Someone watching over me.

Some of you may remember a post from either last year or the year before when I told of a butterfly that visited with Yvonne and I in the middle of a shopping arcade. It was a very surreal experience not just in the fact that the arcade was nowhere near any gardens from which it was likely to have come but also that it chose to sit with us despite it being a busy place. Yvonne insisted it was her mother coming to give comfort at a very low time.

Butterfly_-_White_(5424828234)                                                                                                             Picture…wikimedia free commons

Today after shopping Mike was anxious to do something different and not waste the weather by coming home. I suggested a trip to the town of Denbigh where we could take a slow walk round the shops and have some lunch. We parked in Vale Street which is where the main shops are and walked towards a restaurant called The Forum that Ju and I used to visit with MuJo. Gone, Kaput, Closed. What a disappointment.

We turned to cross the road as there were other restaurants and cafes there. Mike took two steps to reach road level again and as he did a butterfly came past his leg and settled on the bottom of my left crutch. I was amazed since the crutch was in motion and it doesn’t seem the ideal place to park oneself. I expected the butterfly to launch itself off as we entered the sunshine from the covered arcade we’d been in bt it seems the butterfly had other ideas.

Despite me trying to be careful the stick must have jarred each time it hit the ground. After ten minutes it was still hanging on as we entered a cafe which had a notice about pets not being allowed. Mike threatened to report me. It stayed with me all through lunch and during our visit to an antique emporium afterwards. I suggested showing Mike a little wholesale place which frankly Ju hadn’t liked and at that the butterfly took off. It had been with me almost exactly an hour.

I texted Yvonne to tell her and she came back to say it must be her Mum coming to  try and lift my spirits. I have to say that the strangeness but joy of the visit did lift my spirits a bit.


Hugs to you all.


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126 responses to “Someone watching over me.

  1. This warmed my heart, David. I agree with you and Yvonne. 🙂 ❤ Be well, my friend. Hugs.

  2. These things happen. Cwtch darling. Lots of them. Although don’t hug the flutterbies too closely. Take care sweetheart.

    • I thought maybe she’d come for me. Then of course I worried she’d come for my bacon.
      I’ll be very careful not to hug the flutterbyes too closely.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr Kate, please look after yourself xxx

  3. David, what a purely lovely thing to happen! And you described the day beautifully. I felt I was in the restaurant with you and Mike, staring at the butterfly. Wishing you continued beautiful wonders. Mega hugs.

    • It probably sounds quite naff to most people but it was really an astounding event to me, never having seen a flutterby behave in that way….on either occasion.
      xxx Sending you Unlimited Hugs Teagan xxx

  4. I remember that post. Yes, I also agree. Nice to hear from you, my friend and big hugs♥

  5. Small miracles are still miracles. All the best to you, and massive hugs 🙂

  6. Maybe he was a spiritual messenger! Lovely photo!

  7. Wow! That is a remarkable and awe-inspiring tale. I’ve had butterflies land on me, but never ones that stayed on me for that length of time while I walked about. That is magical. Thank you for sharing.
    A thousand hugs to you, David.

  8. Good reason for a butterfly to hang out. To lift the spirits.

  9. What a lovely thing to happen David ~ I’m sure that your lovely Ju is with you! (((Hugs)))

  10. That’s delightful David

  11. That is indeed very odd behaviour for a butterfly! Butterflies, it seems to me, are messengers of hope and renewal – and it seems this butterfly did her job very well! I am sorry to hear your spirits are, or were, low David – take heart and remember you are loved – the butterfly knows it! xoxo

    • You’re very kind Pauline.If butterfly’s are messengers of hope then this one and the other did their job. I think I needed the lift in spirits today and Ju has been much on my mind.
      xxx Sending Mammoth Hugs xxx

  12. That was truly lovely, David. I do believe our loved ones exist in some form after they leave us here. I’ve read that the butterfly is a sign of that transformation. I believe there’s another plane of existence. where our loved ones await our coming. We yearn to live forever because we do in some form. I’m so glad it gave you a warm feeling. Huge Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

  13. Thank you for taking us along on your ‘flight of fancy’, David, this made me smile. I believe those who touch our hearts live in them forever, and sometimes they remind us they’re still there.
    This made me think of my Dad who used to make me laugh when I was little by calling butterfiles, flutterbies.
    Thank you for floating back into our bloggy world and sharing this with us, dear friend, you know how to light up a day. 🙂
    Massive lifted spirits hugs xoxoxo

