Slaughterhouse Blue & Birthdays and Arrivals

Sunday 17th April.

I expected last night to be the usual but I was to be surprised. Bed at 12.10 am, read till 1.00 am then sleep. That part followed the usual plan. But I had a small period of wakefulness at 2.17 am then a longer on at 3.22 am when I visited the loo and decided to walk into a wall on the way back to my room. I brought a picture down which lodged partly behind a radiator with a heck of a clatter bringing me to my senses and waking Mike who called out to see if I was OK. Apart from dented pride I was. I still had to spend some time sitting on the side of the bed having a smoke and trying to decide what had happened. I went back to sleep at the time I’d normally be getting up. I slept until 7.04 am. I started work on the mail as soon as I’d taken my meds and brought a coffee through. I was in a panic as the normal deluge had started arriving by then.              I was startled to have Mike appear in my doorway. I looked at my watch and it was only 9.30 am so I was even more startled. I went through to make him a dink and stayed to let Joey out and try and sort out what we were doing today. I left 74 pieces of post in my inbox at that time.

We decided it would be a good idea to head for Flint to see if Argos had the electric screwdriver he wanted and they were showing in their catalogue so at about 11.00 am we left. Flint didn’t have one but they checked and found Mold did and kindly reserved one for him. We had a quick coffee in Temptations ( a chance for him to drool over Sian) and then headed off for Mold about 15 minutes away. Once we’d parked up I showed him the way to Argos and he got what was needed. We were leaving the store when a loo became a necessity, the shop advised him there were no public loos open today (?) so I guided him to the nearest cafe I knew so he could go. We ended up having sandwiches for lunch but as he pointed out, we couldn’t complain as we’d had our Sunday lunch yesterday.                                                                                                                                                                After lunch we walked round a couple of shops looking for some gift wrap and I picked up about half a dozen sheets. I’ve got a little time before the next batch of (unwrapped) birthdays hammers on my door. April, May and November are the worst months for birthdays for me but at least this month’s are wrapped now.

Coming back it was fun with the sat-nag on listening to the way he wanted us to go while Mike and I had decided on the pretty route over the tops. The poor fella in the sat-nag must have been going frantic looking up all the roads to try and adjust to our route.He did pretty well. We were home for 2.00 pm and did Ju’s flowers before sitting down to try and watch a not very good film. I fought bravely to keep my eyes open. About 3.30 pm Mike asked if I was going to sleep and I told him I’d better go and start work. He decided that would be a good time to start for home. I turned the TV off. After making sure he left and running a metal detector over his luggage, I locked the door and returned to the computer. The figure now could almost have been a historical date  like 1066 it was so high but I don’t know any events from 213 AD except I think the Romans were still slaughtering the Brits at that point. I worked until 6.10 pm and then went for some tea. I think I started watching something like NCIS but it wasn’t long before I was undergoing eyelid inspection from the inside again. I didn’t wake up until the closing music of one episode at 7.55 pm.

I scorched the carpet moving fast enough to get back here. It took me till 10.35 pm to clear the mailbox and that was with cutting corners. I’m (fingers crossed) gong to be greased up and in bed about 11.30 pm.

Looking Hopeful

Looking Hopeful.

Blatant Advert placement

Blatant Advert placement.

Monday 18th April.

I was in bed fully basted by 11.45 pm. I read my book until 12.45 am then it was lights off and settle down. At some stage during the night I got up to go to the Piddle Palace but no accidents  and no ciggie on the side of the bed either, just back to sleep. I woke this morning at…wait for it…….6.32 am. Am I becoming human again and starting to enjoy a proper sleep cycle or is it just Somnos on holiday? I woke with a terrible headache but that seems a small price to pay.   After the usual visit to the loo I went straight to the kitchen and took my meds then made a coffee to bring back with me. No breakfast today. I signed into the mail and found 56 messages overnight. It was 6.50 am so the next batch wouldn’t be too long in coming.

The next batch arrived late but just as I was finishing the overnight lot. Oddly enough, it seemed to come in fits and starts today rather than en masse. I just had to keep going. I was clear at 9.37 am and was exhausted. I knew more would come but decided that what I needed just then was rest and my chair beckoned. I just lay there with my eyes closed wanting sleep. Joey had a singing squawking session but I couldn’t move.  Somehow I managed to turn the TV on in time for HUtH .  The feeling that I needed to sleep wouldn’t go away though I did manage to stay awake for the whole programme. When it finished I came back to work but after twenty minutes the bell rang. It was the warden and she came in for half an hour to chat about things and see how I am. When she left there was no time to come back and finish off, I needed to get on with lunch. Braised steak and mash today.

Lunch and Bargain Hunt out of the way I returned to where I’d left off to try and get myself into a good position again. I sat there going through the motions (no missus not THOSE motions, stay with the script and stop writing your own lines) until I was clear a few minutes before 3.00 pm. I was sure if I went to my chair I’d get my power nap and feel OK again but the Zzzz’s wouldn’t come. I watched Escape to the Country which I have often missed thanks to the Zzzz’s filing an inappropriate flight plan. At 3.45 pm when it finished I came back to see what else had arrived and to clear it up. I even managed a little look at Ebay. Lots of birthdays next month too. At 4.30 pm I went to watch PYMWYMI (see Blog Cast List) and then since my Cold Case appears to have finished, to watch a quiz. At 6.00 pm Without a Trace came on and I had to use matchsticks to keep my eyes open as I was going to watch The Antiques Road Trip next. I managed it. Then it was time to watch Sanctuary before coming back to work. I turned over and didn’t even get to see the start before I was asleep. I didn’t wake till 9.30 pm either which meant I was late. I closed Joey’s door and wished him goodnight, took my meds and came through. Clearing the post took until 10.50 pm so starting the blog was late. I’m aiming for 11.45 pm and given that it’s only fifteen minutes away and all I have to do is sort the photographs and choose my music I’m sure of making.

