I received the following email this morning from an organisation I’ve always had the greatest regard for.
Dear friends,

More Brits than ever are on the voting rolls for today’s once-in-a-generation decision. But what will determine whether love triumphs over hate and if we stay in Europe, is how many people actually vote before the polls close at 10PM tonight.

Here are four quick tips:
Plan when you’ll vote. A surprising number of people miss out because they haven’t pinned down the best moment. Make a plan — how will voting fit into your day?
Check where to vote. Your polling station address is on your polling card, or you can find it here. You don’t need your card to vote, but in Northern Ireland you must bring ID (details).
Help others vote. The Stronger In Campaign has events all across the country until 10pm – join one and make sure as many Remain supporters vote as possible.
Share that you’ve voted. Sharing this image on Facebook, or a smiling selfie of you outside the polling station, encourages friends to follow your example and vote themselves.
Opinion polls have been jumping around and this is going to be very, very tight. So let’s get our crosses in the ballot boxes as early as possible. Then do all we can to keep us in Europe, and engaged with the world, by making today the biggest vote our country has ever seen!

Let’s choose love, and vote remain,

Alex, Oli, Andrew, David, Fatima, Alice, Emma and the whole Avaaz team

I have to admit to feeling quite offended that should I choose to vote to exit the EU it’s because I support Hate not Love and because I have no wish to engage with the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I have already voted and my vote was to leave the EU. That’s not to say I don’t like Europeans. You can hardly claim a Frenchman who doesn’t like the EU doesn’t like Europeans can you, and yet there are certainly plenty of them who don’t like it. The intimation is that I don’t like immigrants and /or am prejudiced against them.          That’s patently untrue. The UK has always had immigrants and benefits greatly from them but I feel that we should be allowed a choice in the immigrants we accept. This has nothing to do with refugees who have been welcomed here. I did see a television programme this week though where a couple with one child were given a two bedroom flat. They were very unhappy that they weren’t given something approaching the 6 bedroom palace they left behind with their servants in their own country. I’m not denying their right or their need to live here, just perhaps their ingratitude.

Where my problem is with immigration and the EU open door policy is that we cannot choose who is able to come. So,if Turkey is admitted to the EU freedom of movement could mean we get huge numbers here who are here for the benefits and since they admit it on camera it is a real threat. There are many criminal gangs who would be here like a shot. The UK benefits system cannot cope with the stress it’s already under due to an ageing population and the number of calls it has on benefits from existing immigrants. The health service is also under tremendous strain because unlike other countries we don’t charge those from outside our country for treatment.

The EU itself annoys me with it’s petty rules and regulations which we’ve all heard about like the straight bananas. Over and above that though I dislike the huge waste of money every month when the Parliament makes a monthly move, lock, stock and barrel. That’s 2 entire trains and many removal vans for files, from one country to another for a few days. I believe the cost of that is two million pounds. Whatever we pay the EU each week we are given a rebate, I accept this, but we still get less than 50% of the rest back. I believe it could better be spent in this country on education and healthcare. We can still trade with the EU and whatever the warnings of impending doom, German car manufacturers are not going to want to lose this lucrative market. But, we can trade with the broader world as well and perhaps make better deals than we currently get. We will also be able to help our fishing industry which has suffered thanks to EU regulations.

Greece has suffered under the austerity measures imposed by the EU.It’s the people that are made to suffer, not the Government that brought the problems about. Portugal and Ireland almost suffered a similar outcome. As we’re not part of the Eurozone I see no reason why we should be responsible for bailing these countries out. Not because I don’t care about the people, but because I think the situation has been mismanaged by the EU.

I do love people. I care greatly for them but that doesn’t mean I can’t hold opinions about the EU and love my Country too. Not all Brexiteers are right wing neo nazis as some would like to portray them. Can’t we just accept we have a differing opinion and remain friends?




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  1. Well said David. I hope the result doesn’t divide the country. It’s always so hard to make these choices and have everyone remain dignified and respectful of each other.

    • Thanks so much Ardys. At the end of the day we have to live together and work together for the benefit of the UK. I accept that should I be on the losing side, those that voted to stay did so for what they think are good reasons a I voted the way I did. Remaining friends regardless of the outcome should be a priority.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Someone said on TV the other night that what seemed to characterise this debate, more than many others in recent years was that each side characterised anyone with the other view as morons. I stopped listening to rhetoric a while ago. I’m strongly for in but I’ll still come here and say hi and offer my hugs in return.