    • Thanks so much Dearest Donna. You may be right and this is now twice Ju has touched my heart by way of reminder. I have honestly never seen a flutterby behave so. Mike thought it had got stuck on my stick ( I refuse to say crutch again) and died, but I kept checking.
      If this reminded you of your dad and brought a smile then I’ve done my job too.
      Thank you for reading but I had to share this post because of all those who read the previous one about the flutterby in Chester. I’d love to think I’d lit up someone’s day.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  14. That’s nature for you, unpredictable and uplifting. Hugs back to you David. xx

  15. I’m all in in this one, David. I’ve had similar experiences with a black and yellow butterfly for many years. Seeing one again always makes me smile and remember that loved one. Seems like it made you smile as well.😊
    Take care of yourself..:)

    • Brilliant, I’m glad it’s not just me George. Thus far I’ve never heard of butterflies hitching a ride. It did indeed make me smile and as always thoughts of Ju flooded my mind.
      My best to you,

  16. David that is simply beautiful, I believe that butterfly was Ju letting you know she is with you. Butterflies as you know normally would avoid humans and the fact that this one latched on to you just like the one with Yvonne proves that it is a message to you from your beloved Ju. I am so glad that this experience made you smile, you have a beautiful smile, I can see that in your photo of you getting that kiss. The butterfly was Ju kissing you again so she can see your smile. Keep smiling my friend, and so happy to read this post from you, it’s so uplifting. Mega mega hugs David, hope you post again soon.

    • You are such a sweet person and a great friend to me. I think you can uplift my spirit all by yourself Suzanne. I don’t have a beautiful smile but you almost had me believing it for a minute.which in itself did make me smile again.Thank you for that.
      Please take the greatest care of yourself for me,
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  17. My mother had a butterfly following on her walks and told me that it was my dad protecting her as he did when he was alive. I love your story David.

    • Your story is touching Gerlinde and I’m so pleased to hear other people have shared the experience. It seems the belief in flutterbys is much more widespread than I thought.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  18. Must say, David – I believe there’s much to be said about life after death and that our loved ones who have passed away do keep on visiting us from time to time for strength, reassurance, confidence, gentle feelings… what an amazing example to support this in Ju visiting as butterfly…Isn’t that a honey ❤ Many hugs dear friend

    • Like most people I really want to believe there is something after death takes us. It may not be true, but instances like these increase the level of hope a lot. I doubt very much I shall be able to see a butterfly in future without thinking of Ju though surely I can’t go through life with such strange things happening again..
      You’re so right, it’s a Honey.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

      • Well, I have had what I believe proof of life after death but that’s another story – whether it was my belief that my departed grandmother was beside me telling me to take my father to the doctor after a leg pain for it’s sinister that saved his life from sure death from cancer that shows symptoms just before death or it was really her, my angel plus other similar visions I don’t know I only know that the dead can be here with us in whichever form – even love may be the substance of it? Hugs and what a nice life with butterflies 🙂

  19. Whatever the reason for the butterfly’s visit, I’m glad it lifted your spirits. An hour seems a long time for a butterfly to stay put like that.

  20. Oh David, I know that it was a message from Ju letting you know that even if she is not with you physically she will always be with you in spirit So glad to hear from you again. I’ve missed you. Hugs from NZ

    • What a lovely thing to keep hearing Judith. People with a true belief in that direction can bring as much joy as the visit itself and lift my spirits even more and for longer.
      Thank you for such kind words also. It was good to be back amongst my friends.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  21. Oh, David, I fully agree with Yvonne. Love does not end; she was receiving comfort. Such a gift to you both.

    • Whatever the truth of the matter Marylin, it did indeed bring much comfort. You’re so right that death does not end love, at least from the side of the survivor and that at least ids provable.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  22. I believe that butterflies are the spirits of those who have left us. We had butterflies constantly visit after the loss of my granddaughter.
    I also have a guide to Spirit Animals in my possession (what can I say? I’m intrigued by all sorts of things”. This is what it says about butteflies visiting. It can mean any (or all) of these things:
    “Lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously.
    Get ready for big change. One where an old habit, way of thinking or lifestyle is going out, and a new way of being is emerging.
    It’s time to make the changes you’ve been considering.
    In spite of the challenges, you’ll get through this transition, and as always know that ‘this too shall pass’.
    Express yourself by wearing more colourful clothing.”
    Who knows. It might mean none of the above. But if the butterfly brought you peace then it achieved what it was meant to do.

