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Take a Deep Breath…….

Since Wednesday it’s felt like the wind has been taken from my sails, the breath forced from my lungs. I’ve sat here stunned, unable to write or even to comment on friends blogs though I have read them carefully to gauge their reactions. It may be that I’ve cultivated a particular kind of friend or it may be that the reactions are pretty  much the same across the board but what I read is pretty much the same, shock !

Some will say MYOB since I’m neither American or living in that country but I feel there are world wide repercussions to the election. But, let’s start with the election itself. I’ve never known an election to match this one before where it became such a cult of personality. Insults and accusations were thrown rather than policies discussed. As far as Trump goes, he didn’t seem to be comfortable discussing any of his policies, instead preferring to make grand statements as to what was going to happen like his wall to separate the US from Mexico and with insults to Mexico by saying he’d make them pay for it.

OK, by now we’ve all heard the rhetoric and don’t need repeats. On Wednesday we heard the results. Trump had won. Possibly as big a shock to him as it was to the rest of the world. The American public had spoken. Not just a Republican in the White House but also  control of the Senate and the House and no doubt the judiciary soon too. I don’t know if this is a backlash against the Democrats or against the idea of a female President but this result opened a Pandora’s box of only lightly repressed emotions. It’s been years since I saw such hate, such racism expressed there with the KKK even parading their cowardly selves on the streets and offering their support to the new President.

And him, the man himself who had stirred up much of that negative emotion is now starting to sound a little softer. He’ll change once he’s in the job I’m told. But will he? This is a man who was known for his dubious business practices even before trying for high office. Is he to suddenly become honest now? Does that mean all those who vote for him expecting ‘The Wall’ to be built will now be disappointed? Will he rid the US of Obamacare as promised even though it owes more to the negative effect of Republican machinations in both Houses over the last 8 years that it’s as watered down as it is. At least it’s more pro the people than anything offered up by the Republicans.

It’s taken me  a few days to accept the fact that maybe some of the things Trump wants to do with taxation may help kick start some of the economy and thus jobs. But I wonder how many problems will be caused to the countries previously imported from. Then there are his Foreign policies like withdrawing the US from NATO. I’m told it can never happen in reality but the mere fact of him expressing this as a wish is worrying as to his feelings about his foreign allies.

Yesterday I was told not to worry as Mike Pence would be taking over and Trump taking a background role. This in itself is quite worrying as Pence believes ‘Gays’ can be cured with a course of ECT. That anyone could walk round believing that is odd, that a supposedly educated man like a VP thinks it is definitely strange. And of course with Pence in charge what happens to other rights like abortion, the woman’s right to dictate what happens to her own body?

Since Wednesday there have been incidents of women (girls) being attacked and having their hijabs dragged to remove them. They must have been in fear for their lives. There have been homophobic incidents and of course the call to have all gay marriages abolished. Only California seems to be trying to uphold the right of the citizen, especially the minorities while it calls (humorously?) to secede from the Union.

All in all, I’m scared of what America has become during this week though I suspect the underlying problem of racism and bigotry must have been there. The country that declares itself the leader of the free world is not living  up to it’s promise. What it can live up to for the next four years we have to wait and see but given what Republicans have shown themselves capable of it makes me shudder. Trump is not a good man taking on this heavy mantle, he’s a bad man, a spoiled rich man who worked hard to get there. Will anyone be able to exercise control?

I’m ill at the moment and it’s making me restrict my time on the computer. No comment does not mean I don’t care about what you write, only that I cannot comment on all so will try to be fair across the board.

Hugs to all and fingers crossed for a great week.

PS. To all members of the Sufi sect of Islam. I feel for you as yet again you are made the target of hate by intolerant fundamentalist sects/terrorists. Your expression through dance and poetry is quite beautiful and yet these hatemongers would send killers to bend you to their will. May Allah recognise that they are not his children and cast them all to the wilderness with no hope of a reward for a life well lived. I express my sorrow to all the families of those hurt by this slaughter and to the whole of the Sufi sect I say, do not bend the knee to these monsters, you are far above them.

Hugs Hugs



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