Oscar Gets Needled.


What a day I’ve had. You wouldn’t believe the trouble I’ve been to today to bring the house to order.
Let’s start with this morning. In all innocence I went to my ‘The Him’ and suggested he wake up. OK, I admit it wasn’t easy to rouse him and I had to resort to nibbling his nose a bit but it’s not really my fault. In all fairness he was making such a racket it was no wonder he couldn’t hear me. So, I stopped the noise so he could understand what I was telling him and he had the nerve to object. I jumped off his sleeping place pretty rapidly as I don’t think the hand coming towards me was going to stroke me as I deserve. He turned his light on and seemed to glare at me. I walked away with my head held high as he followed me muttering all the time as he does sometimes. Anyway, after I had established that I has woken him for an emergency- my dish was empty- he filled it and returned to his sleeping place. I ignored the food for now since I wasn’t hungry ( but you can’t be too careful) and followed him back, settling on his stomach and doing a few turns just to get comfy. I’d just about reached that comfy stage when he sat up again moaning about his bladder or something and left, inconsiderate eh. Since there was now a nice warm spot I didn’t follow him but settled down.

No doubt there was no intent to distress me, but it wasn’t working. There I was woken from my sleep by my ‘The Him’ and he was picking me up and stroking my head. Now I became suspicious at this point as he wasn’t chunnering, mumbling or threatening me. It became obvious there was something wrong when my ‘The Her’ came in with a bag in her hands and he tried to put me in it. Naturally I tried to resist and in the process must have ‘accidentally’ caught my ‘The Him’s’ arm. There he was, screaming again about Bar Codes or something while forcing me down until my ‘The Her’ managed to shut the zip over me. It was very undignified but I suppose that’s what non-Superiors are like. I was quiet for a minute but unhappy so I started letting them know it. My ‘The Her’ was shushing me while he was carrying the bag outside to their chariot.

It was a short journey and the smell of our destination quietened me. I knew where I was and I didn’t like it one bit. Someone called my name and I was carried through to a white room and the bag was placed down. Suddenly the zip opened and a large paw came in and grabbed me by my neck. I didn’t wriggle or fight as this one in white is very strong. Moments later a sharp jab in my rear followed by a quick rub and I was thrust in the bag again. Another short journey and we were home. He placed my bag on the seating place and called to my ‘The Her’, “All done for another year Dear, shots are up to date. Would you like to come and let him out because I’m not putting my arms anywhere near the little wretch.” My ‘The Her’ opened the zip and lifted me out into a hug. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself- with good reason- and enjoyed it.
“There, there ” she said “all over now Oscar. David you’re such a wimp, he’s as good as gold aren’t you boy?”

I limped off to have a little food from my dish and then came back to the seating place for a catnap. I was just settling down to rest when Rat 1 spoke up, ” Hey cat, I hear you’ve been out today , well I can see the bags under your eyes or rather the bag that was around them but don’t get needled with me.” I could hear her laughing as I tried to sleep. Just as I thought the day couldn’t get any worse I heard my ‘The Her’ talking to the box in her hand. “Yes, you can collect him on Thursday evening and we’ll be back on Sunday night. We’re going away for a few days.” I knew that meant I was going away too but not with them. Another little holiday for me at the Superior’s Hotel where I never get enough to eat, don’t get the strokes I deserve and don’t get to share a comfy sleeping place with my Longlegs.
Like I said, I’ve had quite a day.


Santa was able to wish Reuben and Amelie a Merry Christmas when they paid him a visit, complete with parents, this weekend.

Whatever your personal beliefs, I  wish you joy of the season and happiness if you’re off for the holidays.

For the  New Year many people will make wishes. My own personal wish is for more peace in the world. More love, more respect, more tolerance and less killing.

To anything that can advance my cause I wish more strength and Hugs without end.

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn  Newydd Dda.


image compliments of 123greetings.com


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105 responses to “Oscar Gets Needled.

  1. Who says a feline’s life is all sunshine and catnip, right?
    Get some rest, kitty.
    You’ve earned it.

    • I’d say Oscar’s life was pretty much sunshine and catnip most of the time. The rest of the time it was catnip and sunshine.
      I think you’re right though, he earned his rest.