Far away thoughts.

Far away thoughts.

Ready for anything.

Ready for anything.

Tuesday 19th April.

I was safely in bed by 11.50 pm after dealing with an extra message that came in. I read my book until thee were just white pages left and felt cheated that the author hadn’t at least put a few doodles on them. My light went out at 12.40 am and I settled quite quickly.   I had no problem getting up this morning and was going to go straight into getting dressed until I realised a) it was still quite dark without the light on, and     b)  doing that might mean a damp carpet as I hadn’t been for a wee yet and wanted one. I resolved that straight away and turned the light on as I left the room. It was 4.10 am so I guessed the last couple of days were flukes.                                                                                                       Coming back from the Pee Parlour I logged onto the computer and my mail box. Just 31 to deal with seemed OK .That took me until 5.54 am  when I shuffled down the passage to the kitchen and the waiting drugs and breakfast. I put the washing machine on while I was there. After breakfast I returned to my nest with a cup of coffee. More mail was waiting. A friend I was worried about recently had the love of her life, a much younger man who didn’t know of her feelings break his friendship with her. It was childish and petulant. She was angry and I thought that was good. The problem was she didn’t stay angry but after 3 days got in touch and ended up declaring her true feelings for him. Now he’s responded and also declared his love for her. At this point I should be pleased for her and wish her much happiness, and I do. But I’m worried about the effect the next time he has a tantrum and unfriends her on Facebook again.

I finished the main batch of mail at 8.45 am. Today the people are coming to see if I have asbestos in my kitchen ceiling before they do the kitchen and bathrooms. They could only give a time of between 9.00 am and noon so I wanted to slip out to Pauline’s just before 9.00 am so I’d be in. I was back in the house by 9.05 am having been to Pauline’s and to the sandwich shop to get myself a ham SALAD bap for lunch. I’m pretty sure I’m covered for my 5 a day for the next month now.                                                           I checked ebay and found I needed to pay for something I’d won which was great as I’ll have it well in time for when needed now. At 10.00 am I watched HUtH with Joey though his vocal support almost frowned out the programme. After that I returned to work but had only managed a few messages when the man came to check me out for asbestos. Well, not me personally but you know what I mean. That was about 11.15 am and he was doing so much more than I expected, taking samples from all the rooms for a start. He’d said it would take about an hour when he came and yet I was surprised when he said his goodbyes at 11.45 am. He said he wasn’t leaving me in a deathtrap but I had to ask him to repeat himself as the voice was a little muffled by his mask and the hand he held over his mouth.

I took my pre-foodies and put my ham salad bap on a plate, picked up a yoghurt and went to my chair. I turned the TV on ready for Bargain Hunt and after 15 minutes started eating. The bap made a really nice change though I don’t want you to start equating the words salad and nice together in my mind. When 1.00 pm came I went back to work. There seemed to have been a breech in the dam and heavy leakage in my direction (it’s my age I think). It took a while to clear up but I was back in there for 3.00 pm to see Escape to the Country. Again I returned to work at 3.45 pm and had a little session of ebay too.  At 4.30 pm my serious viewing started with PYMWYMI followed by Pointless which was in turn followed by Road Trip and Sanctuary during which I stayed awake.  That made it easy to take my meds and to say goodnight to Joey with no rush. I ambled through then feeling that wasn’t enough, I went back and came through with my now infamous Quasimodo walk. I was disappointed to find I didn’t have a belltower to climb and beams to scamper along as I made the bells talk to me. I made do with the mail instead. And this time there were 72 waiting, cruel, very cruel.                                       I was clear by 11.05 pm but only because I ignored most of the messages by a multiple poster who writes quite a bit on a subject that doesn’t interest me.I do respond when the subject does.

I think I shall still be in bed before the witching hour makes me become human again.

Prepared for rain

Prepared for rain

Liquid eyes to hypnotise.

Liquid eyes
to hypnotise.

Wednesday 20th April.

In bed at 11.56 pm and because the new book I ordered hadn’t arrived I had to re-read a pamphlet on poltergeists. I didn’t want to start on a full book and have to leave the new one alone if it arrived today. I am really anxious to continue with the Uhtred story. My light went out at 12.27 am as I headed towards sleep.                                                     I’m pretty sure I had been lying in bed awake and thinking of my mother for a while before swinging my legs out this morning. It’s possible I was dreaming though as I hadn’t looked at the clock until I moved. When I did it was 3.34 am. I thought it was later. After a visit to the Palace of Piddle I returned to my room and signed in. I worked on my mail until I finished one at 4.44 am and decided that was a good time to break for breakfast and my meds.  Rice Krispies and toast this morning since I couldn’t decide between the two. I’ll be the size of a barn shortly. (Whaddye mean I already am, and no,I didn’t call you shorty). After eating I washed the pots and brought a cup of coffee back with me.

