Jo’s Party & Attempted Murder

Sunday 24th April.

I managed bed by 12.10 am last night, I didn’t dare go anywhere near the inbox though. I finished reading at 12.45 am and settled for sleep. I think I had time to blink once and open my eyes before I was up again. It was 2.06 am. It was 5.43 am before I had emptied the mail box and decided to go have my meds, some breakfast and then an investigation of my inner eyelids in my chair. I was awake again before 7.00 am and wandered back to my room after opening Joey’s cage. I did the loose post and then worked on the main post as it came in. It took till 9.43 am to clear that lot.

I took my mug through to wash and then prepared Mike’s mug and put the kettle on. It was about 9.55 am I took his coffee through. He;d been asleep since about 10.30 pm the night before. We got ready and left the house at about 11.00 am so I could go round a couple of shops before heading for Jo’s birthday meal. I bought myself another head, in red this time. Mike suggested I should try buying one that worked for a change so I could swap it for the one on my shoulders.                                                        We arrived at the pub at 12.20 pm and I hadn’t realised so many people would be there. It was lovely to see Dil of course and there was my great nephew Taylor with his Mum Deb, ex partner to my nephew David. There was Jess, Dil and Lynne’s daughter and her young son Rylan with whom I had some fun. Lee, Jen and Nathan and of course Jo and Karen and a surprise to me, Jo’s boyfriend whom I knew nothing about.

The birthday girl and boyfriend, Karen and Amelie

The birthday girl and boyfriend, Karen and Amelie


Jo creating a fire hazard

Jo creating a fire hazard

It was a nice enough meal but the wait for food was terrible.  The atmosphere on the other hand was brilliant. Rylan and Reuben played and though noisy they played nicely. Amelie was in good humour and Nathan was as full of smiles and waves as always. I think Lee and Jen liked the picture of Nathan I’d had put on a canvas and I think Yvonne liked the jumper I’d got her and the outfit and stuff I’d got Amelie. Reuben liked his toys. Karen and Jo seemed to love the big shoe lamps I’d bought them yesterday ( pre-birthday pressies) and they liked their canvasses. Jo liked her birthday gifts but I was devastated when opening the Tattoo Phrenology Head I’d bought of which the first one had arrived smashed, to find this one broken but not smashed.She’s going to try to glue it but I’m ready to get yet another.

When the party broke up we headed for home. I made Mike a coffee then we did Ju’s flowers before I fell asleep in the chair about 4.00 pm. When I woke up at 4.30 pm he’d gone. I started in on the day’s work and carried on until 7.00 pm when I went to make a sandwich. At 8.30 pm I took my meds, locked Joey in ( his lawyer lost a last minute appeal) and came through to carry on. I finished the mail at 10.40 pm and started straight in on the blog which should be done by 11.40 pm with luck.

Jen, Amelie, Nathan and Lee. 'Cuzzins'

Jen, Amelie, Nathan and Lee. ‘Cuzzins’

Monday 25th April.

Bed.11.30 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Read till 12.20 am. quickly to sleep.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Up    4.28 am. It feels pretty good.  I worked on mail until 5.00 am then decided to get my meds and have some breakfast, only a toasted bap but that’s plenty. I got back at 5.40 am and carried on with the post, gathering more as I went. It was 9.42 before I could shout PARIS !. It didn’t mean anything but I wanted to shout something that began with a capital. My mailbox was empty and I quickly dressed and got my shoes on to take my prescription request to the chemist.                                                                         On the way back I made a quick call at Pauline’s before heading home. I was back in time for HUtH.

As that programme came to an end Bev knocked on the door. I opened it and she came through to do a test call on the intercom using the pendant which I’m supposed to wear all the time when I’m in but which I had to go and get from the hall where I hang it. She stayed for more than half an hour chatting, mainly about diabetes this week. When it was time for her to go it was approaching lunch time and she’d given me pause for thought about food. I decided against a liver and onions meal and settled for a chips with curry sauce and two buttered baps. Fair play, I did have a healthy rhubarb yoghurt afterwards though.                                                                                                                  After Bargain Hunt I was going to have a power nap but I’d just got my head down when my phone went. It was a text from Jade to check Wednesday at 10.00 am would be OK. Since we missed last week altogether except for what I did, I said that would be great. Awake now I went back to work. What was there kept me going until almost 3.00 pm then I went to watch Escape to the Country. I expected to close my eyes then but somehow didn’t. However, I did straight afterwards and didn’t wake until 4.40 pm, ten minutes in to my PYMWYMI antiques programme. I watched the rest of it then came back to work for 50 minutes before going to have a light tea and watch Without a Trace. SG1 followed and then Sanctuary.

I turned the TV off, locked Prisoner 99 up and said goodnight to him then went to the kitchen for my meds. Finally I headed for the bedroom/Office/Pit. Plenty of mail waiting for me which took me until 10.37 pm to deal with before I could do the blog. I will be in bed for 11.30 pm and ready for my trip out tomorrow.

Running riot at the park.

Running riot at the park.

Terrible Twosome.

Terrible Twosome.

Tuesday 26th April.

