Jigsaw Gift &The Return of the Prodigal

Sunday 10th April

I put my book down at 1.15 am and lights out. It was a while before I slept and when I did it wasn’t for long as I was awake again at 1.47 am. I don’t think it was for too long. The day began again at 5.24 am. I went straight to the kitchen for my meds but couldn’t face breakfast this morning though I bet it might have been different had bacon been on offer. Maybe I should go and see if Pauline has a small pack this morning. I’d finished with the meds and made my coffee by 4.45 am so I put the washing machine on and brought the coffee back to my room. Once I started with the mail time just ran away with me and I only remembered about the washer at 7.00 am so I had to go and put the drying cycle on. That was going to take three hours. I’d have to see if I could remember it at 10.00 am. I finished the first wave of mail at 9.35 am and took a break to change Joey’s seed and water. I stayed there for a while in the hopes of nodding off but I suppose the thought of Jade turning up and me missing the doorbell put the mockers on that idea. At 10.00 am I watched a programme asking if Shakespeare was ahead by touting equality for women in his characters, black guys can be good and not slaves and other forward thinking in his plays. This was compared to the bible and whether it promoted the same or whether all the characters in the bible are one sided and uninteresting. Not my usual fare but some good points were raised. At 11.00 am I came back to work in case more mail had come (it had). I worked until 11.50 am then went to see to lunch. Today a pre-done roast beef dinner from Tescos. Not bad but maybe ASDA have the edge on meat quantity.

At 1.00 pm I returned to work again. I was still living in hopes of Jade coming and giving me a hand with the bed at that stage. There was plenty of work coming through but as Jade hadn’t come ( and my will to live was rapidly disappearing) I decided I wanted to see a film at 2.30 pm. The film finished at 4.20 am and I’d been so distracted I hadn’t noticed the deadline for Jade had come and gone. A surprise is no phone call of apology for letting me down or of hampering any plans I wanted to make. I wonder if I’m just accepting girls who are too young, who don’t yet have a work ethic, but then again they’re the only ones who seem to be advertising. I wonder if she’ll text about coming this week? I am paying over the odds so she may not want to lose the money and to be fair she isn’t overworked here. Anyway, I came through after the film ended and worked on post until 5.15 pm. Then it was time for tea. I had a corned beef and pickled beetroot bap and some chineapple punks to follow. That’s part f my five a month taken care of.      I want to say that I sat there watching TV until 9.00 pm. I want to but I can’t. I watched something unmemorable (Rango??) early on until about 6.30 pm then turned over to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. I don’t know why as I missed about an hour of it when the Zzzz’s were flying overhead. When I woke it was quite dark (poor Joey) but at least we hadn’t had the final battle scenes. I put the light on and watched the rest including the killing of the Queen and the new coronation of Snow White. It’s lucky I knew the storyline.

I turned the TV off and went to take my meds. As I came back through Joey had gone into his cage so I was able to wish him goodnight and turn the light off again even though I felt I owed him some light time. My work was awaiting me, and what a lot there was. That took me until 10.45 pm and before I started the blog I got undressed. I don’t have any mirrors in here in case I catch a glimpse and know I need an iron. Before I got into my night attire I tried the trousers and waistcoat I bought last Tuesday. What? Of course you remember, the Prince of Wales check I told you about. I thought to wear them tomorrow to show Yvonne if it isn’t pouring down. They fitted fine so I spent two hours removing labels and unstitching the waistcoat pockets. Then at last I was able to start the blog. It will be done by 11.30 pm or at least before I’m due out in the morning.

The Happy Reader

The Happy Reader


Pops’s little Beauty.

This is for all my Australian friends with thanks for the great music

Monday 11th April.

You should never tempt fate in case one of the small gods is listening, and if they are it might be Somnos. He has less a sense of humour than a sense of spite. I;m never sure what the lesson is I’m supposed to have learned at the end of it and it’s no use asking because he hasn’t either.                                                                                                                                  I was in bed at 11.40 pm with one greased leg outside the covers for a while. I stopped reading and put my light out at 12.29 am. I couldn’t sleep and my mind was racing with thoughts of Ju and Yvonne. I turned the light back on at 1.48 am and had a cigarette to calm myself. The light went off again at 1.57 am. I saw 2.02 am roll past and must have slept…….until 4.01 am when I got up. I knew then I was looking forward to the bus journey when I might nod off again.                                                                                                               After my usual Olympic Triple Jump I signed onto me post box and started on the mail. I was doing quite well when I stopped at 5.00 am to take my meds and have some breakfast which today was a toasted bap. It was while I was leaning on the food counter eating that I looked at the kitchen windowsill and realised I hadn’t done Ju’s flowers from the new ones I’d bought on Friday. I brought her vase in so I wouldn’t forget. Once breakfast was over I put all the old flowers in the sink and sorted the dead from the live. Then I snipped all the old ones and put them back in the vase. I had two bunches of new ones, one of which was the same carnations that I already had in the vase so I just opened those out into a vase on the kitchen windowsill. The bunch of mixed flowers I arranged among the old ones until it looked artistic enough. Fresh water and some flower food then I put them back where they belong in the lounge.

I took my coffee and returned to work. I was done with the mail by 6.30 am apart from odd ones coming in. I wouldn’t touch the flood as I’d be almost ready to leave for the bus stop then. I’d be wearing my jeans after all as it was bucketing down outside. I got dressed. As time went on I left the house and half way to the bust stop the rain ceased. How typical is that. The bus was a few minutes early so I put my cigarette out and got aboard. The bus sat there for five minutes before moving off again. I can see a pattern emerging for today. The journey was at least restful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In Chester we were a couple of minutes early and there was no sign of Yvonne so I lit a cigarette and walked to meet them, hiding behind a column when I saw them coming so I  could say ‘BOO’ to Roobs. It was good he reacted with a smile. Things looked up for me a bit when I was successful at finding a gift for my great nephew’s birthday and was able to get a tee-shirt for Roobs and a little dress and cardie for Amelie from the same place. No arguments from Yvonne. Wow!! We went over to our usual shop for coffee an I was able to hold Amelie. Poor little lamb is still coughing though the doctor says she’s OK. She hasn’t slept well either but it doesn’t seem to have changed her happy nature. While Yvonne fed her I had a little look round and picked up a couple of nice cushions, a single bed set and then some shoes for Ami that Yvonne found and I snatched off her. I know it’s rude to snatch but it’s the only way to win an argument with her.

