Chasing Keyboards & In Memory Of.

Sunday 27th March.

I made bed just on midnight and read until I finished my book at 12.40 am. I struggled to get to sleep and at 1.02 am had to get up and put cream on my legs before I took the skin off. This morning I slept until 4.22 am, actually 5.22 am since we lost the hour during the night. I opened gmail and started work, there were a lot of messages from last night for some reason. I managed the last one at 5.30 am just before going to take my meds and then deciding to do Ju’s flowers. I doubt I’ll be winning any competitions for ikebana any time soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I returned to work at 6.25 am ready for battle. I was shocked to find just 56 in my box. I’d cleared that many before going to the kitchen and unleashing my feminine side. This time though was evil. I got down to 51, started on the next one and it was up to 57. I didn’t get beyond 49 until gone 9.00 pm and it was 10.35 am before I actually finished that first rush. I got dressed and went through to see Joey. I sat with him through an episode of 8 Simple Rules then returned to my room.

I worked on and off till lunchtime, or what I thought would be lunchtime. I was convinced Yvonne had said they’d pick me up at noon so about 5 minutes beforehand I decided to check since they usually text to say they’re on the way. It was a while before I got a reply and that was to say disaster had struck. Amelie had thrown up in the car and they had to return home to get her changed. Then she demanded food so the time went from 12.00 pm to 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm which meant her calling the CookHouse to explain and also those that were waiting for us. We got there before 1.30 pm.                                                                                                                                                                                              We said hello to Lee and Jen with Nathan and to Karen and Jo. When I tried to get them to write down what they wanted for lunch I was thwarted as they’d already ordered. That was a blow, a host who doesn’t provide the meal. I found out what Ugo and Yvonne wanted and went to the bar with the order, seeing the lady that Mike and I usually see, at least she didn’t make Mike’s coffee by mistake. Ugo came with me to help carry the drinks. As we got back to the table the other meals had arrives so I took my tablets then Yvonne and I went to get our carvery and Ugo looked after Amelie. By the time I’d found someone strong enough to carry my plate Ugo’s meal had arrived so we did all manage to eat together. I saw Jade there though I don’t think she saw me. I’m glad she believed me enough to try it, now I just have to hope she enjoyed it.

My meat was fantastic as usual, just falling apart. The rest was incidental though I made sure there were enough incidentals on the plate.When we finished I was at least able to order a few puddings. Lee, Jen and Nathan had to leave not long after as they were meeting someone else. Eventually we had to pack up and leave too as the table was booked again from 3.00 pm. It was a quarter to. Hugs and kisses in the car park with my girls who liked their Easter Eggs as did Lee and Jen and then we were on our way again. I was home before 3.15 pm. It was pouring down as I waved them off . I said hello to Joey and put the light on to relieve the gloom. Then I came to work. To be fair it wasn’t as bad as feared and I was free just before 6.00 pm. I had some tea with a small trifle and then for some reason started watching some of The Devil Rides Out. When it finished at 8.30 pm I thought I’d try for an early night.As long as I don’t see blue eyes hovering above me like Charles Grey’s I should be OK. I worked on emails until 10.40 pm then started the blog so I think no later than 11.30 pm and everything is going to plan so far.

Teddy waits for lunch.

Teddy waits for lunch.

My 'Bright as a Button'GRL

My ‘Bright as a Button’ girl doesn’t understand the shirt.

Monday 28th March.

11.28 pm found me sitting on the edge of the bed trying an aloe vera cream recommended to ease itching. By 11.35 pm I slid into bed easily. I started the new book , Those In Peril by Wilbur Smith. I need to restock as it’s my last book too. I put my light out at almost bang on 12.30 am  I took the hint and put the book away.                                                Getting to sleep was difficult as the itching was still pretty bad. I must have fallen asleep but was awake again at 1.27 am no eyes hovering above the bed though. I had a cigarette and tried again. That was fine and I slept until 4.02 am this morning.                                                                                                                                                                                                 After a visit to the loo I opened my mail and enjoyed working until I went for breakfast at 5.45 am. Even though I expected a full mailbox again on my return I spent a few minutes reading reports on yesterday’s atrocity in Pakistan. So much more evil, so many  more innocent deaths. I know they were mainly Christian and that was the object but the people who did this don’t care much more for the non-Christian deaths. They don’t believe in playing for hearts and minds do they, much preferring fear.. It makes you wonder how they manage to recruit from the West even among the disenfranchised and disillusioned. I can only imagine they play the Religion card and yet I don’t think by any stretch of the imagination you can really call these people religious as they don’t even follow the tenets of their own faith. Put bluntly, ISIL are just killers.                         I also prepared an e–card to send and checked to see if there was anywhere I could get a new keyboard if I went out today. The weather is so foul I probably won’t though.

The biggest surprise after I’d finished my other little jobs was returning to my mailbox at 6.25 am and finding just 11 pieces of post there. Where is the deluge? I waited until 7.10 am to see if it forgot the hour from yesterday. No, that made no difference. Could it possibly be that people are taking the holiday off? I hoped so. At 7.15 am I went through to release Joey and replenish his millet that he loves so much. I stayed with him until 9.00 am and then came back to check. Yes, the deluge had come but at the strangest of times, 8.17 am. I worked on it until 9.45 am and then left to watch HUtH which was on a bit earlier today. I didn’t hold out much hope but did wonder if the Warden might not call. She was off last Monday so maybe not this one? She didn’t call.

