Donald Trump and the American question through Brit eyes.

Did Donald Trump suggest Hilary Clinton should be assassinated by second amendment supporters? Probably no, but it was certainly a questionable statement that he should thoroughly explain. It wouldn’t be much of a joke considering the number of assassination attempts on Presidents and Presidential candidates in the past.

Having brought up the question of the Second Amendment in a way that suggests supporters of that should be backing his run for the Presidency also suggests that all supporters of a reasonable move towards gun control should be supporting Hilary Clinton. I suggest she makes a big play of this in her run for the White House. There must in fact be  arguments for and against gun control within both parties which could find some people crossing the voting floor.

When I think about the time that the second amendment was written and the wording of it I’m easily confused. No way could the signatories have envisioned the weapons available today and had they done so, I’m sure they would have included much more to curtail their use. But the wording of the Second Amendment itself leads people to think that the weapons needed in the hands of the people  would be those of a well regulated militia, not the whole of the population. From the time in question that no doubt made sense. Today it doesn’t given that there is a National Guard who serve as a well regulated militia in times of trouble and who have access to the weapons they need.

For people to cry at the thought of the Second Amendment curtailing their access to some of the weapons they hold might suggest they find The National  Guard as someone they need arm against. I’ve oft heard the cry that weapons are needed for hunting purposes. So be it, but it’s not very sporting to hunt an animal with an automatic weapon. And for protection in the home, where there are two people need there be more than two guns?

Thanks to the Second Amendment laws, some inappropriate people have had access to arsenals of guns and have committed terrible outrages in schools and churches. Why the fear of having gun control laws limit the number of guns in an individual’s possession and the type of guns held? Surely with access to a court of law and the propensity for using them it would be easy to plead your case for having a mac-10 for target practise? Surely in limiting the access to guns most people win out as there’s less chance of a random nutter having access to them and if you find you have no choice but to shoot them at least they might not be shooting back.

Isn’t it time to apply some common sense and logic to the problem of gun control? Not taking your guns and therefore your Second Amendment right (if that’s how you read the legislation) away but trying to make sure that the population who don’t hold guns and the innocent in schools etc are that bit more safe. Is it really such a sacrifice to ensure the safety of a child?

And if you did think Trump was suggesting the murder of a Presidential hopeful, even if you dislike her, I hope you won’t be voting for him or you may just put a man in the White House who’s next joke is aimed at you.

This is not intended represent the views of the British public, just those of myself. Nor is it in any way Anti-American as I have some good friends over the pond whose views may not agree with mine. They are the views of someone who thinks the NRA wields too much power and that arms manufacturers don’t care who their weapons kill as it’s all good business for them.

Hugs to all.


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  1. You make some very good points. David ~ I’m just thankful we have more stringent firearms controls in this country!

    • Me too Jacqueline.Wherever there is the ability to kill stringent safety laws should be in place.. I often hear guns don’t kill people, people kill people. That said, guns make it so much easier.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx

    • I have to concur with your comments – the name Jacqueline caught my eye – A sensible approach is required and I honestly fail to understand what the kick and fuss are all about. There’s urgent need for proper/stringent controls of firearms and that Donald is far too mouthy for his own good!

  2. I rarely discuss politics or religion, and here the two go hand in hand. In brief, for far too long, we have taught our people to choose ignorance (this is particularly apparent where guns are concerned) and to not think for themselves. (“The preacher will tell you how to interpret the Bible” and “The Representatives will vote according to the people’s choice.”) Now we have the ludicrous results… And it’s terrifying.
    As someone said”If most people said what they were thinking, they’d be speechless.”
    Mega hugs, my friend.

    • Massive Mega Hugs back Teagan. It’s always worried me the enormous power lobbyists have over there and who the lobbyists are. I wonder if Representatives and Senators do vote the people’s way or the way that pays best.I’m thinking Monsanto and the NRA here.
      A pity Trump hasn’t proved speechless recently.
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤

  3. I reckon Australia is great re weapons – no mucking about here sine the Port Arthur massacre in late 1990’s as to Trump – he is an embarrassment and worse. Hugs my friend XXXX

  4. I agree with you, David. When I heard DT’s remark, I couldn’t believe it. He’s saying that’s not how he meant it, Yeah, right.
    He is so ignorant about the Constitution, government, and history, the Second Amendment may be the amendment he’s familiar with. And of course, Hillary Clinton is not going to go against it. DT’s supporters said President Obama was going to take away all their guns, too. It’s just inflammatory rhetoric, but I’m afraid of what type of actions this type of speech might lead to.

