Oscar Becomes a Hero

Facebook surprise me with memories sometimes. This morning they reminded me of a piece I’d written 5 years ago to the day when I was writing about Oscar. He was just 16 at this point. He lived until just past his 18th birthday and died on Oct 1st 2013. During all that time we’d recorded his battles with the other household ‘pets’ introduced by Julia. The three ‘girls’ who were rats and beautiful and the degus who though delightful to look at had less intelligence than a peanut and who made short work of all the wires in the lounge whenever they broke free.

Anyway, here’s the piece Facebook reminded me of.

How easily things change. One light time I’m all but invisible in the village and the next I’m the flavour of the week. Though of course that’s how it should be really.

I was a little bored and not sure what to do with myself. Outside it was still the dark time and inside there was no light as my ‘The Her’ and ‘The Him’ we’re still asleep. I’d had some fun unravelling all her knitting , I’d ‘borrowed’ a few pairs of socks, I’d even knocked two plants off the ledge by the small clearway but now I was bored. It was time for fun with the Longlegs.

I walked through my home to the room where my ‘The Him’ was in his sleeping place making those funny grunting sounds that my ‘The Her’ hates so much. He looked funny sprawled on his back , arms up above his head and one leg hanging out of the covers. It looked a very handy way up so I got a good grip and ran up the leg to the sleeping place. It might or might not have been the fact that my claws were out that caused the “What the?” that I heard but I’m afraid that was soon cut off as I jumped straight onto his stomach bringing forth an “Ooph.” I lay down and started retracting and bringing forth my claws to make him softer ( it never seems to work) until the arms which had now come from near his head started stroking me. But, if he thought he was going to get back to sleep that way he was wrong. I didn’t start purring as he’d hoped. I moved higher up his body and connected my head with his chin making him lift his head. I was then able to snuggle under his chin. Unfortunately this didn’t seem to please him today, perhaps because I may just possible have been leaning on his windpipe. Totally accidentally you understand.

It took only moments for my ‘The Him’ to decide I wanted something and gently pushing me aside he swung himself off his sleeping place. “Well, what is it you want you rogue?” he asked, probably expecting me to need food. Instead I led him through to the lounge where I made him sit and stroke me for a few minutes. Then, off I jumped and led him to the clearway. “ Hooray!” He said ,”you out and me back to bed.”

That suited me and as the clearway opened out I went. The light time was almost upon us now and I decided to walk to the village. There was no sign of Ginger or the others on my way but there was a lot of fascinating rustling coming from the undergrowth nearby. Lucky for them I’d eaten. I was just level with the Fursty Ferret when I heard a noise. It was a Longlegs scream . It was coming from below the pub. I went to look and the wooden floor outside was open. I could see a female down below shaking with fright at the sight of a rat in the corner. The rat was more frightened than she was but she couldn’t see that.

I jumped down and hissing at the rat I lunged and caught it by the neck. “Play Dead” I told it with a muffled voice, my mouth full of rat hair. It went limp. I jumped out of the cellar and deposited it on the ground. “You’re the pet of that little girl next door aren’t you?” I said, “better get yourself of home before someone comes to check I’ve finished you off.” He ran home quickly and I went to lean over the edge of the floor.

“Oh thank you Oscar” said the female Longlegs as she recognised me.”how brave you are, I shall get you some salmon , wait there.” And wait I did. It was delicious.

I had just started to leave when there was another Longlegs sound of dismay and before me was one of the old ones looking up into a tree where a kitten sat shivering in the branches. I guessed she wanted the kitten down, probably to treat it with some respect as we Superiors deserve but I know that some kittens while good climbers up, are not good climbers down. I climbed up and found this was the case. Once up there, the little female kitten had found she didn’t like the height. Picking her up by the neck as I had the rat I carried her safely down to the ground. The old Longlegs was crying and fussing the kitten who just rolled over on her back to enjoy it. I stood by as proud as I should be until suitable recognition came my way. It did, as the old one finally started fussing me too.

