Scrooge is alive and Well & Dongle Dismay

Sunday 6th March

I was in bed at 12.17 am last night and my light out for about 12.45 am due to being tired. I hate being deprived of my power naps and sulk so much you could rest a cuppa on my bottom lip. Wake up time was 4.36 am but I didn’t feel begrudging. Maybe I’ll get double the power naps today. After the inevitable skip to the loo (my darling) I started work on the mail. At 5.15 am I broke off to take meds and make a coffee to bring back then returned in the hope of clearing all before 6.10 am. I finished my last post at 6.08 am. Of course my break was only for two minutes before it all had to start again. I just carried on and was clear at 8.55 am for a while. I’d just stood up to go to the lounge and see Joey when I heard Mike’s alarm go off. I was shocked. Joey got his cage door open but I had to go and put the kettle on.

I took a drink through just as the second alarm sounded. A few burbling sounds greeted me and I knew he wouldn’t be up in a hurry. It was 9.30 am with the last bit of his alarm ringing in his ears. By that time I’d almost snuggled down in my chair and nodded off but he wasn’t having that. I left him in the lounge with his coffee while I went for a shave and to get dressed. We were out of the house a little after 10.30 am and on our way to the Greyhound Retail Park in Chester. We had a good look round the shops for a console table or something similar to hold the heads he bought yesterday but nothing seemed to please him. We both ended up buying another head each, me a very slim Buddha’s head and Mike a skull with inscriptions all over it. Gruesome but intriguing.                                                                                                                                                                        Dinner looked like it would be a problem as Prestatyn is in the opposite direction to where we were. I din’t want a pizza place again and wasn’t keen on going to Frankie  and Benny’s. I suppose we could have gone a short distance into the city for a pub meal but we settled on a cafe inside ASDA. Mike was really taken with the coffee.

Afterwards I suggested a look round one more shop for ideas if nothing else. It was remarkable, all the time wasted earlier and I take him there. He picked up a box of three children’s wall cubes down from £15 to £5 and decided they’d be perfect ( Scrooge). A head on each. From now on I’m going to plan the route and then cross off everything except the last. We came home again and I leaned against the front door (the inside or I’d have fallen over) and refused to let him go until he’d done the flowers. I stuck around till they were done then threw him out. He was intending to listen to his team play as he drove home. I was able to start work. It was 4.00 pm.

I worked until 6.00 pm then went and made some tea. I remained with Joey through Beowulf and then The Midwife but gave up at 9.00 pm and came to start again. That took me until just gone 10.30 pm when I was able to at least start the blog. It should be an early night hallelujah.

It wasn't me!

It wasn’t me!

Monday 7th March.

My early night was so much wishful thinking thanks to a late flurry of mail, but I suppose 11.55 pm counts. It was just gone midnight before I slid between the sheets and I use that word advisedly since I’d just slathered my legs in gunk. I enjoyed a read despite thinking I’d be too tired for that and the light went out at 12.48 am. Even then it was a while before I could sleep as I had to find cold spots for my legs to help stop the itching. I woke this morning at 4.53 am.                                                                                                A quick hop, step and jump to the loo and then to the kitchen to take my meds. I didn’t bother with breakfast as I wanted a run at my mail first. I brought a coffee back and signed in. There was more mail than I expected with friends still commenting on Saturday night’s blog post.  I got stuck in but couldn’t clear them all before the new day’s mail burst into being.

At 7.30 pm Joey was tweeting again without even using a computer. The mornings are much lighter for him now. I opened the cage and returned to work. At 8.45 am I went to start the washing machine, something I should have remembered to do when I first went to the kitchen. When I came back I worked until 9.20 am to finally get up to date. Time to go to Pauline’s. There was quite a queue in the shop but I wasn’t in a rush. When I got to the counter I expected conversation about the weather but it was actually about chips with curry sauce.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The tumble drier went on when I returned as the wash cycle had finished. I did that then went to Mike’s room and put the box with the computer on the bed and carefully unpacked it. There was a little table there which I set up close to the plug. Lee said I should check it before he comes to be sure I have no problems with the seller. I didn’t have time to do it just then as the warden-Bev- arrived earlier than usual. She stayed for a good half an hour chatting before going off to meet a social worker.

Joey came out and landed on the mirror (as always) and started tap-tapping his beak against the beak of the impertinent bird the other side of the glass. I took the opportunity to bring his cage down to floor level so I could remove the base totally and take it through to the kitchen for cleaning. Before that I had cleaned all the detritus off the objects under the place he often sits in the cage. With the base replaced and fresh sand paper added I put the cage back and went to pick up a fruit and honey seed stick for him as I’d run out of seed bells. He didn’t even seem too bothered as I replaced the cage right under where he was sitting. At 11.00 am I went through to set up the computer to test it. An older desk top base and a slightly newer monitor but the necessary cables were there so despite problems I managed to put it together. The most awkward problem I could see if that there were just two USB slots. With the mouse and keyboard in place I’ll have problems. The printer should be OK I hope as I don’t think that’s USB but my webcam will be and so will my speakers I think. Now I think about it, I don’t recall a place for my headphones either. Still, these are minor crises that can be overcome. Since there isn’t a slot to read memory cards I’ll need a USB for a card reader too. Ebay here I come.

At 12.15 pm, assured that everything was working OK  I broke off to watch Bargain Hunt. Before it started I grabbed my pre-food tablets. As the start of the show isn’t (to me) as important as the finish I was able to put my meal in the microwave and empty the drier, putting everything on the airer. I dashed through once the microwave binged me and got my meal to eat in front of the TV. I didn’t miss any of the auction nor one team making £135 profit on one item. An antiques show and the best profit is on an item made from  resin!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     At 1.00 pm  I turned the TV off much to Joey’s disgust and came through here adding to his disgust and his squawking displeasure. There was plenty to do which also included a visit to Ebay as I’d promised myself. I was spoiled for choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                           At 3.00 pm I started playing yo-yo by going back to the TV for  A Place in the Country  until 3.45 pm then back here until my regular departure at 4.30 pm. The cycle then proceeded as usual, Flog It, Cold Case and Without a Trace until 7.00 pm and then new to this channel for me Stargate. The only problem has been that I saw the start of Without a Trace then nodded off until halfway through Stargate. Two programmes where I couldn’t follow the storyline.