Bed 11.27 pm last night.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Read till 12.25 am. Lights out but sleep took a short while.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Up at 2.39 am. Not as happy as I could be. A visit to Loo Loo Land and then back to open my gmail box. 37 showing at the moment. I was done at 4.53 am and went through to the kitchen for my usual. I had some toast while there. Coming out I went to the bathroom to trim my moustache before going out. I think it must be the fastest growing hair on my body. Cleverly I snipped my top lip at the same time but it seemed to be OK. I took my coffee to the bedroom and went back to work. I lit a cigarette and was distracted wondering when I’d bought red filters. It sunk in, I hadn’t. It took a while to stem the flow of blood, not helped by the occasional sip of warm coffee that set it off again. I finished the coffee, decided I didn’t need a blood transfusion so went back to work. Or I tried to, everything I tried to open wouldn’t. The little icon spun the wrong way and the message came that they took too long to respond. I kept trying and eventually it seemed to be OK again. I stopped work at 6.00 am to get dressed.

At 7.30 am I walked over in the freezing wind to get the bus. An hour of eyelid inspecting and I was there. Unfortunately, no-one else was. I had chance to smoke a cigarette and take a walk round a shop while I waited fr them to catch up.Reuben chose a good time to have a lie in, he must have known how cold it was this morning. We met up just in time for a visit to out usual watering hole and just in time for me to rid myself of the morning coffee voluntarily rather than the way that has me slinking home in shame. Yvonne ordered my new coffee while I got rid of the last.                                                                                                                                                                                                    When we’d finished in there and I’d had my hugs with Amelie it was time to shop. Reuben is going into his ‘big boy’s bed’ and though I’d bought him a duvet cover a few weeks ago, he needed sheets, pillow cases and their protectors plus pillows. I have a new duvet he can have. I managed to load myself down with everything and make a bolt for the counter even picking up a jumper for Ugo and one for myself on the way past. Not too much in the way of argument today. With the bags hanging from the trolley it made Amelie’s ride very much like that of the Bumper Car and she was riding into them as they passed.

We had a look in a new jewellers then waltzed round to the supermarket for a pizza for Reuben as that’s what he said he wants for his lunch. There seemed to be plenty of other things needed when we got in there and also one or two things we didn’t know we needed like a rhubarb pie for me. We moved on to a shop where Yvonne could look at the things she’d like to decorate Amelie’s room with ( if we ever win the lottery). Eventually all good things come to an end and it was time to head for the bus stop which coincidentally was just outside this shop. I’d barely got there when we saw the bus coming. I got a rare kiss from Reuben and a nice hug and kiss from Yvonne. Amelie was asleep by then. I got on, waved and the bus pulled off.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     With no need to stop at Pauline’s I was soon home again. Joey seemed pleased. I made lunch and at 1.45 pm went back to work. There was a lot waiting. I was just getting into it when the sneezing fit started. You know the old rhym, One for Sorrow, Two for Joy, well 36 is redecorating your computer screen. Three packets of tissues later and someone has given me a tap on the head which had been left open so my nose is constantly running. It’ got a lot more energy than it has a right too. I have a cold.

I worked until 4.30 pm then watched my PYMWYMI through blurry eyes. Pointless I saw except for the last few minutes as I was helping myself to rhubarb pie and custard in the kitchen. At 6.00 pm Without a Trace came on and like a switch had been thrown I was asleep. I woke up for part of SG1 and for some of Sanctuary then I was gone again until about the last ten minutes of Sanctuary. I should probably add that to whatever sleep I get tonight now. At 9.00 pm I locked Joey up, took my meds and came through to start again. Mail took me until 10.57 pm and then it was time for the blog. Midnight is my target for bed.


Playmates and competition for food.

The Cisco Kid.

The Cisco Kid.

Wednesday 27th April.

Bed at 11.55 pm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Read to 12.40 am as finished the third book and I’m bereft. Nothing to read now.                                                                                                                                                                                    Up at 2.32 am.   Not exactly raring to go but decided I’m willing to return to bed at any time the fancy takes me. I made a flying visit to the Kingdom of Looe and then came back to sign into my mail. Over the last few days I’ve been going into the blogs I follow and changing them back from daily to immediate which is making a great difference. Firstly it seems to be working again, a problem that had prompted a change to daily in the first place. And Secondly, the deluge is much more a dignified trickle now and easier to cope with. There are still blogs I need to change back from daily but there’s no rush. Everything else is coming to me as it’s being sent and though it spreads it out more over the day there are less to clear at any one time. So, I might have been tied to the desk until 8.52 am but at least the numbers never looked overwhelming.

