New Queen of Bacon & Unbeatable

Sunday 3rd April.

I turned my light out at 1.02 am last night. This morning I’m still this week’s sacrificial lamb with getting up at 2.42 am. It isn’t that I’ve fallen out with sleep, heck I haven’t even fallen out with Somnos or his kin for a change ( as far as I know). I think sleep and I are playing hide and seek and he’s winning. I opened the mailbox and started to work. I don’t know what has come over me last night to do two blogs when I have enough with one. It’s all the fault of youtube reminding me about John Farnham. And could I just skip onto a different song?  Oh no,I had to listen didn’t I and then start thinking (actually that’s when I stopped thinking properly) and do a blog.                              Of course I’m paying for it this morning in comments. I’d ask Joey to give me a swift kick up the rump if I wasn’t afraid he’d lose it.There must be middle aged spread+ from all this sitting down.

At 5.45 am I was clear and decided it was a good time just to relax for a minute so I lay back on the bed. I woke at 7.32 am. It  was the triple jump to get to the loo while holding my knees together. Once back I opened the mail box again and decided I felt unwell. Unfortunately I didn’t believe me and had to start work. The doorbell rang at 9.00 am and it was my neighbour Bert come to check I was OK  as he hadn’t seen me all week. ( His kitchen window is whited out pending the arrival of new blinds). I asked if he wanted to come in for a cuppa but he declined in case he had a visitor. I had to stand letting the heat out and the chill pervade the bottom of my dressing gown for 15 minutes as we chatted instead. As he left it reminded me that I hadn’t had a coffee this morning nor taken my meds so that was the next thing to do before resuming my seat. My seat was in fact pretty numb by the time 10.48 am came round and I’d cleared things enough to go through to Joey.

I watched a DIY SOS while I was in there and then at 11.55 am took my pre-foodies and put a meal in the micro, a Beef Sunday Dinner. I enjoyed it while I watched a second DIY SOS.At 1.00 pm I left the room with a large lump in my throat at people’s kindness. Then, working on the mail I found a comment on the blog which left me with a lump in my throat like I’d tried to swallow a large and very hot roast potato. You can tell I’ve tried that before can’t you. I worked until 4.30 pm then disappeared back to the lounge to have a break. I watched some tripe on the TV (Why are Sunday’s so bad?) then made some tea. A piece of gala pie ( pork pie  baked with a whole egg inside it) some strawberries and cream and a doughnut. After washing the pots I returned to the TV to see what I could find, answer virtually nothing and I amazed myself by sitting there with Disney’s Snow White on. At some point before too much singing started, but after the Queen had poisoned the apple I nodded off. Then things got surreal, because in my mind I came though to work, turned round and saw my bed had just one pillow and went through to the lounge to ask where the others were of my mother? I sat down while she was on the phone and then woke up in the chair to find I was on my own, it was 9.10 pm and I was very surprised. I took my meds, said goodnight to Joey and came back to my room still convinced I’d been here working before I’d seen the bed.                                                                                                                                                             Fair play, the pillows were back which was a comfort but seeing the amount of mail waiting was not. I had no choice but to plough on. I finished those at 11.02 pm and started straight on with the blog which is now well under way and I can safely see myself in bed with a book at midnight.

You talking to me pal?

You talking to me pal?

They call me mellow yellow.

They call me mellow yellow.

Monday 4th April.

I finished my book at 12.50 am last night. I chose a new one to start tonight them turned the light out. Sleep didn’t come easily and at 1.32 am I had to get up,take a drink, smoke a cigarette then nip to the loo before trying again at 1.51 am. I chose my left side and that seemed to do the trick. I woke at 4.38 am  and knew that was it, or for now at least. I think the sleep I had yesterday has thrown me out or I’d have slept longer.                                                                                                                                                                               Anyway, I was up so I might as well sign on and check my emails.. I was distracted when I got on with the news bar do had a quick peep at the weather. It promises rain for today, how bloody unusual. Before starting work I suddenly decided to take my meds and while there to put the washing machine on. I added breakfast to the list. So, I headed for the kitchen, took my pre-foodies, put the washing on, had my other meds and left the kitchen. Fortunately I hadn’t quite reached the bedroom before I remembered breakfast and went back. I had a toasted bap, made a coffee , took my post food tabs and checked I’d done everything before leaving this time.                               The overnight mail took until 7.10 to finish and I took a break not knowing how many would be thrown at me by the morning rush. I went to see to Joey’s seed and water before opening his door.

When I returned to my screen the tide level was rising,slowly at first and then getting bigger. It took me until 9.43 am to clear them and still allow me time to go and empty the washer/drier to put everything on the airer. I was grateful to the little fairies who live in the non-run sheets that keep my colours intact. I had new red bedding in the wash alongside my partly white ( red dragon) lounge pants, and somewhere in the mix a maroon shirt. I was safe, my pyjamas stayed white.                                                   The window cleaner came this morning and so did the Warden after missing the last 2 weeks. She stayed chatting almost an hour this morning.I didn’t realise until she’d gone it was 11.55 am . I was peckish anyway and ended up having another roast beef dinner. Two down, one to go.                                                                                                                    Once Bargain Hunt was over I had to return to work before I fell asleep as I’d dodged missed so much of the morning . There was a tidal wave waiting to swamp me but, after checking to see if there was anyone outside who wanted to earn a few bob answering my mail, I buckled down to it. I even tried the Blind Beggar, Oops, no, that’s the Inn in Treasure Island isn’t it. OK I might have exaggerated a little bit. I worked until 4.20 pm and as the box was empty decided it was an appropriate time for a break          (for four and a half hours).

