Oscar’s Boredom.

It rained continuously all the last light. I was bored. I seemed to spend my time moving from one sleeping place to another and I know it’s possible I was grouchy. Not likely but just possible. I did go and sit on the front step outside the big clearway a couple of times to try and will the rain to stop but that didn’t seem to work, and I couldn’t do it too often as the longlegs shut the clearway and sometimes forget I’m out there. I only managed because the clearway had to be opened to guests and I was able to get back in. It’s clear they were having a party and I think it may have been for my ‘The Her’. I could hear the constant clink of their bowls hitting each other as the Longlegs say “Cheers” and they had plenty of food. On this occasion I stayed away though the smells did tempt me because there were too many of their big paws around to tread on me. I was also wary as my ‘The Him’ didn’t seem too thrilled when one female Longlegs extended her hand towards me and I showed her what Finger food really means. Well, how am I to know that fingers coming towards me don’t always mean food. I’m pretty sure she’ll heal alright though.

So, I was bored. Towards the end of the light the guests left and I wandered through to the eating place where my dishes are kept. Lo and behold they were full of treats. Salmon, tuna and even shrimp. Someone had even dropped a sandwich full of ham and there was good lick-able butter on the bread. I had a feast, but it is possible I may have rushed things a bit instead of savouring it because I was a little sick. I would probably have been OK had I not done it in front of my ‘The Him’ on his carpet and over his paw coverings. He didn’t seem to be willing to offer me comfort and there was no, “Oh poor Oscar”, just an almighty roar of “What the!!!”. He stomped off out of the room muttering to himself as my ‘The Her’ came through to clean the carpet. “You never learn do you Oscar?” she said but did give me a quick hug.

My ‘The Him’ returned with fresh covers on his paws and took his seat, The muttering had stopped. He patted the place beside him and I jumped up knowing he’d forgiven me. Of course he really had no choice in that since he works to look after me. I walked across his knees and back. As I started the journey again he stopped me and gave me a hug. “Settle down now Oscar, I want to read the paper”.
I completed the journey and on the return I settled on his knee to rest. He picked up the paper and started to read. After a few moments he said “Just listen to this Julia my Dear” and read something out. She looked up at him and nodded as he spoke but continued with her knitting. He was quiet again and I tried to sleep.
There was no chance of that as he said “and the Government want to..” before he himself was interrupted.”David Dear, do be quiet, I’ll read the paper myself later, don’t spoil it”. I turned around and started to settle again and heard “Do stop wriggling Oscar, I think I’ll make a cup of tea Dear, would you like one?” as he stood up pushing me to the floor.

I gathered myself and walked over to settle with my ‘The Her’ instead but she wouldn’t let me up on her knee because of her knitting. They never seem to realise their priorities. I settled on the arm of her seat but that wasn’t going to work as her in and out elbow kept catching my ear. I gave it up as a bad job and left. I knew they’d miss me but it was their own fault. They’d had their chance. I settled on my ‘The Hers’ sleeping place and finished my nap.


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62 responses to “Oscar’s Boredom.

  1. A very hard life. Poor Oscar!

  2. Poor Oscar. Can’t get any attention. Another delightful day in Oscar’s life.
    😀 🙂

  3. Sorry, I had to laugh at the Finger Food – like Oscar, a couple of my little dogs are prone to doing this! 🐈 💙 🐻

  4. I think Oscar has reincarnated and is living here …………..

  5. I too liked finger food…I could picture it. Thank you for such a cheery post.

  6. Oh oh. Bored cats often equal trouble! The Him had better come up with some feline distraction fast. 🙂
    Mega hugs

  7. Jane Sturgeon

    I love seeing life through Oscar’s eyes and your wonderful writing. Xx hugs Xx

  8. Oscar gets to finish his nap…must uncover his secret then, David :))))))))

  9. Oh no. A little too much feasting going on there! Poor Oscar. 🙂

  10. Such a character and cats have such a sense of entitlement don’t they. Oscar is so delightful and I love reading about the family from his perspective of course. Oscar was such a love. Delightful as always big hugs!!!!