I had an argument with myself about whether to go to Pauline’s or not. I won. Just as I was getting my socks on I overruled myself and couldn’t go. That left me sulky and grumbling for ages but I knew I’d need lottery there tomorrow and my TV mag so better stay in the warm today and pick up a few more card tricks and learn some more Trivia answers before Dil arrived this evening. The postman came and brought a letter to say no increase in my private pension this year. THANKS Government !! At least it makes notification to the benefits people easy. He also brought me a voucher for £10 from the Government for answering questions on the survey I did. No wonder there’s no money for pensions. Before Jade was due at 10.00 am I received a message to say she was running 20 minutes late. Not a major problem really as I’m here all morning but it was actually almost 11.00 am when she arrived. As usual I just left her to it.                                                                                                                                                                                Marta Beaman, a lovely lady from  did a nice post on animals /pets and made mention of Oscar and his winning ways as my alarm clock. As it’s been a long time since he’s been mentioned I thought I’d share a photograph of him occupying my chair to make sure I don’t get to sit there.

Oscar takes a chair

Oscar takes a chair

And a subtle reminder of his book.


There are old posts from me going back into pre-history describing the cruel and unjust methods he used to get me out of bed.                                                                                              When Jade left I was able to make lunch which was two beef salad baps and a yoghurt today. I sat and ate watching snooker as my Bargain Hunt was over  I suppose I could have watched the end of it as she left at 12.40 pm but I was starving. At 2.00 pm I returned to work and stayed here until 4.10 pm. I’d only been in the lounge ten minutes watching a little more of the snooker when Dil arrived. I made him a tea then turned over for our Antiques programme.                                                                                                            We chatted about Sunday and seeing everyone. We’d both just had texts from Jo to confirm we were going to meet again on 22nd May for the next batch of birthday celebrations. I must check though as I don’t think she mentioned where.

When the quiz was over the TV went off and battle commenced. The Yahtzee was a draw at 4- 2 then 2 -4. The Trivia which was the longest and most drawn out game we’ve had in a long time ended in a worthy win for Dil after answering How do you write 99 in Roman numerals. It was time for him to go after I threw his coat at him and ordered him to ‘Begone’. I locked the front door and drew the curtain against the cold. Joey had just gone in so I locked the door then went into the kitchen to wash the pots (which I dirtied by eating the rest of the rhubarb pie) and taking my meds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By 9.45 pm I was back in my room with the ton of mail that had arrived. It took until 10.55 pm to clear what there was then so I could start the blog. I shall be getting my beauty sleep about 11.45 pm ready for an outing with MuJo tomorrow.

Face off

Face off








Here under sufferance

Here under sufferance














I know some people have wondered about the gift I got for Joanne that got broken twice. I’m waiting to find out if she managed to glue it before ordering another.

Tattoo Head

Tattoo Head

Thursday 28th April.

Bed 11.50 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Read till 12.25 am as I just had a brochure to read. Lights out and sleep not far behind.                                                                                                                                                                            Up at 2.18 am.

First of all was the inevitable trip to the loo then I came back and signed on. I checked the bank and then wrote out an email to the Benefits section at the local authority to let them know there is no increase to my private pension but that I am not now paying tax. I gave them the new figure to recalculate benefit (if any) from. Once hat was out of the way I concentrated on my emails. I worked until the box was empty at 5.02 am and then headed for the kitchen to take my meds and have some breakfast. When I returned at 5.30 am I carried on working  until the box was empty again at 8.42 am. A perfect time to get dressed ready to go to the chemist and chase up my missing drugs and to Pauline’s for my TV mad before I forgot it. I thought I might as well do the lottery while I was there. It actually looked beautiful out there but I wasn’t going to trust the temperature. On went the woolly jumper.The chemist was having a problem getting one of my drugs and it would be next week before they did though there were enough to tide me over. I asked if I could take the rest but no, as the chemist wasn’t on the premises they couldn’t release them. I was so cross I didn’t even bother reiterating that I always ask for my drugs to come when they have them an anything missing can come later. I don’t want to leave it till the last thing is in. I think they’d have made me wait until next week so I arranged for everything else to be delivered after 4.00 pm today. The chemist should be in when the shop is open but I know he travels quite a  way. The jumper was a good idea as the sunshine carried no heat this morning.

Before I reached Pauline’s I saw one of my neighbours  stroking a dog, I called “You never stroke me like that”, so she did. Shame she had to call me Good Boy too though. I wasn’t long in Pauline’s and got everything I wanted except some Liquorice Allsorts . I knew Mike would want to eat his if he came tonight and would hate for him to eat alone. I also asked Pauline for the winning Lottery tickets, so who knows. If you hear a shout of ‘Ey up’ outside your house, it may well be me. Don’t throw shoes ( unless they’re a very stylish size 10 ). I returned home at 9.25 am and did a little more work but stopped at 10.00 am to watch HUtH with Joey but I think he was in a mood because I’d hardly seen him this morning. Also I had to put his millet in his food tray as the stalk wasn’t strong enough to hold it.  I relented and got a fresh one out.                                    MuJo arrived at 10.00 am which is very early for them. I saw to the drinks and we chatted a while but at 10.30 am they were anxious to go. I pointed out the time as being far to early for lunch but they said Muriel needed the bank and the Post Office first. Given that I asked if it was OK if I made a quick nip to Home Bargains. It was. What a success that was. I practically flew round the store but I knew where I was looking for what I wanted. Yvonne is going to be doing up Amelie’s bedroom and had seen some nice lights for the wall when we were out on Tuesday. I was pretty sure I’d seen some at this branch of my favourite shop. I had, and what a bargain.