The overnight and early morning mail kept me occupied until 7.11 am. I had time to get dressed before the deluge hit. When it came it was in fits and starts again so for a while the figures didn’t look too bad and they refilled only when I got low. At 9.15 am I broke off to go to Pauline’s for tomatoes and cucumber to make sandwiches at lunch time, I didn’t bother with a lettuce because of the waste, I’d probably throw it straight in the bin. When I got back I checked my phone for messages from Jade, nada, and then carried on with the mail until 9.55 am when my TV session with Joey called. HUtH. It was good today.                                                                                                                                       At 11.00 am I came back to work and carried on with the messages until the box was clear at 11.55 am. For lunch I made two beef and partial salad baps which I ate while Bargain Hunt was on. I kept trying to tempt Joey to come and eat with me but I think he prefers manners. I was going to catch a quick forty winks at 1.00 pm but I’d no sooner shut my eyes than I got a text. Jade asked whether she could come tomorrow instead. I replied that I didn’t know if I was having visitors tomorrow or Friday and I’d have to let her know.

I went back to work until 3.45 pm. I dealt with mail and also with some things on ebay. I was doing searches and sending some of the results to Yvonne in the hopes she’d let me buy something for them. I don’t know where that child got such an obstreperous nature from. She seems to forget that I reign supreme and that my word is law. In fact I’d go so far as to say she deliberately thwarts me every chance she gets. I don’t know where I went wrong but I’m paying for it now. I bet she’s not like this with her husband, unless of course it’s he that has usurped my authority. But no, she was like this pre-Ugo.                                                                                                                                                                            At 3.45 pm I at in my chair and closed my eyes, even Joey wasn’t going to stop me. I Zzzzz’d until 4.26 pm which couldn’t have been better since PYMWYMI started at 4.30 pm. I was surprised not to find Dil there grinning at me but tonight it was almost 5.00 pm before he arrived. I made him a cup of tea and we had a little natter before Pointless. Ae 6.00 pm the TV went off and the games came out. In the Yahtzee he won three straight games and then surprisingly so did I. On the second sheet it went 4-2 in my favour. In trivia he had four pieces of pie before I’d got my first but I fought back and managed to reach the sixth. When I got to the centre he asked a kind question I was able to answer and it was all over bar my dancing on the table shouting “Ha, ha, I won, I beat you! Could you help me up off the floor carefully please.” We did have time for one game of cribbage and he took a great lead which he maintained most of the way round. At the critical juncture though I pulled the pair of 5’s from my sleeve and gathered enough points to win. I led him out of the house to say goodbye so he couldn’t slam all the doors as he went. This was the Slaughter House and he was blue.

After washing the pots, taking my meds and saying goodnight to Joey I came through to see how bad things were, I hadn’t been here in 6 hours. It was bad, but not in a Let me out I’m leaving home kind of way, more a Heck, I’d hoped to get some sleep tonight kind of way. I was knocked for six though when I opened a message from my friend Hugh to say that Victoria Wood had died. This is a great loss to entertainment as she was a superlative performer. A real talent with her comic routines and a very talented writer of both comedy and serious material.Then I had  message from Yvonne with the same news saying “Bloody cancer again.” Because she was ill such a short time I wonder if it was pancreatic cancer that took her do quickly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I finished the mail at 11.15 pm and went straight on to the blog. It will be midnight.

Bite size

Bite size

You spin me right round baby.....

You spin me right round baby…..

Thursday 21st April.

Bed was actually 12.15 am and reading took until 1.20 am before I realised I was only halfway through a long chapter and had to put my book down anyway. I marked the place carefully, nipped to the loo (and back) and turned the light out. I saw it was 1.27 am. Sleep wasn’t long in coming. It was an awful dream filled night so I was glad to see 5.32 as I woke, and about four hours isn’t bad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 First job of the morning was another visit to the loo then back to log on. Firstly to the bank to check my pension was in- it was, then straight to the mail. I worked until 6.30 am then went to take my meds and get a coffee to bring back. Once back I cranked up the output to try and finish what I had before anyone flung new stuff at me. I didn’t make it so was at my desk without a break until 9.35 am.

You’d have been proud of me with the speed I decided what to wear and how quickly I put it on. So ,  what if I wasn’t exactly colour co-ordinated and had put my lounge pants on in error. I changed and looking a little more subdued went to Pauline’s to get my lottery. I accidentally bought a Twix as well which I accidentally ate when I got back. There were just a few extra messages to clear and I just had time before going in to change Joey’s seed and water and putting HUtH on for us.                                                                 MuJo arrived about 10.30 am which was a pleasant surprise. I saw to drinks then passed John his birthday gifts to open or not as the mood took him. He said he’d rather wait until we got back from wherever we were going.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      There were a lot of questions raised about where t go for lunch, all of them raised by John because we just reminded him it was his birthday, his choice. In the end it was decided we’d go to the Bells of St Mary’s. We left the house very early at 11.20 am even though they don’t start serving until 12.00 pm, I think it’s a case of once a decision is made you act on it before it gets changed. We arrived about 11.40 am and I got the carvery tickets and the drinks while John found a seat. Then he and I took our pre-food tablets so we were ready for the kick off. Noon found us lining up to be served, the first in the queue.