    • There are people out there who believe anything they hear if it’s directed against the Government. That leads to idiots stockpiling weapons and avoiding the tax man in hideouts all over the place. Conspiracy nuts are convinced they will be at war against their own Government soon. So far no one has mentioned taking away anyone’s Second Amendment rights, just curtailing them a bit in the interest of safety.These people will always put themselves first maybe until it’s their child massacred in a school playground.Then they’ll look for the conspiracy in that.
      I don’t think the rhetoric will lead too anything except disappointment when Trump loses. But if it does, then Trump should be brought up on charges of inciting to kill.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs Merril xxx

  5. I agree with you, David and I’ve thought for many years that the American Constitution, like any other document, has to be seen and interpreted in the light of the time and the people who wrote it. I’m sure the writers and signatories would be flabbergasted if they saw how the document is invoked and for what purposes so many years later. Unfortunately I also agree with Teagan on the matter of people’s thinking processes and how the world population has a pretty bad track of following so called ‘charismatic leaders’ with very dire consequences. Let’s hope common sense will win the day, but it’s in very short supply.

  6. An additional problem in the U.S. is the number of guns already in circulation. Any ignorant fool can get a gun by telling someone they know who has contacts that they want a gun. Those guns are illegal, but they’re out there. My dad hunted from the time he was a boy and had a gun collection. He never felt the need for an attack weapon, though. Those aren’t for killing wild animals. They’re for killing people. As I remember, there was a survey taken and it was found guns in the home contributed to many accidents in the home. If a person owns a gun, they’re more liable to kill or wound themselves or a family member with it, or goad an intruder into shooting them than using it to defend their family. I’ll never forget the memorial service we attended for a young boy in my children’s elementary school who had been killed by accident by a young child, a friend his age. He’d been the couple’s only child. They were burying a favorite toy of his with him. It was heartrending. I’m not going to write much about Trump. Everyone knows about him by now and should know not to vote for him. It sometimes surprises me who “is” voting for him. I saw on TV last night that a Bush grandson is giving speeches in Texas saying he’s voting for him. Unbelievable, but that’s politics. Huge hugs. —- Suzanne

    • Thanks so much Suzanne, I agree that to have a gun in the house is to risk an accident with it. It’s all to easy for a youngster to see a gun and think it’s a toy and hurt himself or a friend in play.
      I’ve always found it silly that people mvote for a party and not for the policies and nothing will bend them. That’s how the next Hitler will come to power.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx

  7. The gun lobby, NRA is very powerful and the politicians bend to them. We have numerous problems here regarding guns, there are those that have home aresenals which is truly not necessary. We are much too loose and cavalier when it comes to checks and balances and I mean that when someone applies for a gun permit the entire household should be checked out, case in point Sandy Hook Elementary School. Why would a hunter need an automatic weapon there should be restrictions and bans I feel on certain types of weapons. All that said the 2nd Amendment must be protected but with tight restrictions IMHO, the sad thing is that the criminal element will always find a way of getting a weapon on the black market, they are resourceful and that is a real problem and one that the only solution would be to ban any and all guns but then what would the criminal do, I shudder to think. David, thank you for bringing this up and it’s so interesting to me to see the point of view of people outside of this country, massive hugs my dear friend.

    • I personally am a pacifist and would like to see all guns banned but I agree with you that if in a democracy it gives a person the right to bear arms then then nothing should change until the constitution does. But, the Second Amendment doesn’t say what type of weapons should be allowed and as it was muskets back then, maybe that should be the restriction. Nothing that should be able to be shot and reloaded with speed or with more than one bullet at a time. After all, that’s what you’d do as a hunter, test your skill rather than obliterate the prize.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore my beautiful friend xxx

      • I think there should be a unilateral ban on any and all assault weapons except for law enforcement or the military. You are right when the 2nd amendment was penned the gun that would have been available was a musket not an ouzy or assault weapon. Although banning all guns in the USA is not something I can ever see happening one can dream! Massive hugs😃🙏💕😘

  8. Sadly, common sense and logic are not, nor will ever be part of the gun control debate here in the States.

  9. Kev

    It was a very stupid and dangerous thing for Trump to say. Obviously, some idiot is going to interpret it to mean that they should attempt an assasination plot. He just as obviously didn’t mean that, and everybody knows it. But politics is all about twisting words and playng with people’s minds.

    Gun control, and the right to bear arms will never go away. There are too many mitigating factors from both sides of the equation leaving no easy answers or solutions. It is an issue that brews trepidation on both sides.

  10. Good job, David. The fundamental right of the population to have guns is written. I’m not sure how you legislate proper use. Americans will never allow broadscale banning of guns. The problem then comes down to how easy it is to secure a weapon. Sane and safe folks should have no problem waiting for a reasonable amount of time and due diligence before getting the right to own a gun.