For lunch I had a cottage pie and it seems to have been a while since I had one so it went down well. A lovely rhubarb yoghurt to follow. I didn’t watch Bargain Hunt for a change as there was something more appealing on another channel later so I went back to work for a while. There’s been a conscious decision to take off much of the day off as possible because it’s a bank holiday. At 1.30 pm I went to watch the film The Fall of Rome with Sir Alec Guinness. I love these kind of spectaculars with all the chariot races etc. Seeing the Presidency Caesarship sold off to the highest bidder at the end reminded me of something, just can’t put my finger on it. It lasted about three hours so I felt I’d better check the post before starting anything else. There were quite a few to do but I still managed to get back in time for my tea ( chocolate cake and a strawberry mousse) and my episode of Cold Case. I also saw Without a Trace which was the second half of one from Friday but though I saw the first half of SG1 I nodded off for the rest and also the start of Sanctuary. It’s very strange seeing Tilk on trial for his life one moment and see a humongous squid fighting an odd looking giant scorpion the next.

At 9.00 pm I turned the TV off despite being tempted by a Marvel Superheroes film. Joey just sat on his mirror reluctant for the day to end. I went to take my meds and coming back he hadn’t moved. I turned a lamp on and the overhead light off and left him to it. After half an hour on the computer I went back and he’d gone in so I was able to close the cage and wish him goodnight. No reply.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      So, back to work again and pestering Yvonne for some photo’s from yesterday. She’d complained that somehow I’d managed to stay out of a lot of them. He He. The mail took until 10.43 and I was able to kickstart the blog. I’m doing well and reckon 11.45 ish tonight.

Square dance

Square dance

Denim Trendsetter

Denim Trendsetter

Tuesday 29th March.

I made it to bed at 11.50 pm so I wasn’t far off. I stayed on top of the covers in case the warmth fried my legs in the cream I had on. I read for an hour then turned the light out. I expected to go to sleep quickly but my power nap of yesterday evening must have blunted the need. I know I did drop off eventually or I’d be complaining I never woke up this morning which could lead to some misunderstandings. Anyhoo, I did wake up at 4.29 am only I didn’t move until 4.31 am because the dream I was having seemed to carry on a bit and came to an abrupt halt when it realised it was being viewed in the real world. So, because of the two minute delay I had to move my little (actually long and slim) legs a bit faster to get to the loo. I came back and signed on to the computer and opened the mail. This morning it took until 5.56 to clear the box and I was able to go for my meds and some breakfast.

I returned to work at 6.32 am and there was just one message in my mail. I can’t understand what’s going on. I dealt with that and a couple more that came through, took my mug to the kitchen and washed it and came back via the bathroom to get dressed. The mail finally decided to appear at just gone 7.30 am. I think that’s taking the Easter break just a little too far.I broke off at 9.00 am to take my prescription request to the chemist. By getting it in early I stand a chance of getting it back the next day. I also dropped into Pauline’s. Back at home I carried on working until I was finally clear at 9.50 am. Time just to check  ebay. I’m hoping there was a nice picture from Sunday I can use for a new canvas so I’m checking out the best deals. Believe me, if you want a photo on canvas there are fantastic deals on ebay and I haven’t been disappointed in quality yet. Now all I need are the pictures which Yvonne says she’ll send today.                                                                                                                                                                                                             I went through and watched HUtH with Joey who seems chatty enough today. Then things went a little awry. I nodded off before the end and didn’t wake until 11.30 am. Then I had mail to clear which included a lot of pictures from Yvonne. By the time I’d done it was 12.05 pm and I had to go get my lunch. I took my pre-tabs then spent time buttering bread before putting my beef stew and dumplings in the micro. I started watching Bargain Hunt while it was cooking. By the time I sat down to eat and then had a sweet Bargain Hunt was over and the news came on. A man hijacked an Egyptian plane claiming he had a suicide bomb strapped to himself. The plane was forced to land at Cyprus. The man was arrested and it turned out he wanted to see his ex-wife or something.  Some people laugh and say how ridiculous that he either got through Egyptian security or they allowed a lie to win. I personally think this man is almost as bad as a terrorist. Planes rarely carry extra fuel because of the weight so he risked the plane going down with 60+ passengers before they reached Cyprus. Also the fear of the people who he told he was a suicide bomber. They don’t expect to survive the journey. That terror must be awful, to fear not seeing those special people in your life anymore.

At 1.30 I returned to my bedroom and started work again on the mail. I’m not sure when I finished but I started sorting through all the pictures Yvonne had sent me. I didn’t think there was one of Sunday good enough to do canvases for everyone who’d been these but I’m having one. I did choose a nice picture to do for them though and the presentation was really nice. As I was doing that I kept pace with mail coming through so that at 4.45 pm with nothing in the box I could disappear. Not like the invisible man or I’d be out trying to get a Christmas bonus off the bankers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I had a piece of cake for my tea and a pickled onion crisp sandwich.  I watched Cold Case and Without a Trace without an incident. I got most of the way through SG1 before I found it necessary to inspect the insides of my eyelids and unfortunately it was such a thorough inspection, it took me till half way though Sanctuary. I got thoroughly confused when I found one of the leads from SG1 was playing in Sanctuary and I wasn’t sure what nightmare world I was inhabiting. It was the nice lad who wears the glasses, in this he’d been a bit of a rogue smuggling things through a  flap in his stomach. Funny really as back on SG1 the same flap would be where they housed one of the alien  Goa-uld.          