I had my usual roast beef dinner but here they serve onion gravy with huge chunks of onion in and the mashed potato is really nice.We all seemed to enjoy what we had. From there we went into Prestatyn to look at a couple of shops. I managed to get a toy each for Nathan and Reuben to make up for an outfit I’d got last week for Amelie. I’ll be able to dish them out on Sunday when we go to Jo’d birthday meal. I also picked up an extra head, this one in black and a Buddha. John seemed to be the fittest I’ve seen him in ages walking round shops. I had to stop. About 3.15 pm we set off home with a detour to John’s mother’s house. She’s well into her 90’s and he wanted to check she was OK. We got home about 4.00 pm and John started on his gifts. He laughed at the Dalek and at the motion sensor whistling parrot. He adored the hip flask designed by my friend Sarah of First Night Design  , she’s a fantastic artist as well as a lovely lady. He liked his fleece but I think he was impressed with my choice of his porcelain soldier figures as he didn’t have any of them and on was of the green jacket rifles like Sharpe in the books by Bernard Cornwell.                            I’d just put the antiques programme on when the doorbell rang and it was Bert with a parcel. We were having quite a long chat on the step when  Mike arrived like a bolt of lightning. The speed his little legs were moving told me he was due  an urgent visit to the Piddle Palace. Bert said goodbye and I went in.

MuJo were on the point of leaving having seen Mike arrive so we said our goodbyes and they promised to come again next week. I came back through and watched to the end of the show with Mike then excused myself to catch up,promising I’d be back in by 7.00 pm no matter what. I juggled as much as I could then kept my promise. Only when I was back in did I find they’d cancelled the Antiques Road Trip to show a programme about Victoria Wood. So many funny clips.                                                                                            When it was over I came back through to work and Mike said he fancies an early night too. Now I know this one is an alien.                                                                                                      I caught up about 10.45 pm so might be in bed by 11.30 pm tonight.

Muriel and John aka MuJo

Muriel and John aka MuJo

If she tells me to 'Say Cheese' just one more time when I'm lactose intolerant...........

If she tells me to ‘Say Cheese’ just one more time when I’m lactose intolerant……….

Friday 22nd April.

I slithered into bed at 11.45 pm last night and took to my book. I read until 1.00 am ans only stopped because I feared reading until the end of a chapter which was many pages away. I need to pace myself too as I don’t have the next book in the series which Muriel says she’ll bring with her next time.                                                                                          It was strange when I got up. I wanted to go to the loo which as ever wasn’t a problem, but on my return I couldn’t find my glasses. Quite seriously I must have spent ten minutes looking for them. I looked beside my bed in case they’d fallen, in the bathroom in case I’d put them on the windowsill, in my dressing gown pockets and in the lounge in case I’d been in there and put them on my table. I don’t think Joey appreciated the light going on. I checked the kitchen too. It was at least he full ten minutes before I realised I was using them to look for them. At no point had I checked my boat-race.                                                                                                                                                                                        Worse still, I came back to my bedroom after having apologised to Joey and putting the light out to start getting dressed. It suddenly occurred to me how dark it was. I glanced at the clock and it was just 2.35 am. I hadn’t even slept for an hour and a half and here I was preparing myself for a new day when my compost was most definitely not mental.

I signed into my mail and started working on the messages. By 4.00 am I was up to date and took a chance on a lie down, it worked, I lay until 4.50 am. Getting up I checked on new messages and there were none at that point. I decamped ( love that word, I feel like Baden-Powell) for the kitchen where I took my meds then prepared the boxes for the next week. I brought a coffee with me when I returned at 5.40 am and found more messages had arrived. All in all I stayed with my face glued t the screen until almost 9.30 am when Mike got up. I left the last few messages and went to make him a drink. Joey was delighted to have us both in the room. I put HUtH on at 10.00 am bu fell asleep in the chair for part of it. When I woke, the postman had been. The last picture I’d ordered, a shame it hadn’t come yesterday.                                                                                   At 11.00 am I got up to start peeling my sweet potatoes and Mike went to get dressed and then came through to say goodbye. By the time I’d finished I just went ahead and started the cooking and took my pre-food tabs. I ate at noon.  I waited until Bargain Hunt was over at 1.00 pm before washing the pots and then going to face the computer. There were 121 pieces waiting for me and odd bits more coming in. I wasn’t able to move from my seat until 4.22 pm, and believe me, my seat was feeling it. I took a break for my antiques show then worked 5.15 pm to 5.45 pm and took another break when Mike sent a text to say he was on his way.

At 6.00 pm I has Without a Trace on and held back my scream when Mike arrived back and I missed the important conclusion where one missing person dies and one survives and I’ve no idea how or which. I made a coffee for him and left it in the cup honestly. At 7.00 pm I went for a shower and Mike washed my hair for me as usual. He mentioned something about a haircut/beard trim again but luckily I was deafened by water in my ears and didn’t hear a thing, especially as the forecast is for a very cold weekend with snow possible. Question of Sport was on when I came out,my team lost. I watched Sanctuary and then Have I got News for You. At 9.30 pm I closed Joey’s door, went to take my meds and wished Mike goodnight as I was coming through to work. As I was working on the mail he kept popping in and out until finally at 10.30 pm he announced he too was going to bed. I finished the mail not long after at 10.40 pm and was able to start the blog. Hopefully I’ll be done by 11.30 pm (ish) and can get back to the half chapter I left last night.

Horticultural Guy

Horticultural Guy

The groupies follow him everywhere

The groupies follow him everywhere

Saturday 23rd April.

