Take a Deep Breath…….

Since Wednesday it’s felt like the wind has been taken from my sails, the breath forced from my lungs. I’ve sat here stunned, unable to write or even to comment on friends blogs though I have read them carefully to gauge their reactions. It may be that I’ve cultivated a particular kind of friend or it may be that the reactions are pretty  much the same across the board but what I read is pretty much the same, shock !

Some will say MYOB since I’m neither American or living in that country but I feel there are world wide repercussions to the election. But, let’s start with the election itself. I’ve never known an election to match this one before where it became such a cult of personality. Insults and accusations were thrown rather than policies discussed. As far as Trump goes, he didn’t seem to be comfortable discussing any of his policies, instead preferring to make grand statements as to what was going to happen like his wall to separate the US from Mexico and with insults to Mexico by saying he’d make them pay for it.

OK, by now we’ve all heard the rhetoric and don’t need repeats. On Wednesday we heard the results. Trump had won. Possibly as big a shock to him as it was to the rest of the world. The American public had spoken. Not just a Republican in the White House but also  control of the Senate and the House and no doubt the judiciary soon too. I don’t know if this is a backlash against the Democrats or against the idea of a female President but this result opened a Pandora’s box of only lightly repressed emotions. It’s been years since I saw such hate, such racism expressed there with the KKK even parading their cowardly selves on the streets and offering their support to the new President.

And him, the man himself who had stirred up much of that negative emotion is now starting to sound a little softer. He’ll change once he’s in the job I’m told. But will he? This is a man who was known for his dubious business practices even before trying for high office. Is he to suddenly become honest now? Does that mean all those who vote for him expecting ‘The Wall’ to be built will now be disappointed? Will he rid the US of Obamacare as promised even though it owes more to the negative effect of Republican machinations in both Houses over the last 8 years that it’s as watered down as it is. At least it’s more pro the people than anything offered up by the Republicans.

It’s taken me  a few days to accept the fact that maybe some of the things Trump wants to do with taxation may help kick start some of the economy and thus jobs. But I wonder how many problems will be caused to the countries previously imported from. Then there are his Foreign policies like withdrawing the US from NATO. I’m told it can never happen in reality but the mere fact of him expressing this as a wish is worrying as to his feelings about his foreign allies.

Yesterday I was told not to worry as Mike Pence would be taking over and Trump taking a background role. This in itself is quite worrying as Pence believes ‘Gays’ can be cured with a course of ECT. That anyone could walk round believing that is odd, that a supposedly educated man like a VP thinks it is definitely strange. And of course with Pence in charge what happens to other rights like abortion, the woman’s right to dictate what happens to her own body?

Since Wednesday there have been incidents of women (girls) being attacked and having their hijabs dragged to remove them. They must have been in fear for their lives. There have been homophobic incidents and of course the call to have all gay marriages abolished. Only California seems to be trying to uphold the right of the citizen, especially the minorities while it calls (humorously?) to secede from the Union.

All in all, I’m scared of what America has become during this week though I suspect the underlying problem of racism and bigotry must have been there. The country that declares itself the leader of the free world is not living  up to it’s promise. What it can live up to for the next four years we have to wait and see but given what Republicans have shown themselves capable of it makes me shudder. Trump is not a good man taking on this heavy mantle, he’s a bad man, a spoiled rich man who worked hard to get there. Will anyone be able to exercise control?

I’m ill at the moment and it’s making me restrict my time on the computer. No comment does not mean I don’t care about what you write, only that I cannot comment on all so will try to be fair across the board.

Hugs to all and fingers crossed for a great week.

PS. To all members of the Sufi sect of Islam. I feel for you as yet again you are made the target of hate by intolerant fundamentalist sects/terrorists. Your expression through dance and poetry is quite beautiful and yet these hatemongers would send killers to bend you to their will. May Allah recognise that they are not his children and cast them all to the wilderness with no hope of a reward for a life well lived. I express my sorrow to all the families of those hurt by this slaughter and to the whole of the Sufi sect I say, do not bend the knee to these monsters, you are far above them.