A Wander down the street because Yvonne wanted some things for the changes she’s having in her kitchen. Washing up bowl,plate drainer, cutlery holder etc and Roobs wanted a toy crocodile. I managed to hand cash over to the young assistant while she saw me confiscate Yvonne’s credit card. Winner again.YES!!  I shut my ears and started to hum then. Amelie was coughing again and I agreed it was worrying so Yvonne spoke to the doctor and made an appointment for this afternoon. We visited a last shop when I managed to find a leather belt in the sale and a pair of braces (suspenders) and I think another tee-shirt for Roobs. Then it was time to walk to the bus stop again. I had a nice journey home but didn’t sleep, probably the excitement at being so successful this morning. I managed to call in on Pauline on the way home then went home to have some lunch.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             After lunch I had to walk to the chemist’s to hand in my repeat prescription request and on the way back I saw Bert by his door. He indicated a parcel had arrived for me. When I got it home I opened it to find the gift I’d chosen for Jo’s birthday in a million pieces so had to start trying to get hold of the seller . I took photographs to send and that meant messing about with batteries in two cameras before I managed it, then having to connect a multi usb port to the computer so I could link a card reader to that. I did that and linked a report. Later on they responded they’d try to get another to me. It looks like I don’t have to post the pieces back to them as it wasn’t insured anyway. I hope they’re able to do it as I think it’s the perfect gift for her.

Finally I was able to start on the mail. It was about 2.00 pm. I had to work through until 5.00 pm to break the back of it and I’m ashamed to say there were ones I just deleted today rather than deal with them. I had a message from Yvonne that the doctor had sent them to the pediatrician who is keeping Ami in overnight. They say she has brochiolitis (which I’ve never heard of) with a reflux problem. I hope they manage to fix things quickly and it doesn’t lead to asthma later like her Dad.                                                At 5.00 pm I broke off to watch my Cold Case. I was there till 9.30 pm tonight as I fell asleep at the start of Sanctuary. Joey kindly woke me up nattering, probably to tell me it was his bedtime and I was snoring or something. I took my meds and came through. It was 10.51 pm when I finished the mail. Or at least what had come through till then. There may be more by now. It’s 11.40 pm and I’ve nearly done here so should I go to bed or check to see id there’s more mail to do? Hmmm, quandry.

Feeding squiggles

Feeding squiggles

I shouldn't watch horror stories before bed.

I shouldn’t watch horror stories before bed.

Tuesday 12th April.

12.05 am into bed after dealing with a little more mail. I read until almost 1.00 am and turned the light out. Sleep wasn’t far away. I woke this morning convinced it was 6.05 am but I was either telling a lie or living in Hope. Since Hope is a village in Wrexham and the saying goes, Live in Hope , Die in Caergwrle  which is the village next door, I preferred the lie. Ir was actually 3.26 am. I  started on the mail and had a couple from Yvonne to show she’d not getting much sleep in hospital with Amelie. Am has had 2 coughing fits and one big reflux vomit which have all been missed because she isn’t hooked up to any monitors. Here’s hoping they do something right and get to the bottom of this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 At 4.30 am I went through to take my meds and have breakfast. VEGETARIANS PLEASE LOOK AWAY NOW AND KEEP THINKING CORNFLAKES.  It’s been on my mind so much lately and I’ve seen so many cruel blogs mention it, that yesterday I bought a packet of bacon. Knowing I had it made the need much greater and this morning I had two bacon baps for breakfast. An even worse confession……..I wasn’t even enjoying them and almost gave up after one, but the last few mouthfulls did it, they restored my faith, well that and tomato sauce. I returned to work, complete with smirk at 5.01 am. I was done with the first batch by 5.55 am. I went to sit in the lounge for a while.

When I returned at 7.00 am there were just a baker’s dozen to be done. By 7.15 am that was up by 100. I made the scream as silent as possible though I know my right hand neighbour is currently in hospital, I didn’t want Bert to wake up and be jealous I had a girl in here. I got stuck in. Poor Joey , I’d opened his cage but not stayed with him and he was creating decibels of grumbling. Still, I carried on and worked until 9.56 am then left the rest and went through. He shut up for all of 30 seconds when I arrived then started with the recriminations about giving him time. I put HUtH on and thought that might soothe him. Not one iota. He went on and on and on right up until I left the room again at 11.00 am and that finally shut him up because he hadn’t finished. I finished the work that I’d left and most if the new mail before I put my shoes on at 11.40 am for the second part of the promise to myself. The Chippy for some curry sauce.                                                                                                                                                                                              Disaster struck. I took my pre-foodies and dashed to the chippy.Sausage, chips, mushy peas and curry sauce all safe in my bag. Another dash home before the 15 minutes is up where I have to eat. I just about made it. Chips out on plate, add sausages, add mushy peas, add cur….What! This is gravy Gahhh. Don’t get me wrong I like gravy but if I wanted that I could do it at home. It wasn’t a very happy meal with me chunnering away on one side of the room and Joey chunnering away on the other. To add insult to injury, Bargain Hunt was presented by the one so called expert I really can’t warm too. He’s annoying to the N’th degree and I haven’t met a fan yet. I wasn’t keen but I really went off him when he broke something in someone’s shop on The Road Trip and tried to hide it……..in front of millions of watchers!!