At 9.00 pm I reminded Joey it was bedtime and like a good lad he went into his cage. I wandered through to the kitchen and took my meds with my eyes roaming everywhere for something to chomp on. I wasn’t hungry, just a greedy pig. In the end I had nothing as my willpower shone through. Lights out I came through to work knowing there would be a good bit to catch up on. Who cares, sleep is overrated anyway.

Not sure if this is the chef or Pandit Nehru.

That crockledile is ready for those fingers. Any mo’ now.

Note I wore a more conservative yellow for St. David's Day.

Note, I wore a more conservative yellow for St. David’s Day.

  Sorry,it’s the best version I can find.

Tuesday 8th March.

Bed was around 11.30 pm and of course I had to read for a while. Two chapters of this one took me more or less to 12.25 am and lights out. I didn’t have much wriggling last night as I’d read with my whole body out of the covers and my legs were col. Some nights it’s just too nippy to do that. I was up at 3.09 am this morning so had time to clear a few items of mail before having to leave for Chester. I had my fingers crossed for a nice day as most of yesterday had been. Bright but with a crispness in the air. I’m fed up of the damp now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Once the triple jump to the Kingdom of Karsie was done I came back and logged on. There was plenty of mail and I had a good start with it. I did break off at 4.00 am though to go and get my meds and have breakfast. Indecisive as ever I couldn’t settle on either cereal or toast so my wonderful diabetic intuition told me Both. The cereal was Rice Krispies ( come on Kellog’s, I’m doing product adverts for you here). Things were going well Having had a spoonful of cereal I went for the toast next bu dropped it from a height. Somebody’s law (Murphy’s?) dictated where it had to land and moments later it looked like I had facial boils, including my glasses. Oliver Cromwell and his ‘ Paint me, boils and all’ would have been proud. I looked like a plague victim and so did the surrounding work surface. Fortunately for me I didn’t have to have reconstructive surgery (though many say I should) nor even go round with a sterile needle.

It was about 4.45 am when I returned to the computer which I thought should have come awake a lot quicker given that it had slept longer than me. I continued with the mail and was clear at 5.35 am though stragglers kept coming in. I opened up Ebay and started looking for coz presents ( here’s a present coz I love you). Sometimes it’s nice instead of an egg at Easter. Hm, sometimes it’s nice as well as an egg at Easter.I had a message from Lee who said he was surprised I could only find 2 USB ports on the new computer since it’s standard to have more. Knowing I’d ordered the hub with 4 on I didn’t worry too much but something made me go and take another look. First off, there are two USB ports on the front of the base which is magic for putting my card reader on, but on the back I found 4 more (I think) apart from the two I’m using. How the heck did I miss 6 ports like that? Tomorrow night it should all be up and running and I don’t mind admitting I’m nervous. I almost tried to persuade Lee to put Windows 7 on the existing computer and I’d carry on with it for now, perhaps update the memory and the HDD at a later date. What surprises me is how blase he is about the change. He reckons 10 minutes to download the files I want to the slave HDD and then just attaching that to the new one and uploading them. It will take a while but doesn’t need my attention. The thing I want most at the moment is my SKYPE back.

At 7.20 am I got my coat on and made ready to leave. I opened Joey’s cage so he had freedom while I was out, closed the lounge door and left. I’d put on a sports jacket because it looked quite nice but of course it started raining half way up the hill. I tried to speed up, I may be shrink proof but I’m not sure about the clothes. Two other buses stopped to see if I wanted to get on but I waited for mine who was almost back to the old time of 7.45 am. The journey was OK except I had to keep trying to do a Whoopi Goldberg and get the traffic lights to change. There were delays with roadworks. Somehow we were only about 3 minutes later than usual. I thanked the driver and got off. They were waiting for me in the bus shelter as it was raining in Chester too.                                                                                                                                                                                       There was a big grin off Reuben and a lovely hug from Yvonne. Amelie snored gently in her pram. We headed for an old shop in new premises to get out of the rain. It was very nice, a lot more stock and very roomy. Once we’d had a good look round and Reuben had a new toy we left to go for coffee. He really showed his displeasure when we bypassed a toy shop he wanted to go in even though Yvonne said we could go there after a drink. Heavens, Reuben can throw a better tantrum than me when he doesn’t get his own way. Take me out of a shop when I’m looking and watch me perform.

We had our coffee and I had hold of Amelie who’d woken up. She wanted her breakfast too. When it came to feeding time Roobs was watching something on Yvonne’s phone and she was obviously otherwise engaged, I said I’d take a walk. Now you have to be fair here. I found some nice bedding in the sale but didn’t buy it. However, I walked round the gents section and came out with a shirt and 3 jumpers for less than 20 quid. It’s not my fault, If Amelie didn’t want feeding and if Yvonne didn’t give in to her, I wouldn’t have been alone and seen this stuff. Yvonne looked very surprised when I returned with my bag and said t was time to go. I didn’t admonish her as I’m a very generous chap.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We moved on to the shop Reuben had wanted before and I found a book there for emergencies. He got another toy. Again we moved on, this time to the Grosvenor Precinct which is the main shopping centre on Chester. I managed to get something nice for Amelie and some lovely long gloves Yvonne liked as well as a watch for Ugo. Then it was time to go for my bus. I was on time and had a decent journey home. I called into Pauline’s and for some reason bought 3 scratch cards. When I got home and had a tongue lashing from you know who, I took my pre-foodies and set a chips and curry sauce on. It’s a new make and the timings are very different. It has more chips and more sauce and the latter has a very fruity genuine curry taste though still very mild. I enjoyed it. Once lunch was over I couldn’t go to sleep so came through to see what the damage was.

I worked from 1.30 pm  to 5.00 pm before having a break. I hadn’t caught up. I had my programmes from 5.00 pm until 9.00 pm before coming back to have another go. More had come through since the world never sleeps. It kept me going until 10.40 pm until I was clear and able to start the blog. It’s a midnight finish.