I finished reading with the end of the half chapter and turned the light off at 12.27 am.  Sleep was almost instant. When I woke I felt as though I’d been aboard a ship all night and didn’t have my sea legs. That didn’t make going to the loo easy. ( “Vertigo?” Mike asked later,”No” I replied “it was only about 4 metres/yards.”) You can imagine the fun trying to keep my aim true, a drunk with palsied hands. Still, at least I managed not to walk into any walls this week. It was 2.07 am and if I’d been dreaming about Vikings after last night’s reading I couldn’t remember where I’d buried my hoard this morning.I suppose I’d have had a problem being a Viking though being neither a Dane nor a Saxon but a Briton that both sides fought after they’d invaded my Country and pushed us further and further back until the border between us and them made getting to us difficult. Wales held the original inhabitants of the whole Country just then and I don’t mean 2.07 am this morning.

After ‘loo time’ I did emails until 5.00 pm then went through to the kitchen to take my meds and have some toast for breakfast. I brought my coffee through and carried on until 5.45 am. At that point my box was clear. I was just relaxing onto the keyboard when I was startled into wakefulness by Mike’s alarm going off. It was 6.00 am. I headed for the kitchen to make him a drink and the alarm was still going. It honestly occurred to me that maybe he’s popped his clogs in the night. Suddenly it came to an abrupt halt. Had it run out or been turned off? I put the kettle on and then stuck my head round his door. He was still with us as I could see he’s changed position. I made a drink and took it through. When I said “Coffee up”, I got a reasoned response with minimal foul language.                                                                                                                                                            He was actually in the lounge with his coffee at about 6.15 am. Amazing. He ‘s going to bed early, going to sleep early and now getting up early. Not understanding the change that’s come over him I carried on and dealt with the  recycling stuff, getting it outside ready for collection.By 7.15 am he was dressed and ready to go. Even claiming to  be awake at that point. We left Joey at the window looking sad at our departure.

Things went well at the Supermarket as in I got what I wanted and even what I needed to a degree. Of prime importance were flowers for Ju and we picked three nice bunched including some Iris’s Mike found. We zipped round and found the till that our friend who insults Mike and receives as good as she gets was in charge of. Once he’d had a good session with her we were ready to go. By pure coincidence today Mike remembered he wanted some lights for his fish tank so we decided to forego the coffee in McDonald’s and go to see if they had any elsewhere. Well, we had to try The Range first. They didn’t have quite what he wanted so we had to have a drink and a bacon bap to console ourselves him. We tried a big pet shop close by and then the pet shop in Flint. That meant a drink in Temptations and another round of female- Mike banter. I suggested a couple of places that may well have the lights he needed and we set off for Rhyl. One shop had almost exactly what he wanted, just not long enough. We made a note of the make to try later on the net. We went for lunch.

After lunch we had a little wander round the shops in Rhyl and I found something I hoped would appeal to both Karen and Jo. As I’m seeing them tomorrow I’ll find out if I’m right. We headed home. Once the shopping was unpacked and away I was able to come and check the mail. I worked from 2.30 pm to 5.45 pm getting it down before feeling I could take a break. Mike was watching his beloved Manchester United play a game on the TV. Not literally on the TV, the programme was on TV. At 6.00 pm when it was halftime he went through to his bedroom and TV  so I could watch a film in the lounge. I made him a coffee and some tea as a thank you.                                                                  Ugo was coming to put something in the garage later so I was ready to help. We got it done very quickly so that just after 9.30 pm I was able to start the rest of the mail and the blog. The mail was done by 11.15 pm.

Can you see the reflection in the eye?

Can you see the reflection in the eye?

Can you see a little flying saucer just above his head?

Can you see a little flying saucer just above his head?



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74 responses to “Slaughterhouse Blue & Birthdays and Arrivals

  1. Dear David, it sounds like you made sure John had a nice birthday. (And you had fun shopping. 😉 )
    I was happy to see Amelie smiling in her little pink eared suit. I can only imagine Reuben’s delight and amazement at the ducklings. So cute.
    Thanks for the David Bowie video, and for “turning (us) right round baby” 😀
    Wishing you a wonder-filled new week my friend. Mega hugs!

    • We actually had a conversation about this Teagan. I like shopping and I like trying to get gifts appropriate to he person if I ca. John is fairly easy as he likes fun things and he likes militaria. Fun objects are part and parcel of any birthday or Christmas.
      Amelie is a delight when she smiles like that. Reuben thinks he and the ducklings are old friends fro last year and doesn’t realise it’s a different duck.
      Glad you enjoyed the David Bowie and Amelie getting ‘turned round’
      I hope you have a Fantastic week beautiful person
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  2. I do hope your wounded pride has recovered from the bump with the wall. Rueben and Amelie are just the cutest, Yvonne is doing a great job with the photos…and yes, I did see the reflection in Amelie’s eye even before I read your caption, very clever. Your ‘lost’ glasses story has prompted me to share this… A couple of days ago Mum wrote to me that she had spent a very frustrating day looking for her lost cell phone. She said she had looked everywhere she could think of and finally sat down in her lazy-boy chair to rest from her search. A little while later her bum buzzed and vibrated and she suddenly realised where the phone had been–in the chair. She lost it the same way when we were there a few weeks ago and my husband found it in the chair but the poor dear has serious memory issues now and couldn’t remember that. All’s well that ends well. xxx