At 9.00 pm  I closed Joey’s cage door, went through to take my meds, wished Joey goodnight and came through to attack the mail. One was upsetting when I heard that Yvonne thought they had a home for the two cats, which they have to rehome because of allergies that both Ugo and Reuben share. It seems the new home was with someone who’d had pets removed previously by he RSPCA, so no way could they be left there. Yvonne has been missing a lot of sleep recently. That and the fact that Thursday is the anniversary of Ju passing is making her very emotional. She had a long walk this morning to get to the doctors for Amelie’s  jabs only to find she had a temperature and they wouldn’t do it. Another hour and a half back home. I didn’t go today because of the appointment. I was going to make myself go out to find a keyboard but used the weather as an excuse not to. Anyway, I cleared the mail at 11.01 pm and started the blog. It’s going to be a midnight finish at least after I’ve chosen tonight’s pictures and music.

Ugo, Jo, Yvonne, Karen Lee, Jen & Nathan, Guess who with Amelie. Reuben in hiding.

Ugo, Jo, Yvonne, Karen Lee, Jen & Nathan, Guess who with Amelie. Reuben in hiding.

Ami and Nate, cousins

Ami and Nate, cousins

Wedsnesday 30th March

Bed 1.05 am because I had to play grease monkey again. After reading until 12.50 am the lights went out and I probably went out like a light. Awake and up at exactly 4.00 am this morning. I found myself whistling ‘Skip to  the loo’ as I did just that and decapitated a figure on the console table with the rope. So much for healthy exercise, it’s dangerous. Coming back from the loo sans rope and at a normal walking pace and wondering where I get all this energy from, I flopped down in my chair and turned the computer on. Right, that’s enough exercise for today, no more jumping to conclusions or anything else.                                                                                                                                             My inbox was empty by 5.15 am and I went to take my meds and have some breakfast which today was a toasted bap, a very yeasty bap at that.By the time I returned about 5.45 am there were more messages to deal with and more comments to write. On one I know I was a bit bumptious but I’m blaming the yeast for that. At this point it was only trickling in so at 6.10 am I went to ebay and ordered a card reader in place of the one I ordered two weeks ago that never came despite the sellers promise that if I (was stupid enough) would end the case I opened on ebay he’d send out a duplicate. I did, he didn’t. It’s not much money but I hate being duped by someone who has no intention of either refunding me or supplying the goods ordered.And of course, I can’t reopen a case with ebay or paypal for a refund now the case is closed. Colour me naive.

By 7.00 am the mail had started to arrive but not in the usual flood. I got 38 in the first batch which is often nearer the 100. I just started work and kept on working. The post kept on coming but not in quantity. By 8.00 am I’d been able to get dressed and go through to open Joey’s cage. At 8.45 am I donned shoes and coat and headed for the bus stop. The bus came at 9.00 m and even as I got on I had no idea where I was going. But when we reached Holywell at the top of the hill I thought maybe I’d have more chance in Flint so I stayed on. When I got  off and crossed the road to where the trading estate is I detoured slightly and called into the small ASDA thinking as I’d forgotten the keyboard when I was in the large store maybe the little store would help. I was out of luck, no keyboard and miracle that it was, I restrained myself from buying anything else. Next port of call was Sainsbury’s where I know they’ve sold them before. I detoured up a couple of other aisles that looked interesting and almost collected a picture frame (you never know when you might need one) but I was to be disappointed again with the keyboard so the frame stayed. I did however buy some chocolates (Ferrero Rocher) and some bread. The Outlet let me down, but Steve reminded me that Argos sell them and what do we have round the corner? Yes, an Argos store ( that was easy wasn’t it). I went down the aisles in B&M as I was passing anyway then went to Argos and bought one of the two in stock.

Having got my prize now dangling from the handle of my crutch (come on, keep it clean now) and clanging as I walked. Still, better that than the chocolates which I handed over two minutes later as I ordered my Latte in Temptations. They were looked at lavisciously by Trudy who announced “The diet starts tomorrow.’ I sat and enjoyed my drink and the little saucer biscuit that Mike normally has then after saying goodbye I headed over to Home Bargains where I did in fact get a dew bargains before heading off for the bus stop.The direction I took meant having to climb over a gate then jump off a wall. I hadn’t even hit the ground when the bus came. That bright idea about having a cigarette while I waited was thrown in the bin. I got my usual solo seat and propped my eyes open with two lighters as I had no matchsticks handy. I didn’t want to miss my stop and end up in Rhyl, Jade is due about noon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I got back safely and unpacked my bag before folding it up and slipping it in the back pocket of my jeans ready for the next outing. I started back on my mail after a brief word with Joey. The brief word was ‘Later’. I was clear just before midday so went through to take my pre-food tabs and make a sandwich to have when waiting time was up. I had it in my room as I worked and too a yoghurt as well. I hadn’t started that at 12.30 pm when Jade arrived. We had a little chat and I said I’d seen her on Sunday but she hadn’t seen me. As she went off to start on the bathroom today I went back to eat my yoghurt of the strawberry persuasion. Very nice it was too.

In between the odd email I was on ebay looking at their prices for usb keyboards thinking maybe to have a spare in. If I ever need to get on the other computer the keyboard with that is rubbish with one key that sticks all the time. To be honest I was just filling in time anyway until I could get to my chair and have a power nap before Dil gets here, though that could be anytime these days.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            At 2.00 pm I reminded Jade she needed to think about her next appointment so she finished what she was at and put the stuff away. I paid her and gave her some chocolates as a treat then said goodbye to her. I did some more mail then headed for my chair about 2.45 pm. I couldn’t nod off and that was partly because my chair is now haunted and tried to eject me. I was just nicely settled and it suddenly started rising. I was scrabbling about trying to get my arm down between the chair and the canterbury to find the remote, I just managed it in time and got the chair back down again but I was wide awake. I was resigned to not sleeping until tonight. I saw a homes in the country programme than at 3.45 pm went back to see what was waiting. I was halfway through sealing with something from Pinterest when the door opened. 3.50 pm and Dil was here. I couldn’t help but laugh so followed him through to the lounge then made him a cuppa.                                                                                                                                                                 We watched one of our usual programmes while we chatted about the weekend then when it finished I was rude and nodded off. I came to after about 15 minutes and found we were on the wrong side for out usual quiz. There was no way I could explain this one away, he couldn’t help but notice.