At Betws y Coed

At Betws y Coed

Also at Betws y Coed

Also at Betws y Coed

Wednesday 9th March

I made it to bed at 11.50 pm  and read until about 12.30 am when I put my light out. Falling asleep wasn’t a problem, staying asleep was though. I’d fall asleep for to or three minutes and was then awake again. That must have happened 5 times. Eventually I fell asleep and stayed that way until 4.18 am when I woke properly and ready to face the new day. Well almost. First the Piddle Palace and then the kitchen where I took my meds including my pre-foodies and then had breakfast, a toasted bap today with strawberry jam. I came back to start work coffee in hand. I worked until about 5.00 am when Microsoft informed me it was closing down for updates. I told it to postpone for 4 hours and threw myself into the mail. After about 20 minutes it suddenly closed down. I hate that happening. Luckily when it came back it brought the appropriate pages where I’d been back up again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I started again and finished at 6.05 am. I sat in my chair head back, relaxing. Not enough to nod off though. Eventually the new lot came. 14 at first and I thought all would be OK. I’d only done 2 when it jumped to 33, to 64 and thence to 97. I just kept going and had to fight the urge to nod off, especially as I relaxed and burned my hand on a cigarette I was holding in the other hand. 9.42 am showed on the clock before I finally finished. Joey was delighted.

I did watch HUtH with Joey but as he yattered all the way through it I’m beginning to think he doesn’t care about the programme, just about me being in there suffering earache. Some gratitude that is. At 11.00 am I returned to work and wondered why I hadn’t heard from Jade who assured me last week that it would be Wednesday this week. Mind you, she did say that the week before as well. At 11.45 am I was clear again and went for lunch. I took my pre-foodies then went to the chippie. I’d just got back when Jade sent me a text to say either 3.00 pm today or 2.00 pm tomorrow, she’d let me know within the hour. By 3.30 pm it was pretty clear to an intellect as sharp as mine that she wasn’t coming today. A fair chance she wasn’t letting me know either. Fine, next week I’ll work on ESP alone maybe.                                                                                     I kept the mail down as much as possible all afternoon and only stopped at 4.00 pm when I wanted to be handy if Dil came. He turned up at 4.30 pm so I made him a cup of tea and we chatted. At 5.15 pm we watched out quiz but Lee turned up at 5.25 pm. He and I deserted to look at the computer. I thought all was going to go well now and that Lee would show me how to get the files I wanted onto the slave drive and then I could bring the new one through and transfer the files. I think there must be a new small god I haven’t met yet. My computer wasn’t recognising the slave drive. Lee spent as long as he could trying to find out why not and see whether the problem lay with the computer or the drive. Typically it’s the computer. Quite a major glitch if something has crawled into the woodwork on the back of something else.                                                  He decided the way forward was to put the files I want onto discs and so he showed me drag and drop. That seemed to work. I did one disc and thought I’d try the transfer when it finished. He looked at my skype problem and said just download it as new on the new computer as it’s a bad problem on the current one preventing it. By 6.30 pm he had to go, understandably as he’s been at work all day.

I left all computer related stuff and rejoined Dil for our games. Is there by any chance a small god of the dice too? In the first Yahtzee run I lost 4-2. Not too bothered I started the second run hopeful and won the first two lines, then we had our first ever draw and he won 2 lines. I was determined the last one would be mine. I can still hear the mocking laughter. A disaster. And so, out came the Trivial Pursuit. I was able to answer questions no problem as long as I wasn’t on the square that won me a coloured piece of pie. Dil just romped away. He had 5 pieces in before I got my third. I almost grovelled at his feet when it was time to go and he said “We’ll have to call this a draw” or this would have been the worst day in a long time. Once he’d gone I had a very quick tidy up then washed the pots. I came through and got the disc which I took through to the new computer. I managed to open it no problem but couldn’t find a way of downloading the files. It was quite hard in Mike’s room as I have no computer table in there. OK, forget the files, let’s see if we can solve the Skype problem. I opened the Google Chrome button but it said there was no internet. WHAT !!? I came back here and sure enough the internet is live. On the new one it said no internet detected, none available to connect to. I haven’t an ethernet cable and if I had it’s too far to the box. I think I need to call a professional in to sort it and pay through the nose. Sobbing and chewing a cushion to drown the noise I gave up and came back through to see to the mail. It took until 11.08 pm to clear the last of that and start the blog. Midnight is going to be touch and go.

Scared at the cinema but Roobs is OK.

Scared at the cinema but Roobs is OK.

Looking out for l'il sister.

Looking out for l’il sister.

Thursday 10th March.

Well, midnight came and went and I got to bed at 12.28 am. I read until 1.15 am or until my eyes were ready to close so I didn’t even finish the chapter.  It was another of those nights where I slept for a couple of minutes then woke again as though I’d heard something, I hadn’t.  I woke at 2.28 am as though it was time to get up but I fought back. Eventually I slept again as I knew I would. I woke at 5.12 am and it was getting up time and not in  the delicious sense that means you have a partner still. I did the triple jump to Pee Hall and came back to log on. I was part way through a response to a message when without warning, Grrrr, Microsoft decided to provide some updates. My computer closed down and not a thing I could do about it. That really annoys me. Sometimes I get warning and can postpone things but not today.                                            I headed for the kitchen and took all my meds then made a coffee to bring back. When I got here the screen was waiting for me to log back in. It was 6.15 am and going back to the net I found I’d lost all the response I’d made to the message I’d been reading and had to start again. Worse still of course was that my mailbox was filling with the daily deluge.

At 9.15 am it was time for Pauline’s for my bread and lottery tickets. I walked back with Margaret, one of my neighbours, and we nattered all the way back.I have no idea  what we spoke about so it may have been talking for talking’s sake. So much for my inner calm this morning. At home I managed a few more messages before deserting and going to watch HUtH on TV. The postman brought my USB hub during the programme. I won’t tell you what Joey did on one of his bombing missions. Suffice it to say I hope it’s lucky and that his pocket money will be stopped to pay the cleaning bill. At 11.00 am I returned to work and stayed until 11.57 am when the box was finally cleared. Now time for lunch. I peeled the sweet potato, put the sausages under the grill and when they were due to be turned put the sweet potatoes in the microwave for 7 minutes. I’d just finished plating up when I found myself glancing at my pre-foodies which I’d forgotten to take. No way was I waiting for 15 minutes so I settled on 15 seconds today. I enjoyed my meal and at least remembered to take the two after meal tablets.

