Oscar’s Take On Language


I’m still lying here resting my poor sore paw and that takes some saying I promise. I know some of you will say “Huh, he’s just lazy as the paw should be healing now”. But, although the paw is healing a bit, I’m feeling the arthritis beginning to bite now and its getting harder to move. Still, it gives me time to gather my thoughts and share them with you all.

This light had me thinking about language. I’m a well educated Superior and have come into contact with many Longlegs. Over time there seem to have been Longlegs visiting from all parts of this globe. I have heard the mangled English of America, the gutteral German, the temptation of Italian and the relaxed tones of Spanish. I’ve heard the Urgency of French, the leadership of Portuguese, the sing-song of Chinese and the melody of Welsh. I’ve heard those and more but it always surprises me that no Longlegs ever talks the Miaow language of Superiors. Nor have they one language understood the World over the way Miaow is. I can meet and greet a Superior from any part of the World because he speaks the same language as me. This is of course just further proof of why we are Superiors. They have to learn new languages all the time to communicate.

All this of course made me wonder about education and whether that’s what sets us apart from the Longlegs. Just listen to this…..they send their kittens away to be educated ! Yes it’s true, they go out in the light time and come home before the dark time and they go and learn things in large groups. I’ve heard of some things they learn like counting, that’s good but you only need count things like the claws on your paws really. They learn reading, which for them is good because they send things to each other in writing. They learn about other Countries, which is good if you live there but why bother if you only live here? They learn things which are useful like the females learn to cook my chicken and the males to build houses for me to live in, but that’s only because we Superiors have decreed it thus for our own needs, after all the Longlegs have the opposing thumb we don’t have. Yes, I’m sure that’s just something else we Superiors decreed.

What the Longlegs don’t have is the instinct we are born with. What they don’t have is a Superior’s education given by a parent of how to stalk and catch food, of how to organise Longlegs to do things for us. And this is given at home with no need to send us away during the light time. Our lives are far less complicated.

One thing we should envy the Longlegs though is life. We have nine lifetimes to learn things and start very early whereas the Longlegs live many more lifetimes. They start learning late but keep learning all the time so they may actually serve more than one Superior during that time. It would be nice if we had more than our nine lives so we could keep training the Longlegs under our care though I’m not sure I’d want to live the hundreds of years they do, after all I’ve seen what happens to their fur when they get old, it disappears and they have try and comb what’s left to cover the patches. I certainly wouldn’t want that as my fur is luxurious. Everyone should be as jealous of my fur as they are of my wit and charm, my education and training skills. Talking of which, it’s time I put my language skills to good use and suggested to my ‘The Him’ that he fills my dish with chicken.


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61 responses to “Oscar’s Take On Language

  1. You might want to add an actual Amazon link 🙂

  2. Ha, “This is of course just further proof of why we are Superiors.” I’m new to these tales but they are truly making me laugh, plus think: yeah, we Longlegs assume we’re “all that” but in many many aspects, the Superiors here Really Are superior, when you think of it : ))

    • Oh please don’t encourage them. We’ll be silver service waiters to them next. Don’t forget we’re the ones with the tin openers.!!
      Huge Hugs

      • Silver service for the Superiors? Oh please do not even mention in the presence of some of my friends and family … you’d give them ideas. Besides, maybe not to silver yet, as far as I know, but tin anyway: no doubt the felines would resort to Superior hunting abilities in the absence of the tin openers; they’ve got us where they want us for now, do you think? : ))

      • It’s quite likely they always have us where they want us but I’m refusing to be defeatist. I have an opposable thumb and this should put me on top.If I don’t say it out loud maybe they won’t hear me and take that idea away too.
        xxx Hugs Galore Peri xxx

  3. Who else but a cat can give little yet receive so much? Ha, that’s why they’re superior!

  4. The Longlegs are liking learning about Oscar 🙂 I didn’t know you back in 2011 so I am enjoying the “re-runs” that are new to me 🙂

  5. Just another reason why they are superior ……. it’s a good point about the hair, I hadn’t thought of that before!

    • They don’t mention their own shortcomings like who’d open their tins without us. I’m not sure they are superior but don’t ever tell a cat II said so.
      xxx Massive Hugs Pauline xxx

  6. Cute, David. I’ve often thought they think that way. When one of my daughter’s cats wants her attention, he pulls a book off the shelf. She wonders if he’s learned to read. Massive Hugs to You also. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • They definitely think like that Suzanne and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear Sayjals cat has learned to read. They like to know how we think, especially about Superiors.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  7. Purr-fect, David. Mega hugs 🐱

  8. I enjoy reading about your Oscar–though I love my “superiors.” 🙂

    Many hugs!

