Shopping Inspiration.

The decision had been made yesterday that we’d go to The Tweed Mill today and see if there was inspiration for Christmas. Every little helps. As also wanted Afon Wen(White River) antiques centre we’d have a meal in one of the two places despite knowing they’re overpriced. Mike dutifully got up at 8.30 am and because I didn’t put our usual Sunday morning programmes on there were no distractions.
We were out for 10.00 am and on our way to The Tweed Mill at St. Asaph. We arrived at 10.20 am and found we could walk around inside even though it didn’t open until half past. There was a good display of Christmas gifts but the one gift I was concentrating on was for a minimalist. Not easy but I think I managed ( more or less lol).

At noon we went for lunch. I quite enjoyed mine though more potato would have been welcome so I pinched one of Mike’s. The thing I missed most in the steak, ale and mushroom pie was the mushroom….there was certainly enough room for some. After lunch and a cigarette outside, we hit the upstairs. Not a lot of inspiration there so we went downstairs to pay for things we’d reserved behind the counter. Then we headed off to Afon Wen.

At Afon Wen I was lucky enough to get a couple of coins I wanted before we needed to indulge in a drink in their restaurant. Another short waltz round then homeward bound. Glory be, I’m cruppered. I couldn’t hit the mail when I got back because Mike was still here so I waited round chatting until after he’d arranged Ju’s flowers. Once he decided to start for his home at 5.00 pm I was able to come through and start. Poor Joey had to do without company until 8.00 pm. Then he got an hour before it was time for my drugs and back to work.


3.25 am seemed to be the time that attracted me today. My brain came to life to realise that it needed to play catch up with my legs that were already on their way out of bed. Luckily it wasn’t but a sparrow fart to the computer chair. I turned on and ploughed into the multitude of messages that were waiting. By 5.00 pm there were still a few to deal with but two thing were now a priority, the kitchen and my meds and a visit to the loo before I started  bladder leakage programme on the bedroom floor. I must have been jer, jer, jigglin’ for a while judging by the speed I had to move. Thing is, my legs are on  the move all the time sitting here so I can’t always tell what for.

I took my meds and had breakfast (Shreddies, no not the underpants kind) then took the antibiotic, the steroids (check out the Moobs!) Had my after meal diabetic tabs. I swear I rattle when I move. I put the washing machine on then brought a coffee back to my desk to carry on with the mail. At 6.20 am I was just about up to date so took my coffee mug back to the kitchen, turned the drier on and then sat with Joey and watched the news. I’m waiting for the day they say All wars are over, mankind is turning over a new leaf. Sometimes man needs a light to guide him towards peace, you have a choice to carry the light or be the light. I’m not holding my breath still though, maybe one day?

I alternated between periods doing messages, periods with Joey and periods answering the door to the postman and delivery men. Christmas is being whittled down fast. The day passed quickly but relatively peacefully. In bed for a read at 11.10 pm.


I wasn’t very happy that after turning my light off at 12.15 am for sleep, I find myself staring at 1.47 am on the clock. I had slept but who knows for how long. I need to be on a bus at 7.30 am but this was taking preparation time to new levels. I did the only thing I could, no, not annoy Joey, I started on my mail and opened ebay.  At 4.00 am I’d just  paid for  a purchase (never miss a chance) then decided to go and take my meds and have breakfast. Today 2 rounds of toast, one with strawberry jam. I took my coffee back to the desk.By 7.30 am I was dressed for the rain, Joey’s door was open but the lounge door was shut and all lights were out. I walked up to the bus stop.

There were two more people waiting but they were kind enough to let me on first. I found my usual seat (not that it was lost but maybe a little misguided). Once the journey was under way I sent a text to Yvonne to let her know, then I closed my eyes as usual and pretended I was asleep. I was mortified to find out I really was asleep when I was pulled out of it by a voice asking where I was going today as we were in Chester. The driver had got out of his cabin to come wake me. I think he expected to find a corpse on the seat when he got close. I hopped off pretty smartish and went to find Yvonne and the kids. The first stop was for coffee to wake me up and a loo to get rid of the last one. After the usual argument about who pays I sat down defeated and put Amelie on my knee. She’s all bounce and made me feel like a tramampoline.