At 2.30 pm I received a text saying Jade had been asked to cover for sickness and would be here on Saturday instead. I explained I’m not in on a Saturday but I’d see her next week. She promised Wednesday 100%. I told her I’m keeping the text handy. I spent the next hour online trying to find out which end of the feather duster I hold, it only took so long as I found a few novel ways and enjoyed them. I plugged the end of the hoover wire into the wall but no noise issued forth nor did it pick up anything from my carpet even though I tested it with a plate of biscuit crumbs. I started to put it away and found a little switch on the wall which I clicked. No, still no noise but the music from the radio was nice. I had to take a brush to the crumbs in the end but even though it was specified as a crumb brush it took forever. I need help or at the very least written survival for a single man instructions.

Crumb brush and tray

Crumb brush and tray, late Victorian Art Nouveau.

I alternated the afternoon between bouts of working while sobbing uncontrollably at the unfairness of it all and joining Joey for a bit of leisurely TV watching.I the end when I’d vented my frustration on all you in the unreal world, I stayed with TV starting at 5.00 pm with my Cold Case. It was good but I can’t say the same for Without a Trace as I only saw the first ten minutes and fell asleep. The last five minutes at the end made no sense as I made tea in the kitchen instead. Mike had sent a text at 5.00 pm to say he was on his way so I expected him about 7.30 pm. I was watching Star Gate when he sent another text at 7.30 pm to see if I wanted anything from the chippy. My hand acted independently from my brain and sent ‘No thanks’.  He arrived at 7.50 pm and I had to sit here watching him fill his face. It almost made me miss the beginning of Sanctuary. At 9.00 pm I said I was coming through and I waited for him to complain, he must have known I’d stick my arm down his throat as he didn’t say a word.

He went to bed about 10.45 pm and I nipped through to tell him about the scratch cards (which I see I forgot to mention to you). Each card had 4 lines on. On the first card I had one line winning £2 on the second card I had a line of £1, another of £1 one of £2 and the last was again £1. On the third card I won nothing. Can you imagine it, taking my money under false pretences like that. Mike pointed out I’d won £7 for a £3 outlay as though that made a difference, and where was his share. At that point I remembered the bread baking in the oven and had to run. I was done with mail at 10.57 pm and able to start the blog. I’ve assured my fingers of a rest at midnight.

Time for sleepy byes.

Time for sleepy byes.

The gardener to be....

The gardener to be….


Friday 11th March.

Midnight it was. I crawled into bed and read for slightly more than an hour then lights off and settle down. I must have slept fairly quickly which was good.  I woke up at 2.18 am. I knew there was more sleep to come but first I needed to scratch the skin off my leg then apply some cream  which stung. Not exactly the way the treatment plan was supposed to go but it works for me. I had a cigarette, hobbled to the loo and back then settled down again at 2.30 am and tried to ignore the itching. When I woke properly this morning at 4.43 am I saw that I’d better put a dressing on my leg. I found some steroid cream to hold the dressing on while I taped it , crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. It was itching again before 5.00 pm as I walked towards the kitchen but with a display of will power I ignored it…..for a minute.

I took my drugs, then being Friday I needed to replenish the drug tray. I got my drawer from the lounge and started to stock up, marking the repeat prescription with things I needed again next week. It’s ready to go to the chemist on Monday. Once done, I set the Tassimo to make my coffee, returned the drugs drawer to it’s home, disposed of all the empty packaging and was back just as my coffee was ready. I came back to the bedroom and signed on. It only took until 6.07 am to clear the existing mail. Time for a breather. A short breather by necessity as within minutes the box was filling up again.                                                                                                                                              By 9.20 am I was free to go see to Joey. He’d been very quiet so far which was strange. No admonishment for leaving him locked up in daylight. He was still subdued as I opened his door and as I sat in my chair talking to him, and before you say it,Yes, he could get a word in edgewise. All I could wonder is whether it was the sound of a drill from next door upsetting him, but it wasn’t loud. I put Frasier on the TV. At about 9.40 am Mike emerged from his pit and went straight to the kitchen to make a drink. Up at that time with no alarm, I wondered if it was the end times. You know, the Mayan calendar not having made an allowance for leap years all those centuries ago.

At 10.00 am HUtH came on but Joey still kept quiet. Mike didn’t though, he chose that time to go into a very detailed explanation of something and I almost missed a property in Tonypandy. Joey came out and sat on the mirror and did a headbanging spectacular with his oppo in the mirror. Ah, maybe it’s concussion keeping him quiet. After the programme I returned to work and Mike went to get dressed and go off to Manchester and his father. Margaret who I’d talked with yesterday called round with details of one of the computer repair shops in he area. I’d meantime found another one much closer but my emails were being bounced back. Maybe I’ll have to deal with the one in town. I worked until 11.50 am then went to start seeing to lunch. I actually remembered to take my tablets 15 minutes before I’d eat today. I ate very quickly so none of you would see what I was eating (again) then sat watching Bargain Hunt. Joey never made a peep. I fell asleep in my chair ( the next one who says ‘How unusual’ in a voice dripping with sarcasm is in trouble) until 2.03 pm when yet again I returned to work.

Messages consumed me until 4.30 pm when I knocked off till late evening. A few minutes of Flog it before my Cold Case came on. Mike sent a text about 7.00 pm to say he was on his way.I saw my Without a Trace peacefully and also Star Gate. I was watching the semi final of Mastermind when he arrived.  He sat and watched with me as he likes quizzes as much as I do. At 8.30 pm I went to get a shower. Instead of having a coffee Mike was there to wash my hair to try and prevent more angina attacks this week. After that, I watched half an hour of football with him then disappeared to work. The mail was clear before 10.30 pm and I was able to start the blog. Woo Hoo, it’s an early night for me.

Erm' has someone forgotten my seat belt?

Erm’ has someone forgotten my seat belt?

Mummy said I could slip into something comfortable. I did, their bed!

Mummy said I could slip into something comfortable. I did, their bed!

Saturday 12th March.

