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My thoughts this morning are with the people of France. The news of yet another terrorist attack on crowds celebrating in Nice is horrifying. So far confirmed 80+ dead including children.

Terrorists place no value on human life including their own. Their holy book tells them martyrs for the cause will go straight to heaven where good things await them in a Garden of Eden. That means death holds as much appeal as life. It also means they have a very twisted version of what the Q’ran tells them to do in their heads which is down to the fact that it’s up to an Imam to tells them what the book says and explain it’s meaning. Not all Imams agree on translations but those who twist the meanings to their own ends are still allowed to teach. There have been (and maybe still are) Imams who can’t even read, but who have memorised the verses. If they come from teachers who have translated the Q’ran to suit themselves then they carry that translation forward.

France and the civilised world will mourn the dead today yet the West must accept that it’s own actions have helped bring about these horrors. The US and the UK invaded Iraq despite UN refusals and having brought down Saddam Hussein have not had clear plans for what they would do to rebuild and bring stability to that Country. Instead it’s in turmoil with rival religious factions at war and deaths all the time. It’s a breeding ground for ISIS to recruit. We do not belong in that world and once there is a viable Government we should withdraw leaving enough machinery to ensure the country can be rebuilt properly. If we must interfere then we should be arming the Kurds who are winning battles against ISIS. What the Kurds will do with these weapons once the war is over is another question though. Since they have been massacred in the past by the rulers of the countries they occupy a part of, maybe there will still be a civil war.

We must look at how and why ISIS are getting recruits and find a way to counter that. If indeed it is our occupation of so many Arab countries that offends them, then maybe it’s time to stop thinking in terms of oil supplies and start thinking of looking to the welfare of our own countries, preserving the lives of our own soldiers. If our intervention is requested or invited by another country because of internal conflict maybe we can consider it, but not by invasion which will alienate the locals. We cannot keep assuming that all the world should live by the same standards, morals and rules that we do. Countries have their own ways, beliefs and cultures which must be respected except where that way consists of violence towards vocal opposition or the suppression of people. Saudi Arabia is an example of this. Their rate of beheading is terrible and their suppression of women abhorrent.

Maybe it’s time all out troops were brought home and used to cover our borders though I’m not sure that would help much as there are a number of people who hold dual Nationality who appear to be converts to the ISIS cause and it will be difficult to weed them out. It seems that the terrorist responsible for this vile deed in Nice was one such, holding a French and Tunisian Nationality.

To the people of France I say, Stay Strong, you have a history of bravery and tenacity. My heart goes out to those¬†who lost someone, don’t let the terrorists beat you. To the people of other countries who lost someone in this disaster like the couple from China I ask, please don’t allow these terrorists to stop you visiting and enjoying the West. We have a warm welcome for you.

Hugs around the World.


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