Before 1.00 pm I’d had enough of my lunch and of the presented so I went to put the rest of my chips in the food recycling bin and then washed up. I took my two post-food tabs and came back through to my room until 2.15 pm when I’ll either see the Dr Blake mystery or sleep through it. I made it in time for Dr Blake though it’s one I’ve seen before and I didn’t sleep through it. Nor did I sleep through the Indian Doctor. At 3.45 pm I was back on another catch up mission till 5.00 pm and found out that they might let Amelie out of hospital this evening as the x-ray is clear and the blood tests aren’t conclusive as they keep coagulating. Now it seems though that they think she has whooping cough which is news to me as there’s none of the distinctive sound at all, and she’s been innoculated against it. Anyway I disappeared at 5.00 pm for my usual shows…and I slept through none of them…… and came back to my emails to find that they’ve released her from hospital and told Yvonne to carry on with what she’s doing and that if there’s still reflux and no weight gain she’ll have to wean her. They’re to go back in 6-8 weeks for a check to see if her weight has gained (Amelie’s not Yvonne’s). I can’t really tell how happy Yvonne is (except to be home again) but I know it leaves me a little confused

Back to the plot.For some reason there was a lot of mail at 9.00 pm and it’s not like I’ve ignored any worse than usual. I ignore all equally. It was 10.47 before I was straight again. Then on to the blog with the bad news that I’ve run out of photographs and Yvonne hasn’t had chance to take more yet. Make this one last.

Almost fluorescent.

Almost fluorescent.

This is special

This is your Music.

Wednesday 13th April.

Bed 11.45 pm.Light out 12.30 am as I thought I was ready for sleep. When I slept there was a minor hiccup at 2.18 am which was over quickly. I slept until 3.36 am without another problem. A quick hop to the loo and I was back in my chair ready to do battle with the mail like I’dd never been away. At 4.40 am  I’d dealt with the 22 that were there and decided it was time for meds and breakfast.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    When I came back after my cornflakes there was fresh mail waiting which took me till 6.25 am so I nipped to my chair in the lounge and got my head down while I’d a chance. Like an infernal alarm clock Joey woke me at 7.30 am so I let him out and came back to work. The floodgates had opened. I worked till 10.00 pm when I’d almost done and went to watch HUtH. I had a text from Jade to say she’d be here at 12.30 pm.                                                                                                                                                                                                    I returned to the labour at 11.00 pm and worked until 11.45 pm when I went to feed myself on a minced beef hotpot with a buttered bap and a Rolo pudding for afters. It took a while to do after I’d taken the pre-foodies but I was still in time to see Bargain Hunt from the start. Annoyingly I was still there to see Bargain Hunt at the end too.

I came back to work. About 1.15 pm though Jade arrived with her young stepson in tow. First she helped me make the bed I’d been fretting about then I left her to carry on with the lounge while I occupied myself with the thoughts of all my friends. All I can say is, Stop thinking so much will you, or at least stop writing it down. If you must write it down, write slower as I can’t read very fast. I could hear Jade getting on with the cleaning in the background, the hum of the hoover and the swish of the mop on the kitchen floor. Heavens, such descriptiveness, I should write a novel. When she’d finished I still had a few messages to do but nothing to worry about. I went through to pay her and also to give him a little something for his help. I know he carried polish and dusters for her. As soon as they left I was settled in my chair to watch The Indian Doctor. I was there until 4.00 pm which hopefully gave me enough time to finish whatever messages there were before Dil’s arrival. I just about made it for 4.30 pm and got through  to the kitchen just as he arrived. I was making his tea as he entered the lounge.                                                                                                                                                                                                   We nattered a while about our weekends and he told me his fitness regime had now lost him a stone and 5 pounds. He has a watch on his wrist that counts his steps- he has to do 10,000 a day Tells him how many calories he’s burned off so he can be sure to eat less that that amount during the day. It can tell him how many sets of stairs he’s climbed. It’s really quite amazing, but it can’t wash the pots. Anyhoo, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is appears to have replaced one programme and I didn’t realise it until I turned on for our quiz. I must be sure to try and see that tomorrow.

After the quiz was over the TV went off and the Yahtzee came out. That bit of lead I poured into the dice last week is working, the bandages didn’t get in the way too much. The first set finished 3-3 but the second set was 4-2 in my favour. I forgot the weighted dice would work for him as well. That went away and we both made a bolt for the loo, I don’t know why as the key works perfectly well. Out came the Trivial Pursuits. What a chase. Dil landed on the segment questions and got 3 in short order. I could answer questions but not get on the important ones. Before too long I caught up and then took the lead to 4-3, 5-3, 5-4 and 6-4. While Dil struggled to get his last two pieces I struggled to reach the middle. If I needed a 2 I got a 3 always I went straight over the middle. I actually got there when Dil had earned his last two pieces. Naturally he asked me a sports question which I wasn’t going to get. Dil worked his way round trying to get to the middle and he actually got there before I managed my second visit. He didn’t get the question right though and had to leave with a curse. I didn’t get my second question in the middle right either. He had a horrible smug grin on his face as he landed there again. Time was getting on so I didn’t go for the worst question on the card. He answered it and won. Reasonably honours even again.

After I’d said Good riddance bye and Dil had gone, I tidied up, washed the pots and closed Joey’s cage. Wishing him goodnight I came through to start work again. The mail took me to 10.40 pm then I was able to start the blog. It’s going to be about an hour in total so I can get some sleep before MuJo tomorrow.



Terrible miming but a fantastic song and a film everyone should be made to watch.

Thursday 14th April.

In bed by 11.45 pm and light off at 12.30 am. I stopped reading when I realised I was happily reading the same paragraphs more than once. Sleep wasn’t too long in coming once the light went off and I turned on my side. Up time was 3.58 am so quite a reasonable night. There were a few false starts at the Triple Jump Olympic pee trials this morning so it was a few hours minutes before I got to log on. While the mail was loading I went to my bank and checked the pension had gone in. Next week I shall be checking on my private pension and seeing if that’s increased so I can notify the housing benefit people again and the Council Tax. I think all benefits will probably end from then. It’s strange that so often the only way I know  about an increase in my private pension is when I get it  rather than be notified in advance. That always means when I notify the relevant bodies and the increase is processed it creates an overpayment. Whereas if I knew in advance, I could get the notifications in before an overpayment happens and just adjust my payments. Some years there have been no increases so there’s no problem.

