How the Mighty Are Fallen & We Have Lift Off

Sunday 20th March.

It was about 12.15 am before I got into bed and I think I was past the point of tiredness just then. I read 2 chapters of the current book and turned the light out at 1.10 am. It was a short while before sleep came thanks to the legs.
I woke at 2.36 am and using the landing lights, took a stroll to the loo. On my return I sat on the edge of the bed with a cigarette, it was pretty good company until it’s light went out. I shuffled back into bed and waited for sleep again. I woke the second time at 4.54 am and knew that was it for now. I didn’t mind too much as there was always mail waiting. I didn’t know how much. Apart from a minor hiatus at 6.00 am when I had breakfast I sat at the computer until 10.38 am. I think Joey hates me now. I can’t remember another Sunday with this much mail coming in.

I stayed in the lounge until after lunch time- which was a microwave Roast Beef Dinner- then returned to the computer. First in Mike’s room where I had another go at raising anyone via the skype. Nada. Then on my bedroom one and I went to Facebook where John came through on what he said was Messenger, which I don’t know. I could see him but not vice versa as my camera is on the other computer. We didn’t manage many words before it started cutting out and breaking up. I don’t know if that’s the fault of my headphones or of Messenger itself which I’m not signed up for. So, I still haven’t managed to get any news. I carried on answering mail,reading blog posts and retweeting. I gave up the ghost on messaging and at 5.00 pm when the mail box was empty I retired to the lounge.

I had a generous bowl of trifle for my tea, it does have fruit in after all. I sat watching a film until 7.00 pm then watched the last episode of Beowulf. It came to a very bloody end as expected but the goodies won (I think). I wasn’t ready to come back through at that point so watched an NCIS episode. I stood up from my chair after turning the TV off and tripped over my own feet or to be more accurate (It wasn’t me) over the cord from my slipper. I was going forward and was about to wear the TV round my neck. I even had time to be glad it was off. I had one chance and that was to twist sideways and sort of fold. I made it though as I landed I understand there were reports of an earthquake. I had the breath knocked from my body. I was quite worried Joey would be scared, not a bit of it. He came to the edge of his cage, hopped onto the door where the seed tray is and started eating. Just to add insult to injury the husk from the seed was going on my face and in my hair. As I slowly came to my knees and then stood he moved back into the cage until he was in his corner. I said Goodnight and shut the door. Feeling very sorry for myself I limped back to my bedroom sans slipper.

After tying the lace again in my slipper and putting it back on I had a couple of painkillers and started on the mail again. It was slow going. At 9.15 pm I went through to the kitchen for my spray and evening meds. By 9.53 pm I’d cleared all the mail that was there and started today’s blog which is much shorter than usual since Mike isn’t here to insult. I’ve been through to turn off the other computer but only after checking Skype. I can’t understand why John hasn’t received the two requests from me. I’ve also looked at this Messenger and can’t see how to do anything so maybe I need to get a new headset and try again though it works for me when I’m doing Youtube. Anyway, I shall be done by 11.15 pm tonight and soon with my book.

Trip out

Trip out

Startled !

Startled !

Monday 21st March.

It was closer to 11.30 am when I got to my bed in the end. I was a greased monkey except for my hands so that I didn’t stain my book. I read until 12.45 am then settled down to sleep. I didn’t move between going to sleep until  3.42 am this morning when I woke. I reckoned I’d done well and had I not needed the loo I’m sure I would have slept longer. However the journey woke me as I was still wincing from my fall, or as some youngster might have said, from enjoying my trip. By 3.50 am I was sitting at my desk signing in to my gmail box ready for an early start. At 5.20 am I took a break for my meds and some breakfast so I’d be back before the flood started. When I returned there was an email waiting from my friend and superb author SJ Sprague offering me some great advice which has given me plenty to mull over.

A Presence in Russell County.

A Presence in Russell County. The Organisation Book 1. This is the first book in a series with book 2 ( Mulberry ) already out and book 3 being written. A fantastic read. You’ll never look at small town policing the same way again.

I was back before the flood, remarkably sound considering I’d just tried to juggle with the bread knife and only just avoided amputating my right leg. I knew I should have completed the Online Ninja Training Course, I could have snatched that knife out of the air without squealing. It was lucky I’d already cut the bap for my toast in case it got covered with blood. Once I’d eaten and filled all the gouges in the floor with plastic wood I made myself a coffee to take back with me. I sat working again from 6.00 am as a trickle became a flood. At 9.20 am I had a text from Jade about working today which was fine, but I couldn’t have her 3-5.00 pm as suggested so we settled on 11.00 am to midday then 3 – 4.00 pm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       At 9.40 am I went out to Pauline’s to ensure I had enough money to pay Jade. When I returned I worked a little longer then stopped to watch HUtH with Joey who was again determined to be a barber and part my hair for me. I’m sure he must have been a Hedgehopper in WW1. As the programme ended i returned to work yet again. Despite having worked from 3.50 am I still have 54 to go.

The doorbell went about 11.10 am and there was Jade straight from her work as a carer and in between appointments. I asked her to get stuck into the lounge because of today’s visitor. She did a good job though after she’d gone I noted she’d used my new squeegee mop but not emptied the bucket of dirty water or replaced the top of the bucket or the ordinary mop. Hardly a great problem. I did those and moved on to lunch. After taking my tablets I rammed a beef hot-pot in the micro and turned the TV on for Bargain Hunt. I can shout at the screen and give them the benefit of my nil expertise and more upset stomach than gut feeling. At 1.00 pm I turned the TV off which shut Joey up straight away as he wondered what was going on. I came back through and tried to get the upper hand on the mail. By 1.45 pm I was fading fast and needed my power nap. I went back through to the lounge, sat in my chair. I zonked until 2.26 pm.

Coonscience ( yes I have got one somewhere, or I did earlier on) got the better of me so I returned to work again. I’m not sure which of the small gods I’ve upset but I reckon he’s recycling other people’s mail through my address. Somewhere are a lot of people with smug grins on their faces because they finished early again today. Mine seems never ending. It was 3.20 pm when I was disturbed from my reverie by the doorbell. It was Jade back for her 3.00 pm shift? She attacked the bathroom with such gusto I began to think it as dirty though I knew it couldn’t be. She also hoovered in the hall. It was 3.50 pm when the doorbell went again and woke disturbed me. It was my expected visitor from the Office of National Statistics. I directed him through to the lounge while I finished an email and Jade finished what she was doing, which it’s just as well wasn’t me given the circumstances. Sigh. I logged off, paid Jade and she left……..left me to clear the mucky cloth and sponge from a bowl of dirty water in the sink.        I moved to sit in the lounge.