Hugs Hugs



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  1. Dear David. I’d like to say “The sun will come out tomorrow” but I’m too tired to be such a hypocrite. Mega hugs.

  2. Hi David, I am sorry you are not feeling well. This election and the reaction of our country to the results has all been a bit overwhelming. Since I was not really a supporter of either of these candidates, I sit back and watch how badly EVERYONE is behaving and it worries me in some ways. I find it interesting that all the Clinton supporters were worried about what would happen if the Trump supporters didn’t get their way, but honestly the anti-Trump group are really not behaving any better. It will be quite fascinating to see how this all plays out.
    The only good thing that has come out of all of this, is that the American citizens have shaken off that cloak of complacency they have been wearing for so many years and are showing passion for something.
    Get better, my friend!!!!!!

    • Thanks so much. I’m used to these Winter problems by now but they get harder to shake off year on year.
      Like you I was not a follower of either candidate but since there was no viable third party I would have voted for the one that spent less time saying they’d trample on people’s rights and which tried to spread less hate. Though that would have put Clinton into power it would have shown the US was at least not afraid of a woman in the top job. After 4 years maybe another candidate could have been found that the country could have got behind. I’m just not sure how much of the country will be left after 4 years now..I’m certainly not sure how many friends the US will still have (except maybe Russia).
      The shaking off of complacency might just be good. Fingers crossed.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  3. You read my mind. No need to reply. Huge hugs for a quick recovery. xxx

  4. I understand how you feel, it is not a choice I would make but Democracy is like that it doesn’t always give a result that was expected.

    It’s a little like watching the xfactor when the better singer gets voted off, the howls of derision is almost deafening.

    I have an alternative strategy I only worry about what I have control over and at every opportunity I try and try to take part in one random act of kindness every day.

    If everyone did this the world would change into a much better place very quickly. Unfortunately while we all fall for the let’s blame someone culture it may take a little patience.

    Don’t get to down David the world needs us nice guys plus it’s almost Christmas.

    • The Democratic process certainly does throw a spanner in the works occasionally John but I look back and think how many people would have voted for Tricky Dicky if they’d known in advance how many lies he’s have told about Watergate. I tell myself ( I hope) the answer would be nil. Here people did know in advance about the character of the person vying to take the top job and represent the American people in foreign countries. They still voted for him……. colour me shocked.
      I very much like your alternative strategy for coping, I promise to do what I can. At least people will never be short of hugs from my direction so they’ll know I’m not carrying a weapon. Let’s try and bring some real peace and some true equality back. Maybe there’s time to make this the best ever Christmas.

  5. David, There have been too many generalizations over the past few days to make a rational comment to your feelings. All I can say is we should all try and get involved to ensure this bleak picture you have painted does not materialize. Hope you feel better.

    • I think a lot of involvement might make the picture less bleak John as hopefully less can happen when people are watching. The American people need unity again and a cessation of hate towards the minorities who are still Americans all the way whatever their religion or sexual orientation..I know it can be done and the KKK can be buried in some redneck backwater again.
      Thank you, I think the bronchitis is set in for a long spell, it’s been 6 weeks already.

  6. I’m still wondering. Twice GWB and now this? What’s wrong. Voting for a misogynist xenophob. Just to prove a point? I don’t get it

  7. Let me tell you as an American, a patriot, and a lover of freedom, this election was tragic. However, remember that he was barely elected and more than half of us disagree with his statements of hate and many, many of us are willing to stand up against that hate – no matter the cost.

    As the new president and members of congresses are learning of the lengths that people like me are willing to go to, they are softening their positions and realizing that they don’t have a mandate to hate and remove our freedoms.

    As a long as I am alive and have my strength, there is hope.

    Peace to you and yours.

