My thoughts this morning are with the people of France. The news of yet another terrorist attack on crowds celebrating in Nice is horrifying. So far confirmed 80+ dead including children.

Terrorists place no value on human life including their own. Their holy book tells them martyrs for the cause will go straight to heaven where good things await them in a Garden of Eden. That means death holds as much appeal as life. It also means they have a very twisted version of what the Q’ran tells them to do in their heads which is down to the fact that it’s up to an Imam to tells them what the book says and explain it’s meaning. Not all Imams agree on translations but those who twist the meanings to their own ends are still allowed to teach. There have been (and maybe still are) Imams who can’t even read, but who have memorised the verses. If they come from teachers who have translated the Q’ran to suit themselves then they carry that translation forward.

France and the civilised world will mourn the dead today yet the West must accept that it’s own actions have helped bring about these horrors. The US and the UK invaded Iraq despite UN refusals and having brought down Saddam Hussein have not had clear plans for what they would do to rebuild and bring stability to that Country. Instead it’s in turmoil with rival religious factions at war and deaths all the time. It’s a breeding ground for ISIS to recruit. We do not belong in that world and once there is a viable Government we should withdraw leaving enough machinery to ensure the country can be rebuilt properly. If we must interfere then we should be arming the Kurds who are winning battles against ISIS. What the Kurds will do with these weapons once the war is over is another question though. Since they have been massacred in the past by the rulers of the countries they occupy a part of, maybe there will still be a civil war.

We must look at how and why ISIS are getting recruits and find a way to counter that. If indeed it is our occupation of so many Arab countries that offends them, then maybe it’s time to stop thinking in terms of oil supplies and start thinking of looking to the welfare of our own countries, preserving the lives of our own soldiers. If our intervention is requested or invited by another country because of internal conflict maybe we can consider it, but not by invasion which will alienate the locals. We cannot keep assuming that all the world should live by the same standards, morals and rules that we do. Countries have their own ways, beliefs and cultures which must be respected except where that way consists of violence towards vocal opposition or the suppression of people. Saudi Arabia is an example of this. Their rate of beheading is terrible and their suppression of women abhorrent.

Maybe it’s time all out troops were brought home and used to cover our borders though I’m not sure that would help much as there are a number of people who hold dual Nationality who appear to be converts to the ISIS cause and it will be difficult to weed them out. It seems that the terrorist responsible for this vile deed in Nice was one such, holding a French and Tunisian Nationality.

To the people of France I say, Stay Strong, you have a history of bravery and tenacity. My heart goes out to those who lost someone, don’t let the terrorists beat you. To the people of other countries who lost someone in this disaster like the couple from China I ask, please don’t allow these terrorists to stop you visiting and enjoying the West. We have a warm welcome for you.

Hugs around the World.


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  1. I feel deep sorrow for all those people who had loved ones killed or injured in Nice.It seems we may have to think twice before we go where there are big crowds. That seems to be where the terrorists strike most often. It’s one thing to say you won’t let the terrorists stop you from enjoying life, but another to put your life at risk by purposely going where it’s crowded. without it being a necessity. Big crowds are hazardous these days. We have to balance freedom with caution. —- Hugs to all, especially those suffering. Suzanne

  2. zoe2600

    RIP to those who are killed, it is a terrible way for life to be ended and our thoughts are with all of their friends and families

  3. Thank you for writing and sharing this, David.

  4. Something to think about Suzanne.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. “We cannot keep assuming that all the world should live by the same standards, morals and rules that we do. ” Well said, David. But I think we also need to respect the cultures already living alongside us. Home grown dissatisfaction is just as deadly as the imported variety. 😦

    • I totally agree. The one proviso is that the cultures moving to live in my country should be happy to obey the laws of my land and not expect us to change to suit them. I know Muslims and I like Muslims but have no wish to become one nor live under Sharia law.
      Other cultures are welcome to my respect and I’d like them to respect mine.We can live happily together then.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