    • I’m also intrigued by all sorts of things Suz and have a very open mind about life after death. I think most of us hope there is some truth in it and at times like this that wish is reinforced.
      Any or all of those suggested meanings would be welcome but at least I can manage the wearing of some colourful clothing with no problem. I shall wear a paisley shirt and make the world wear sunglasses today.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  23. I’m not a believer but…after reading this I might be. What a beautiful experience, David. -massive hugs-

  24. Ali Isaac

    What a wonderful story! I believe it was Ju, or at least a message from her. Butterflies dont just land on you for fun, and then stay with you for an hour in and out of cafes etc. Xxx

  25. What a magical thing to happen. I love this story, David! After my beloved friend and sister-in-law passed some years ago, my boys’ music box would start playing by itself at certain times, like her son’s birthday or on my birthday, etc. It did that for years and then it simply stopped. It’s so comforting to know they’re there. xxx

    • I do feel comforted in a way Yvette but the doubts always step in. I ask myself “Why me?” as Yvonne would be a better candidate for a visit, especially after her reaction to the last one.
      I’d love to have a solid belief in it. Your story sounds spooky yet comforting at the same time because of what you believe.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  26. This gave me goosebumps. What a beautiful message. How wonderful. Ginormous hugs from the olive groves xxxxxxxxxxx

    • What a nice reaction. It was a wonderful event just because I had an hour’s worth of Hope and couldn’t believe in the behaviour of the butterfly.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you both xxx

  27. I loved this, it’s so nice when we are visited from our angels, I tend to find feathers appearing and know it’s my grandparents watching over me. xxx

    • That must be a real comfort Karen. I’m twisted as yesterday I was hopeful but today I’m trying to rationalise the visitation. Whatever happens, it was a lovely event even if very odd.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  28. What a wonderful visitation, David. Butterflies are the symbols of transformation 🙂 My brother was often visited by butterflies, and after his death, when I would think of him, undoubtedly a butterfly would stop by for a visit. Natures flying flowers. ❤ Hope you are doing well. Massive hugs!

    • The more I hear of other’s experiences with butterflies, the less strange mine seems.So many seem to have a visitation as the reason behind it. Yours is a lovely story Dear Diana.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  29. Everything means something. If only to you 🙂 Get those spirits raised!

  30. Lord D., thanks for sharing your butterfly visitation with us!

  31. That’s wonderful! Thanks you for giving the butterfly sanctuary and new experiences to talk about during that hour! I can report a wasp paying detailed attention to my toes as I lounged in the garden yesterday, but he seemed satisfied with the smells and went off in his own time.
    Lots of hugs xxxx

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Jemima. You’ve never seen anyone walk so gingerly in case I hurt it, I try never to be responsible for killing any creature if it can be helped, but this was a little ridiculous even for me. No doubt there were complaints about how boring my visits were but perhaps it enjoyed the scent of the food. I purposely didn’t have a side salad in case it came to eat and I got into trouble for breaking the no pets rule….. though no-one mentions Mike.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  32. I truly believe you are right David. I’m a big believer in butterflies visiting from loved ones. I’ve had several of these experiences myself. It’s comforting. Hugs to you! 🙂

  33. I absolutely believe in butterflies sent by our loved ones. I have heard about that from my older relatives, and had some special experiences myself. The veil is thin, the life has no beginning and no end. Many hugs!!! xxxx

    • Like most people Inese I want to believe in something after life. I want to believe that we will meet our loved ones again. Maybe not in the form we are now, but in a way we still know each other and of the love we bore. That belief would make it easier to believe that the veil is thin enough for our loved ones to come through to offer comfort in times of great need. Some of the ghosts people claim to see but which can’t be proven.
      I’m hearing so many stories from people now who talk about butterflys as the carriers of comfort and I wonder if it’s just self fulfilling prophecy or not, or perhaps a truth I’ve been too slow to see.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • David, everything can be possible in the worlds with no beginning and no end. I don’t know exactly how the Life evolves, but I am sure that the Love is the most powerful force, and those who love, will meet again – young, beautiful, whole. I am a devoted theosophist self-converted to Christianity. Esoteric knowledge of existence is a great comfort and a guiding light in the worlds to come. Many hugs! xxxx

