An Open Letter to the Disunited UK.

I’m depressed. There, the cat’s out of the bag. But depression isn’t the feeling of self pity many people will claim it is, and not something you can pull yourself together from as some will tell you to do. The days of the father in a working class home telling you to get on with it are far in the past as these days those fathers have tasted it too.

Why am I depressed? Well I’m suddenly having to re-evaluate so much I thought I knew about my country and the people in it. Some are people I thought I knew, and others are those I thought I could trust.  When Brexit came about David Cameron left his post as Prime Minister because he had been a staunch Bremain supporter. The competition started for a replacement and I wasn’t too worried when a Bremain supporter won as she promised the people’s will would be done. I was glad of that. Friends have pointed out that the Brexit win was small and would not have been accepted abroad. I have said that since it’s within the law here it should stand. However, my condition has meant that I’ve cut myself off from much of what has happened since and it’s that which has made things so much worse.

I have not heard many of the speeches of our new Prime Minister but listening to friends it seems she has made remarks that are homophobic and some which are racist. Polish people that have lived in the UK for years are leaving in large numbers as they no longer feel welcome here yet they have greatly contributed to our society. Newspapers (gutter press) attack celebrities for their opinions, even if those opinions are mistaken attacks are not necessary. Errors of judgement can be pointed out nicely. In one instance Lily Allen was mocked because the boy she cried over was shown to be the son of an Afghanistan Warlord’s Officer. The fact that the father is resident in the UK and had been granted asylum then promptly went back home on holiday seemed to cause not the slightest worry. The child was just that, a child and not responsible for his father’s actions.

What’s sickening is the bile that people spew over twitter at people like Gary Linekar and Lily Allen for caring. That we as a country should be making life uncomfortable for those immigrants who have worked here for years is shameful, especially telling them if they don’t like it they can go home. They are home! That we should be fighting to avoid having genuine refugees  is also shameful even though I do believe that there is a limit as to the number we can take, or at least there was before we started making it difficult for hard working Poles, Germans and others to be here. Again, I feel we have to be able to set limits on immigration and free movement, as a Brexiteer that’s partly why I voted as I did. But, I know we need immigration as we have always done, and without it the hotel industry and others would collapse and our hospitals would be much worse off. Even though I feel a need to cap the numbers because we are after all a small island, I bear no hate  for anyone wanting to come here unless they wish my country harm. Another reason in my book to be vigilant as to who comes in.

I’m told that the Prime Minister is not showing support for minority groups and has in essence seemed to be xenophobic to incomers and unwelcoming to those already here. That has to stop. Now. Prime Minister she may be but she is still supposed to represent the people and I don’t for one minute feel she has the majority on her side. The people of the UK owe much to those that have settled here in the main and must start behaving in a civilised way and stop acting like a group of right wing Nazis. The hate must stop or we shall be back in Germany in the 1930’s. For the truly ignorant amongst us, and I know they are there let me say this, all those jobs the immigrants do that you don’t want to do will be yours if you force them to leave. Think about it. No more complaining at the job centre that there are no jobs, Johnny foreigner has taken them all. They’ll be waiting for you. PLAY NICE.

I want to be proud of my country again. Be kind to those without. Be nice to those in need. Welcome those that join us from places where we’ve destroyed their homes in wars we helped start. We’re going to leave the EU not leave Europe. We will still have the same neighbours and no doubt you’ll want to holiday on one of the Costas sooner or later. Don’t take a bad reputation with you, show we can still be friends. One day we might need each other again. Try not to make me ashamed as I have been in the past with football hooligans. Please learn to live and let live.



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  1. Hear, hear! Well said, David. :-))))

  2. Hugs, David. I’m hoping hate doesn’t win here on Tuesday.

  3. I received an email from my Mother in the USA yesterday, saying almost the exact same thing — ‘wanting to be proud of my country again’. I hope five years from now we can all look back and say, ‘what was all the fuss about?’. As one religious supporter of Trump pointed out ‘God has always used flawed people to achieve his will.’ Let’s just hope God’s hand is in these things and not just Man’s ego!

    • Looking back and laughing would be good Ardys. What worries me though is what happens when/if Trump loses? Some of his followers are likely to be armed and not just with religion.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx.

  4. Well said David, there is too much hate and divsion in the world today. I can relate as the current Presidential election here is divisive and full of hate on both sides. I can certainly understand why you are depressed, the country you live in and love is changing and not in a good way. I do hope things get better my friend, why can’t everyone just get along. So sad.