I was just walking out with my purchases when I met MuJo who’d come for a look themselves. Great, I got to go round again at a more liesurely pace and picked up some gifts for my Great Nephew who will be One next week. Muriel managed to find a few things there and I know John got something too. When we left it was straight back to the car and then off to lunch. It was pre-decided today that a return to The Bells of St Mary’s was on the cards. We were there only minutes after they started serving. The till area was almost free and we could quickly order but the line of people waiting to get their meal was massive. I was disappointed that when I got my meat there were hardly any boiled onions, very few carrots and scrappy roast potatoes. If I waited there for new dishes to be brought everything else would go cold. Still what I had I enjoyed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          After lunch MuJo asked if I’d mind going to Abakhan for my coffee. I didn’t mind. It’s an old mill where they sell material and everything related to fabrics even to wedding gowns and those funny little hats women wear for such occasions. I know of old they also have a good craft shop, a wool shop and a gift shop though that is very expensive. We enjoyed our drink and a look round the various departments. It was still pouring down as we headed for home. We were back by 2.30 pm which was unusual and because of the weather they weren’t too long before leaving to travel home themselves. Once they’d gone I saw a text from Mike to say he was on his way so I started work. I broke at 4.30 pm. I was watching PYMWYMI when Mike arrived so I made him a coffee while he dropped his luggage in his room. Then my drug courier arrived just before 5.00 pm so I c0uld stop worrying about that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       When the quiz Pointless was on I made Mike something to eat. We watched Without a Trace but think I may have nodded off towards the end, either that or they now amalgamate part of SG1 into the story because when I opened my eyes that’s what was there. I was out a good hour and yet still somehow managed to miss a chunk of Sanctuary as well. At 9.00 pm I took my meds, locked Joey away and came through t work. It ook until 11.00 pm to finish the emails and start the blog. It’s going to be close to midnight I think.

Nursery play.

Nursery play.

Dig that rhythm n' blues man

Dig that rhythm n’ blues man.


Friday 29th April.

Bed 11.58 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Read to 1.15 am Couldn’t sleep.

I got up again at 1.45 am and started to read again being prepared to fall asleep reading if I must, which I did sometime after 2.05 am which is the last time I remember. I was up again at 4.00 am. After a trip to  the loo I went straight to the kitchen and took my meds then brought the drawer through and replenished the drawer from the stuff that arrived yesterday then replenished the drugs tray for the next week. I returned with a coffee and set to work on my mail at 4.35 am. I finally got clear at 6.56 am so I was able to have a short break before it started coming again, That lasted for just a couple of minutes and then I was at it until 9.00 am.

I’d gone through to the lounge and was relaxing with Frasier when Mike walked in about 9.10 am. Not bad for someone who’d slept from before 10.30 pm last night. I only know as I turned his TV off at 10.30 pm. I made his coffee while he struggled to raise the venetian blinds on his eyes. I stayed in the lounge with HUtH till 11.00 am and Mike only moved long enough to make himself a second coffee.As I went back to work Mike went to his room to get dressed ready to go out.                                                                 The mail was going down OK when he came in to say goodbye, he’d see me tonight. I carried on until 11.35 pm then decided to go peel my sweet potatoes for lunch. Once that was done I took my pre-foodies, put the sausages on the grill and cut the potatoes ready to be boiled. My potatoes were mashed, peas were in the microwave while I dished up the sausages then prepared the chipshop style gravy before adding the peas and putting the gravy on. I was ready to eat at 12.05 pm. After Bargain Hunt I was ready to return to work. I just didn’t know it would keep me occupied until 4.30 pm. At 5.15 pm I returned to it until 5.50 pm when I was pretty clear. I needed to be as I wouldn’t be returning to it until at least 9.00 pm.

I was watching Without a Trace when I got a 6.30 pm text from Michael to say he was on his way back. I saw SG1 then at 8.00 pm went for my shower. When I cam back to the lounge Michael still hadn’t arrived but about 8.30 pm he walked in. I made a coffee and he told me how bad the traffic and the weather had been. At 9.00 pm Have I Got News For You came on so I decided to stay for that too. When I’d taken my meds and finally came through there were 51 messages waiting with more coming in. Sometimes you answer one at one end of the list which generates a new one at the other end. I worked until 10.45 pm then started the blog. I intend to be in bed by midnight as it’s shopping day tomorrow and I have all my early morning duties with the rubbish, the recycling and turfing Mike out of his bed.

Sunshine, in case you don't remember it.

Sunshine, in case you don’t remember it. Not today though.


Exotic colours.

Saturday 30th April.

Bed 12.01 am after doing a little more mail.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Read to 1.05 am Last visit to loo.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Up at 2.21 am first visit to loo .