Needless to say we looked round shops all morning until Roobs began to show signs of being weary poor lamb. We walked to my bus stop and I tried to get them to go home rather than wait. It was like being escorted off the premises. Then Reuben was suddenly caught short so they had to dash off to the nearest loo anyway. They arrived back as my bus did so I got my final kisses. And yes, I did fall asleep on the return journey too but was awake in Holywell and stayed that way for the last three stops. A quick call in to Pauline’s and then the final dash to home hoping to open the front door before I went through it in search of the loo.










































I woz robbed. I got up just before 6.00 am to go to the loo and was delighted to have slept so long. t was only on the return journey, now wide awake ready to face the day I found it was 2.52 am. I sat dejectedly on the edge of the bed for a few minutes to see if sleep could be induced but all I could sense was the laughter of Somnos ( the small god of sleep, see the Blog Cast List). So I started work and that seemed to go on and on. I took a break to annoy  sit with Joey from 6.15 am to almost 7.30 am then it was back to it. At 9.14 am I got dressed and I’m so glad I did as that was the time the postman decided to knock with my next batch of parcels. Once those were checked and stored I left feedback.

I’ve decided to be honest.After doing the post this morning I’ve seen that I don’t care for haiku very much. I’ve always enjoyed the richness of language employed in poetry and we have some excellent poets online, but the haiku with it’s minimalist emotion and starved format just isn’t my cup of tea. It won’t stop me tweeting them but the likes will definitely be more frugal.

I had a fancy for sausage and chips today but it was pouring at lunchtime so I settled on some micro chips and curry sauce. It’s less than I would have eaten from the chippy he cried. After lunch I stole an hour for sleep from 1.00 till 2.00 ish pm then came back to work to keep as clear as possible with Dil coming . Play went well and was fun but I’m refusing to say who won. After he left at 9.30 pm I washed the pots, wished Joey good night, took my meds and came through to work ( and grumble) until 11.20 pm when it was time to read in bed.


I’d like to thank my friend Debby Kaye for her intercession with Somnos. Last night she must have distracted him quite a bit as I slept between 12.30 am and 4.45 am, possibly up to a whole  4 hours. I don’t want to leave her having to be his new infatuation for long in case Debby decides she might need some sleep herself, but one more night would be fantastic, hint, hint.

I went through to the loo before going to take my morning meds and have breakfast. I just had a round of toast this morning because something happened last night at 11.20 pm which I’m not admitting to. Luckily no-one could believe that I decided I needed a chip butty at that time could they? Coming back there was plenty of mail when I signed in which was understandable given my absence away from the screen. It took me until 7.10 am to catch up and take a short break with Joey.

At 9.00 am I had to go to buy some stamps from the Post Office. I needed milk and bread from Pauline’s so thought I could collect my new lottery tickets at the same time. I got my stamps before realising I’d come out without my lottery  list. Damnation. I got my bred and milk then walked home to drop them off before returning again with my list. Lottery done it was back home and lock myself in until the postman comes. I was almost caught up with mail when the postman arrived with 4 new mystery parcels for me. I have to forget what I’ve ordered so I can be surprised and excited. Mind you, some take so long it’s almost true.

I watched the last of the three confrontations between the presidential candidates at 11.00 am. I came a way feeling how the hell could either of these people have the nerve to stand for this great office. Will Hillary Clinton be the next President to be impeached? She is by far the better of the two candidates but she has a politicians way of ignoring any inconvenient questions by answering with something that no-one wants to know. Having said that, she is erudite and quite calm while he is a mess. He talks with his hands but they seem to know few gestures and as for policy, who knows what either is promising as the battle before me was one of personalities. Throwing insults at your opposition seems to be an art form in the cult of personalities when you don’t have good policies to show. I’d say the big losers here are the American people.