    • Thanks so much Suzanne. You’re right, there’s far too much hate in the world. There shouldn’t be hate during an election and certainly not when there are people begging for help everywhere. It’s happening in places where there should be love and where there’s enough for all. But the rich get richer and care less for anyone else. I don’t want another war.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  5. Sounds very familiar David, to the situation in the USofA where politics have begun to resemble a freak show, with Donald Trump as the primary Idiot and his opponent Hilary Clinton . . . well, opinions differ, but . . . Isn’t the ultimate curse “to be born in interesting times”? 🙂

    • Ah, so the curse goes. But not so interesting if Trump is a loser after telling his people to be armed at the ballot boxes. I begin to fear whether the US can win at this election. There’s never been one like this before.

  6. Today’s court decision may have the effect of forcing everyone to sit down at the table to negotiate in good faith. Brexit is, of course, the choice of British citizens- but doing it in a way where no one is harmed is of the utmost importance. I’m a believer in unions and collaborations, but if that’s not possible, let’s at least not create a world of antagonism and tit for tat. No one wins in those scenarios.

    • The last thing I want is harm to come to anyone. Whatever happens with Brexit we are still close to the people of Europe and care about them if not necessarily their political choices. You’re quite right, no tit for tat and the less antagonism the better but hate, well that has to stop now, it has no place in our lives when we need to help the people of war torn countries.

  7. I’ve been too distracted by events on this side of the pond to pay attention to what’s been happening in the UK since the Brexit vote. The ruling of High Court yesterday got my attention, but thankfully enough this fine post of yours has filled in some of the gaps. I’m really sorry to learn about Theresa May from what you’ve written. My initial impressions at the very start of her taking office were far different from your characterization of her. This is a disappointment.

    Indeed “They are home!” is the salient point of your excellent post. Many of us are screaming the same things to ourselves here against Mr. Trump’s rampant ignorance and evident racism. I can only hope somehow both of our great countries will get through this irrational nationalistic fervor that has taken root. Moderation seems to be lost at the moment. – Marty

    • I can well understand the distractions Marty, I’ve never seen another election like this so fueled with the cult of personality. Some of Trump’s rhetoric borders on starting a civil war at the poll booths suggesting armed men there to discourage some voters.Talk about rigged.
      I haven’t felt any of the discord from Theresa May and hoped she was OK from some of what I heard.But the message heard by immigrants and those wanting to come here seems to be different and that’s a big worry.
      Another worry is yesterday’s court ruling. Since Brexit is already established by the referendum I think the Government have the job of seeing it through. Giving Parliament the right to vote on the when and where isn’t good since the majority of MP’s are pro Europe, possibly for the gravy train it seems to have established for some of them. We could force a General Election that could echo yours and be disasterous for the UK.

  8. We can have views about how to manage immigration….but we don’t have to hate the immigrant.
    I feel strongly that the U.K. government has failed to properly assist refugees from Syria: has failed to assist children at Calais: I think that the people of Britain are better than this, have a more moral compass than their leaders, but this is not reflected in a sensation seeking press.

    • I think you’ve covered just about everything there Helen. We must not hate the immigrant. This country thrives and survives on immigration and we have a duty of care towards refugees, especially children. Yes, some who are not children may slip through but that just means more vigilance rather than stopping the process. Some of these people may not be refugees had it not been for us.
      The press fuel the hatred and the stupid mind just follows them without any rational thought.
      xxx I send you Hugs Galore xxx

  9. Good post, David. It never seems to fail. Any problems and it becomes “us against them”. The “walls” go up. The “Mad Max” movies show us what would no doubt happen if civilization was destroyed in a war. If we look back far enough, we were all tribals. When conditions worsen you can almost hear the drums beating. Civilization is a “thin skin” indeed. Huge Hugs. —- Suzanne

    • Thanks so much Suzanne. Civilisation is indeed a thin skin that can tear quickly when the situation becomes rough.A new civil war is possible in both our countries because of the tribalism that exists.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. Jane Sturgeon

    Ohh David, this is heartfelt and soul touching. We are all connected. There is a Roman Catholic church on top of the hill here and the dome of it can be seen from far out at sea. The sailors coined it ‘The Dome of Home’. It had fallen into disrepair and in the main, it is thanks to the efforts of our Polish neighbours within the community here that the money was raised to restore it. I spent my teenage years in Africa and I will always be grateful to my parents for that adventure as I do not see colour. Whatever our colour, creed or beliefs, you cut us and we all bleed in the same way. We are all connected. ❤ hugs my lovely. Xxxxxxxx