    • I very much appreciate that Geoff. I don’t feel like a moron nor see the opposition as such though some of the politicians on both sides might qualify.My Hugs will still be on offer to both sides of the fence.

      • Yes sad reflection on the debate has been its lack of intelligence. Hope you are well Dave. I’ve missed your weekly rambles, though that might be WordPress denying me access or something!

  3. That surprised me, I thought you would be an in person. I read somewhere that Wales and Scotland are meant to be largely in supporters, but I know one Welshman who voted out at 7am. I haven’t voted yet. But I will.
    Many, well most people we know, are voting out. They would like jobs. In Gib we have the odd set-up with thousands coming across the frontier every day while locals are out of work. Not. Good. Similar stories of people struggling in the UK. I too dislike being branded as a racist and a hater. As far as I can see people down south with sufficient money, who like going to Europe are voting in. Those with no work, or on ever reducing pay for more hours will vote out. Britain does NOT have sufficient say within the EU. So why stay?

  4. “Can’t we just accept we have a differing opinion and remain friends?” summed up the climate we are living in today and it’s bothersome. It used to be only a few topics like religion, politics, money, etc. would raise emotions to the level of people disrespecting one another however today we not only disagree we have to win, our point has to be the right one. Having a robust discussion is one thing and something we can all enjoy from time to time as it gives us the opportunity to hear other’s views but when we go so far as to say a person is wrong because they don’t agree, I think we’ve gone too far. What you’ve said here was put forth eloquently and with a great deal of thought. People are going to disagree and that’s fine but all of us are entitled to our opinion and last I checked opinions are not facts but we rather destroy relationships in the name of being right than respecting a differing viewpoint.

    • I value differing views as they may well bring up something I hasn’t considered and bring about a change of mind. I don’t consider my view to be the only one worth listening too but I hope that others won’t mind me having one.
      It’s a real shame when someone feels theirs is the only valid pointy of view and tries to bully or browbeat someone else. We need to accept that every subject under the sun has a variety of opinions and some are worth listening to.
      xxx Huge Hugs Stephanae xxx

      • I agree with you David and I’ve had a change of mind when someone has brought up a valid point I hadn’t considered. If everyone on the planet were closed-minded we’d achieve nothing. Hugs back at ya!! ❤

  5. First of all, I am SO overjoyed to see a post from you! I hope you are well, even if annoyed. 🙂

    Second, yes, we should all get along. The political situation here in the US is extremely polarized, and one particular candidate loves to provoke hatred.

    Since I’m not in Great Britain or the EU, my opinion on this matter is not important. I think I would probably lean in, but perhaps if I lived there, I’d feel differently.

    A giant hug to you!

    • Hello Merril. so nice to see you here. I’m not as well as I’d like to be but I must be getting there to let something annoy me.
      I see the political situation there and in the UK the concensus of opinion is that a certain candidate is as thick as the bricks he wants to build a wall with. Unfortunately he’d be locking the hatred in with you all.
      Your opinion on the situation here counts as much as anyone else’s, just not your vote. You must have reasons for wanting to stay with the ‘In’ crowd and that doesn’t make me like you less.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • I’m not informed enough to really make a decision–just some stuff I yesterday on public radio. I’m glad you’re feeling well enough to be annoyed. 🙂

  6. You can change the EU only from the inside and not from the outside. Therefore I think it wouldn’t be good if the UK would leave. But at least you were asked if you want to be in it or not. I was never asked !

    • I don’t think we’ve had a lot of luck making changes from the inside so far. There seems to be a ruling group that makes all the decisions (IMHO) that consists of just two countries.
      We weren’t asked whether we wanted to be in it or not, after years of being refused admission by De Gaulle we were finally accepted to join the common market. The British people never had a choice about the EU as it became. We were to be nothing more than a trading partner initially.
      It may be you’re right and the UK leaving would be a bad thing but it may be that the Government can manipulate it so that it doesn’t happen or the ‘Remain’ vote may win. I’d have to accept the latter. But I don’t hate anyone for having a different opinion or for being either a refugee or an immigrant.

      • The is now a group of 28. And there can’t be (and shouldn’t be!) one deciding. There is this deciding group they are called neo-liberals. The current EU president is the same crap as the strong ones (Merkel the lying b…), and who other?). The majority are from Goldman-Sachs. But by leaving the UK will change nothing. But if they decide they want to than so be it. Would be sad to see. But that’s democracy, or sort of

  7. I wish their had been a third option which allowed for stay in but with with stipulations regarding immigration, EU laws interfering with our own sentencing and the situation with the NHS, which I am not going to get into but at the minute we are fighting to keep our hospital and A&E department from being destroyed and a PFI financed urgent care unit built in its place at ten times the cost I don’t think there is a simple yes or no answer but have been very saddened to see how much it has caused fall outs on FB because so many are intolerant of others views.