  9. Pawsome David! Absolutely Pawsome!!

  10. Yup, no comb-over for Oscar – eva! :))))))) Hugs hugs hugs

  11. I never knew Oscar was such a deep thinker! How interesting to see education from a furry perspective. I wish our kitties lived longer too. Lovely post, David. Massive hugs!

  12. Massive hugs to you and Oscar!

    • Mine I accept gratefully Darlene but I’ll need to find a medium to deliver Oscar’s now.. He died late 2012 and his beloved mistress in May 2013. These are all old reblogs to keep me away from the screen so much.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  13. marple25mary

    My two kitties have educated me well, but are still certain i’m not very bright. And really, where would i be without them?

  14. Ali Isaac

    Haha! Cats are very regal, aren’t they? But poor moggy, did I miss something? What happened to his paw?

    • He’d cut his paw the day before thanks to some longlegs being careless with a bottle. It was quite a small cut but Oscar could milk it for all it was worth.
      Yes, cats appear very regal and disdainful, looking down their long noses at us. To be honest there’s probably only us and mice it works on. The rats used to tease him no end.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs Ali xxx

  15. Handsome cover portrait. A smart kitty and another lovely story.
    Delightful reading, David. ❤ ❤ ❤ Heartwarming.

  16. Oscar the cat certainly has ‘Cat-itude’! His Long Legs commentary made me laugh.
    Spoken Welsh sounds beautiful in an ethereal way. Imagine if we all really spoke just one language, the world over? My dogs tend to think that Dog might be the right one…
    Hugs! xo

    • Oscar certainly did have cat-itude and you virtually knew what he was thinking all the time…!I’m one of the best, and where’s my food”.
      Welsh is a beautiful language and the oldest in Europe. It was bound to have been spoken all over Europe at one time and it would have been good to have found it still spoken everywhere.
      Your dd is probably right.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  17. lol – I just knew there was a reason I went to uni. With my lot I should probably think about starting a PhD. I don’t suppose Oscar has any advice on what discipline I should choose?

  18. Oscar is truly a superior. It takes one to know these things 🙂

  19. A Superior with a comb over would certainly be a sight!

  20. Oscar you bring up so many valid points one being, why bother learning about other countries if you only live here? My life also would have been so much easier if I didn’t have to learn that pesky subject called math. You most certainly are Superior. 😸😺

    • Oscar had a certain narrow outlook on some things Steph. He thought as all cats speak the one language that all countries must be the same. I was happy to foster that belief in case he wanted to go travelling. Anyway he preferred to be a big star in a small firmament than a small star elsewhere.Telling him he is a Superior is just encouraging him and I was always the one to bear the brunt of that. Math is good, Oscar could never balance a cheque book or total a shopping bill because he believed everyone else should do the paying.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Ah, his reasoning makes sense🤔Cats are the best! I had two but had to give them to family members when I moved into an apartment. My older cat, Sable, ruled the roost and would unfortunately bully my dog and the younger kitty, Tigress. Those were good times.

      • How on Earth did you stop Sable from ruling you too? Normally you’re expected to do much more than just open cans for them. You have to be ready at a moments notice to stroke them and it doesn’t matter if you happen to be knitting since that’s just an extra toy.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Sadly ruled me as well. But unlike my other fur kids I was able to escape from her tyranny was through going to work. Between you & me I think the only reason she let me work she understood the coorelation between the need for money and survival.😼 I’ll tell ya those cats are crafty creatures indeed.😾

  21. I am really enjoying these pieces, you old “The Him.” Fun stuff! 🙂

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