I had a message from Mike to say he was on his way about 3.45 pm so I concentrated on clearing as much as I could to be ready for his arrival. That happened about 6.15 pm so while I heard the great sighs of relief after the journey I made a coffee to start filling him up again. We talked about our week as we watched TV and then he stuck his head in his tablet and watched his beloved Manchester United win  a game 4-1.  I came through at just gone 9.30 am to catch up on mail and was still here at 11.25 pm. It’s now 11.33 pm and I’m turning off and turning in for the night.

Hugs to all.


I read until 12.30 am this morning then was pretty sure I’d get to sleep. It was correct, I did.  Morning snuck up on me without me realising it was a fraud. I paid a visit to the loo then came back ready and willing to work to find it was just 2.58 am.  I’d barely had time to reach a REM cycle,( I think I got as far as Everybody Hurts). Reluctantly now I started work and stayed there until 4.00 am when I went to take my meds, do my meds for the next week and have breakfast. I brought a coffee back to my desk at 4.40 am and started again. By 5.27 am I was up to date and went to see what the news had to offer. What it kindly had to offer was an extra half hour’s kip.

At 7.50 am I decided I’d better go play catch up again. Somehow over 60 pieces had appeared since I left the room so I had to work at it. The next thing I knew it was 9.10 am and I could hear Mike attempting to leave his lungs in the bathroom while he went back for a coffee. I went t see to the drink for him. We both sat quietly in the lounge waiting for the day to make an impression on us. It had already done so on Joey who was singing up a storm, only perhaps the word singing is a kindness too far since he sounded like a bag of cats.

At 10.00 am the postman had been and I’d started watching Homes Under the Hammer, I know I’d seen all three properties so it must have gone 10.30 am, but I was poisoned, drugged or time had churned a little too quickly. I know this because I suddenly came to and it was now 11.35 am. The TV was still on but I was all alone (apart from Joey) and by my side as another delivery. I couldn’t possibly go and start peeling hings with which to make my lunch now so I returned to work. I stayed there catching up again until 12.50 pm then made myself a sandwich to eat whilst watching Cold Case.

The afternoon was spent catching up again though I had a break at 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm. Once 5.15 am came I was on the TV with my programmes. Poor Mike had sent a message to say he was on his way back and then another one to say he was stuck in a massive traffic jam. It took him until 9.00 pm to get back instead of 6.00 pm. His bladder must be cast iron.

At 9.40 pm I excused myself to come and work but when he came through to speak to me I caught him up in a problem I’m having in the hopes it would clarify things. I was also a little worried as Amelie is poorly and Yvonne seems to be under some strain. At 11.46 pm I decided to turn off and head for my book.


Maybe I  was sleeping on the wrong side this morning because it seemed to take a long time to turn over and get up. When I did so I sat on the edge of the bed for a minute to try and work out who I was and what I was doing there. The latter became of prime importance when my bladder tried sending smoke signals to my brain. I made it safely to the loo.

I’d been asleep since about 1.00 am as I’d felt tired all day yesterday. It was now 3.55 am so rather than start any work, I went to take my morning meds and have some breakfast. Cornflakes today if you’re interested. Actually, cornflakes today even if you’re not. Somehow that took me until 4.40 am so I took my coffee through and started the day’s mail. I knew I’d only work until about 5.30 am before breaking off to do the rubbish and recycling collection. Somehow, I did the last piece of mail in the early batch at 5.25 am so I was fine for a break.

At 6.00 am after the rubbish was outside for collection, I came back inside for the Battle of Alarm Bay. The first skirmish started at 6.00 am on the dot when Mike’s alarm goes off and I try to get his coffee ready before he ignores it and goes back to sleep. I didn’t quite manage it this morning and had to wake him with the news his coffee was on the table in the lounge. I thought the message had got through from the encouraging grunts I got. He went back to sleep regardless until the second alarm woke him at 6.05 , at 6.10 am and finally at 6.15 am when he went through to the lounge to fall asleep in his chair. We still managed with a bit of prodding to be out of the house by 7.30 am and it was exciting today as we were going somewhere different to do something different this morning. A secret mission with Christmas in mind.