I made myself a sandwich and chose a strawberry yoghurt for afterwards then sat and annoyed Joey for a while until my Cold Case was due to start. Once it was on I showed him who’s boss by hushing him, and he showed me who’s the bigger boss by carrying on chunnering. I lip read the programme instead so he didn’t beat me. Next was Without a Trace and I wouldn’t have minded falling asleep then, but didn’t. During SG1 I was wide awake and was a bit annoyed that it said To Be Continued as I’m guaranteed to fall asleep in the next one. Then it was Sanctuary and again I didn’t nod off and that also ended To Be Continued which no doubt means I’ll sleep through two programmes tomorrow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Joey was in his cage so I just closed his door then went to take my meds in the kitchen. I came out and wished him goodnight saying I’d let him out in the morning before I leave. It’s going to be very awkward tomorrow that I’ll be leaving just as the new mail now  comes in and it will gather more and more to it before I get home wanting some lunch tomorrow. Maybe I should have breakfast and then starve myself till tea time. I checked my mail box tonight and it wasn’t as bad as I feared with only 49 waiting. By the time I’d finished those another 7 had rolled in. It was 10.26 pm. Time to start the blog. I think 11.45 tonight with luck, a prevailing wind and no more mail.

About a foot apart, six inches deep in sandy soil. Water well....

About a foot apart, six inches deep in sandy soil. Water well….

Again with the camera, I've not done my hair yet.

Again with the camera? I’ve not done my hair yet.

Tuesday 5th April.

11.45 pm was close enough last night. I started my new book ‘A Pale Rider’ the second n the Last Kingdom series, and read until almost 12.55 am.  I had a series of mini sleeps when I dozed off for a few seconds then woke again before I managed a deeper sleep. I woke at 4.42 am but lay until 4.44 just luxuriating in the warmth of my little cocoon.It ejected me and so it was the new triple jump record to the loo and back and a sign on to the computer. I worked until 5.45 am then went to take my meds and have breakfast, it was to be cornflakes today with fresh cold milk. I returned to work at 6.17 am and worked until 6.52 am when the box was clear. When the flood starts I shall be on my way out so it will be waiting for my return, hiding in the dark of the base. slowly multiplying ready to create creases in my brow and drag the screams from my lips. Still, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my eating.

I left at 7.25 am and walked up to the bus stop. The bus must have reverted to it’s proper time and not be fighting for trade with the other company, I had time for a cigarette after I’d got my breath back from the walk. The bus came at 7.40 am. I was the first passenger but I didn’t get a prize. When we reached Holywell I sent Yvonne a text to let her know I was on my way. Then I rested my head on my sticks and feigned sleep. A text came back from Yvonne that things were going well and she’d meet me on time if poomageddon didn’t strike. When I arrived in Chester a few minutes early at 8.40 am she texted again to say she shouldn’t have tempted fate, poomageddon struck them both as she closed the front door. I told her it was OK I could look round Wilko’s while she caught up. We met up at 8.57 am just in time for Primark opening so I could use the loo then have a coffee to refill me. That was nice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I’d said I wanted another single sheet to match the bedding I got in the Primark sale and I found a sheet and some pillowcases I liked. Before going to pay for them I found a lovely pair of trousers in Prince of Wales check but I was cross that I couldn’t find a waistcoat in the right size….just before I did on the wrong hanger. Both in the sale so I was very pleased.

When we left there we had a wander round another shop as Yvonne had a few things she wanted like a years supply of bum wipes. Then we headed for a supermarket which has a clothes shop attached for sale items……….no, I was very good and some random bully wouldn’t let me buy the kids anything today. Inside the supermarket the same random bully bought two packets of bacon, TWO, and she, I mean the bully, is the only one who eats it. You know, it’s not like I was invited back for BLT’s and I swear there were eight slices in a pack. I’m going to join this fatness, fitness, diet club if you can eat lots of bacon and as many potatoes as you like. Mmmm potatoes. It soon got to time for me to walk back towards my bus stop. They walked with me (to make sure I left I think) and waved as I left.  With my eyes closed the journey was over in no time. I called in at Pauline’s on my way home and got some micro chips and bread etc. When I got home and calmed Joey down I put one of my beef joints on and then had the micro chips with it. With apologies to Joey once I’d eaten, I had to come and see to the post.

I worked from 1.50 pm to 4.35 pm to clear the backlog and then took a break. It was a chance to check out my ebay. I wanted to order a canvas for John’s birthday. After doing that I turned the TV on for Cold Case.  Quite a sad one today with someone dying from a brain tumour killed by too much morphine. It was a mercy killing in the end. Then Without a Trace came on. I’ve said previously I’m a bit unconnected to the characters /the actors in this, I can’t quite put my finger on it as though they don’t exude any real warmth. So, as it was on I happened to look at Joey’s cage- he wasn’t in it at the time- and noticed a lot of little white pyramids below his favourite perch. I lefted the who cage down to the floor and scrubbed the deposits off the ladders etc then took all the dishes out to wash then finally removed the base so I could dispose af all the seed husk and put in new sandpaper. I might as well use newspaper really as he never goes down to the base so his nails don’t benefit. I did all that, replenished the seed and water and replaced the cage. Then had to sweep up the mess on the floor before Jade comes tomorrow. I got back to the show before it fisnished and Joey went in to check out his new surroundings, or more correctly to fill his face with seed.

Next was SG1 which was even more annoying than last night as it’s another to be continued which I’ll miss because it’s games night. At least with Sanctuary the two parter finished tonight so skipping an episode won’t hurt. I was now on 9.00 pm so went to take my meds and open a new spray for beside my bed. I said goodnight to Joey and came through to take up the slack again. The mail was done by 10.40 pm and the blog started. I’m predicting an 11.45 finish, mainly because that’s in 5 minutes from now and I’m not far off finishing. I just hope there are no more emails to spoil it.

Utter contentment.

Utter contentment.

Comparison of them both at about the same age.

Comparison of them both at about the same age.