“Oh what a brave, clever cat ( cat ?) you are Oscar” she said, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the now unfussed kitten start heading towards the tree again. “ I won’t come after you a second time” I said “back here now please for another fuss.”

The kitten obeyed and was rewarded with another fuss as promised and I even joined in by licking it.

I carried on strolling but met none of the gang and nothing else happened. Getting bored again I decided to head home for food.

As I arrived back and entered through the clearway I saw my ‘The Him’ with a dish. I followed and found he had put me some fresh chicken out. My ‘The Her’ entered and started stroking me.

“Well Oscar, you have been a busy boy this morning. I’ve been getting phone calls from the village about you.” Before I could deny any wrongdoing,she added “You must be the bravest pussy cat ( why can’t people call us Superiors?)( But of course she’s right about the bravest) in the village.

So, I’m back on top and in favour again in my rightful position. I can’t wait until I tell the rest of the gang later.


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109 responses to “Oscar Becomes a Hero

  1. Reblogged this on Musings on Life & Experience and commented:
    A story by Sir David Prosser.

  2. Aww! What a delightful recount. I love it when Facebook digs up those old posts and photos. Oscars knew how to have fun obviously. Now I am not sure what voice I read this post in 😄

    • Thanks so much Jacqueline. If you can imagine a cat that used to be my alarm clock whether I wanted to get up or not. A cat who might lie across my face to wake me or perhaps go under the duvet and use his claws on the soles of my feet. All this to be fed or to go out. A cat who made sure he st in my chair and put his claws out in warning should I want to sit there myself. If you can imagine that, then that’s the sly voice to use, the voice of my Boss.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. Such a sweet imagining, and voice. There might be a further story or even a book in this, David? You never know. My commiserations, too. Our pets are so dear to us. Hugs ))) x

    • He wrote his own book of adventures using me as his secretary Yvette. I blogged about him for a long time so there were plenty of episodes to draw on. Memoirs of a Superior and he had his ppicture on the front.

      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  4. Aaah…I miss Oscar. Lovely to be reminded of him again. -hugs-

  5. Lovely to meet Oscar, David. I hadn’t come across your blog yet at the time.

    • I was blogging on Weebly in those days Olga and hadn’t found WordPress yet. After Oscar died I found it and also found it was a lot easier to work with so left all the old stories behind. It was Facebook that prompted my memory today.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  6. Your stories about Oscar are so delightful. It was wonderful to see this one again. Mega hugs.

    • Thank you Teagan. Maybe I’ll pop back to Weebly once in a while and bring one over. I forget some people haven’t suffered as much as others.
      Have a Great Weekend.
      Much Love and Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Oscar returns! And probably in many ways, Oscar never left the building… 🙂 Such a sweet recounting of the ‘Oscar’ days. xoxohugekittyhugxoxoxo

    • I still check under the bed in case he hasn’t really left the building and I tuck the quilt in to keep my toes safe.. I’m not convinced of the sense in bringing his stories back again Pamela, I’ve got used to no feline alarm clock.
      Have a wonderful weekend
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  8. Delightful story, David. I’m sure you miss Oscar.
    I’m reading this with one my cats–the one who follows me all over the house and sleeps next to me– on my lap. Ours are strictly indoor cats, but they still have their adventures. 🙂

    • I’m sure I wouldn’t miss him now Merril, I’ve taken lessons on my aim.The sheer luxury of knowing I can get up when I want is great but I only manage 2 hours some nights because I’m waiting for him to pounce or to lie across my face because he knows it’s the quickest way to move me. I live in terror still.
      I’m glad your cats are not like that and their adventures are strictly non-violent.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  9. I loved reading about your Oscar, David. He definitely had ‘cat-titude’! 🙂

  10. Awesome story! Oscar is purrrrfect!

  11. 18? Good grief. Does that mean I still have 8 years to go with our Leo? 😉 My daughter has degus by the way, since she left the superiors with us. She loves them! Thanks for sharing this, David! 😉

  12. What a delightful story David, I didn’t know you are on Facebook, must check that out. I think this would be a fantastic childrens book, illustrations popped into my head as I read it. Just think how Reuben and Amelie would love for you to sit down with them and read to them from this book. Oscar sounds like he was a real character. Such a great read. Take care my friend and massive hugs!!