Once I’d finished with my banking I signed out and started work on the morning mail. At 5.00 am I broke off to take my meds and have breakfast. I was also able to set the washing machine going with yesterday’s bedding. I’m so glad I don’t I*on ( I can’t bring myself to swear) it as that pile is getting ever higher. I may have to raise the roof soon. There was a fair bit of mail, a lot of which had links to other blogs I needed to check out but I didn’t feel under pressure and in fact had caught up by 6.15 am. I tried laying on the bed and seeing if I could manage a little more sleep. It worked, I was there till 7.05 am. Then as I was working on the post some fool opened the floodgates and I was stuck at my desk until 9.32 am before I could go empty the washing machine. Once I’d emptied the machine I flitted up to the chemist and asked of they could deliver my drugs last thing because I’d be out with my visitors. They know which side of their chocolates are buttered and said No Problem. I had my lottery done at Pauline’s and was still home before HUtH. I only got half way through it today before MuJo arrived.

I went to see to drinks while Joey told them off for talking while he was interrupting. We had a good natter about what’s been happening in the fortnight since we’ve seen each other. Muriel loved her books but John really loved the canvas I’d had done of him in his black robe, he looks positively sinister and he loves it. We went out at 11.30 am and headed to Holywell so Muriel could go to the Post Office, it gave John the chance to visit the three charity shops he likes so much and as usual he came out with a couple of things. We went into the chippy which was pretty empty for a market day but it meant quick service and I finally got my curry sauce. Muriel managed to snaffle the bill this time by colluding with the waitress. After lunch we headed off to Flint. We hit two places for Mu to do some shopping before going to the retail park and having a coffee at Temptations. At least I got to pay there. I handed over the chocolates to Ceri and Sian and Ceri asked when Mike would be back. I had a text to say he was home and would see me tomorrow night after he’d been to Manchester to see his Dad. Ceri isn’t usually in on a Saturday morning these days so won’t see him anyway.                                                  We went off to B&M where John got some plastic flowers he wanted and I found a blue poppy design throw which I want to try on my settee with the two beautiful blue cushions I bought in Chester on Monday last. What, you’ve forgotten already?

It was gone 4.00 pm before we headed home and I was a bit worried about my drugs but it was OK, Pete came about 4.45 pm which was perfect. I’d found a note through the door to say a delivery had been left next door so I went to ask Bert about it and left MuJo being told off again by Joey. Bert didn’t seem to be in, but as I closed the door at home the bell rang and there he was. They were two small parcels and both for John’s birthday so not the replacement head (intact) I’d been hoping for. MuJo left me about 5.00 pm. I made a sandwich then watched the last few minutes of PYMWYMI before going to my Cold Case, (awake) Without a Trace (awake) and SG1 (I saw the first 15 minutes). When I woke it was 10 minutes into Sanctuary so I just turned off knowing there was a lot of work waiting for me after my outing. It took me from 8.20 pm after my meds until 10.50 pm to reach any semblance of order so that I could start the blog. I’ll either carry on with mail afterwards or finish it tomorrow morning. The worst news in my post is that Amelie is back in hospital again having spent last night throwing up again. This time she’s being fed on a drip to give her some nutrients to stop weight loss and to prevent dehydration. I think they’re treating it more seriously this time. I feel sorry for Yvonne if it’s another overnight stay as there’s no sleep to be had on a ward like that unless you’re a baby.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         To cheer myself up here are two pics Yvonne sent me of when she was OK. I just love this face.



Gorgeous at play.

Gorgeous at play.

For Fun…..


Friday 15th April. The Prodigal’s return.

Well, nice and easy last night. I stopped work at midnight regardless of what post there was and went straight to bed. I read until 1.05 am so I could finish a third chapter. My brain wasn’t too unkind and I managed to sleep right through to 4.29 am. I must have been really tired. I started on the mail as soon as I’d been to the Piddle Palace then broke off at 5.15 am so I could take my meds and prepare next weeks lot in the empty boxes. I also had some breakfast then returned to my room ready to carry on at 6.00 am. From about 6.30 am I spent time cropping a photograph that was taken some years ago on a good camera that didn’t have a lot of megapixels going for it. It’s a very rare thing to have a photo of MuJo together so I was using the old one but trying to get rid of so much background to concentrate on them. I was worried that two crops would mean they couldn’t do a canvas so I’ve submitted the end result to them to find out before placing an order. I’ve been pleased with what I’ve had from this firm so far. I’ll wait and see what they have to say.

The new mail started coming in as I was working so even though I suddenly felt like a kip I carried on until clear at 9.18 am. I ran from the room to make sure Joey was OK and thought I’d stay a while in case he needed me. cough. I actually stayed until HUtH was finished at 11.00 am before running through towards my room. I didn’t get further than the front door because at that moment the bell rang and I could see the postman’s coat. Yay, a parcel. And that was it, a parcel singular, not what I’d expected or hoped for today. I thanked him and came through to open it, I knew it wasn’t the replacement head which was just as well because I could hear movement. It was a window washer and all was well. Feeling a bit uninspired I sat at the computer preparing to beat out my masterpiece of such biting wit when the doorbell went again. This time it was the postman from the post van , not the foot soldier and I knew he had in his arms just what I wanted. I shook it gently but heard and felt nothing so signed my name and brought it in to open. It’s a bugger trying to use scissors with your fingers crossed. It was in one piece so I packed it away safely until I can wrap it.                                                        It was now almost 11.30 am and I’d done nothing. I started work but had to finish at 11.55 am to go and start peeling my potatoes for lunch. Bangers, mash and beans today and I just managed to finish preparing them before the goods went to the auction on Bargain Hunt. The first thing I see when I turn on is Charles Hanson, I swear he’s haunting me now, on so many shows, and presenting it again today. I’ll have to start giving it a miss.

At 1.00 pm I returned to work and just managed to bring myself up to date by 2.25 pm. Relieved I took a break and found The Indian Doctor was on, a double bill  so I enjoyed myself. Between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm I got my head down and finished the fresh mail so I was free for the evening and the promised return of the prodigal. The message came at 5.40 pm ‘On my way Bro’. I thought it would take him till about 6.30 pm if the Friday night traffic wasn’t too bad. At 6.30 pm during the adverts in Without a Trace I put sugar and coffee in his mug an set the kettle to boil. SG1 had started at 7.00 pm before he finally arrived wearing his striped blazer like he was on holiday or something, in our climate too. Naturally he was talking ten to the dozen. Worse than Joey he was. At 8.00 pm we watched Celebrity Mastermind before I went for a shower. But he came to wash my hair like old times before I washed which made my life so much easier. Much less chance of an angina attack.                                                                                  After the shower I went back through to the lounge and watched Have I Got News For You with him before coming through to work. Plenty of emails waiting for me then. It was 11.15 pm before I was clear. Fast typing gibberish on the keyboard means bed will be about midnight with luck. I think I’m on target for that if I can find a good song tonight.