I like this song but I wish they’d stop putting people on top of tall buildings. I have trouble holding on to my stomach when they go to the edse.


Wednesday 6th April.

I was in bed by 11.50 am and picking up my book to enjoy. Lights out 12.45 am Lights on again 4.08 am but I didn’t wriggle my l’il bottom out of bed until 4.22 am. After turning on the computer a message flashed up to say Adobe needed updating. I really didn’t trust the message and refused to do it from that so spent ages checking the Adobe site to see if I could see a critical update. 3 hours ago they were talking about getting one out on Thursday. I decided to download Adobe again making sure to give permission for them to update automatically so I shouldn’t get notices anymore with luck.                                                                                                                                                                    When I got as far as my messages I was gobsmacked to find a wonderful review of My Barsetshire Diary by another author/blogger whose blog I follow. Donna D Vaal of the excellent My Heartstrings…Fiddledeedee , author of The Living Miracle, a love story.Her blog is very diverse and covers a multitude of subjects. I was so taken aback by this wonderful gesture I even re-blogged it.

Naturally there was plenty of other mail as well which I started doing,taking a break around 5.30 am for breakfast and my meds. Back to work at 6.05 am until I was clear about 6.50 am. I went to sit in my chair in the lounge until the new post was in. At 7.30 am I came back through and wished I’d got something bigger than just a canoe because the waves were threatening to overturn me. Each wave deposited a new batch of mail on the beach. I was paddling like mad until it was brought under control at about 9.50 am when I had chance to nip to Pauline’s. Oh fabjoy, the cigarettes, MY cigarettes hadn’t been delivered yesterday because they had no price marked packets. I know my kind , considerate Government increased the price in the budget so I know I’ll have to absorb an increase. Why not send the non-price marked packets?                   I came back and watched HUtH with Joey.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Part way into the programme the postman came and I really felt sorry for him. There were 5 books (2 missing as yet) and 4 canvas prints A3 size, which weren’t light, in his bag for me. I really liked the quality of the prints too, they improved on the original pictures, and I can happily recommend deco_matters from ebay if anyone wants a canvas doing from a photograph.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        At 11.00 pm I returned to work to try and clear the mail before lunch. Since it took till 11.45 am I was a little pushed but managed to stick the third and last roast beef dinner in the micro. I watched Bargain Hunt and woke near the end with a start when I burnt my finger again. No warning I was about to go.

Since I’d had no word from Jade and she hadn’t arrived ‘Same time next week’ as mentioned last week, I sent her a text. She replied hoping that tomorrow afternoon would be OK. I said “No problem” but in fact it’s good news and bad news. The bad is that I have to clean up more of the mess I made doing Joey’s cage last night before my brother arrives tonight, the good, at least I don’t have to change Mike’s bed today as I’ll ask for her help tomorrow now. During lunch of course more mail had arrived which needed to be dealt with, and I also needed to leave feedback on the goods that had come so I was stuck back at my screen again from 1.00 pm. At 400 pm I stopped work and went to the lounge. I’d no sooner turned an episode of The Indian Doctor on when Dil appeared. I went to make him a drink hen we nattered about our respective weeks since last Wednesday. He’s still wearing the watch that counts his footsteps and works out how much energy he’s used up as it also checks his calories taken in against the allowed amount depending on his days exercise. He said he bought a new set of scales at the weekend that must have been a bit wonky, it added 5 stone to his weight after a long walk on Sunday. Proves what I always said, that exercise is bad for you.

While watching one of our programmes I must have nodded off and come to before the quiz was over, but realised Dil must have changed channels to the quiz while I was away with the fairies. I do feel guilty but I have to get my cat naps where I can. At least I was ready for battle. On the Yahtzee I won the first round 5-1 and the second 3-2 with one game drawn. I won the Trivia quite convincingly too. Going on to the cribbage we end the evening with I won both games. Dil said about the only thing he won was the cut to see who goes first. Just to add insult to injury, it was bucketing down outside when he left.                                                                                                                                       Once he’d left for home I tidied up then made myself a corned beef sandwich before washing the pots. I closed Joey’s door and wished him a goodnight. At 9.50 pm I started on the mail and finished at 11.05 pm. I think it’s going to be a midnight bedtime the way things are going.

Ready to Charm...

Ready to Charm…

Looking very tall.

Looking very tall.

Thursday 7th April

It was midnight ass predicted before I got to my book  last night. I read for the full hour almost, putting the light out at 12.54 am.  I stuck a new battery in the internal alarm clock hoping to get a small lie-in this morning but instead it became the infernal alarm clock and woke me at 4.03 pm. I didn’t shift until 4.12 am though. I sat for a moment and tried to concentrate on teleporting myself to the loo but it didn’t seem to work and the time wasted meant I now had to run. Lucky the runway lights were still on  or I wouldn’t have noticed the large candle that was lying in my path ready to stub my toe. I replaced it on the console table and carried on my journey. My deep sigh moments later spoke of great relief.

I came back and turned the computer onto mail and I also opened my ebay to check how my bids are doing on birthday prezzies. Mail first though. I worked until 5.05 am and then went for breakfast and to take my meds. It was 5.30 am before I got back and carried on. By 6.50 am I was clear. On ebay I was outbid on one item, winning on one and on one hadn’t reached the reserve price. The latter one really annoys me, why not set the start price as the reserve price so everyone knows where they stand. I never understand setting a start price of 99p if no-one can win the item until it’s reached £20. Just stop wasting my time and/or building up my hopes please. A couple of times I’ve had the highest bid when an item ends but I can’t have it because the reserve hasn’t been reached. I might not have bothered if I’d known what the reserve was.      OK,gripe over. Coming back to the mail at 7.30 am I found it had crept in quietly while my back was metaphorically turned. I wish it had just cr*pped and crept out again.