Bed at 11.45 pm, read till 12.50 am light off. Sleep. Wake at 2.12 am. I decided just to class this as a trial run for the real thing so after a visit to the loo and a ciggie I got back into bed. I next woke at 4.41 am and this was the real thing. Bright eyes and bushy tailed are just two of the things that didn’t apply to me this morning. I got stuck into the mail until 5.30 am when I went and had some toast and my meds. I took a coffee back with me to carry on knocking the post out of the court but I knew I’d be defeated soon. At 6.10 am the mailbox was filling up nicely and at 6.15 am Mike’s alarm went off. I went to do his coffee and take it through to him. The usual grunt in reply and after 5 alarms he got up at 6.50 am. I’d done a bit more mail by then.

While he was perched in his chair with matchsticks holding his eyes pen I did the bins, household and food and took them outside. Once that was done I just had to wait for Mike. He came to move me along at 7.00 am. On our way out I met my other next door neighbour Dorothy who complained that despite living next door she never saw me. Mike suggested she count herself lucky. Dorothy could chat for Britain and rarely pauses for breath but he’s a delight and I didn’t want to be rude. Bert came along and gave me the excuse I needed. Mike complained that despite being dressed and ready early, we were actually still only getting out at our usual time.                                                    At the supermarket not long after I got the cash while he got the trolley then we went to select Ju’s flowers. We ended up with two nice though small bunches. Further into the store Mike went to find some deodorant to take to Canada ( don’t they sell it there?) While I went to  find some dressings and some micropore tape. Next is round the corner and a few degrees due West to the kiddies clothes. Amelie was lucky today. We edged towards the gents clothing as Mike still needs some things to take away.

Once Mike is sorted we move towards the object of this exercise-Food. But first we pass the toys and I find something fun for Reuben that makes up for not getting any clothes. I know which he’d prefer anyway. As we pass more shelves with food, the trolley starts getting less and less room. In goes the bread, the cakes, the sweets, the pop, the coffee pods, the milk, micromeals, roast beef slices, sausages and we mustn’t forget biscuits and yoghurts. I paid up and we went for coffee.                                                            When we’d finished we headed for Flint and undertook a minor detour to ALDI so I could look at Easter eggs. I decided they were unusual enough that I got four from there and Mike added a bunch of daffodils to my basket for Ju’s vase to add a little colour at the front. We headed off again and parked up by Temptations. Making sure I had a bag in my pocket we walked over to Homies enjoying a cigarette. There I got the last of the Easter eggs I needed. They made me pay for them before I could leave the shop though. I must get bigger pockets.

We walked over for our coffee and Mike’s breakfast. Ceri was on with a young lad we hadn’t seen before. It turned out he’s Sian’s son. We were gobsmacked to say the least as Sian never seems to be over about 25 and this lad was not in nappies.( at least as far as we could tell). We said hello to quite a few of the regulars and enjoyed some banter with Ceri that can’t be repeated but which was funny. When we left we had a look in a large catalogue returns shop at computers and TV’s for no real reason then got in the car and had the usual ‘where to now’ conversation we have every week. We settled on going to Holywell where I think Mike hoped to persuade me to visit one of the computer service shops but which I was in no mood to do. He took the opportunity to visit his building society and then we walked down the street. There in the window of a charity shop was the perfect console table and instead of it’s usual £100+ price, it was £25. The only problem was it wouldn’t fit into Mike’s car unless it could be disassembled. He went in to ask about it. A few minutes later he was out again. He’d paid, and they’d agreed to take it apart while we had lunch. We ate in the top Bells.

Coming out Mike walked up to where we’d left the car and drove round to the other end of town so he could access the main street which is one way when it isn’t fully pedestrianised. He parked in front of the shop. There was a youngster of about ten helping , ready to open the door for me. First Mike and I took all the shopping out of the boot and put it on the pavement then he set the roof to lower into the boot space. The youngster was fascinated. I told him Mike was preparing for space mode. We brought the table out and packed it behind the front seats. It was a tight fit. Then out came the roof again and back into the boot went the shopping. I gave the youngster £1 for his help. I know he’d have done it for nothing if he could have retracted that roof just once. We came home and emptied the boot.

I put the shopping away and made my excuses to come away and start work. I made Mike a coffee while he tried to move the table to the boot though I warned him it wouldn’t go, he swore it would. I was disappointed that my card reader still hasn’t arrived though it was due Thursday. Anyway, I started work. There were over 100 messages and they kept me pinned to my chair from 1.45 pm to 5.55 pm when I needed a break.Mike had been in a couple of times to see if I was awake and whether I was coming through. I stayed watching the box with him until 9.00 pm and then had to come and start again. I won’t have this problem for the next month. I’m trying to keep pace with the mail as I do the blog tonight so there’s nothing there when I’m ready to turn in.

Wishing you all a Great New Week and the opportunity to spread a few more hugs around.

What shall we talk about next?

What shall we talk about next?

Share my food. What choo talkin' 'bout?

Share my food. What choo talkin’ ’bout?

A bonus track by the same beautiful lady, taken from us far too soon.





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76 responses to “Scrooge is alive and Well & Dongle Dismay

  1. Hi David, glad to hear your new computer is up and running and enjoyed the photo’s, I can’t believe how big the kids are getting, Amelie is really a beauty and Reuben is so handsome. Is Joey ok, it’s not like him to be so quiet and subdued. Hope you have a fantastic week, see you next week humongous hugs my friend.

    • Hi Sweetie, I so wish the new computer was up and running. I’ve ordered but not yet received a dongle in order that it can pick up the internet so I can make it live, but for now I’m still working with the old one and missing my SKYPE.
      The kids are growing apace. A change each time I see them. I think Joey is OK, perhaps he was just picking up on my mood. He’s flying closer as though he’s daring himself to land but never quite makes it.
      I hope you and the family are well and have a great week ahead of you.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs and offering thanks for yours xxx

  2. Unable to even imagine what possessed you and Mike to go and purchase heads and skull with inscriptions all over, I too, like Mike, would probably turn into a Scrooge when buying other “decorative” items. The “heads” and skulls would do my head in, I reckon! 😀 Ah, life is meant to be fun even if Scrooge is about. Have a grand week David and thank you for another serve of interesting, intriguing, lovely peeks into your life.