    • Well, he’s already in his own book but if you wanted to do one and illustrate it you could certainly have some of his stories. I thought illustrations would work in my More Barsetshire Diaries and a good artist agreed to do them but it all came to naught virtually as the book wasn’t a good seller.
      I hope you have a Wonderful Weekend Sweetie.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx.

  13. I’m sorry Oscar is no longer with us. He sounded like an amazing cat.( Of course, I realize we we’re only getting his side of the story.)

  14. Oscar’s not the only hero, David…

  15. What a sweet story. When they go, we realise how we miss all of that 🙂
    Many hugs!

    • On the other hand we also realise we’d be able to get more sleep if Oscar hadn’t conditioned me the way he did. I can’t sleep a few minutes now without feeling those claws scraping across the soles of my feet or knowing he’s going to lie across my face and smother me.He left me a broken man, a shadow of my former self.
      xxx Massive Hugs Inese xxx

      • I would love it. The only really annoying thing is their changed toilet habits when they grow very old. Pooping on the carpet etc. But well, they have paid for these inconveniences in advance with their love and cuteness. Many hugs! xxxx

  16. What a delightful way for me to meet Oscar for the first time! I had trouble with the mental image, though. My husband’s college roommate had a dog named Oscar, and he kept getting in the way of yours.

    Humble Hugs!

  17. That is a wonderful story David – lots of smiles over first coffee this morning!! xoxo

    • Thanks so much Pauline. One of many posts from so long ago.I’d almost forgotten them. Oscar was always Ju’s cat while I was always Oscar’s ……
      personal slave. I can remember so many posts starting with the unearthly hour he woke me for the joy of seeing me squirm.
      Glad I was able to give you a smile.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  18. This is an absolutely delightful, heartwarming, entertaining story I’ve read in a l.o.n.g. time. Thank you for sharing. Love it. 🙂

  19. Facebook choose a gem to print again, David. This was a terrific story. ❤

    • That’s the first time it’s dredged up something from so far back Marylin and I’d forgotten those stories had ever gone to Facebook. I wonder how many I’ve turned down in the past. I’ll have to pay more attention from now on. There may be trouble ahead……..
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  20. I jumped inside Oscar and became him as I read – such a great feel, David. Such joy to read, well done – you! As always 🙂 ❤

  21. Ali Isaac

    Thats a grand old age for a cat! Did he really do those things? Lovely story, David. Love cats. 😊

    • He did many things Ali which I had to be allowed a certain poetic licence with to make things a little more interesting. The things you can be sure are fact 100% are his attempts to get me up when he wanted something and to kill me in the process.He didn’t get on with the degus or the rats but the rats kept him in his place pretty much as he did to me.
      Have a Superb Weekend
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  22. What a delightful read, David. This would make a perfect book. The Adventures of Oscar.
    Saturday hugs to you.

    • Thanks so much Hugh. The book is called Memoirs of a Superior and has been out a while but hasn’t proved to be a seller yet.
      Hope you’re OK.
      Saturday Hugs returned with interest.