Once the quiz was over at 6.00 pm battle commenced. The first Yahtzee was keenly fought and came out at three games each. The second , I think he cheated when I wasn’t looking since he won five-one. Luckily I was on form for trivia and beat him at that. I always knew memorising the cards made sense. Finally cribbage, lets just say I took no prisoners ( mainly because it’s too expensive to feed them and I’m renowned for being tight). We only had time for one game but it was a whitewash. Dil left at 9.30 pm as usual heading home for his dinner. It’s a very long day for him. I had a quick tidy, washed the pots and took my meds. I said goodnight to Joey and came through to my room to work. It took until 11.10 pm to get the mailbox cleared so I could start the blog. I’m not taking bets on midnight tonight.

Easter treats

Easter treats

Easter morning

Easter morning

Thursday 31st March.

I managed to be in bed for 12.15 am and as usual read my book. The light went off at  1.20 am and that was the last thing I knew until 6.50 am. So glad I went to the loo before going to sleep. Today is slightly different so I don’t intend to blog in my normal way you’ll be pleased to hear no doubt. I’m going to spend the day with my own thoughts and not deal at all with mail unless it’s urgent.


I know that Yvonne will be suffering somewhat today as she remembers her bright as a button mother who never let a day go by without announcing ‘I Love You’ somewhere. Amazingly Ju stayed that was until the end though the end for us really came 12 hours or so before she passed away when she went into unconsciousness. My own memories are pretty much the same. Ju and I were great friends as well as life partners. We did lots of things together and it was no detriment to out marriage that we spent so much time in each other’s company. So really that the kind of thought I’d like to leave with you today. I hear so much about couples who marry but still want to have their own lives or ‘own space’. I think marriage is about togetherness, not that I expect couples to be joined at the hip or anything but going out should be together as the couple you chose to be. Yep, an old fashioned fart.

Ju on her 50th 2006

Ju on her 50th in 2006

I kept to my intention mainly today. Very little mail dealt with and only the urgent things at that. I sent an email this morning to the chemist to see if my drug mule would be arriving today and was assured I’d get my stuff before the day was out. I didn’t expect to be hungry even though I hadn’t eaten breakfast but force of habit had me making my bangers and sweet potato mash at lunch time.   During the course of the morning I’d looked at lots of photographs of Julia. Not in a maudlin way but just because of the memories they evoked.  And a s she watches me from various pictures all day wherever I am ( don’t worry, not the bathroom) I was able to glance up and give her a smile wherever I am. I love the fact that my favourite picture of the two of us is the background on the computer.  I nodded off in the afternoon and the chemist came then naturally and I heard nothing. I had to walk to the shop and arrange a second drop off. It came later.                                                                                                                                                 Ju probably loved animals as much if not more than she loved people in general though she was possibly the kindest person I know. We’ve opened out home to more than one waif and stray in our lifetime from battered women to the homeless, people were drawn to her. That’s not to say I wouldn’t help, just that I’m perhaps ready to be in the background more. At least my wallet was never closed. Even when I became ill I gave many thousands to good causes ( all my savings) and a fair few to causes Ju thought were less so but I wasn’t really able to tell the difference at that point. Still she didn’t murder me and we stuck together as we’d promised at out wedding.

It was a very unexpected blow when Ju became ill. It was a while before we knew what it was ( Pancreatic Cancer) by which time it was already too late. She never complained and said “Why me?” She just got on and did what she could. We were lucky enough to find a specialist, one of only four in the country, who could perform a special operation which cut some nerves near the site of the cancer. It wouldn’t stop the cancer but for a while, until it grew larger, it could take away the worst of the pain. Ju never complained about the chemo either though we did have to have a friend drive us to and from the appointments.  As time went on Ju carried on as best she could and even fund raised for the stables she used which wanted to start a riding for the disabled school. She didn’t stop riding and we actually went on the Tuesday before she was taken very ill. That was a Friday night and even though we live close to the coast the snow had come. Living on a very steep hill didn’t help either as it was very difficult for the Marie Curie nurses to get here and even worse for the ambulance later. They had a lot of help from (I think) the coastguard. Ju was taken to our local cottage hospital where Yvonne, Ugo and Myself slept in chairs to be near her. The following night we slept there again but with the addition of our two nieces Karen and Jo and the same on Sunday night but we used the staff lounge and enjoyed a Chinese meal.

On the Monday morning Ju was transferred to the hospice (St. Kentigern’s at St Asaph). She was conscious and as bright as she could be. Everyone transferred with her and even though most had to work during the day they were there at night. I can’t remember what happened to Easter that year as I’ve no memory of giving eggs and gifts out. We knew by the weekend that things were bad and she became unconscious and heavily sedated with opiates on the Easter Sunday 31.03.2013 and died very late that night with all of us around her. We were allowed to go and sit with her again until morning came after the staff had seen to her.

After riding 19th March 2013

After riding 19th March 2013.

I just want to say I loved Ju and nothing has changed. I was very lucky to have met her and luckier still to be loved by her as I’m lucky today to be loved by our beautiful daughter Yvonne who shares so many of her traits, not least the kindness and generosity.