It’s quite strange and a little unreal to spend an hour or so answering questions about your finances for the Government. The thought has to flash through your mind that maybe they’re asking this to find ways of taking some back. All kinds of questions came like whether I own property, do I have savings, how much, do I have ISA’s and again how much. What is my income and how often paid, state pension, private pension(s), disability living allowances, housing benefits and the same from Council tax and how many bank accounts. Certainly there were times my mouth didn’t really want to answer but I’d agreed. Can I manage on my income, do I have credit and /or storecards. Very thorough I must admit. The purpose supposedly to see whether people are managing their money well and whether they can manage on their current incomes. It was 5.10 pm when he left. A very pleasant man but I was relieved. There was no point going back to work now so I turned into Cold Case followed by my usual programmes except I fell asleep again in SG1 and missed most of it. The smiles at the end of the show don’t really tell you about the crises that went before.

At 9.00 pm I turned off the TV and shut Joey’s cage. I took my meds and came through. The mail was up again and took me until 11.15 to finish so it looks like this is going to be a late night.

Art class

Art class



Tuesday 22nd March

The age of miracles is not past. It was almost 12.30 am before I got to bed and took up my book. I got a little carried away and read until the end of a third chapter ( that’s upset the OCD a bit) so lights out was around 1.50 am. But, I didn’t wake his morning until 6.33 am. Taking my meds was the first priority and I felt it a little late for breakfast so I’ll have to remember to take some meds at tea time……and actually have a tea time. The only other drawback to getting up at this time is that I didn’t have chance to deal with last night’s mail before today’s started to come in. So, when I went back through with a coffee and signed on, I was faced with 86 already.                              Head down and into it I went, answer one, receive two seemed t be the formula until I shouted at the screen, “That’s a bloody nuff,” and it worked.

By 9.30 am I decided I needed a break, so with just 28 left to go I got dressed. With Joey squawking “Don’t forget me” I went to Pauline’s where I got Joey a copy of next week’s TV programmes while I got my bread and some cigarettes. The talk in there was of bombings in Brussels. On my return I turned the TV on and told Joey his HUtH wasn’t on today. The news was bad with 13 dead and 30+ serious injuries. It seems to be i response to the capture of someone involved in the Paris bombings just a few days ago. It seems they can react very quickly. There was mention of a possible suicide bomber and of shots fired and Arabic shouting at the airport. The second bomb was at the Metro. If the intent was to shut the City down it worked, if it was to scare the West it didn’t. I’m not about to say the West haven’t provoked these kinds of reactions with our interference in other countries for the sake of oil supplies but what the world needs to understand now is that no-one wants a world ruled by these fanatics and governed in such a way that women are disregarded as individuals and not worthy of education, not allowed to drive a car and unable to dress in fashionable clothes. A totally patriarchal society. Most of the Arab world don’t want it either so they must help the West crush ISIS  at every opportunity. It’s no use Saudi Arabia funding them and hoping to be left alone to rule as it won’t happen. If they get strong enough the ruling houses will topple under a headman’s axe and Sharia law will prevail.

I detest war and killing. I’m not proud of some things my country has done as in their creativity as an excuse to invade Iraq. But this is different as it’s not about oil for a change. ISIS are fanatics bent on changing the world to bend to it’s will. It’s evil and needs no excuse for it’s cruelty, though with so many beheadings recently Saudi Arabia also has a claim to that. There’s no democracy where you can’t criticise your Government without fear of imprisonment or death, where the Government will  brook no opposition to it’s rule. I don’t object if that’s the way a country wants to be but there are no countries who don’t have opposition to that kind of rule.                                                So for the first and hopefully the last time ever, I’m asking ALL Governments and ALL peoples who want some kind of democracy and those who believe that women have an equal right to the things men take for granted, to join together and stop ISIS in their tracks. Help the Kurds who are fighting them and ask Russia to stop bombing those who oppose President Assad in Syria. If he has committed atrocities against his own people because they oppose him then he has lost his right to rule.                                            Make the world a safer place, bring about peace and then stay within your own shores to protect your borders instead of invading someone else’s.

I’m a parent and a grandparent. I have seen death take so many of our children and ravage so many generations. We need leaders who are going to protect those who could grow to be the new Einstein or Rupert Brooke ,who may solve the energy crisis, find a way to repair Gaia or feed the World so that we can leave a legacy for generations to come. I don’t want my children or grandchildren to face the uncertainties of war or the death of their planet. Let’s learn to live as one and grow as we were meant to.

I worked until 11.50 am and then realised that lunchtome loomed, sorry, lunchtime, the other is a book you read while you eat. I went for speed so had a beef joint that can be done in the micro with some micro chips and mixed veg. The vinegar from the chips goes so well with the gravy. I watched a few minutes more of the news and obviously the death toll has gone up. The wilful disregard for life is sickening and these people don’t care at all whether it’s someone of their own religion who dies. However, I watched Bargain Hunt right through to the end before I allowed myself to Zzzzzz but I enjoyed about 45 minutes afterwards. Then as always I returned to the battle in the demented hope nothing more had come through. I was to be disappointed but it was my own fault as I’d posted the piece starting from 9.30 am today to my Buthidar’s site and it was bound to draw a reaction. I worked until the folder was empty again about 3.15 pm then went to look at Homes in The Country. I was destined to be jealous again but three quarters of a million isn’t in any of my piggy banks. I enjoyed the viewings though and what my imagination could do. I’m especially fond of the mystery house at the end.

At 3.45 pm I decided to try Messenger that John had mentioned to me. It took me straight there as though I’m already registered so it has to be through Facebook. Then as it happened while I was checking a few messages I had on Facebook, John rang me. He turned his camera on so I’d have the privilege of seeing ‘my leader’ and for a moment I was grateful my camera is attached to the other computer still or he’d have seem my face too. The disappointment in my smile. He says they’re back to visiting again next week. It’s been about 5 or 6 weeks now since I’ve seen them and it’s quite worrying. He sounds OK so I guess they’ve just been busy. If they were a bus ride away I’d try to get to them but they’re buried in the country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               At 4.45 pm I excused myself and went to get some tea which I had while my Cold Case was on. Then Without a Trace which I find myself less fond of every day. This was of course followed by SG1 and Sanctuary which was almost a comedy show tonight. 9.00 pm and it was time to lock Joey in and wish him goodnight, not all jailers do that you know. I took my meds and came through to start work again. It had mounted up quite a lot but I had some time teasing Yvonne because she thought it was Wednesday today so that helped take the edge off things for me. I worked till 11.05 pm on the mail then started the blog. I will be in bed before midnight, a matter of seconds only perhaps but before midnight.