    By the way lovely to see you back was on the verge of FB stalking Yvonne to check up on you or sending snail mail when your like popped up the other day

    Hugest of hugs xxxxxx

    • I think it would have been a very long list of exceptions to make me change my mind. No more fracking, no TPP (which apparently Europe favours), Mega funding for our NHS and plans to create a European one since people there obviously need one, a close watch on expenses for Euro MP’s….loads of things
      That’s one of the reasons I left Fbook years ago because of the intolerance and hate people have.
      An email from you would have been welcome at any time.Love to hear from you. Sorry I’m missing so much. Getting better.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

      • I did send an email at one point but figured it would have got lost in amongst the other post, you just take care of yourself and I shall pen you a letter this weekend to fill you in on my news and the latest monster updates 😀

  8. I hate all the manipulation involved in politics of any sort. Good luck, David. And mega hugs!

  9. Politics can be such an ugly business, David, which is sad on many levels. I wish we could take the word, ‘hate’ out of every debate and just use rational elements.
    I’m so glad to see you back, dear friend, and how could someone who spreads so much love ever be accused of hating anyone?
    Hope this week is treating you kindly, David. Hope you are doing well, thinking of you and sending positive thoughts across the pond. 🙂
    Massive let’s spread happy ideas and ignore the hate hugs xox

    • Politics is a game of manipulation of people and of the truth Donna. So easy just to be honest. But as Paula says above, Facebook has to be the worst for people not having any tolerance for differing views. So much bile spouted there.
      Life is treating me well thank you beautiful lady. I must be on the mend when I can get annoyed but I hate people saying I Hate just because my views are different.
      xxx Sending you Ultra Massive Hugs xxx

  10. Hello David and so nice to see you, it’s funny just yesterday I was reading about Brexit and wondering what it’s all about. There is so much hate and division in the world it’s alarming and makes me sad. I thought what if such a poll were to take place here in the US I would probably be with you and exit. but then where would I go? An island maybe who knows. Your post was thought provoking and beautifully written. Hope you are well and miss you, mega hugs my friend.

    • I don’t fully understand this vote, and the news feed here in the US doesn’t really explain it well. If Britain votes to leave the EU will that happen? Is this just to get a consensus of where British citizens stand on this? Very interesting really and I am trying to follow it but hearing from you who is lives in an EU country makes it more compelling.

      • A referendum can be over-ruled by Parliament as Parliament is sovereign. Similarly, a subsequent government can change any referendum decicision.

      • Thank you in other words Parliament can veto or override the vote.

      • Just ignore it basically. It would be controversial to do so but a referendum does not legally trump Parliament. In the UK ones since 1973 when they started, the result has been followed. However a new one can always be announced to reduscuss it. On Europe, if Out happened, European leaders are saying no second chances. Given that Britain is a net deficit contributor and the trade balance of payments with Europe is negative too (ie UK imports more from Europe than it exports) I doubt that very much. It’s complex! And yet, it’s not.
        Loss of sovreignty, no power within the EU, net loss leader, ever more people moving to a tiny country willing to work for nothing because it’s better than their home life, and generous handouts from the UK govt. It can’t last. But, we’ll see …

      • We have to hope that if the vote is to go that Parliament honours it and sets the ball in motion. They tell us it will take fully two years before we will have left and we’ll have to continue to pay all that time.The danger is that at some point during that period they can claim to have received significant concessions that it’s in our interest to stay. I have to hope that the current Government are honest enough not to do that, and that they don’t get voted out before the time to depart is up.
        If we’re out we can start to form trade agreements with anyone and can be selective with the immigrants coming in though nothing will stop us taking genuine refugees.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Totally agree with you David and hope for the best for Britain😃😃❤️❤️💕💕

    • If there were an Island filled with such wonderful people as you Suzanne I’d probably move there and leave the UK to it’s fate under the politicians it deserves.
      Thank you for the compliment, so very kind as always.
      I miss you too, very much. I’m getting better thanks.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  11. My friend it is so goof to hear from you.