Here you are Ju. Just for you.

Also R.I.P Ronnie Corbett comedian. Died today.

Friday 1st April. Uh oh, All Fool’s Day. I”m staying in.

I wasn’t anxious to return to the fray today.  Last night I was listening to hard rock ( which is usually about as far from me as it’s possible to get) until late and then when I did get to bed I read until 1.20 am. It was hard to get to sleep and I know I saw 2.09 slip by me. I must have slept then because I woke at 3.22 am and lay there clock watching but not ready to move. I remember 3.58 am then I woke up at 4.37 am maybe a 2.5 hour night in total? I knew it was time to move, not just because I needed another skip to the loo (my darling) but being Friday, once I’d had my meds I needed to replenish the drug tray for another week. I brought a coffee back to my room about 5.15 am ready to start the mail.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I was finished about 7.20 am and had time to go and see to Joey with water and millet. I’d been surprised no huge bunch of mail at 6.10 am or even at 7.10 am because they haven’t adjusted for Summertime but I was horrified to come back about 7.35 am and watch it piling up. Even though I know MuJo are coming today and said they’d set off early I knew I had time to work without any pressure. Having said that, I did get myself dressed first.

There were still a few left at 10.00 pm but I decided to take the risk and went to watch HUtH with Joey as I’d be out a fair bit later. They arrived at 10.50 am so I got them drinks and the little gifts I’d got them for Easter. We had a good old chinwag and I was not surprised to hear Ju’s brother had died, I was really shocked to find out it was just for 5 minutes. He was still unconscious when it happened and he had been for 2 weeks at that point and he was lying there with a tracheotomy. Three times they were called and told to get there and after the ‘death’ they were told even if he did recover ( which he wouldn’t) he would likely be brain damaged. It seems he wasn’t listening. When he woke this week after 4 weeks he mouthed the swear words he couldn’t vocalise  and claimed there was an attempt to kill him. No change there then.                            We left the house to go to town at 11.30 am and after we’d parked up John wanted to head to  a charity shop first where he bought a couple of things. They took them back to the car then joined me in the street where we headed for the chippy. It was great fun fighting for the bill again and even better when I won. After lunch it was another charity shop and then we headed for Flint. We went to my fave Homies first so I could get chocolates for Temptations then to another good shop for the kind of things you don’t know you need until you see them. Finally we headed for Temptations where both the Ceri’s were on duty. I only managed a short word or two though.

After coffee we managed another couple of shops. I think the weather has been so bad in the sticks that they were desperate to get out today with cabin fever. Finally at  4.00 pm they brought me home. John had his afternoon tabs while Mu and I had a look for some books she wanted. At 4.30 pm they left for home. It’s only an hour away but a different world away from the coastal area. I apologised to Joey that I was going to do half an hour’s work before joining him in the lounge. Sure enough at 5.00 pm I was there turning on Cold Case. I followed as always with Without a Trace then SG1 but then afraid of the work waiting I turned off before Sanctuary.                                    Because of the bin men coming so early last week I decided to take the food waste out tonight and also to empty the paper/card into it’s bag ready. As I was out of my seat I decided to check Ju’s flowers and put some new ones I bought today in the vase with last week’s survivors. I’m not sure I’ll need any tomorrow now. As I’m hoping to change my bed in the afternoon I went looking for a sheet of the right colour, I may have to buy one. I took my meds and with a final goodnight to Joey I came back through to work. No more skiving. It took till just gone 10.30 pm to finish and start the blog which at 11.25 pm is almost done.

Another branch of the family?

Another branch of the family?

Happy Face

Happy Face.

Saturday 2nd April.

I finished the blog and a few extra pieces of mail by 11.35 am, a very quick lube job and I was in bed.  My light went out at 12.20 for a change. It was probably no more than a few minutes before I went to sleep though it seemed longer. Up again at 2.54 am, I felt cheated. Two and a half hours was not enough after only having the same the night before and then missing out on my extra snooze. I signed into the computer and started to make inroads into the mail. Taking it quite slowly I was done and dusted by 5.55 am even though odd ones still arrived, I went off to take my meds in the kitchen. When I brought my coffee back I got dressed and took the food rubbish and the recycling stuff outside. Not cold, but not a pleasant morning with the rain. Coming back I caught up again then brought my bedding through for a change later on.

At 7.30 am Joey started  shouting he wanted out so I walked through and had a chat to him after I’d opened his door. My normal daily post was coming in by now so I had to make a fresh start there. At 8.30 am I had a text from Yvonne that she wouldn’t be joining me today as she needed bulk shopping and there wouldn’t be enough room for us all AND the shopping in the car. If she thinks I’m fat why doesn’t she just say so. Sob.                                                                                                                                                                  Ugo was apparently just having breakfast with Reuben and then he’d come but she’d be sure to text me and let me know when he’d left. Ha, my son in law is an eating machine and might never leave there if he’s having a full breakfast. In fact he arrived at 9.45 am and gave me a shock as I hadn’t received the promised warning. She must have whispered. I rushed to put shoes on ( no socks), coat, gloves, grab crutches, bags and keys. I got in the car and we were travelling up the road when some little disembodies voice said blah, blah, blah, Pops. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I’d no idea Roobs was in the back seat.