I put myself straight to work on ebay ordering what I’d decided I wanted for Lee’s birthday. Though his lovely wife Jen says not to get him anything I find I can’t do that. Lee has been important to me for his whole life. I have to think hard about Karen now to find something special .                                                                                                                       I worked on the mail until 5.00 am then went for my usual jaunt to the kitchen.I had toast with lashings of butter and by 6.30 am felt sick. But, after breakfast I’d seen to the kitchen bin and the food waste bins. I’d taken them outside but left the bins on the step to take down when we went out.  After washing my hands I’d returned to work   on the emails taking delight in the fact that I had time to enjoy some of the stories, especially the Guitar Mancer serial by my friend Teagan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 At 6.00 am Mike’s alarm went off so I finished what I was doing and then went to the kitchen and made a coffee. One more alarm had gone while I was in there and then the third just as I took his drink in. After the alarm going off I expected a better response than Uh Uh when I said the drink was there. I returned to ework but there was no movement from there until after the fourth alarm. At least I’d only made the one visit.

I went through to the lounge to open Joey’s cage at 6.45 am  and was surprised to find Mike awake rather than sleeping in the chair. We decided what flowers we’d want for Ju’s vase this morning. Somehow we were on our way at 7.00 am. We parked up and I got cash while Mike grabbed a trolley. Inside the store I went to get my spuds while I asked Mike to choose the flowers. Then in tandem we went round the rest of the shop getting what was needed.Towards the end of the supermarket I asked Mike to pick up my pop while I got some milk. There was one of the large carts they use to transport the milk in the aisle and I had to go behind it to get the milk. I was just leaning over to get the milk when I felt a thump on my right hip and I started to topple . “Murder” I cried and two heads came round  the end of the cart. One was a member of staff who’d been using an industrial floor cleaner  and had gone into the front of the cart with a real wallop which had then sent it into me. He grabbed my arm to pull me upright as I tried to get my crutches into a position to support me, The second face was Mike who was trying to get the crutches back on the ground since he felt there was more support that waving over my shoulders like a paralytic spider. The accident prone polisher who tried to polish me off was very apologetic and offered to get me a chair so I could sit a while. I said I was OK.

Mike and I moved off though I was moving quite gingerly since the floor was wet and slippy where the machine had been. I have to admit my hip hurt and I said to Mike that I should maybe faint now and then sue the store. He suggested I might get my shopping for free at least. I suggested he run back and pick up a 55″ screen TV first.  When we finished in the supermarket we headed to Th Range again for bacon baps for breakfast. Don’t blame me it’s all his fault. I’ve bought great salad stuffs this morning again. There’s another good shop close by where I managed to get a few things I wanted  before we got in the car again and headed for Flint.                                             When we parked up we stopped to have a cigarette and walked to a shop I needed before we went fore coffee, His mouth opened in a big drool when he saw it was Sian on today. He almost behaved himself when he saw her son was working with her, but not quite. Coffee was nice but it was time to move on again. Next door as it happened. Mike found a nice picture frame he wanted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Finally it was back in the car again for a ride up to Holywell where I managed to get just what I wanted to complete my gift for Amelie’s room. After that I left Mike the choice of where we lunched. He decided on The Dragon’s Rest just off the A55 at the Holywell exit.

After lunch it was time to come home. We made it for 2.00 pm. We unpacked and put away the shopping then I came to work. I stayed until almost 6.00 pm then leaving just a small amount in my inbox I headed for the lounge and some relaxation. To make life fun, despite being hit inthe left hip, my problem all evening has been my chest , the left side of which has been very painful, almost like it felt when I had pneumonia. But I’m still breathing much to his disgust.  We were watching a programme that didn’t finish until 9.30 pm so I was later coming through than usual. total mail at that point 63 so it took me until 11.05 pm to finish and that was while I was being ruthless ( It’s true, I haven’t had a Ruth for ages) having to ignore some posts that have been reposted a lot or if people have sent multiple messages. I shall post at midnight come what may and then I’m in bed toot sweet!!

Am I next on the menu?

Am I next on the menu?

I'm amazed, dumbfounded , shocked!

I’m amazed, dumbfounded , shocked!



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81 responses to “Jo’s Party & Attempted Murder

  1. Dearest David, I go here early, for once!!! Yahoo, no, this doesn’t mean I’m caught up, but, I’m trying. 🙂
    Sounds like you had a lovely week and a lot of fun. You party animal!
    Roobs and Amelie are looking well and happy (the adorable part goes without saying)! And Joey is a fine feathered fiend, er, I mean friend, of course.
    Sounds like you’re doing a better job than me at cleaning out your inbox – tips please!!!
    And you gave me Falco – I adored him as a teen, even learned German (well sort of) just to understand his albums. Still one of my fav songs.
    Thank you for letting us spend time with you, hope this upcoming week treats you kindly (and the Sandman visits you more).
    Massive no thanks to the government hugs xoxo

    • First in the queue Dear Donna.I was sure you’d caught up.
      I had a good week once I’d sobered up of course. I let myself go at parties though most people think I’ve just let myself go. It was lovely being with all the family and just watching Amelie’s reactions. Of course I hadn’t forgotten my fine feathered fiend but he just refuses to wear a collar and lead.
      I’, so glad I was able to find one of your favourite records to play.. I’d have done it sooner had I known.
      Thanks so much for taking time out to visit and starting my day so well. The Sandman was very kind last night too.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • lol Oh David, I’m so glad the Sandman, hope he continues to be so. Massive bacony hugs – love the video Teagan found of me, umm, you, those of us who love bacon (too much, is that possible?). 😉

      • I love the ideas of bacony hugs, perhaps the smell lingers all day then. Teagan’s video was good but I think you should go and get some treatment for even suggesting we can love bacon too much. I think the suggestion is even a criminal offence (somewhere).
        Adore you Sweetie xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  2. Ummm bacon…. I’m sorry did you say anything after bacon? Oops — I was having a Homer Simpson moment.