  23. marple25mary

    This is a beautiful story! And what a wonderful alarm kitty. Husband and I have two alarm cats. A tuxedo named Tennessee and a calico named Snickers. We adore them both. A feline is one of the most magnificent creatures in the Universe, though I love all animals. Cats know how to get what they want! 🙂

    • Thank you very much. Your cats sound nice and so much more polite than Oscar when wanting something. I swear he’s get me out of bed at 2.00 am just to prove he could and heaven help me if I wanted to sit in my chair when he did or if I was late with a meal. And yet Ju could do anything she wanted with him, no problemo.
      At least I’m not scared of the budgie.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  24. Wonderful, insightful and such a pleasure to read, thank you for this beautiful post. And I can’t wait to hear more (which is a good sign, the appetite for reading grows)

  25. our superior kitties have spectacular lives, of which we only sometimes discover! it’s grand you re-found Oscar’s heroic deeds 🙂

    • I’m sure anything spectacular Oscar did, he’d make sure I heard of it if only to make me put it in writing for him again.He was convinced of his superiority and at times I think he may have been right. We are just servants.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Roxie xxx

  26. Bittersweet, David. Our pets bring us great joy and become part of the family. Lovely memory ❤ Massive hugs to you.

    • Or they just scare you so much you can’t forget them. I’ve never known an animal lay so many mantraps before. Oscar rules…….at least that’s what he said.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Diana xxx

  27. I must go back into your past to find other gems like this! Have you thought of joining in Flashback Friday, David?
    Felicitous hugs xxx

    • I’m afraid I was still blogging on Weebly.com when Oscar was alive and adventuring Jemima. I may bring the odd one out on occasion though. I hadn’t thought about Flashback Friday and tend not to join in anything regular in case I can’t make it.
      Lovely to see you here again,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  28. Fun and sweet story, David. Sounds like a very happy way of life for Oscar and all. 🙂

  29. What a fun post. I always get a chuckle or a fuzzy feeling when FB reminds me of some sacred memory I posted years back. xxhugsxx 🙂

  30. Love it, David! I hope you’ll forgive the re-blog, but I felt Oscar would have appreciated the widest possible audience…

  31. Reblogged this on Frederick Anderson and commented:
    A tale that needs to be read: the adventures of one morning in the life of a very Superior Cat!

  32. Jane Sturgeon

    I love this memory and delighted in reading about some of Oscar’s adventures. Beautifully written. Thanks to Frederick I have found you. Xx

    • Oh, Facebook have so much to answer for having resurrected Oscar after 5 years. Now I have to relive all the mental ( and physical) scars again.Thanks so much for popping in Jane.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Jane Sturgeon

        I am wary of the Facebook memories, as they dig all sorts up..it was lovely to meet Oscar in memory. Hugs for you too David. Xxx

  33. This reminds me of a diary I used to keep about my tom cat Chester when I was a teenager. Like your Oscar he was quite a character, and sorely missed by his long legs!

    • Ha, I live very close to Chester. I suppose this blog was done like a diary for a time. Your relationship sounds a lot nicer than mine was yet I did find myself missing him.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  34. Memories live with us all the time, but a word, a smell, a thought, a sound, Facebook, friend, family, foe…it only takes some little thing to bring those memories to the forefront. So glad to see you back, dear David, I missed the way you light up my day. 🙂 Massive kitteny hugs xoxox

  35. This is such a wonderful story Dave. Oscar must have been an impressive cat!

    • I’ve learned to control the swearing now Robert. In fairness he was a clever cat but usually at getting his own way. If I decide to post another episode I may find one that brings that to life.

      • My dear Cat died two years ago this November. I still haven’t been able to replace her even though I have everything I need to take care of anew Cat. I guess to some extent Oscar remind me of her. She had a strong personality, so strong that it was hard not to think of her as furry little person.

      • I’m sorry Robert. I’ve had longer to get used o Oscar passing on and then of course when Ju went a year later he was out of mind for a long time though he might have been a comfort. Having said that, he loved her to bits so may have needed my help for that.I hope you do go on to get yourself a new furry companion with lots of quirks to entertain you.

      • Our pets get to us.

        I had my cat for 20 years…got her when she was tiny enough to fit in one hand.

        She was a great friend.

  36. I truly loved reading this. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 Jen

  37. Lovely remembrance for you and a sweet introduction to Oscar for me. Hugs, my friend.

  38. What a lovely post!!
    Oscar definitely had a lot of swag!! And these fb memories are really fun sometimes ☺
    Have a great day!!

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