    • Andrew, you’re the American citizen I know, that I have faith in and that I place my trust in. What surprised me was just how quickly the hate came back given half a chance like it had been dormant but not gone away. Trump played on that. The Prez and members of both houses should try to create something to help the people rather than concentrate on stripping away and signs of Obama’s period as they promised.
      Take care of yourself.

  8. I agree with you 100%. As an African-American racism, discrimination and bigotry for me is a way of life. The sume total of my experience as an African-American College Educated, Christian US Army Veteran. Especially at my job. In the 8 years I’ve worked there I’ve been physically attacked by a white male employee (he got fired when he threatened to kill another white male staff person), propositioned and accused of being of either being a whore or a drug dealer by visitors to the museum and sometimes white male staff, propositioned by a white male supervisor who thank God retired a couple of years ago (he was protected), there was another while male guard who threatened to kill all the Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims at work (he finally was fired this year) and yesterday a white male supervisor who told another employee that all Blacks who wear their hair loced must be on drugs. I wore my hair loced for several years and at No time have I even been on or taken any illegal drugs nor am I a drug dealer. However because of my skin color I have already been judged, tried and convicted.

    Since we will have a Republican President, Congress, Senate and Supreme Court there will be no where for People of Color or Non-Christians to turn to when we are attacked. Yes it is going to be a long 4 to 8 years because this nutcase might very well be re-elected.

    God Save America from itself!!

    • Hearing things like this is sickening DeBorah and so wrong in a society that claims equality. It’s a pity you don’t take your employer to court for not protecting you after being attacked. That they fired the SOB when he attacked a white employee proves he was capable of it when you complained.
      I can’t possibly see this nutter being re-elected after 4 years. If he lets people down on promises made they won’t vote for him again and if he keeps his promises then the blow back will be so terrible he’ll be out on his ear anyway. The Republicans will be able to take bets as to when they’ll ever get a President in again.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  9. Feeling your pain, David. We are all in shock and you of all people, with a heart as big as all of Wales, are clearly feeling it as deeply as anyone. So sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly on top of everything. Know that there are thinking, feeling like-minded friends who share your outrage. Heartfelt sympathy and support from France. Bises xo

  10. I hope you feel better soon. The situation is dire indeed.

    • Thanks so much Mel.I think right minded people across the world are reeling from the shock still. The result is open warfare on sanity. The US has gone through so many periods of hate with people like the KKK and here they are practically invited back. There are Americans of all hue in the States and all deserve real equality not just lip service until it no longer suits.
      I’m happy to know most of my friends are of a similar mind.
      Now if tghis bronchitis will beggar off for Christmas, perfect.
      xxx Gargantuan Hugs to you xxx

    • Thanks so much Olga. I’m trying to shake it off. The US problem too.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  11. I must say that it has been a year for the strangest things and unexpected results (albeit by narrow margins but nine the less clear results) but this one does seem extraordinary. Roll on 2017. Surely it has to be better!!

  12. I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, my friend. Sending cyber-healing hugs, if there is such a thing. HUGS, hugs, and more hugs. Take care of yourself, David.

  13. Get well soon, David. If you look at Trump’s website, some of his election promises are already disappearing from the list. The first to go was his promise to dismantle Obamacare. That will come as a great blow to folks like my friends who voted for Trump because of this very issue. We, the rest of the world, need to “hold the space” and wish well for America.

    • Hi Yvette, disappearing promises won’t endear him to his voters. I’m sorry you friends didn’t like Obamacare. I honestly think if it had gone through in it’s original form it would have made a huge difference with the emphasis on people and not vast profits for the Insurance companies. But, 8 years ago I was unfriended by someone when I said free healthcare might be a good thing and he told me that Americans are Capitalists and don’t like something for nothing. There was no answer to that.
      I wish America well but worry because their direction could well have an impact on my country too. Fingers crossed it won’t and that things will settle back to some kind of normal, without hate, soon.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  14. I’m sorry to hear that you are not well.
    The result was indeed a shock…but i am beginning to suspect that the vote says more about the spirit of poujadism than of anything else.