    • My wounded pride luckily recovered well before my wounded hand which still bears a bruise Ardys. Thanks, I agree Yvonne is doing a sterling job keeping me supplied with photos to use.
      My glasses story is silly compared to your Mum’s, at least she wasn’t wandering about with it in her hands. I wonder whether the memory issues are a sort of blessing in that she can’t remember repeating the same loss. I can picture her surprise at he sudden vibration in the nether regions though.
      Have a Great Week,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. You know I hope you’re asleep when you get this. I’m fascinated by the way you handle your deluges. Sort of Umbrella Man of the blogging world, mr P. Hope the two good nights are in repeat – sort of 5:2 sleep diet. At least. And re the glasses I did a similar thing only I found then when I went to check they hadn’t fallen into the loo only for en to fall off my head as I bent down and dud precisely what I feared. Sod at work with la #15b. Have a good week. Hugs

    • The two god nights appear to have been one offs (or two offs) and normality has returned with a vengeance. Last night was barely one and a half hours so I’ll need a power nap today if I’m not to fall asleep in my lunch.
      Oh, bad luck with the glasses Geoff. I can’t wear mine up on my head as I’m as blind as a bad without them.
      Have a Fantastic Week

  4. Dear David, I know the walk into a wall trick, ouch, it’s not a pleasant way to try to get out of a room!
    I adored this: “…it wasn’t long before I was undergoing eyelid inspection from the inside again”. Perfect description. 🙂
    Sounds like you made people (and a bird) happy this week, dear friend, not a surprise, but still lovely to know there are wonders such as you out there. You’re a glass half full guy or sometimes ‘glasses, where are they?’ guy – I’ve done that too.
    Loved all the pictures, are Roobs and Amelie going for who’s most adorable prize? I think it might be a tie! And of course, the musical selections are awesome – wow, you had me at Crowded House, but then Dead or Alive and Bowie too. I’m dancing!
    Thank you for letting us tag along, dearest David, we’ll try to be good house guests as we spend time with you, just please don’t kick us out. lol 😉 Can’t wait for the next week.
    Massive You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Hugs!!! xoxox

    • Ouch, I’m sorry to hear that Donna. Pride takes a bit of a knock doesn’t it.
      You’re always so kind to me, I thank you from the heart of my bottom.If you mean John, I hope I made him happy. Today I try with my niece Jo.
      It’s funny needing your glasses to look for your glasses isn’t it. I feel a fool.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and some of the music.Seems I can often catch you with the 80’s stuff.
      You’re always an amazing house guest it’s such a pleasure to have you. I wish you’d just move in.
      Have a Glorious Week,
      xxx Sending ‘That’s what the world yearns for now, Love and Pride’ Hugs

  5. You really picked a lovely assortment of music this week, very nice David. I also thought the photo’s were wonderful, that Amelie is the prettiest little girl. Be careful when you are walking in the wee hours so you don’t walk into walls. Hope your week is full of wonder and amazement mega hugs my friend.

    • Thanks so much Suzanne. I love to make a hit with the music. Mind you, I like to do well with the pictures too and I seem to have done that.
      I’ll be careful in the wee hours. Usually I’m fine as I wake instantly when I need to be up and about. The wall is recovering well.
      I wish you a Wonderful Week full of dreams come true.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  6. I reckon “sat-nag” would suit my “Mavis” better than “sat-nav” David, too, regardless of whether it was a typo or not on your part 😀 went out of Sydney far for a concert some three years ago and police blocked the road so needed to turn around and my “sat-nag” lady kept frantically saying “make a U turn, make a U-turn…” and I kept shouting “I can’t, I can’t …” then “Mavis” went quiet, recalculated and tok me cross-country, dirt roads to get to my destination…but yes “she” nagged and nagged :)))))

  7. Love the blatant advertising. I am the proud owner of that book! Ariel loves my reading it to her. I’m feeling my age tonight, David. Can’t think of anything else to say. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Galore 🙂

    • Thanks so much Laine and Ariel. I’m sorry you’re feeling below par, have you been doing too much. I hop you recover quickly.
      Have a Glorious Week Laine,
      Unlimited Love and Hugs xxx

  8. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself. I hate relationships that feel like hostage taking and I hope your friend’s boyfriend won’t take to name and shame on Facebook any day that he feels ticked off. Now, I have learnt a new vocabulary *piss-parlour*. Your granddaughter is growing up so fast it’s simply amazing. I recall the first pictures of her that you showed us.

    • Thank you Jacqueline. A bit of dented pride maybe. I’m hoping, imagine being softer in decor than a desire for New Planets.
      Halfway there now and she really tells me off not being here.
      Mid nature Jacqueline and I had to hope the planets would appreciate a picture of Amelie in charge.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  9. Fabulous music choices – “Should have known better”, Mamas and Papas, Dead or Alive – you spun me round so early in the morning when I found this. Thank you for that.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and week. Hugs!

    • You really are an 80’s child Christoph. I’m glad to have brought you pleasure.
      I hope the rest of your weekend goes well and you have a ball.
      Have a great new week

  10. Rather surprising the ‘sat-nag’ is a male voice – always thought we females had that role nailed. Mike may wish to change that option to ensure the two of you stay on the straight and narrow! Thanks for the giggles, as ever, David, and wishing you a sleep-filled new week with a few dreams come true! Big bises xo

    • He has changed the voice to the ‘dulcet’ tones of a New Yorker, at least that’s what she sounds to me. Who could argue with that?
      Thanks for coming Mel, it’s always lovely to see you.
      I hope you have a tremendous New Week and loads of fun
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  11. The selection of music and photos was really exceptional this week, David! Wandering around at night can be fraught. I’ve never walked into a wall which is surprising because I never turn on the lights, but I have been trapped in the bathroom and not been able to find either my way out or the light switch. Scary. Hope sleep returns soon.

