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The Saturday Special.

Because we were in the Supermarket at 7..30 am on Saturday morning the crowds were avoided ( for my sake ) and the world was our bivalve mollusc. Mike decided instead of the bacon roll he often has after shopping that he preferred to go straight to Flint and have crumpets at Temptations. It was a bit of a disappointment for him when we had parked up to be told by one of the staff that they weren’t opening until 10.00 pm as the re-vamp they’d done during the week merited a Grand Opening complete with cutting of ribbon. I made sure Mike understood that it was the official ribbon which could be cut and not any other he saw on female hats or in their hair. He can be a bit literal at times, explaining about rock cakes was fun.

Anyhoo, we had 45 minutes to waste. That was fine by me as there were shops open and the only thing they were missing was me. I got some chocolates for the staff of Temptations as usual even though it’s a little like taking coals to Newcastle as they sell handmade chocolates. We did a fair bit of mooching until there was just ten minutes to go and we decided that a cigarette at one of the outside tables would be good. We did that and as expected 10.00 am arrived. In we went and joined a small queue which was building up in the shop section while a barrier of heave purple ribbon stopped us entering the cafe.

It was 10.15 am  when the ribbon was cut and we barged past everyone to claim a table. Newly decorated, new chairs and a posh new fan made the place look very nice. Mike claimed our table with his hat and shot off to the loo while I took my place in the queue at the counter to order coffee. There was no need to get crumpets for him as there were free cakes on the table. My turn came and I handed over their chocolates while giving my order. As I turned to sit down it was delightful to see our local celebrities Adam and Richard, the brothers who sing a lot of opera.

I knew my niece Karen would be jealous if I spoke to them so naturally I sought Adam out to chat to, he knows me well. To make things worse I got Mike to take a picture of us together on his phone and send it to Karen. She came back asking if I’d got their autographs which I had, on the inside of one of their CD’s. I should be in favour next time In see her.

After eating all the free cake and the biscotti we drove to Holywell to pick up some hot pork baps for lunch and went home. Normally I wouldn’t be allowed to go home so early but Manchester United were playing early afternoon in a derby with their great rivals Manchester City. I was able to catch up on work and then fall asleep in front of the TV while Mike was in his bedroom streaming the game.



That’s Adam on the left of the picture with Richard on the right with some scruffy beggar in the centre.

Their last album


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Hugs to all.


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