  15. Thanks for taking the time to reflect, though you’re not well, David. Your voice is most welcome. I’m so sorry you are feeling ill.
    What has taken and continues to take place in the US is horrifying. Daily reports of increased violence, threats (sometimes towards children in school) and attacks on college campuses and in other public venues demands intense solidarity. We cannot ride this one out! Only strong participation in demanding and protecting the rights of all people offers any hope. God help us all.

    • Thanks so much Julia, I’ll be better soon I’m sure. Had I not taken a few days to reflect I would have probably been very angry, not least at the voters who allowed this result. But, I have to understand that no doubt they felt they had a reason….even if I cannot see it or unless I imagine it was really to foment the hate that seems to be on the streets just now. I’m not talking those that are protesting but those who are attacking young girls because of the clothes they wear. I’m afraid I don’t see solidarity as a great hope in those that voted for Trump unless there is a sudden spate of regrets and they join the side that is protesting . I can’t understand why so many voted for such a total sleaze bag even if they wanted a change and needed change. The best changes are not brought about by violence and that seems to be what he advocated.
      I wish for peace, fairness and a return to even the pretend equality of the last few years, though I’d rather have the real thing.
      May you all help each other.
      Hugs Galore xxx

  16. I can’t work out whether democracy is evolving into something else, or simply going through some low point in its cyclical phase, but I truly wish I were not living in such interesting times. 😦

  17. My first thought is your health. Big welsh cwtches from us.
    The result? Gah.

  18. Great speech, David. It is worrying indeed. Get well soon x

    • Thank you Catherine, I suppose as the next door neighbour it must worry you not knowing if civil war is about to break out again. Lots of ‘newbies’ coming to live in Canada.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  19. David, I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! You can pick it up at https://danicapiche.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/the-mystery-blogger-award/
    If you’re unable to participate please accept this as a gesture of my appreciation. 🙂

    • Ha ha, that must mean it’s a mystery why I blog Danica. I wonder too sometimes. I’m afraid I can’t participate these days but I thank you very much fr the honour you do me.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  20. We were at my daughter’s watching the returns come in on Tuesday night–we were stunned. I slept about two hours that night. It is horrible news, and now we wait to see what happens next.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Many hugs!

    • I hope you’re back to sleeping properly again Merril. With luck the nastiness will die down again soon but how some of the minorities cope remains to be seen. Maybe January will bring changes when Trump is in court to answer questions about his University. He could be jailed even and impeached within days of being ‘crowned’.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  21. The election results were a surprise, that’s for sure. But the many, many months of the election campaigns were filled with shocking surprises, too.
    On this evening’s news a panel covered city streets filled with protesters, and the sobbing college students who felt too sad and unnerved to go to classes so they’d gotten permission from professors to get a pass on projects and tests. One student shook his hand and cursed, blaming the upheaval and damage on Trump’s win and said there should be a revote. That was the tipping point for me. I wanted to shake the kid and tell him to grow up and face disappointment and learn to work toward improving the situation by working hard for the next election.
    One astute panelist for the news program shook her head and asked the viewers what they thought would have happened if Hillary had won; how would what she’d referred to as Trump’s “baskets of deplorable” supporters responded?
    Our country is in a world of confusion and delicate unbalance right not.
    But I still have the energy and hope to send you many hugs, David!

    • You’re right Marylin, there have been months now of surprises none of them nice. I’ve never watched a campaign as divisive as this, as insulting as this.So little talk of policies, more I’m going to build a wall rather than how.
      The panelist was astute. Had Trump lost I think there would still have been demonstrations but perhaps more violent with him insisting it was a ‘Fix’ and not accepting the result. People have got to live together for the next 4 years and must find a way to do so in peace. Maybe during that time they can find a way of changing the system where the electoral college gets the votes instead of actual votes from the people being counted. That way it will always be clear who’s won in a Democratic way.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs Marylin xxx

  22. I haven’t been able to write about it all either, David. It was too much of a shock. I fear for the world, and just want to curl up in my own circle of family and friends. At least there I can share the love around.
    Hope you manage to fight off the winter ills. We are just approaching summer and have already had lots of bushfires.