    • Yes, we are one people whatever the colour of our skin. We need to learn that the differences in our culture are not threatening and just enjoy them. One People, One Blood, One Connection, Multi Cultural World.
      xxx Massive Hugs Jane xxx

      • Jane Sturgeon

        Well said, yes….we are One and the differences are what make life interesting, as they make people interesting and unique. They are not a threat, they are to be celebrated. Huge hugs flowing back to you heals….and goodness me, love flows in so many ways xXxx more hugs xXxx

  11. Well said, David. While I’m in the Remain camp, everything you say about hate and intolerance is vital to stand by if we are to have a reasonable future. Big hugs xx

  12. Well said, David. There has been a bit of silence on the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Glad for your perspective, especially timely today as we are days from our presidential vote. Wish us well. We need it. ☺

  13. I totally understand how you feel, David. On the other side of the pond, I get that same depression. May light and love win in the end…xoxohugsxoxo

  14. I must say post-Brexit I have read the biggest load of self-opinionated tosh that I have seen for some years. Most of which is repeating the same thing and slinging mud in all directions.
    Regarding May’s alleged homophobia, I thought she used her conscience (aka religious beliefs) as justification for not supporting it. Does everyone who doesn’t support gay marriage get called homophobic? I don’t know.
    I actually don’t understand why groups of people who have lived in the UK for generations, Polish and Czechs in particular and major allies in WW2, are suddenly becoming targets for racism. Very sad and unacceptable.
    Nor should Brexit/immigration be about ‘throwing people out’ but about tightening who comes in.
    I can however understand the feelings of people in heavily Muslim areas, where there have been riots and parts of towns are no-go areas for non-Muslims. And, people who see their wages pushed down because immigrants are prepared to work longer for less. That’s not good for workers. That’s good for bosses and I don’t agree with wage depression. But that also leads to resentment. Look at Boston in agricultural Lincolnshire with the highest Brexit vote. People deserve a fair wage and working 12 hours a day for £40 is unreasonable and unfair in the UK.
    Personally I think we should ship Nigel Farage and his bully boys over to Donald so they can all merrily spout ridiculous bile together.

  15. I’m sorry you and the people of your country are going through tonight times, David. Perhaps it was of help to your depression to write about it though? Writing typically seems to lift my spirits. Be happy that you’re not living on this side of the pond. Every day we wake to deplorable politics, only to retire to the same. No good choice for us on the USA. 😩

    • I’m really sorry Kim. To me it looks like the US is going to be the loser either way.All I can hope is, Trump loses badly and retires to a Monastery in the Himalayas then Clinton is impeached in the emails row leaving the Vice President in charge.Next time with luck there may be a third party option that has no-one with ‘skelingtons’ in their closet.
      I don’t think the Republicans will be electable for a very long time after this shambles and hearing them say how they’ve blocked every act proposed by Obama in the Senate for 8 years is criminal, treason even.
      I hope it all works out for you.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • It’s a SCARY mess, David. I can’t turn CNN off. It’s like watching a train wreck. I don’t want to look, but I can’t turn away. Your solution might be the best idea yet!!

  16. My heart goes out to you, David. We are four days away from an election that will leave the US struggling to rebuild or descending into fascism. It’s shocking and so disheartening. The stress is awful and the hatred so horribly depressing. I have to keep reminding myself that there are good people all over the world. ❤ xxx Massive Hugs, my friend xxx

    • I really feel for you Diana, there’s never been another election like this.I don’t see how the US can possibly win especially if Trump loses and refuses to accept it. With his thugs at the polling booths carrying guns (as threatened) there could be carnage.
      I hope somehow it all passes off peacefully and in 4 years there is a viable third party you can vote for with no past to hide.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  17. I think you speak for a lot of people David. Good job.