      • It’s a fine line between assimilation and integration but we can take the best of all our cultures and meld that way. I don’t think you have much danger of being subjected to Sharia law though. From what I’ve read, few Muslim countries have it either. 😀

      • All our cultures have a value and we should be able to integrate enough to keep certain things alive but allow the rest to disappear.
        It’s not the danger of subjugation to Sharia law that worries me as much as the requests that we allow Muslim groups to adopt Sharia law within heavily populated Muslim Communities. No-one coming to the UK should be looking for Sharia law, they should be adapting to the laws of this Country. It’s from within the Sharia law groups that ISIS is finding it’s recruiting ground.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Ah, I see. But does that truly apply to the second generation? Or do they merely cling to a romanticized version of life because reality is unfulfilling?
        Perhaps, instead of trying to stop these young people from going, we should let it happen.
        I know the arguments about not letting them back into the country because they are radicalised, but might the opposite not also be true? That having experienced the reality of the ISIS version of Sharia law, they will finally appreciate the real freedom they left behind?
        I know I didn’t feel completely Australian until I visited the ‘old country’ and realised that it might be home for my parents but was definitely not home for me.
        Sadly, I think this is like a virulent dose of the flu: we’ll just have to grit our teeth until it burns itself out. 😦

      • Possibly you’re right and life seems unfulfilling to many of them.Being radicalised can sometimes be forgiven, what is harder is actually being on a battlefield firing at our troops. You don’t know if any casualties are at their hands.

      • Oh I have no problem hating what they /do/. It’s brutal. 😦

  6. Gigantic hugs to you, David, and one enormous one for our aching world.

    • Thanks so much Merril. I think that’s a great idea too and if we can’t manage one big one then Hugs across The World should build up nicely.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  7. Hugs around the world, indeed. And even more hugs back to you, David. Be well.

  8. Written so lovely, such a sad place our world is coming to R.I.P x

  9. So great to read your words here, David. You’ve known all along that hugs make a difference. If we all could share hugs instead of hatred, the world would be such a better/different place. xoxoxoxnewenglandhugsandlovexoxoxox

  10. Great post, David. Hope you are well.

  11. Thank you for sharing this, David.

  12. That’s well put, David.

  13. So sad what happened in France. My prayers go out to the victims and families, and anyone affected b y this awful tragedy.

    I hope you and yours are well. Be happy. Be safe.

    • It really is so sad. The world is in an awful place and we need to pull together to make it right, all religions need to spread the word of tolerance and show contempt for these terrorists. We all need to reach out to the families of the victims.

      I, my daughter’s family and my assorted cousins,nephews and nieces are all OK thanks. I’m improving every day.
      I hope your family is well and happy.
      Huge Hugs

  14. Very, very sad. A truly terrible thing to happen. I have thought about nothing else all day. I have no words for this, just tears, and deep despair.

    • I’m so sorry this has left you feeling so low Lottie. It has left much of the world feeling sad and much of the world will have been affected as there are many overseas visitors. These terrorists have no respect for human life and are happy to kill innocents but one effect they probably didn’t expect was to draw us closer together worldwide in brotherhood and condemnation for what they do.
      I hope the Kurds wipe them off the face of the Earth, and that’s a pacifist speaking.
      xxx Much Love and Huge Hugs to you xxx

  15. Ali Isaac

    Sadly the powers that be, whether religious or secular, are far more concerned with chasing more power and wealth than the welfare of people, their own or foreign nationals. Until those priorities change, we will continue to suffer subjugation and terrorism. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, as the saying goes. Freedom is just a thinly disguised excuse in most cases, an ideal the masses get behind and which the leaders use to manipulate them. It’s very difficult to find a solution. Don’t you get the feeling it’s all spiralling out of control? All other species kill for food when they’re hungry, except us.

    • It’s sad that we’re supposed to be the most intelligent species and yet we kill for pleasure rather than for food.We allow ourselves to be manipulated while thinking it’s us moving forward with our ideals.
      I know if we applied ourselves to it we could find a way to live at peace with a high degree of tolerance for other cultures but I’ve long said that wouldn’t suit the arms manufacturers or their shareholders at all. So, it’s highly possible that half the wars and tribal conflicts are started to make money.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs Ali xxx.