    • This was certainly a shock Linda. Even now I’m stunned, not just by the result but also by the aftermath because it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth seeing how quickly the bigotry and racism returns.
      There has to be a big coming together of both sides to survive the next four years.Love has got to win out then I won’t worry about the world, we can cope.
      Thank you, I want to be clear of it for Christmas.
      I’m thinking of you over there and hoping the threat of more bushfires dies down a bit.It must be awful living with that fear day after day.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  23. Usually a very optimistic person, I find nothing of value in Trump’s election and to see Trump and Farage ganging up is positively sickening. One of my favourite sayings is ‘None of us is ever creative to know how things will actually work out……………’ Enough said. Hope you enjoy a week blessed with peace and creativity…janetxxx

    • If I look on the black side now, any changes might be a welcome surprise. Trump with Farage is quite funny really since Farage hasn’t won anything himself so can’t offer advice. I think they were together for long enough for Trump to show some support but he can’t appoint him to any position so no doubt he’ll be home soon.
      I’m looking forward to that peace and tranquility this week Janet. I hope your week is wonderful and full of creations from you.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  24. I respect and understand your thoughts and opinion David, I wont voice my political opinion on the results, however there is a large following of Trump in Australia at the moment, and moves afoot to remove our inept Prime Minister and install a Trump style Leader.
    Australians are fed up with the political elite who use Politics as a career move and have no ears for the voices of the people.
    The World needs new Leaders who have progressed beyond the realms of Politics for Power.
    Once the shock wears off, I think the World will see light at the end of the tunnel and once again, Humanity and Peace will become a reality instead of a vision in dreams.
    Cheers mate.

    • Thanks so much Ian. I think many of us are fed up of the political elite but when the alternative is big business I baulk at that too. Trump is not a man of the people, he’s lived a life cossetted by great wealth so that he’s been rewarded even when he’s failed.His appeal is shown in the discord he’s sown bringing hate back in huge quantities. Hate and fear. But Australia doesn’t have a border problem with a neighbour and I hope won’t find a politician who wants to score off minority groups and women’s rights. You need a new type of politician who doesn’t have a privileged background and who’s earnings will be their only income. They’ll need to have a passion for looking after everyone equally.
      I’d like to see the vision of Humanity and Peace as I’d like to see an Independent politician come to lead our countries without big business having a say in things.
      Hugs my friend.

  25. Hi David… sorry to hear that you are under the weather – do take care of yourself.
    We too are in a state of bewilderment… I’ve been reading around and am beginning to understand some of what motivated people to vote for Trump. He said the things people wanted to hear about getting their jobs back and ‘protecting’ them from the perceived threat posed by ‘others’. As you say, though, big on grand statements but short on detail. So, I do understand that aspect of the motivation, but I don’t understand supporting a man who deliberately incites hate. Whatever other policies ANYONE has, whatever political leaning, I cannot support anyone who encourages bigotry. It’s not my country, but my heart goes out to all Americans because Trump’s victory appears to have, for some, validated racism, sexism, attacks on the LGBT community etc.
    I’m sad and I just hope that the US can find a peaceful and tolerant way through the next four years.
    xxx huge hugs xxx

    • Hi Jan, I’m hoping there was nothing in his arsenal that would actually make people vote for him a second time.The sooner a man that can bring so much hatred to the streets by his treatment of women and of minorities is ousted the better. I’d like to see the US regain a large proportion of it’s manufacturing back to provide jobs for people, but of course the minute he does that he creates problems for those losing the same jobs in Mexico. I’d like to see the telephone jobs return from India to the UK to create more jobs here and to make firms more answerable for their customer care as well as making it easier for us to understand the variety of accents we face.
      I don’t want to see my country descend into racism and bigotry though at times it looked as though it could return. Whatever our problems I hope we can work through them and find genuine equality. I hope the US can do the same.
      As for health, bronchitis is really annoying but I want rid for Christmas.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  26. Reblogged this on LibDem Fischer and commented:
    I’m finding comfort in sharing so much common ground with David, whose political ideas I may not always share. But this is all about humanity, surpassing the political. Hugs all round!