No photos of the kids today as Yvonne and Amelie were in hospital again last night and a good bit of today. But they let her out this afternoon again as she must be breathing a bit easier. Yvonne has been told though not to hesitate to go back if she feels things aren’t any better. I hope that’s not going to happen.                                                                         So, I’m going to share a picture with you of Julia an the day she was a very excited Mummy at our daughter’s wedding.

The embodiment of pride and excitement.

The embodiment of pride and excitement.

Saturday 16th April.

Bed 12.05 am, lights out 12.55 am Zzzzzz to 3.56 am. Is the condensed version, but I’m happy with that. A swift skip to the loo and at 4.05 am U was signing into the mail. Makes you wonder what life would be like if I actually lived it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I worked until 5.00 am then broke off for breakfast and meds .When I returned about 5.30 am there had only been another 6 delivered so with what was there I was free at 6.15 am to do the food bin and the recycling bags. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Before Mike had gone to bed last night he’d asked me what time he was to get up. To be fair, I’ve never specified a time, he just knows I like to shop early away from the crowds. This time I just answered “When you get up” because  I’ve no idea what jet lag does to a body. This could be dangerous as you can tell from what time he often rises on a Sunday, heck, it could even be Sunday before he gets up. All I can do is prepare his mug and take a coffee through as and when his alarm rings.

Mike dragged himself out of bed at 6.30 am and with a bit of effort was ready to leave at 7.10 am. I’d done all the rubbish by then and was raring to go. When we arrived it was just like we’d been there before, him trolley, me cash machine. I picked flowers for Ju and then we had a look at the sale where I picked up a sweet little outfit for Amelie. Roobs wasn’t so lucky this time. After w e’d finished there Mike put the shopping in the car. He’d mentioned last night needing a set of shelving, freestanding and solid as his wall wouldn’t take the weight of shelves attached to it. I asked whether he’s checked Argos and he said yes but he didn’t like what they had. He had a specific type in mind. So, leaving there we headed for the new store The Range, no joy. The same at B&M and then Charlies. Mike suggested a second hand place close by and on our way to Temptations. No joy there either. When we reached Flint I suggested we have a look in a Trade place for builders etc but nothing doing. We went to Temptations so he could let them know he was back and use that as an excuse for a quick grope. I don’t know how he gets away with it…..but he does. Ceri was amazed I didn’t order a teasted toecake for him but little did she know he’d had a huge breakfast bap in The Range.

Coming out I just checked again whether he’d been to Argos and he admitted he hadn’t but thought they wouldn’t have it. I marched him there Toot Sweet ( what a linguist) and we checked the catalogue. I found what I thought he wanted and it was. And the price wasn’t bad either. Even better when we typed the number to see if they had one in stock it was a third off ( No missus, all the shelves were there, I meant the price) a full £13 off. No hesitation he bought it. Feeling greatly relieved we went to lunch at the CookHouse in Prestatyn. The sun was shining and there was a little warmth in it so quite a few people were eating in the garden, most managed to ignore the little tinge of blue to their skin. Mike and I sat inside to make sure the food didn’t run away before we got ours. The meal was lovely and the meat as tender as usual. When we came out Mike commented I should now get rid of the red cushions (my contrast) from the settee now the throw is blue and there are two dark blue cushions. Being close to a shop I’ve used before I begrudgingly bought four lighter blue ones, two for the settee and one each for the armchairs. Now he says he doesn’t like the feel of the cushion behind him. When I suggested another place for it he moved out of reach.

We came home and once the shopping was away and Bert had been with my parcels (more canvases) I was able to come and work. I did from 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm then went and joined Mike for a break. I had another little stint between 8.00 pm – 9.00 pm when there was nothing within the range of my patience on TV. I know some very funny naturally funny people ( Mike is one) and many write blogs. Chris, the story reading ape is one and like me, many of my friends follow him. But fairly recently I cam across a gem of a man with impeccable timing. Some of you will know him and follow him but for anyone who doesn’t please allow me to introduce you to Bun Karyudo                             on https://bunkaryudo.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/pockets-hugs-and-the-onset-of-spring/    enjoy!                                                                                                                                                When I went back to the lounge at 9.00 pm Mike had put a film on which looked interesting enough for me to stay around so I did . When it finished at 10.00 pm I shut Joey’s cage, took my meds and came through for the rest of the night. Mike stayed put until 11.00 pm then came through to say goodnight.It was about that time I started the blog and I’m fast approaching the end of it now. I’ll be in bed around midnight I think.

Poorly granddaughter

Poorly Granddaughter

Sympathetic Grandson

Sympathetic Grandson


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72 responses to “Jigsaw Gift &The Return of the Prodigal

  1. Dear David, I know all of you must be worried sick about Amelie. Poor little thing. I’m sending love, light, and hugs her way.
    Thank you for To Sir with Love — that’s always one of my favorites. A rerun of the movie made a huge impression on me as a child.
    I’m glad you found the funny kakapo. The first time I saw that I laughed until I cried. I got a kick out of the beard measuring thing too. Thanks for making us part of your week. Mega hugs. 🙂

    • Darling Teagan, my friends like you make my week. I’m not worried about Ami as Yvonne tells me she doing well again at the moment so I hope it’s all behind us. Not that Amelie actually showed anything but calm, poise and a happy face anyway.
      I’m a big fan of Sidney Poitier and I thought that was a great role for him and also showed so little prejudice in London’s East End at the time. I lived there in the early 70’s and it was true. The face on the kakapo was fantastic and I loved the baby elephant playing in the surf too. It shows what a delight playtime is for babies of all species.
      Thank you so much for coming and sharing my week with me. I adore you.
      Have a Fantastic New Week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  2. The breathing here is difficult because it’s old field-burning time and the sudden winds got many of the fires out of control. The smoke was awful, mostly irritating except for babies like Amelie who ended up in hospitals. I’m glad she’s better. And I’m still laughing at Reuben’s darling “reading on the throne” picture. We have a picture of both our grandchildren looking a books on the potty chair, and I’ll warn you: they hate those pictures. 😉
    I love the picture of Julia, the beauty excited by her daughter’s wedding. Such a wonderful picture, David. ❤