We were successful and able to head back towards Flint in order to have a coffee at Temptations. Then we did a little frozen food shopping which we took straight home and Mike made me put it away even though it was his turn. Before we went back out for lunch I decided to leave feedback on a parcel delivered this morning. Bert brought it round when he saw the car. Only problem was, I lost it. High and low, low and high we searched. I knew I’d put it in a shopping bag to carry it but those were long emptied. At last inspiration… I told Mike to open the boot to see if it had dropped out. It hadn’t, but it was inside a shopping bag Mike was keeping in the car with his stuff. PHEW!!

We went into Holywell for lunch to the Top Bells. I had a mushroom omelette and chips, Mike had fish and chips. From there we went gift hunting and promptly forgot the other shop we were intending to hit and just came home. I worked hard on my mail while someone else went to sleep and ignored the bird who then gave him the bird. I went through at 5.30 am in the hopes of falling asleep too finding something exciting to watch. Both sleep and TV were hard to come by with the snoring from the next chair so I tried reading the TV mag and imagining what I could be watching. Typical, the minute I thought about watching a Sandra Bullock film, Mike woke up to play chaperone or to move in on he himself. At 9.00 pm I gave up and came through to work and find a way to hide the lottery millions I’m going to win away from him. Serves him right.

Have a Wonderful Weekend everybody. Masses of Hugs all round.



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78 responses to “Shopping Inspiration.

  1. David, my friend, *you* are inspiration. Finish getting well fast. And thanks for my favorite Eurythmics song! Sweet dreams to you. Mega hugs.

    • In all the wonderful Eurythmics songs it’s just so easy to forget the one that started them all. It really is a fantastic song. Thanks for displaying your usual impeccable taste Teagan.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  2. Lovely to see Amelie and Reuben again. Getting so big! I hope everybody is better soon and goo luck with your sleep!

    • Amelie will be one in two months. Time has flown and she has grown Olga. Better to get the illnesses out of the way before Christmas then nothing spoils the occasion.
      xxx Massive hugs xxx.

  3. The adventures of David! 🙂 I saw the Eurythmics live when they played here in New Zealand at the Sweetwaters Festival. The weather turned bad, and it was a bit dangerous for the acts to continue to take the stage. Yet, the Eurythmics did come on stage. I’ll never forget Annie Lennox singing, here comes the rain again, as large sheets of water fell from to the stage! Amazing

    • That must have been a real joy Yvette. I wish they’d re-form to do a world tour, even the new generation seem to have heard of them and know their songs.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  4. Another busy-ish week and those littlies are growing too fast! You and Mike are a great double act!! xoxo

    • Perhaps just the weekend Pauline, I’m too lazy during the week. You’re right, they are growing too fast, comparing outfit sizes with those bought in the past shows me the difference. They’ll be in my size at Christmas..
      I suppose that must be true, in the past we’ve been called The Brothers Grimm and You Two Clowns.
      Sending Masses of Hugs xxx

  5. Stingy bugger that sleep, just comes in dribs n drabs it seems so I wonder if there is some trick to trick it 🙂 Otherwise have a grand wekk David with many hugs 🙂

  6. You should get weel again soonif you keep pinching Mike’s potatoes. That made me laugh 😂 take care x

  7. Do hope you slept well last night as I seemed to be awake half of it. According to Partner I snore when I’m awake.

    • Slept from about 12.30 am to 2.55 am but had to go back for an hour at 7.50 am unusually but I blame the chest for that. Will want a kip later.
      Snoring while awake is normal when you’re just getting into the zone. Trouble is you can wake yourself up too.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. Cute pictures of the grandchildren. I hope Amelie is feeling better by now. Sounds like you’re already busy buying Christmas presents. I finally got back on the internet today. I hope that doesn’t happen again soon. Thanks for the lovely music. All the best. Huge Hugs to you David. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne, I get spoiled with photographs luckily. Amelie is still off colour but hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon. Yes, I’ve almost finished my shopping because most of it has been done online this year.
      I’m glad you’re back on the internet again, I hope you’re OK for a while now. Glad you liked the music.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  9. I’m not a huge poetry fan but I do like the odd haiku. Lucky for you the pics of the kids were gorgeous so you’re forgiven! I hope Amelie is feeling better.