Pals at Play

Pals at Play

Father and son portrait

Father and son portrait

Wednesday 23rd March.

I made the midnight deadline but I’m not saying how close the call was. I did the cream on one leg then rubbed them together to save time. I had to stop  when the sparks and smoke came though. I’m not sure I’m covered for arson around. I sneaked in three chapters and decided I had to have a fourth to satisfy the OCD need for balance. I lit a cigarette in readiness and started and for the first time ever turned the page to find the chapter ended halfway down the second page. What should have given at least half an hour’s pleasure lasted a minute or less. I couldn’t help but laugh. It served me right.The light went out at 1.06 am. It went back on at the end of my night which was 4.32 am which proves I spoke too soon (tongue in cheek) yesterday about the age of miracles. Hey ho, at least I had an undisturbed night.(No sarcasm intended O’great and mighty Somnos).

I did my mail until 5.55 am when I cleared the mailbox. I knew it would fill again while I was away having breakfast but I couldn’t feel guilty at not having done it as it hadn’t yet arrived. I had thick toast from an unsliced loaf I’d got from Pauline’s yesterday. I ate it fresh instead of letting it go cold for a change. Once finished it was 6.33 am before I took a coffee back to my desk. What is it they say, “I’m never wrong but I’m right again.” There was so much mail I couldn’t even see the postie behind the sacks. How can we all have so much to say? To be honest I was so engrossed in great poems and fine art that I lost track of the time. It was 9.20 am before I looked up and decided I should get dressed. Once I was decent again I took a walk over the road to the One Stop shop, I rarely use this as Pauline’s is handy and has most things I need. I think it must have been Jade who told me that the One Stop had flowers and it really looked as though I should have got some on Saturday. Anyway I went and they didn’t have any flowers left. They did however have a pot plant so I bought that. Now my record with pot plants is not good. Jade pointed out to me on Monday that I’m cultivating a stick on the kitchen windowsill. Once home I put the plant in a more attractive container and watered it. I have to try and make sure it lives until I get flowers on Saturday.

I watched TV at 10.00 am with Joey who’s doing a lot of chunnering under his breath this morning with the occasional exclamation mark thrown in as though he’s berating someone. For once it doesn’t seem to be me. But, as I turned the TV off at 11.00 am he went quiet with it. I carried on with mail until 11.45 am then went to see to my lunch. It wasn’t bad but I really wasn’t in the mood for it. I watched Bargain Hunt  then noticed two ladies walk past the front window, You can tell when they have a sense of determination and are coming to your door. They were. I opened it and there was Jade asking whether I got a text. I had to admit I didn’t have my phone in the lounge with me ( I usually do). Anyway she’d brought someone to meet me who either works with her or for her and who might cover for Jade sometimes if I don’t mind. I’m happy if someone cleans no matter who. They left in time for me to catch the auction part of the programme. Both teams made a loss.

I returned to the computer to leave some ebay feedback and to catch up on mail again. At 3.15 pm I was done and took a break until 3.45 pm. I’d come back and answered 2 emails when I heard the door open quietly. It was Dil who’d been on an outside job so I broke off and made him a cuppa cha. We had a good natter and watched our usual shows until 6.00 pm when war broke out. As always it was Yahtzee first and I was devastated to lose 4-2 on the first game. I couldn’t throw a Yahtzee to save my life while I had to check the soles of his shoes he threw that many. The second game eventually went 4-2 in my favour and I had to check the soles of my slippers too.                                    The Trivia started well and I got 3 pieces of pie in short order and was on my 4th before Dil won one. He soon bucked up and as I got my 6th he was just one behind. I managed t get to the middle 3 times and was thwarted by his choice of question twice, answering correctly on the last one. That game was mine. The cribbage also ended up one game all so the honours were fairly evenly spread except of course I WON.

Dil left at 9.30 pm and after I’d escorted him off the premises and locked up I had a quick tidy up in the lounge, renewed Joey’s millet and then made myself a sarnie. I’d just washed up and taken my drugs when I was left in the dark. It seemed only the kitchen and lounge were out so I had to grab the ladders and go outside to check the fuse box. I found just the one had tripped so flipped it back again and came in to check. The kitchen was back on but it looked as though the bulb had blown in the lounge. I decided that could wait until daylight. I came through to have a go at the mail which kept me going until 11.10 pm.  I’ve fought hard with the blog and don’t feel inclined to let it beat me so I predict bed at midnight.

King of the Castle

King of the Castle

A proper girly-girl

A proper girly-girl

This must have taken some organising………

Thursday 24th March.

My prediction was off by 5 minutes but on the plus side. I read for an hour then put the candle out in my Wee Willie Winkie holder ( in case the lights go again ) so by just gone 1.00 pm I’d settled down to just listening to every noise and wondering if the burglars were back. I slept until 5.32 am which is really good going. No broken toes from middle of the night wanderings so it was a win win night. I made a start on the mail but had to stop at 6.00 am to get my meds and my cup of coffee. When I returned the floodgates had opened.I turned everything off, went to Mike’s room and disconnected the new computer bringing the base back with me. Virtually lying on the floor with a torch I disconnected my original base part by part and putting them on the new base as I did so until the old one was free.I turned the new one on and We Have Lift Off.  I worked again until 9.15 am then made the effort to get dressed, no point in going out in my dressing gown as it was persisting down out there and I’d catch a chill coming back. I had to go to Pauline’s for the lottery before I forgot and I was due out tomorrow. I came back and took up the work  again until 10.10 am when done and I could treat Joey to an edition of my his HUtH.

Once our programme was over I did come back to work. I caught up on the mail and then checked on the times of the buses for tomorrow. My normal bus is the T1 which is on Sunday service tomorrow. Clever as it doesn’t run on a Sunday. The other option is the No 11 which goes a different way and takes longer. It’s also on a Sunday service which means 2 hourly so I’d have to stay in Chester an extra hour before getting home for my lunch. I sent a text to Yvonne to apologise. She came back with the idea of coming shopping with me on Saturday which would be great ( especially as she’s found a new shop she wants to go to) and then I’ll see her Sunday too.                                               At 11.45 am I went off to peel my sweet potatoes ready for lunch. That done I put my sausages under the grill for the first quarter browning then put the potatoes in the microwave as the sausages got their first turn. I had peas and carrots with it and some thick chip shop style gravy. Luscious.