I got dressed before tackling the new day so if I lost track of time I wouldn’t get caught out  at the front door in my ‘Animal’ lounge pants aka my pyjamas. At 9.50 am I came to one of those natural breaks where you know the next one is advertising junk.I checked outside and there was a short lull in the rain so I put my shoes on and went to Pauline’s for my lottery and some ciggies and bread. I wasn’t too long and got back in time for the postman with the missing two books and a parcel for Mike. I gave him a box of sweets and apologised that I have two heavy months of birthdays coming up. I was also in time for HUtH with Joey who was really very raucous today. Someone was getting a major telling off. I hoped it wasn’t me. Typical though, I nodded off a few minutes before the end and was there till 11.30 am. I couldn’t get stuck into peeling my sweet potatoes yet as I needed to check the post. I cleared what I had by 12.05 pm.                                                                                                                                                                                           Then it was time to start peeling and putting the sausages under the grill ready. As soon as it came to first turn on the sausages the potatoes went in the micro for 8 minutes   (they were big chunks). They were done a couple of minutes before the sausages so I had time to put the veg in the micro and mash my spuds. Potatoes on plate, add the sausages then the veg. At that point I did some instant thick gravy and poured it over. It was only 12.30 pm so I still had most of Bargain Hunt to watch. I left the washing up till the programme was over.

At 1.00 pm it was back to my desk. A message from Jade says she’ll be here about 2.30 pm so I could take my time with work. I was tempted to nod off again but I didn’t. When the mail was done at 1.40 pm I checked a couple of pictures to see if they’d make good canvases then put an order in. At 2.25 pm I had a text tom say Jade was stuck in traffic on the M6 but would def be here by 3.30 pm or tomorrow afternoon if I prefer. I told her I don’t mind which but that I couldn’t be late tomorrow as I have been threatened that Ugo is coming to take me shopping as Saturday morning isn’t possible. I’ve said not to worry but since when did anyone listen to me. I guess Jade had chosen tomorrow afternoon as well when she hadn’t arrived by 3.40 pm either. That’s OK for me but I must remember to get some help to change the bed before Mike is back and I don’t want to take chance on another week where the appointment keeps changing or as once before moving to the next week instead. No use if he comes back and finds me dead, wrapped inside his duvet cover because I tried to do it alone. I know him, he’s use my duvet cover instead.

I knocked off at 4.30 pm when there were no more messages and I’d stopped spending on ebay. If I buy my gifts too far in advance I’m likely to give them well in advance of the day just a ‘coz presents and have to start buying again. As it is I’ve nearly got this month covered but once they’re done will need to start on next month when I have Karen, Lee , Nathan, Matt and Jess to contend with. I ate a yoghurt and a piece of chocolate cake then washed my plate just in time for the start of Cold Case. I thought I was OK but there must have been a lazy bug flying around which stung me because I fell asleep during the last ten minutes. I completely missed the next hour of Without a Trace and woke up ten minutes into SG1. It’s awfully hard to make sense of the third programme when you’re still expecting the first. The costume is different for a start. You don’t expect  Tilk, with the metal logo in his forehead to be investigating a Cold Case. I managed to get my head round it  and to watch Sanctuary without getting any more confused even though we were left wondering which orifice a bug had entered someones body without being noticed ( answers on  postcard please). We do at least know it came out again via the mouth. At 9.00 pm the TV went off and I wished Joey goodnight. I took my meds and came through to work. Mail was done by 10.20 pm and the blog started. I’m looking for an 11.30 pm bedtime with fingers crossed I can sleep tonight after having so much earlier.

I nose you know.

I nose you know.

I've got a tip for you.

I’ve got a tip for you.

Tonight’s song is dedicated to my good friend Merril at   https:// for her post Railways

Friday 8th April.

It was close to 11.45 pm last night and I read until 1.00 am. here was lots of yawning once the lights went out but sleep was along time coming again. I was paying the price for so much sleep yesterday I think. When I did nod off it was only to wake at 2.18 am where I refused to get out of bed and managed t sleep again, then again at 2.57 am  and finally at 4.59 am when I knew I wasn’t going to be lucky a third time. I decided I’d have to stand all day to make sure I didn’t sleep this time. Ha, fat chance.                                      A visit to the loo was followed by a trip to the kitchen to take my meds, and once done, to replenish the pots for another week and prepare a prescription request to go in on Monday. Looking at it I got a little cross because I realised how long I’ve been taking statins now and yet my surgery refuse to issue co-enzyme Q10 to offset the damage they can do despite me having given them the research done on the combination and the fact that some countries don’t issue one without the other meaning they take the research seriously. Australia and Japan are two of those countries if my memory serves me rightly. Even more annoyingly, my B/I/L’s surgery took the research seriously and issued them to him and just recently he’s changed surgeries and the new one has also agreed to issue them. For a long time I bought them myself but had to stop as it was too expensive to do so. It’s time the National Health Service issued instructions that co-enzyme Q10 should be issued with all statins and showed they’re not the penny pinchers many people think them at our expense.

Another gripe over. After doing the drugs, I made a coffee to take back to my room where I started on the mail. There was enough to keep me going until 10.00 am with a slight pause for the postman who brought me another picture which is a gift for someone. Nothing was going to stop me breaking for HUtH though which I enjoyed even more when I got Joey out of the cage so I could replace his millet and also  get part of the cage back in correctly that I notice I’d ballsed messed up the other day when I cleaned it out. After the programme, which I managed to stay awake in, I came back to work on the post I hadn’t managed earlier and the new post just in. It was just enough to keep me until 11.35 am and let me see to my lunch. I want that out of the way before Jade comes and I don’t know what time that’s happening yet.                                                   Well, I quite enjoyed my lunch and the episode of Bargain Hunt before coming back to work. I found an order I made to Zazzle this morning hadn’t completed. I won’t be buying from them again if they only ship from the US as the postal price doubles the cost of an item which in this case was just too appropriate to refuse as a birthday gift.

