Oh Woe is Me.

I was up at 2.10 am but decided I liked my neighbours enough to keep the noise down. Therefore I didn’t go in to Joey, didn’t turn the TV on and left the washing machine alone. Instead I decided to start the post. That kept me going until 5.00 am when it seemed a good time to medicate myself and have breakfast. First though I set the washer to Quickwash and let ‘er rip. By the time I’d finished the sprays, tablets and then eaten breakfast too, the washing was done and I could set it to dry and disappear.

Back to my mail with both incoming and outgoing comments I managed another hour until at 6.30 ish I thought maybe I could manage a little snooze. This time I did go to Joey and with a word of apology I turned the TV on to the news. I knew before I did it that it would be a mistake but hey, that’s never stopped me before. So as I shut my eyes to try and relax there a far too much noise about the Cousin’s current merry go round election debacle. I left myself wondering if they  shouldn’t call it all off and just appoint the Independent as President. Apart from not knowing where A…LEPPO  is he seemed pleasant enough.

Most of the day was on the computer catching up or keeping up with mail. I don’t think there’s a corner of the World I’ve left untouched now. Eventually I turned off at 11.30 pm  and went to bed to read for a while. Coughing well.


Up at 3.08 am . Not feeling well and coughing fit to wake the neighbours streets away. No way I can visit Chester like this. Still, looking on the bright side, I won’t get my knee cap gnawed and I’m unlikely to get rugby tackled to the ground, and that’s just by Yvonne in an argument about who pays for coffee.

At 5.00 am I went to take the diet pills, meaning the pills that constitute my diet, and have some small breakfast. Today it was half a round of toast. Not wanting to return to the mail yet I went to sit in the lounge after breakfast. On went the news and the brightness of the TV disturbed Joey so I had to apologise. Thing was, I had to look round to see who’d spoken. It can’t have been me. This was a dark brown, husky voice that Joey responded to and  it sounded like it was coming from my boots, which incidentally were still in my bedroom. My throat felt fine but the echoes came from my chest area.

I rested up as much as possible but waited until Sharon came at 1.30 pm before going to lie on my bed to cogitate. Strange the snoring sound that accompanied it.


Had to admit defeat this morning and start taking emergency antibiotics and steroids. I can imagine the glee of “I told you so’s” from certain quarters. I didn’t have long to wait. I rested up for the day, mainly by leaning on the computer table and keeping the post going. Had a visit from my new warden ??? Where’d Bev go? and also my chemist friend with new drugs.


As I’m not expecting Mike today ( he’s at a birthday party for one of his grandsons), I can at least avoid more sarcasm about leaving things long enough to get pneumonia. I was up at 3.20 am , breakfasted at 5.00 am when I took my meds then sat with Joey until 8.30 am. After getting washed and dressed I went to Pauline’s to restock the cupboard then came home to relax. I needed too as the short walk had knackered me. Still, no excuse needed for the after lunch kip today.

Damn me if I didn’t get a text at about 9.00 pm to say Mike’s on his way. Perhaps he didn’t get a piece of cake. It was midnight before he got here, I was still awake. We both had a piece of cake. I made him  coffee while he told me of the accident he’d been caught by just up the road that had delayed him quarter of an hour. It was almost 1.30 am before I put my book down in an attempt to sleep.


Up at 3.16 am and as it’s too early for breakfast yet I did the early morning mail until 4.30 am. Mike got up at 8.30 ish or 8.30 and three alarm calls. I was watching Frazier by the time he came through for his coffee. He left at 10.00 am to go to see his father in Manchester.  I’m afraid being one of those delicate alpine flowers (idle swine) I didn’t get dressed all day. Joey and I held  party on our own.

I went for a shower at 7.00 pm and Mike arrived home just before I went through so was able to do my hair for me. It was ridiculous the recovery time needed after just trying to hand dry my hair, maybe I should have used a towel as well?


I didn’t even manage 2 hours last night and was up at 2.15 am. By the time 6.00 am came round with Mike’s first alarm I was up to date with the mail, I’d seen to the rubbish and recycling which was now waiting for collection at the front, and I’d made his coffee and left it on the table in the lounge. I saw to Joey’s food and water then returned to my mail for a while. Mike got up at 6.20 am but we were still out of the house by 7.15 am.