We reached the Supermarket and each started our shop. We made a good start pretty much in tandem. Ugo grabbed veg while I sorted some flowers for Ju just to top up. We moved along to nappies and I hit the bedding for a sheet. From there o in we seemed to get further and further apart, It may have been he wanted more than me or perhaps just that his list was better organised so he hit shelves in a better order. I personally think it was just because he concentrated on cleaning products while my priority was chocolate. Eventually we did catch up again until he remembered bibs and had to walk back to the start. I went to the till. I was loading onto the conveyor belt and went to the trolley to put Ju’s flowers on last as I always do it. I couldn’t find them and was looking round to see if I’d knocked them off with my elbow. All of a sudden there was a burst of laughter. I looked in the direction it had come from and a member of staff that Mike and I generally tease on a Saturday morning has pinched them. They’re a saucy lot in ASDA. I went through the till and paid, astonishingly it was less than £50, I don’t know how Mike will take the news.

I stood and waited for Ugo to got through a till and we went for a drink. I ‘m not sure what happened but Roobs was in happy slappy mood then threw a wobbly where he screamed in growls so we couldn’t really understand what he was saying…..or anyone else either since he was so loud. It was a while before Ugo got him calmed down. It was pure tantrum as the tears weren’t real and the growling stayed throughout. Still burst a few eardrums though. After coffee Ugo took him to be changed but it seems the 6 month guarantee was already gone so we have to stick with him. He didn’t actually need changing so we caught up and went to the car. Withing ifve minutes there was a buzz saw coming from the back seat so maybe the tantrum was related to tiredness  though to be fair I never scream like that. I never got to nod off in the car all the way home. Out of kindness to Reuben we didn’t stop at any more shops.

I was home for about 1.30 pm and my first job was to take two pre-foodies before unpacking and putting away the shopping. Then I had something to eat, a warm sausage roll from ASDA which I thought was awful so I was glad of the baps  I was eating. Having given Joey some attention I moved to the bedroom to first make the bed and then start on the mail. I didn’t finish until 5.05 pm. Joey then got the pleasure of my company whether he liked it or not. He seemed to like it flying through the air and trailing his feet through my carefully coiffured hair. How he manages to reverse his feet so the toenails leave gouges I don’t know. I got my revenge though by having strawberries and cream without sharing. I went for  a shower at 7.00 pm and stood there wishing I had a bath, no horrible jets of cold water coming out of the side of the shower head and soaking me and the floor, no nasty shower curtain creeping up behind me and sticking icily to my back.                                                                                                                                 Once I’d finished I went back to the lounge to watch Perry Mason . It was good to see him again. I started another one at 8.00 pm and saw the usual killing, arrest of the wrong person and the stalled investigation before I nodded off. When I woke up it was still on but hang on, wasn’t it a different victim before and someone else arrested? Yep, it was 9.15 pm and I’d slept into the start of the next episode. I gave up.

It was time to turn everything off and shut Joey’s cage. I went to take my meds then shouting goodnight to Joey, I came through to check out the post. There was plenty of it and I didn’t clear it until 10.52 pm. Time to get a move on with the blog. We know it won’t be a midnight bed but maybe I’ll get a lie in tomorrow.

The hand is quicker than the eye.

The hand is quicker than the eye.

Got a crush on you. Reuben and 'Auntie' Jo.

Got a crush on you. Reuben and ‘Auntie’ Jo.

Have a wonderful New Week with Hugs Galore.



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75 responses to “Chasing Keyboards & In Memory Of.

  1. Such a touching post, David. Your musical choices were perfect for it.
    Sending sunshine super hugs to you and to Yvonne. ❤ 🙂

  2. David I can feel the pure love you have for Julia, your post is beautiful and touching. I really loved the music, a dose of Bon Jovi and Duran Duran is always welcome. Thinking of you and Yvonne, sending a massive hug to you both. That Amelie is just the cutest isn’t she.

    • Hello lovely Suzanne. Thank you so much for your kindness. I’m glad you liked the music, a bit of the 80’s is always good. Yvonne and I are grateful for your kind thoughts. I agree Amelie is super cute.
      xxx Sending you Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. Dear David, you made me laugh, nod, smile, cry, smile again and laugh some more. This post is not only a glorious journey through your week, but a most poignant tribute to your beautiful wife. I can tell everything I need to know from her radiant smile, that remains with you through Yvonne, Roobs, and Amelie. Those who touch our hearts live in them forever. Massive hugs. 🙂
    Loved your musical selections…do do dodo do dodo do dodo do do do do. Always on the hunt for your lovely posts. Thank you for sharing your week (SG1 and chatty Joey too), and hope this week treats you kindly. 🙂
    Massive chocolately hugs xox

    • Dearest Donna, always so kind to me. Thank you.Yes, those who touch our hearts live in them forever. In mine, Ju is enjoying your company. as you live in there too.
      I’m so glad the music was OK for you. I did try to vary it a bit and Ju forced the heavy rock on me.
      Thanks so much for sharing my small journey through the week,
      xxx Licquorice and chocolate Hugs xxx

  4. Excellent text, David, and first rate pictures



  5. I must admit, I eyed those cadbury’s Easter bunnies with a certain amount of envy. Shame on me! 🙂

  6. Oh, I do like Trudy – the diet always starts tomorrow with me too ☺ Blessings for the soul and memories of Julia, I like how she watches you from the photographs and the tribute you share here, David. Great regards and biggest hugs and may ZZTop keep playing XX

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your Ju’s story and pictures. They radiate the warmth of a very special person indeed. I feel your pain, David, also share it to some extent. The 31st of March is also the anniversary of my dear Mom’s death. We lost her to breast cancer in 1989 when I was pregnant with my first. The years go by but the sadness and the love linger on. All we can do is remember and honour their memories. XO

    • You’re right Mel. She was a special person and I do remember her though not in a maudlin way and I hope I honour her memory by playing…and even listening to…her music. The pain of losing your Mom never goes away does it even though life goes on.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  8. A very moving tribute to your wife, David. I know she’s always on your mind and that of the rest of the family. And now we know her too. I didn’t know about Ronnie Corbett (I’m due back on Monday as there was a problem with the flight due to the strike in France). Love and hugs.