After Bargain Hunt was over I settles for a power nap but a knock on the front door disturbed that after just ten minutes. By the time I realised what it was and opened the door whoever it was had gone. So, I came back to work and as it happens you’d all been busy while I was away. I also spent a little time with photographs ready to be used on the blog and then at 3.00 pm I broke off for Escape to the Country. Today it was a couple wanting to buy their first house together in Sussex. One was a lovely property from 14th C, absolutely beautiful. Globules of green jealousy were dropping off me and ruining the leather of my couch. I’m not sure how as I was sitting in a chair. I returned to work at 3.45 am and found a message from Yvonne that says it’s OK to miss tomorrow as she’ll come shopping with me on Saturday. That’s good news as she’s less restrained even than I am. I’ll get away with anything.

At 4.55 pm no matter what I abandoned my post (literally) and went through for some tea and my evening’s viewing starting of course with Cold Case. I was still awake for Without a Trace, I risked one eye for SG1 (it was a silly storyline) and then enjoyed Sanctuary with both eyes again. I don’t know whether Joey enjoyed them but he was in and out of his cage a lot while they were one. Problem was when he came out to his usual perch on the mirror ( the bottom of which is now missing all it’s gold leaf) his fiendish foe always seemed to be waiting for him. I was therefore treated so a session of headbut morse code against the glass. I don’t know why he either just doesn’t ignore him or at least takes the high road and befriend him. Probably too mean to share his seed. He’s not touching the honey seed stick despite there being no fruit in it. I think he just likes the shape of the bell version.

At 9.00 pm I turned off, then turned the TV off too and locked Joey’s cage. I had my meds and came through to tackle the mail which took until 10.35 pm. I’m doing wellwith the blog and expect to be in bed by 11.30 pm unless more mail has arrived by then.

Protective Big Brother.

Protective Big Brother.

You going ? Me sad.

You going ? Me sad.

Friday 25th March.

It was nearer 11.45 pm last night as more mail came in while I did the blog. No problemo. It was close to 1.00 am when I finished reading and put the light out and I don’t think sleep was long in coming. Unfortunately neither was waking which happened at 3.44 am. I say unfortunately because I was dreaming and it was an inopportune moment to wake. No-one can say Somnos doesn’t have a sense of humour ( I can…..and do) because he woke me as I was about to make love to a beautiful woman. Maybe he did me a favour to save me from causing disappointment or just from  trying to remember what to do. These days I’d probably have to feel my way round a woman by braille over the various lumps and bumps to remember what they are. It might have been Ju as I never quite got to see but I’m sure that after 5 years she wouldn’t have objected. She was taken from us 3 years next week and I’m dreading the day.

After a visit to Pee Paradise I came back ad worked on my mail till 5.40 am when I broke off to take my meds and have breakfast. Since it’s Friday and that means there’s not much Good about it, I also had to refill my pots with next week’s drugs, and prepare a prescription request of the drugs I’m low on. That can’t go in till Tuesday next week so It’s as well I won’t be going to Chester then. So, back to the mail then, lots of it having passed deluge time. I got dressed at 8.30 am and went out at 9.30 am. Pauline had my baps in but not my brand of cigarettes so I’ve changed brand for the day. They’re getting cheekier, there are just 17 in the packet now. Going home I did a little more mail before Joey insisted I spend some time with him so I turned HUtH on  and hoped he was in the mood. (No, not THAT mood you mucky devils).                                                              Once again when it was over I returned to work on the mail. I kept going until 11.45 am. It was time then for lunch.

I had bought a bag of Welsh potatoes to be used as baked spuds. There was a great instruction on the packet about how long to put them in the oven for but no similar destructions for the microwave so this would be a trial and error lunch. I chose two potatoes though I had no idea if I’d finish them, it just didn’t look a lot. In they went 7 minutes. Bing Out they cam to be tested, still a bit hard in places. I thought another two minutes should do the job so back in they went. I opened a tin of beans to have with them once ready. Bing Another test and they seem much better. In go the beans for 2 minutes while I do a deeper cruciform cut on the top to open them a bit and drop in a load of butter. Bing. The beans are ready and get poured over the top. I add a small strawberry yoghurt to the tray and go into the lounge. I turn the TV on and start to eat. Mmmm, not bad at all. OK, baked potatoes can go back on the menu but from now on just the one I think. The yoghurt was good. I washed my pots while the contestants in Bargain Hunt were still walking round the shop and was back in my seat well before the auction. Both teams made a loss again.

At 1.00 pm I returned to work but I’d promised as today was a bank holiday to work less so this little energetic burst only lasted until 2.00 pm. I went back to the lounge at 2.00 pm ans started watching one of the Dr. Blake Mysteries. A nurse is found dead on the floor and a patient sitting by her with the knife says he can’t remember. OK, it becomes obvious he’s had ECT treatment to wipe the memory and we know he doesn’t touch knives. Blakey is on the trail of who really dunnit when dammit I fell asleep. Somnos mocks me by letting me wake up just after the programme has finished. The next one is a new quiz so I stayed for that too.At 3.00 pm I had to return to my screen though as I don’t want to leave a mess behind me when I go through for the evening. I caught up and kept on top until 4.45 pm when I decided to have some tea. Then I watched Cold Case and Without a trace till 7.00 pm before I went for a shower. I do wish I had a bathtub instead. When I was a clean boy ( sorry, there’s nothing I can do with my mind) I went to watch SG1 and hadn’t missed too much. I’m not going to say I fully followed the plot but maybe I’m just going Mutt n’ Jeff. Sanctuary was last and If I don’t stop doing this silly Quasimodo impression and using a heavy lisp I’m really going to kick myself in the Esmereldas. Once it was over I locked Joey in and went to take my meds, then said goodnight to Joey as I headed for my room.

Lots of post to catch up on but not to bad I was done by 10.40 pm. When I’ve finished the blog it will be another pre-midnight bedtime, though I do need to do the legs tonight.

Excited face.going to watch Beauty and the Beast.

Excited face.going to watch Beauty and the Beast.

Tired baby. Not too excited.

Tired baby. Not too excited.

Saturday 26th March.

Bed at 11.50 pm and read until 1.00 pm, slept pretty much straight away asking myself how it’s possible after my power naps during the day. I was awake at 2.18 am  knowing I’d want to sleep again later, just not sure when.  I hoped it would be soon. By 3.25 am I’d dealt with all the mail and decided to  try lying on the bed for a while. That stretched to 5.00 am. There weren’t many emails in when I woke again and I was able to enjoy Episode 1 of my friend Teagan’s new weekly serial with as usual, 3 things donated by the readers that she has to include.  . It’s always great fun if you want to join in and maybe even donate the three items one week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I had breakfast at 5.30 am then returned with a cup of coffee to work. I was in time for the start of the deluge which always starts with a minor trickle then throws the worst at you while you’re answering someone so you don’t notice.

