A new Computer ( just not unpacked yet) & Predictive Text.

Sunday 28th Feb

I was actually in bed close to midnight, or at least on bed as I slathered myself in enough gunk to do a Channel swim. When I’d thrown out a couple of anchors to keep me in place I started reading which I ended just gone 1.00 am. It took a short time to find a cool enough spot for my legs and then I slept. The first period lasted until 2.28 am and then I woke ready to go to the loo. No problem as I hopped back into bed straight after a cigarette and was able to sleep again. The second session ended at 5.01 am which seemed on a par with usual really. This time I didn’t need an immediate visit to the Piddle Palace and so was able to log into the computer. I made a start on the mail from overnight but broke off at 5.45 am to get my meds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        When I came back I was heading towards completion when the new batch arrived.  I ended up working until 8.15 am before the first clear patch and the chance of a break so I disappeared to the lounge to let Joey out and sit with him for a while.

At 9.15 am there was a knock at the front door. It was my neighbour Bert to see if I had a mirror he could use to see the back of his head as he trims it. I do have one somewhere but I couldn’t find it so he left empty handed. I did say if he had no luck later, to call and I’d trim it for him.                                                                                                             As soon as he’s gone, Mike got up. Very unusual for a Sunday. I made him a coffee while he asked what Bert wanted. We watched a couple of episodes of 8 Simple Rules from the early series while John Ritter was still alive. Then I went to get dressed. When I was done, Mike toddled off to his room and got ready. At 11.00 am we left the house in search of mirrors. We went to Tesco where we found two mirrors on stands at £2.50 each which were good but I asked to go to Home Bargains in case they had a hand mirror. The first think I found were two mirrors on stands like the Tesco ones but with a magnification of 3X on one side and they were just 99p each. Mike found one hand mirror.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     When we’d finished in Homies we gave some thought to lunch. Knowing Mike wanted to get away early this afternoon I didn’t want to suggest anywhere and he didn’t want to decide either so we gave the car it’s head. The Cookhouse was the choice. Wise decision, there were so many moans of ecstasy coming from our table at the taste and tenderness of the beef (plus pork in Mike’s case) we were getting a lot of funny looks. Four people just ordered “Whatever they’re having.”                                                                   After lunch we came home and I fell asleep the minute I hit my chair. Not too sure when Mike left but he’d gone when I woke. I was glad as I hoped it would give him time to get the problem sorted with his visit to Canada in a couple of weeks. He’s been given 10 days to sort it yet it took them 3 weeks to notify him there was a problem.               I turned to work. It was 3.15 pm and I stayed until 6.00 pm when I went to have some tea. I stayed there until after Beowulf and then came back through to make sure the mail was cleared before starting the blog. It took until 10.49 pm but I’ll be in bed before midnight I’m sure.

Feel the force

Feel the force

Getting the punch line.

Getting the punch line.

Monday 29th Feb.

T’was a funny old nite. I was in bed for 11.45 pm and I could only read until about 12.15 am as I did feel tired…of what I’m not sure. I don’t imagine it took me long to get to sleep but waking at  2.01 am came as a bit of a shock and didn’t feel right. I sat and had a cigarette while I decided what to do and after some consideration, going back to bed seemed favourite. I lay there for some time willing sleep to come but it obviously missed the first few buses so I took to my chair in the lounge. That worked  and it was 5.34 am before I resurfaced. Despite the fact I was still yawning it didn’t seem a bad length of sleep.                                                                                                                                                    I went straight to the kitchen and took my meds realising that I’d completely forgotten last night’s again. Oops! I made a coffee to bring back to my room stopping off on the way at the House of Pee when I realised I was hopping from foot to foot.

I signed on and started on the mail. I was making real headway before the new batch arrived but they didn’t seem so bad this morning. I was finished by 8.50 am and able to get dressed ready to take my prescription request to the chemist. Mail was still coming in but in much smaller , more manageable batches. I went to let Joey out and tell him I’d be back to watch TV with him later, then walked up to the Shop Parade as it’s known and tucked my prescription request in the box provided. I know it will be back on either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. It was cool out but fairly bright so I chanced a sports jacket instead of my leather one. I was well layered beneath it though. It was really nice and it seemed a shame to be coming back indoors. I hoped tomorrow would be a similar day so I could dress as though Spring has sprung.                                      When I got back in I returned straight away to the mail to keep some kind of control on it. At 9.55 am I went through to join Joey for HUtH. I know it’s his favourite because he chirrups through it.

Once it was over and I’d taken in a parcel from the postman I returned to my mail. Quite a few in while I was away. One I found absolutely amazing was here….                           https://meatdoesntgrowinmygarden.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/ausones-notebook-22-nd-instalment-amwriting-mondayblogs-cats-iartg/    It seems that in Belgium in the town of Linkebeek there were elections at which the same French speaking candidate was elected 3 times but was not empowered as Mayor by the Regional Dutch speaking Authorities who instead appointed the second place man who then had to step down as he had no majority. The area is predominantly French speaking of course. And people wonder why I laugh at the idea of a United Europe and want to leave the fold.                                                                                                                                                                         I thought I must have missed my warden again despite telling her (by text) to come in if the door is unlocked, but even as I thought it she knocked. We had a good natter then she left to go elsewhere and I saw to my lunch which today was a beef stew and dumplings. I watched Bargain Hunt and enjoyed seeing two teams of youngsters make a small profit each.