We’d done the bulk of the shopping by 8.30 am, packed the car and had a cigarette. We drove to The Range where Mike had his breakfast toastie and once we’d had a coffee I looked round for Christmas inspiration. I got a little bit. Next we hit Flint which was followed by a drink at Temptations then a ride to The Bells of St Mary’s for lunch. We had anther port of call when lunch was over which was another supermarket for some dark chocolate choc ices. Finally I and my jelly legs could go home. After unpacking the shhopping and putting it away, I came through to catch up on mail while Mike cut some card to fit memory frames I bought a few weeks ago. Once done we filled them with Crown coins from 1951 to 1981 (8 in total) which make a beautiful display. I also sorted some crowns out missing from Mike’s collection, 1960, 1937 and 1935. It must have been 5.00 pm before we were able to relax.

































Have a wonderful week everyone. xxx Massive Hugs xxx











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66 responses to “Oh Woe is Me.

  1. -grumble- Glad you’re taking the antibiotics. At last. -grumble-

  2. Hope you’re well soon and get some sleep.

  3. Yes, I think you made the right choice, going on to the antibiotics. I just don’t know how you manage on so little sleep, David. You remind me of my grandmother, who only ever slept 3 hours a night! 🙂 Hugs))))

  4. Hoping you feel much better soon, massive hugs xxxx

  5. Even I managed some insomnia last week. Damn nuisance lyng awake I must say. All back to nirmal now and sleeping like a log at night. I guess if you can manage on two hours a night it doesn’t matter. I read a while ago that in Olden Days people would sleep for three or four hours, wake up, make a cup of tea, have a chat, and then go back to sleep for a similar spell. Eight hour sleeping patterns are relatively new and artificial.

    Lemon, honey and hot water?

    • Why not, I could give it a try. I don’t think waking for a brew and a chat will work though as it’s sure to p**s off any neighbour who’s door I knock on don’t you think?
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  6. I do not think that week relates to taking it easy! I think you need to be tied to your bed, oh dear that don’t sound good lol Have you thought of getting a laptop and staying in bed to write, email etc That is where I am now its also the warmest place although the sun is out and I have hung my little bit of washing on the line. Rest up or else xxxxx

    • Yes Boss. I can’t stay in bed to write though or Joey might wreck the lounge without me there to control him. Oh the lies, I work on my desktop in the bedroom anyway so I’m not there to control Joey all day.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs to you Karen xxx

  7. Good post, David. Sorry to hear you were having chest problems. I hope you’re better by now. Angelie must still be cutting teeth. if your knee is being gnawed. Take care. Massive Hugs to you also. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne. It’s the time of year for chest problems for me now. I hate having to keep taking antibiotics though as I know I’ll become resistant eventually.
      Amelie still has teeth coming through so you have to count your fingers if you absentmindedly let her hold your hand while talking to Yvonne.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. Yup, a towel does come in handy when drying hair but hey it all depends on ones mood or patience levels at the time – drip dry does take longer than spin-dry 😀 and oh re “Cousin’s presidential elections” – all gone to the dogs – have no patience with it any more so I’ll just switch off TV n radio stop listening who said what and who slept or touched-up who…and just see the results…I’d love to see a surprise happening as in totally new candidate springing up like Jack-in-a-box Many hugs XX

    • I hadn’t thought of a spin dry facility. I wonder if I can get Joey to power a wheel?
      True enough the election is annoying, almost soul destroying with accusation and counter. I’m told they couldn’t bring in a third person at this stage but I was sure there was a kind of Independent running too. They should give it to him by default….default of the other two.
      xxx Huge Hugs Ina xxx

  9. I do wish you’d take better care of yourself, but then, look who’s talking. Mind you, I now align my med times to when the boys want something like their nightly cucumber. They always remind me when it’s due. Boys = guinea pigs, of course.
    Take it steady.
    Transcendental hugs ❤

    • I think it’s automatic that bronchitis comes at the first change of weather now, no matter what I do. I try and tie my meds to TV times but in the old days the girls (4 lady rats) were a good reminder. Not the degus as they ate constantly.
      Try and keep well, look after yourself.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  10. Oh David, I’m sorry you’re not well — I hope the antibiotics kick in quick and un-woe you. Thank you for Norwegian Wood — It has always felt like such a peaceful song to me. One wouldn’t think “peaceful” would be a good idea at 6 AM while getting ready for work, but as I brace myself for Mordor, it is! LOL.
    Wishing you a perfect new week. Get well now. ❤ Mega hugs! 😀