I continued to work even when I heard the strangest sound outside. I thought it was Bert taking my bin down as it was 7.35 am and I’ve normally done it by now. I went and checked out of the window so I could say thank you but was shocked to see it was actually the bin men themselves. They were half a day earlier than usual and they’d come and collected my bin off the step for emptying it instead of ignoring it as they had last time. They even delivered the empty bin back to the step. The only trouble was they had the food bin collection too and I hadn’t emptied mine. Luckily there wasn’t very much and it will do next week. As they were disappearing in the distance I took out the paper, plastic and tin bags ready for the recycling collection whenever that might be.                                                                                                                                                                                      I ploughed on with the mail to get as much out of the way as I could before I’m picked up. I had an email at 8.30 am to say Yvonne, Ugo and Amelie were ready and willing but Reuben was still snoring. Considering the nights recently he hasn’t slept but kept them awake it’s just as well he’s sleeping now, just not very convenient. I said to bring his asleep and he can breakfast out but was joking.

At just gone 9.30 am I had a text to say they were on their way. I had all my begs handy ready to go and a full jar of copper to go into the machine if I could carry it that far. The post man arrived with letters about my council tax, yet another change in the amount I’ll pay next year (from April) and naturally it’s more. Still it has to be paid so the direct debit is in place. I’m getting closer to that date and I still don’t know what direct debits have been (or will be) set up for me to pay on the rent for the house or the garage. It’s very difficult to work out my monthly costs without that information. He also brought me some more jewellery for my stocks. I worked on my messages up to 9.55 am then put my coat on, braced my back and went outside to wait. I’d only been there a couple of minutes when they arrived.                                                                                        Off we went to ASDA.When we arrived Ugo dropped us at the door so he could go off for petrol. First he helped Yvonne get baby in a papoose pouch and Reuben into the trolley. I went to play the cash machine and try for the jackpot.

Inside, I had Yvonne pour the change into the machine and wait for a ticket. I went to get my sweet potatoes. The ticket came to just over £26 so of course we had the usual row when I told her to keep it and use it against today’s purchases. You might not believe this but I won. We were both picking things up as we were going round and we hadn’t even reached the food yet. I got flowers for Ju. I also picked up a couple of fun costume type things for Reuben and Yvonne got bibs for Amelie. I managed to pick up a couple of small gifts I wanted for tomorrow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      As always happens, eventually we hit the food. Then it was a case of seeing who could fill my trolley faster. I went for bulk and at least got more space. Ugo came and took Roobs away to visit the loo while Yvonne and I headed for the tills. I must really be on form today. I let her stuff go through first. Ad the register showed the amount owed Yvonne handed over the voucher from the machine and while she or Ugo who had rejoined us went to pull cards out to pay the extra £12 I just handed over £20 to the cashier with a smile. Yvonne tried to stop us but I said “Too late, it’s been put on the till now.” Hola, another win! Mine went through and I laid it in the bags I’d set out in the trolley, such organisation. We went for a drink but certain surly people wouldn’t let me pay.

From there we went to look at The Range, a new store that had only opened yesterday. 16 different departments and 65,000 different products. It was great. Really nice stuff but I’d need much longer to look round properly and to stop for a drink while I thought. A weekday would be best when hopefully a lot quieter. There were too many people for me today. Time was really running away from us today and so we came home. It was about 2.15 pm when I got here. I made sure they took the chocolate and biscuits from last week with them then waved them off. I spent an age putting the shopping away and put Ju’s flowers in a vase out of the way till later. I made myself a late lunch and sat with a very excitable Joey while I ate it. Once done, I apologised to him and came through to start work. It wasn’t as bad as feared since I’d done so well with the morning’s post before going out. It still took until 5.30 pm though to get clear. It’s not worth say I watched TV during the evening as I seem to have been more asleep than awake and very sluggish and sneezy ( no missus, not the dwarf).

At 9.10 pm I shut Joey in and went through to take my meds.  Ju’s flowers were looking a bit worse for wear and I thought maybe I should have put water in those vases really.I did so and decided to let them soak a bit. I’d do the flowers properly in the morning. I came through and started work. The mail I got through by 10.40 pm and I started the blog though I tried to keep up with any more mail coming through. I know I don’t usually publish this until midnight but I shall be a little early tonight as I want my bed. Perhaps 11.50 tops.

Wishing you all a Great Easter Sunday, a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday and a Fabulous new week ahead full of dreams come true. xxx Hugs Galore xxx

The 'Butter wouldn't melt' look

The ‘Butter wouldn’t melt’ look

And the crockledile took two of Pop's fingers Ami.

And the crockledile took two of Pop’s fingers Ami.



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98 responses to “How the Mighty Are Fallen & We Have Lift Off

  1. Awesome music this week, Sir! Thanks for the dance!

  2. I always like the music you select to go along with your diary but I have to say Shine on You Crazy Diamond is perhaps my favorite rock song. If you heard the video I recently posted (Lost Star) I’m sure you could tell!

    • Trent, I’m happy to confess that maybe you gave me the idea. I was trying for some music I know my wife loved this week and have gone for certain favourites but some outside inspiration might have helped.If not, then at least you know you had great taste shares with an awesome woman.
      Have a great day today with your chocolate.

  3. Quite a busy week my friend. Sorry you tripped and fell, hope you ae feeling better, enjoyed the music this week and the photo’s. Little Amelie is getting so big, 12 weeks already, That last song sounds like a road trip song and it made me think of Teagan’s new serial same year as well. Hope you have a wonderful week, Happy Easter and mega massive hugs to you. I share your feelings about the horrific tragedy in Brussells.

    • Thank you so much beautiful Suzanne, the embarrassment has gone now and I check my laces before moving.I’m so glad you enjoyed the music and the pictures. Yes, Amelie was excited at being 12 weeks as you can see.Yawn. The last song was very much an anti-Vietnam song and my favourite by Country Joe, pure coincidence it ties in with Teagan.
      I hope you have a Wonderful day with lots of chocolate eggs. Thank you for your agreement about Brussels. Such a terrible tragedy for those innocent people.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

    • Yes, pure coincidence. But thanks for the mention just the same, Suzanne and David. I’m so happy that both of you are with me on this “road-trip.” Mega hugs!