    Thank you for this post. I wanted to hear opinions on this from non political sources. I too believe we should help others, but when it puts our own stability at risk, it makes absolutely no sense.

    For a nation to help others, it must be strong. The United States is currently 19 billion dollars in debt, and with swelling welfare rolls as well as the growth in other social programs, we are on a path to bankruptcy. When that happens, who will we be able to help? Current statistics reflect 51% of the people residing in the United States are currently receiving some type of government benefit. And with the influx of immigrants its only promising to grow.

    Good for you for not being afriad to think for yourself and your willingness to express your own opinion. Governments don’t always know what is best for us. My country is proof of that.

    Be well. You have been missed. Hugs

    • You are so kind, I thank you very much.
      Governments have a tendency to do what is best for themselves and many of them are often involved with trade in one way or another. I always find it sad that so many of our politicians are wealthy enough to be able to virtually ‘buy’ their office because they can afford to run. If the running costs were limited to a small amount and paid for from Government coffers more able, honest and less wealthy might be able to run giving us an honest Government with no outside interests.
      I had to vote my conscience whatever happens as I have to accept the result no matter what. But even if I lose, the Government will have had a wake up call from the people about how they feel.

      Thank you fr missing me. I hope to be back someday.

  12. Thank you for being the voice of reason. I really am growing to despise media campaigns that rely on plying someone with guilt because it’s easier for their writers to do that than research and debating actual fact.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Sir. Our news is saying you’re raining cats, dogs, and potentially larger animals, and dodging lightning strikes, so please be safe! The electrical hair on end look went out in the seventies 🙂

    • I don’t know why people are getting so heated about it. Politicians are bound to lie to get things to go in their own way but we all have the opportunity to do some research to help make up our minds. It’s certainly not an issue to go round making enemies about, after all we all still live on the same island tomorrow.
      I believe the South East of England is suffering the rain and storms but the West Coast and Wales where I live seem to be OK so far. Thanks for the kind thoughts though.If it arrives tomorrow I shall look out for falling livestock.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. A complicated situation. I knew little about the ins and outs. Thank you for clearing up some of my questions. 🙂

    • It can probably be summed up quite simply Tess.
      Some people like the EU and want to stay .
      Some people dislike the EU but are afraid to leave so will vote to remain.
      Some people dislike the EU and will vote to leave and regain Sovereignty.
      The Government, most of whom want to stay and will look for jobs within the European Parliament at some stage, may allow an honest vote or may fudge the results. Should they allow an honest result and Exit wins then we may have an election before too long and the new Government can overrule the result for our own good.
      I think that covers politics inmost countries where officials decide they know better what’s good for us than we do.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  14. So nice to open this David and read your words – I have spent hours today with BBC TV on – the Brexit success will sadden some but make others happy – that is democracy and may it flourish on.

  15. The last news I got was that the vote for leaving had won. I just hope it won’t lead to more violence. Congratulations on the outcome you wanted prevailing. I hope all the naysayers were wrong. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • We tend not to be a violent Nation so I hope most people will just accept the outcome whether they agree or not. We now just have to work towards making it the best exit deal we can. There are always a few fools though on whichever side had won.
      Thank you, I’m glad we won though I would have accepted losing, I hope the naysayers were wrong too.Shame the PM decided he had to stand down, some of the Brexit politicians would be bad choices.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  16. It’s not my place to say in or out, but I will jump in feet first and say that one good thing to come out of it might be a united Ireland. We can dream, can’t we?

    • That’s something I’d like to see very much. I don’t think most people on either side are particularly rabid about the others religion until certain groups get going who don’t want to let go of their hate. They say time heals all wounds and perhaps enough time has passed now to take a dew steps down that road.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • It’s never really been about religion, as the change in the economic climate has shown. All anybody wants is a job and a decent standard of living.

      • Amen to that Jane.I’d like to see it across the board. Home grown call centres, shipbuilding in earnest again and export of home produced items that we don’t end up buying cheaper abroad and having shipped to us to put together.

        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx.

  17. Oh, David, I was uneasily holding my breath as I read what had been sent to you. When I read your response in this post, I wanted so much to be close enough to rush over and give you a hug. Our news had been playing all day Obama’s “lecture” about what you must do, for which I was embarrassed and angry, but I’ve felt that way about many things our politicians say and do. Bravo, David. Tough times are ahead for all of us, but we were facing tough times regardless of your vote and our elections.
    Massive hugs to you!