I came back to work again and found a message from Yvonne asking me about a new coin the Royal Mint are going to do. Grandparents it’s time to prick up your ears or maybe your eyes. What a delightful keepsake for a child and possibly a small investment too.  Maybe a full set of 4 of the general coins in uncirculated condition?                     http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/royal-mint-making-coin-honour-10963753  I only needed to work until 3.00 pm and the box was empty again. I was supposed to be looking at starting something creative but after staring at the screen for about 5 minutes I gave up the ghost and went to talk down to Joey. He doesn’t like it but he’s not big enough to matter. See how brave I can be ! I fell asleep, but then you expected that didn’t you. I wasn’t out for long as I wanted to spend from 3.45 pm to 4.30 pm in here in case more mail came and also to leave feedback on ebay for this morning’s parcel. From 4.30 pm I fully intended to be watching Flog It, and I was. For tea I had some biscuits and a yoghurt so I could take my tablets For a change I had dark chocolate digestives and was so proud of myself for having the half chocolate covered item for a change. Talk about health conscious.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I watched Cold Case, Without a Trace and then an ancient episode of Murder She Wrote with Malcolm McDowall, It was one of the early Iron Age Episodes and I think we’d just started occupying roundhouses. The various grunts and beatings of the chest left me a little confused so at 8.00 pm I locked Joey in, took my meds and came through on another catch up with my peeps who I can at least understand. Well, some of you anyway. I’m tired and intend to have a very early night. Fingers crossed it doesn’t result in a very early morning too.

Mum, Amelie's going to pick her nose.

Mum, Amelie is going to pick her nose.

Tuesday 1st March. St David’s Day.

10.40 pm bed and I only read until 11.15 pm before attempting to sleep.  I know midnight had come and gone before I was able to do so as despite the applied creams my legs, especially the left, itched like mad. It was difficult to even relax when all I wanted to do was scratch. At some stage I fell asleep but woke again at 1.12 am, it was the itching. I was still tired so I moved to my chair in the lounge and fell asleep with my pyjamas legs rolled up to the knee. I slept until 3.17 am and that was the end of sleep for another night. The early night had been countered by the early morning. Ah well, at least I was guaranteed an early start on last night’s mail considering how early I departed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The mail took me until 5.20 am and I chose to go have my meds and breakfast then. I was surprised just how awful it sounded outside as I hear nothing in my little room usually. When I’d eaten my toast I sent a text to Yvonne to see what she wanted to do today as I didn’t want her to get drenched bringing the babies out. On the other hand I haven’t seen them for a week and I do have some choice prezzies to take. By joint agreement a few minutes later I’m not going to Chester today. No point in all of us being wet and miserable, I can do that at home. I will ask Mike if we can meet up with them on  Saturday morning after Reuben has been to the cinema.

So, I was able to stay with the mail  until completion. I had a small break at 9.00 am to go to Pauline’s for chips with curry sauce and some cleaning materials. Then I came back and continued until 9.40 am when I could shout Huzzah from the rooftops, or I might have done if I could have reached one of the perishing things. The mailbox was empty! Temporarily I know, but for now empty. I went to talk to Joey who was actually having a (not very intelligent) chat with his friend in the mirror. Isn’t it amazing how they’re both as aggressive as each other and he still hadn’t noticed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                At 10.00 am I put on HUtH to distract him. It did, he flew from the mirror straight into the kitchen and straight back out into his cage. Even Bev yesterday noted how much he loves his cage. Strange when the door is open and there are a multitude of perches in the room he could try if he wanted, including my head and/or shoulder. After a while I was distracted from my programme when he came out of his cage and landed on the chest of drawers to the left of the cage, plopped himself down in front of a photo of Ju and tried to start an argument. Of course it may have been his reflection in the glass again but who knows.

At 11.00 am I returned to work and turned the TV off. Joey shut up immediately I got out of the room while the miracle was still happening. There wasn’t too much post I’m glad to say so at 11.40 am I was able to give some thought to lunch. Ha, don’t make me laugh, I’ve been thinking about chips and curry sauce since I bought it. I took my pre-foodies and buttered some baps before doing it so it was 12.10 pm before I was ready to sit and eat. I saw Bargain Hunt out.                                                                                  The minute it was over, I rushed back, found 3 pieces of mail only and decided to have a power nap first. Back in my chair I closed my eyes and blinked…..one long blink until 12.55 pm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Then I came back to try and decide whether to risk buying one of the computers I’m looking at on ebay. They call them refurbished and they have 8G of RAM and 1TB of memory, Windows 7 and are dual core. My nephew is trying to dissuade me from getting one of these and suggests another site but they’re twice as much and more there. I think he may have relented a little as I sent him the details of two more a little later, both on ebay. He must have realised my financial limitations and said whichever one I chose he’d help me with.

The afternoon was charged with little darts back and forth between the lounge and work. There seemed to be less to do today which was great as most Tuesdays are frantic. So, had I gone to Chester I wouldn’t have been too stretched when I got back. There was a knock at the door about 3.00 pm which because I was expecting my drug dealer I answered. There was a man in a white coat and I panicked. But when he spoke it was someone from Grimsby selling fish. I’m shocked since we have Conwy a few miles down the coast with it’s own fishermen. Grimsby is a long way from here and there must be somewhere between here and there that they could market their fish without driving this distance. Perhaps not. Approaching 4.00 pm the doorbell rang and this time it was my dealer. In exchange for  a month’s supply I passed over a box of Quality Street. I’m sure most dealers don’t work so cheaply.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      At a few minutes to five I had some chineapple punks and then watched Cold Case which was really quite sad as it involved lobotomies. Then it was Without a Trace which I missed the very last couple of minutes of by dozing off. It’s bloody annoying. Why I punished myself by watching another ancient Murder She Wrote where our heroine played herself and her London cousin at the same time I don’t know. But I did. I have actually enjoyed this series in the past  but some are really old hat.

At 8.00 pm I came through intending to stay and make sure the mail is kept down before doing the blog. It’s possible I may have slipped into ebay here and there purely by accident of course. Actually I was sending a friend the number of my Himalayan Salt lamp which she’d never heard of. It’s supposed to help the air when it’s on. But it’s really quite pretty too. I also ordered a new computer which will arrive Thursday.


Not for sale.

Not for sale.