  4. In case you don’t feel better by now, David – here is a rising happy Easter! Have a great one my friend!

  5. Dear David… you fall, trip, and have almost as many accident as I do. This one sounded just like something i’d do. Take good care of you. :).
    I enjoyed the Mickey song. Ami’s little outfits are adorable. All in all a lovely week — thank you for bringing us along. Mega hugs

    • Hello Dear Teagan, It’s much easier t say I’m just an oaf. I hope you’re really not this bad.I’d be even more worried than you already make me.
      I’m glad you enjoyed Mickey, a nice bouncy song. Ami had almost as many clothes as her Pops but she looks better in hers.
      Thank you so much as always for joining me, you know how much enjoy your company.
      xxx Stupendous Hugs xxx

      • Oh David, you can’t be an oaf. What would that make me? 😀 Just call me Calamity Jane. I have 3 full flights of stairs, and I’ve fallen all the way down each of them once each, and part way several other times. Over the years, I’ve foolishly done the impossible with heavy things, so now I pay the price — that being frequent things like last weekend hurting my back just moving a bag of groceries the delivery man handed me. (Not his fault — we both thought I had it, and I didn’t feel it until later…) So we are not oafs, my friend. Perhaps we have too much on our minds to pay as much attention as we should… That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ with it! 😀 More hugs!
        And thank you to you and Donna Parker too. All this kindness overwhelms me. 🙂 Any more and I might cry. ❤

      • It would make you unfortunate dearest Teagan. It’s bound to happen to anyone with all those stairs, one momentary lapse in concentration and you’re gone. When you talk about doing the impossible with heavy things it might also make you a fool, but maybe of necessity. I can hardly comment on hurting your back moving some groceries when it’s only a couple of weekd dince I did mine picking a shirt up from the floor. Not a heavy shirt either.
        I’m quite sure Donna would agree with me that any kindness is no less than your due, but stating facts isn’t kindness, it’s honesty. I’ll send tissues.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  6. David, please tell me you’ve recovered from your fall…I hope you are well and no permanent damage. Joey should have been more concerned, it was certainly not a time to munch. Fine feathered friend indeed. Take care, dear friend.
    I’ve now go Mickey dancing around in my head, that’s cool, I like it. And all the other great musical selections.
    Yes, Teagan’s series is shaping up to be yet another fantastic one, the only problem I have with it, I have to wait for more. Then again, it’s always worth it, always.
    Amelie looks so cute even when startled. Roobs is as handsome as ever.
    Sometimes it’s sad to hear some news, I really truly wish people could just get along. Stop fighting, stop bombing; stop the wars, the greed, the suffering. You have the right idea, hugs instead.
    You made my day by letting me share your week, David, please take care. Massive cribbage and trivial hugs xoxoxo

    • I’m fully recovered thanks Dear Donna, I greatly appreciate but don’t deserve the concern over my stupidity. I wonder whether maybe it did me a favour and shook some sense into me. Joey was very unfeeling but lets be fair, at least his aim was good.
      I’m sorry if I stuck you with a song that won’t go away even though it was a good one. You’ll have to listen to something else of your own choice so I don’t get the blame if that sticks too.
      I share your problem with Teagan’s serial, I hate the wait between episodes. Still,it teaches me patience.
      I love Ami’s various expressions and yes Roobs is a handsome devil.
      I wish people could get along and stop the constant killing too. I’m sure Hugs are a better thing to aim at others.
      Thank you so much for coming and spending time with me. My day is now much improved.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs to you and have a chocolate filled day xxx

  7. Hop-py Easter to all, hope it’s eggs-actly as you wish it to be!!!! 😉

  8. Happy Easter, David

    and a safe one!

    Big hugs


  9. As the fall was a week ago, I assume no permanent damage was done to you – or the house…… well done! That was an interesting little interlude with the man and the questions – here’s hoping they don’t take any money off you 🙂 Joey seems to be doing well. Have a good week. xoxo

    • Hi Pauline, no the foundations seem to be OK and the red has finally gone from my face.
      It was an interesting interlude, really in depth questions. I too hope it doesn’t cost me in the end.
      Joey is doing fine, spoiled as always.
      Have a wonderful day today and a great week to follow.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. What a life you have, my friend… trifle, pain meds, work, shops, government annoyances, genuine empathy and commiseration, and lovely, lovely little children… Happy Easter, David… to you and your gorgeous family.

    • I can’t deny it’s a bit of a mixture sometimes. he children make up for it though and make me grounded.
      Happy Easter to you too and a fantastic week to follow.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  11. Oh, no, that’s horrible about you falling. I know what it’s like, David, the same thing happened to me last year. It’ll take you a while to get over the shock so make sure you treat yourself more kindly than usual! 🙂 xx

    • I’m over it Yvette, even the embarrassment. Thank you. I’m sorry to hear you had the same thing happen and hope there was no lasting damage.
      If I treat myself any more kindly I’ll be a spoiled brat.
      Have a Fantastic chocolate filled Easter.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  12. David, I agree with your thoughts on ISIS. The reports I’ve heard about what this group does to young children alone is enough to remind that it is impossible to reason with insanity.

    On a much lighter note:

    I’m so jealous that you are able to watch Cold Case. I’m not a big television watcher but I faithfully enjoyed that show. I watched every rerun that aired too (even the ones at 2:00 a.m.). I can’t find it anywhere with my u-verse service. I was surprised to learn that Shawn Cassidy created both the Cold Case and Six Feet Under television series. He came along way from his Da Do Run cover days. Wishing all a good week with many HUGS and SMILES. Laine.

    • Hello Laine. Thanks so much for your comment. You’re right, it’s not possible to reason with these people who though a minority believe they have the right to dictate to everyone how they should live and because it suits them, it’s always the barbaric way. Non-believes even of their faith are dealt with harshly and permanently.
      I do enjoy Cold case even though I know the episodes are years old. I don’t know Shawn Cassidy I’m afraid and have never seen Six Feet Under. Something I’ll have to check out sometime.
      Have a great weekend and a Fantastic week.
      xxx Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  13. Can you keep Tariq Ramadan in the UK, please? We don’t want him and his barbaric ideas in Bordeaux. He tries to give a veneer of intellectualism to an apology for terrorism, approves of the stoning of women for ‘adultery’ (rape often enough) and predicts Islamic rule for the whole of Europe.
    Aside from that, thanks for Stairway to heaven—love that song.

    • Tell you what. Can I have him somewhere between us if he wouldn’t contaminate the sea. Time to bring back the hulks for such as him and let them rot. I note the man isn’t stoned for adultery and yes rape means sex means adultery.The product of a sick mind.
      Glad I found a song you like Jane.
      Have a Great Easter.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  14. Happy Easter to you too.