    • I agree John, and I don’t think the sane ones should mind a blanket ban on automatic weapons either since it’s not really something you can claim is needed for home defence or hunting.

  11. I’m not an American and have nothing to say about their politics or their political system. I’m glad I live in NZ – despite all our many political drawbacks and political buffoons, its a mostly sane and safe place to be 🙂

    • Aussie here and I agree.

    • Probably because it is careful in whose hands weapons are allowed Pauline. I’m sure whether you are American or not and have no comments on their political system, you must have opinion on guns and whether you’d approve of them being in the hands of every citizen of NZ. Like the rest of the Commonwealth I’m sure NZ would not be voting for such a move, we all know someone quick to temper who perhaps acts without thinking first. Would you want them to have access to weapons?
      By the way, over the last 3 nights I’ve been watching The Hobbit and no-one could deny what a beautiful place NZ is.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  12. “NRA wields too much power and that arms manufacturers don’t care who their weapons kill as it’s all good business for them.” Well said, David. I think the majority of normal, ordinary Americans want gun control, but successive governments have ignored the majority in favour of the powerful lobby groups. Makes you wonder how the largest democracy in the world explains this lack of democracy to itself. 😦

    • I’ve never been able to understand why/how such powerful lobby groups are allowed to exist. That Monsanto can still avoid having chemicals banned that are proven to cause cancer (Roundup) and exert such pressure that they can remain unchecked in poorer countries too without censure is beyond my comprehension.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  13. Personally, I think Donald Trump probably was alluding to assassination, but meant it as a joke rather than as an incitement to act. Even as a joke, though, it shows appalling judgement on his part.

    • Which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be a rare occurance Bun. Had that been the case, no doubt one of those mentioned would probably have taken it as an instruction…..and may still do so in which case he should be indicted.
      Hugs my friend.

  14. I so agree with you. I have never needed an assault gun.

  15. As long as people are allowed to keep guns in their home to ‘defend’ themselves, you are going to have criminals, who let’s face it have access to weapons gun nuts can only dream about, are going to get themselves even bigger guns to go aburgling with. Stands to reason, dunnit.

    • They might be more noticable when they go arobbing in Sherman Tanks. I’d have slightly less to argue about if those defensive guns kept safely indoors amounted to just one per person and weren’t available to the kids of the house with a grudge against teacher or the girl who refused him a date in school.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Jane xxx

  16. Trump did not suggest to kill anyone. That is a fabrication of the left / media here in America. However, if democrats or anyone else is so out-raged about his comment, where was the out-rage when John Kerry (current secy. of state) threatened then president Bush by going to the White House and shooting him? Or when Hillary suggested that Obama could or would be assassinated in “June” at the California primaries in 2008? So even if Trump did mean it to be violent, he wouldn’t be the only one who ever said anything like that. Even Obama said something similar once about bringing guns to knife fight. Kerry, Obama, and Hillary – all three have said similar, if not, more harsh comments than Trump. But nobody on the left here in America wants to talk about that.

    • I’m not saying he did suggest an assassination Carrol and in fact I don’t think he did. What I do think though is the remark was open to interpretation and there are those stupid enough to do so if they thought that’s what he said. I also think he didn’t clear up the controversy with a good explanation which might have been a good idea.
      I’m also not suggesting he’s the only person ever to have made stupid remarks, I know plenty of Presidents have done so in office. But, Trump seems to make an awful lot of stupid remarks without thinking and after offending people doesn’t seen quick to apologise. The parents who sacrificed their son to the U.S. army were deserving of an apology but he tried to wriggle out of it.
      My country has less to be proud of than we used to but the U.S is becoming a laughing stock because of the things Trump has to say. The man seems to be so spoiled he doesn’t see the need for diplomacy but that’s how countries must act.
      If you can cite specific instances of the others saying things as you suggest then publishing them would be a good idea so no-one is unaware of how low some politicians on both sides will stoop.
      Thanks for dropping in.

      • Obama has made America more of a laughing stock than Trump has. He gets no respect from many other leaders. He has weakened my country. This is why Trump will win in November. Americans are tired of being weak.

        I drop in from time to time. I just don’t comment as much as I probably should.

  17. Ali Isaac

    I dont think ‘hunting’ neccessarily involves skill anymore. Ive seen films of rich americans, and other nations Im sure, paying for ‘hunting’ trips where a wild animal is tied to a tree and the ‘hunter’ is handed a loaded gun so he can shoot it. Bet he feels proud.

    Most other countries have laws governing the possession of weapons, and we all seem to manage fine. We even have fewer mass shootings, imagine that? Of course it doesnt erradicate it completely, a nutter who wants a gun will always manage to get one, but our streets are undoubtedly safer.