    • My wonderful friend Ina. How lovely to see you. The glass heads are really rather nice though Mike’s taste with the skull ( as with everything is his life) is a little suspect. Still, underneath one of his hats who will notice?
      Yesterday he found the console table which makes up for his Scrooginess of last weekend, and makes more sense than that purchase.
      Thank you for your kind wishes and for the visit. I hope you have a great week ahead of you.
      xxx Sending Gargantuan Hugs xxx

      • Ah, I have seen glass heads in shops now that you mention it and they are OK I sort of imagined “death heads” when mentioned in the vicinity of skull in your text 😀 but s please console table makes up for the Scrooge lapses :0 Many hugs and have a great week XX

  3. Both of your grandkids are photogenic and we’ve been under the spell of Reuben’s smiles for awhile. What a rising star is petite Amelie! I hope you get an agent representing her soon. 🙂 Sorry about the computer woes, Skype is my lifeline so I understand the frustration. A wonderful week to you! Big bises xo

    • Thanks so much Mel. Petite Amelie has me under her spell and I think she knows it. It’s odd that in all this that Skype had been the main thing I worried about even though I don’t actually speak on it. I like to follow the written message.Of course, having Windows 7 will be a bonus too.
      Have a fantastic week,
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore to Belle Francais et vous xxx

  4. Another delightful slice of life and joy to have Eva Cassidy as well! Hugs. xxx

  5. Lovely music as usual and great pics. Love Betws y Coed and the pics are fabulous. Oh, computers. Yes, I’ve had the same surprises for Microsoft Updates. Computer much slower now, although it usually catches up in a few days. I’m sure everything will work out soon (they also sell signal boosters for wi-fi but you must have looked into that already… They’re just plugged into a socket. I don’t need them where I live by my cousin uses them)

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the music and the pics Olga. I love Betws y Coed too.Those updates can be a right pain in the rear. My nephew tells me they can be turned off but forgot to tell me how.
      This dongle ( when it arrives) just plugs in a USB port.
      Have a great week
      xxx Masses of Hugs xxx

  6. Very enjoyable post, as always. I especially enjoyed the Pointer Sisters. 🙂 Sorry about your new computer though. Do you have wi fi as your internet connection? I’ve heard it can be inconsistent between rooms. Any chance you could try to get it going in your bedroom?

    • Thank you and thank you again. It had been ages since I’d heard hat one too.Yes, mine’s a wi-fi connection but the problem with the new one is it requires a dongle to get the wi-fi so it’s on it’s way. Then itill be replacing this one in my bedroom.
      Have a wonderful week,
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  7. David, I thought it was a treat to have the song from Bread (haven’t thought about them in so long), but you know how much I love Gladys Knight… awesome rendition of that song.
    Loved the dashing yellow jonquil in your lapel.
    I’m still chuckling about Joey “tweeting without using the computer.” 😀
    The crumb brush set in interesting. The Victorians had such lovely gadgets.
    Thank you for another lovely week, dear David. Mega hugs!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Bread but I thought I’d share my favourite version of that particular track by Gladys with you so I’m overjoyed you enjoyed it .The little Jonquil is for St. David’s Day but it also supports Macmillan Nurses( or is it the other lot?) both of whom were so kind with Ju. I’m not feeling much like humour at the moment so I was lucky to slip Joey’s tweeting in when I did.
      The Victorian and Edwardian crumb trays were so elegant but so small but so elegant. We’re missing an age when such things were in daily use.
      Thanks so much as always for sharing my life with me.
      Have a great week ahead of you
      xxx Humongous Hugs Dearest Teagan xxx

      • The jonquil is a beautiful statement regardless. I’m not familiar with St David’s Day, or a lot of other saint days I’ve learned of in the past few years. (Blogging is educational 🙂 )
        Where I grew up, any faith other than the one (which had vastly more followers) was demonized… Combine that with my adulthood aversion to organized religion and there are many such things I don’t know.
        Watch a show that makes you smile. Laughter and smiles attract more of the same. 😀 More hugs!

      • I share the same aversion to organised religion and think it more divisive than anything else and having caused more conflict than anything else.Far from being passive and caring as the main Christian religion claims to be from following the tenets of the bible, it has warred against another religion instead of being tolerant and has wiped out both the Templars and the Cathars in unwarranted actions.Not that other religions are much better except Buddhism.
        St David is the patron Saint of my country hence my wearing the ‘daffodil’. I do love my country and of course following him has no religious significance to me.
        I shall try to watch something that makes me smile every day though of course that won’t work every day. There are times the Black Dog stalks and nothing can make me smile.
        xxx Sending you Hugs Galore xxx

  8. It’s nice to see you grandchildren having so much fun out and about. I’d watch out for that crocodile, though. By the way, well done on winning a bit of money on those scratch cards. It’s more than I’ve ever done.

    • It’s nice to have enough decent weather for them to be able to be out again. As it happens your warning is a little late, the rocodile feasted on my finger while I feasted on pizza.
      I have no idea why I bought the scratch cards. Perhaps the third time since they started. Ju used to buy them so perhaps she made me but I was quite please with a profit of 133.3%. I pass my luck on to you now.

      • Thanks very much for the luck, David. I’d definitely be pretty pleased with a 133.3% profit. I’ll keep away from crocodile toys while I’m eating pizza, though.

  9. Great music and pics. I especially like the one at Betwys y coed where the men folk abandon baby in the pram. Very poignant.

  10. Loved all the pics and the peek into your routine. I’d never heard that rendition of Songbird. Her voice is/was lovely. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks so much Madison, lovely to see you. Isn’t it strange, Eva Cassidy became a star here before anywhere else and after she got to No 1 with Somewhere over the Rainbow the U,S, started to catch on to her. There’s a great little documentary on her life on youtube. Such a tragic loss. I’m so glad you enjoyed Songbird.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs to you xxx

  11. wonderful songs again this week David. I love ‘Moonlight Shadow’ and ‘Help me Make it Through the Night.’ I do hope that Joey has now perked up and is back to his old self.
    I get really mad when computers pay up as well, and if the internet goes down then all hell breaks loose!
    The children look as scrumptious as ever! They really are gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful week David, Ginormous hugs xxxxxxx

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the music Judy but I want a note from your teacher that says you got up and danced. No excuses. Yes thanks, Joey seems to have perked up enough to be dive bombing again, I don’t know how many partings I’ve got in my hair now.
      I know it’s often my fault when the computer plays up but I’m not bad enough that it’s always me. The microsoft updates are a pain in my nether regions.
      Thank you, the kids are a nice pair and I’m a proud granddad.
      Wishing you a Wonderful week and sending Mammoth Hugs xxxxxxxx

  12. Kourtney Heintz

    Wow. You’re mornings always sounds so interesting. That’s a ton of mail to sort through on Mondays. Hugs!