  18. I was a Remainer, but you speak for me here. Well said, David.

  19. Hear, hear – David. And we must not forget to try and remember that there are immigrants in UK from the countries Britain populated itself as part of its colonisation in history and at that time in those countries the tides were against them as they’d say: no jobs the foreigners (Brits) have taken them, no farming land nor ore no silver no gold no diamonds…the foreigners have taken them…fate can be cruel indeed when we don’t recognise the needs of others who do no harm but simply want to survive in dignity…harsh reality my friend – everywhere. Hugs

    • I’ve long been aware that Britain plundered other countries and the most they gave in exchange was the right to come here. That’s a debt we still owe and should not renege on our deal. But, we are a small island and I’d like to concentrate now on those with a real need, the refugees. Once Brexit goes through and we no longer have to hold to freedom of movement from within the EU we can go back to taking the immigrants from those places we have always done so.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Ina xxx

      • Good plan you have David, shame not replicated in government where it counts and in the media etc – people can be so selfish that one becomes ashamed to belong to the same race…Many hugs XXXXX

      • Now I’m sure you can understand the depression. Why doesn’t everyone (especially politicians who can) want to help others?
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Oh yes I can understand depression and you’re completely right when you said one can’t just shake out of it…why don’t politicians help, you ask – I think they’re absorbed with their own power trips and pursuits to worry about the weak and vulnerable…sad

  20. -hugs- You’re a good man, David Prosser, but the world is full of men [and women] who aren’t. I truly hope that the spirit and courage of the Brits during the war will surface again and help them pull together to make Britain a place you can all be proud of.

    • Thank you, I’m very grateful for your observation. You’re very kind. I’m not sure the spirit of the blitz can be repeated as I don’t think people are the same anymore. The sense of community has been eroded by the spirit of self. I fear they will be pulling in too many directions to unite as one under the same flag. I hope I’m wrong though. I’d love to be proud of my countrymen for their depth of care about others.
      xxx Humongous Hugs always xxx

  21. An open letter to the disunited…US instead of UK would read much the same way, David. If you took a poll (on feelings, not voting plans) I think words like depressed, discouraged and despondent would float up to the top of the responses.
    Heaven help us all.

    • Yes, I think my letter could be adapted to the US too today Marylin.I wonder if the people have grown too far apart with the idea of self to give much thought for others. For those that do, the word despondent is probably most likely to hit the front as they see those in need ignored by those in power, those garnering most of the wealth to themselves and those less likely to give any concern to the refugees of wars we start and perpetuate. I hope we haven’t gone so far down the road of selfishness to be able to turn back.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  22. I don’t think anyone has said people aren’t welcome, all we ask for is control! There will always be some crazy bad-mannered people David, best just to ignore them, no one really cares what they think except the xenophobic gutter press.
    Cheer Up!

    • In one breath I’m being accused of being racist and xenophobic and spouting violence towards immigrants and the next some ‘passive’ Bremainer is suggesting all Brexiteers should be hung from lampposts. The country ha gone crazy and the gutter press are egging the idiots on.
      Control is what I want too along with self governance again, I’m not sure I’ll get any of it now.

      • Bottom line is that the referendum was a huge mistake which has split the country literally in two. Cameron will go down in history as one of our worst ever Prime Ministers!

      • And yet as a Brexiteer I was glad the requet for a referendum was eventually honoured and the Cameron kept the promise. I would rather have had him any day than Tony Blair who never recognised there was discontent from within. The problem has been no-one expected the result we actually got.

        We are in crisis and need to accept that the division we currently have just won’t work. We can’t divide the country in two with half to each side. We just have to move ahead together now and work for the best we can achieve within Europe and especially the rest of the world which once again opens up to us.
        Hugs Andrew.

      • We are a country in crisis David, let’s hope we can soon return to normality!

  23. The whole situation depresses me too. And the fact that people have lost sight in a democratic country that everyone is entitled to their view whether remain or leave. No one should be demonised because of their views or we lose the freedom to have our own thoughts and we lose the right to own our individual votes. People like Lily Allen don’t live in the same world as everyone else and whether we Brexit or not, the wealthy few, like Lily, are unlikely to be much affected either way. I think that’s why she sometimes annoys others by what she says, but saying that there is no need for such extreme backlash on Twitter. In fact, I’m so shocked by the venom expressed towards people on social media this year that I’ve been taken a step back from Facebook and Twitter. Forget the country, I’d like the world I thought I knew back, where people are more tolerant and respectful to each other in thought and action. So sad that we have forgotten how to discuss rationally and behave well. Let’s hope we all remember soon. Cheer up, you’re not alone in your despair, but surely the only way now is up!