    I missed the latest comment by DT, but it doesnt surprise me. It will be a huge step backwards into the Medieval age if he gets into power. The consequences will be far reaching.

    Great post David, and an imlortant point well made. Huge hugs to you!

    • Thanks so much Dear Ali. Yes, I recently saw a picture of one of these new hunters all geared up for n expedition. It didn’t bother her in the slightest that her targets were endangered. It’s not sportsmanship.
      I agree with you that any nutter who wants a gun will get one and we do have the odd nutter who goes mad with a legal shotgun. But so few criminals have guns, so few could easily get guns as their illegality make them expensive. It keeps carnage off our streets in the main. We’ll be told we’re not bothered because we never had the access to guns the American’s have, so what you never have you never miss but we have had guns without the need of a licence in the past and we haven’t gone to war with our government when they’ve been declared illegal and had to be handed in at a amnesty.
      I can’t help but think those who quote the second amendment know well and good they’re not abiding by the spirit of the act.
      If DT wins and carries out any of the changes he’s threatened it will be a disaster for the U.S.and we’ll be laughing a lot at the people who put him there.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  18. I quite agree with you, David. The big, big problem, though, is that there is such a huge arsenal in private hands already, that no one would dare give up their own in any case. It would be like trying to un-invent the bomb.

    • You could well be right Mick. It’s possible the US has already gone to far. Maybe Mexico and Canada should build huge walls to keep The Americans and their weapons out before the same kind of horrors become the daily fare there. Unless something is done to legislate gun control, schools will soon have to become mini fortresses.

  19. I like your insights, David.
    I’m afraid what all the news portrays about Americans and the politics, conflicts, comments, lies and strategies gives a warped perspective of a country that actually also has an intelligent, thoughtful, hardworking and helpful population.

    Like MANY other Americans, I am neither pleased with nor supportive of either of the main presidential candidates. There are some very difficult and dangerous times ahead for all of us around the world, I fear.

    • Luckily Marylin, I doubt whether the great unwashed are really liable to believe everything we read about the U.S. and many of us know enough Americans to know the majority are warm people who would give you the shirt off their backs if asked.
      It is worrying though that so much support ha gone towards Trump even though the man started pandering to popular scaremongering to stir up votes.I know the other candidate is scarcely more popular but how is it one of their opponents isn’t in their place? In his case, how was his position ever endorsed by the GOP?
      I fear you’re right about the difficulties to come around the world, but when it happens is this the man to be in charge? He can’t simply pull up a drawbridge.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

  20. I find it really interesting to hear the opinions of people around the world. It’s a serious subject which affects all of us. The decision made in America will have reverberations around the planet. Thank you for your post! 🙂

    • I’m sure opinions will vary from place to place Yvette with some perhaps wishing they had their own DT. But he does tend to condemn himself every time he opens his mouth and it’s a big worry not just how much support he seems to have, but how much of it is Xenophobic
      For some it will be a great day if the US appoint a woman while others wonder if that one is honest enough and in power strong enough given the current threats in the world.
      You’re right that reverberations will be felt everywhere whatever happens in November.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  21. Trump seems only to open his mouth to change feet….his remark was probably one of his misfiring jokes…but you have to be pretty crass to think it humorous.
    I think Clinton is a very dangerous prospect as President…died in the wool part of the banking, industrial, military nexus that has given us Iraq, Libya and Syria….but i would prefer to see her prosecuted rather than shot.

    This country has strict gun controls…but it is awash with illegal weapons, mostly thanks to the drug trade

    • It seems that each of the two opposing parties has chosen a candidate who should never be allowed to occupy the White House. One has a candidate so spoiled that he says what he wants whether true or not without care as to whom he offends. The other has a candidate suspected of being involved with fraud, of allowing sensitive information to be hacked and of sundry other misdemeanors in her previous posts.
      How is it that each party has allowed this to happen and for perhaps better qualified candidates to fall by the wayside? Does it only matter that they have their own person, no matter how corrupt, to occupy the White House?
      I’m sorry that the drug trade has allowed for so many illegal weapons to be available in your Country Helen, especially as there are tight gun controls. Nothing will change until the evil trade in drugs is destroyed.
      Keep well. Sending Massive Hugs xxxx

      • The thing we have too choose i rather choose hilary over trump any day.they both have flaws.But right niw they are the only two we have to choose from.trump disrepects everyone.womem children minorities even himself.its ridicoules that our country has to deal with trump and other countries are watching these debates.They are suppose to be saying why they are fit to lead us.Not arguing or an finding dirt on each other.One of them is gonna be our leader and yet they put themselves first.Their suppose to put us first
        Speak on how to keep us safe.Make schools smarter.because kids are getting left behind.Infrastructures.look at all our bridges and rivers dams..Look at chinas infrastructure.They need to get on real topics on how to keep our country united safe and strong and beautiful..