  27. This world is run by, for, and with nutters.

  28. Yup, David, I’ve been feeling like that too: Will I or won’t I read, watch or listen to the news from America….? Nah, better go into the garden, read a book, shut your ears and eyes at the sheer obscenities entering politics via front doors…terribly sad, actually

    • I think the saddest thing for me Ina is realising that the hatred, bigotry and racism weren’t gone, they were just hiding away till they felt safe enough to emerge again.
      Need any help in that garden?
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  29. Someone – I believe it may have been an ‘Ancient Greek’, although how old you have to be to qualify I don’t know – once said that only government by wisdom can prevail. I’m not a philosopher, but I do have a healthy aversion to being told what to think. Neither do I fully support the Trump dictum, but I would rather have a free and unfettered opinion about it, and I am aware I have not been allowed that luxury: indeed, I have seen him falsely represented in almost every regard. A few licentious remarks made privately between men more than a decade ago stoked by the media into an image of a rampant sexist which I am sure he is not; an extravagant style of rhetoric manipulated into an image of gothic horror, sufficient to stimulate riots on the streets – trial by media holds us all in its sway. This is not the meat of just opinion. It should not be so.
    Hillary Rodham Clinton proved no more immune. I would like to keep count of how many times the clip of her staggering as she entered her car was repeated, and I would like to know who prised open the Pandora’s jar of her dubious use of emails. And, of course, who as promptly slammed it shut.
    I hate to say that I saw this election result coming, but I did. The awakening of the still small voices out there in the political darkness, to whatever end, was long overdue – as it was in the Brexit referendum. We are finding a freedom of expression the British Brainwashing Corporation cannot control, and in America too, the blatant bias of the media has been rumbled.
    Now it is for the politicos to intellectualize it and define the reasons, though I fear they will never, ever accept the truth. And it is a time of change – not always welcome change, but long overdue. The crushing poverty of America’s poor made this inevitable, and I sort of feel we should embrace, rather than fear, its result. Hugs as always;; though I feel you may want to keep me at arms’ length, this time.

    • The gutter press will always try and alter your opinion to it’s own Frederick. If you discount the things they say (not always easy to do) but research on your own you find it isn’t just the licentious remarks he’s made, it’s the actual complaints made against him by women he’s taken liberties with in the face of refusal. Maybe used the illegal status of his employees as a tool (sorry) to use them and abuse them.
      Then of course there have been multiple complaints he’s used illegal labour and not paid them, not paid suppliers for his business and had court cases brought against him and even now has a big case pending in January over his University.
      The man has a long list of complaints against him over a very long period, and I very much doubt there’s smoke without fire.He seems to be rich enough to think the normal rules don’t count for him.
      Change is due but I’d hoped change for the better where women’s rights and those of minorities were protected and even made stronger. A time when the voice of power was actually talking on behalf of the ordinary citizen. But no, it just seems big business is tightening it’s death grip.I only fear the hatreds that seem to be coming to the fore again.
      I respect you and your right to a different opinion Frederick, friends don’t remain at arms length.