    • Thanks so much Jane. I hoped the alternating 60’s, 80’s theme would work well. I recommend you carry on not walking into walls but I have done exactly the same as you in the bathroom at night. It’s panicky when you can’t find your way out of your own room that you know so well. I was relieved when I did but luckily not in the way I’d originally gone for.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  12. carolewyer

    Hugest of hugs to you this weekend, David and thank you for yet another entertaining post with some excellent song choices, (David Bowie – love it!) ultra cute photos and your usual charma nd wit. Walking into walls? Yep..and cupboards and basically anything that seems to be further away than it actually is. I’m still waiting for my new glasses to arrive (the got lost in the post from Denmark) so until then, I’ll be rubbing bruises and thinking at least I am not the only one.
    Have a lovely week and look forward to the next episode. XXXXX

    • Hugs are ever welcome Carol, thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed the songs this week and the pictures. I’m glad you point out just how easy it is to walk into walls even though I didn’t actually have the excuse of no glasses as you do.Denmark eh, bit of a way to go for the eye test perhaps?
      Have a Fantastic Week,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  13. A bit of a weird sleeping week both for you and Mike. Thanks for the pics and the music and I couldn’t agree more with you about Sarah’s designs. They are gorgeous! (My Mum has one of her bags and she takes it everywhere). 🙂

    • I think I’ve decided Mike is some kind of sleep parasite and is now getting my share.
      I don’t think Iike Sarah’s designs enough to walk round with one of her bags.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  14. The blatant ad pic was great 🙂 and why not? I liked the horticultural one two, lovely flowers.

  15. Wonderful pictures–Reuben and Amelie just get cuter and cuter.
    Sorry about the wall jumping out and bumping into you in the middle of the night! (I was once dancing around acting silly–then sneezed and went right into the wall. I wasn’t drinking, and it wasn’t dark. My husband couldn’t stop laughing.) 🙂
    I hope you have a fabulous week! Hugs!

    • Thanks so much Merril, they are cuties.
      Sounds like we should both take more water with it. I sweasr it’s the kind ofthing Ju would have laughe at so it doesn’t seem husbands are much better.
      Have a Fantastic Week,
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  16. Great musical selection this week, David (says she who came of age in the 80’s). The bobbins are darling, as always. So. Much. Cute. When Reuben realizes the ducks are different ones, he’ll just think he has a bigger, web-footed family 😉 All the best, and massive, vurtual hugs.

    • Thanks so much Melanie. Sounds like I caught just the right era for you. I’m hoping when Reuben gets older he’ll still think of the ducks as a bigger web footed family and not as No 86 on the menu.
      Have a Great Week,
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  17. David i tuoi nipoti sono stupendi e anche la musica, un abbraccio grandissimo, buonanotte e buona settimana, 🙂

  18. The Bowie clip was fab! 🙂

  19. Perfect timing, David. Last night we attended a family celebration (for a friend who was cancer free for 5 years now; she was giving the party for her family) and “This Is Dedicated To The One I Love” was the theme song, but each time the the Mamas and Papas sang the refrain, we all loudly sang “Ones” over their “One.” And now I read your wonderful picture-filled blog, and the song is still perfect. Amelie is amazing, already posing and holding her own with her brother. Such a lovely family you have. Many hugs and wishes for a wonderful week ahead. ❤

    • I’m thrilled to have provided-even by accident- a sort of confirmation of the cancer free celebration. Mind you, I’m thrilled to hear the friend can celebrate such an anniversary. I adore the Mamas and Papas anyway, so finding them providing some moral support isn’t strange.
      Roobs seems to love his little sister and her facial expressions lead to hours of fun for me. She doesn’t seem fazed or threatened by his face to face sessions.
      I’m very lucky in my family.
      Wishing you a Wonderful New Week
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  20. Now I’m wondering if Mike ever got the lights for his fish tank. Incidentally, that deafening water when a beard trim was mentioned to you reminded me very much of the selective deafness of my kids when I ask them about their homework.

    • Actually he found some online when we got home. He phones the company and had a long chat then ordered them. His tank is 5′ long but the lid won’t allow for , and he doesn’t want, the tubes. He’s after LED lighting so he can have white light and blue light. The blue will have to wait as it’s not imported yet.
      Strange, I believe it adapted itself from my previous selective hearing over homework, washing the back of my neck, washing pots and removing spiders from the bath.

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  22. Thanks for the great music. I really enjoyed McArthur Park. It used to be favourite…many many years ago. 🙂

  23. You are funny with your doodling ideas and bumping into stuff. No wonder Mike is getting up earlier. Good luck with all the birthdays! x

    • Thanks Catherine. Bumping into things might be funny for others, but painfully funny for me. I don’t suit a flat nose. First two birthdays down……
      xxx Stupendous Hugs xxx

  24. You’re going to need to pad those walls if you decide to get up again at night..:) love the Bowie selection, one of my favorites. These little ones just keep getting more beautiful each week. Keep those photos coming, those smiles are a highlight of the week..:)

    • I dread the reaction if anyone thought I was in a room with padded walls George. My life wouldn’t be worth living with all the sniggers.
      I’m glad you enjoyed my Bowie selection and that you liked the pictures of my grandchildren..I’m off to see them in 4 hours @7.30 am and hope the smiles are still in place.