    Dear David, every week we share with you is a delight. So thank you for making us part of this one. And the soundtrack was perfect. Rock Me Amadeus, the Dixie Cups — so much fun. Looking forward to next week. Mega hugs! ❤ 😀

    • Dear Teagan, how on Earth did you get that video of me? If you get too close when I’m thinking of bacon, you could swim away.
      I’m so grateful that my friends come and visit me and sit awhile, of course I’m grateful too for the music that brings you. I hoped alternating between 60’s and 80’s would have done the trick and it seems to have done.
      I’m looking forward to choosing new tracks next week to try and lure you all back again.
      Have a Wonderful week.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  3. It’s true, David, “You Can’t Hurry Love,” and you can’t hurry the wait staff at a restaurant, either. 😉 But you were with people you love and babies who always remind us of what real adventures are, so it sounds like a terrific party. As always, Reuben and Amelie stole the photo show.
    Have a wonderful week, dear David. ❤

    • Hi Marylin, you’re so right. Restaurant staff just can’t be hurried. At least it shows meals are generally dealt with fresh rather than all pre-plated for speed.
      Yes, I was with the people I love, especially all the babies. My niece Jess, sitting next to me has just 5 weeks until the birth of her second little one.
      The party was fantastic and the four youngsters did steal the show but no-one minded, it didn’t detract from the birthday girl. Another party on 22nd of May for four people, I wonder if the new baby will be he focus then.
      Have a fantastic week,
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  4. The word “murder” is intriguing in this context, I must say David, but not out of place at all. Slips on the shop floor are the stuff that make one scream “blue murder” and really want to whack the person across something who forgot to wipe off the excess “fluid” off the floor. Had a similar experience some years back and it was frightening actually to think how easy it is to get into serious trouble like this, Glad though you were OK, I was too, but I tell you my eyes are three times their normal size these days when I look at the shop floor etc. Was Amelie trying to signal your beard needs a trim? Hehehehe – she’s lovely.

    • Another 2 inches and I’d have been pinned against the cages of milk which are all solid and I’d have done a very inelegant slip to the floor as the cage that hit me was removed. A little harder and they’d have been taking me away with a broken hip. Still, I could go on about the If Only’s that might have happened. It hurt but I got away lightly.
      You’e quite right about how easy it is to get into trouble in a store, I’m sorry you had a similar incident and hope you were as lucky as me. No warning signs about a wet surface as he came from a side aisle and hadn’t cleaned here yet.
      Yes, I shall have to be much more observant in future.
      Amelie was probably letting me know my beard tickles and needs to be chopped. She is a little gem.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  5. Ugh. Seems that colds and flu are rampant on both sides of the equator. I assume you already have an appointment to see your doctor about the chest…hmmm?

  6. Oh dear, sounds like you didn’t have much luck with your food this week. First there was the long wait at the birthday party, and then the missing onions. At least when the birthday party mean came, it was pretty good. 🙂

    • The wait was annoying Bun but the food was good. The Bells is the only place that does the onions and only during the Winter months usually so it’s always a treat to get them. Still, more of a treat next time eh?
      I hope you’re heading into a great new week.

  7. Now the moustache trim, blood doning I know all about. I think my first was at 18 – remembrr how cool sideburns were in the late 60s/early 70s and I tried to trim mine and nipped my earlobe. Stuck pigs heal quicker that earlobes. So my you scab quickly which I think was a minor hit for Arthur and the Pickets. Great hot hits btw, David.

    • Ah yes, the nicked earlobe and he red collar on the shirt. I remember it well Geoff. The lip didn’t bleed straight away but waited until I’d turned away from the mirror. When I turned back again the blood was in my beard. Had I smiled at that point Hammer Horror would have been casting me in a Christopher Lee role.
      I seem to remember the Arthur and the Pickets hit but thought it was May you scab quickly on the bedpost overnight, but my memory has proved faulty before hence youtube doing most of my work.
      Have a Great Week Geoff

  8. Great pics! Looking forward to more

  9. I enjoy your family pictures David, it shows a very loving and caring family, a family that is united and enjoy each others company, there is a lot of love in those pictures and more so from the Grand father.

    • Thanks a lot Ian. Yes, we are a close knit bunch even though we don’t see each other often. It’s always a delight to be with them.You’re right there is a lot of love in the pictures, they love money so I pay them to pose.ha ha.