    • That must be an awful time for any children with asthma Marylin. Amelie is doing much better now thanks and I’m hoping Yvonne will start getting some sleep again too.
      I imagine Roobs will be no different when it comes to hating that particular picture so I’ll probably save it to put in the paper when he’s 18 or 21 and got a girlfriend. He’ll pay for the number of times he steps on Pops’ toes thinking it’s funny.
      I’m glad you liked the picture of an excited wife Marylin. Her face was more animated than it was for our wedding when she was serene and calm (I think).
      Have a Brilliant Week,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  3. Poor Amelie. The whooping cough is a miserable illness for a little one to have. I had it about four years ago and I thought I was going to break ribs I was coughing so hard. And I had just had my booster. We can thank all those lovely parents that chose not to have their kids immunized for getting pertussis . Ok I will get off my soapbox now. Anyway I hope she feels better. Have a lovely week. Talk to you next week!!!!!

    • I’m still struggling to believe it was whooping cough she had/has since she’s displayed not of the usual whoops. It seems much more bronchial, and the phlegm has been stopping the food so she’s refluxed so much. All seems well at the moment now she’s home again.I’m sorry to hear you had it which can be quite nasty for an adult ( I’m safe as I refuse to grow up).
      I hope your week is perfection,
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  4. Oh no! Amelie seems too tiny to end up in hospital – not fair! Hugs x

  5. I’m not a vegetarian but I averted my eyes just to be on the safe side when you had those bacon baps. Unfortunately, the delicious smell was too much for me and now I’m sitting here thinking about a couple of rashers and a bit of sauce. An egg of the top would be even better. Sadly, I think toast and marmalade is what I’ll actually end up having. 🙂

    • I’m far too humble, incidentally, to draw attention to that wonderfully generous compliment you made to me in your post. I’ll simply blush, shuffle my feet a little, and wave my arms frantically toward the link to my blog.

      Seriously, though. Thank you very much. That’s very, very kind of you. 😀

    • If you refer to my response to TanGental Bun you’ll see how I’d like to spend my breakfasts. Unfortunately it’s usually a very mini cereal like cornflakes or a round of toast sans marmalade or jam. The bacon baps were a rarity for the sake of my health but it always begs the question would I prefer a shorter life but a merry one or this longer one trying to be a Saint of the stomach.
      Hugs from North Wales.

      • A fried breakfast with eggs, sausages, bacon, beans, tomatoes and the like does sound wonderful, but I’m not sure anybody not currently participating in the world of sumo could ever eat it regularly. I love a fried breakfast, but I also mostly stick to simpler fare. At the moment, it’s toast and a little bit of marmalade most mornings. 🙂

  6. Good to read that Yvonne was told not to hesitate returning to hospital with Amelie if things don’t get better, David – it reminded me when I was almost a permanent fixture at hospital emergency department with baby/toddler not breathing well, with temperatures that wouldn’t budge despite GP care – was told to come there any time, not to feel embarrassed for it was much better to come there and find out it was not necessary than to not come there and find out I should have… Hope Amelie is better and breathing kisses in your direction all week ❤ ❤ ❤

    • That must have been such a stressful time for you Ina.( Now the baby is 3 or 4 I hope things like that are in the past). It would have just wasted time Yvonne having to go through her own doctor for a referral. I’m glad to say Amelie seems to be very much on the mend now so I hope that’s in our past too now.
      She can breathe what she likes at me as long as it’s not the dreaded lurgi.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  7. There’s something about reading about bacon that sets the carnivore gene on high alert. I must stop reading your blog at breakfast. As for poor Amelie, like others having gone through it with our lad its grim. Hope she’s over the worst. Hugs and stuff from south London.

    • It’s almost like walking past a chippy and smelling vinegar, you just know you want some. Cornflakes just aren’t the same for breakfast if there’s bacon available. One pub not too far away does a help yourself breakfast very cheaply ( about £4) where you can literally eat a side of bacon with your sausage, eggs (2 kinds), beans, tomatoes, etc and they even do fried bread which I adore. Now if only I could get there every day I’d soon look like William Tell’s nemesis off TV.
      Amelie is so much better now thanks.
      Have a Good week,
      Hugs from Wales.

  8. Hope Amelie is on the mend, I hate hearing that children are unwell, especially when they’re unable to describe how bad the pain is or tell where they hurt. Love and well wishes coming from me to her, she has to get better for Yvonne’s sake and yours. Never going to stop hurting when children are ill, even when they’re not related to me. Looking forward to hearing that she is on the mend and her weight is increasing normally.

    • What a gent you are Dave. Yes, I don’t like to think of children being sick either but I’m glad to say that Amelie seems so much better now. No more being sick and losing weight. We’ll just build on that now.
      Look after yourself and have a great week
      Hugs from North Wales.

      • Thank you for your blog, glad Amelie is on the mend, long may she bring light and life into everyone’s life. I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far hugs from the English North East (we have a Holywell here as well, near Seaton Delaval) love to Yvonne and Am, stay strong my friend and continue to enjoy your family.

      • I’ve heard of Seaton Delaval Dave but didn’t know you had a Holywell. I live about a quarter of a mile or so from the Holy Well from which the place is named.It’s like the Lourdes of Wales with pilgrimages.
        My week has started well with a second lie-in. I’ll pass your love along to Yvonne and Ami, thanks for that.
        I shall enjoy my family as long as I can, now all I have to do is get them to enjoy me.
        Keep well,

      • I’m sure you don’t have to get them to do that David, you’re amazing and I’m really pleased to make your acquaintance on here, love and peace to you and yours.