Wednesday 2nd March 

I got an early night and was in bed by 11.00 pm . I read until 11.45 pm, it’s a book by Gerald Seymour and promises to be good. Sleep wasn’t as hard to come by as last night but a couple of times I dropped off only to wake up seconds/minutes later.Eventually after a proper sleep I woke at 3.13 am in my chair in the lounge. I sort of have memories of  going there but can’t remember when or why.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      It being far too early to take my meds I picked up a fresh bottle of Pepsi Max and went back to my bedroom to sign on. I did my gmail first then at 4.25 when I had emptied that, I turned to ebay to check out the temporary insanity of yesterday and ordering a new refurbished computer like I did. Since it’s Windows 7 and has 8 Gig of RAM and 1TB of memory I’m hoping for more speed out of it and perhaps being able to get my skype back. Lee says I should back up my files to the slave hard disk drive but I have no idea how to do that. This Silver Surfing thing only goes so far with me.

At 5.00 am I went through to the kitchen to take my meds and have some breakfast. Toast again this morning, but a bap rather than sliced bread. When I came back with my coffee afterwards I took the bull by the horns and decided to learn how to back things up. I started it going but am not sure if I’m backing it up to the right place- the internal or external HDD. The choices were limited to 2 things and one of those was the DVD writer so I opted for the other with was labelled D Drive. I’ve set it to do a weekly back-up from now as well.

I started again on the gmail stuff that had come in. At 6.10 am more and more started coming until I thought I’d be here all day. As it was, I was clear by 9.40 am. As it was very light now I went through to let Joey out of his cage and to change his water, seed and millet. Obviously I had to wait for him to come out before putting the millet in. He was in a very good mood this morning, very chatty. As usual all I understood was Joey,Joey, but he seemed to enjoy me repeating it to him when he said it. He could just think I’m a trained parrot of course. I stayed with him until 11.00 am when it was time for another turn in the trenches. This time I was occupied until 11.50 am when I thought it time to start my lunch or I’d miss Bargain Hunt. Today I had some corned beef, micro chips and a small tin of beans. I’ll use another one of the micro meals on Friday but tomorrow is my bangers and mash day. At this rate I’ll only need to buy one meal for next week.

1.00 pm should have been a return to the computer but my backside just sidled down the chair and I closed my eyes. Forty minutes later I was as fresh as a daisy. I wnt back and worked until 3.00 pm when Escape to the Country was due to start. I had everything under control so I was happy to leave a few till later and disappear to watch it. Big mistake! I returned to the bedroom at 3.45 pm and sat down. I had just opened the first email when I heard the front door open very quietly. As I leaned over and looked towards the front door, there was Dil almost an hour early. I’ve asked him whether it’s worth working these days. He’d been on a site meeting fairly local and just finished. It wasn’t worth driving all the way back just to finish and come back here again. Anyway, the boss said it was OK and he’s the boss so who’s going to argue.                So, I went through and made him a cup of tea while he took his coat off. We chatted about our weekends then watched half a quiz, an antiques show and then our usual full quiz.

At 6.00 pm as the TV went off the table came out- the top fell off- it was replaced and I put the Yahtzee on the table. OMG, he won the first sheet 5-1 I didn’t know what had hit me. I won the second sheet 4-2 giving him the over all win. The Trivia came out. the opposite of last week Dil was the first to start collecting pieces and he had 3 in before I got my first. I did manage to get the sixth and last piece just before him but that didn’t help much. We shuffled round trying to get to the centre. I missed an answer and then Dil missed two on the trot. Finally I managed to get back thee for another try and he asked me one I knew. That’s one game each. We had time for one game of Cribbage before he was due to leave and he beat me with a street to spare. I swear he’s better at cheating than I am these days.                                                                                               I waved him off, quietly regretting it wasn’t raining harder then came back in to tidy up and wash the pots. I wished Joey Nos da but all he did was hop into the corner of his cage as the cruel master locked him in for the night. A quick nip to the kitchen to take my meds and then through to the bedroom to start work again. It was bad. It’s going to be another midnight finish.



Is it love I see?

Is it love I see?

Thursday 3rd March.

I was in bed at 11.50 pm and had a good read for an hour before turning out my light. Sleep wasn’t too long in coming once I made myself comfortable. No wake ups in the middle of the night and I slept until 3.11 am. After a nip to the loo I came back and signed on. First job was to check the bank. My pension was in OK but there was no deduction for further rent or Council Tax so it looks as though they’ll have to take everything on 15th March so I don’t end the year in debt.  That could be a fair old chunk of money from January.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I started on my emails but broke off around 5.00 am to take my meds. I also filled 3 small Pepsi bottles from a big one and put them in the fridge. A much easier size to keep next to my bed or on my side table in the lounge. After making a coffee to bring back I returned to work. I finished the emails before the next lot were due to arrive so I started looking at ebay. At smart TV’s of all things. I was so tempted last Saturday at Argos, a 43″ screen at a cracking price that would have been like the cinema in my lounge but I reckon my ‘bro’ wouldn’t be able to say he couldn’t read the quiz questions on Pointless any more.

I worked until 9.15 am then nipped to Pauline’s to get some bread and other things including my lottery. I had to leave a note on the door to say I was out for 5 mins unless Jade turns up. I still have no idea what time she’s working today. When I got back I’d had an email to say my computer will be delivered between 13.28 pm  and 14.28 pm which I thought was very specific . I did some more mail until 9.55 am then left the rest while I went to watch HUtH with Joey. Once that was over and the turning off of the TV stopped his running commentary I went back to do some mail for about 40 minutes then went through to the kitchen to peel my sweet potatoes. At 11.15 am I had a text message from Jade to say she’d be here at 2.00 pm. Good, I thought in case I needed someone to carry the box. (joke).                                                                                                  At 1.00 pm I started to clear the next lot of emails that had arrived and since there was the opportunity to follow the driver of the van bringing me my computer I decided to  do so. It showed our relative positions on the map. Alan is currently delivering parcel No 43, you are No 38, Alan will be with you in approx half an hour. I followed him along the coast road until he ended up a little past me doing drop No 40. Alan will be with you in approx 15 minutes. At 1.35 pm he arrived. I signed for the box thinking it was a bit small but of course there won’t be all the polystyrene to get rid of if this is a refurbished model. I slid the box along the carpet to Mike’s bedroom and left it hopefully where he’ll catch himself on it. If he breaks it I can sue him for a better model. If he breaks a toe I can laugh.