  2. Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, to you too, David. Lovely family photo. xx

  3. Aww poor Oscar. They so hate the vet. No wonder. It’s not as they go for something pleasant. Cute chapter, David. Mega hugs… and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too.

    • He was generally a gentleman at the vet’s leading her to wonder how I ever got battle scars. He always knew what his travel bag meant and hid at the sight.Yes, probably like I do at the thought of the doctor’s.
      Thank you Dear Heart, have a Wonderful Yuletide.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  4. Cute read, David. Thanks for sharing the picture of your family. The kids sure are growing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, David. I’ll not be off but want to wish you just the same.Lovely picture.

  6. Ha ha ha. Lovely read, David. Poor Oscar. Even I don’t like going to the vet with my cats. They know where they’re going too and fight like mad like you. All good now? No. I guess not. Holiday time. Sorry. o_O

  7. Nice addition to Oscar’s story, David. It’s for their own good, right? I love the Santa photo and the wish for peace in the world. What a gift that would be. Massive hugs, my friend. ❤

    • Thanks so much Diana. Yes it’s for their own good but like children they don’t care about that, they just don’t want to go. I suppose I’ve no room to talk though I tend not to hide.
      Thank you for liking the picture and the peace gif. I want peace in the world for my grandchildren and everyone else’s.
      xxx Enormous Hugs xxx

  8. Another fun post, or fun for me, anyway. That is a lovely photo of your family. Have a Happy Christmas and good New Year, David.

    xxx huge holiday hugs xxx

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it Anne.Thanks also for liking the photograph of my ever growing grandchildren.
      May you have a Wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  9. Can’t believe how big Reuben is now! Merry Xmas to you and all of your family David. 🙂

    • I should say “how grown up” Reuben looks rather than ‘big’, as it appears he is standing on something, otherwise his sudden leap in height makes me think he will be a professional basketball player by the time he’s 10. 😀

    • Three years old, and Amelie is coming up on her first. Time is just flying past.
      Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Metan
      xxx Endless Hugs xxx

  10. Another hilarious post. Your cat vs rats stories are my Christmas gifts. So funny. I really enjoy them.
    Happy Holidays!

  11. Oscar did have a really hard day. Have a lovely holiday season. It was great to see you and your family together. I had missed Reuben and Amelie. Yes, let’s hope for the next year…

    • It wasn’t one of his finer days.The picture should keep Reuben and Amelie fans going for a week.
      I always have hopes for the next year, it’s time I got the reality of those hopes.
      Have a Wonderful Yuletide
      xxx Massive Hugsxxx

  12. Wow, Oscar is going to have a jolly free of this and that due to the needle New Year. Have a fabulously happy and fulfilling Christmas David surround by only those you love and love you. Let the New Year bring good health and joy too. Many hugs ❤

  13. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Lord David Prosser allowing Oscar to take over his blog this morning and also including his own good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.. A lovely post..and for cat lovers, the cat’s whiskers.

  14. Thank you David and have a wonderful Christmas.. love and hugs xxxx♥

  15. Lovely. Wishing you and your family and especially cat a very Merry Christmas! :-))))))))))))

  16. I don’t blame you for being suspicious, Oscar, when your “The Him” was suddenly nice to you like that. I’m glad that whatever they did to you, it’s over for another year.

    • I don’t appreciate you casting asparagus on my character like that. ‘The Him’ was nice to Oscar on many occasions only to earn a fresh barcode across my shins or hands.It’s I who should have been suspicious of Oscar.
      However, I forgive you because of the season upon us.
      Happy Holidays

  17. Great piece! Best wishes, David, for a wonderful christmas, I promise I will raise a glass to you at the finest hour! Many hugs!

  18. Poor Oscar. Happy Christmas, David.

  19. Merry Christmas to you and yours David! I really enjoy reading Oscar’s entries. He’s such a wise feline.

    • Thanks so much Steph. It’s lovely to know you visit us here and that you’re one of Oscar’s fans. Thank you for dropping in.
      I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
      Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn newydd dda
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  20. Merry Christmas, David and Happy New Year! Many hugs from across the pond. 🙂

  21. Poor Oscar…wounded dignity is not what he required for Christmas.

    Have a merry Christmas…I just wish that your wishes would come true.