  9. I do love how you keep Julia’s memory so vibrant with flowers and photos. I feel somehow that little Ami is a kindred spirit with her late Grandma – they both radiate such warmth! May she get better quickly and return to keep filling this blog – and her family’s lives – with her warmth and personality. Sending kisses and hugs! xo

    • You’re a real gem Mel, thank you. I like to buy Ju flowers every week so she knows we still think of her, but maybe I should buy them for Amelie as I think Ju is in there somewhere.
      She’s getting a lot better which is great to see. Maybe I should do a small daily blog with news and a pic rather than a big weekly one. Everyone will be on top f the news then.
      Keep brightening France as you do and have a great week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  10. Ugh…I had no idea Amelie has been so unwell. Please keep us up to date with how she’s getting on. I know you will anyway, but I’m worried about the little munchkin. Huge hugs to Amelie and Yvonne. Oh and you too. 🙂

  11. I hope Amelie gets better soon. She’s so tiny! She looks more and more like her brother. Thanks for the elephant’s video. Having such a great day… 🙂

    • Thanks so much Olga. Amelie so much better now. I’m glad you enjoyed the elephant video, such joy it showed. I hope you meant you were having a great day, that would be good news.
      Have a wonderful week,
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  12. Poor Amelie! I do hope she’s OK now. I feel so bad for Yvonne, too. It’s so upsetting to have a sick child, and then to be separated, too.

    To Sir with Love brings back such memories–great movie and such a catchy song.

    Your Julia does look extremely excited–and happy–in the photo.

    Wishing you a wonderful week, David. Big hugs!

    • Amelie is really on the mend now Merril, two nights free of throwing up. She’s actually been great in herself, so even tempered and that’s just Yvonne. Yvonne did stay in hospital with her so no seperation but she got very little sleep.
      I really like that film as it showed the attitude of the Eastenders quite well in that you’re more likely to be prejudiced against education than against colour. Excellent theme song and the usual brilliant acting from Sidney Poitier.
      I’m glad you got a sense of Ju’s excitement that day.
      Have a fantastic week,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  13. Dear David, I’m so sorry to hear darling little Amelie is doing poorly. I hope she is a 100% and smiling very, very soon! Luckily most little ones get sick fast and get better even faster. I hope this is the case for your little angel. All the best to all. 🙂
    I have the pleasure of following both Chris, The Story Reading Ape and Bun Karyudo, I hope more follow them, they’d be happier. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your week, and your lovely pictures of Roobs, Amelie, and your beautiful Julia, and all that cool music. 🙂
    Hope this week treats you kindly, dear friend. 🙂
    Massive bacon, curry, and feathery hugs xoxoxo

    • Dear beautiful Donna, Amelie is doing so much better now. Eating without being sick, I’m sure she’ll soon regain the weight.
      I see you there on both Chris’s and Bun’s sites and agree, they make peoples lies better. Everyone should follow them (and you).
      I’m so grateful you’ve come to join me for another week of whinging and to check out the pics and the music.
      I hope your week is as wonderful as the one you wish for me,
      xxx Sending you Unlimited Hugs (dipped in bacon) xxx

      • Oh so pleased to hear gorgeous Amelie is feeling better, poor little mite, I’m sure she’ll be her angelic self soon. 🙂
        I’ll always join you, David, but I’m sorry to say you’ve got it all wrong, it’s I who should be grateful to you for letting me visit with you, I love you whinging, I think it’s more like living out loud, words, images, music – it’s all about getting to spend time with you, dear, dear friend. 🙂
        My week so far is pleasingly productive which is awesome, hope this keeps going. 🙂
        Massive across the pond but in my heart hugs xoxo

      • Thanks so much Sweetie, she’s already back to her adorable self.
        It seems we both get pleasure from your visit Donna though I have to say that I wish it wasn’t just via the net. I’d love to talk to you in person and laugh again. Some friends just have that ability to make me warm to them ( not that I’m cold blooded ) and make me smile the minute I see their name on a blog post either from them or to me.
        I’m glad you’re having a productive week and I hope it continues right up to an awesome weekend.
        xxx Gargantuan Hugs from me in Wales to you in Canada xxx

  14. David this was a wonderful post, I enjoyed everything. Really loved To Sir With Love a great movie and song, so beautiful. I wondered when Mike would be back and here he is. I am praying for little Amelie that she recovers completely, it is so hard when the little ones are ill and I know how worried you and Yvonne are about her. I hope you have a fantastic week and I am glad that Jade finally showed up to clean. That beard measurement photo is hilarious.

    • Thanks so much Sweetie, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Yes that was a great movie and song.
      And here he is at last, turned up like a bad penny. I’m surprised they let him back in the country after the bribe I paid.
      Amelie seems to be doing really well, eating without reflux. She’ll soon gain weight again. I’m not worried about her now and I think Yvonne is much the same.. Thank you.
      I’m not sure how far down the list my ambition takes me, I winder what knee length would be.
      Have a Wonderful New Week as I surely will,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  15. So sorry to hear about Amelie. Very concerned and sending best thoughts and wishes.
    On a more happy note the music choices were 100% top notch. Beatles, Lulu, Muse – delayed my morning routine by a good 15 minutes, and increased the smile factor.
    All the Best. Hugs!

    • Many thanks Christoph, Amelie is so much better this week and is eating for Britain. I’ll pass your best wishes on though via hugs.
      So glad the music resonated with you this week, I think the morning delay may be worth the increase in smile factor.
      Hugs Galore

  16. Thanks for the great music again David. I love ‘Roxy Music’ and it was good to hear ‘To Sir With Love’ again too.
    I hope that Amelie is feeling much better now, poor little thing. It must have been a worry for you all and I bet little Rueben missed his sister when she was in hospital.
    I already follow Bun’s blog, He is absolutely brilliant isn’t he? I love his sense of humour and he had such a talent for writing.
    It is great that you have your sparring partner back again too! Have a great week. Ginormous hugs xxxxx

    • It’s great that you enjoyed the music so much Judy. It gives me a lot of pleasure.
      Amelie is so much better now thanks, eating properly and with luck putting the weight back on. I’m sure Roobs loved the extra attention from his dad while Amelie and Yvonne were in the hospital.
      Yes, Bun is brilliant and it’s just the type of humour I like.I hope he gets some new followers to enjoy his writing.
      I’m glad my sparring partner is back too, I like being able to hit the shops again and have my roast beef carvery.
      Have a brilliant week,
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  17. So glad to hear that little Amelia is doing better. Nothing is tougher on a mom. I hope Yvonne is doing okay now too. 🙂 Pretty scary for grandpa I bet too? Interesting video on the kakapo – never heard of it before. Pretty funny when it was on the guy’s neck but I think it was asking for trouble – luckily he only had a few scratches. Hugs for another great week.