      • I agree with you. Someone has to be chosen and it had better be Hillary out of the two. But for the sake of the U.S. someone needs to clear up the accusations Trump is making as soon as she’s voted in. Those things will damage her otherwise.But, at least she’s trying to say how she’ll govern while his rhetoric is that of a child in the school yard. And talking of schoolyard, it would be good if the concentrated on two areas, schools/education as kids are falling behind and bringing jobs back to the US. Far too many call centres in India instead of a better service from the banks.
        Good Luck America

      • Yes i try to help people when i can i enjoy it.But yes schools need attention.were is the focus on our childrens future.People need to be talking about this. We are getting behind on our education.i went to collage for business mngt.Did not do well in trump needs to just kay it down he’s doing it for fame and power.Yea hilary needs to clean up some stuff but trump can barely eat his food because its always open and if he do talk food is always coming out.discusting.Lol

      • Thats good keep doing it maybe they will pass it on.we need to do sonething the future is here…Thanks. Encourage.

  22. Any chance you would come over and run for President here? We’d have to amend the constitution a bit but your arguments make complete sense. This election is an embarrassment on both sides. A complete embarrassment. It’s hard to believe what we see and hear each day. I have no desire to go into a voting booth and pull a lever for either one. So sad.

    • Ha, I wouldn’t be a popular choice George. I’d be ordering all American companies to bring outsourced jobs back to create more employment so there was more money circulating at home and less going out on welfare. Creating a National Health Service which took Insurance companies out of the game so health needs were provided without anyone saying “Sorry, it’s too expensive.”
      It is sad that the options you have are so limited, that there are no independent parties with a candidate you could select. I think I might also stop politics being a two horse race there and enforce rules on spending to have someone elected so that it’s not just wealthy candidates who have a chance. Perhaps funding could be provided by the state so that it was a level playing field. I think I’d be impeached within my first month.

    • Wether your red or blue we still have to be united

      • It would be good if people actually believed that and worked like that.Most of the time they take politics far too seriously or not seriously enough. The issues should decide the vote and the losing side should just make changes to their policies if people don’t like them. In four years they get the chance to try again.It can be civilised rather than savage.

      • I agree they whole debates here as if we are some 3 world country.It should be proffessional,Civilized and for what they can do for the people.

  23. Well thought out, my friend. I can only add that the Second Amendment is NOT responsible for the crimes referred to, but the violation of laws designed to keep guns out of the hands of bad actors is.


  24. Weighing in a bit late here. but as an American, Trump fills me with absolute dread. He is a blueprint for a tyrannical dictator, with no regard for rule of law–or anything else that gets in his way. But what is even more horrifying is his millions of supporters. I had no idea that I shared my country with millions of bigoted, uneducated, mean-spirited, violent, irrational people. That scares the living bejeezus out of me and almost everyone I know. With regard to the Second Amendment, it clearly states that possession of firearms is intended to support a well-regulated militia. In my view, this has nothing to do with private ownership of automatic assault rifles or other high-powered weapons. If it were up to me, I would cheerfully ban ALL guns from private ownership, but that will happen in the U.S. precisely when Hell freezes over. This is a very discouraging time in this country.

    • If he loses, and I sincerely hope he will, maybe having been told no for once will make him shut up and disappear from the limelight for a long while.Maybe his disappointed followers will wake from whatever fluence he put them under and be so ashamed of themselves they’ll change their characters overnight.
      America could be heading for a new ‘Coming of age’ and be respected on the world stage again. Maybe we can do the same.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  25. Insightful post, buddy.
    Well done.

    • Thanks so much. I’d like to see this Electioneering by Hate disappear completely with Twitter and Facebook clamping down on the venom that gets spewed out by voters on both sides. We’ve come too far down the road of racial equality to start all that again.

  26. I’m perfectly sure in my own outsider mind Trump had no intention of even implying Mrs. Clinton should be assassinated: it was one of his off-the-cuff remarks which simply meant what it said – if you support the right to carry arms vote for me, not for Clinton; ergo she will seek to restrict that right, I won’t.
    What disturbs me is the willingness of the Clinton camp to implant the incitement interpretation in the voters minds, as part, presumably, of their ‘Trump is an idiot’ campaign. Such tactics harden attitudes and may well work against the Democrats, especially in the minds of Trump’s potential voter base.
    Whatever Trump is, he is not an idiot. He knows and plays very effectively to his audience, yet the political chattering classes in US still refuse to take him seriously! I wonder at this, because it seems to me there is a very real danger they may wake up on post-election morning and discover the have a Republican president. Denouncing him on grounds of incompetence merely feeds the disillusionment of the Great Unheard. It engenders hate.
    Personally, I do not want Trump to become President. There are too many examples of inexperienced one-termers in both our histories, and I would have trouble, anyway, in going along with anyone pledged to enhance the power of the NRA. My trouble – or America’s – is lack of empathy with Mrs. Clinton. So come election day, were I American, I would probably stay home – and that is another danger, isn’t it?
    Trump? Bad for America. Good for the world, maybe, but not for good ol’ USA.
    That’s me, late as usual!
    Hugs, David.