    • I really hope so Emma. You’re quite right that the word has changed again. After WWII I thought that maybe the world would learn to live together in some kind of harmony and friendship, done with all wars and much more tolerant towards others. After all, so many countries had co-operated to ensure the downfall of the right wing Nazi party. Now it seems the Right are on the rise again in countries like France and Holland where it didn’t dare set foot after the war. So much hatred, so much bile so much division. And now here, I can’t believe it. So it’s time to shape up and remember we’re all in it together and given a chance the country might benefit in the long run. Tolerance and respect for others would go a long way to making this country tolerable again.
      xxx Huge Hugs to you xxx

  24. Your post is so genuine and well penned, David. I still can’t quite believe that Brexit happened and it certainly must be unnerving over where you live. I want you have pride in your country again… You’re receiving a big hug from this Canadian gal xx

    • Hug received with gratitude Christy and returned with pleasure.My people have the capacity to make this Country count for something again and fr me to be proud in them. They just have to want to fulfill it and that might be the sticking post.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  25. Sad times. People will soon come to realization that no one wants the fine jobs that are ‘taken’ by overqualified immigrants whose only fault is that their own countries are poor and they earn more by cleaning hotel rooms in London than by working in their profession back home. I am glad they are leaving though. Dignity first.
    I am afraid of what 2017 will bring. The US elections make me depressed too 😦
    Many hugs! xxxx

    • I can certainly understand dignity may come first. I’m sorry they’re leaving because I’m horrified that we’ve put them in a position where dignity has to be applied. Since when has the UK been known as being racist as a whole.? We’ve always been a quiet little melting pot with a few who have been xenophobic. Our war has usually been between the haves and the ave not’s than with race issues.
      I too am afraid of what 2017 may bring. I hope the Nov 8th results in the US may ease things a bit though I believe one of the runners should be arrested before that day for inciting to violence. That of course would fuel the fires of a ‘Fixed’ election and make things worse.
      Everything crossed that the World can regain some balance and humanity.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Yes, I too cannot believe that this is happening in the UK, the ‘melting pot’, as you say. I guess, all the parties have contributed to the sad situation…
        After a couple of years, the immigrants will come back and fill up all the unwated jobs again, as it always have been. The times of turmoil never last forever.
        Just three weeks ago a family of my dear friends, Indian doctors, left London for good and returned to India after some 20 years of working in the UK. I don’t know the reason though. Didn’t ask.
        Lets hope for the better. Many hugs! xxxx

      • xxx ❤ xxx A happier blog later maybe.

      • After the election, may be 🙂 xxxxxxxx

  26. The racist nationalism that afflicts the UK and the US is a greater threat to our species than Climate change because if we don’t defeat it not
    hing will be done to change the toxic heart of global corporate capitalism.

    This is the kind of post that we in the States need to read as we head for the polls on Tuesday to finalize our decision.

    Thanks Dave!

    • I agree that racism has got to be defeated so the human race can face it’s global problems United as One. Whether those problems are Global Warming or the manipulation of people via their Governments to accept corporate capitalism in the form of supposedly competing businesses that are in fact one. We have to stop firms like Monsanto spreading their GM crops and poisoning water tables in South American communities where they have no control.
      Global Banking needs to be brought back to Earth with the control of banker’s bonuses for poor results that damage economies.
      Thanks Robert.

      • And I love your point Dave.

        WE, the people, have to be the ones to stop it. No leader can make the changes WE need on his or her own. Electing the leader is the beginning. After the election we look at the rest of government and vote out political corruption by demanding that both political parties work to implement the will of the people.

      • That would be a first I’d like to see. Not since the days of war and coaition Governments have we seen that here and even I’m not that old yet.Voting out corruption doesn’t seem to be easy when the same states re-elect the same people or at least the same party all the time. People in the pay of the NRA or paid for by Monsanto et al. If the people can’t support the same policies then the career politicians will run rings round them.

  27. Reblogged this on Art by Rob Goldstein and commented:
    Thoughts from the UK that we in the States need to read.

  28. Reblogged this on barclaydave and commented:
    While on the other side of the Brexit fence I agree wholeheartedly with the comments expressed here. The Brexit camp won the referendum but let’s keep our humanity as we leave.

  29. David and everyone, this is a wonderful post which goes deeper into the psyche than it appears at first glance. We are all the same under the skin and deserving of a chance to live. I have long said that borders should be torn down and everyone be welcome to live wherever they choose as long as they can either support themselves or take a job no native wants or start a new company. Benefits should only be available to those who have earned the right to them or were born here. From the other side (Bremain) I applaud your outlook.