    • Thanks so much Olga. I can’t let the anniversary pass unnoticed but I don’t want my friends not to meet her and catch her spirit pass by to listen to her music.
      Safe journey back ready to start the new job.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  9. I’m so sorry about the loss of your wife, David. Thank goodness you have the babies to bring joy! 🙂 xx

  10. carolewyer

    You brought a lump to my throat with this post yet I am so glad you shared your life with such a lovely woman and have a strong bond with your family, especially Yvonne. You are compassionate, humorous, humble and entertaining in many ways and remind us of the joys (and a few quibbles) in life. I think this is one of the reasons we all flood to your blog each week. Huge hugs to you, David and your precious family. XX

    • Sorry about the lump Carol. I was very lucky to find Ju and of course Yvonne as I’m lucky with relationships with my nephews and nieces. They’re all very supportive of ‘Methuselah’.
      Thank you so much for the kind words, I’m not sure I should be living in the same house as someone like that. I’m always happy to have my friends visit with me and all the better if they leave with a smile, or at least a smirk. It’s with your encouragement that I blog rather than sit and mope.
      xxx Humongous Hugs back to you and to Mr. Grumpy too xxx

  11. A touching post, David. Three years has passed by so quickly. All the best to you and your family.

  12. Your Ju’s beautiful spirit shines through in the photos. I was moved by your post about her. I know you still miss her.

    Wonderful photos, as usual.
    Hope your legs heal soon.

    Many, many hugs!

    • Frankly I’m quite lost without someone at my side Merril. Joey only ever talks rubbish these days. Ju protected me from the outside world and yet together we laughed and had fun. She loved the way I portrayed her in the books (or forgave me, I’m not sure). She really was an amazingly loving person. Yep, I miss her.
      The legs are doing OK thanks,
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  13. Sounds like it was a bittersweet week for you. Glad your season of sadness was lightened by the laughter of children. Julia was beautiful, inside and out. Bless.

    • That’s a good description Melanie, bittersweet it was. But yes, lightened by the children whom I’m sure Ju enjoys watching. She really was beautiful inside and out with no harm in her.
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  14. Your late wife looks adorable. And three cheers for old-fashioned farts! Hugs xxx

  15. Guy

    Some intriguing musical choices there David. Duran Duran were huge when I was a kid yet they seem to be largely forgotten now. It looks like you’ve been having some fun with your family. The ‘deluge’ will never end.

    • Well, great way to point out my age thanks Guy. So I was in my 30’s when you were a kid eh.
      I always have fun with the family, they’re a wonderful bunch.
      Please don’t say that, the thought of the deluge disappearing keeps me going.

  16. My mum died of pancreatic cancer too. Thinking of you and all the loved ones.

  17. The woman who invited me into Pen Women and then over the years became a dear friend also died of pancreatic cancer. Hers was very fast, but that didn’t make it any easier.
    The last day of March must be a sad and difficult day for you each year, David, but I’m so glad you have your friends and family, especially the little ones, to light up your days and spread baby joy! Many hugs to you, David.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that Marylin. I think I’d have lost Ju so much sooner had it nor been for this pioneering operation the splanchnicectomy reducing the pain so much that she could cope. When the pain outgrew the site of the operation she went downhill very fast and I lost her in a matter of 9 days..
      The 31st is a day of thought though not necessarily sad. You can guarantee tears though but that’s probably self pity. The family are a great way of lifting me from any funk..
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  18. Gosh you know how to damp and eye, Mr P. Most touching tribute and beautiful expressed. I echo your sentiments on marriage and long term partnerships; we, L and me, have our own stuff but we do most things together, held together by the glue of her laughing at my repetitive jokes and having no sense of smell. This week I had an odd Tuesday – Tuesdays are generally difficult – a bit like Arthur Dent and his Thursday problem – when no emails appeared. I checked my mobile to see about 65 and as i watched they disappeared. This then repeated three times on my laptop. I gave up and on Wednesday am there they were. Hope the week is grand for you too and full of hugs.

    • I’d guess the damp eye may be more to do with our weather than me but I’m taking the compliment nonetheless. I’m glad you didn’t find it too maudlin or mawkish as I think it would have been opposite to what I wanted. Ju and I had different interests, she her horse riding and me the computer but we did share the interests sometimes.
      I’m afraid she also had to laugh at my jokes, tolerate how she was portrayed in the books (she loved it) and also lose her sense of smell on occasion.
      I’m so sorry Tuesdays are difficult for you, but maybe it’s karmic balance as Tuesdays are the day of my hugs in Chester.Since I don’t have another day you’re welcome to balance on the others. Not with 65 emails threatening to descend but not doing so though as there’s no harmony in having double next day.
      I hope this week is much improved on the email front and your front is much improved by ongoing hugs.