    • Oh Dear,you must lead a sheltered life if you think my mornings interesting Kourtney.It’s a ton of mail every day, usually about 300 by the time the day is done and just at the moment I’m not getting them from every scam artist in the known Universe.Just as well as I’m fed up of waiting for my share in all the millions found in Nigerian banks that I just have to claim.
      I hope things are going well for you at the moment,
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  13. It doesn’t sound as if the computer is up and running yet. I have a love/sometimes hug-less relationship with technology. I loved the music and photos of the grands. I had to laugh at the photo of Amelie with the caption ‘Time for sleepy byes.’ She didn’t look too sleepy bye ready to me 🙂 Humongous Hugs to you and yours!

    • Technology and I aren’t on speaking terms.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the music and some of the pics.Yes, I called it sleepy bye time because she was dressed for sleep but the little imp didn’t seem ready to give up.
      xxx Sending you Hugs Galore xxx

  14. Do you guys do daylight savings over there? WE did this past weekend and I’m not sure if that played into but definitely had some computer issues – new ones. It’s always frustrating. So just curious, who keeps who in line – You or Joey? Love the pics. Many hugs.

    • Oh Yes, British Summer Time changes are on 27th March (Easter Sunday) here Maggie.I’ve not encountered computer problems with that in the past so I hope I don’t have a treat waiting for me.
      OK, it’s Joey keeps me in line really, anything is better than being shouted at.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  15. Silver Threading

    Hello, David! I have been so remiss in not stopping by to say hello. I seem to be consumed by this book writing, blogging, and life in general. I will make it a point to stop by more often. The grandbabies are looking happy and ready for spring. I see Joey is still up to his same tricks! Birds are funny creatures aren’t they? You sound well. Hope all works with your computer. Super big hugs coming to you today because of my long absence. Have a fabulous week! ❤

    • Hi Colleen, it’s always lovely to see you. I know you’ve been busy of late, my mouse has steam coming off it from retweets.
      The grandbabies are doing….grand, thank you and yes Joey is still leading the field with his antics. They are funny little creatures.
      I’ll try the new computer again later in the week now the dongle has arrived.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  16. I love birds. What is a dongle. Somehow I never caught that?

  17. Wonderful photos. I can’t believe how the little ones are growing–I know they are a delight, tantrums and all. 🙂
    I heard a story on the radio several months ago about Eva Cassidy, and looked her up. I love Fields of Gold.
    For some reason, the Word Press gremlins kept me from receiving an email notification of this post. I was worried that something had happened to you, so I’m glad you’re alive and well. I’ve re-followed you, so hopefully, I’ll receive the next one without a problem. Hugs!

    • They’re shooting up.They are a delight but tantrums a little less so.
      I do enjoy her version of Fields of Gold but like most everything she did unless it’s jazz..
      Wordpress has done that to me in the past and had me changing all the frequencies to get mail again. In fairness it may have been trying to protect you from being bored to death. Yes, I’m still alive and well though any more computer probs may just break the spirit.( whiskey, vodka etc). I hope you get the next notification without problem.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

  18. Ali Isaac

    Well you were chipper this week! Nice to see you so perky and in such good form again. Maybe it’s because Spring is in the air. So I’m curious… Did you get your new computer sorted in the end? What’s wrong with the old one? Sorry for all the questions, you could just tell me to go mind my own! Lol! Your granddaughter is growing up so beautiful, I can really see a resemblance between her and Roobs now.Hope you’re having a great week! 😊

    • Hi Ali, I’m glad you thought so. Yes, maybe because Spring is arriving and we have a bit of sunshine.The sunshine lasted but the mood didn’t.
      I’m making progress. The dongle has arrived but I haven’t had chance to plug it in and run the disc yet. Perhaps tomorrow. The old one is Vista and is becoming very slow, yet I defrag often.Aldo I can’t get Skype back on it for some strange reason and I like Skype.Hopefully I can get it on the newer one Windows 7.
      Amelie does look like Roobs sometimes but she has this very knowing look about her that he doesn’t. I’ll be leaving to go and see them at 7.30 am
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        That’s because she’s a girl, David… were born just knowing stuff lol! I had the exact same problem with vista. I think Microsoft program it in to try and force us to upgrade! 😁

      • No wonder I wasn’t successful at dating when I was younger……or older if it comes to that. Well, Microsoft succeeded in making me change but I’m fed up of doing it now. People who want to buy new systems should get the latest version of whatever but the rest of us should be left alone with what we bought unless we want to change. They can’t keep ripping us off.
        xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  19. Am I the only one whose computer featured several black spaces where pictures should be, and sections of writing that were really half-letters in entire rows? I’d feel very hurt, David, except the sweetest pictures of your grandbabies came through very clear, and as usual they are adorable!
    Wishing you a happy week ahead and many hugs! 🙂 ❤

    • I’m so sorry Marylin, no one else has mentioned problems. I promise it isn’t deliberate. I’m so pleased the children found me forgiveness.
      I hope you’re having a fantastic week.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  20. Oh no, I found another great blog. I have been reading your sweet comments on my favorite blogs for a long time. I hope to visit more often. I just got a brand new computer that didn’t work and took hours and hours with the support system . I am now friends with a some nice people in India. It ended up being the keyboard .

