot by hunters at one time but very trendy these days.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  35. What wonderful photos! A new-look David, and the two little ones are growing so fast (and so beautiful!)
    xxx Gigantic Hugs to all from Margaret in Australia xxx

    • Thanks so much Margaret. Yes, the little ones are growing fast. Roobs forms full sentences to tell you things,he’s two and a half already. Amelie just charms me with her smile.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs back to you from Wales xxx

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