I was tired this afternoon but as Jade would be coming I wasn’t going to get any rest until she’d gone and before Mike arrived. That’s if he”s still coming today. At least I could stay up to date with my mail. Jade arrived about 2.15 pm and got straight down to work. She was going to top up the lounge (naughty Joey) and do Mike’s bedroom today. She didn’t need me underfoot. I slipped into the lounge about 3.05 pm when she’d left so I could see Escape to the Country, my emails were up to date so I wasn’t exactly skiving. She came back through after seeing to Mike’s room about 3.40 pm and knowing she had another job to go to I sent her away. She offered to reduce the rate for not doing the full two hours but I told her to buy a box of chocs for herself.                                                                                                                                                                                              Since I knew I would be skiving at 4.30 pm I checked on the e.mails but I only needed to do about 5 so I dodged off earlier and watched a different quiz to my usual. For some reason I stayed awake. At 5.00 pm it was Cold Case and at 6.00 Without a Trace. When I checked my phone during one of the advert breaks (it was in the kitchen on charge) I saw Mike had sent as text at 5.50 pm to say he was setting off.  I got his cup ready about 8.00 pm but it was half past before he arrived. It seems it was filthy weather out and had been all the way. I hadn’t heard the rain until that moment beating against the windows. We chatted about his week and at 9.00 pm started watching Law and Order. I had to make a sandwich in the break and that should be against the law sometimes. At 10.00 pm I came through to start work and Mike followed me to ask about my Skype. I told him I removed it completely and then tried to download it again but it still won’t work. Amazingly there wasn’t much mail to deal with ‘cos I’ve sent everyone to Coventry this week so I was able to get to the blog much earlier. Perhaps even an 11.30 pm bedtime.

My lovely Great Nephew Nathan. 10 months old.

My lovely Great Nephew Nathan. 10 months old.



Friday 4th March.

I got my bedtime around 11.30 pm as hoped and I only read until 12.15 am before settling down, albeit on my wrong side, for the night. When I woke up at 3.41 am I was on my right side which is the right side and tells me I don’t keep still at night and my  body ignores it. I still don’t understand how it can ignore moving as far as another room though which at least wasn’t the case today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I paid my all important visit to the Piddle Palace and realised my intuition that there was someone else in the house was correct for a change when I passed Mike’s open bedroom door and I saw a misshapen lump in the middle of the bed. That could only be Mike. I came back and started work on the mail until 5.00 am when I went through to take my meds, prepare my next week’s meds in their container and then have some breakfast. It was 5.50 am before I returned and started work again but I was done by 6.05 am and just sat enjoying my coffee until the next batch arrived.

At 8.30 am Mike’s alarm went off. I knew he had to be gone by 10.00 am but that was early for him. But,I took his coffee through and made sure I woke him properly so he knew it was there. I even got a sensible answer but he still didn’t get up until 9.10 am. I went through to the lounge and woke him by standing on the toe he didn’t break on the box. He was out at 9.55 am and promised to text when he’s on his way back.                                                                                                                                                                                              I went back to work and cleared the box at 11.00 am. I know Joey is disappointed to have missed HUtH but we all make sacrifices don’t we?                                                                By 11.45 am I was clear and able to think about doing lunch. Lamb and colcannon today. I very much enjoyed the latter but I’m going to say my imagination let the lamb down, the thought of all those little white clouds sproinging (I like this word ) along in their fields in a few weeks………  I watched Bargain Hunt and then allowed myself a power nap. Oops, when I woke up Doctors was on and I found myself watching it before I realised. I managed to break away before 2.00 pm though. Work until 3.00 pm then Escape to the Country. At 3.45 pm I did some other work and wrote a few personal emails before clearing the decks again in time for Flog It.

I ran the gamut of my ‘almost’ usual Friday viewing,  Flog It, Cold Case, during which I had a very late delivery of pyjamas for Amelie and  at the end of which Mike sent a text ‘On Way Bro’, Without a Trace, an episode of Mash during which I got another text to ask if I wanted anything from the chippy. Naturally I said no because of my diabetes but for some reason the predictive text wrote Yes, chips, get here now, then A Question of Sport which was halfway over before Mike arrived back from all the way round the corner. I almost tore his arm of helping him put the food out with one hand and buttering a bap with the other.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         At 8.00 pm I went for my shower aiming to be back for Mastermind. It turned out to be a special for celebrities rather than a semi final or the final but hey,it was OK. At 9.00 pm was the important bit of the evening, no not more food, the last episode of  Shetland. Fair play to the writers, they’re excellent and just when you think you’ve the story figured out ( and you’ve translated the Scottish accents) they put another twist in the plot. Look away now if you don’t want to know whodunit. It was, Aaaarghh. Is there a doctor in the house, oops, perhaps Jessica Fletcher or  detective then?                                                                                                                                                                                                As always on a Friday I knew it would be a push to catch up on my mail and do the blog. Midnight tonight I reckon.

Wot a larf

Wot a larf

Nursery with Bug Boy

Nursery with Bug Boy

Saturday 5th March.