      • Being neither a Theosphist nor a Christian I find it difficult to see through your eyes Inese. The same with Brahmanism though Buddhism I am closer too. I didn’t get very far with Mme Blavatsky in my reading.All the varied beliefs about life being part of a wheel that keeps rolling seemed a bit simplistic to me. I do think though that our bodies contain an electrical force, you can perhaps call it the spirit, that lives on after we die.Perhaps that spirit roots itself in a new born and starts again with perhaps a pause in between where those we have loved can catch up.Maybe it’s just the hope of someone without a religion to believe that life has to be more than just this short span we have. But if not, and the end is the end then I’ve lost nothing have I?
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Some day we will know more 🙂 Many hugs! xxxx

  34. I agree, you had a very special visit. You & Yvonne are much loved. The G.O. had a similar encounter with a butterfly the day we went looking for the final resting of his old friend, which we didn’t find but we believe her spirit found him.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever done a post with so many comments and with so many people saying just what comfort they received from an encounter with a butterfly.Each one unique but each person knowing what it meant. The G.O. hopefully got some comfort from his encounter.
      xxx Sending you Gigantic Hugs xxx

  35. The Butterfly surely comes and visits us as we sit on our porch in the afternoon watching life pass us by on our country road. We are blessed with shade most of the day and two overhead fans to combat the heat. Our Hydrangea lure the butterfly and quite often they visit for a time. Who are you I sometimes ask and fully expect them to sit upon my glass of Chardonnay and take a sip with us.

    The Dragonfly has rode with me on many occasion as I mow my .4 hectare yard, they will often perch upon the hand when held out. I equate the Dragonfly to a visit from my grandson Andrew who died at age seven. I greet them each time with his name and a smile and enlightenment. I once had a boat named “Dragonfly Angel.” Andrew was enamored with the Dragonfly.

    Being the Inquizator that I am, I now know of Denbigh up to the north and it’s history back to the 1200’s. Always learning and keeping the wheels turning. From Halifax, NS, (this day) Cheers Sir.

    • Elfidd sounds very Welsh so I wonder if it’s rooted in my part of this Country. My two experiences with butterflies have both been odd and both happened in places where butterflies should not be… flowers.
      I love the story of the dragonflies and the thought that they’ll willingly come to your hand, my blasted budgie won’t even do that. The thought that your grandson visits you must be a wonderful comfort especially given his fondness for dragonflies.
      Well done on the research of Denbigh, the castle ruins still exist there.
      Lovely to have you visit.

  36. Your Yvonne is not the only one who thinks that God’s creatures could be vessels for carrying loved ones energy. Many thanks for sharing. Wishing you & family a great weekend ahead.

  37. Wonderful story, David, and well told. In some cultures the butterfly symbolizes transformation, an appropriate expression for a creature who blossoms from a caterpillar into a flying flower.

  38. That’s awesome, David. It’s very special to be visited by a butterfly. I hope your spirits have remained lifted. Best wishes.

  39. I swear my cat, Cassie, is the reincarnation of my first cat, Wolfie. We have bonded from day one. There are so many things we just can’t understand, and that is probably just as well. If we had all the answers, just imagine how dull and boring life would be… 🙂

    • You’re right Joe, we don’t need all the answers at one time, we should work for them. I won’t get another cat in case it’s Oscar reincarnated, I’m just getting used to no alarm and I only sleep 3 hours as it is.
      I’m glad to hear you’ve bonded with Cassie though, if it is Wolfie come back he’ll know he’s doing something right.

  40. Ah the supreme magic of butterflies and of course hummingbirds:) A lovely post. Thank you…janet:)xxx

  41. I did it! I am back following you! Huzzah! I loved this piece as I am partial to butterflies and moths. And I loved that you saw it as an emotional lift – what a surprise that it stayed with you for so long! A friend of mine died from cancer and about a year later, her son was married. It was an outside wedding and just before the ceremony, a little bird came and sat in a tree near us. It sat there for the entire thing, tilting its head and watching. Both Hubs and I thought it was probably a sign of his mother.

  42. Wow! What a splendid and beautiful encounter.

  43. What beautiful experiences.
    I recently wrote a post about seeing faded double rainbows in the early evening…earlier that same day I had been singing I can sing a rainbow to my little dogs as they love that song.
    Sending you and yours huge hugs back! xox

  44. I have had friends who have experienced this exact thing, David. And they have felt their loved ones presence the entire time. I believe. Our spirits communicate through nature, naturally. 😘

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