It was a funny old afternoon. I worked till 3.40 pm all the time expecting Jade to appear. I know she’d had an appointment at a Manchester hospital on Wednesday which is why she didn’t come and I just hoped she was OK. I did a quick catch up from 4.30 pm to 5.00 pm then sat and watched my Cold Case. I guessed she wouldn’t be coming at that time. But because they can’t take me shopping tomorrow, Yvonne had said Ugo would take me this evening.There were messages going back and forth between us with me saying “He’s worked all week, feed him and let him put his feet up” and her saying “He’s coming and that’s that.” Time went on and ‘Without a Trace’ came on. I though it was Yvonne to say he’s on his way and I was getting ready for another try but it was Jade to say Sorry and could she do me (Oh fan me I’m fainting) Saturday or Sunday. I said of course. At 7.50 pm Yvonne did text to say Ugo had left and my pleas fell on deaf ears. He arrived at 8.20 pm while Sanctuary was on. I said to check my local Supermarket rather than go to ASDA and I was in luck it’d late night on a Friday. I was out before 9.00 pm and home not long after. I’d even put the shopping away and taken my meds by 9.20 pm. By the time I’d got my coat and gloves off and settled at my desk it was 9.30 pm.  Into the valley of death rode the 600, well OK there was only me but I should get credit for dramatic effect. Perhaps I should have tried, Into the Valley of the 600 rode me. It felt like that many though of course there weren’t, it was just about 10% of that but that makes for a lousy poem and virtually no dramatic effect at all. Banging my head on the wall would be better, but not necessarily from my point of view.                            Anyhoo, I was clear by 10.50 pm and able to start the blog. At least I won’t still be working come the morning.

Babywalking duties.

Babywalking duties.

They're always rabbitin'.

They’re always rabbitin’.

Saturday 9th April.

Midnight in bed last night as I’d spent a couple of minutes putting cream on my legs. I was actually able to ignore them after that. I don’t mean I didn’t make use of them as I walked to the loo afterwards or I’d be as close to the ground as Michael. I stopped reading and put the book down at 12.59 am and settled to sleep.I didn’t have too long to wait.This morning came at 4.53 am with no disturbances throughout the night. Not too bad at all. After a hop, step and a jump I made a start on the mail pausing at 6.00 om to take my meds and fill my face with cornflakes. Then I did the bins and the recycling bags in case the lorry turned up early again (no, not on it’s own, that would be creepy). Once done I sorted some clean lounge pants out for tonight and some clean clothes for the morning before making a coffee to bring back to work. It took until 9.35 am to to empty the box. I joined Joey for a while.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             At 10.15 am the postman arrived with two more gifts for birthdays. Things are coming along nicely. Not too heavy for him today. The binmen arrived and remembered to empty mine this time. Even the recycling lot came early and left me a bag more than I’d left out. I hope someone claims it later.

I checked the deliveries were unbroken and that they were suitable as pictures online don’t always give the full story, but all was OK. I left them in Mike’s bedroom which is where I always store gifts. I must try to leave him room to get into bed when he’s back next week. More mail had come in so I dealt with that while I had the chance. I know you’ve heard this before but Jade might come today and I don’t know what time. At 11.25 am I knocked off so I’d be free to see to my lunch. I was undecided what to have but I know I miss going out to eat. I’m glad that will be resumed soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In the end I had braised steak and mashed potatoes with onion and carrots. Very tasty. With no Bargain Hunt on a Saturday  I checked TV and found a film to watch for a while. Every adverts I came through to see if there was any mail. All the time I wondered if Jade would arrive and I wouldn’t see the end of the film. I saw two! By the time 4.00 pm arrived I knew she wasn’t coming today and so it must be tomorrow. With luck she’ll text me a time.

So, at 4.15 pm I came through and settled to get up to date again and managed it by 6.40 pm and decided at that point to lock the front door and go for a shower. I thought it might be an idea to do the washing tomorrow as next week I’m out on Monday instead of Tuesday. If Jade come’s tomorrow and I get her to help me make Mike’s bed I can do that washing on Tuesday. I know if she doesn’t come I’ll have to do it myself which I can manage slowly. The shower went well but I hate getting in as that’s when all the bits of cold water spraying from the edge catch you. When I was out and dry, I got my fresh night clothes on- Minion lounge pants and a tee-shirt with a lightweight dressing gown.I hope it’s going to start getting warmer again. I stayed with the film channel for a while then watched a sci-fi TV programme which took me to 10.15 pm, a full hour later than I usually stay there. I had to get a move on to come through. It would have been awful had I not spent so much time catching up at shorter intervals and If I’s been out during the day as I usually am with Mike here.It still took me until 11.05 pm to finish before I was able to start the blog. Since I post around midnight on a Saturday I should be able to finish by then.

I'm sure someone called me a cheater.

I’m sure someone called me a cheater.

The dino-mite dancer

The dino-mite dancer


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85 responses to “New Queen of Bacon & Unbeatable

  1. Minion PJs — that’s fabulous. Love your sense of lounging style, David. I enjoyed this week’s adventures. And how cute is the double baby bath photo! The difference in their expressions is priceless. It’s as though you can see the difference in their personalities and imagine how they’ll act with each other in a couple of years.
    Thanks for the Ed Sullivan clip — that was fun. Wishing you a delightful new week my friend. Mega hugs! 🙂

    • Yes, no sense of style I’m afraid Teagan. I have Animal from the Muppets too and of course my special Welsh Dragon ones. The double bath picture also showed a marked difference in skin tone which I never notice when I’m with them, and their own features which is odd because sometimes they look so alike. I think their personalities will be markedly different though. Hopefully different enough that they’ll get on with each other rather than be in competition.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the clip, wasn’t it old?
      xxx Sending you Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  2. Hi David, enjoyed everything as I always do, you are so entertaining and I look forward to your posts every week. I could not watch the video with the tall buildings, I have such a terrible fear of heights I can’t even watch a movie where someone is standing on a tall building. The photo’s of Reuben and Amelie are so sweet, I love seeing them. Have a wonderful week my friend and huge huge hugs to you.