I managed 11.33 pm bed and enjoyed my book until about 12.30 am when I paid my last visit to the loo with my light going off a minute later. I woke mid-dream at 4.35 am hoping I had time to make it to the loo. I actually wanted to go to the cellar first (?) but the need was greater. By the time I reached the loo I was aware that the cellar didn’t exist and was just a lingering past of the dream, but I was glad I hadn’t tried to make the detour first.                                                                                                                                                  Vastly relieved, I washed my hands and tried to get a grip on the dream. I know Ju was there and I think it was for her I was going to the cellar to collect something but I think it was for someone else, possibly Mike. That sounds reasonable I suppose, him using my legs rather than his own. I gave up and headed for the kitchen where I took my meds and then made myself some toast for breakfast. It was 5.50 am before I got back to my room, just enough time to finish the last of this morning’s mail before the new lot descends. I’ll be a little stuck when that happens I think, making Mike his coffee if he’s set his alarm. I need to get the rubbish and the recycling out ready for collection then.

The alarm went off and I made and took through a coffee. I know I reached into his sleep because my bellow got a grunt in return. However, as always it’s all promise, no action with him. I listened to every alarm he ignored until 7.00 pm before he finally moved.I dealt with all the bins while Mike went to sleep in the chair but I turned the light on, made a noise with the bins and coughed a fair bit. We left the house at 7.35 am. At the supermarket we decided to buy the flowers last today, on the way home so they didn’t get knocked about in the boot. We carried on and I bought a bunch of kids clothes so they’ll be OK till they’re about 14 now. Once all the shopping was in and Mike had insulted another Mike who works there and we’d got insults in return, we went for a coffee. It was much needed.                                                                                                        From there we headed for Flint and Home Bargains, then B & M then finally Temptations taking a box of chocs in for the girls, who just happened to be Ceri 1 and Ceri 2 this morning. After he’d filled his face with teasted toecake and we’d finished coffee we stood outside for a cigarette. I realised how late it was getting and we set off for Chester to be there ready to meet Yvonne and the family. They’d taken Reuben to the cinema this morning.

When we arrived at Broughton Park Mike and I went into Tesco where he found some good items in the sale to take with him on holiday.Two or three jumpers, a pair of jeans and I think a teeshirt. He was just in the queue to pay when I had a text to say they were out of the cinema and where did we want to meet. I suggested a pizza place close to where they were standing so they could get out of the cold. Just a couple of minutes from where Mike and I were. We found them OK and I had hugs from Reuben and from Ugo but Yvonne was wedged in her seat with a fast asleep Amelie on her knee. We ordered drinks and when those came I was able to take my tabs and we ordered food. I wasn’t pleased to find I couldn’t have an Hawaiian pizza as they don’t use pineapple.It was a shame we hadn’t chosen the pub where we used to meet. Anyway I took Amelie and passed Yvonne the gifts. She seemed to love all the clothes and all the baking /cake decorating and mini wines for herself. Ugo liked his shirt and tie and his chocolate puddings. The meal came, Ugo took Amelie and we ate.

Once finished Ugo was taking the family home then going to play football. We were very close to a shop we both like so Mike  suggested we go there before going back to Tesco’s to buy the flowers. It could have been a mistake. Mike saw a phrenology head he liked though he didn’t buy it. I pointed out a glass head, and said I wouldn’t mind having it and using it as an ornament/hatstand, alternating the look by changing hats. I decided to buy it. Mike loved the idea so when I saw another one round the corner I said I’d buy that one for him, then he found a third which he’d buy himself. Of course then he had to have a discussion with himself about whether to buy the phrenology head to put in the middle. Something caused a break in concentration and it didn’t get bought. We had to go and look for a console table next to stand them on but we were in a very expensive shop and he blanched at every price ticket. I was following behind with a bowl expecting him to throw up. He nipped next door to look and while he was away I got the heads and met him outside.  Headhunting over Mike took the bags to the car while I walked slowly to Tesco’s. He met me there and I got the flowers needed for Ju. We came home.

Joey was over the moon to see us poor soul.It must have been a long lonely day for him from 7.00 am to almost 4.30 pm. We unpacked the shopping and got it put away then I left Mike with his football results and came through to start work. I’ve had two bouts of angina this week, when I saw the mail box with letters bulging from every seam I nearly had a third. I was tired following a 4.35 am start and having missed my power nap this afternoon. I worked till 7.00 pm then made some tea and took a break. Unfortunately the break lasted until 9.00 pm and I almost nodded off but Mike decided it was a good time to talk to me. When he goes to Canada on 17th he won’t be able to moan at me working or wake me when I’m going to catnap. YAY. At 9.00 pm after watching a programme of Dusty Springfield songs I came back to work and have put my nose to the grindstone. Anyone got a spare plaster? At 11.00 pm I had to break off to start the blog but I’m still hopeful that I’ll finish before it’s time to get up again.

Wishing you all a Wonderful New Week full of dreams come true. Hugs Galore one and all.

Happy Girl.

Happy Girl.





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74 responses to “A new Computer ( just not unpacked yet) & Predictive Text.

  1. Lovely baby and Reuben photos. Are these yours or compliments of a proud Mum? Is there no end in sight for your leg problems? I have trouble sleeping myself, and certainly do sympathise with your situation. Take care David. xx

    • Thanks so much Ardys. Reuben and Amelie are my young grandchildren though the pictures are certainly via a proud mum, my daughter Yvonne.
      The leg is my own fault I suppose, cellulitis is notoriously difficulty to get rid of and can take multi sessions of antibiotics which I generally don’t have more than one set of as I’m so afraid of becoming resistant too and knowing I’d prefer them for my chest when needed.
      The sleep can be a pain but you get used to it and I found I don’t need too much really.. I’m sorry it’s something you suffer with though.
      Have a Great Week Ardys
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. So I was on Twitter when I came across Rueben’s cute picture and had to come here to check out your post. You have some of the best candid shots of little ones I’ve seen. Have a great weekend David!! Hugs

    • Good Morning Stephanae (4.55 am ) lovely to see you here.Thank you, Reuben’s Mum will be over the moon to hear that as she takes most of them. I hink they’re magic from her phone.
      Have a Great Sunday and a fantastic Week,
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Great pics today, as usual. I hope the computer will start behaving soon. Have a lovely week and take lots of care.