  15. Hi David. I hope you are recovered now after your fall. You found some wonderful music as always. I loved that Toni Basil one, and you can never go wrong with Queen! The children look adorable as always. I hope you have a lovely Easter. Ginormous hugs xxxx

    • Hi Judy, fully recovered thanks and less red faced too. I’m so glad you enjoyed the music and I do so agree about Queen.
      I hope you have a Great Day today
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  16. Great to catch up, Dave. Scary fall (I remember attending a session by a chiropodist and she had nothing good to say about slippers). Not a good week for the world… I do use messenger quite often although haven’t tried the video option (I know it exists). Some people prefer Google hangouts. I’m off to check the recommendations (and I also love Teagan’s serials.) Ah, the father and son portrait should be framed. It’s a beauty. 🙂

    • Lovely to see you Olga as always. The falls aren’t scary but hitting the floor is. lol
      You’re right. Another bad week for the world.Religious madmen.
      I’ve used messenger for a long time and only just found out there was a video option.
      Yes that is a great picture. I hope they do a canvas of that one.
      Have a Wonderful Day
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  17. I have to agree with you about Isis. They’re a bunch of fanatics. However frustrated some people may feel with what they see as the self-serving meddling of the US, the UK and other nations in the Middle East, Isis is absolutely not the answer.

    • I agree and most of the Middle East seem to as well since ISIS, ISIL or whatever name they choose is not their choice. The trouble is that we created it and we have to end it too.No more stoning women for adultery or for showing their face.

  18. May all of your wishes for a happier, peaceful world come true, David! Joyeuses Pâques to you and your family. Big bises and hugs from France! xo

  19. Happy Easter!
    Good to hear that you are getting some of your 5 a day via Trifle. A most excellent vehicle for vitamin intake!
    Joey sounds like he has the life of Riley. I’m most impressed by his bedtime routine. I hear you about the seeds and husks. My swear my canaries chuck out as much as they can because they know how much it annoys me! And as you’ve probably found out, a little bit of seed goes a l-o-n-g way! I find evidence of it in the strangest, most far flung places.
    Sorry to hear about your fall, it sounds like you’ve been more stirred than shaken, but still it’s not a nice thing to happen and I hope you are in the pink now.
    I’ve made a batch of Hot Cross buns that have turned out more like Rock cakes than the soft doughy perfections of my imaginings. Next culinary experiment is profiteroles – I shall report back!
    Massive Hugs and wishing you a great week ahead xoxoxo

    • Hi Lottie, I’m so glad you agree trifle is doing the job. Since chocolate actually comes via a plant I’m calling it a veg and counting chocolate trifles too. Is that a step too far?
      Naturally Joey has the life f Riley, he’s pampered and spoiled. Yes, he takes after your canaries and gets the husk everywhere.
      Oh yes, back in the pink and certainly looking a lot less red-faced about it. None of the neighbours has shouted ‘Timber’ yet.
      I wish you luck with the profiteroles, they wouldn’t last long here.
      Have a Great Day and a Fantastic week.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  20. carolewyer

    Two of my favourite songs this week – Shine On You Crazy Diamond and All That She Wants. Not heard either for such a long time that I also tripped the light fantastic across the room.
    Beautiful photos, David. Your family is very photogenic.
    Hope next week brings you sleep, calm and more interesting stuff so I can come back and read again.
    Happy Easter. XX VERY LARGE HUG XX

    • I’m so glad I found some music you like Carol. Yvonne used to laugh at me as when I heard the name of the radio I always thought it was Acer Baser and that’s what I called them. Great song though.
      Thank you, Yvonne is a whizz with the camera, nearly makes me look human but the kids are fantastic.
      I’m sure next week will bring me calm as Mike is still in Canada but sleep, I wouldn’t hold my breath.
      Have a Great Easter
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. Thank you for my Sunday treat! Unlimited Hugs xxx

  22. Thoroughly enjoyed the music and pics this week – thank you! It’s hard to believe Amelie is already 3 months old. It’s hard to believe Lady J has been gone for so long too. -massive hugs-

  23. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  24. Bazz

    Hiya Mike,potatoes done in a microwave are at 12 minutes for a large one on full power ,just saying lol xxx

  25. Bazz

    P.S. Happy Easter xxxxx

  26. Happy Easter David, tanti baci ai tuoi nipotini, 🙂

  27. I trip and fall as well – oh dear, luckily we’re still here, David! Stairway To Heaven of one of my very favourites and your music is always awesome xxxx

    • I’m so sorry to hear you’re a ‘fallen woman’ Dianne but I’m glad we’re still here. I’m really glad I managed to find one of your favourite songs to put on. Thanks so much for your kind words about my other choices even though I’m sure there must be many you don’t know. Many you’re far too young to know.
      Please look after yourself.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  28. “Here I Go Again” is correct, David. You, Dianne and I all belong to the same trip and fall club. My problem is that when I’m on my daily walks, I’d much rather look up and out and around me, and since I don’t look down I don’t see cracks and breaks in the sidewalk and on the streets. But then when I see the antics of your precious grandchildren, I can laugh and wonder how they do so well, toddling and falling and getting up again and grabbing life with both hands. It’s a good lesson. Many hugs to you! 🙂

    • I’m one who often misses what goes on around me because I’m busy scanning the pavement ahead. Mike says I’m looking for pennies though in fact I’m looking to protect my knees. You can guarantee the minute I look up because someone says ‘Ooh look at that’ is the time I find the crack that sends me tumbling.
      I wonder if youngsters aren’t made of rubber with the ease which they regain their feet after a fall. I spend ages on my hands and knees trying to get up. It doesn’t happen often though so I’m glad of that and inside is a rarity.
      I’m happy to be in any club you’re a member of but I’m sure there must have been a better choice.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs Marylin xxx

  29. Happy Easter David and thanks for the great music. My favourtie Queen song and Swedish Euro Pop – Love it!
    I enjoyed the Startled picture especially.
    Huge Hugs from South to North! 🙂

    • Thank you Christoph. I hope you had a nice, and a successful weekend. Perhaps you’re enjoying home comforts again now. My favourite Queen one is Days of Our Lives which I find incredibly sad, closely followed by Radio GaGa. If I can play Falco why not something Swedish too. I’m nothing if not international in my tastes.
      Yes, that was a great photograph with which she’ll be teased when she’s older.
      Massive Hugs taking the road back South to you.

  30. I’m glad you weren’t injured in your fall. I hate it when objects in the room jump out to trip people!

    The photos are wonderful, as usual. The father-son one is particularly nice.

    Stairway to Heaven was our high school prom song/theme. (As it was for many at that time, I’m sure.) 🙂

    The Brussels bombings are beyond horrible, as are the ones in Lahore yesterday. I don’t even know what to say. I hope you had a wonderful Easter, filled with joy, hugs, and Easter treats!