    • Thanks so much Marylin, a hug from you would always be welcome. I haven’t seen Obama’s lecture this time but I heard him recently say it would be wrong to do it. I suppose he’s entitled to his opinion, after all over here we make enough comments about whether Trump should be elected though it’s not our business really.
      Not to say what politicians say and do doesn’t annoy me, it does, but it’s usually our own.
      We are all facing tough times but some of us feel at least they will be of our own choice. I hope your tough times disappear in the wind as I think you’ve had a very rough few years there. I’d like to see full work and a good economy.
      xxx Sending you Gigantic Hugs xxx

  18. Nice to be neatly the needed based off n a vote.

  19. I’m sorry that you are under the weather and hope for an improvement.
    If I could have voted it would have been to leave the EU which has become a far different beast to the free trade area we signed up to all those years ago. Meddling in the Ukraine: instituting illegal bodies to ransack Geece in order to bail out German and French banks….
    Needless to say our pensions have suffered from the loss of value of the pound on the foreign exchanges, but I remember when our income fell when the U.K. dropped out of that other European disaster, the EMS – the money snake. We survived then we shall survive now.

    • Thanks for your kindness Helen. You’re quite right that the EU is a far different beast to the one we originally signed up for which was in those days the Common Market.
      I’m sorry the Brexit vote has done you a disservice with your pension. I think the Pound will bounce back when everyone sees it’s business as usual in the City and that the economy is still strong. I think the problem would have been much worse if we’d been in the Eurozone using the Euro but I’m glad that’s something we resisted.
      A strong Europe is a good thing but not when it’s dictated to by banks, while it wastes money moving to Strasburg once a month at great cost and while it can waste time legislating on silly things like the straightness of a banana. They must bring immigration under control, reduce the austerity measures in Greece and end the junkets and spiraling expenses of the Euro MP’s.
      I hope any threat on your income is soon over.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  20. I feel exactly as you do, David. I would have voted to exit as well. Here in the States, we have the same kind of interaction between liberal and conservative groups. We (the U.S.) have lost our identity. When we used to exercise quotas, we were able to have the best and brightest come to our shores, people who actually wanted to be Americans and who yearned to be assimilated into our culture. Today, we primarily attract those who either wish to take as much as they can from our way of life without actually adopting it. My grandmother, who came to America from Italy, loved America, and refused to allow her children to speak any Italian in the home. They were only permitted to speak English. She, herself, spoke English well, and and eventually learned to read and write it as well. It was a proud day when she attained her citizenship, and the entire family celebrated the event with her. Ironically (and fittingly) her birthday was the 4th of July! Thanks for sharing your feelings with us all. Best of luck to England as she moves forward. We’re with you!

    Major hugs,


    • Many thanks Joe, I sincerely hope that now the vote is taken that the UK can start to move forward. I think we’ve been in a bad position for a good few years and seem to have abided by all the regulations brought out by the EU and yet many just ignored them. We seem to have been throwing good money after bad to bail out Greece even though we’re not part of the Eurozone. Yet half Greece’s problems seem to have been created by the EU anyway and their treatment of the Greek peoples under austerity has been harsh.
      It’s not been hard over the years to notice the changes in America.From the jobs slipping away to the huge bonuses enjoyed by bankers half of whom should have been locked away. The politicians seem far too intent on scratching each other’s backs and falling over themselves for big business to care much about what’s happening to the ordinary people. I know people will claim that the Second Amendment gives them the right to bear arms (muskets in the 18th C,) but mush of the world was shocked to see politicians refusing to pass a bill to make it harder for the nutters to get the type of guns that no-one but the army really needs anyway. A real slap in the face for those who’ve lost friends and family in Florida and elsewhere.
      Thanks for your kind wishes Joe
      Keep well.

  21. Well done David on having the courage to speak your point of view. There is nothing wrong in thinking differently to others. Hugs.

    • Thanks so much Emma. It appears my decision was made based on Hate and Ignorance if you read many comments at the moment but I suspect I can ride those out if only those who lost the vote will pull together with the rest of us to what I hope will be the benefit of the Country.
      The nay-sayers full of doom and gloom predictions will only shoot themselves in the foot if they work to show how right they were instead of ensuring they were wrong as all those who caused the markets to panic and the pound to fall after Thursday are finding out. Britain hasn’t fallen yet and may astound others with our resiliance outside the EU.
      There may well be changes with Ireland and Scotland but they must go with their conscience and good luck to them. We must each do as we think best for our own Countries. Time to forgive and get on with it.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Well I’m second-generation migrant on my mother’s side and I was born and grew up in London where people around the world have always lived and been accepted long before the EU. I remember my grandmother told me how welcoming she found the English people after she emigrated from Germany after WW2. I don’t think the decision was simply out of hate and fear, and I’m appalled by the irresponsible British press for fanning those flames, and shocked by the comments on social media right now, particularly the ageism being shown to the generation who sacrificed most for our country and the countries in Europe. Appalling behaviour. So let’s hope politicians get their act together, people stop throwing toys out of prams, and we all go forward in a constructive direction rather than focusing on making so doom and gloom prophecies. Warm wishes to you 🙂