    • Thank you Olga. I’m looking forward to the new computer giving me more speed ( I hope). So fast I can finish my emails before I start them.
      Have a Glorious Week.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs as always xxx

  4. Still on the fags, David 😀 – ah the grandness of choices in life and a new refurbished computer with 8 G of RAM to boot while I cruise along with mere 4G 😀 – happy “computering” with the new machine

    • Hello Ina, I certainly hope you’re right. 4G of RAM was fantastic for a long time but things slow down and need a boost. I hope this is it.
      Yes, still on the fags but still not back on 3 packs a day so I feel something was achieved and sometime I’ll try again.
      Have a Fantastic week,
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

      • Yep I need to update my computer’s RAM memory performance but so attached to the machine I have 🙂 no worries re smokes I totally understand, had a few stops & starts myself – still on a break for 10 months now – my lungs won;’t know what hit them with all that healthy stuff coming in day in and day out 😀 Have a superb week XX

  5. Ah, a new computer. Either a very good thing, or a stubborn problem thing; we’ll hope for the good thing.
    I have a Salt Rock, too! It mesmerizes our puppy, but other than that, it’s just a pretty, warm light. But kids love it, and Reuben’s pictures are great!

    • Hi Marylin, I’m with you in hoping it will be a good thing but I’ll have my nephew set it up just in case it’s a problem thing.
      You’ll have to make sure your rock salt lamp doesn’t start getting smaller once the puppy finds out it’s lickable. It is a nice warm light but I hope it really does help clear the air.
      Thank you, I think the pictures are great too and Amelie’s facial expressions fascinate me.
      Have a Wonderful week,
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  6. Sounds like March came in like a lion for you in Wales, David, as it did here. Snow and gales and wind galore – how I long for soft spring lamb weather at the end of the month! Congrats on the new computer – surely there’ll be no stopping you now! Big bises and bonne semaine!

    • I haven’t seen a single snowflake this year Mel but driving here on Thursday night Mike came through areas of snow including just a mile up (and I mean UP) the road from me.
      Thank you, when my nephew has me up and running I’m hoping to be fast like The Flash on the computer.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  7. I’m relieved to read that Amelie is not for sale, David!

  8. Good luck with your new computer. I bought myself a new one this year for my birthday, but I still have a lot of stuff on my old one. 🙂
    Beautiful photos of the grandkids, great nephew, too.
    I thought of you this week when someone posted something about St. David’s day.
    Have a very wonderful week! Hugs!

  9. Lovely tunes as the theme for this week, David. I haven’t thought about Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face in a long time. And of course the Righteous Brothers… always beautiful.
    I’m sorry you’re still having such a problem with your legs and the associated itching. That’s just miserable. Great big hug my friend.
    How cute and funny about Joey chirping through HUtH!
    That photo of the babies, apparently having a laid-back conversation is adorable.
    I have a Himalayan salt lamp and just love it. (I need to replace the bulb though.)
    I hope all goes well with the new computer. To me, that’s such a chore. Here’s hoping you feel happy and sassy all through the new week. Mega hugs.

    • Thanks Teagan, I thought there were some nice ones there.I was going for a different Billy Idol and decided to change the pace.
      I’m grateful for the hug, but son’t worry too much about the legs, I’m used to it.
      Joey’s timing is just a little too good sometimes.
      If your lamp is like mine it’s on a spring loaded piece to get the bulb out. Watch it doesn’t slip and smash the salt. It happened to my nephew.
      Fortunately not so much a chore for me as I hope Lee will do it all so there are no mistakes. I love that boy.
      I’m sure I shall be happy and as long as sassy doesn’t mean smart mouthed, I’ll try that too.
      xxx Sending you Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  10. Blimey! Amelie is growing up so fast, if you can say that of a baby. She’s lost that ‘Excuse the unfocused vision and slobbery chops, I’m newborn’ expression and looks as though if you mess with her you’ll get a mouthful back! Gorgeous pics altogether.

    • I’ve said all along that Amelie is an old person trapped in that body. She has a look that says she knows what’s coming next, behave or else.
      Thank you Jane, there are some really nice pics I get sent.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  11. Dear David,
    Great photos of the kids. The music this week definitely brings back some memories. I liked “Can’t stand the rain” – Reminds me of that movie “The Commitments” such a great movie!
    OK – what the heck is a phrenology head? I tried to think it was a phonology head, like it might help you pronounce words, but then it is to be put on the table. So why would you need a head that helped you pronounce words in the foyer. That didn’t make any sense at all. Maybe in the living room – that might make more sense. Wait – let me Google this. I have to know……Oh, I see. And you put your hat on this? Sunglasses would be cool too!.
    I wish I had some chocolate Digestives, or some Quality Street. My favorite biscuits are the Bourbons, the chocolate with chocolate cream. Yumm.
    Hope your switch to the new computer is going well, that is always such a tedious process.
    Can I come over to your house for dinner? What you eat sounds SO much better than what we eat. With my bodybuilding sons, all we eat is fish and rice, chicken and rice, rice, rice, rice. And now they are telling me I really shouldn’t be eating rice, way too many carbs. AARGH!!!! I think I am going to go sneak a couple of pieces of toast, with butter and marmalade before they get up. Don’t tell, OK?
    Have a great week!!!!!! Have fun(?) with your new computer and your phonology head (tee-hee).