  10. It sounds and looks like you had a great week with family. What was that birthday cake–a bed? So many wonderful photos, but I loved the one of you and Reuben doing the face off. 🙂 “You Can’t Hurry Love” always makes me want to dance, which I’ll do later because right now I have a cat on my lap. (Loved seeing your Oscar, too.)
    Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

  11. That’s an awesome birthday cake! 🍰

  12. Hmm…If chats with Bev on diabetes lead to you skip the liver and go for only starch at lunch, I fear they may be counter-productive! 😉 Wishing you a healthy, sleep-filled, my friend – and get that chest pain checked out!!! (Okay, end of lecture…) Wonderful week, dear David! Big bises xo

    • Don’t all the wonderful bits of green stuff and the meat lend something to the sandwich Mel, I thought salad would be good. I wouldn’t have had to go to sandwiches if Bev hadn’t kept me talking so long.
      The pain seems to have settled again today thanks so no need to bother anyone, least of all the doctor.
      Have a fantastic week Dear Mel,
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  13. We’re in the thick of birthday season here too. The first was three weeks ago, second one was last night, third is on Thursday. Between the first and second parties, half the family has gone vegan so yesterday was the first family bash with no egg or milk or butter cake, and no anchovy or mozzarella pizza. I’m already longing for the good old days. Being a veggie is like rolling off a log in comparison. I love the pic of Amelie waving in terror at the camera as if she wants to be rescued. Were you wearing your Jaws costume again?

    • I have 5 this month with the important two being 22nd and 23rd so a family meal in another place on 22nd. no really awkward diets to contend with just two veggies.Yours sounds so complicated.
      No, I was in my Welsh costume and she lives in England.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Jane xxx

  14. Another fine week with family and those adorable little ones! Canadians love bacon so much we even have our own, but gotta say hubby & I love our liver ‘n onions every bit as much… Hugs and a happy week ahead to you David! 🙂 ♥ ❤

    • Yes, it was a good week thanks. I hear from Mike that Canadian Bacon is nice and I believe him. I’ll probably have the liver ‘n’ onions tomorrow now.
      Have a Fantastic week,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Jackie xxx

      • Hope you enjoyed your liver ‘n onions! It’s such an interesting food, isn’t it? People seem to either love or (think they) hate it—no inbetween! And realizing you have it in common is like an instant form of friendship… LoL 😉 As for the bacon (Canadian or regular) my fave is with french toast and maple syrup!
        Hope your week is going well for you, David… Huge Hugs! 😀 ♥ ❤

      • I didn’t actually get to the liver but it’s a hot choice for today. I know a lot of people hate it but hey, all the more for me then. I think I’d prefer to have it with fried bread lightly dusted with salt and I can’t honestly see me trying it with maple syrup unless I get to visit Canada someday to try it there.
        The week so far is great, I hope yours is the same.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Oh? Your local grocery stores don’t carry maple syrup?!? That’s a shame :-/ Maple syrup-sweet hugs, to you David! 🙂 ♥ ❤

  15. Gee, what a lot went on, David, this week. The birthday cake in the first photos was stunning. Someone put a lot of work into that. Your story of being knocked over by the trolley reminded me of doing the grocery shopping with the boys this week. Sam bumped right into an old man’s trolley, too, and we were lucky he wasn’t knocked down. Sorry to hear you got hit! Hope the hip feels better soon 🙂 xx

    • You know Yvette, I think I lead the most boring life, but you’re right, a lot does happen. I was hoping to find a better shot of the cake but there were too many gannets there that day I think, It was a very clever caricature of my niece on her bed with her cats.
      I’m glad Sam didn’t knock the old man down, tell him I said our elderly are precious, I know ‘cos I am one. The hip isn’t hurting now and it’s too late to sue the store for millions as I didn’t take to my bed straight away. Anyway, they wouldn’t let me shop there again if I did.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  16. Thanks for this fun post. Glad you had a good week and thanks for my 80ies fix, and the cute pictures. Have a fantastic week!
    Huge Hugs!

    • Thanks for dropping in Christoph. I’m so glad you’re still enjoying the 80’s music I’m putting up but you never know, I might get you into the 60’d as well yet.
      Have a wonderful week. Congratulations of the successful Book Fair.

  17. I hope your hip is ok now David. That sounded a nasty bump! You have chosen some great music again, I love the Chapel of Love and Rock me Amadeus in particular.
    The children as always, look adorable,
    I hope that you have a great week.

    Huge hugs xxxxxx

    • Hospital wouldn’t let me have a third crutch to help with the hip ‘sigh’ so I’m grinning and bearing it. Which is better than baring it and scaring the horses. I’m fine thanks love. I’m so glad you enjoyed the music again, I was alternating between the 60’s and 80’s last week.
      The children are great though Roobs was in tantrum mode tody and went full volume to try and get him Mum to give in over a toy…he’d already chosen a toy earlier on and decided that could go back. Earplugs for me next week.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  18. I have a week off work so am taking advantage and am determined to get into a proper routine, your post this week did however remind me I have not yet introduced the newest member to our family here, Mollie Mog, a cat we have taken in and are working on building trust with, well okay she trusts me just not the monster or the demented spaniel, I will do an introduction to her story in this weeks vlog.