    • Her tonsils are badly swollen which caused the rash she has. Poor lamb is on antibiotics.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Ugh. I know they don’t yank tonsils out any more but it sounds as if the poor little thing is suffering. Big hugs to Amelie and Yvonne as well. She must be run ragged by now. 😦

      • Thanks so much Meeks. She is run ragged as originally two chemists told her Ami had chicken pox but she was sure the rash wasn’t right. At first the doctors (two of them) said they had no idea what the rash was and just to give her fluids….until one of them decided they might as well check her over as she was there. Something I’d have thought automatic rather than an afterthought. Without antibiotics who knows what might have happened.
        xxx Huge HUGS XXX

      • Gah…talk about tunnel vision! And yes, I would have thought covering the basics would have been…basic. Hopefully the poor kid will recover quickly now and Yvonne can get some rest. -hugs back-

      • I expected more of the doctors so I’m happy at least one decided upon a basic examination.
        xxx ❤ xxx

  10. I love seeing photos of Reuben and Amelie. I wonder what got them laughing?
    I am not always a fan of haiku either, but sometimes those few words hit just right. I like to try it sometimes, too–to see if I can. 🙂
    I hope you’re feeling better soon. Sweet dreams tonight.
    Many hugs!

    • Where children are concerned so much seems to make them laugh I wouldn’t like to guess. I know I’ve seen haiku I haven’t disliked but it seems to be everywhere at the moment and is like poetry without a soul.
      Thank you, I’m sure I’ll sleep tonight.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs Merril xxx

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    • I haven’t paid Paula for this comment but it occurs to me I should, and in fact should have done long ago. She is a great friend and a great blogger even though I don’t always need the make up tips from her boxes.
      Have a wonderful week Sweetie,
      xxx Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  12. Sending commiserations for the sleepless nights, David, from a fellow sufferer 🙂

  13. It’s so nice to see you getting back to normal, if hectic, life 🙂 And I LURVE the Eurythmics! Massive hugs!

  14. Adorable photos 😀 And as for the steak and mushroom pie, I’ve had it where there is too much mushroom and not enough steak (the opposite problem you had, lol). I hope you are enjoying the Sunday. Big hugs!

    • Thank you Christy. My daughter sends me nice ones. I think I prefer my problem to yours but there must be balance somewhere.
      Sunday has been great, especially the roast beef dinner. Yum
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. I laughed that you actually fell asleep on the bus and imagined the driver thought you were dead. My husband commuted to school and always went to sleep. He missed his subway stop only once.

    • I could imagine the driver saying “I thought he was a little quiet”.after letting me do the full circle back to base.I could die of embarrassment having to be carried off the bus and the tut-tutting because I made them late.
      Your husband was lucky to have missed his stop just once.
      xxx Massive Hugs Anne xxx

      • Would you be embarrassed if you were already dead??? Perish the thought! Just saying this in passing. I’m glad you are very much alive. xxx lively hugs xxx

      • Since I’m not 100% sure of ‘life after death’ or at least some form of consciousness, I can’t answer that, but probably Yes because of the inconvenience I’d put the driver and other passengers to. Today I’m glad I’m alive too so thanks for that Anne. xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  16. So wonderful to see pics of the grandchildren again. I can’t believe how much bigger they are! I love the song and hope Sweet Dreams come your way 😉 Hugs!

    • You’re very kind Diana. Yes, the grandkids are getting so much bigger now, time is flying. I’m glad you enjoyed the song and hope that the Sweet Dreams in question come true for you.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  17. I seem to have caught whatever it is you have: I sit down to watch Tipping Point and when I next look, the Chaser is beating the surviving team….