    • Hi Susan, pictures and music, I’m ahead on both counts this week. I never actually saw The Commitments which was a shame but I haven’t been to the pictures since Lady Sings the Blues was on and I just haven’t seen it on TV.
      When I was very young my Nan had a book called Everybody’s Book of Fate and Fortune all about palmistry, tarot, tea leaves etc. Phrenology fascinated me thinking people could tell the future from lumps and bumps on the head. I thought you’d be able to tell the past better, like that was when a bucket fell on you or you tripped over a wall. I do actually quite like the heads but they don’t have ears so the Ray Bans are a no-no.
      I can manage some dark choc digestives or dark choc ginger biscuits if you like,those are my favourites. I’ve got Quality Street and Roses in ready for the warden and chemist but you can have them.
      I feel guilty now that the tedious process will fall on my lovely nephew not me.
      I’ll put the kettle on just let me know when you’re arriving. For the sake of your health we may eat out though.
      I think toast and butter sounds great, I won’t say a word. Shhhh.
      I bought the glass head not the phonology one, that was going to be Mike’s. Today I bought a Buddha’s head, I hope I don’t get hit by lightning if he gets to wear a hat too.
      Have a wonderful week,
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  12. Some wonderful music choices again David. I LOVE Billy Idol!
    I am rather partial to a chineapple punk too especially if it is on a cocktail stick with a bit of cheese!
    Lovely photos of all the children this wee, but what an adorable little chef Reuben makes!
    Have a wonderful week. Huge hugs xxxx

    • I’m so glad I did OK with Billy Idol.
      Yes, that’s a pretty good way to have a chineapple punk and a lot less solid than the sweet.
      I’m so glad you liked the photos but Reuben makes a great chef till you look at the floor and find one person’s share down there and it’s not his.
      Have a Fantastic Week Judy
      xxx Sending Stupendous Hugs xxx

  13. I have a Himalayan Salt Lamp David and it is on all the time – the only time the bulb went and I didn’t get a replacement immediately I got a head cold. Otherwise, I never get sick. They are handy to have beside your computer too. Have a good week xo

    • Hi Pauline, I’ve heard others say that about the lamps. I bought one for my nephew first as he suffers with colds and hay fever. I told him it would be best beside his computer as he spent a lot of time there. He seemed to benefit. I do like my lamp but rarely have it on as it isn’t near where I normally sit.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  14. Before I start reading your post I always look through your grandchildren pictures, David. What a joy they are, and you always capture the most precious moments. Grandchildren fill our life with love and new adventure once again :).
    Fingers cross for your new computer. At least, it is Windows 7, and 8Gb is a decent RAM.
    I went to LIDL to check out the gelato as you advised. They had a pistachio one! It was very good.
    Have a wonderful week! Many Hugs!!! xxxxxx

    • I can’t take credit for the photos Inese it’s my daughter and her phone most of the time.It’s always a treat for me to get them and even sometimes to be part of them.
      I was going to take advantage of the free update to Windows 10 but neither of my two nephews who are in computers advise it, they’re not keen on 10 at all.I thought 8Gb of RAM was OK for a desk top. As a refurb I’m not expecting miracles.
      I’m glad you found something in LIDL they have some really good stuff there.
      Have a Fantastic Week.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  15. I’ve taken the plunge with W10 and it’s (sort of) settled down after a really dodgy start. That said I got used to the tiles with Windows 7 and preferred that. The reversion to a start button isn’t the same as the old one so for me it’s a bit of a mess. I really haven’t seen any improvement. And it’s corrupted Word for some reason so that’s a bummer. Other than that David go for it!! Have a top notch week and may the best team win on Saturday but if that’s not England then may England win anyway…

    • For the first time this week I actually saw computers on sale with Windows 7 or 8.1 that said, Downgraded from Windows 10 like that makes them much more attractive. I think I’ll be happy to go with whatever improvements Windows 7 offers over Vista.
      I’m sure I’ll echo your sentiments for England to win………unless of course their opponents are Wales then it’s no contest.
      Have a Great Week Geoff..

  16. Hi David, I’m sorry about the leg, do take care I know cellulitis is difficult to deal with just be sure to take care of yourself. I love the photo of you and your lovely Lady J it’s wonderful and all of the photo’s are so charming and Amelie is getting so big, she is a real sweetheart. Best of luck with the new computer, it sounds like it’s powerful and here’s hoping your transition is smooth and sweet. Have a lovely lovely week my dear friend and gigantic hugs from me to you.

    • Thank you so much, I’ll try to take care but this itching is very wearing.
      That’s one of my favourite photographs and much nicer than one of me alone. You’re right,Amelie i getting bigger now and she is a sweetie.
      I hope the computer change goes well and the difference in power and Windows version makes a nice difference.
      I hope you have a fantastic week Suzanne,
      xxx Sending Mammoth Hugs to you xxx

  17. Hah! Thanks for the Righteous Brothers. Love that song. And here’s a song in return – Don Henley and The Boys of Summer. We heard it on the radio last night. I knew the song, of course, but couldn’t remember the name of the singer, or work out why the sound was so incredibly familiar. Can you?

    Oh and congratulations on the new computer – hope it all works for you. 🙂

  18. Lovely photos, as usual 🙂
    By the way, ‘Murder, She Wrote’ is back on T.V. here in Sydney, and sometimes we take a look at it, too.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  19. Best wishes with the new computer – technology is amazing – when it works! 🙂
    Sounds like another full week, David, thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂
    I feel that way about Murder She Wrote too, but I still watch it if I notice it on…I like the books too. 🙂
    Sorry about your troubles, I hope you have a better week.
    Hope Mike has a lovely trip to Canada.
    Roobs looks like a master chef and Amelie just keeps getting cuter and cuter…and you gave us some Paul Young, thank you (I till have Everytime You Go Away video memorized, movements and all lol).
    Hope this week treats you kindly, dear friend. 🙂
    Massive techno hugs. 🙂 xoxox

    • I’m trying not to build my hopes too much as it is only a refurb but if I can get SKYPE back it will have been worth it. I watched Star Gate tonight instead of MSW.
      Troubles? I have no troubles Sweetie, life is a ball. Mike heads your way on 17th so I’ll have just this weekend then peace and quiet.
      Roobs does look the part (except maybe for licking the spoon) and Amelie just looks cheekier each time I see her.
      Love of the Common People was my fave Paul Young and one that was something like coo coo karacha.
      All weeks are kind to me so this week is your turn.
      xxx Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  20. Lovely photos as always, David. It’s so cool to see how quickly Amelie changes! I can’t imagine that in a year you’ll be posting pics of her walking! Good luck with the new computer. I need a new one too, but it’s always such a traumatic experience. I hope all goes well for you 🙂 Have a great week. Huge hugs!