  25. Thank you for all the cute pictures and the music, David! I am about to leave my house first time in seven days, and your post has definitely lifted up my spirits. Sorry for being such a lousy reader – I still feel a little bit lightheaded and weak, but I did scroll down your page to see these darling faces and catch up. Thank you to Yvonne for the photographs. Loved her reflection in these beautiful eyes 🙂 So happy that Amelie is feeling well. That whooping cough is a scary thing.
    Wishing you a delightful week!
    Many hugs!!!xxxxxx

    • Thanks so much for dropping in Inese. I hope you’re going to feel so much better this week than last.
      I’m glad you liked the music and enjoyed the pictures. I’m forever grateful to Yvonne for taking so many and sharing them with me.
      Amelie is much, much better, I hope you can say the same.
      Have a Fantastic Week,
      xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  26. I hope you told that wall off for bumping into you David, and that you are ok.
    I love the Mammas and Pappas, Pete Burns and actually all of the music this week!
    I was shocked too to hear of Victoria Wood as she kept her illness so quiet. What a huge talent we have lost.
    Amelie looks so cute in yellow, and Rueben is just so adorable too!
    Hope you have a good week, with some good sleep and that the walls behave themselves!
    MaHoooosive Hugs xxxx

    • Being fairly polite Judy, I did apologise to the wall.I didn’t apologise to the picture frame that fell off and hit my hand though.Th bruise is only just going. It had no reason to go on the attack like that.
      I heard that Victoria Wood’s illness was very quick which is why I wondered whether it had been pancreatic cancer. You’re right about the loss of talent though.
      Glad you like the Mamas and Papas and Dead or Alive. Pete Burns has made a right mess of himself hasn’t he.
      Thank you, the kids can be cuties most of the time and little devils sometimes.
      I hope you’re enjoying your week, I’m keeping an eye on the walls.
      xxx Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  27. Lovely pictures as usual of those adorable grandchildren. Walking into walls isn’t something I’d recommend, but other than that, it sounds like the week had plenty of happiness. Excellent music. I hope the spring weather is making it your way. Massive Hugs ❤

    • Thank you, I do tell Yvonne to keep them coming (pictures I mean, not children). I’ve always tried for the shortcut so walls and I aren’t strangers. The week was good and as usual I enjoyed selecting the music.
      Today we seem to have covered most of the seasons, bright sunshine, hail, snow and very very cool but Spring is still coming.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs Diana xxx

  28. Don’t take this wrong but I can totally understand why you are walking into stuff. 🙂 I’d have a hard time standing with your sleep patterns. I like my 5 to 7 hours in a row. Now to be honest I do have a clumsy tendency too and that’s with good sleep. Hugs. Love your quirky sense of humor. Thank you for making me smile. 🙂

    • Thanks Maggie, so it isn’t I’m just an oaf. Good to know. 5-7 hours in a row is an unheard of luxury. But I’ve still walked into walls even with that.
      I’m so glad you like the humour, that’s brought a big beaming smile to my face now.
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  29. Darling pictures of the children. I liked the picture of Muriel and John. They’re a great looking couple. Muriel’s pretty and John’s handsome. I’m glad I know what they look like now as you’ve mentioned them so often. Good music that week. I loved the Mamas and the Papas. Take care, David. Huge Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • I’m lucky to have so many pictures of the children to choose from so often. It’s rare to get a picture of MuJo together but they liked the canvas I just had done of this one.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the music, the Mamas and Papas were great favourites of mine. Really melodic voices and great songs.
      Hope you’re heading for a good Friday and a better weekend.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  30. Hi David, walked into any walls lately? What is that all about? I have spent many minutes looking for my glasses only to find them on the end of my nose. Amelie looks like she is back to her old self. Has she fully recovered from her bout of illness? Have a good week, or what is left of it.

    • I’m allowing the walls to recover a little before demanding a rematch Susan. I think we all get distracted enough sometimes to search for things on the end of our noses.
      Amelie seems to be back to her normal self again giving me chance to laugh at the various facial expressions she manages.
      Friday today so it’s almost the weekend. I hope you have something Wonderful planned.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  31. Ali Isaac

    Hubby and I enjoyed the music this week, David. Love all that 80s stuff, a real blast from the past. That was my fave David Bowie era. You know, after he passed, I had a dream about him, where I bumped into him in a hotel and we had a little chat at the bar. We exchanged phones as a momento, his was like a 1980’s brick, not sleek like my samsung, and then I remembered all my photos on it, so I ran after him to get it back, but hed gone. Strange huh? Apparantly a lot of people dreamed of him in the week after his death. Lovely pics of the kids as always. They are such beautiful children. Glad you had a few nights of ‘normal’ sleep, it makes a difference, doesn’t it? And you have Mike back, hooray! Did he have a good time?

    • Hi Ali, it’s great fir me when I know someone has enjoyed the music. I always hope it brings back good memories and not bad ones. She you swapped phones with David Bowie but maybe you had copies of the pictures on cloud or somewhere? I hadn’t heard that many people had dreamed of him. I wonder if the bloggers were surprised when he turned up in their dreams too and what momentos they lost.
      Thank you, I like a lot,of the pictures Yvonne sends me, I just say keep ’em coming.
      Yes, Mike’s back, obviously my bribe at customs didn’t work,and the Aussies didn’t believe my anonymous story about his being a big drug runner either. Never mind, I’ll get used to him again.
      xxx Gargantuan Hugs xxxx

  32. The little ones are getting more beautiful ever day 🙂 It’s a joy to see their photos. And yes, I did see the reflection in the eye…
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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