    • Hi Suzanne, thank you for the kind words. Like you I found it hard to watch Take That on top of the building, I had to listen and look away. I hate it when they show over the edge shots and my stomach turns.
      I have fun with photos of the kids trying to caption them in a way that makes sense to everyone. I’m sure I don’t always succeed.
      I hope you have a Fantastic Week full of beautiful dreams come true.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  3. If bacon makes queens I’m joining that club too, David 😀 I have heard of such diets with lots of meat and fat stuff to make you slim but I think I’d need some anti-nausea tablets after a few days 😀 And, OMG, I love those shots with brother-sister smooches. A mighty good week to you with best hugs 🙂

    • Sorry Ina, the rules should be no-one can have bacon without including me.I grant you that distance might mean someone would have to eat in on my behalf but what a mess I’d be in if I didn’t enjoy it.
      Since her diet would let her eat as many potatoes as she wants it would be great for me but I’ve an idea I might be the one who gained weight with it.
      I like the smooch photos best this week, it reminds me of a programme we used to have called Alas Smith and Jones where the two comedians in question started out face to face like that.
      Have a Brilliant week,
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  4. Thanks for the pics David. They’re always so cheering. Amelie and Reuben really look quite different when you see the like for like photo. By the way, what is that weird tree thing that Reuben carts around with him. Not exactly cuddly!

  5. Your darling grandchildren upstage you every time! Hugs galore xxx

  6. Thank you so much for the song, David! I’ve never heard that version. It’s amazing how a song written by an 11-year-old self taught left-handed guitar player was eventually covered by so many people!

    Wonderful photos, as usual. Amelie looks like she’s dancing in the “mellow yellow” photo. 🙂

    I hope Jade showed up.

    Big hugs! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    • I’m not sure I’d heard that particular version before either but it seemed OK. Yes, it’s strange just how many people have covered it.

      Thank you, i enjoy putting the pictures up, especially if I can caption them.

      Jade hasn’t shown up so far but on Friday she did ask if she could come at the weekend so I suppose it’s entirely possible up to about 4.00 pm.

      Have the best week ever,
      xxx Gigantic hugs xxx

  7. Lovely pics. Yes, the comparison one is priceless. I have one of the books of the Lost Kingdom series in my Kindle… I guess I’ll have to try and push them up the list (well, who am I trying to kid here? Unless I get a JVC I can’t move the list, it’s gotten so big). I’m also intrigued by the diet but I don’t eat meat…

    • Thanks Olga, the comparison one really made me see a difference I hadn’t noticed before.Mind you, when you look at Amelie she doesn’t look as dark as she did in that picture.
      I have books on my kindle too but as it’s kindle for PC and I already spend a lifetime on here, I prefer to read a book in bed unless it’s an important one to me.
      I didn’t realise you’re a vegetarian or vegan, I’m sorry if my mention of eating meat offends you.I could probably live on baked potatoes and beans if I had to.
      Have a fantastic week,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. Take That – FYC – you are back in my musical territory, David.
    Have a fantastic week. Hugs!

  9. Hi David. I love your take on food, diet and exercise. 🙂 Hey what kind of bird is Joey? Do you ever have to worry about him flying out the door? Too bad that random bully wouldn’t let you buy a gift for the little ones. 🙂 Another interesting week. 🙂 Many hugs.

    • Well, if it’s a choice I’ll take the food but no thanks on the diet and exercise.Joey is a budgerigar of the hawk family. No, when he’s out of his cage the lounge door is closed and the front door usually locked so no-one can walk in. but he’s such a coward he never even visits the kitchen which door is open most of the time.
      I’m not sure if the random bully might have relented by tomorrow but I refuse to be cowed this time anyway.
      Have a Wonderful New Week,
      xxx Massive Hugs Maggie xxx

  10. Amelie is gorgeous. She looks a lot like Reuben. Is he as sweet a big brother as the photos indicate? I LOVE it when the sibs love each other and get along. (Most of the time. No one can handle ALL of the time.)

    • Thank you, she is a sweetie. Sometimes she looks a lot like Reuben and at others not at all (to me).I think he’s loving towards her but like you I see most of it in photographs and we haven’t really hit the sibling rivalry ages yet. For now I’d go with most of the time.
      Hope you have a fantastic week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  11. Your writing style is very easy to read. Love the humour, too! Have another great week, David 🙂 xx

    • Thanks so much Yvette for the kind words. Two compliments in one week, I’ll have to get bigger necks on my jumpers. I’m so glad you like the humour, sometimes I wonder if it isn’t a little too British to be understood.
      I wish you a fantastic week
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  12. Amelie and Reuben are absolute angels, David!

    It’s lovely that your neighbour Bert comes to check to see if you’re okay if he hasn’t seen you for a while. That kind if caring ‘s rare nowadays (unfortunately) 🙂

    I love watching cold case as well, it just goes to show how long it actually takes to solve a crime! I often fall asleep watching TV as well and wake up confused during a new show 😀
    Have a wonderful week! hugs xxxx

    • They are little angels Dianne, or at least they’d better be tomorrow when I see them.
      It is nice of Bert, I’m lucky we have that kind of community where we’ll take in parcels for each other, remember birthdays and perhaps I’ll pick up a little cake as a treat. It’s not so big we can’t have that closeness.