    • Thanks so much Diana. I can’t believe how quickly she changes either, mind you I never got used to it with Reuben. You could be right, in just a short year (which is only 10 months long when you hit 60+ and the Government take two months in tax) I may be posting pics of her walking though 14 months might be pushing it a bit.
      I’m very lucky. My nephew says it won’t be traumatic. Maybe 10 mins to download what I want onto the slave HDD and then link it up to the new computer to upload. That will take longer but doesn’t need my attention. Because this is a refurb, Windows 7 is already preloaded I’ll soon know.
      Have as wonderful week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  21. That is one really cool lamp man!

  22. I so love your sense of humor. I make sure to read your post carefully, because you put many subtle zingers in there that make me chuckle out loud.
    Pepsi instead of Coke? I’m strange – can’t tolerate Pepsi, but I make myself drink no more than one small can of Coke a day. They keep telling us it eats up our insides. :-0
    Lovely, lovely pictures of your little ones. Now, best of luck with the computer!

    • We’re like Jack Sprat and his wife Pamela as I can’t stand Coke.I think it’s a taste we decide on young. You’re right I do try to put little jokes in there but few people catch them or they just aren’t that funny. I seem to have days where they flow more easily
      . Thank you,, I enjoy putting the pictures up.
      The computer issue has turned into a major nightmare tonight and i’m not sure what to do yet. I’m chewing a cushion to stifle the screams in case the neighbours think I’m being murdered..
      xxx Hugs from yourshouldbeoldenglandfriendbutIcan’tbringmyselftosayit. So, Hugs Galore from your friend in Wales xxx

      • See? You made me smile at another ‘subtle’ joke, imagining you stifling your frustrated screams in the coach cushion. But I know, computer glitches are NOT fun or funny.
        One of my favorite nursery rhymes, one that I recite often to my grandkids is: JACK SPRAT HE ATE NO FAT HIS WIFE SHE ATE NO LEAN AND SO BETWEEN THEM BOTH YOU SEE THEY LICKED THE PLATTER CLEAN. I didn’t think any one else knew that one! xoxoxo

  23. This is such a mixed bag of delights!

  24. Best of luck David with the computer change over. I recently went over to windows 10 and it seriously made a nightmare of google my favorite ! Windows has got very bossy and when it updates it changes everything, not in a good way. After a few weeks of upgrading my techy self, the computer insisted on that! I am now a bit calmer and all is well, but how I hate having to change . Its like being controlled by the thing rather than controlling it. Lovely photos of the kiddies .Hugs xxxx

    • The change over hasn’t gone well Gill, still not done. I need to get a dongle for the new one to get the internet, I need to get someone to check the computer I use now to see why it isn’t recognising the slave HDD and why I can’t get SKYPE. This one is on Vista which is why I need a change, updates will soon stop. I’m going to be happy with Windows 7 on he new one rather than 10 as I haven’t heard anything good about that yet.
      Thank you, I enjoy my photographs
      Have a wonderful weekend
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • 7 should go fine. I have found 10 has mind of its own.Getting used to it now. I am getting to know why and where I have to untweek what it tries to do but it has got in the way of my blogging quite a bit! Hope you get sorted soon hugsxxx

  25. Love all these different photos and love, love your choice of music this week. You really went way back into the vault..:)
    Good luck on getting the computer going.
    Take care of yourself.

    • Thanks so much George, twice over. Yep,sometimes I go way back but not to before I was born and very rarely to before I was in my teens which dates me considerably.
      I may have jumped the gun with the new computer but when I get a dongle
      ( no I don’t need medical help) I should be good to go I hope.
      Have a Great Weekend, be nice to yourself.

  26. Great pictures of the children again this week. I see Nathan’s on the move. Mom must have had to move everything up higher. Darling little one. I hope you get your Skype working. I’ve never been able to get mine going here. I hope your newer computer works well. I have Windows 7 on my laptop and I’m satisfied with it. Since my laptop is a small one, the repairman said it might not be able to handle Windows 10. Huge Hugs for a great week ahead. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thank you Suzanne, yes some nice pictures. Nathan is doing well, we’re having another family meal at Easter so I’ll see him again then. Maybe in the new outfit I just bought him.
      I like skype for communicating with MuJo though not verbally. The messaging is much better and you can see the conversation moving. I’m sure the new computer will be fine once I get my dongle for it, and Windows 7 looks fine even though my Vista one is a better computer I’m glad to change.
      Have a wonderful weekend and week to come.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  27. The photos are adorable, David. They make me smile 🙂 How is your computer these days?

    • Thanks so much Christy. I haven’t actually turned a corner with my computer frustration yet as I’m waiting for a dongle to arrive so I can access the internet on the new one and on the old one I’m either waiting for a miracle or the last rites.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

  28. Still catching up, David, but I loved the ‘best’ sister pic. Hope you computer is up and running by now. I will keep reading and see. Hugs! 🙂

    • You’ve not missed anything of real interest Laine, you should have just gone for the last one. ‘Best Sister’ is a good pic.
      Nope, not up and running yet. But hopefully today the plug in will arrive and I can make a start.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

      • I just finished the last one. Good luck with the plug-in. I usually end up at the hair tearing stage by the time I finish the ready to go in 3 easy steps directions 🙂

  29. Thanks for sharing these lovely snapshots of your life.

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