  19. What a lovely tribute to your wife, David. She looked a really happy and lovely person (you must have been perfectly matched). I enjoyed the music (I love a bit of ZZ Top) and am sure that Julia appreciated it too 🙂
    Th children look adorable as always, and it looks like Rueben got lots of Easter goodies!
    Hope you have a great week, Humungous cuddles xxxx

    • Thanks so much Judy, Yes, happy and lovely is a good description. I love the compliment but I’m sure I must have been a trial to her, poor lamb.
      Glad you liked the music, ZZTop was all Ju and anything a bit heavy like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, ah well she was colourful at least. She’d have been listening.
      The Easter goodies were a big build up as a swap for his dummies with the Easter Bunny. He blasted their ears the first night but seems to have settled down now.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  20. I was very moved by your tender tribute to your wife, David. Thank you for sharing memories of the beautiful love you have. I feel the only way love dies is when taken from the heart and put in the head. So, I won’t think too much more on this but to say, my heart is with you and your family. You all are very fortunate to have such a spirit of love to pass along.

    • Thank you Laine. There was no way I couldn’t respect the day and yet I didn’t want not to blog so I thought it was the best way out by sharing it.
      I do agree that if you have to think it might be love instead of feeling it then it probably isn’t.
      Thank you for your very generous thoughts Laine, it’s much appreciated. I’m very lucky to have been surrounded by so much love and to be still surrounded by it with so many family members.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  21. Hi David, what a beautiful post. Ju sounds like she was such a strong and beautiful person. I always wonder how people stay so strong and never complain when faced with such illnesses.
    Please tell Reuben, my favorite part of the chocolate bunnies is definitely the ears.
    Great photos!!!!
    Have a wonderful week, hope you get some lovely uninterrupted sleep!!!!!

    • Hi Susan, yes, Ju was strong sometimes and always beautiful. She accepted her illness in a way I couldn’t and I trawled everywhere to look for the latest drug trials taking place so I could ask about them. It would have been so much better had I gone than her.
      Reuben eats the ears first too, I’ve never seen chocolate disappear so fast.
      Thanks so much for your kindness,
      xxx Sending Hugs Unlimited xxx

      • It is curious to me that with all the advancements they have had in chemotherapy and oncology that some headway has not been made in the treatment of pancreatic cancer.
        I think I would be a strong contender in the chocolate eating race, me and Reuben facing off to devour chocolate bunny ears. Bring it on!!!!!
        Take care of yourself. Will talk to you next week.

      • They tell me the funding for research is very small because they always get funding for the most successful like breast cancer. Pancreatic is almost always fatal and attracts little.

      • Well, I think that stinks. Perhaps it wouldn’t be nearly as fatal if they figured out how to treat it, umm like used funding for research.

  22. A beautiful and touching post, David. Thank you for sharing some memories of your wife with us. The pictures of your grandchildren are adorable, of course. I hope they brighten each and every day for you. Sending many gigantic hugs your way.

    • Thank you Diana, I’m grateful you shared with me.She was a gem.
      Yes, the pictures of the kids always brighten proceedings, never a dull moment.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

  23. -hugs- I can only imagine how hard this week has been. Just…take care of yourself and Yvonne.

  24. A bit rocky the music this week but glad to share in your news and enjoy the baby pictures. Have a fantastic week. Hugs!

    • A bit Rocky for me too Christoph but that’s what Ju enjoyed and somehow I seem to have hung onto one or two rock lovers as well. Glad you enjoyed the pictures at least.
      Have a Great Week

  25. So sorry for your tremendous loss, David 😥 One of my sweetest friends passed away from pancreatic cancer—also too young! Yet it’s so good to see/hear how you all have chosen to let love live on! Lots o’ hugs 🙂 ♥ ❤

    • Thanks so much Jackie.I’m sorry for the loss of your friend, I doubt whether you or her family were prepared when it happened. This is a nasty and quick cancer with little hope. Now three years down the line and I still miss Ju but I’m lucky to have so many memories to draw on.
      I wish there was more funding for research into pancreatic cancer.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Indeed, it went very quick and was downright nasty! Her mom and older sister had also died from pancreatic cancer … sigh 😦 … All we can do is keep the memories alive and maintain hope/prayer for a breakthrough. I’m truly glad to know you & Ju enjoyed so many loving years together! HUGE Hugs 🙂 ♥ ❤

  26. Hi David, what a pleasure to wake up to these sweet photos of your grandchildren. I know i say this all the time but they are so darn adorable! While I know March 31 was a difficult day for you and Yvonne, I could feel your love for Julia pouring through your words and you are not an old fart – I think you’re romantic! You two were very fortunate to have found one another-true soulmates.

    Have a great day David!

  27. I must confess to feeling quite teary. Your post is so touching and such a heartfelt and loving tribute to your Ju. Sending extra specially huge hugs to you and your family XXXXXXX

    • Don’t feel teary Lottie. She’d have expected a smile. I did love her to bits.
      The specially huge hugs are very welcome thank you.
      Have a Wonderful weekend. I hope hings are nearly ready for your first guests.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  28. Ali Isaac

    Oh David, I wept buckets reading this! Ju looks like she was a strong, courageous woman with a beautiful smile. She was taken from you too soon. You must miss her so much. I can tell how much you love her. All the best to you. Xxx

  29. Beautiful pictures of Ju, David. I’ve heard so much about her and now know what she looked like. This was a lovely memorial to her. Thank you for sharing your memories. The pictures of the children were darling as usual. I’m sorry to hear you brother-in-law died, but his troubles are now at an end. Great music. Have a good week ahead. Huge Hugs. —– Suzanne

    • Thanks so much Suzanne, I’m glad you enjoyed meeting Ju. My brother in law was expected to die, but didn’t except for 5 minutes.He defied them all and regained consciousness and started talking of a conspiracy to kill him. Hi psychosis was as strong as ever.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  30. Thank you for sharing both your memories and your present life. Your grandchildren are beautiful!
    xxx Huge Hugs, David xxx

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