    Huge hugs as always and keep warm it is a horrible time of year for colds with the weather proving so indecisive xxxxx

    • I hope the weather’s going to treat you kindly. Have you got plans?
      No, we haven’t heard mention of Mollie Mog, a rescue cat? I’ll watch for the introduction.
      It is a very changeable time of year so I’ll keep my coat buttoned. Now I’ve seen the family this morning I’ve no plans for the rest of the week.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs to you xxx

  19. Those Squirrels look determined to get their fair share. I would equally be devastated if I buy a gift for someone and it ends up smashed on arrival :/ I hope they refund? I enjoy your recounts, you make ordinary things sound so interesting even reading the mails 🙂

    • The squirrels can be cheeky there, helping themselves without being offered. I couldn’t go for a refund on the head a second time as I’d already left feedback and had the thing 2 weeks. If it can be glued and looks OK, then fine. If not I’ll try another source and check fully before leaving feedback.
      Thank you, that’s a huge compliment and very appreciated. I thought everyone would be bored and left by now. The books were better honestly.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  20. Wonderful birthday pics and it sounds like fun despite the wait. Hope you’re feeling better – take care with all the recent bumps and flu going around. Wonderful music and photos as always. Your grandchildren always brighten my morning 😀 Huge Hugs!

    • It was fun thanks. I like the family affairs, I can cope. I’m feeling chipper thanks, no lasting effects from the bump and no sign of the flu either. I hope you’re steering clear too.
      Glad you enjoyed the pics and the music. I enjoy putting them up.
      Ha, they can brighten my mornings too.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  21. More like the terribly cute twosome!

  22. Your little ones are so adorable.

  23. Great post! That title though had me laughing, I thought it was going to be a work of fiction until I saw the family photos 🙂

    • The title is supposed to pull you in to read the blog but just because you see photographs doesn’t mean it can’t be a work of fiction. Perhaps you haven’t met Somnos and the other small gods yet.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Haha very true!!! I have no idea who somnos is ☺️

      • Somnos is unfortunately the small god of sleep. He took rather an interest in me being a writer as I’d be able (he hoped) to run his advertising campaigns to get him more followers. More followers = more growth so he becomes a big god. It seems I wasn’#t as helpful or successful as he thought and so I get anything for 1 to 3 hours sleep a night now.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  24. Glad the cold is gone, and probably sad that the rhubarb pie is, too. Ah, pie. I like to visit the farmer’s market, buy up fresh fruit and make crisps. Yum. You’ve certainly had a busy time of it. Grandkids as cute as usual. 4 months! Wow!! Time is marked by kids growing. Massive hugs to you!

  25. Hmmm, buying fruit and making crisps is a good idea Brenda
    It always feels like the week’s been boring to me. Thank you, the kids are pretty cute but you’re right, 4 months wow, time is marked by how they’re growing. Roobs is getting on for 3 now.
    Have wonderful weekend
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  26. As always your subtle sense of humor always makes my day (and my days were flu-full lately, thus my apologies for being late to your party here). How I love your investigations of the inner eyelid. I wish your investigations could last longer though! Enjoyed being with you for your days, David. Keep them healthy, please, with no slip-ups! Oh, and wonderful photos and music, of course.

    • Thanks so much Pamela for the marvelous ego boost. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been flu-ful and hope you’re fully over it now.
      It’s always nice to have you drop in, no matter when so no apologies are necessary. The investigations never seem to come to much but I try to be thorough.
      It’s nice you enjoyed the visit and both the pictures and the music which I always hope will strike a chord.
      Almost the weekend, I hope you have a great time. We’ve been promised great weather.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  27. I am jealous of those darling babies. Do you get to see them often?

  28. Darling pictures of the children. I especially loved the one where Amelie looks as though she’s talking to you. Just darling. I love the way your family just passes the babies around when they’re together. Just great. I’m so sorry you’re having a chest problem again. For goodness sake take care of yourself. Great music. The piece “Eternal Flame” is just beautiful. Have a great week ahead. Gigantic Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks a million Suzanne. Amelie’s expressions are great for me to interpret. The family always pass the babies round as no-one actually wants them. They go with speed when nappies are full.
      I’m as right as rain thanks, no more worrying.
      Yes, The Bangles made a great song there, I like a few of theirs.
      Have a wonderful weekend,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  29. I am very late to the party my dear David but right after I finished my courses I looked for your post so I could read it. Really enjoyed as always and OHHHH Falco, thank you for that LOVE him and Rock me Amadeus is such a fun song. You are such a busy man and as always love seeing those beautiful grand kids and hearing about your exploits. Well, I will see you tomorrow for more. Massive hugs my friend.

    • You’re not late for the party Dear Suzanne, it couldn’t start till you got here. I hope all the courses went well and you’re re-registered again.
      I’m so glad you found some music to enjoy. Falco seems to be a popular choice this time.
      Maybe I have been busy though it never feels that way.. I have to bring you the pictures of the kids though as that’s the only reason most people come. I’m thinking of taking a break and trying to adjust my sleep pattern though, after tonight’s blog. But I will be here tonight to post for the week.
      Have a glorious weekend
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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