    • Dave, as a Brexiteer I can only say that there is no hate in the majority of us for our fellow Brits on the other side, nor for the immigrants here whether as genuine refugees or where allowed economic migrants.
      Most of us also share the idea that immigrants shouldn’t have access to the welfare state for a certain period and should only come if able to self-support for a set period i.e. 5 years.
      Outside the EU we can decide to take immigrants from anywhere rather than just the free movement for EU members and the benefit restriction should apply to them too according to benefits available to us in their countries. Not through dislike but merely because we can only take finite numbers on this Island, I’d like the choice on numbers to be made by the UK not Brussels. I’d also make it that anyone coming here must have health insurance to take advantage of the NHS to cover costs until and if they become UK citizens.
      Hugs my friend.

      • I agree 150% with you my friend, hugs back. We were the lone voice against a United States of Europe so now that will become a reality. Short term things will get more bumpy (as predicted by Remain) however, I feel that from 2025 onwards we will have settled again and once more be a force to be reckoned with on the World Stage.

      • We’re in with a chance !

  30. Very interesting perspective, and quite different from many I have heard. Here in the U.S., we have been so wrapped up in the muck of our own political mess that we have not paid as much attention to Brexit as we might otherwise have. This is a good post … would you mind if I re-blog?

    • For the entertainment just provided by your blog Jill, I’ll come over and personally dictate it. It gave me great pleasure to follow you and your request honours me. Thank you.,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • First, thank you for checking out my blog, and I am so happy to know you enjoyed it! Second, thank you for permission to re-blog your post, which I have just done. I have blogger-friends on both sides of the Brexit issue, and am always interested in hearing both sides. I am primarily interested in international relations, but for the past year, most of my writing has pertained to the U.S. election and related matters. Thanks again!

      • You’re welcome Jill. I have been following both issues with an interest in just how far Trump would be allowed to go with his comments before someone shut him down. It seems the answer is All the way. On the Brexit side I’ve been wanting to see if this was a pipe dream or if there was an intent to go through with it by the Government. In both instances I find the bile that has been spouted is exceptional and there has been an effort to keep both sides at each other’s throats which would appear to be by the press.
        Perhaps I should start following conspiracy theories more, the press will be making money from increased sales following some suspicious leaks but it may be the owners are working on destabilisation to exert more of a stranglehold by the monied 1%. I’m sure a real theorist could do a better job than that.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  31. I am hoping that if Trump loses as expected tomorrow, the effect will suppress the anti-immigrant backlash that our two countries are currently experiencing

    • I sincerely hope so too rather than him having opened the door that brought out all the racists who wanted an audience and will carry on. It will be time for a healing and hopefully forgiveness by the immigrants caught up in this.

  32. Well said. We may disagree on Brexit but we stand united in almost everything else!

  33. Reblogged this on LibDem Fischer and commented:
    I may disagree with David on the Brexit issue but his words are very true and a welcome voice from the ‘Brexit camp’ about code of conduct and decency. Regardless of differences, let’s not forget the basic pillars of society of respect and reason that are an integral part of the Britain we can be proud of

    • Thank you Christoph, Yes we may disagree about the basic premise of Brexit but we recognise without rancour the other’s entitlement to those views provided we continue to show respect for the person. Britain can remain strong if what we do we do in unity and with respect for all sides.
      Whatever else happens, the unfortunate, the poor, the dispossessed and the refugee must be uppermost in all our thoughts.

  34. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    We here in the U.S. have been obsessed and overwhelmed with election 2016, arguably the most vile and divisive election in our history. Being so wrapped up in our own problems has kept many of us from seeing the issues facing our friends on the other side of the globe. Interestingly, it turns out that their problems closely mirror our own. I refer to the UK and the Brexit vote of June 23, 2016. Brexit was, for the UK, what election 2016 is for the US, and more than four months after the vote, the conflict is still dividing the citizens of the nation. There are a number of similarities between Brexit and our election, and if we look at what is happening now, perhaps we can learn a lesson to be applied in the post-election coming months. Yesterday, I made a new blogger-friend, David Prosser of barsetshirediaries. David lives in the UK and published a very thoughtful post regarding the post-Brexit atmosphere in the UK and has kindly given me permission to share his post. Please take a minute to read David’s post, as I believe it important for us to understand the damages that such divisive politics can bring. Thank you, David, for such a thoughtful post!

  35. We have many of the same concerns here in the U.S. We’ll have to remain vigilant and insist on and work for the preservation of liberty for everyone.

  36. Fine sentiments, well expressed!
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  37. Asli Tatliadim

    As an immigrant in the UK, reading this brings calm to my heart.

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