    • I bought a computer two weeks ago and it took until the early hours of this morning for me to get it going. No all I have to do is move it in place of the other one.
      Thanks so much for dropping by. xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  21. I’m still chuckling about Joey tweeting without a computer. Too funny.
    And now I have ‘Paint It Black’ in my head, David, ok, it was there before but it’s moved to the forefront. 😉
    Hope the new computer works well, well, as well as these lovely monsters of technology controlling our lives can be.
    Loved all the pictures, they certainly ave the power to put smiles on our faces.
    I think Spring is on the way, we’ve had some robins visiting our worm factory, aka the lawn. We were just playing Yahtzee as well, I kept getting Full Houses, would have preferred Yahtzees… 😉
    Thank you so much for sharing your week with us, dear friend, do I understand your birthday is on it’s way? Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! 🙂
    Massive chips and curry hugs xoxox

    • Before I moved it to the forefront, was there anywhere in particular you were going to Paint it Black?
      Things are beginning to move a little bit on the computer front, how are you fixed for giving me a hand to move it?
      Pictures do have the opportunity of brightening a day don’t they?
      This has been the third nice day on the trot, definitely feels like Spring.
      That’s funny, I seem to get a lot of full houses too, I’m known for it. Like you, I’d welcome a few Yahtzees too.
      Thank you for coming to spend some time listening to me waffle on again. No, my birthday was back in January remember. Have I given the wrong impression again? So sorry.
      xxx Sending Hugs Unlimited xxx

  22. Love the photos as always, and a great selection of songs. You seem like you’re in a good mood despite the crank computer. I’m sorry to hear that it isn’t cooperating – am I surprised? Not. I’ve never had a smooth transition between computers 😦 I hope that gets sorted out quickly. The grandkids look ready for spring! Have a great week. Huge hugs!!

    • Thanks so much Diana, I always hope the pictures will bring a smile and the music a happy memory.The other computer is coming on. I was adding to the favourites bar a little earlier on to make life easier and I managed to get skype installed but it’s treating me as a new person so I don’t have my previous contacts.
      The biggest problem for me now will be to get the new computer in here with the peripherals attached as I find bending very difficult and lying on the floor almost impossible. I’m going to leave the existing screen in play though.
      The grandkids and I must be expecting the best as we’ve had three really nice days on the trot now. Mike and I even saw red admiral butterfly’s on Sunday. So early.
      I hope your week is going really well.
      xxx Sending you Humongous Hugs xxx

      • I need a new computer, David, and I’m so nervous about it. I have bad luck with technology. I suppose it would make sense to get it before this one is completely inoperable. Hmmm. Have a great week, my friend. 🙂

      • I’d say when you choose one, get the most up to date operating system you can so they’re not after you for money in six months time to update. If you’re not good with these contraptions, see if wherever you buy it from will transfer your files from one to the other so all you have to do is add your bits at home, printer, mouse, keyboard etc and you’re away. The hardest thing after that is signing in to all your favourites and adding them to the favourites bar for easy access.
        Good luck with it. I hope you find a great one in the sales.
        xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  23. Piddle Palace! what a great name, now why didn’t I think of that one?! Everything is looking very bonny in your neck of the woods, very green and daffodil-y, and Amelie and Reuben are blooming too. So lovely to see photos of them together, I bet Reuben dotes on her.
    And you’ve picked two of my favourite Eva Cassidy songs this week!! Thank you! Hugs Galore from Spain XXXXX

    • Hello Lottie, I’m sure you’re just not as crude as I am.
      Everything is green and Springy. We’ve now had 4 nice days on the trot and it puts a smile on so many faces when the sun comes out.
      Yes, the grandbabies are blooming too, Amelie is 10 weeks now and has a cheeky little smile. Reuben does dote on her for now. We’ll see how long that lasts.
      I’m so glad to find music you like.She had an amazing voice.
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs from Wales xxx

  24. What great pictures of the babies. Such good music. Watch that crockledile!

  25. Darling pictures of the children. Too bad you’re having so much trouble with your latest computer. I’m going to stick with a laptop. I’m not great with mechanical things. I can’t even get my Kindle connected to my laptop. I may have to settle for an Ipad someday, but not now. I wish it would rain more here. Why don’t you send some of yours? Have a great week. Huge Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Things are easing nicely with the new desk top Suzanne. I worked out how to transfer files from one to the other and have finished that. Have also put a programme on I wanted. Just waiting for a response to friendship on Skype now. The last job will be to swap the bases over and I’m done.
      No rain to send you at the moment. Chilly sunshine just now.
      Have a wonderful new week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  26. Good morning, David! Your grandchildren pictures can brighten any grey morning, Amelie is a doll, and Reuben has the most beautiful smile. Why was he scared in the cinema? Don’t tell me they took him to the Good dinosaur 😉 My girls didn’t enjoy it at all 🙂
    Congrats on your scratch card. I got a two euro one on St. Patrick’s Day just to try my Irish Luck, and won 10 Euros. Was very surprised.
    Thank you for the music! Have a great weekend, sending many hugs and best wishes! xxxxxx

    • I never did find out what they were seeing but I thought his Dad looked as scared as he did.
      Well done on your scratch card, between us we’ll bankrupt them. I won this week too but that’s it now, no more.
      So glad you liked the music, I have such fun choosing it.
      Enjoy the weekend and I hope your weather is kind. It’s freezing here though dry and sunny.
      xxx Sending Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  27. I am also a grouch when I don’t get enough sleep which I never do, ever since I had children and a husband 😉 Good music and those babies are are as gorgeous as ever though Mr Crockledile looks ready to snap.

    • Oh Dear, do I sound like a grouch Jacqueline.In truth it doesn’t really bother me as long as I can get a power nap sometime. A lot different for you I know so I’m sorry you suffer it.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the music, I do requests you know ( as long as it’s not beggar off). Mr Crockledile is always ready to snap when I’m around. I bought him a dinosaur today so maybe it’ll protect me though it has some big teeth of it’s own.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  28. Again, your humor!! Skip to the LOO my darlin.’ I’ll be singing that every time I go to the bathroom. 🙂 And that pout of yours! Well, you deserve to pout about that new computer of yours. Urgh!
    But thanks for ‘Baby I’m a want you.’ Brought back many memories. Xoxobigmarchhugxoxo

  29. Sorry about your computer woes. But aren’t the children gorgeous… So photogenic 🙂
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Computer woes done and dusted now (fingers crossed). They’re a right pair of posers everytime a camera comes out. Amelie specialises in funny faces, Reuben is more the matinee idol.
      xxx Huge Hugs Margaret xxx

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