    • Thanks so much Merril, all my own fault of course I should have checked the laces.
      I agree with you the father /son photo is excellent.
      I hope it was a good prom I brought back memories of.

      Yes, the bombings are all awful. I can’t get into the mindset of people who could do such awful things to innocents. I hope their High Command are all caught and despite it being barbaric, sentenced to death by their own chosen method.
      I had a Great Easter thanks and hope you did too.Too much temptation in my way now though.
      xxx Sending Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  31. I so agree with you about terrorism and the state of the world. I worry about what we are leaving to our grandchildren. Then I think about what my parents and grandparents endured, and I realize there are always problems, but the nature of them changes. There never were any “good old days,” I guess, but we can always hope for better.

    • You’re so right. Really if there were any good old days it was your own childhood free from worries but of course for some children all they knew during their childhood was bombs being dropped and war.
      Why I worry is that mankind doesn’t seem to have evolved into what he’s capable of and what he should be. He seems to be stuck in the industrial age of creating worse weapons to kill people with and the two types of people still getting wealthy are the weapons manufacturers and the undertakers.
      There is at least a move to try and improve things on the planet and I have to hope it isn’t too little too late or the legacy I’ve left for my grandchildren may be too awful to contemplate.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  32. Sorry to hear about your fall, David, and I’m glad you’re okay. Love your song choices today. They bring back so many memories of my younger years. And those kids are just too cute. I love Amelie’s surprised face, and of course, the one with the protective big brother – how adorable. The world is in tough shape indeed. I’m waiting for the adults to get their acts together so little children everywhere can have lives of smiles 🙂

    • Ach, the fall was nothing. I’m fine thanks. I’m delighted you like the songs and I hope the memories are all good ones.
      Amelie’s surprised face is a gem.
      I’m also hoping for a change in adult attitudes to take hold and for everyone to evolve a little more as they can so that we can give the children to come a fighting chance of lifelong peace and a recovering planet.
      xxx Massive Hugs Diana xxx.

  33. I like the play by play you give us David. Really lets us step into your shoes… or slippers! 😉

  34. WordPress doesn’t show me your ‘like’ button again, David. I will come back and ‘like’ when I have a chance
    Your fall was so scary! Those Brutus slippers have to be replaced, just to teach them a lesson.

    I agree with all the politic-related thoughts you shared. We don’t want to live in the world where human life has no value, and woman’s life has even less value. Muslim community have to make a choice, and cooperate with the law, if they want their children to have a future. No support for the radicals!

    The photographs and the music in this post are simply exquisite! Enjoyed both!
    Many Hugs!!!xxxxxx

    • I wonder what the problem is now with WordPress. It has a mind of it’s own.
      Ha, the fall is forgotten now. I cut another pair of slippers up as a warning so I should be OK now.
      I don’t want to stop a Moslem being a Moslem but being fair to women shouldn’t do that.There’s nothing in their holy book that says women can’t drive or should be raped and then stoned to death if they are.Men are still supposed to look after women. Nowhere does it say keep them uneducated. It’s fear that does that. But we need to move a little with the times and men can carry on worshiping All Moslems need to be able to take their place in the world not just radical clerics . More education means more people can read the Q’uran and not rely on someone else’s interpretation.
      So glad the music and the pictures went down well.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  35. Hope the Croc gave you back your two fingers! The photos of your family are just so beautiful, and a light against the darkness of the war and ugliness you mention in this post. We need to spread the light to smother that darkness. Oh, and the father/son portrait took my breath away. It’s brilliant!
    Let’s all reach for a Stairway to Heaven filled with peace and love. xoxoxolovinghugfromyournefriendxoxoxoxxo

    • I reached down and pinched my fingers back Pamela.
      I hadn’t looked at it that way but I like it, very much. I shall try my best to smother the nastiness of the world with bright things.
      Yes, thatwas a good picture, I can see that one being framed.
      That’s the kind of stairway I’d like to be on, I Iike the company already.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  36. I love reading a book that makes you lose track of time. 🙂 It is sad and scary the stuff that is happening in the world, way too much hate and killing. I’m not sure what the answer is but there definitely some groups that need to be stopped. Have another wonderful week. Many hugs.

    • I’m guilty of doing that with books all the time.
      Like you I’m not sure what the answer is except I know more hugs can’t hurt, but there are definitely some insects that need to be squashed underfoot.
      Have Fantastic Weekend
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  37. Darling pictures of the children as usual. I’m so sorry you had a fall but you seem to have come out of it okay. Falling is one of my greatest fears. I’ve fallen so many times in my life, a couple of times suffering damage. I’ve got the scars to prove it. Your cleaning lady seems to be working out well. I hope you have a great week ahead which includes Easter. Huge Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne, the children are always handy for pictures for me. Don’t worry about the fall, I came out of it fine if a little bruised and shaken.
      Yes, Jade is doing quite well and I can see the floor again.
      Easter was over last weekend here . If yours is later than ours I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  38. Ali Isaac

    Really enjoyed your music choices this week, David. Reminded me of my youth… and some of my childhood. Lol! Yeah, it was a long time ago. You were a bit accident prone at the beginning of the week, glad to see that didn’t last. Where was Michael this week? How’s his cough? I always meant to say to you, I used to work with a Dilwyn, it’s the only time I ever came across this name, until I started reading your blog. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your Easter. 😊 Huge hugs to you!

    • I’m so glad the music found a home in your heart this week Ali, sorry for those that were too early but I needed to show you we had music back then too. Yes, a little accident prone but I’m OK. The small gods haven’t finished with me yet so they looked after me and made sure the ornaments were OK.
      Mike is in Canada for a month Ali, always happy to desert me, the man has taste.
      Where did you work with a Dilwyn, in which Country I mean?
      I got Turkish Delights, Fry’s cream bars, Bourneville and liquorice, what’s not to like. Easter was great.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  39. I enjoyed listening to the Led Zeppelin and looking at the children’s photos as I read. Good to see I can list trifle as fruit now, ha! Terrorism has become such a bane of the society and it’s just sad that some people think that there’s a God that requires killing and forcing others to believe in him.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos Jacqueline. Oh, I’m sure trifle must be a fruit and good for you or I couldn’t possibly eat it. Strawberry jelly?
      I can’t understand any religion that would require killing other people and certainly not one that suggested it just so their religion became the only one. But then I can’t understand the stoning of women either and it still happens. Mankind can be so much better than it is.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  40. I can’t believe how fast your granddaughter is growing, David! And so pretty 🙂
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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