  16. Everyone scoffed at Donald Trump when he said he wanted to “temporarily” halt immigration from those countries involved with radical Islam. However, in light of all that is going on around the world, perhaps he has the right idea. If they wish to remain in the stone age, we should accommodate them – as long as they do not attempt to impose their warped way of worshipping and governing upon the rest of us. That, I am afraid, is the fly in the ointment. Peace.

    • I think the trouble with stopping all immigration from those Countries Joe is that when you leave them all trapped, the Bad Guys-The Taliban and ISIS- can start to radicalise everyone through threats and bullying. We end up with another situation like Afghanistan where no education was allowed for girls, women could not drive, dress sense was not optional. A girl could be beheaded because she was raped and a man if he was gay.The country goes back to the stone age and the radical ones win, making life hell for the ordinary person who just believes in peace.
      We can’t allow the warped and twisted message that these terrorists to gain ground by turning our back on the followers of Islam who don’t want Sharia Law.
      Peace my friend

  17. Well David, I do not think the West should wait until there’s a viable government in Iraq etc and then pull out, I think the West should pull out forthwith! Those countries have thrived on Tribal mentality and power-mongering between the Tribes that I fear no part of West or East could flush that out of their mentality for generations. West should start thinking more about its own security and unity. Such a hurt to watch those people die in Nice. Terrible. Hugs my friend and it’s so nice to read your words. XXXXXXXXX

    • How lovely to see you Ina. The only reason I suggested the West wait is because this current mess is our responsibility. If after we left they returned to the usual tribalism that’s their responsibility, and their choice. They need one brain in power who can think above this way and consider himself one of the people not just a certain tribe.
      I agree Ina, it was terrible to watch the carnage in Nice. As usual the innocent are targeted.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxxxxxxxxx

      • Know what you mean when you say current mess “our” responsibility – perhaps so because our leaders should have known not to go in, but they did, but even if Saddam Hussein wasn’t deposed by the West he would be by one or two of Iraqi tribes… or something like what’s happening in Turkey…know what you mean and still think West should count its losses and get out xxxxxxx

  18. I don’t understand and can’t even imagine…

    • I struggle too George. It’s beyong belief.

      • It really is hard to accept, that someone can have no regard for another’s life.

      • I agree,though it seems time and time again there’s proof that for some life is very cheap indeed. I find it hard to understand why it should be a killing excuse if someone’s religion differs from yours and yet two sect of the Muslim faith have spent years proving it. Now you can be killed for not having the right degree of faith. How do we educate people that we, and all our views are important and the world would be poorer without many of these differences.

      • That’s the question, David. How? How do we get beyond all that hatred.

  19. The difficulty with the world is that people want black and white solutions. They jump onto bandwagons, whoever is telling them something that seems simple or confirms their own bias, but as humans we need to understand complex isn’t always wrong, it’s an opportunity to find solutions. Hatred comes from fear. If people had affordable housing, enough food, enough medical care, and some hope, there would be less fear and less hatred. People are easily swayed, easily duped, easily manipulated when they feel frightened or insecure, when they feel they have nothing. Life seems cheap. I hope we can stop distracting ourselves long enough to save ourselves and save others. All the best, dear David.
    Massive the world needs more hugs hugs, Donna xoxo

  20. What a terrible tragedy. Wasted human lives. Thank you for the thoughtful post, David. x

  21. I got a bunch of email updates today that were over a week late, including yours. But in the meantime it seems the madness has shifted to Germany. Or at least spread – but the Ansbach seems to be a disaffected suicidal asylum seeker, rather than a zealot. We seem to be in meltdown.
    Huge hugs from the east xxxx

    • You’re right Jemima, meltdown. I don’t know if the sunshine is getting too people or if the moon is full but Germany is getting so many. At least it seems that they’re not ISIS related. I have my fingers crossed it doesn’t spread over here and that it stops everywhere else.
      xxx Massive Hugs from Wales xxx

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