    • Don’t worry about me Teagan, there’s poetic license in my descriptions. I’m fine. The antibiotics have 2 days to work before the weepin’ and wailin’ start.
      I think peaceful is perfect for 6.00 am and getting ready for work. Maybe it will help you find the back way into Mordor so you can find the boss in a compromising position with the worst supervisor and blackmail them both for preferential treatment from now on.
      xxx Sending you Much Love and Mega Hugs xxx

  11. Thank you for including one of my favorite Beatles songs in this post and what a joy to wake to another post from you. I always enjoy reading about your days and seeing little Reuben and Amelie makes me smile as well. Try to sleep a little more than you do and have a wonderful week, humongous hugs my friend 😘😘😘

    • Hello Darling Suzanne, you’re quite welcome as it’s a favourite of mine too. Thank you for your kind words about my posts, it gave me a lift. I shall see the kiddies tomorrow so maybe more pics.
      I think my body takes what sleep it wants then donates the rest of the night to me for the mail.
      xxx Have a Fantastic Week, Mammoth Hugs xxx

  12. I heard we have an infestation of Spanish Orcs which may explain the odd noises earlier in the week. Seems that a turmeric and peanut butter spray kills them though there is a health warning it might kill you first if you smell it. Hope the chest clouds give way to some clear blue lungs soon my friend.

  13. Getting dressed is highly overrated. Choppy most definitely agrees.

  14. I hope the antibiotics have been effective and that you will soon be all better and with renewed energy (with which to play with beautiful lively children!). Respiratory ailments can be so hard to kick, and they are so draining.

  15. It’s a symphony of coughs here too but pneumonia yikes. Get wellsoon! X

  16. Hope you’re feeling better, David!
    Adorable photos of the little ones.

  17. Store in pajamas is an acquired taste. You have to break the neighbors and storekeepers in gently. Go in tops first with normal street bottoms. Then do the bottoms. If you cough enough they will want you out of the store and back home. Hope you are feeling better.

  18. Glad you succumbed to the antibiotics David and hope you’re on the mend. Sleep helps heal by the way, lol. ((((Huge Hugs)))xx

  19. I’m so sorry you had such a difficult week, David but the photo of that little one must make you smile.
    That song by the boys might not be one of their more popular ones but it’s a favorite of mine.
    Have a great week! Stay well.

    • Not such a difficult week George, I just whinged a lot. You’re right, the smiles come easy when I look at pictures of the grandies.
      Yes, it’s a favourite song of mine too though there’s stiff competition for me during that period. I tended to prefer the later stuff to that which appealed to the screamers.
      Keep well and enjoy the latter half of the week and the weekend to come.

  20. I hope you feel better soon, David. By the way, your grandchildren are beautiful. 🙂

  21. I remember commenting a while back on your sleep pattern (at that time I was mine was somewhat normal😴) but then right before spring I began going to sleep around 12:00 ish or so and would be wide awake at 2:00😲. It lasted for several months and though I can’t sleep through an entire night it’s a much better than before. Now I’m wondering if this is one of those quietly kept secrets on getting older. 😬

    • If that’s true then you’ve got a long time before you find out and I’m keeping schtum on the subject of age. I do think that sometimes our bodies give us little reminders of what their needs are ( or aren’t as the case may be) and an overactive mind during a exciting time is going to bring you awake a lot sooner thinking you need more time for planning.
      Of course if one of the small gods like Somnos decides he wants something from you, sleep is his bargaining tool.
      Hope you’re fully back to normal now Steph.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. Have you tried magnesium tablets? A couple before bed works wonders for helping me get a deeper quality sleep. That and making sure I catch the sleep train by turning out the light just as my eyes begin to shut. Glad to read you back and blogging! 🙂 xx

  23. Hope you’re fine by now!
    Lovely photos 🙂
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Thanks so much Margaret. As always the damn bronchitis lingers on but so far I’ve managed to avoid the doctor.
      Thank you for liking my pics.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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