      • And to you Emma. That was beautifully said. I personally don’t have a hate bone in my body and dislike being told that was the reason for my vote.
        xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  22. This has had such repercussions around the world. I hope all my friends in the UK fare well.

    • It seems like life carries on as normal Damyanti. Share prices and the pound have recovered well despite all the initial panic. The World should just accept what happened now they can see out Brexit isn’t going to affect them as they feared.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  23. Hope everything is all right, David. Miss your daily stories.
    The only thing I don’t like about the Brexit is that Putin is too happy about it. I hope he won’t see it as an invitation to take over the Baltics, as he did in Ukraine. Otherwise, both sides of the coin clearly have their cons and pros.
    Have a good day, take care. Many hugs!!! xxxxxx

    • Hello Inese, thanks so much. Perhaps Mr Putin is happy that we won’t be interfering in Europe any more.Maybe he thinks we won’t co-operate in NATO anymore but he’ll be disappointed. I doubt the Baltics would be too pleased if he tried to get a grip there again so they’ll be glad to have NATO to call on.
      I know each side felt strongly about their vote but we have to accept the will of the majority or let anarchy rule. I think we’ll be fine. Maybe this really is the time to re-unite Ireland unless of course Eire decide to come out too.
      Have a wonderful weekend,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Absolutely agree with you that the will of majority has to be accepted and the other half have to move on. I don’t understand why some people get so worked up about the results. There is no distinctive majority which means that there won’t be much difference for an average citizen. Won’t get worse, anyway.
        I am sure that NATO will help if a conflict arises, but it is better if there is no need for that.
        I don’t know if Eire is ready to be re-united. Republic of Ireland is quite poor. Spiritually it would be delightful, but financially it might not work out. I don’t know.
        Many hugs!!! xxxx

  24. As a New-Englander whose roots are in the Isles (Wales and Ireland, as you know), I feel attached to the fate of these countries in a way that has increased with every year I age, and increasingly surprised me in due proportion.

    That said, it’s not so easy to sort where to suss out information on the Brexit thing. I don’t understand it, and was largely sold the “exiters-are-right-wingers” narrative at first, until more and more people started telling me that they were not RW-ers, but wanted to control their borders and their own economy better than they were able to do under EU restrictions.

    This is all above my paygrade, but the more I read people write about it –people who’re in the thick of it– the closer I get to the paygrade where I can make sense of this.

    Keep writing! Always enjoy it. –even if your musical tastes are stuck in the 80’s (which might not be such a bad thing, truth be told — coming from one who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s).

    • Though I can’t speak for those others who voted Brexit I can only say in my case…… I am not a Right Winger. I don’t dislike immigration but would like some control over the numbers and the quality of those who come. I’m happy to take genuine refugees though.
      Whatever one of the very loud R’Wingers will say about us being overrun I know for sure that the UK needs the diversity and skills that immigration brings.On the other hand, we have had an open door policy to other EU members who can come and take advantage of generous and instant benefits which are not reciprocated by those same EU countries to Brits going there. Nor should they be, people should be able to move for work so they contribute to the host countries, not just move towards sunshine and a free benefits package. Benefits should be reserved for those who have first contributed to local taxation.
      Our economy is best dealt with here because we generally manage it better than other EU countries. I personally don’t wish to make contributions towards the waste of money that goes towards the monthly move of the EU Government, an unelected body well known for employing family members on inflated incomes for little or no work.
      Our laws are best done here as we know what best applies to our own people. We can buy bent bananas if we wish, and prisoners should not be allowed to vote if the people don’t wish it.

      S’funny. I’ve oft been accused of keeping my musical tastes too much in the 60’s- when I grew into adulthood and not playing enough 80’s. I wondered why no-one asked about the lack of music from both the 70’s and 90’s. It must be because those two are less memorable and that lyric driven music urging others to love stands out, even if not enough act on it

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