  18. Best wishes to you, David, for sweet dreams ahead (but maybe not on the bus, ha).

  19. “Sweet Dreams” really are made of this, David. Early Christmas shopping, sleeping in a bit, and enjoying your stunningly adorable grandchildren. Precious! Wishing you a wonderful week! ❤

    • Hi Marylin, I swear Christmas gets a bit earlier every year. Usually they’d at least wait until the Halloween stuff was out of the shops. Still, early start means early finish or bigger stockings or something.
      Sleeping in a bit sounds wonderful, that’s one of my Sweet Dreams.
      Hope all is well with you. xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  20. So lovely picture! A quite active week 🙂

    • Thank you Roberta. Everyone thinks my weeks are active but the hardest thing I do is use the keyboard for hours most of the time except weekends. Maybe it’s my imagination on overtime.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  21. Hope you’re finally nearing the mend David. Those little ones are so cute. And don’t even get me started with politics, lol. Speaking of LOL, I nearly fell off my chair when I read, ‘your friend Debby Kaye’ LOL, I thought it was me! 🙂 Sending you big ((((healing hugs))))) xxx

    • Seems I might have a little way to go yet after all Debby. I’m glad you liked my grandchildren, they’re special. Yes, you’ve probably had enough politics for now, soon be over though.
      Of course you;re my friend THE Debby Kaye, who else would it be?
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  22. Ahhh first time I’ve had to sit and read this. I saved it for when I could actually spend time reading, it’s been terribly busy lately. So nice seeing this in my inbox and David I’m with you on Haiku’s they do nothing for me and sometimes I just don’t get them. Continue to take care of yourself and get well, you make my day and week when I see a post from you. Thank you for the lovely Eurythmics song, it will always be one of my all time favorites. Massive hugs my dear friend.

    • Do you know, I should have guessed that the Eurythmics song would have resonated with you. Maybe that was even my reason for choosing it in the first place.
      Your words are always the softest and kindest, giving me a boost so often needed but never articulated. Thank you.I’m always happy when you have time to visit and don’t mind waiting. I think I’m glad that you’re so very busy at the moment because it make your arrival all the sweeter.
      I’m glad it isn’t just me with Haikus and sometime missing the point. I hope people will soon return to the poetry I grew up with.
      It may be Oscar who I hope entertains you for a while but like a rubber ball I shall bounce back.
      Please look after yourself.
      xxx Love and Gigantic Hugs xxx

  23. Why are we both becoming nocturnal? Every time I look in the mirror (I need reassurance in case one day I can no longer see a reflection) my pupils are that little bit larger. Oi, Christmas! I believe Diwali would be a lot more fun. Love and hugs, David – great to see the diary back!

    • At last, someone to hoot with who understands. I have no idea why my body resists sleep at night time and why hanging upside down hasn’t helped. Last night I put my book down at 12.15 am and surprised even myself by being up and awake by 1.25 am.
      I did manage 45 min sleep from 6.30 am though Joey wasn’t thrilled at the repeating news then.
      I think you’re right. Diwali sounds like fun but I bet we’d complain at the festivities starting in August each year. I like the fact it’s still a time to give gifts.
      I’m sorry Frederick but the diary will be missing again this week so another Oscar will have to suffice.Still fighting brochitis.

      • All the best with your recovery from Bronchitis, David. A mean disease! According to my wife I spend the greater part of my life asleep. I try to explain that’s because I am awake while she sleeps, and vice versa. This morning I spent an hour and a half in bed (4.00 to 5.30) and only manged to get about twenty minutes actual sleep from that. My best chance is with my recliner in the living room – but them I have no Joey to commentate.

      • Ha, stick to the recliner and get the sleep you need. What you don’t need to get is a Joey to commentate or more likely spend all his time and effort telling you you’re disturbing him and keeping both of you awake.

  24. lovely kids n beautiful writing 🌸😊

  25. David, I am so glad to see these two little faces again! Someone is almost one. 🙂 Where the time goes? My best wishes to you all! Many Hugs! xxxxxx

    • Time has a motor bike and I’m left walking. One on New Year’s Even and yet last New Year’s Eve seems not long back. Surely it’s only been a few months at most since last Christmas?
      I swear as I get older some Government tax is relieving me of months in the year.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  26. Wow, you are so amazing, David, lovely to see your darlings again and hope you are 100000% soon. Love this and off to share. Thank you, you made my week by letting me be part of yours. Massive Shreddies and steroids hugs xoxoxox

  27. Nice journal and beautiful kids

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