      You’re right, though if they didn’t take so long to solve the crime I wouldn’t have my programme. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who nods off and wakes up confused with the plot but at least you have the excuse of working on the land. The hardest thing I do all day is draw breath.
      Have a Fantastic Week,
      xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  13. I’m late this week David – but so glad to get here and especially catch those nose to nose photos – absolutely the best yet!! [And that’s saying something!] Have another great week xoxo

    • It’s the ladies prerogative to be fashionably late Pauline and you’re welcome no matter when. I admit, those are my favourite photographs too (so far).
      Wishing you a Fantastic week
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  14. Along with everyone else, I LOVED those photos of the kids. They are both such little characters, it’s a privilege to watch them growing, even if vicariously. You are so lucky with your family. 🙂

    Not so lucky with your cleaner. Or perhaps too nice to your cleaner? I’m sure she’s a nice person too, but I suspect she prioritises everyone other than you because…you won’t mind. Just saying. -hugs-

    • I think this was a lucky week with photos for me, I was able to caption without too much thought. Thank you for the very kind words, not unusual for you, and I acknowledge my luck with family.
      I have to now also acknowledge my lack of luck with cleaners (so far), you my be right and she prioritises others knowing I won’t mind. She’s right I don’t mind that, but I’m beginning to object to the lack of any communication or apology for same.
      You seem to know me so well.
      xxx Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  15. “Mellow Yellow” is soooo lucky to have her brother-with-an-attitude, especially when that attitude includes nose-to-nose sweet affection and charming bunny-ear poses.
    I suggest you take little tough guy with your to talk to the cleaner. 🙂
    Hugs for a great week!

    • I thought Amelie’s eyes seemed to hold a quiet smile during those face to face poses, and there was open laughter during the bunny ears though she can’t have understood. Such a funny little soul.
      You’re right I’m afraid. If she returns I shall have to be firm with her. I don’t mind her not coming ( except for being up to my knees in seed husk) as long as I know in advance. But to not turn up without a word is too much when I’m in waiting.
      Have a Wonderful new week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  16. Ali Isaac

    Where is Mike these days, David? He doesn’t seem to have been around for ages. I love that picture of the two kids nose to nose, they are really engaging with each other, how lovely! Roobs clearly adores his lil sis and takes his big brother role seriously. They are such beautiful children! I’m wondering whether you should employ yourself a more reliable cleaner? One who turns up regularly and on time would be good. You are far too kind. Hope you have a good week this week. Huge hugs! 😊

    • Bruvver Mike is on his jollies in Canada for a month Ali. He’s due back at the end of this week so I’ll have someone to insult again.
      That is a great picture and a firm favourite with everyone it seems.
      The problem is finding a more reliable cleaner or even an unreliable one. There just don’t seem to be any about. I’m even paying over the odds for this one and haven’t minded doing so as when she’s here she’s good. But obviously having a main job is interfering with setting up on her own and makes her forget courtesy.
      Have a Fantastic Week Ali,
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        Lol! I didn’t realise Mike was your brother. I thought he was a friend. Although he is that too, of course. I think it’s great that you and your brothers are close. I love my sis but we live in different countries, so don’t get to see each other that much.

      • He’s actually my ‘brother of another mother’ Ali as we’ve known each other for over 40 years. Sometimes we even like each other.Our girls went to school together. My actual brrother is Dil who tries hard to make me sad every Wednesday night by beating me at Yahtzee and Trivia. Thank Heavens you can pick your friends eh.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        Ah yes, I knew Dil was your brother. And yep! Haha! I think you give as good as you get, when it comes to Wed Games Night! 😁

  17. I love the word Poomageddon, if not the reality of it. I’m afraid it used to strike pretty frequently when my children were young. 🙂

  18. Well I was feeling guilty at my lack of posts last week but now I am glad I did not contribute more to your extremely busy week lol, I have been terribly neglectful in my own reading of blogs so have a new schedule made that should help me manage my time more effectively but we shall see, the monster also returned to school today which should also help. I am working on a better balance between life, blogging and writing as I am convinced that part of the reason I have been getting so run down lately is I have not been getting t right and have run myself into the ground.

    Huge hugs as always xxxx

    • Paula, you have to stop pushing yourself so hard. When you’re concentrating on one specific thing other things will have to be happy with the back burner.That unfortunately includes, reading, liking and commenting on blogs which takes so much time. I don’t mind my blog getting a miss if I know you’re working on the book, some edits or something. As long as you let me know you’re OK once in a while I’ll try not to disturb you.
      I hope the Monster’s OK in school and that maybe you can relax a little bit now.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

  19. David, your post was of course funny and entertaining as ever, but lately you are being completely upstaged by your granddaughter. Those photos of Amelie just get better and better. Charm, cuteness and natural comic sense….I feel I should warn you, she may be trying to take over the blog! 😉

    • Well, at least I retain some of the humour if nothing else. I’m quite used to the takeover bids now as Reuben tried it in his turn but you’re right Amelie has charm and cuteness which I can’t compete with. I think I should hang up my keyboard and let her get on with it. Maybe once in a while she’ll remind everyone where she got her sense of humour from.
      Have a wonderful week.
      xxx Massive Hugs from an ex-blogger xxx

  20. Oh my gosh, those kids are so cute, David. I love the kisses and the bunny ears and Amelie’s expressions are just so full of commentary! I definitely have a smile on my face. I enjoyed hearing about your week and hope the next one is full of good health. Gigantic hugs to you and yours 😀

    • Thank you Diana. I always find Amelie’s facial expressions great fun. I’m glad we put a smile on your face.This week is bound to be full of good health now except maybe mental as Joey is driving me batty.
      I hope you’re well and Happy
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  21. I love ‘Through the Barricades’ David, it is one of my all-time favourite songs. The children are just getting more adorable by the week, I love the noses one!
    Hope this week is a good one for you. Huge hugs xxxxxx