    • Amelie is doing fine now thanks Maggie though it was a worry at the time. I agree it must have been hard on Mummy having to stay in hospital with her and listening to the cough while she couldn’t feed.
      The kakapo video was so funny and the elephant one was just joyous to see.
      Have a brilliant week,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  18. Poor little Amelie! It’s so worrying when a tiny one like that is so sick. I’m glad to see from recent responses that she’s doing better. What a lovely photo of Julia!

    • Oh yes, she’s doing so much better now, the worry is over.
      Thank you, I love that photograph. What a very lucky man I was.
      Hoping you have a Fantastic week,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  19. I’m glad Amelie is out of the hospital and doing better. Poor girl. Such good looking grands. I love your stories of struggling to pay and Yvonne struggling to not let you. What on earth is a toasted bap? I’m almost afraid to ask. And boss tunes, dude! 🙂

    • Thanks Brenda, it’s great that she’s feeding normally again now. The fights over payment between Yvonne and I are legendary now and even with Mike it’s been funny.
      A bap is a bread roll but not crusty. Toasted they’re very nice.
      Thanks, I thought they were good music this week.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  20. I have to say, I enjoy the vegetarian warning. It is also like a happy beacon to meat-eaters.

  21. Sorry for missing this post until now, David. I hope Amelie is still doing well. A hospital visit can be as distressing to mother as child, so I’m sending good wishes to your daughter as well.

    To Sir With Love is one of my favorites. I’m very blessed with my students’ appreciation but most teachers are treated like babysitters these days. Every now and then a reminder we make a difference is needed. You picked a perfect song for that moment. Plenty of massive hugs to you, my friend 🙂

    • There’s no such thing as late Laine, people are welcome at any time they can get here.Yes, Amelie is still doing well and I think Yvonne has recovered from the ordeal now. She’ll appreciate your good wishes though.
      I thought both the film and the music were fantastic, they resonated with me. I’m glad you have your student’s appreciation but whether you babysit them or not you must have a tremendous effect on a lot of lives. I’m happy to find something to remind you of that.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you Laine xxx

  22. Poor little Amelie. I feel so sorry for little ones who get sick and I’m glad she’s on her way to recovery. Great pictures and fabulous music, David. And I cracked up at the beard-length measurements. Too funny.

    • Doing much better than she was I’m happy to say. Glad you liked the pics and the music and I’m thrilled you got a laugh from the beard jumper.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  23. Your sweet grand baby girl – a stoic even while sick. I hope she is continuing to improve. Perhaps you could sing ‘to sir with love’for her. That would bring a smile on any child’s face. Although I must admit, every time I hear it I get a little teary-eyed. Oh! And if I start the wash as I am beginning to write, if I don’t set my alarm I won’t remember until hours later. 😳 XOXOXOXOtillaterhugXOXOXO

    • Yes, she’s still improving thanks Pamela. I would think it would be a look of pain crossing her face if I tried singing to her., long gone are my days of a good voice.
      Many’s the time I’ve forgotten having put the laundry on because I get so involved with my mail but sometimes if I set it when I get up about 4.00 am it’s ready for the drier when I go through for breakfast and meds.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  24. I’m so sorry Amelie had to spend time in the hospital, but so glad she’s getting better. I hate to see sick babies. She’s such a sweet baby, so good natured. I agree with you. It doesn’t sound like what I’ve heard about whooping cough. My mother described how my brother sounded when he had it. She said she was so scared. That would have been in the 1920’s. Such a lovely picture of Julia on Yvonne’s wedding day. So your buddy, Mike, is back. That’s great. Have a great week. Huge Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks so much Suzanne, At least that was over and done with last week and she’s still on the mend. I think whooping cough was a silly diagnosis , the brochiolitis was much better.
      That’s another off my favourite pics of Ju, I loved the excitement.
      Yes, the terror is back and scaring all the single women and a few of the married ones again. I’ve never known anyone who finds it so easy to join a conversation with people he doesn’t even know, and make friends with them. They forget I’m there altogether.
      I’ll be preparing tonight’s blog soon ready for midnight. My busy day Saturday.
      Have a fantastic week,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  25. I swear that child never ages! Each picture is more adorable than the last. 🙂

  26. I hope that Amelie is back to normal by now. So worrying to have a sick baby…
    xxx Biggest Hugs xxx

  27. I want to buy dozens of those beard-metric sweatshirts and give them to my Orthodox priest friends for when they’re off-duty. 😀

    • He He, I think you’ll find the beards probably grow while they’re on duty too. They can wear them underneath the cassocks to compare progress with each other.

      • Hugs back from a Bostonian Welsh-American! I love hugs.

        I really just want the sweatshirts so that I can ruthlessly needle them for their competition to the “Godlike” beard-state, and then I can tie that in to a bunch of in-groupy in-jokes about “theosis”, and how they weren’t there yet.

        I’d never get bored of it. Never ever.

      • I’m crazy about Hugs and their effect as you can perhaps see from my Hugs website. https://lorddavidprosser1.wordpress.com/the-buthidar-hugs/ Glad to hear there’s a Welsh connection.
        Is there a glut of Greek Orthodox priests in Boston then that you can tease so? The joke would be ever running really wouldn’t it as you could only make the comparisons to the depictions of god in art and not the nearness to him in spirit unless you have communed with him somehow. I’m afraid now is the time to admit my total disbelief in god (unless you count the Celtish ones of course).
        My own efforts in the theosis state have been hampered badly by a recent shave but the sideboards remained intact. A new look for orthodoxy maybe?

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