      • Thank you David. I find myself in the position of defending a man I don’t particularly like or agree with. I am definitely no fan of NRA, for example, and suspicious, even, of his pro-life stance – not because of any particular bias of my own, but in the light of the garrulous and unpleasant activities of pro-lifers. However, the only hard evidence of lewd behaviour is the recording of privately made remarks. It was inevitable as a result of it that a number of accusers would come out of the woodwork – I wonder if any of them would stand up in court. As for his practices as an employer and business mogul, I doubt that many of his competitors in the property field would emerge smelling of roses. But his activities are held up to close scrutiny and found wanting by a multitude of old grudges and parties whose interests conflict with his own.
        From my point of view, the fault lies with a patronising political class that was prepared to dismiss Trump as a clown. Obama’s derisive treatment of him was frankly reprehensible. Whatever one’s personal beliefs, one should treat one’s opponent with respect.
        Hugs, Fred. 🙂

  30. Your wrote so well what so many of us are thinking, mourning, dreading. But as always, the light will prevail. The light will prevail. The light will prevail. We just need to keep spreading it.
    God speed and feel better soon, my special hugging friend. xoxoxoxhealingvibesfeelthelightxoxoxox

    • I love your positive attitude Pamela. Yes the light will prevail as long as there exists people like you to carry the flag and spread the word, people with the strength to resist the word of darkness as it creeps round the edges of your sleep and swirls around your feet like the early morning mist. The trickster will forever be working to have the dark cast it’s shadow over the light but the light will prevail.
      xxx Sending Mammoth Hugs to you xxx

  31. First, sorry to hear you’re not well, David. I surely hope you’re feeling well by Christmas. This hate that’s bubbled to the surface has been there. Like the young lady who commented and is Afro-American, people of color can tell you it’s continued to be there. It was just wishful thinking for whites to believe it had lessened. Now it’s considered safe by some racists to show how they feel. I suspect Trump will soften on more than one of his radical ideas and disappoint his followers so he may not last past four years. To inject some humor into a situation where there is little, I remember being told by people I should vote for Nixon. They had prominent bumper stickers on their cars. The morning after Watergate broke, I heard his supporters were out early scraping those stickers off their bumpers. It could happen again. I’ve advised young people to get to work and plan toward 2020. We’ll get through this as Americans always have. We’ve had ups and downs and this is a down. It can’t last forever. Gigantic Hugs and get well. —- Suzanne

    • Thanks so much Suzanne. I’m sure I’ll get there.
      It’s a real disappointment to hear that racism and bigotry has never gone away. I thought the USA had practically got rid of t’s problems in that direction and was starting to embrace racial equality. Now it seems it’s safe to start showing just how shallow is the depth before that layer is on top again.It’s turning the clock back 60 years again.
      I hope you’re right and that Trump disappoints his followers by dropping much of what he claimed he’d do or there may be open war on the streets. I’m sure people can last 4 years of him and the Republican party in power.
      I think someone made a fortune after Tricky Dickie by making bumper stickers magnetic and much easier to remove. See how many Trump stickers you can still see next week.
      I hope you manage to get through it much easier than it seems likely at present.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  32. Well said, David. Hope you’re feeling much better, now.

  33. Excellent post. I feel exactly the same. I’m still reeling from the madness of Brexit, and now this has happened. I’m beginning to feel out of my depth, nothing is, as we know. Things are changing fast and not for the better. It’s time for a radical shake up, let’s pray that good really will over come all the evil.

    • Thanks so much Lottie. I haven’t equated this with Brexit as Brexit might have generated a lot of ill feeling and some hate but not racial hatred and bigotry to this degree.
      As you know I voted for Brexit (no apologies) as I felt /feel that the UK can survive quite well without the dictate of Brussels and can make it’s own decisions as to immigration. That’s not to say I don’t want immigration or not to help refugees. I just want the decisions made here. I don’t hate immigrants or dislike people from other cultures no matter what the papers say, I simply don’t hate.
      Over there it seems that people have voted for a man who has proved time and again throughout the electioneering jut how bad a man he is and just how divisive his policies are. Many seem geared towards creating hatred and yet they still vote. It appears racism was very close to the skin even after all these years of fighting it. Even the KKK are tolerated.
      I too hope that Good will prevail and that evil mis kicked to the gutter.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  34. I’m having a hard time, David. I read lots of posts about coming together and love and understanding, and I value all those things, but I’m just not ready. I wonder at the assumption that bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, and hatred expressed toward women and racial, ethnic, and religious minorities can just be swept under the carpet. I’m not ready to hold hands and pretend like these hurts didn’t happen and aren’t still happening. My trust in my country is broken. Trump is completely unpredictable, and when it comes to social rights, Pence is even worse. The anxiety isn’t going away anytime soon. And I think you are right – this election is going to impact the world. Huge hugs, my friend. I’m hoping for the best. ❤