    • Thanks Judy, yes it was one of their best songs. The noses picture is rapidly becoming everyone’s favourite, not just mine. It is a good one.
      I’m having a good week thanks, I hope you are.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  22. You had me at Spandau Ballet, David. 🙂
    Sounds like you had a lovely and package-filled week, with chillin’ lounging.
    I love the pictures, as always, especially the noses, they are too cute, really.
    Congrats again about the review, well-deserved! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your week with us, dear friend, you just perked up my week significantly! 🙂
    Massive bunny ear bacony hugs. xoxo

    • Another fan of Through the Barricades eh.Sounds like a good choice.
      Yes, I had a lovely fun filled week as usual with lots of packages and the lounging too. More this week I hope.
      The ‘Noses’ picture is a favourite of mine but I didn’t think it would be such a hit here too.
      Thanks so much, the review was a joy as most of them have been, it was just so unexpected though. I didn’t know I could still be surprised.
      Donna, as always my thanks must go to those of you who take the time to come and share my ramblings, even more to those who stay and a strait jacket to those who comment more than once. I don’t know how I perked your week up but I’m happy if I did.
      Mmm, bacon-y hugs after eating bacon yesterday, I’m spoiled.
      xxx Sending Gargantuan Hugs and much love to you xxx

  23. Nose to Nose – a classic. I was in a mellow yellow mood until I saw your photos and read your weekly diary. Smiling now. THANKS. xoxoxnespringhugxoxox

    • If I can’t be a comedian and leave ’em laughing, I’ll settle for leave ’em smiling. I think we should all have nose to nose pictures taken they turn out so well and could be very funny.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore Pamela xxx

  24. It looks like we watch a lot of the same shows. You can add Criminal Minds, Law and Order and Game of Thrones to that. I’m worried about your lack of sleep. Sleep is important. I love all the pictures and as usual I enjoyed your humorous writing. 😀 xx

    • Hi Vashti, I have watched Law and Order in the past but I don’t know criminal minds.I can’t get Game of Thrones as I don’t have SKY but to be honest I have the first series on DVD and never got much beyond the first episode. I think I started one and quite quickly here was a woman in the buff, it near scared the life out of me trying to remember what all the bite were. Then I was afraid of it corrupting the budgie so gave up. (I caught him trying to read The Perfumed Garden once and was jealous as I never got further than the window box in my life).
      Thank you for your kind words
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  25. I have missed so much while away! I think that the kiddies grew up significantly since my last visit. I thought that Amelie looks very much like Reuben – because of the same charming smile – but the bath picture reveals that they will grow up looking very different. Love them two!
    Take care, many hugs!!! xxxxxx

    • Thanks so much Inese. I thought that was the point of going away, so you got a break from these things. They are sneaky kids though, growing up the moment my back is turned. I don’t see the similarity between them too often now but maybe that’s good so Amelie isn’t treated as his clone.I think they will grow up very different in attitude too.
      Hope you’ve had a nice time. Missed seeing you around,
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  26. Had some trouble scrolling today, David. I think my desktop is almost cashed in. I don’t remember seeing the episode of Cold Case with the mercy killing. Now, I’m curious but the show no longer airs in my area. The comparison shots of the grandkids got a good laugh out of me. We recently had David baptized and he smiled through the whole thing. Ariel was not so cooperative. We told her it was tubby time but she did not buy it. It’s always fun (for me) to see the unique personalities of little ones emerge. Have a wonderful week, David. Massive Hugs, Laine 🙂

    • I hope the problem rights itself before becoming an expense Laine. It was a good episode and I enjoyed it. I’m getting all the old episodes, I’m sure they’ll come back your way at some stage on one channel or another.
      Oh Dear, well if one out of two was cooperative at least you didn’t do too bad though I’m not sure I’d be too happy to have a man throw cold water at me in the middle of Winter either.
      Their own personality does emerge sooner or later and while some are sunny not all can manage it as often.
      Have a Fantastic Weekend
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  27. Talk about being behind–I’m the guilty one. I’m happy to see everything is coming along. The captions under the adorable pictures still make me laugh. I love the Mellow Yellow picture and also Reuben’s blue boots. Did you ever get your BLT? Have a fun weekend, David. Hugs.

    • You’re here now which is nice . I do like doing the captions if I can though I know they’re not often funny. I’m glad you enjoyed some of the pictures anyway.
      I had bacon baps for breakfast on Tuesday I think, no lettuce or tomato though (unless tomato sauce counts). Worth waiting for.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  28. Kev

    Priceless photos as always, David. 😀

  29. Darling pictures of the little ones again. The baby is showing so much personality these days. I hope she’s over her cold. You must be really looking forward to Mike’s return. I hope the weather clears up. Why don’t you send a little of that rain this way? It’s hotter than heck here now. It’s the kind of weather where your clothes just stick to you. Everyone’s looking forward to the monsoon but that isn’t likely to show up before June. It’s supposed to be a good one this year. The last two years the rains haven’t been the best. Great music this week. On the same film clip as “Freight Train” was “The Rock Island Line”. I love that piece.and haven’t heard it for a long time. Have a great week. Huge Hugs! 🙂 —- Suzanne

  30. Hi David, you do keep quite busy. And I must say you eat some really scrumptious food. I would like to come over and have some, if that is ok with you. One of my friends just came back from the UK and said something about the food being so boring. I took offense and said at least everything wasn’t slathered in avocado, cilantro and stuff you can’t pronounce like in California. The kids photos are beautiful. The music was great as always. Have a wonderful week.

    • To be fair to your friend Susan, the food probably is boring by comparison but our cold weather has us eating a lot of stodge to keep warm. But, you’re welcome to try for yourself at any time as long as you promise not to pinch my bacon sarnies.
      I’m so glad you liked the photo’s and the music. Tonight’s music I hope will entertain too and a couple of funny things on too this week.
      I hope your weekend is going well lovely lady
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

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