    • You can’t be late Frederick, the party doesn’t start till you get here.
      I personally believe Trump is an idiot or he wouldn’t be spouting hate so casually in such an important race. He brings out the worst in people. It’s almost unheard of for Republicans to outright disown their candidate and say they’ll be voting for the opposition. He can’t possibly factor in how many people he will cause to do this.
      I also have a lack of empathy with and a lack of trust for Clinton but she may be the best of the two when it comes to serving the US in the rest of the World.
      I feel Trump is bad for the US and bad for the World also a he’s quite likely to create more situations where ISIS has to retaliate.
      Nice to see you as always.

  27. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    David Prosser with some interesting points regarding gun control in the United States and anywhere in fact. Before I was allowed to drive a lethal weapon on the road in Texas I had to sit a written exam and then take the practical test with a police officer by my side. It would seem to me that whilst there may be an expectation of the right to bear arms, there should be a very strict training and examination process in place before you are let out with your gun.. I am sure David will appreciate your comments on his post..

  28. The “2nd Amenment” comment by Trump just shows his disasterous judgement. When that poor British MP was stabbed and shot in the street by a man yelling “I want my country back” it happened against the back drop of the national debate of the Uk leaving the EU. In all my life I have never seen such hatred and vitriol that proponents of both sides of the arguement had for each other. It was (and still is to an extent) a horrible atmosphere. Alone, in an ordinary looking house, a man with phycological issues, full of uncontrolable hate decides he will go and kill someone he probably percieves is responsible for his miserable life. The American elections have the same atmosphere of hate for your opponent. Add guns into that mix and the rest could be history.

    At the bottom of your fine peice you said that you do not represent the views of the British people; well i think you do. Have you met a single person yet who think Trump should become President?

    • True enough Bill, I haven’t met anyone who thinks he should be President but I haven’t met everyone yet. There are bound to be people who are pro Trump who to my mind are probably the same ones who tried to hijack the Brexit vote and use it as nothing more than the excuse to show their hate for other Nationalities and religions. Brexit should never have been about those things.
      I hope you’re to be spared a minimum of four more years of Trump’s rhetoric.

  29. Thank you, David, for being brave enough to post this. Aside from Donald Trump being an absolute joke and the Americans who support him looking like a-holes, the misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment has become a plague on American society. I’m an American citizen, born and bred, and I have to say that this is the most frightening time in U.S. history. That we could end up having a maniac as POTUS scares me no end. It’s a blessing that Bernie Sanders pushed the Democratic platform into its current progressive agenda. Rightfully, the Dem. nomination should have been his. But the-powers-that-be rigged the primaries and made it next to impossible for Independents to vote. He lost millions of votes that, should he’d received them, would have made him the Dem. nominee. The only way to annihilate the choking control of the power elite is by instilling the power of the people. This is needed across the globe. And we’re beginning to see a glimmer of hope across the world map. Here in the U.S. we have an emergent party ~ the UPP, United Progressive Party. Why some people are afraid of the word “progressive” is beyond me; all it means is power in the hands of the people. I was directed here from Sally Cronin’s blog and will be sharing this on all my social network pages. Wishing you all the best . . .

    • Thank you for your kind words Tina. For a long time I’ve been saying that candidates for positions of power across the world should not be allowed to gather money from supporters and be able to spend what they like. It will always be the case that the very rich carry the vote because they reach most ears. What I’d like to see is a fairer way. Funds allocated by the Government for those who are in the race for the top job and by local Government for positions like Senator and Governor. If all candidates start with an equal amount to spend on their campaign then maybe some Independent and less wealthy individuals can stand and maybe win. People who genuinely have good policies and a real care for the populous.
      I’m sorry Bernie Sanders didn’t get the nomination over there but am delighted by your news that there is an emergent party. Whether it’s good depends whether the candidates will still be the very wealthy in my eyes.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx

  30. I certainly won’t be voting for Mr. Trump! Interesting to see a Brit’s view.

    • Thanks so much. I thought a Trump supporter might have come on to explain why my (our) views are wrong in the UK but it seems there are fewer than we were told, or perhaps even they agree with what we see but like his policies.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  31. Hi David, came here via Sally. Just wanted to thank you for this post, and the most interesting thread that followed. It’s always fascinating to see how we are viewed by other nations, who must believe that we must give out guns in McDonald’s happy meals. ☺ I keep waiting for Trump to back out, telling us it was a joke all along. Clinton is so mistrusted, even hated here, but perhaps the lesser of 2 evils. We have better, but they don’t seem to aspire to the office. We will survive them, we always have. Stay tuned.

