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Someone watching over me.

Some of you may remember a post from either last year or the year before when I told of a butterfly that visited with Yvonne and I in the middle of a shopping arcade. It was a very surreal experience not just in the fact that the arcade was nowhere near any gardens from which it was likely to have come but also that it chose to sit with us despite it being a busy place. Yvonne insisted it was her mother coming to give comfort at a very low time.

Butterfly_-_White_(5424828234)                                                                                                             Picture…wikimedia free commons

Today after shopping Mike was anxious to do something different and not waste the weather by coming home. I suggested a trip to the town of Denbigh where we could take a slow walk round the shops and have some lunch. We parked in Vale Street which is where the main shops are and walked towards a restaurant called The Forum that Ju and I used to visit with MuJo. Gone, Kaput, Closed. What a disappointment.

We turned to cross the road as there were other restaurants and cafes there. Mike took two steps to reach road level again and as he did a butterfly came past his leg and settled on the bottom of my left crutch. I was amazed since the crutch was in motion and it doesn’t seem the ideal place to park oneself. I expected the butterfly to launch itself off as we entered the sunshine from the covered arcade we’d been in bt it seems the butterfly had other ideas.

Despite me trying to be careful the stick must have jarred each time it hit the ground. After ten minutes it was still hanging on as we entered a cafe which had a notice about pets not being allowed. Mike threatened to report me. It stayed with me all through lunch and during our visit to an antique emporium afterwards. I suggested showing Mike a little wholesale place which frankly Ju hadn’t liked and at that the butterfly took off. It had been with me almost exactly an hour.

I texted Yvonne to tell her and she came back to say it must be her Mum coming to  try and lift my spirits. I have to say that the strangeness but joy of the visit did lift my spirits a bit.


Hugs to you all.


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Donald Trump and the American question through Brit eyes.

Did Donald Trump suggest Hilary Clinton should be assassinated by second amendment supporters? Probably no, but it was certainly a questionable statement that he should thoroughly explain. It wouldn’t be much of a joke considering the number of assassination attempts on Presidents and Presidential candidates in the past.

Having brought up the question of the Second Amendment in a way that suggests supporters of that should be backing his run for the Presidency also suggests that all supporters of a reasonable move towards gun control should be supporting Hilary Clinton. I suggest she makes a big play of this in her run for the White House. There must in fact be  arguments for and against gun control within both parties which could find some people crossing the voting floor.

When I think about the time that the second amendment was written and the wording of it I’m easily confused. No way could the signatories have envisioned the weapons available today and had they done so, I’m sure they would have included much more to curtail their use. But the wording of the Second Amendment itself leads people to think that the weapons needed in the hands of the people  would be those of a well regulated militia, not the whole of the population. From the time in question that no doubt made sense. Today it doesn’t given that there is a National Guard who serve as a well regulated militia in times of trouble and who have access to the weapons they need.

For people to cry at the thought of the Second Amendment curtailing their access to some of the weapons they hold might suggest they find The National  Guard as someone they need arm against. I’ve oft heard the cry that weapons are needed for hunting purposes. So be it, but it’s not very sporting to hunt an animal with an automatic weapon. And for protection in the home, where there are two people need there be more than two guns?

Thanks to the Second Amendment laws, some inappropriate people have had access to arsenals of guns and have committed terrible outrages in schools and churches. Why the fear of having gun control laws limit the number of guns in an individual’s possession and the type of guns held? Surely with access to a court of law and the propensity for using them it would be easy to plead your case for having a mac-10 for target practise? Surely in limiting the access to guns most people win out as there’s less chance of a random nutter having access to them and if you find you have no choice but to shoot them at least they might not be shooting back.

Isn’t it time to apply some common sense and logic to the problem of gun control? Not taking your guns and therefore your Second Amendment right (if that’s how you read the legislation) away but trying to make sure that the population who don’t hold guns and the innocent in schools etc are that bit more safe. Is it really such a sacrifice to ensure the safety of a child?

And if you did think Trump was suggesting the murder of a Presidential hopeful, even if you dislike her, I hope you won’t be voting for him or you may just put a man in the White House who’s next joke is aimed at you.

This is not intended represent the views of the British public, just those of myself. Nor is it in any way Anti-American as I have some good friends over the pond whose views may not agree with mine. They are the views of someone who thinks the NRA wields too much power and that arms manufacturers don’t care who their weapons kill as it’s all good business for them.

Hugs to all.


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Musical Interlude 2

It’s been quite a while since I posted and I apologise to all my friends for that. I am trying to get back to it.
This morning I woke early and to pass the time I went to Youtube to listen to some of my favourite music. You’ll know from some of the songs I’ve posted before that I’m lyric driven and having become an adult in the 60’s a lot of my songs are from then though I also lean heavily on the 80’s when the New Romantic sound was around.

James Taylor born 1948 had a breakthrough hit in 1970 with the following song.

The next song is one of many great hits for Simon and Garfunkel.


I am just a poor boy.
Though my story’s seldom told,
I have squandered my resistance
For a pocketful of mumbles,
Such are promises
All lies and jest
Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest.

When I left my home
And my family,
I was no more than a boy
In the company of strangers
In the quiet of the railway station,
Running scared,
Laying low,
Seeking out the poorer quarters
Where the ragged people go,
Looking for the places
Only they would know.

Any of my friends could tell you I’m a Motown fan and if I had to choose my favourite artistes it would be difficult. But, I think maybe the Four Tops deserve the top slot simply because of the fantastic voice of their lead singer Levi Stubbs Jnr. I hope you enjoy the next song from them.

As it’s now approaching 4.00 am I think I’ll go for some breakfast. Before I go I’ll leave you with a last song chosen from the 80’s this time just to show I’m not stuck in the 60’s. This is a song from a favourite group at the time, The Eurythmics.

Have a nice day and remember, Don’t be sparing with the Hugs.


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