    • Yes Suzanne, cats do have a sense of entitlement as well as a sense of ownership of anything that catches their eye, from a cardboard box to someone’s bed. I always try to keep the cat’s perspective to the fore which in Oscar’s case is always ‘Mine’.
      I’m so pleased you got some pleasure from his little outing again.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  11. Poor Oscar. What is a bored cat to do!

  12. Poor Oscar, it’s tough being bored 😉 hehe!

  13. Ha,ha! Oscar took a nibble of the lady’s finger. He’s certainly in need of entertainment. Poor Oscar, The Him and The Her should know better than to ignore his Feline Highness.

    • It’s very difficult to apply 100% concentration on an animal that sleeps for 60% of the time and ignoring you for a good percentage of the rest without telling you when he’s ready for some attention without swiping your leg with his claws. On the other hand (the unbitten one) he loved my wife and acted Mr.Innocent with her.
      xxx Gigantiic Hugs xxx

  14. Jasmine is going from chair to chair demanding love and attention, purring and gently sinking the claws in,wanting to be loved,even though she knows we love her so much. She sees us playing on our light up surfaces (tablets) and now she is cleaning her fur and heading up the stairs for dinner before she wanders off to wherever she sleeps. Her and Oscar are blessings from above 🙂 Jen

    • The sinking in of the claws. Oscar used t do that before he settled down, though how he settled on limbs that were twitching from those needle sharp claws I’l never know. Jasmine sounds much more reasonable using hers to indicate a little loving is due before the fur clean and disappear act.
      I used to feel quite honoured if my owner decided to settle down on my knee then much relieved when he did the fur clean and disappear act. Unless t was to settle on my bed to sleep as he wasn’t prepared to give it up when I wanted it, only when he was ready would he go.
      It seems your light-up surfaces are no more off putting to Jasmine than laptops were to Oscar.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Sorry about the lack of sympathy you got from The Him after you were sick all over his carpet. Some humans, eh?

    • Beggar the carpet, no sympathy for being sick in my slippers while my feet were still there.I never did nuffin to de cat.

      • Still, I guess it’s better than doing it while the feet were elsewhere and then leaving you to find out for yourself later.

      • If we had occasion to leave him in a cattery ( three times I can think of) then that’s how he would show us his ‘Superior’ displeasure sometime soon after we brought him home. It could happen to either of us, but he would piddle inside a shoe or a slipper then wait for the scream.And they say an elephant never forgets.

  16. I love reading your Oscar tales because I don’t have my own cat anymore, but I know how it is to have one. I just picture every scene, and smile 🙂

  17. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Oscar who is the major domo for Lord David Prosser has reservations about house parties… cats do have some strong opinions.

  18. Lol Oscar is delightful, in his boredom, fun and pranks!! Such an adorable dog 😀

  19. Oh David, you know how to bring a smile!!! 🙂

  20. Ali Isaac

    Haha! He is such a character! And he’s hilarious. The other night, about midnight, a beautiful cat I had never seen before jumped up on the window ledge. I was desperate to let it in but hubby wouldnt let me. In the morning it was still there. I told Conor it had adopted us, as thats what cats do, and was just about to let it in, when Indi the mutt-hound jumped up at the window and frightened it away. It never came back. I was really sad.

    • Indi the mutt hound may just have saved you. What if it was Oscar returned to brand the world with his bar codes or to find devious ways of waking you in the middle of the night to scratch his back, show him where his food always is, or let him out to terrorise the County.
      Well done Indi.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. I loved this, David. I’m such a cat person, and I envisioned every little nuance of Oscar’s movements and sentiment. I sure miss having feline energy around me. This really brought it back to life 😊 Mucho hugs for posting ❤

    • You’re very kind Tina, thank you.The trouble is you may be subjecting others to further episodes of Oscar at his best (or worst).
      Maybe you need some more feline energy around you…….
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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