    • Great to have you drop in.You’re pretty much right in that abroad we do thing gun access is far too easy but in fairness we’re not used to it and don’t have the Second Amendment.
      I also agree that Clinton may be the lesser of the two evils and that Trump should say he was only joking. Trouble is he isn’t.
      I agree you have better, some of whom do seem to aspire to the office (Like Bernie?) and others who would if they could afford too but don’t have millions. It’s not a fair playing field.
      You’ll be stronger when it’s all over again.. I’ll stay tuned.

  32. A most excellent post David. I am Canadian and share the fears of the American people as much of what goes on in the US affects us too. There are some scary points with either prospect becoming president, I don’t voice my political opinions on the web, but I do have to commend you on your post, The most outstanding point is that those laws were written over a century ago when the world was different, and I can’t fathom how none of the past presidents have recognized that.

    • Thank you, you’re very kind.I rarely voice myself on matters political either but this time I needed clarification from the parties involved since my views from over the pond are restricted to what news items we get, and the news about Trumps was/is scary. It’s as though he wants to turn the US into a castle with a very wide moat probably filled with sharks, though sometimes it seems the sharks are actually making sure their ‘man’ gets to be President.
      With your last point, In my opinion, no changes have been made to the gun control laws because of the power held by the NRA who can easily sway the people into believing their rights are being eroded and there has always been some form of paranoia about that.
      Senators being taken out for meals and treated to breaks shouldn’t be allowed as it appears their votes can be bought and it’s not representative of the people who voted them in.
      Lovely to see you here,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Like you said David, I don’t like to get involved either, but everything you just said I’m in agreement with. Realistically, aren’t most government corrupt? It’s really no different here. We’re given a few meager candidates to vote for, and we try and choose the lesser of the evils. Backers control governments everywhere. At first DT came out as a refreshing spin on the system, using his non political position to engage with those tired of the system. But the power went to his narcissistic head, and thus, I’m inclined to agree with your theory of castle and moat. And I’m on the same page with your NRA theory. The whole situation is frightening, because a lot of what happens in the U.S. leaves fallout around the world.
        Thanks for sharing, and I shall visit more often.:) Happy weekend. Big hugs back.<3

  33. I want to comment, David, but I’m speechless and the whole insanity of guns and fear and hatred and Trump just makes me depressed. Sadly, I’m afraid it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Thanks for being a voice of reason, my friend. Hugs!!!!!

    • For your sake I hope the insanity stops in November and Trump runs away to hide his embarrassment.
      Someone, someday id going to persuade the people to be careful with their weapons and is going to find a way to ban further sales in automatics.
      xxx Massive Hugs Diana xxx

  34. Reblogged this on Lyn Horner's Corner and commented:
    You may not agree with David’s viewpoint, but he certainly offers food for thought. When he asks if it is such a sacrifice to ensure the safety of a child, I have to say NO.

    • Thanks so much Lyn, I knew most women would be reasonable when faced with the question of protecting a child. Now just the majority of male population need to agree too. I keep hearing a gun doesn’t kill, people do, but that’s trite, a man may have the intention but the gun does all the damage, especially a machine pistol. A man can still kill without a gun but not as many and he can be brought down quicker and captured.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  35. David, as an American in favor of better gun control, I appreciate you voicing your opinion. I reblogged your post.

    • Thank you very much. The other side may not appreciate it as much but really I’m after opinions so that I can form my own properly as there may be facts I don’t know. I really appreciate the reblog.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  36. I enjoyed your perspective, David. I was one of your followers but stopped getting your posts – tried to re-follow this morning but was told there are too many people trying to subscribe and that I can’t subscribe. A nice problem to have but not for me! 😦

    • Thanks so much Noelle. Other people mention that my posts haven’t arrived though part of it will be that I haven’t been posting for a while. I’ve never heard of a problem where it says too many people are trying to subscribe.You’re right, it’s a nice problem to have (I think). But with not blogging recently I do wonder why I would be inundated with new followers.And where are they? Showing sense and stopping part way maybe.
      I hope you’re keeping well.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  37. With you all the way on that, David. Huge hugs xxxxx

  38. It’s me again. I tried to subscribe one more time and this is what showed up:
    Because there are many pending subscriptions for this email address, we have blocked the subscription. Please activate or delete pending subscriptions before attempting to subscribe.
    Go figure! Maybe wordpress can explain?