  22. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. Your wish is my wish and maybe if we all wish very hard, we may begin to see some peace in this world in our lifetime. xo

    • Thank you Darlene, I send all my best wishes for a Happy Christmas to you.
      I’m so glad we share a dream, maybe the flow is starting to go in our direction now and we’ll finally be able to secure a peaceful world for our children and grandchildren. They can learn from our mistakes.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. You’re such a delight David. Thanks for your wishes. I’m wishing the same things for the world. Merry Christmas and wishing you love, health, happiness and peace for the New Year onwards! Christmas Huggssss (((((xxxx))))))) 🙂

  24. Poor Oscar! I haven’t had a lot of time lately for reading blogs, but I ALWAYS try to read yours, because they make me smile. Hugs, my friend!

  25. Merry Christmas, David, Oscar, and all ♥ Hope the Superior’s Hotel is a little better this year, Oscar 🙂 Love the photo, David; jolly good Santa face ♥

    • Thanks so much Tina. Happy Holidays to you. Alas, no more hotel breaks for Oscar but on the plus side, my skin is a lot healthier.
      I’m so glad you liked the photo.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  26. Oh, the indignity! It is tough to deal with us humans sometimes.

    Have a wonderful, merry Christmas!

  27. David siete una famiglia meravigliosa, tanti auguri di Buone Feste, 🙂

  28. I really feel for The Him being woken up from a deep sleep by Oscar.. it’s not an easy life for either one! 😉 Happy holidays, dear friend! Thanks for the wonderful blog posts throughout the year xx

    • Thank you for the very rare sympathy Christy. All these hard hearted people don’t care that I was woken up, or how. Their only concern is that Oscar doesn’t fall off the bed. I was heartbroken until now. You’ve revived my faith in human kindness.
      Thank you also for the compliment.
      You’re an angel,
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  29. Ha 😆 Love your writing. I had a blast!. Merry Christmas David 🎄

  30. Delightful Dave! Have a good holiday!

  31. Merry Christmas David! Hoping to see you sometime in the new year. Massive Santa Hugs from the South! 🙂

  32. Paws on earth and goodwill toward rats and cats and sure, even humans. 😉
    Quite a day, my friend, quite a day.
    Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017.
    Massive Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda hugs xoxox

    • Even humans? Are you sure? Well I suppose there are the exceptional ones like you that deserve it. Yes, paws on Earth and goodwill towards rats and cats.and SOME humans.
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for my greetings in Welsh.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  33. A delightful read as ever, David. Wishing you and yours a ginormously merry Christmas!

  34. You’re a gem Emma, thanks so much. Have a Wonderful Christmas and a New Year of dreams come true.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  35. Merry Christmas, David! Hope the new year is happy and healthy. 🙂

  36. What a great photo of the family with Santa! I wish you love and peace and warmth and kindness throughout the new year. And massive hugs all year long. XOXO

  37. Oscar has a way with words… I think he should tell the story of your lives more often !!!
    And a happy new year to you both

  38. Poor Oscar, I would definitely be put off for being bagged with such ignominy and needled needlessly. Let’s hope the New Year comes with glad tidings for all of us 🙂

  39. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, David. Your grandchildren have grown a lot this year. Our ‘middle child’ is three, but she is way shorter than Reuben 🙂 Wishing a wonderful New Year to you all – a happy, healthy and peaceful one we all need. Many hugs! xxxxxx

    • I had a lovely, mainly quiet Christmas thanks Inese but I saw my lovely daughter and the children on boxing day.Reuben understands gifts but gets easily overwhelmed, Amelie is too young to understand the concept but she just smiles her way through every situation. She’s a joy.
      It was wonderful to see my son-in-law and my nieces also. A real family party but I was glad to get home and watch Harry Potter.
      I hope your Christmas was good.
      Thanks for your wishes. I hope you have a Happy New Year full of dreams come true. World peace would be good.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  40. Poor Oscar, always worried about the future. Reuben and Amelie look fabulous. I hope Santa decided they were on the “nice” list. 🙂

  41. Happy New Year David. May 2017 be filled with many hugs xxxxxx

  42. How beautiful! I love this! So Lovely! New Year hugs for you all! 🙂

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