    • I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time Diana and I totally understand it. I actually just had my first laugh at the expense of the election. A picture labelled understanding irony, of a group of people waving the Confederate Flag and saying you lost the election, suck it up and move on! It would be really funny if it wasn’t like battle lines being drawn between the same States as before.
      I agree, all those things can’t be brushed under the carpet, in fact for me the re-emergence of the racial hatred and bigotry so quickly that was supposed to be over these days, really shook me. Have people just been pretending about equality while simmering underneath?
      Forgiveness will have to be earned after some things that have happened.
      Trump is as unpredictable to his own side since they started to abandon him. Pence is clearly a man of little imagination soaked in some kind of fundamentalist belief that should be enough to get a church closed down.And no doubt vindictive because of that.
      I expect trust and the ability to relax properly may be a long time coming but I hope they do come and that things ease off a lot. Please take care of yourself.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  35. You are quite right … the ramifications of ‘America’s choice’ will be felt around the globe, not only in the U.S. My fear, also, is that it will lead to more of the right-wing populist leaders, such as Hofer and LePen to gain support. It is a frightening time for us all.

    • I agree that this could bring votes to the right wing leaders like LePen Jill, but it just might (fingers crossed) do the opposite if any elections are due given people’s current reactions to Trump’s win. Many of us were horrified by just how close to the surface racism seemed to be in a Country that’s been fighting to eradicate it for so long.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  36. Ali Isaac

    Eloquent as always, and so beautifully expressed, David. The disbelief was almost tangible. The only time I can remember so many people feeling such deep shock was when Diana died. You are right, this will have repercussions worldwide, and it is very short-sighted of voters to be ignorant of that. And whether he condones and encourages it or not, certain groups of people take his ‘best words’ and behaviour to mean they can perpetrate hate crime freely. It’s a very scary and worrying time, I think.

    • Thanks so much Ali. People tell me Trump will change now he has the job and will soften on the things that matter. I’d find that much easier to believe if he hadn’t given a top job to a white supremacist and the top job on the environment to a man who says there’s no such thing as global warming. He wants to open more fossil fuel mines and drill for more oil as well as go fracking. It’s scary.
      On the same subject, certain councils in the UK have banned fracking yet the Government has overruled them and granted licences. That is so very wrong. The people don’t want it and their representatives on the Councils have backed them.The Government should be taken to court over this.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        That is wrong. The government are elected to acted on tbe people’s behalf. They forget that. Its all about money. Giving big business what they want leads to big backhanders and donations. They shouldnt get away with that, but they do.

      • Sadly true.
        xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  37. I really wish I had answers, dear David, but these days I seem to have more questions, sighing, and the occasional growl. Massive post-truth hugs xoxox

    • Hearing the standard of Trump’s political appointments my questions are growing. The day after he’s sworn in in January he should be impeached for bringing the country into a state of near warfare. His Veep should be kicked out for his views too.
      xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs xxx

  38. I’m very sorry to hear you are unwell, David. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you will emerge from the shell of your pain like Boticelli’s Venus – or hard on her heels, at least. Warm Hugs for the cold rain.

    • Thanks so much Frederick. Not sure I could arrive hard on her heels since I don’t think that shell was meant for two. I think I may be a little inappropriately clad for he too. Nice thought though……..

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