  39. I’m in Canada and it’s scary to me how easily Americans get access to guns. I know people who refuse to live in the U.S. because of the gun laws. It seems (the image many of us have here in Canada) that anyone can get a gun these days .. scary!

    • I imagine it’s scary knowing your neighbour has real guns to play with and always makes sure that there are no sensible parents around to give them toys to play with while the real ones are locked away. Maybe the sensible parents will say NO at some stage in the future Christy.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  40. Yes.. Trump is known to speak of the cuff without manners.. I haven’t seen his speeches because I don’t watch TV.. but have heard he can be brass.. We are in trouble.. because Hillary if elected said she would lift any restrictions on abortion in 50 states.. meaning a woman could abort at 9 months if they choose.. In my state there is no fetal age restrictions.. it is horrendous.. I too believe we should end all sales of automatic weapons.. they should have never allowed them outside the military .. a gun adequate for protection and hunting should be protected.. Great post! sorry for the rant.. 🙂

    • I’m hoping sincerely that what Hilary Clinton means is not a blanket lifting of restrictions but of just certain ones. In most civilised countries abortion is an option in cases of rape, where the mother’s health can be damaged by going to full term or perhaps where there are known health issues with the foetus. No-one aborts a baby just before term except in exceptional circumstances. Those States in the US that have tried to ban abortion are denying the rights of a woman, and to use the bible as an excuse is wrong as there is meant to be separation of Church and state so the bible should be without influence in these matters.
      Trump is as you say crass, but he’s on a mission which is likely to cause such hate that might not be recovered from. The US is sure to lose credibility in the World.
      Thanks for your comments, I agree about guns if they must be in private hands at all.
      xxx Hugs xxx

      • In my state there are no restrictions, including late term abortion.. during the third trimester of pregnancy around the 27th week of gestation. And a minor does need parents consent.. this may be what Hillary means by eliminating restrictions.. We in the U.S. have slim picking for candidates..

      • I agree you’re very limited with candidates Mary Ann but I think Trump is the greater of the two evils. The whole electoral system needs an overhaul to allow people without access to millions a chance to achieve high office and maybe for the candidates for a particular party to be voted for by the electorate and not just selected at the end of the process.A good middle ground party wouldn’t come amiss either since both of the other parties seem inflexible on policies. I wish you good luck.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  41. I see your point. But as someone from the States, let me just say this. Gun violence does flare up spmetimes, but just like you only have to worry about thieves in the bad areas, it’s normally the same with gun violence (school shootings are usually driven by bullying, another issue entirely). But once you take away weapons, the government can abuse you all it wants. And the national guard? All controlled by them. If they had to choose between obeying the president and protecting the people, we’d have a civil war! Versus a few isolated incidents where someone fights back, and then takes it to the judge. Stopping it before it gets that bad.

    For some of us, the issue of gun control is simply we can’t trust our leaders anymore. They’re controlled by money, and could turn on us for a good enough price. And they have. I dunno how these losers keep getting elected, but this year’s candidates are poison. I don’t want to vote for either of them at all…

    • I was glad to see another point of view on this issue especially from an American. But, having read it I’m not sure how to respond. You haven’t mentioned reducing the number and type of weapons held instead of removing guns altogether and you haven’t said how to deal with all the mass shootings where it’s not just a normal handgun involved.Instead you talk of being at war with your Government so you must need every weapon possible. You vote the Government in. If you don’t trust them, why not vote them out and put up candidates you trust? If this is a general feeling across the States there must be plenty of trustworthy candidates not tied to big money.
      I’m not surprised to see you think both candidates for President fall short this year.
      Thanks for commenting.

      • To be perfectly honest, there really aren’t any candidates not tied to big money somehow, cuz you can’t even run for elections without some big bucks on your side. Republican or Democrat, it’s all the same. You get someone rich to sponsor you, and they have you on a leash if they want any favors later on. I’d vote third-party, but that’s almost the same as not voting at all; there’s literally no chance of them winning. Candidates are basically being chosen for us now, not the other way around. That’s why a lot of movements are taking root to eliminate the corruption in the system. People are finally getting sick of it.

      • It seems big money gets it’s way more often than not. I think we’d all like to change that. That’s why I’d like to see the Government finance elections equually for all candidates, limiting the amount that can be spent so it’s a level playing field form all. At the moment most people could not afford to stand but maybe that way a bright but poor candidate could take a place.

  42. We have tighter gun control laws in Australia.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  43. I agree with you, and I’m American. I don’t support a wholesale rejection of the second amendment, but I do support banning assault weapons.

  44. Knowing trump he said it but does not remember he said it..Get a Energy drink trump

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